Monday, July 17, 2017


That deadly flash flood surprise roared down Ellison [woman' son] Creek and gushed into the East Verde [green] River, near Star Valley, Arizona, the day after God fired Senator McCain on the operating table with a two weeks recovery notice. ~ Who has been giving President Trump the dirty left eye ever since he sent one of his staff over to London for that fake Russian spy surprise dossier in order to get the mud on him. ~ And who continues to believe with A SERIOUS MAN face that the Jewish run Russian chess game investigation of Trump at the DOJ is actually a legitimate real life operation. ~ Ergo, the vote to streamline and improve the day 1290 abomination of desolation called Obamacare has been delayed for at least two weeks. ~ "SURPRISE SURPRISE!!" Says the blond Scotish hit man wearing a brown shirt at the end of AP:II; as he pulls out a DIRTY HARRY .44 from his home delivery package. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READER NOTES: Socialism is streamlined communism; fascism is streamlined socialism; liberalism is streamlined fascism. ~ Approximately 90% of all the world's Jews fall into one of the above 666 beast catagories in REV.13. ~ There are always the exceptions that prove the rule of course; such as Mark Levine and yours truly. ~ Which is why the WW:II Nazis had to murder at least 6,666,666 million of them in the prophetic docudrama film entitled INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS; costarring Brad Pitt er all. ~ "The whitie needs to show the blackie how to do it." Charles Manson, circa 1969; while crashing at Mike Love's shag pad up in the canyon, per: ~ AND:

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