Thursday, January 31, 2008


Senator McCain has mentioned his Irish roots in recent days. So Wednesday's news headlines about his big pink CLAMBAKE victory was confirmed by that babbling Canadian airline pilot who got carried off his plane by Ireland's men in white jackets. After his AIR CANADA flight #AC848 made an emergency landing over there, coming in from Neve Campbell's Toronto at 7:30, en route to London. The unstable senator from America's great Grand Canyon divide prophecy has been fonking conservatives in the ass ever since the 1260 days period of the two witnesses. This is Lynch's deranged middle-of-the-road that I mentioned earlier this week.

Speaking of the Canada Loonie coin. I watched 62's WEREWOLF IN A GIRL'S DORMITORY Wednesday. An Italian plan-B horror movie HAMMER knock-off, set in an English reform school for horny mental female high school teens; billed as "A Royal Film Production".

The young female lead is a Keira Knightley look alike who looks like Kate Holmes in a trench coat. Eventually she is rescued by a handsome prophetic Aaron Eckhart look alike doctor. Who takes brain extracts from the left side bump of the ‘mighty and strong' D&C 85 wolf to treat the film's Britney Spears look alike problem girls at: .

In the end, the conservative high school's director, Mr Swift, is revealed as the remarkable secret Chuck Norris [swift kicker] look alike werewolf. Who supports Gov Huckabee's plans for more HBO style federal involvement in 666 education. I found these new spooky underwater baptism shots of Keira on a full [lunatic] moon after I got back with my 2.99 DVD from RITE AID at: .

The school director's lover, Ms McDonald, was also trying to extract a wolf man brain cure. In reference to the fast food MCDONALDS diets that can lead to the bad goop that produces abnormal antisocial brain behavior. Which has helped fill our prisons and mental hospitals to capacity. This is why we often see ET clips of Britney Spears in fast food drive-ups.

Walking back with my DVD Tuesday, I stopped by the library and read that the director of the new big budget WOLF MAN remake had left the production on Monday, due to ‘creative differences'. I don't think I ever heard of the project. Are they filming in Vancouver?

Greece was also hit by that rare middle east Neve Campbell snow storm. Confirming the snowy Vancouver, BC ‘Helen of Troy' wild west message in HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS. Wherein the beautiful Helen leaves her old husband to become sealed to the supposedly younger son of the king; i.e. Jesus Christ's great great... grandson. Played by the middle aged Anthony Quinn with lots of physically transfiguring makeup.

All the above was confirmed by Tuesday's clips of Jim Carrey jumping off LA's infamous ‘suicide bridge', strapped to a faux lynch harness for a stunt in his new movie YES MAN. A ‘yes man' is someone who is always striving to please the popular powers that be. Like Senator McCain's ‘yes man' liberal culture psychosis behind his classic hostage syndrome "straight talk" delusions about being a Ronald Reagan movie star conservative. Talk about crazy SHIPOOPI!! stonewalling.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS new readers: The name ‘Neve' means snow in Italian. She was born in 73.
NOTE: Regarding those five virgins killed at Travolta's landing strip. The famous BMW logo is a whirling airplane propeller icon tribute to the manufacturer's German aircraft Red Baron era roots.
NOTE: Greece's 69 year-old Orthodox church leader died the day after Gordon B Hinckley passed away. See: .
NOTE: Here's a look at Canada's golden loonie coin at: .
NOTE: Maps don't lie. High winds derailed a train between Port Clinton, OH and Sandy's Sandusky landmarks Wednesday. Right there is Johnson Island at: .
NOTE: Oprah's new Barack Obama tribute to Egyptian fascism has a bigger rack that Scarlett. Talk about Israel's gold cow idol in the wilderness at: .
NOTE: Here's a great shot of Cameron Diaz in her own ISAIAH 4:1 jeans at:
NOTE: This is Diaz sitting in my Elvis throne, pre Granny Grass hat revelations. Note how her left foot forms a DAN.2 sledge hammer shadow at:
NOTE: Yesterday I dreamed that I was fly casting indoors on a 1960s shag-like grass green carpet. But the room's ceiling was too low. So I switched to a smaller fly rod, about half size. Then a nice young blonde walked over, who looked like the singer Pink, and asked if I'd like to go casting at her house on the Olympic Peninsula. When we got there, I could tell that her house was still under construction. But we went inside anyway and started making out naked. At one point, she casually mentioned that she owned "the number two jeans shop in Ironville". Later at the library, I found these new blog pics of Jennifer Aniston in LOFLI jeans, as if looking up at the ceiling at: .
When I was examining the above photos, a little girl in hot pink ran by and tripped, falling down onto the carpet. A few days ago, I was looking at a photo of Jen, when a little boy in the kids section shouted "I found a funny looking puzzle!!" Like at: .

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Looking for a copy of VIVA LAS VEGAS at WAL*MART, I found a lavish 1960 western musical by George Cukor, entitled HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS, co-staring a blonde Sophia Loren. Who lost 20 lbs on Cocker's orders, so that her REV.17 harlot lady, with an awesome rack, would look like the future Miss Scarlett Johannson. Who is engaged spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually to Ba/rack Obama.

It's about a traveling theater company in the old west that is trying to keep one step ahead of their creditors. Because the harlot has been spending more money than they take in on the ledger. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, they run into a great Aaron Eckhart look alike gun slinger with a good heart. Who is currently co-starring in TRAVELING with Jennifer Aniston out west in Vancouver, BC. Where Terry Gilliam is trying to save his old time traveling GSR/TWN magic show movie.

Turned out I watched the traveling actors do their first production in Cheyenne at ‘Pierce's Theater Company', only the day after Hollywood's Heath Ledger memorial took place at the PIERCE BROTHERS WESTWOOD MEMORIAL PARK AND MORTUARY.

Kind of like Gordon B Hinckley passing away at 97 on the same day NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN was awarded a best acting troupe award. Inspired by the group's gun slinger at the 14th SAG show in Shrine [memorial] Auditorium. Confirming the 2BC revelation that the D&C 86 church leaders will be hunted down, one by one, for what they have done.

Much like Vince Vaughn's WILD WEST COMEDY SHOW, the handsome lead doesn't actually end up with the Greek actress in The Healy Co's steamy ‘Helen of Troy' production. Instead, Eckhart helps the Greek girl hook up with the older leader of the wild west traveling show; who says "Maps don't lie" . There is even a prophetic parallel to getting Gilliam's traveling GSR/TWN movie back on it's feet.

Whatever, the Greek girl does save the movie star gunman from his former 666 partners in crime. I suspect that TRAVELING's florist lady is about much of the same things. Back when Nicole's golden Book of Mormon compass movie came out, I found a COLUMBIA hikers compass lying on the ground in front of AMANDA's flowers&gifts shop on Hwy.410. It also has a built-in thermometer prophecy. Last night, the weatherman forecast snow and freezing ROCKY HORROR temperatures up in Vancouver.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Reportedly, Eckhart has been dating a country western singer in an LDS sisters group called SHeDAISY. In the movie, the theater company escapes the savage 666 Indians by traveling through the snowy winter [Sundance] time mountains to a mission, like the LDS pioneers did, after abandoning most of their possesions. The first act starts in Dick Chenny's Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the resurrection of the two witnesses laying in the streets of Sodom and Egypt, according to REV.11.
NOTE: Letterman opened last night with a funny double popsicle sucking joke, while leaning back relaxing, forgetting that it was show time. Earlier in the day, Granny Grass had asked me to start cutting off the new "sucker" branches on her plum tree. Informing me that winter is the best time for it. Not realizing that she was making a timely JACOB 5 reference to the bland tasteless olive branches getting cut off. In order to make way for grafting in the more fruitful wild west brances.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


MONTE CARLO's facade caught fire in Pam Anderson's Las Vegas magic show town, probably by a roof top welder doing symbolic temple sealing work, on the day after Sylvestor Stallone endorsed the biggest facade conservative in the Republican race, John McCain. I think during the actor's Las Vegas premier of RAMBO meets MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. LOST HIGHWAY's ‘Arnie's Firestone' wildfire fighting governor was also there, to complete Lynch's deranged middle-of-the-road prophecy.

At the transsexual PLANET HOLLYWOOD Saturday, Michigan's Miss Haglund [hag land] fulfilled Sandy's feminist MISS CONGENIALITY prophecy. Reminding us that the Republican's best heterohomo candidate, Mitt Romney, is not much better.

It's becoming apparent that ROCKY HORROR's Dr Scott expert on military technology is a Senator McCain figure. McCain being a Scottish surname for the Scottish plaid blanket covering Dr Scott's fish net stockings in the ‘Wild and untamed thing...' finale. The film's split UFO expert Art Bell would make for the perfect running mate, from the EZE.37 desert outside Las Vegas.

On MONTE CARLO Friday, AP logged a report about some 42 year-old NYC limo driver. Who made his girlfriend scream like Neve Campbell when he drove all the way back to an Atlantic City casino to buy her a pair of 7 FOR ALL MANKIND jeans that she saw there earlier. Waiting for the shop to open, he played a ‘Brazil Slingo' slot machine and won the unit's [777] $800,000 jackpot at: .

In this image, one can see the icon of Carmen Electra leaning back on my parents' king size bed. The latter-day seven wives prophecy in ISAIAH 4:1 says that the ladies will buy their own jeans at: .

It's going to take some real casino heat to bring the daughters of Israel around to understanding the verse in ALMA 11:44 that states:

"Now, this restoration shall come to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, both the wicked and the righteous; and even there shall not so much as a hair of their heads be lost; but everything shall be restored to it's perfect frame, as it is now, or in the body, and shall be brought and be arraigned before the bar of Christ the Son, and God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, which is one eternal God, to be judged according to their [ledger] works, whether they be good or whether they be evil."

Turns out Heath Ledger's body was kept at the FRANK E. CAMPBELL funeral home on Madison Avenue. In confirmation of Neve Campbell's loft scenes in WHEN WILL I BE LOVED; like Carmen is role playing on my EZE.37 throne at:
And: .

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Basically I'm supporting Mitt, based on the liberal media's telltale dislike of him. I've always got along well with gays. In my youth, I had great fun working side by side with them at HASTY TASTY, and on my LDS mission to Italy. Taking Dante lit courses from them at BYU, etc.
NOTE: Will Travolta be at LA's rain soaked SAG awards Sunday? Five young foolish virgins just crashed their BMW on his private landing strip in CLAMBAKE Florida at: .

Friday, January 25, 2008


The recent bickering between Obama and Hilary is confirmation of their transsexual leadership role at the end of the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. In the crashing diner plate moments before Janet and Brad get their sub zero frozen MEDUSA treatment from No.59 Frankie, Obama tells Hilary to "Shut up!!"

Last night, Julia Louise-Dreyfus followed Obama on Letterman in a sexy black number, mentioning that she recently exhorted some graduating college students in Chicago to not "be an asshole" or something like that. Then I switched over to Leno, and saw an amazing Julia look alike, named Julie, handling exotic ‘pyramid' shell tortoises, creeping ever so slowly across the stage. Now I see that half of Julia's surname is Diablo Cody speak for ‘Dr King F Us' [in the ass], since Rey means king in Spanish.

Last weekend, I felt impressed to watch that NYC loft apartment scene in WHEN WILL I BE LOVED. Wherein yours truly Fonks my Canadian wife Neve in the ace hole for a million bucks, with Paris' steel Eiffel Tower oil well drilling rig in the background. Then her parents arrive outside Heath's loft in a VOLVO to the score of "...hold on to what you've got..."

BUBBA HO-TEP's brown mud themes were continued by Ledger's So Ho loft connection in the heart of Sodom and Egypt, at street number 421. I.e. Julia's 42 months jackboot union people are going to get the 21 blackjack ace in Elvis' VIVA LAS VEGAS prophecy.

Most of the Aussie actor's GSR psycho Joker scenes were filmed in Chicago. Explaining the latest rash of flight 1028 style Chicago signs and wonders, like that CSX train derailment in Madison County, New York. That was headed to Chicago from Boston the morning after Heath's ledger was tallied. Due south is a little place called Clockville, north of Peterboro.

Shortly before Ledger demonstrated that the little behavior ledger book in Santa Moses' hand was showing a balance in the red, Terry Gilliam's GSR/TWN illusionist production had relocated to Vancouver, BC.

Did you hear the one about that tanker full of orange juice colliding with a mud dredging barge in NYC on the same day Steven King's new Florida orange juice novel ad was running in the NYT? I think they make a lot of that stuff up. King's fictional Duma Key location in CLAMBAKE country stands for ‘dumb ass' of course.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Smart water viewers may have noticed that immediately after Kate Holmes faints inside the king's hot rod, a COMET drives by them in confirmation of her miraculous 17P/Holmes Comet signs and wonders right before my last October 29 birthday. We see the king's birth date on his driver's license in that final scene. Where my ISAIAH 52:15 water sprinklers are running on the grass in the background. The comet suddenly grew to an astonishing 2.8 magnitude brightness in her 28th year at: .
NOTE: In the above Australian Stonewall rock climbers link to Shipoopi!, a regular blogger named Nikolas MacLean, a.k.a. ‘Tallnik' gave the thread a 5-star [5-virgins] Nickel Kidman rating, a.k.a. Nicki. It was his 545th post at 12:12 pm.
NOTE: Cat napping Wednesday at 11:06 pm, I had a flash vision of a smiling Jennifer Aniston peeking at me through a Vern Fonk insured car window, parked in front of the GOLD CROWN card shop by SAFEWAY. So I walked over there Thursday, and saw their CASA BELLA rooster chicken dishes collection in the storefront window. Then a nice mid forties trim blonde Jen look alike pulled up and went into the next door cleaners. On the way back there, a fine 29ish Neve Campbell was inside the cleaners. Parked in front of the card shop was a mint red 80s TOYOTA with 734 NCL plates. Later, I saw those candid Cousin Sal clips on Jimmy Kimmel. Who was eating sloppy KFC chicken at some dry cleaner counter, getting greasy goop all over the shocked customer's freshly cleaned garments.
NOTE: As the Ledger news was breaking out Wednesday, the S&P 500 civil war index closed at the Santa Monica Area Code reference of 1,310.50 -14.69. There were lots of Mel Gibson quotes.
NOTE: Yesterday morning, I dreamed that Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, and I were performing love scenes from WHEN WILL I BE LOVED; on top of my parents' king size bed at our 5717 blue gray house in Seattle. Bright sun was pouring in through the room's two south east corner windows. At one point, Carmen sat there spread eagle, just leaning back and watching. Like in that famous polaroid shot of Woody Allen's wife Soon-Yi. Pam was sealed to me, but Carmen was still thinking about it. I rarely have such erotic dreams that are so detailed. Usually it's just a quick hot kiss and or hug. One of my best dream kisses featured Jennifer Garner. She went limp in my arms.
NOTE: Tuesday at 12:08 pm, right before getting up, I flashed a scene of Sienna Miller in black tights with orange top. She walked up and flicked on a light switch, and then walked through the wall it was on.
NOTE: I read that Kate loves Chicago style deep dish pizza, and has it flown in sometimes. Tom Cruise is presenting at Sunday's SAG awards. I'll keep an eye out for any Rt.38 Sag Harbor, Long Island signs.
NOTE: A very nice brunet Paris Hilton walked by me at the PEKING tavern Thursday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The 28 year-old Australian star of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN dying on Oscar Tuesday probably had something to do with that 28 year-old extreme skier dying when he slammed into a stone wall while filming a ski movie over the hill from Sundance in Big Cottonwood Canyon Tuesday. He was an identical look alike to this Christian dude who studies the Bible at STARBUCKS. The last time we discussed religion, he assured me that Jesus was celibate. I told him "That's gay."

He kind of looks like England's enthusiastic skier prince Harry too at: .

Sodom's home town paper, the NYT, published their top editorial on Oscar Tuesday morning with the prophetic Australian headline "The Boomerang Effect". Remember that gay kid in Wyoming who got crucified on a split rail fence? That's what's coming to Paulville.

Letterman made sure we got the message by booking America's most gay candidate Senator Edwards on the show, with some blues singer nicknamed ‘Big Head Newman' or something. Who Paul said has a big Johnson too, when Dave accidently called the musician ‘Big Head Johnson'. Then that screenwriter chick with the Devil's Code name came out, who wrote JUNO. Which I enjoyed again on MLK day with a ‘2:11 pm' ticket stub in my pocket. Before the movie started, I found a D&C 1985 quarter lying on a steel wheelchair plate next to my seat. Plus a turdy brown M'M candy.

During letterman, VERN FONK insurance was running their hilarious swingers "SHIPOOPI!!" ads, featuring that bald dome top dude's head covered with whipping cream snow. Here's an interesting extreme mountain link to that with an Australian angle at: reports the actor was found dead "around 3:26" in confirmation of my last batch of notes above at 3:26 am. The site also reports the actor was filming some Terry Gilliam movie about a GSR/TWN circus figure who wanders the country doing mirror illusion shows. I can't wait to see the limestone jacket Joker character in the next Batman movie.

The library was filled with babies and children on Oscar Tuesday. When I clicked on my first Hilary Swank link, this kid holding a LEGGO car appeared at the computer next to me. Wearing a top that said "I DON'T EAT SNAILS". He was the key to understanding my tall Hilary dream; i.e. she was not actually that tall, I was just role playing the kid next to her in CLAMBAKE's playground scene. Who would probably stand about breast high next to her.

My interpretation was confirmed when I saw this diaper pic, and heard a mother tell her red haired son Joshua, dressed in a "Genuine" T-shirt... "That one's way too big for you..." at: .

Then a lady dropped two dimes into the 10cents per print-out box as I decide to print this young physically transfigured shot of Hilary. And a lady's phone rang, who answered "I'm saving your life. You should thank me..." at: .

When I saw those blog pix of Jennifer Aniston shopping in Vancouver, a boy over in the kids section started shouting over and over like those car insurance ads, "Put your head on the hood!.. Put your head on the hood!" We're talking some serious Shipoopi! at: .

Yours anyhow, GSR/TWN

PS: Check out this new blog pic of Hilary standing in front of a goop sealing marriage temple at: .
Note that guy in the background who kind of looks like prince Harry, with different hair. The other guy is a young physically transfigured Ringo figure. Ringo just walked off the symbolically aging Regis show. No doubt, some producer was shouting that BOOGIE NIGHTS line "Where the fuck is Ringo?!" Because JUNO's screenwriter actually wore a genuine red ruby Ringo ring on Letterman Tuesday.
NOTE: Hopefully, someone can post a utube link to those VERN FONK white mountain top ads. Maybe there's one at . The site doesn't work on my 1980s computer. Do they have an office in Hilary's home town of Bellingham, BC?

Monday, January 21, 2008


Tipped off to look for a Liz Taylor film Saturday in HOLLYWOOD VIDEO's classics selection, I found an old Elvis movie that I had never heard of, called CLAMBAKE. The first thing that came to mind was that B52s landing strip on Sienna Miller's little clam pic. So I grabbed it.

Walking back by APPLEBEES and TARGET, a huge FOUNTAIN speed boat trailored by, as I waiting to cross. On the back it said "WHO CARES". I have never seen a sea race boat in my life on Hwy.410, like the one at: .

Stopping at THE CHECKOUT, I set my pack down up front by the dog food sacks, then did a big double-take when I realized that there was a display of Elis style wood guitars stacked right above it; on close-out for $49. [Does Mandy Moore play guitar? I know Mini Driver does.]

The incredibly gay UNITED ARTISTS musical is about a wealthy Tom Cruise figure. Who loves fast boats, bikes, and cars, and who decides at a HASTY TASTY gas dinner to role play Greg Relf; a lowly water-ski instructor at a Paris Hilton hotel in Miami. Soon he meets up with a brunet bangs middle America Kate Holmes look alike sweetheart. Who is down there for the tourist season, hunting for a rich husband.

The plot thickens when Greg introduces his special "goop" sealant. That is good for creating a sealed temple marriage that will last much longer than say, Renee's beach party wedding, or Mr Burton's multiple marriages to Liz. Originally thought of as an idea for the physical restoration of Burton's ‘BBX 109' cherry pipe smoking race boat, that he renames RAW HIDE, no.99 [Read 100]. The gran prix climax is $10,000 for NAM's future 10,000 maniacs BB.

Like yours truly, he works all night on the stuff, and eventually gets rescued in the end by a team of bikini robots. Amazingly, he gets to kiss each and every one of them. The last shot has Kate Holmes fainted in my STINGRAY when she realizes who I am. Of course, in the 1967 semi B movie's Florida background, we can see the mountains and hills of southern California.

My movie was discovered just in time for the 666 maniacs campaign race down in Florida, on Heather Graham's 1.29 birthday. If anyone could do a boogie nights bikini movie, with ample tanning goop scenes, it's her.

Last night, I dreamed that Bruce Willis and I were conspiring to smuggle Jennifer Aniston and her TRAVELING co-star Aaron Eckhart out of a strange shopping mall prison. That was guarded by some mean Big Foot size Soviet Nazi nurse lady. We decided to hide them inside a children's pioneer wagon ride, like the one in CLAMBAKE's play yard scene. Where the king sings to the kids about courage [Read faith], and the gay guy gets a suction arrow in his forehead. When we made our break and got outside, we found ourselves in snow covered Orem, Utah, near the Provo River highway to Sundance. Last I heard, Willis still keeps one of those huge MIAMI VICE style ocean race boats up in Santa Barbara.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Amazingly, all the Miami hotel swingers rooms are ‘26_' for Florida's 26 latitude circumcision cutting line prophecy, starting at Hollywood, FL, and running over to the African Safari gardens on Hwy.41, off Charlize I-75, near a place called Golden Gate. Note the scene where the king sings about eternal love, while a reluctant Sally role plays Jessica Alba, pouring handfuls of sand on their beach fire.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Speaking of change. I spotted a lady's health publication in the post office trash can Sunday, and used it to swipe under their stamp machine for any more loose change signs and wonders. Out flew a shiny new James Madison dollar coin. The first one I've ever seen in person.

The loony mad son ROCKY HORROR token represented that mass pileup along fogbound I-90 Sunday, east of Madison, Wisconsin. Where Washington Ave crosses the Exit 135 ramps that represent John Mark Huckabee's Churchville cock-us crash on I-35. This is JUNO's I-90 light switch in Paulie's bedroom.

The four teens who died when they crashed into a rod of Jesse genealogy tree in Greene County, Missouri Saturday, stood for that hooded DEAD KENNEDYS green hair punk chick I stoop behind Saturday at REGAL. The 18 year-old driver of the MITZ was James R Gang/wes. Believe it or not at: .

The Springfield, MO crash sign was about as specific as that Mexican bus crash outside Victoria [secret] Texas last week at: .

This is Eva Longoria country. When one considers how all the tabloids are spiking the Tony Parker ROCKY HORROR wedding news out there. Not a peep this week about Tony's regular NBA sluts in San Antonio. Or the name of that babe who stabbed her VICTORIA'S SECRET girlfriend in the back BRIDE OF CHUCKY style. Not to mention how much Tony looks like Obama from certain angles. You know it's gotten pretty bad when the liberal media gossip rags can't even squeeze some halfass hype out of this.

If we have another Arab terrorist attack crisis, are Americans going to vote for an Arab looking guy with an Arab name? Who wants to make nice with Iran et al. The more experienced HillBill ticket would likely benefit on the left. John McCaine would probably get a boost on the right. The RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND answer might be found in that bus crash Saturday on Scarlett Johansson's Hwy.84 [Also I-595] in Davies, Florida. Wherein the Arab driver was hurt real bad, and dozens of happy-go-lucky fantasy LOVE BOAT cruise passengers were injured at: .

The James Madison image on my political change token reminds me of John McCaine with long hair. He'll probably get the Republican party nomination. Romney is just too gay, even for the homogaycelibate Catholic crowd in D&C 86. Whatever. It wont matter in the short run.

Check out this prophetic art work for some Ellen Page movie at: .

The green computer ghost, who haunts her haunted house in Nova Scotia, looks like the older husband of Jennifer Garner in JUNO. When I try to see this spread eagle bathtub PORSCHE AUDI TT image of JG, a haunted software warning message appears on screen. So don't try to link to it if your system lacks the latest software ghost protection at: .

Yours, GSR/TWN

This blog makes frequent references to postings at the community boards of . Just search ‘GSR/TWN' for the latest updates there.