Saturday, January 31, 2015


Cat napping yesterday after a pizza smothered with hardwood smoked chicken bits, garlic, and first press olive oil from Palermo, I got a flash vision close-up shot of George Clooney from the neck up. ~ ~ So I watched his CIA assassin move that is narrated from THE PHOENIX HOTEL in New York. And ends with the proverbial international woman of mystery dying in the PATRIOTS home town of Boston. During which he gets a bad case of Montezuma's revenge. ~ ~ Please bear in mind, we are now in the final week of the latter-day pre-fulfilment-confirmations cited in DANIEL 9. ~ ~ For example, Hezbullah attacked Israel on the first day of the 70th week, for the first time in years, that started last Wednesday. ~ ~ Always remember this; in the iconic John Waters HAIRSPRAY prophecy, February is the Black History Month when, "...every day is negro day." ~ ~ Starting with; ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR MY NIGGERS ON THE FRONT LINES: If you are a little low on the dough right now like I AM is, try R&R's reserve in the D&C 86 wheat harvest glass bottles. Believe me you, you could do a lot worse. ~ ~ Always remember this, Napoleon always knew that his troops would never have his back if he didn't take care of them. ~ ~ SOLID GOLD NOTES: See THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN meets GOLDMEMBER meets GOLDFINGER meets FANTASY ISLAND, at: ~ ~

Friday, January 30, 2015


Hawaii became the 50/50 state of America right before the start of all those BLUE HAWAII ten virgin prophecy movies starring The King. Back when he got his own private free copy of THE BOOK OF MORMON at that RLDS Polynesian center tourist attraction. ~ ~ And then he made that SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR movie prophecy about me and my underaged Korean cutie hand job lover from Korea. ~ ~ Let me just say this, Mel Gibson didn't buy his remote private island sex fantasy escape for nothing. Same thing goes for his religious Branch Dravidian compound real estate investment located up in the seven hills above Malibu, California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MARRED SERVANT NOTES: Mr. Scar usually shoots his targets in the GSR scar forehead in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, circa 1974. With the exception of the stiff necked 002 of course, for a two witnesses reference to that assassin who also shot MLK JR. in the neck in Memphis, USA, Egypt. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The man with the gold EZE.9 death-pen in the above DANIEL little horn movie has no respect for women's desires; per today's little horn prince homo who now occupies the Greek architecture White House. ~ ~ For example, James Bond escapes the evil prince in OCTOPUSSY in the scene where we see the little horn dragon's advertisement wall poster. ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: I love you man, but your late night show has really become repetitive and boring. How about you suddenly announce on the air that you have finally seen the light? And so you spice up your 200 radio station ratings by announcing that you have actually been a secret illuminati double agent for the past 20 years ~ ~ I mean think about it; all those hot young women, the money, the fame, etc. Not to mention the improvement and restoration of your heath and good looks.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Someone just died on the Chinatown set of Scorsese's upcoming movie entitled SILENCE, at; ~ ~ In confirmation of the time line in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN that starts out with a Chicago mob figure arriving where we see that whitish mullato African mask in the opening sequence. ~ ~ Who represents today's crazy alternative energy man from Hawaii's paradise islands, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STORY BACKGROUND NOTES: Mel Gibson was one of the first in line to buy a SMART CAR. In fulfilment of the Mr. Gibson character in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Who gets shot in the GSR/TWN forehead like all the others do in the movie. Which gets going in Lebanon for this week's rocket attack from Lebanon at the end of DANIEL'S 69/70 weeks chronology. ~ ~ JACKIE BROWN goes down in a California mall full of Korean and Chinese shoppers that has the main SAILOR DOG anchor on display at: Hence those REV.13:1 beach towels with a ship anchor design. Yada yada. ~ ~ SUPERBOWL 49 NOTES: My 1974ish wife with a charming accent, Gisele Bundchen, tells me that, "I've dreamed about you setting me free..." In the three-way hotel room [no.602] scene with Sienna Miller hiding in the closet. Remember, the number 602 is always a prophetic reference to Jennifer Aniston's hit comedy THE BREAKUP. And those slangy eyed kids who are sucking up soft white flour noodles bowls in the above Chinatown movie is another reason why Jen doesn't want to risk having a retarded odd looking midget baby right now. ~ ~ My black sidekick in the JACKIE BROWN prophecy sports the pony tail of the REV.17 black gentile horse mother fucker killer in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Wherein Mitt Romney et al get their gay ass butts schooled by my plural wife marriage niggers; BOOK OF MORMON style. ~ ~ BUT IT GETS BETTER NOTES: Roger Moore just came out with a second witness autobiography book about MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO life called ONE LUCKY BASTARD, per: ~ ~ Wherein I get to fuck both Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz at the same time whenever the mood strikes me. ~ ~ P.S. GWYNETH: Don't worry your little heart out my darling. I'm going to get around to SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE pretty soon. ~ ~ Probably sooner than later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The first Austin Powers movie about my secret agent sidekick on the down low in the White House ends with today's white Mini Me midgets who are so overcome by their chocolate politics that even some nigger bitch like Mrs.Lynch doesn't raise any red flags for them; like at: ~ ~ Don't worry your little hearts my darlings. You will still get your $4,000,000 in gold bullion child support money; once we get rid of the new 666 beast that has taken over America. ~ ~ I just have to make sure that you can't come back on me and ask for more if you piss it all away. ~ ~ Which you could still do as long as states like Utah and Texas are still apart of the pre REV.16 50 states union of Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCTOPUSSYGALORE NOTES: Miley's latest free-the-nipple pix from Hawaii came out on the very same day that I watched that 3rd nipple assassin 007 movie that takes place on a secret paradise island beach in Red China. ~ ~ It rained cats and dogs when Obama visited India. ~ ~

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Cat napping last night after a nice smoked herring pizza dinner, I got the word from above about JACKIE BROWN being another 710 message. So I watched it. ~ ~ Wherein my niggers know how to take care of business. When my square-ass white bitches no longer have a clue about what is going down on the down low. ~ ~ Goodnight my darlings; sleep tight. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 710 NOTES: The traditional '710' number in cinema refers to the new 7 mountains beast that is born again after the 10 temporary short-term president-kings of the lattrr-day Sodom and Egypt in America. ~ ~ For some background, see: ~ ~ RELIGIOUS FREEDOM NOTES: The surest way to protect religious freedoms is to do away with today's decadent human rights movement. In other words, where there is no freedom to hate, there is no freedom to love. Much like the ironic maxim that without laws and boundaries against statism and nigger gang warfare, there can not be ordered freedom. ~ ~ NEW ORDER NOTES: Law and order is going to get born again. Whether you bitches like it or not. So you better get used to it now; before it's too late.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Obviously, Larry David now owes me 10% in protection money. And so does Jerry Seinfeld, yada yada. ~ ~ According to the ending to THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN in 1974 that goes, "Goodnight, no need to fear. James Bond is here." As just confirmed by Kristen Stewart appearing in some mustard seed of faith outfit that represents that mustard colored people MG that my British gold standard wife Sienna Miller drives in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, at: ~ ~ Who is now feeling like taking a little blond haired blue eyed baby time off. If the price is right enough of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 710 RADIO NOTES: That gayish TOP GUN Greek homosexual NATO F-16 crashed in Spain and killed 10 people for today's gay ass comic book interpretations of the 666 beast. ~ ~ You don't give a shit about the obvious abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, I AM goes into PLAN B mode. ~ ~ Talk about getting a love letter HERSHEYS chocolate tear drop  kiss of death from 'Paul' in BLUE VELVET meets WILD AT HEART. ~ ~ NEW WORLD ORDER NOTES: That running Egyptian pyramid eye of the Illuminati motif in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN is the Divine sun light illumination inspiration behind me taking over the throne of England and France. ~ ~ And the best part is, not even Austin Powers can stop me. ~ ~ The toy helicopter that crash landed on the White House grass represented the little boy'S helicopter cone head ending tO BLUE VELVET.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Last night I dreamed that Kyle McLaughlin proudly showed me his own private special edition HERSHEYS' bible with dark chocolate leather binding and lighter skinned milk chocolate paper leaf edging. ~ ~ For a Divine confirmation of his forerunner role in BLUE VELVET meets TWIN PEAKS. ~ ~ See the movie score dream lyrics meaning at:
~ ~ Note the fact that that is actually a contemporary RLDS missionary portrait of me in the above sureal TWILIGHT ZONE link. If I were to die my hair, shave my face, and put on my black rim LIZ CLAYBORN glasses; which I still have waiting on the ready in my dresser drawer. ~ ~ Because JUST FOR MEN etc. usualy doubles the thickness and the height of a full head of hair like few men have left in their 60s; such as David Lynch and I. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MICHAEL SAVAGE NOTES: There was a powerful strong 7.0 on Friday at 5:31 near the Prince George virgin-sex cult islands in the South Pacific. ~ ~ Get real dude. Why fuck some old ugly short fat Jewess bitch feminist when you could be fucking two teenager hotties with small underaged titties on some paradise island? Like at: ~ ~ SOLID GOLD PENIS RECORD NOTES: The 007 paradise island movie entitled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN came out in the same year when I married Laurence Pierson in 1974. And then I gave her those two priceless blond cotton top boys who have become the love of her life. For when the time would come that my royal Branch Davidian line of Jesus would be restored as the King Of France. ~ ~ Believe it or not, the typical French cunt is still bitching that I didn't give her enough money. ~ ~ NOTE TO THE WISE: If I give you two beautiful boys in the future, which would entail $4,000,000 in cash up front, spend it wisely. Because that is all that you are going to get from me. Period. End of story.  ~ ~ I AM is not some kind of a Tom Cruise 666 sucker who you can milk for 500k a year for the next 20 years in tax free cash money.
"He that leadeth into [Hillary Clinton] captivity shall go into captivity;" [REV.13:10]  ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson gets to pay that Russian whore 20k a month for the next 20 years because he thought that I AM was just some kind of a pop culture joke who was trying to welch on his child support payments. ~ ~ But it gets worse. Now Mel owes me 10% of everything that he has. ~ ~ "You're lucky you're not dead!" Frank Relf in BLUE VELVET meets Greg in GET THE GRINGO. ~ ~ How the hell else am I going to meet my future child support payments? ~ ~ We're talking at least 18 new babies here, at a minimum. ~ ~ DOJ NOTES: The unconstitutional outlaw DOJ in DC will have no legal jurisdiction in the wild wild west after the holy city breaks up into three independent maverick sovereign states in REV.16.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


That FOX news babe found herself free falling in some red capitalist third way Viet Nam elevator for the naked 710 KIRO lady in BLUE VELVET. Who experienced the very same sensation when they strapped her onto a gurny and shoved her into an ambulance. ~ ~ Since the elevator was also broken in her apartment building on Lincoln. ~ ~ I.E. not one single conservative in the so called alternative media has the deflated balls to tell us that today's president with the bad sounding name is not even an Americano citizen. ~ ~ And if you guys are not going to do your job, then I AM is going to have to do it for you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOOTIE NOTES: The bullshit football cheating scandal is about that nuclear football in GET SMART 20008. When Hillary Clinton et all cheated on America big time and knowingly let a brown pigskin illegal alien become Commander in Chief. ~ ~ A.K.A. America's quarterback team leader in the White House, who is a symbolic Sodom and Egypt descendant of Ham.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Probably the most crazy cat lady in all of Hollywood just wore a blue velvet top with David Lynch painting skirt to some recent mountain vista logo fashion event at: ~ ~ Like they say, crazy in the head, great in bed. Which is probably why fuck buddy make up sex is always so hot. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: The symbolic number 710 appears in so many prophetic movies about loose nukes for a sports radio idolatry theme. Like in OCTOPUSSY meets BLUE VELVET; where we also see the twin birthday cake number 221 that represents Judah and Ephraim. Complete with KING RALPH type double car honks, yada yada. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: That prophetic FDR era Dr. Kemp look alike movie about THE INVISIBLE MAN was about the snowbound SUNDANCE film festival parties that take place during the winter storm months, as mentioned in MARK 13. Where yours truly is everywhere even though you can't see me.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I knew that something big was going to happen at SUNDANCE this year, and here it is at: ~ ~ Tahiti being one of those few paradises on earth where the men are allowed to fuck more than one native lost tribes jungle woman teenager at a time. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I'm not talking about 12 year-olds here; more like 15,16, even 17 year-olds. Like the kind that Michael Savage loved to fuck during his fountain-of-youth research years in the 60s and 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
HWY.101 NOTES: That 4.4 at 5:21 on 1.20 by King City, Ca was about the prophetic latter-day assassination of MLK JR. ~ ~ For example, REV.11 Jews just got stabbed in the back on a bus on a bridge in Israel that represented the historic bridge in Selma, AL. Back when the atheistic liberal Jews in Brooklyn, NY stabbed the God fearing white people in the back with their queer-as-orange unconstitutional Civil Rights Act in 1964. ~ ~ No wonder that there are now over 120,000 highly paid employees at the Orwellian DOJ. Most of whom spend most of their time analysing what is going on inside the minds of white people. And getting paid a 100k annual salary plus benifts for their time. Per the spoken word revelations at that say that the negros are now the mob enforcers of the new 666 beast. "The Marxism on the right, and the Marxism on the [Robert Redford] left, is just gang warfare." Rand. ~ ~ Not to be confused by the confused Clyde Lewises and George Clooneys of the world. Who still believe that the pinko third way is the way to go. ~ ~ UGLY FAT JEW NOTES: According to the Old Testament, the Jewish people tend to be a little taller and significantly more good looking than other people. Obviously therefore, any rather shortish ugly rich "Jew" who is arrested for stealing the hard earned taxes of the middle class are probably not full blooded Jews. ~ ~ Since most of the real pure-blooded blue-eyed people of the superior Jew race are just too smart to do stupid things like that. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen on the left meets Adriana Lima on the right. ~ ~ Heck why not, what's not to like? Not to mention those two tallish hotties, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. ~ ~ LISTEN TO ME NOTES: If you are still not talking about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate, then you still are struggling with the same kind of little Jew boy "daddy" issues portrayed in GOLDMEMBER meets SUPERBAD.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


According to the simple minded Bible for childish apostate Bible Belt Christians, in the last days the little people will bring down the high and mighty; most of who are like Mitt Romney meets Glenn Beck; Dallas, Texas style. ~ ~ For example, the British villain in GET SMART gets thrown off a bridge in Long Beach, California for that British action film director mountain climber who committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge in Long Beach.  ~ ~ Just after the action packed scenario in GET SMART 2008 that involves a small plane carrying an H-bomb and towing a banner for some suicide hot line number. ~ ~ Per the spoken word revelations at that say that many of today's middle-of-the road Clyde Lewis type luke warm mormons are going to feel like killing themselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOVEL STEPHEN KING NOTES: Apparently Mr.King came out with some double feature [SEINFELD 8 bizarro episode]  two witnesses day 1260 science fiction novel about Phoenix, Arizona burning up at: ~ ~ MEETS: ~ ~ Note the enclosed number 59 time-stamp reference to Emma Watson. ~ ~ That refers to the two big ones that my wives always get if I get them a baby, by hook or crook. Payable in rounds or squares of course. Yeah I know, gold bullion in large lots is hard to come by these days, but I have connections.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The above 2007 made movie came out on my divorce wedding anniversary date in 2008 because that was the time when Barack Obama was rising. ~ ~ That ends with the 1983 OCTOPUSSY scenario of a burning car racing along train tracks; which features me and my mulatto sidekick fighting it out on top of a political circus train car. Complete with a homogaysexual kiss of death, etc. ~ ~ Therefore, that massive stonewall mansion fire in Annapolis, Maryland on MLK Day. In confirmation of Tiger Woods getting his front tooth knocked out by a Hollywood cameraman, because he thought that he was hot shit by wearing that Ferguson rioters African head hunters mask at: ~ ~ On the very same day when that Selma, Alabama bridge suddenly collapsed in Ohio south of Mt. Storm Park. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: I was watching GET SMART last night when I suddenly noticed that the 8:00 radio news was about to start. So I paused the DVD player at the exact frame where Max is holding a green box of matches; and then I heard the horrible news about that FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNRERAL castle fire in the [Scotland] Highlands area. ~ ~ No wonder Terry McAuliffe just fell off of his high horse in Africa and broke 7 of his Adam and Eve's ribs. ~ ~ Who does look an awfull lot like my former 70s swinger [666] SCIENCE LOGIC technologies sidekick Woody Norris looks these days, at: ~ ~ 1984 NOTES: Stephen King's THINNER novel was a prophecy about the progessively liberal newspapers in the last days getting thinner and thinner. Yet they still don't understand what is happening, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ SMILEY TOOTH NOTES: Ms. Miley's broken tooth hillbilly pix of late were a prophecy about that tiger in the woods who gets tamed by James Bond in OCTOPUSSY meets GOLDFINGER. See: ~ ~

Monday, January 19, 2015


There were old little moving trailers full of junk everywhere on MLK Day in Bonnie Lake during my usual constitutional STARBUCKS walkabout. ~ ~ In confirmation of my lucid dream about seeing that symbolic metaphorical H-bomb in Oak Town inside of a small 8' size UTAH-HAUL rental trailer parked inside of a modern AMAZON style warehouse somewhere. Talk about free home delivery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCTOPUSSYGALORE NOTES: After Sunday's miraculous latter-day NFL games, I decided to have another look at my Gisele Bundchen look alike fuck buddy love interest in the 1983 James Bond 007 movie. Wherein Russia's Putin general look alike in the future figure trades a smallish 100k bomb for a container full of those fake gems of Israel cited in the 2BC. ~ ~ NEWMAN NOTES: If you are rather new to this blog, please know that often times Jerry Seinfeld plays yours truly in his miraculous 9-seasons NBC series. And sometimes he also likes to play my Antichrist role on GROUND ZERO TWIGHLIGHT talk radio. But never ever does Newman ever never deviate from he being me. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES FOR CHRISTIAN QUEERS: There is no greater love than a devoted husband who is just as interested and willing to make love to his older 50ish wives as he is to fuck his younger underaged teenager wives. Who are much more attractive and sexy. ~ ~ Ergo, in the 2BC God says that anyone who does not believe in the physical body of the fuck buddy daddy will be sent to a spiritual love guru place in heaven. ~ ~ 009 NOTES: The 13th James Bond movie opens in 1983 with  my no.9 Gisele Bundchen wife stabbiing my too old middled aged man secret agent in the back for a reason. ~ ~ Thank you Jesus that I have Cara Delevigne and Mikey Cyrus to fall back on, PLAN B PRODUCTIONS style. Who represent those two teenagers who live in David Lynch's canyon neighborhood. ~ ~ Why fuck only one 50 year-old wife, who is still pretty good looking,  when there is nothing stopping you from fucking two 15 year-olds? ~ ~ Just as long as she gets to watch us. ~ ~ Per my protagonist in the AMERICAN GIGOLO prophecy that came out in West Hollywood right after my French count dracula wife dumped me for Steve Hugh.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Why would Sunday's NYT put an article about Obama reducing taxes for the middle class when today's middle-class pays next to nothing in federal taxes? ~ ~ Answer. ~ ~ They also published a major splash front page image of Obama's obviously fake birth certificate without so much as one little confirmation fact check telephone call. ~ ~ Talk about the uninterested media being completely steeped in uninteresting writing. ~ ~ "Don't show me the pad! I don't want to see the fucking pad!" [LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE] ~ ~ In other words, no amount of 666 Internet subscriptions can save a dying old man's favorite newspaper. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INTERESTING WRITING NOTES: Ellen Page is definitely interested in watching me fucking Kristen Stewart. ~ ~ SEE:  ~ ~ I AM is interested in reading anything that she is interested in reading. ~ ~ If the money is right enough to let me get into her pants of course. ~ ~ Long time TWNers know that I always like to pay my child support obligations in one big lump up front. ~ ~ For example, Steven Bing payed Elizabeth Hurley two big ones if she would not ask him for any more money in the future. ~ ~ Which sounds about right to me. ~ ~ I.e. you let me fuck you, and you get pregnant, I give you $2,000,000 in tax free cash money. And then we move on and remain friends forever. Until that is you want me to sire you another baby; on the same financial terms of course. Time changes nothing at, section 91. When yours truly would be making about the same amount of money in the time that it takes me to knock you up. ~ ~ Too bad Teri Rutherford once turned down my offer to fuck her for free at the cheap-ass $70 a night KING'S MOTEL along Hwy.410 in Enumclaw, Washington. Even though she makes three or four times that much in just one night by taking care of old people.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Some burning GREAT BALLS OF FIRE truck at the north end of the Eurostar tunnel has shut everything down. In confirmation of when everything gets shut down in MULHOLLAND DR. by the film's Gordon B. Hinckley look alike midget. ~ ~ For a second witness, Michigan's iconic 'mitt' figure just got so freaked out about the spoken word revelations at that he started to blabber hysterically, like that Catholic mormon Pope in Rome, about the 666 monster helping out the poor and and and the needy. Otherwise there is no hope to be found anywhere in Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ While at the same time Clyde Lewis was doing the exact same thing on talk radio. ~ ~ Maybe Rush Limbaugh's Sunday school teacher daddy was right all along after all; about the books of REVELATION and DANIEL not belonging in the 66 book Bible that was published by the Christian pagan empor of Rome in 395 AD. ~ ~ Since there is nothing there about some phantom "Antichrist" waiting in the wings. ~ ~ That said, I am definitely the fulfilment of all of the ridiculous apostate christian Mormon theories about some evil King David ruler who takes over all of England and northern France. ~ ~ Now that's what I call interesting writing, not to mention interesting talk radio.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SELMA VIEWER NOTES: Sooner or later, Ms.O is going to have to choose her poison.  Either she remains a slave of the new bipartisan 666 beast, or she becomes my own private love slave with full benefits. ~ ~ Who wants to fuck anybody who you can not even stand to have touching you? ~ ~ Been there, done that. ~ ~ BABY WANTS TO FUCK NOTES: Long time TWNers never forget that the proverbial fat lady negro singer in WILD AT HEART represents Oprah Winfrey. ~ ~ Like they say, it ain't over until the fat lady nigger sings. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Most of today's childish Christians who are stonewalling the last days prophecies about the restoration of the lost ten tribes of Israel in JER:31, EZE.37/38, ISAIAH 11, REV.9, D&C 77 and GEN.49, etc. etc. are still struggling with various personal race [sexual] identity problems.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Those two improbable witnesses conquered THE SUN ALSO RISES 'Dawn Wall' of the legendary MISSION IMPOSSIBLE stonewall in California that represents today's almost unbelievable stonewalling by the half Jew media regarding Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen SS NUMBER. ~ ~ White Wolf Peak is above El Capitan, which towers over Oak Flat's reference to my visionary dream about an H-bomb exploding in Oakland, and so on... Hope I'm not boring. ~ ~ Any who, Teri Rutherford was/is a 29ish physically transfigured look alike of Andie MacDowell's 29ish character in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. Hence, Rutherford County is next to McDowell county in North Carolina. As just confirmed by John Kerry asking North Carolina's James Taylor to sing YOU GOT A FRIEND to my friends in Paris. ~ ~ Believe it or not, LAST TANGO IN PARIS [The full length director's cut.] was not just about sex. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK BUDDY NOTES: Two nights ago I dreamed that the royal scotish princess Kristen Stewart was sitting on my lap on a white sofa as we watched some movie on a large flat screen TV. And then the next day I saw this little Sterling David Allan look alike diddy at: ~ ~ DOWN LOW NOTES: All those historic stonewaller pix were meant to come out in the liberal Jewish mainstream media newspapers on MLK Jr.'s January 15 arsonist birthday cake date for a reason. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Whenever you read something on my GSR/TWN blog, you should probably double-click check it out on your RAND McNALLY road map of Judah and Ephraim. For example, Thorntonville, Texas is located just down the freeway where that deadly ten virgins white ass 666 bus crashed right after Billy Bob Thornton made fun of me. ~ ~ Calm down. ~ ~ Billy Bob almost always plays me in his Texas hold'em style King of the Cowboys movies. Much like Hugh Grant almost always plays my over-the-top indiscrete future King of England figure in most of his NOTTING HILL type movies. ~ ~ CAPTAIN RON NOTES: The prophetic elements in this Martin Short movie relate directly to the time when Obama would be normalizing sexual relations with red Cuba. Where no one really cares if the Hemingway type macho men pirates are fucking hot 15 year-old school bus girls onboard their classic restored 1960s era wood sailboats.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Yesterday at GOODWIIL, I found two used DVDs of FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and THE ENGLISHMAN. ~ ~ The latter being about some outsider who manages to rub everyone wrong when HE claims to be the King of the Mountain forerunner to THE KING OF KINGS. Since the former is about me marrying four pairs of wives, before the final funeral of the beast, and the false prophet, and the dragon in REV.16. ~ ~ And then another yellow GREASE II school bus full of hot 15ish teenager virgins crashed near Kings Mountain in North Carolina, located just south of Elizabeth Hurley's Cherryville on Hwy.321; this being the same state where they shot BLUE VELVET. ~ ~ GREG/TWN ~ ~ FOUR NOTES: Andie MacDowell co-stars in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. For the McDowell County location next to Teri Rutherford's county landmark in the above school bus wreck omens. [Teri's husband shot himself in the Lemon Mountain Tombstone, Arizona area. Which is now being overrun by Barack Obama style illegal aliens who have no Americano birth certificate. ] ~ ~ That is Barack Obama who walks by in the background when Jerry and George joke about Americano presidents who have bad sounding names. And then the 8th season day 1260 episode cuts to Barack Obama sitting next to a laughing Jennifer Anistion. ~ ~ In other words, CNN's once half Jewish preeminent investigating reporter, Geraldo Rivera, has still never investigated Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. Because that would prove beyond a doubt that he had been duped for all these years by the MLK JR federal mail fraud scam about white people being no different than dark people. ~ ~ Think Glenn Beck meets Bill O' Really.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Here I AM. Bored as hell, and still having a shit load of fun by beating the crap out of and verbally abusing my lesser inferior sidekicks like Clyde Lewis and Barack Obama. When suddenly out of the blue comes Sterling Allan at; who jumps up and slaps me in the face. Letting me know in no uncertain terms that he is the actual Father in the Flesh who sired my great great grandpa in the flesh. ~ ~ For instance, during all these years that I have been fantasying about fucking underaged [free sunshine yellow noise energy] virgins, He himself has actualy been getting his cock sucked in real life by real teenagers in the flesh. ~ ~ But it gets worse. I bet that he doesn't even have a million dollar sailboat tied up somewhere on the west coast or the east coast. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRAIN WRECK NOTES: Billy Bob Thornton joked about how his main goal in life is to fuck Jennifer Aniston. And then the next day, ten prisoners of the 666 white love bus died in some horrific sports stadium style crash in west Texas. That involved a 58 car train with 4 engines coming  out of LA. ~ ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II NOTES: Little Miss Sunshine just posted one of her audition stills from the iconic bathtub scene in the original movie, at: ~ ~ PS WOODY: Since I AM is paying the entire bill for your new smart pad TV series deal, based out of Seattle,  I AM is expecting you to make me the underground Internet movie star on the down low that I was always meant to be. Per that prophetic 9-step pyramid program in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE; wherein excuses are for losers who are like 5' 4" tall. ~ ~ IT'S SHOWTIME NOTES: The new TWIN PEAKS series on SHOWTIME was announced at the same time that announced their new Woody Allen series. ~ ~ Meanwhile, any low rent TV Internet series adaptation about the Daddy's real life experiences in the flesh as Sterling David Allan would be my idea of interesting writing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dwayne writes "Welcome to hell" on his pre iPAD "pad" in 2005's LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE; light years before the advent of smart phone pads. When people were still using dinasour flip-phones, and nobody but nobody had ever even heard of Barack Obama, outside of Chinatown, Chicago. ~ ~ Ergo, the above SEARCHLIGHT film cuts to shots of the noisy sunshine yellow 1960s Love Bus heading to the Phoenix, Arizona area. Where the old Jewish rest home FDR grandpa dies, and eventually gets buried in Redondo Beach, California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUBLIMITAL MIND CONTROL NOTES: According to Steve Car Elle's suicidal homogaysexual character in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE,  Proust worked for about 20 years on his long running never-ending-story serial novel without getting paid one thin dime for it. ~ ~ Ergo, my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy didn't bother to show up in Paris, France for that gay ass protest against illegal alien darkies who murder Jewish homosexual Marxist satirists. ~ ~ Why bother? ~ ~ Better to stay out of the way and not try to interfere with God's plans to wake up his chosen superior white people among the lost tribes of Israel in EZE.38, etc. etc. ~ ~ One of the nicest things about being a darkie gentile is that you don't have to waste your time. Why go to some ridiculous white people rally with Jen Aniston et al for democratic Euro fascism when you could be spending that time on the golf course? ~ ~ Of course in my case, we would be talking going fly fishing in Idaho or Wyoming; same difference. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES RADIO NOTES: I agree with almost everything that the two witnesses are saying on that old FDR radio with the brownish Adriana Lima titty nobs in BLUE VELVET. Problem is, they just do not have a third act. ~ ~ Think ADAPTATION meets MATCHSTICK MEN; both of which deal with the impossibility of writing endings to screenplays. ~ ~ Therefore now comes 9 more one hour TWIN PEAKS episodes on SHOWTIME. ~ ~ Which is the equivalent of about four more feature length movies from David Lynch. ~ ~ All good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ ROD STERLING TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: The reason why God let the devil force Sterling Allan to fuck all of those underaged "free solar energy" babes at is because he had rejected the spoken word revelations at because he was so affended by the principle of plural marriage husbands fucking two hot 17 year-olds at a time. Hence, his long suffering middleaged wife left him for the same reason. ~ ~ Per Sterling's legendary Lemon Mountain [Moses on the mountain vista]  experience in Arizona after he had fasted for three and one half days. And then he rises up from the dead like those two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, Utah do in REV.11.  ~ ~ Hopefully, Sterling can find a good Nyle Smith type Utah lawyer who can string everything out until the dog shit hits the alternative energy winds fan. ~ ~ There is nothing wrong with fucking a 14 year-old virgin if the Father in the flesh says that it is OK to do it. ~ ~ Just ask Camille Paglia, the author of the SEXUAL PERSONEA text book that is now required reading at the School of Prophets in Salem, Utah.

Monday, January 12, 2015


My four square protagonist in BLUE VELVET 1986 is a lost tribes of Israel descendant of those pioneers from Scotland who settled along Hwy.410 and established some of the finest fruit orchards in the world. Hence, that deaf EDWARD SISSOR HANDS ear in the movie was found in the tall grass behind his neighborhood in the "Vista" area. For Bonnie Lake's MOUNTAIN VISTA neighborhood located along Evergreen Drive; off of Mt Rainier's Hwy.410. ~ ~ Speaking of the inspiration from God behind David Lynch's special 1260 days TWIN PEAKS era, see these two angels at some gold standard event over the weekend, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET NOTES: A negro cleaning janitor walks by when Sandy and Jeffrey get out of the car in BLUE VELVET with his bug sprayer and her stack of AWAKE magazines. Because in the BOOK OF MORMON it explains that the folks who have been cursed with a dark skin were meant to clean up the white House of Israel. Whenever they start to backslide and make excuses; just like Clyde Lewis and the leadership of the Mormon church are now doing. Not to mention the Pope in Rome. All of whom now believe again that reformed Jewish Marxism is the pragmatic third way to help out the poor and the needy. ~ ~ "You must all be equal with each other." [Adolf Hitler] ~ ~ LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE NOTES: This prophetic movie made in 2005 was about the sweet little smiling DISNEY child star who would shock us in the end with her strip tease act. As confirmed by her jet pilot bomber brother who wears a freakish looking Barack Obama T throughout the entire film. Which features my sidekick's STARBUCKS logo smack dab on his forehead. That represents today's color blind lost tribes of Israel idiots and morons.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


That staked off bare patch of grass in the opening of BLUE VELVET is the same dirt patch left by the Bonnie Lake crews who repaired that broken EZE.47:1 water line that was springing up through the street on 192nd. ~ ~ And then we see Jeffrey's stiff necked lost Israelite father who is so damaged from the neck up that he can not even speak a word outloud about the abomination of desolation's fake marriage certificate in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Followed up by the indie film's staked off map lines in the fade-to-back shot where the room 221 second story detectives are looking for more body of Christ parts to today's new 666 puzzle. ~ ~ In other words, all of you Christian squares who have accepted Jesus, but have rejected the fullness of his Daddy in D&C 76 etc. are  now going to get it big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
CHRISTIAN BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Those graceful sprinkIng waters of life motif in BLUE VELVET 1986 come from the one cited in ISAIAH 52:15 and 2BC 91, etc. etc.  ~ ~ The black beetles wearing protective NFL style armor represent the black dung beetle god idols of Egypt in the last days. ~ ~ See PRACTICAL MAGIC meets LAUREL CANYON meets MISS CONGENIALITY: 1&II. ~ ~ Seattle, Austin, and LA, being the ground zero trifecta of modern rock music; in that exact order. ~ ~ And London, England being a major contender to take back the crown. ~ ~ But only after the one born in King County, Washington gets to come home; with two of his favorite fly-fishing rods in hand.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Beaumont means beautiful mountain in Americano. For the beautiful views of 144 Mount Rainier in Bonnie Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Hence that depiction of the same mountain at the police station scenario where my square protagonist starts investigating the mystery of Ellen Page and Ashley Green being conceived and born on the same day in 1986/1987. ~ ~ The born again and raised up Catholic David Lynch is an ardent pro-lifer of course, yada yada.  ~ ~ Ironically, you can not make an avantgarde film like ERASER HEAD if you are not pro lifer; French Catholic style, at least in spirit. ~ ~  Like in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II, the French don't give a shit if you are a middleaged man fucking two hot teenagers at a time next door. Just keep the noises down, like at: ~ ~ GSR/
TWN ~ ~ FOUR FINGER FISTING NOTES: Those four niggers got shot in the Bay Area for Jeffrey holding up his four square fingers for those two blind gentiles at BEAUMONT'S hardware store for white hardasses like me who don't take no crap from noboby; especially the mainstream Jewish media. ~ ~ MAINSTREAM TALK RADIO: Clyde Lewis is the epitomy of today's Jewish voters. Most of whom see themselves as independent pragmatic thinkers. ~ ~ For example, both Hitler and Mussolini looked at themselves in the mirror as the new modern pragmatic third way reformers of Jewish Marxism. Just like today's strange new Pope from Evitaville sees himself in the mirror as the new and improved version of Mormonism. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Michael Medved meets President Monson, meets President Obama, meets Bruce Troxell, and you finally start to get the picture. ~ ~ BLUE VELVET NOTES: Yours truly beats the brains out of that clean looking simpleton christian square with my email love letters because his kind still have shit for brains, circa 2015.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Last night at 5:09 am, I dreamed that I ran into a good looking 29ish  Natalie Merchant at some HILTON HOTEL; who had arrived there driving in a Jerry Seinfeldish1996/1998ish SAAB. Except that it was a British model with the standard, rather strange looking, right-side steering wheel. ~ ~ Then while I tried to chat her up, some fan interrupted us and asked where she was living these days. Upon which she replied that she had a flat up in the Eiffel Tower. ~ ~ This being the dramatic ending to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ ~ For example, those 12 hard on hearing third way French fucks were murdered by those two radical [witnesses] of the false prophet, who worship the dragon lady who rides the 666 beast in REV.16:13. ~ ~ [I noticed she had a big orangish pet bull frog sitting on her leather back seat who was not wearing his seatbelt; not to mention no baby restrainer safety seat.] ~ ~ Think that Roman policeman got his ear cut off when they arrested Jesus and then pounded hardware store nails into his palms and wrists from BEAUMONT'S and so on. ~ ~ Where we see the two Jacob's ladder pairs of Judah and Ephrain and those two galvanized wash tubs hanging on display there. ~ ~ "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the [devil's] dragon, and out of the mouth of the [666] beast, and out of the mouth of the [Islamic] false prophet." ~ ~ In other words, Clyde Lewis ET al are the zero effect secret combinations behind all three of these last days X FACTORS. ~ ~ Or as it clearly states in the 66-books Bible, if you ridicule the BOOK OF MORMON, you are a behind-the-scenes supporter of the invisible anti-christ who is not even mentioned in REVELATION or DANIEL. ~ ~ Come on man, the so-called 'new world order' has been a reality ever since the UN was founded again by FDR and his Jewish communist cabnet members. ~ ~ Hello!!  Truman Capote himself had a condo there. ~ ~ Relax dudes. You and I both know that the tall white granite RLDS headquarters in SLC, UT is a towering born again Christian replica of the United Nations building in Manhattan. ~ ~ BIG FUCKING DEAL!! ~ ~ What does that make you Israelite apostates who still have your christian cult movie hang ups?  ~ ~ " Big wow!" [Ornella Fresh's prophetic look alike in STAR MAPS meets LAUREL CANYON meets MULHOLLAND DR.]  ~ ~  GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE VELVET MOVIE NOTES: My main BYU school protagonist does the chicken walk right after he mentions that fact that all of my old chicken shit friends are now running for the tall grass. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: I know that you are pretty much bored out of your mind right now. So how about you and I do a press conference up at David Letterman's ranch in [Lewis and Clark] Montana; wherein you finally come out of the closet and declare your fellow admiration for the white race. As opposed to Clyde Lewis' talk radio bullshit about how people with dark skin are no different than people with white skin.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


The Jewish Barbara Boxer is now calling it quits in confirmation of my Oakland, California PREPARATION H-bomb dream that was posted here in the same 24 hours news cycle. ~ ~ Per the half Jew day 1290 abomination located on the 7th floor at Lincoln in the 1986 BLUE VELVET PROPHECY. Wherein yours truly can't even stand to look at her in the face anymore. ~ ~ FUCK ME JESUS. ~ ~ I'm starting to really feel it now. ~ ~ You think that sounds crazy? ~ ~ How about I lose a few pounds, cut my dark brown die-job hair really short, and go on one of those retired physically transfigured well-dressed-man missionary callings again in Rome, circa 2015. ~ ~ Don't laugh, it already looks like Angelina Jolie has beat me to the punch on this one. ~ ~Oh well,  "I can't do everything." says Jake in CHINATOWN meets THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNIPING NOTES: Reportedly, AMERICAN SNIPER will go wide on this upcoming MLK weekend; after first opening on Christmas Day in LA and NYC. In confirmation of the Lincoln assassination actor figure named Booth in BLUE VELVET. ~ ~ FILM FESTIVAL SCREENING NOTES: True or false, they are reporting that my wife Jennifer Aniston will be receiving an award for CAKE in Santa Barbara. In confirmation of the arsonist's cake that she gets from Eric Holder in the Miley Cyrus look alike episode in SEINFELD 8 meets the 8th season of FRIENDS. ~ ~ VARIOUS RANDOM MIDNIGHT MOVIE NOTES: This past week, I got a little too bored with myself and I couldn't sleep; so I watched MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: III. Wherein the shortish Jews behind the making of the shortish Tom Cruise movie kill off my future  hot young, rather tall protege wife, Cara Delevigne; metaphorically speaking. By casting me in the role played by that late great Kenny Keisler look alike actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Who recently died from a too juicy heroin overdose of Dr. Love's feel good medication. ~ ~  Who was also an amazing spiritual dead ringer look alike for my long lost friend Kit Winn. ~ ~ 1986 NOTES: Check out these new images of Cara Delevigne posing with that deaf 666 ear in the tall grass in BLUE VELVET, at: ~ ~ Hey Dave, you cast Cara in your next independent low budget feature film, and I promise you that she will at least suck your cock; if not go all the way. ~ ~ Get real dude. ~ ~ The hottest model in the entire world is now seriously considering movie offers by some of the most respected directors out there right now. ~ ~ Which means that she would probably pay you at least union scale minimum to be in your next film. ~ ~ What? You and the boys can't even cough up a big one or two right now? Even if it would guarantee your big return to the big screen in Hanna Montana's Big Sky Country?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This morning at 5:30 am, I awoke from a bad dream about Islamic terrorists setting off a PREPARATION H bomb in Oakland, California that killed 10,000,000 people. ~ ~ First of all, even the biggest H-bomb in the world would only immediately kill about one to two million people. ~ ~ So the idea of 10 big ones dying is obviously a prophetic ten virgins metaphore, about how today's false gay marriage [birth] certificate craze is going to die in the blink of an eye.  ~ ~ Secondly, the solid oak tree has always been a symbol of the genealogy tree of Jacob. Which is why Arnold Schwarzenegger had his entire 1980s office at OAK PRODUCTIONS in Venice, California furnished with big overstated oak furniture pieces. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHECK THIS OUT NOTES: On ten percent off Tuesday at THE CHECKOUT in Bonnie Lake, Washington, I literally found a used copy of BLUE VELVET at the checkout. ~ ~ Where my 1986 clean cut BYU film school protagonist shows his future Taylor Swift girlfriend where that kid with, "...the biggest [blabber-mouth] tongue in the world." once lived. And then he mentions to her that, "...all my old friends are gone." Hence, the former Italian accented ex-wife of David Lynch represents Ornella Fresh. Since the iconic lumber wood town movie came out at around the last time that I ever saw her. ~ ~ ALL NATURAL NOTES: Naturally, the seemingly incoherently crazy ass Dennis Hopper figure, who is as cold as ice-cold beer, is really me behind the savage Barack Obama mask in the movie. Who is hiding behind his "best dressed man" LDS missionary man candy-colored-clown outfit. ~ ~ Which relates directly to Taylor's line in 2015 that goes, "I don't know if you are a detective or a pervert." ~ ~ Which doesn't matter in the end anywhere. Wherein she still wants to have a real man fuck her and have his baby. As opposed to some cold as ice Jewish lesbian sperm-doner clinic mother. ~ ~ "My teachers [like Laurence and Ornella] are nowhere." [THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL] ~ ~ SEINFELD SIGNS AND WONDERS: That is Kit Winn at SEARS' eye glasses boutique in SEINFELD 8. Who examines George and declares that the short fat Jew is as blind as a bat. ~ ~ Whose sexy REV.17 half-Indian mother once worked at BOEING. Which is now located in the black SEARS tower in Barack Obama's Chicago, Chinatown. ~ ~ Naturally, the only beer that my redhead Levite tribe step fascia would ever drink in the 19960s was PABST'S BLUE RIBBON. No, really, no shit, just ask Kit if you think that I AM is joking. ~ ~ EVIL EYE NOTES: Reportedly, Angelina Jolie arrived at the Vatican right after Clyde Lewis talked about the newly discovered Sodom and Egypt goddess mummy named IRIS.  Who is/was the inspiration behind the 666 antichrist in all of those SEINFELD 8 episodes. Better late than never.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


That yellow school bus full of hot virgin 17ish babes got rammed by a train north of Kempton, North Dakota in sub zero temperatures in confirmation of Jerry Seinfeld becoming Kenny [Kemp's] mentor in SEINFELD 8. Who is in desperate need of some help with his standard Republican Party chocolate milk OVALTEEN vagina icon material. ~ ~ Dr. Kemp being my yellow coward sidekick figure in THE INVISIBLE MAN; which came out when FDR was President during the Nazi third way era. ~ ~ Yada yada, I know, I'm kind of a hot mess right now. ~ ~ So what does that make you? Who is less than I AM. ~ ~ No wonder my GSR/TWN carpet cleaning cult figure rejected George because he was too short and too fat and too stupid to even bother with. ~ ~ GR/TWN ~ ~ INTERIOR DESIGN NOTES: The furniture designer episode in SEINFELD 8 was a prophecy about Mr Furnish marrying Mr. John. Based apon the obviousness that homogaysexuality is driven by a DESPARADO style need to be loved. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong or kind of strange about that. ~ ~ LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL NOTES: The brown eyed left handed Jerry Seinfeld is a descendant of Benjamin, not Judah.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Is it just me, or does the once manly country music scene seem to be getting gayer and gayer with every next top 40 song? About how the only thing that matters anymore is how to keep the beautiful sexy REV.17 woman in your life happy. ~ ~ No wonder Rene Z dumped the gayish you-know-who only weeks after he married her. ~ ~ Because most women want a man for a husband, since they already have more girlfriends in their life than they can handle as it is. ~ ~ Therefore, that PIPER 34 out of homogaysexual Key West, Florida ended up upside down in the woods in Eddyville, Kentucky. For the SEINFELD 8 episode about Eddy; whose only friend left is his giant size DAVID BOWIE knife. Even the same one who never betrayed him. ~ ~ And you' all know who that is, bitches. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ATLAS GLOBE MAP NOTES: Barack Obama's Nashville, Illinois is located in Barack Obama's Washington, DC County. Where the brave little 7 year-old girl's parents owned and operated a furniture store. ~ ~ [Think Jodie Foster meets Kristen Stewart.] ~ ~ In confirmation of Mr. Furnish marrying Elton John in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO meets FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL meets NOTTING HILL meets BRIDGET JONES' DIARY: I&II. ~ ~ Hence, right after the death of her 9 year-old sister named Piper, some Jewess lesbian Federal judge said that queers could get married to other queers down in Key West. Which once upon a time was a little KEY LARGO type fishing fucking town known for the likes of real men like Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart, et al. But that was then and this is now. ~ ~ See the pics on this link; which suggest that just because you are rather short and have a slight build and a tiny little butt, it doesn't mean that you have to go gay or something, at:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

OH NO !!

Lennin's Yoko Ono black widow spider icon put a full page ad in the NYT on the same day [Japanese time] that they held a funeral for that Buddhist cop who was shot in the back by some crazy jive ass Eric Holder type white nigger on the down low from Hawaii. ~ ~ For when the time would come that a former DISNEY CHANNEL star would be fucking THE SON OF TERMINATOR: II; who definitely looks like one of the Martin Van Buren Boys gang members at: ~ ~ Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a respectful admirer of my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy Barack Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Jake mentions that all of those old FDR era widows at the MAR VISTA retirement home now own 50k acres of today's Los Angeles; for today's 50 states of America that represent the holy city in REV.16, circa 2015. ~ ~ MILEY SIRE US NOTES+  : The reason why I AM gets to make any indie film movie package deal that we want to right now, for a minimum of 100 big ones, is because basically the NYT can go to hell and die. And I AM is not metaphorically speaking now. Maybe later, but not now. ~ ~ Last night I tried to watch Mel Brooks' 2005 remake of THE PRODUCERS. But after the opening Bruce Willis look alike song and dance number, and the following scenario where the producer starts banging my beloved sainted crazy mother, a.k.a. Granny Grass, on my own downstairs sofa bed yet, I turned it off. ~ ~ "GOD DAMN FUCKING JEWS!!" [Leslie Winn, circa1968] ~ ~ See what they mean by the zero affect at: ~ ~ Because Zero was the forerunner to Nyle Smith. ~ ~ The best friend who never called me that I ever had. ~ ~ Who later jumped out of a metaphorical computer window in that earlier symbolic low budget Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ Note the above Boxing Day 10:04 time stamp.
 ~ ~ UNDERAGED TEENAGERS FUCK FILM PRODUCER NOTES: After those three A-bombs in REV.11 happen, and Brad Pitt gets to co-star in the inevitable cult film BIG LEWBOWSKI 91' sailboat sensation sequel, directed by his surreal looking wife forgery, Angelina Jolie, I then get to make any movie that I want to, and you don't. ~ ~ I'm kidding of course as usual, or not. ~ ~ Except the fact that your total completion feature film budgets are more like what my guys spend on me in one day just to keep me happy and out of their hair. ~ ~ Think about the fact that I now have at least 8 crazy hot sexy wives. And probably the only way that I AM is going to keep them all happy and in line during this brief mortality is by forking over a ton of after-tax free money to them every single month. ~ ~ Think Kate Holmes meets Mia Farrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Anytime you produce an extremely successful, and therefore highly charged, major network sitcom series for 9 seasons, you are bound to have a few misfires. ~ ~ BFD ~ ~ Otherwise you wouldn't be human. And nowadays you are a nobody if you do not believe in human rights. ~ ~ As defined by the REV.17 woman draped in fine challis who rides the horse bareback in CHINATOWN. ~ ~ Therefore, that is Jennifer Aniston sitting next to me in the opening scene wherein Eric Holder rolls out his lit arsonist candle on a Woody Allen birthday cake in the Miley Cyrus look alike episode. For when the time would come that Smiley Montana would be dating one of the 666 Van Buren president gang members who owns and operates the episode's LORENZO'S fire roasted pizza chain. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS PRIORITY NOTES: A; the right to own private property, B; the right to completely discriminate in the use of such ownership, otherwise the first right is nonsense, C; the right to religious freedom, which includes the full Biblical teachings about how the Israelites are better than the gentiles, D; the right to kill anyone, and their children too, who try to deny you of your rights. ~ ~ In other words, one has a God given right to kill anyone who tries to kill you and your family. At least that is what it says in THE BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Ergo, the absolute inhumanity of such Orwellian insanities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Not to mention the 666 Jews' Medicare/Medicaid government in REV.13 be the one who saves you, and not Jesus. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: According to the New Testament, Jesus is a divider, not a uniter. ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: After I have hot makeup sex with Angelina Jolie in the 1974 June 20th motion picture, we both relax and light up a smoke, as confirmed in this 604 fake at: ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, January 2, 2015


Jake's office number in CHINATOWN 1974 is the same as Angelina Jolie's 604 birth date number for a prophetic reason. ~ ~ Which is starting to feel rather good on the whole by now. Given Brad Pitt is also starting to look more interesting the older he gets. ~ ~ Actually, I could now see him playing J.J. 'Jake' in CHINATOWN: II, the remake sequel/prequel. ~ ~ Call me a duplicitous kiss ass half Jew, whatever, I do think that my instincts are right on this one. They don't call Pitt's Hollywood movie company PLAN B PRODUCTIONS for nothing. ~ ~ For example, Mario Cuomo died at 82 for all those rich old 666 FDR fucks in the obituary column who are keeping their mouths shut in CHINATOWN, 2015. ~ ~ And then Harry Reid gets his face smashed in for that same fucker who tried to stop Jake from revealing the truth about Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number and name. ~ ~ Hence, the film opens with a huge portrait of FDR that represents all of those huge portraits of Mao and Fidel hanging over everyones' heads in places like China and Cuba. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: There is only one God. And he is not that fishy smelling 666 god head on a dirty plate that apostate Christians like Clyde Lewis and Jesse Ventura worship; not to mention Ross Perot. ~ ~ "Time to wake up pretty girl."  [MULHOLLAND DRIVE] ~ ~ And stop complaining about the men in your life acting like real men. ~ ~ And that goes for you too Miranda Kerr. ~ ~ DADDY KNOWS BEST NOTES: I get to fuck two pairs of virgin teenagers in my debut CAPTAIN RON movie because... Yada yada.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


It's just amazing how almost every single little BLAZING SADDLES railroad cattle town throughout the Rocky Mountains west has a fairly decent Chinese restaunt. ~ ~ Yes, the sweet and sour whatever is often times a bit too much on the sweet side. But Jesus Christ already, how many steak and baked potato dinners can one eat in any given week? ~ ~ Yada yada some cowboy town just burned down below that DEWAR'S white label landmark called Whisky Mountain. ~ ~ In confirmation of the Coen brothers' [Blackie the horse] movie about Sheriff Joe's TRUE GRIT. ~ ~ Which everyone and his lap dog knows was the biggest news story of 2014. ~ ~ Of course, most lap dogs don't spend a lot of time reading the Internet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN 2014 NOTES: I watched the original 1974 CHINATOWN prophecy on NEW YEAR'S EVE, that came out in theaters on the very same day that I married Laurence, and then I fucked her seven times later that night. [Must have been that bucket of KFC take out.]  ~ ~ Wherein my fake wife of another man in the Roman Polanski film is confirmed by this no. 848-1/2 fake image of Angelina Jolie chewing on a Ben Afleck size dog bone at: ~ ~ Per the iconic movie's message about the green eyed mystery woman in REV.17 having a noticable black blind spot in her evil eyes. ~ ~ PS BRUCE AND MEL: Gonna have to pass on your offers right now. ~ ~ Yes, the money is right, and I appreciate that kind of respect very much. But there is still something about the scripts that bother me. ~ ~ Probably too much talky, and not enough sucky fucky, like at: ~ ~
 Perhaps you two might want to take another look at that Emma Roberts look alike in WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN meets VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. ~ ~ That's more what I'm going for right now. ~ ~