Saturday, July 15, 2017


The never ending mounting evidence that Jeff Bezos is really and truly the prophetic fulfillment of AP:II's Dr.Evil figure based in Seattle is becoming overwhelming. ~ Wherefore, he now owns the WAPO, and the WAPO owns the AP. ~ In confirmation of AP:II's mighty line that reads, "I'm back home!" ~ [Bezos is originally from the east coast.] ~ When AP returns back to his radical 1969 roots in a new and improved LUV BUG; who are now going bananas over a white christian Scottish bastard crashing their psychedelic 19666s party at the White House. ~ And the above groovy movie's red head Kathy Griffin look alike hooks up with Dr.Evil and has a rebellious no nonsense son named Scott. ~ Or like I told Woody Allen last year before the election, "If not for Barack Obama, there never could have been a Donald Trump." ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOTES: That 1971 Honolulu highrise fire happen the day after some Hawaii judge with dark skin ruled that any darkie with a fake birth certificate can legally enter America. ~

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