Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There is no place for third world fascism in the promised land of America. Sadly, most of Christian conservative talk radio has still not gotten the message. Not to mention the born again Republican Party in Washington, DC, and the RLDS church in SLC, Utah. ~ ~ Of course, the Democrat Party is not a real factor here, since they are already as dead as a door nail. [Think Jew York meets Jerusalem.] So why even mention them, and their crazy Barack Obama birth certificate bullshit, like at: . ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Some crazy Bob wanna be in Obama's Colorado is claiming that mainstream mormon Catholic Christianity will be technically destroyed in two weeks, counting down from July 23; just because he thinks that he looks like SKYFALL's sexy 007 secret agent star, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Go figure, once one becomes rich and famous, WHAT ABOUT BOB? style, everybody comes out of the woodwork. ~ ~ EU NOTES: Those European democratic fascist Jew haters, with their high shift German accents, cheer and shout, "Burn!.. Burn!.. Burn!.." when they see the House of Israel suddenly explode in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy. Don't worry, they're next. ~ ~ PS OPRAH: You lie, you steal, you hustle; you get called a fat ugly looking nigger bitch ho; until you stop it. ~ ~ NEVER ENDING STORY NOTES: That is Grandpa 'Bob' Grass in the front row at Dr. Jew's surprise fake birth certificate party at the end of WHAT ABOUT BOB? Who is wearing a baby blue shirt, and holding a glass of wine in his hand, etc. etc.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That Bible camp bus full of teenagers crashed ahead of the curve because their BLUE RHINO Florida parents were teaching them that the last days prophecies in EZE.38 have nothing to do with America; "...right." [Dr Evil] ~ ~ Since McHammer himself is also a Christian youth pastor, and all that bullshit. ~ ~ Remember, the giant penis stump in Florida is about that ugly stump blasting powder that Leo finds in WHAT ABOUT BOB? That we see in a display case next to that stuffed dead 666 beast trophy in REV.13. ~ ~ Ergo, Bob was tied up on top of the two tree trunks of Judah and Ephraim in the movie, with those two pink backpack bombs of the two witnesses hanging around his neck. Which represented those two black body bags lying on the sidewalk when he exits his Jew York apartment. ~ ~ "It's so simple! Yet so brilliant!" [Bob] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SURPRISE NOTES: Again, that big surprise birth certificate birthday party for Leo in WHAT ABOUT BOB? was about the huge upcoming born-again surprise party that Jesus has planned for Israel. ~ ~ STUMP NOTES: The swampy cut-off penis stump landmark in Florida is located right next to that Taylor [Swift] landmark in Baker County. Hence, all of her massively successful songs about cutting off the dicks of her ex-lovers. ~ ~ BLUE RHINO OMENS: Those House of Israel explosions in Lake County, Florida were confirmation of the prophetic green lake house explosion in WHAT ABOUT BOB? Right there is Lisbon, for the Portugese speaking train wreck ahead of the curve in Spain. That happened during the born again Catholic Pope's surprise support of Sodom and Egypt, spoken in Portugese speaking Brazil. ~ ~ CIVIL WAR NOTES: The civil war in Egypt etc. is about the Leesburg, Florida civil war landmark in the new Egypt, USA; located next to where that surprise Republican R.I.N.O. explosion happened. ~ ~ When you pretend to be a red state politician, while acting like a blue state politician, you get that little African born again horn in DANIEL. Whose white Jewish mother once lived on the same African shaped island in Washington Lake where the Jewish neo con Michael Medved is now living.

Monday, July 29, 2013


That crazy Smith Mountain Lake tower reference in WHAT ABOUT BOB? is pretty good. But the actual one in Seattle has a bit more of a genuine boner look, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that 'high shift' stick train collision in Switzerland, per: ~ ~ In other words; Why in the world should Mr Weiner pull out of the race for Jew York when he has at least one billion dollars in free publicity money sitting in the bank? That is about the same amount of tax free cash money that I have in the bank right now, and I'm just getting started. ~ ~ What? You think the guy is crazy? ~ ~ Crazy like a sexy Fox News infobabe maybe, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAZY BOB NOTES: In the 91 prophecy, WHAT ABOUT BOB? Leo's Ornella Fresh look alike sister, Lilly, tells him to keep her posted. ~ ~ The Jewish Leo Marvin has his NYC Jew office on the 44th floor of that mountainously high office building; for when Colorado's Mr.44 would be in office. Thanks to today's arrogant learned Jews, with their prestigious college degrees; like Michael Medved, and Dr Michael Savage, et al, see: ~ ~ Here is the latest news about some natural gas explosion in Mr Medved's home town of 1776 Philadelphia, at: ~ ~ Per Howard Stern's prophetic FART MAN superhero comic book series. "I am society's EXLAX pill." [Howard Stern, 1996.] ~ ~ BOB NOTES: My half Swiss, half Scottish, full Jewish grandfather Grass died of a sudden heart attack in the Smith Tower; like the faker one in the above movie. They found him, dead as a door nail, still holding onto the door knob penis icon to his fancy law offices. Shortly after his last warning about the [1930s] FDR third-way socialists who had recently taken over Olympia, Washington's state Capitol. ~ ~ GOODWILL HUNTING NOTES: For a goodwill gesture, all those crazy Harvard grad Jews who are now in charge of Israel's elite consiglieri have agreed to release 104 Jew hunters. Think most of the political science professors at BYU are Harvard PhD graduates from the Kennedy School of the new 666 beast, of the false prophet, of the dragon, in REV.16.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hang in there Mr Weiner. Some of us out here in the boondocks still believe in everything that you stand for; no matter the constant ridicule from the liberal media, or the Mormon church. ~ ~ May I recommend my own private prophecy motivational movie called WHAT ABOUT BOB? Wherein yours truly walks past the 91 film's protagonist on the NYC sidewalk, sporting a map lines shirt and WORLD WIDE PANTS outfit. While we see Seattle's iconic Smith Tower landmark in the background that represents the movie's actual Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia shooting location. And we also see those two turn-right street signs of Judah and Ephraim juxapositioned to the sign that refers to the Crown Prince of England; prophesied of in 2BC91. ~ ~ Because the crazy dude looks a lot like you too, circa 1992. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSSIAN MUD BATH THERAPY NOTES: Right when I was watching WHAT ABOUT BOB? Saturday morning, a REV.12 style Biblical deluge hit the Smith Mountain Lake region. Turning the nearby hippie music festival called FLOYDFEST into a gigantic mud bath event; Woodstalk, NY style. So their website informed everybody to park and ride on the airport jet plane shuttles from Dr Floyd's medicinal therapy healing complex for Dead Heads at: ~ ~ PS TONY: Seriously dude. You have the rare historic opportunity to make history with your remarkable run for the mayor of Chinatown, NY. Remember, the more crazy and hysterical the media gets, the more publicity you get. It's all yours for the taking, if you want it; and if you are still my kind of guy who likes to have a little fun making fun of the NYT and THE 3 tv show networks. ~ ~ JEWISH SAVIOR NOTES: Crazy Bob saves the iconic arrogant NYC Jew in WHAT ABOUT BOB? by throwing him down on that blood red map lines therapy couch and starts kneeing him hard in the devil's backbone; over and over. Until he finally coughs up that big chunk of REV.17 chicken breast that has been choking him to death. ~ ~ MONDAY MONDAY NOTES: The tall Jewish John Kerry from France has just announced that talks with the devil's false prophet, and the synagog of satan's Jews will begin on Monday. The same day that a storm is expected to hit Hawaii. Where they are still trying to hide the fact that the abomination of desolation in MARK13:14 is not a citizen of the USA. And so far they have been able to get away with it, thanks to Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, and Dr Savage, etc. etc.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


91's WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy ends with that future crazy GSR/TWN blogger who is driving the arrogant intellectual Jews crazy on a green lake. To the point that the only thing that is going to finally cure them is the surprise born-again birth certificate birthday party explosion at the end of the movie; which would also include Dr Michael Savage and Michael Medved et al. ~ ~ This being the same [Holy Ghost white orchid] Michael in the GREASE II sequel about me finally going back to school and hooking up with Sienna Miller in some backyard bomb shelter's secret underground shag pad. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MAGIC ON THE [radio] MIKE NOTES: McHammer wears burnt orange harem pants in his prophetic Sienna Fuck [SF] video. Now being confirmed by the roll-out of her new harem wife belly dancer movie; that starts off in Chicago, and ends up happening around New Mexico's many Casablanca UFO landmarks on your RAND McNALLY road map book of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ The fact that my crazy motherfucker in the above movie ends up becoming Evangeline Lilly's new daddy in the end was just confirmed by that 5.1 earthquake west of Bull Harbour, BC and Cape Caution, BC. [B.C. standing in for Obama's LOST, Hawaii tv show birth certificate.] ~ ~ 666 IDOL NOTES: This crazy liberal Jew lawyer report might help such tough guys on the radio as Michael Savage actually toughen up a little bit more. Most of whom are still too weak to admit that there is a significant difference between the Negro and the Caucasian, at: ~ ~ And therefore the Negro sons of Ham should not hold the same priesthood birth certificate rights of Ephraim. [Think fake LDS temple recommend certificate, etc.] ~ ~ SURPRISE BIRTHDAY NOTES: There was a strong 6.2 earthquake in the Sandwich Islands on Sandy's certified birthday birth certificate day. Based on her directing debut movie entitled MAKING SANDWICHES. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ ICONIC NOTES: The mean spirited liberal Jew who is going out of his mind in WHAT ABOUT BOB? is named Leo; which means lion. For the historic emblem of the tribe of Judah. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Woody Allen's new Bay Area movie is confirmation of McHammer's dancing machine in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND's GONG SHOW prophecy. Wherein my sidekick nigger sings about his magical performances, "...from London to the Bay..." ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: The twin brothers in ADAPTATION, who are very different, represent the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Both of whom are now living down in Florida. And who come to a meeting of the minds while hiding from the liberal 666 beast behind that fallen genealogy tree of Israel. On location down in the filthy flooded swamp waters in the REV.12 prophecy.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Check out those prophetic Utah mormon polygamist harem pants on my 1980s style Mr.Hammer nigger sidekick at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Talk about going back to the School of Prophets in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO [2BC:91] revelation; about yours truly completing his home-study BYU degree, over the past ten years. ~ ~ Ergo, MC Hammer suddenly became as nigger rich as the new 13th RLDS apostle Barack Obama, and then he spent himself into nigger rich bankruptcy; Detroit, Michigan style. ~ ~ In other words, if you believe in the false prophet, and you worship the new beast's 666 idol, and you let the dragon [devil] into your house, you get the little horn of the devil prophesied of in DANIEL 12. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRAIN WRECK NOTES: MC HAMMER's video prophecy ends with a great ROD STEELE 0014 shot. ~ ~ Spain's St James train crash was also about my Green Lake dream about calling Gwyneth Paltrow in July. Who has always had such a special love in her heart for Spain. [Think Ms Picasso's jewelry line for TIFFANY, etc.] ~ ~ DIRTY JEW NOTES: San Diego's mayor is a Jew. What else is new? The Pope is Catholic? ~ ~ PS JESSICA BIEL: I like you. You like me. So why shouldn't you and I be fucking me and my wives behind your boring as hell gay ass husband's back? The sexual fantasy about you being married to him would just make the backdoor sex all that much hotter.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


That Spanish bulls style HUGO train wreck in the curve was confirmation of my recent Miley Cyrus postings about Cara Delevigne's hot pussy pants in STEALING BEAUTY meets ADAPTATION. That was just double confirmed by the news that Obama's nigger at the DOJ is trying to mess with all those 2NEPHI:8 longhorns in I-35 Texas. ~ ~ Therefore, the new Mel Gibson style third-way Pope from Evitaville was in BLAME IT ON RIO at the same time that the train to the Festival of St James came to a sudden end. ~ ~ Because so many of today's Catholic Mormons don't know Jack about the Antichrist verses in JAMES I&II. ~ ~ You fall asleep at the wheel, you get the big wakeup call from Jesus. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK FILM NOTES: You don't get to be in any of my upcoming fuck pictures if you do not love Jesus. Per my royal rod of Judah marred servant figure who sits down on his throne in the 1970s CAR WASH prophecy; and has no problem with being paid in cash. ~ ~ Here is some video of those sexy curves on Miley et al, at: ~ ~ DEATH NOTICES: That reeking dead corpse ghost flower from Obama's native Indonesia started to get a really big boner last Sunday in Wash, DC, at: ~ ~ Just before the abomination of desolation embarked on his latest fascistic carnival barker-agitator tour of today's Sodom and Egypt in REV.11; where also our Lord was crucified in ancient times. Ergo, Thursday's DOW 15555.61 closing confirmation of that huge O bonner icon in DC that is 555' high. Where Mr.61 himself is now in charge of the Casablanca. Thanks to Glenn Beck and Michael Medved et al. ~ ~ NO KIDDING NOTES: I actually do get to make any naked Isaiah type XXX fuck film that I feel like, for thee years, after we see the two witnesses laying on the street in REV.11 meets CARNIVAL OF SOULS. Plus, I get to keep all the cash money; minus the ten percent that goes to Mel Gibson's rogue operation church-temple in the hills above Malibu. Don't worry people, I know a thing or two about camera angles, lighting, stand-ins, and special effects; that can make a fading 40+ star look just like a rising star in her 20s, buck naked to boot. ~ ~ Trust me, you are going to like the way that I make you look, when you come loud and hard in the arms of a Taylor Swift, or a Kristen Stewart. As long as the money is right.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Lindsay Lohan will agree to be in my next picture, because A.) The cash money will be insane, and B.) She will be required to live with me in my trailer full of hot teen babes while on set. That way, I can drag her ass out whenever the DP is ready for the next take. ~ ~ Don't laugh too hard. Not knowing that the deal will be designed so that she gets paid in cash every single day, but only at the end of the day; Italian style. ~ ~ In other words, you don't show up on time, you lose 10k in unmarked bills. ~ ~ And if you start screaming and yelling about that, then my camera crew gets to come in and record you; which later will be edited into various scenes where my butt double is fucking your brains out on my 31' sailboat in my ROMANCING THE [Emma] STONE II look alike sequel. ~ ~ Don't even try to fuck with me, and my sidekick producer Michael Douglas, bitch. Because nobody will complain if Ms Stone has to replace you in the fuck film's 0014 close-ups. I'm way ahead of you, bitch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CO-STAR NOTES: Emma Stone probably reminds me of Justin Theroux's personal trombone player assistant in MULHOLLAND DRIVE because of the scene's limestone color themes. ~ ~ CASH MONEY NOTES: I figure that we can buy the movie rights to ROD STEELE 0014 for about $100k, give or take; or take it or leave it. ~ ~ SCREENPLAY NOTES: I'm like Woody Allen in this way. Never ask to see the screenplay before you get your up front cash fee for signing my contract deal. Believe me, "You're gonna like the way you look." with no clothes on, and just a hat and a pair of super duper R.E.I. hiking boots. [R.E.I. also sells beach sandals of course.] ~ ~ EVIL MASONIC TEMPLE MORMON NOTES: This new Dr.Evil Mini Me image is about Texas style mormon Christians, like Ken Kemp, or Glenn Beck, who believe that the Book of Mormon was written by the false prophet, and or Barack Obama's birth certificate is the genuine article, at:;_ylt=A2KJ2PYqUPBRDksAlozQtDMD%20%20target= ~ ~ See KK's prophetic short film entitled FEDORA; about him shaving his hair off and wearing an FDR era fedora hat in support of a friend who was undergoing cancer radiation A-bomb fallout therapy. ~ ~ Like I say, "I am way ahead of you bitch." ~ ~ INTERVIEW NOTES: Nicolas Cage finally decided to do ADAPTATION because he invited the Jewish Barbara Walters into his home, and then she stabbed him in the back. ~ ~ Kind of like Michael Medved et al ridiculing all the stupid white people out there who believe that there is something very wrong about having an illegal alien be the president of the USA. Not to mention the Mormon church giving the higher priesthood to the Negro sons of Ham.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Mr.Z rescued 4 white people in Seminal County in confirmation of him helping to rescue today's lost tribes white folk by shooting that nigger. Per those Indians who help rescue those endangered white ghost orchids in ADAPTATION at the same time that the Pope is visiting the land where WILD ORCHID was filmed; co-starring two look alike actresses that represented Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW BALL GAME NOTES: See this latest report, now that the new Jew in charge of CNN is starting to have second thoughts, at: ~ ~ STRICTLY BUSINESS NOTES: Some Chinese businessman might want to set up an offshore plant in southeast Asia somewhere that makes .45 ammo for about ten cents a round. Don't worry, I can buy as much of it as you can make, and I pay in Aussie gold rounds or squares; makes no difference to me. Skip the copper jackets, put in less powder, even the cheapest black powder, whatever it takes, to get the price down to what I am willing to pay. And if you prove to be trustworthy and reliable, you will get paid one half of the cost up front for your troubles. As long as we are looking at a reasonably fast turn around on delivery. [Cheap low velocity bullets cause a larger wound cavity at short range, and all that.] ~ ~ THE 3 NOTES: Three Americans were just killed by a suicidal follower of the false prophet in Afghanistan. Who was riding atop the Democrat Party's donkey logo.

Monday, July 22, 2013


The last days followers of the false prophet of Islam in REV.16 are now rioting in John Kerry's beloved Paris, during Woody Allen's latest indie film shoot, because they do not want Barack Obama et al to be required to take off their REV.17 female face masks. ~ ~ Here is what the future Branch Davidian King David one who is mighty and strong in D&C 85 and 2BC 91 will do. He will community-organize his own private right-wing neighboorhood watch death-squads that walk around hunting strange looking women who are trying to hide from him and his family. Putting a .45 bullet in the forehead of anybody who looks like that; no jury, no judge. ~ ~ In those days, the only evidence that will be required before executing the king's orders, will be a gangsta type hoodie veil coving the face of the dark skinned whores of Babylon. ~ ~ Get real people, after two thirds of the Jews in Israel suddenly get murdered, it will be a whole new ball game. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE 3 NOTES: See the number 3 in this image that was papped after my ADAPTATION postings started to roll out, at: ~ ~ DATING GAME NOTES: Here is that cute babe in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND who plays the trom/bone, attending some Woody Allen jazz brass concert in Paris, at: ~ ~ [For the brass jazz band at that grand summer party in STEALING BEAUTY.] ~ ~ HALLOWEEN MASK NOTES: Not only will you be forced to take your mask off in the near future, but you will be required to keep it off, under penalty of death. [Mid-evil justice in Toscana was pretty harsh, as portrayed in the HANNIBAL movies.] ~ ~ ROGER AND ME NOTES: This new Ms Montana snap shows Roger Ebert's high neck atire that tried to cover up the fact that he was a secret member of the communist conspiracy to overthrow America, at: ~ ~ No wonder that there were so many right-wing Nazi marxists in the Chicago area during the peak of his career. ~ ~ BEAUTIFUL NOTES: Now that the third-way unionist world-view of Sally Field and George Clooney and Mel Gibson is finally coming to an end in Detroit, Michigan, it could finally be time to watch her directorial debut entitled BEAUTIFUL. Which takes place in the MISS ILLINOIS world view of her and Barack Obama et al, at: ~ ~ Remember, it was the 666 worker unions who put both Mussolini and Hitler in charge of the first modern 666 beast in REV.13; back in the Jewish oriented FDR 1930s. Who then murdered around 666,666,666 Jews; because in their heart-of-hearts they knew that the Jews were a bunch of red capitalist phonies.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


One of the most mighty lines in MULHOLLAND DRIVE comes when I dismiss Alison Deetz on the phone from my run down room near downtown Provo, Utah. Played by my twin brother screenwriter who is currently living at Jennifer Aniston's place in LA, rent free. ~ ~ However, in the end, the unknown comic screenwriter-moocher puts out a 6-figure screenplay entitled THE 3. Which is then immediately confirmed in the news by such hilarious stories as this one about some multiple personality serial killer in the [huge O] state of Ohio, at: ~ ~ AND: See this three crazy men report too, at: ~ ~ Of course, by "hilarious" I mean kind of funny, in a David Lynch sense of the weird. ~ ~ DEATH TRAP NOTES: A minority mother fell to her death on THE TEXAS GIANT ride at 666 FLAGS theme park in the twin I-35 area. In other words, if you continue to harbor a racist attitude towards the white Nephite Israelites in the Book of Mormon; this time they will round up all of you dark minded people and put you to sleep inside of their dog pound gas chambers. Enough is enough, per: ~ ~ "Don't mess with Texas." ~ ~ Just like when FDR rounded up all the Japs during WWII and put them into Nazi style concentration camps in Mormon Utah. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things. ~ ~ Personally, I AM would just shoot them all down on the spot, Mr Z style, but most of my kin folk don't have the guts. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLANET OF THE APES REMAKE NOTES: The sudden surprise rise of the half human apes in America is a sure sign from g-d that the new Nazi beast has risen once again, per REV.13 etc. Ergo that powerful dividing line REV.16 earthquake off of Cape Campbell in the ten virgins sea between the two halves of New Zealand; which happened at 5:09:31 London Time, represented the 5.9 cutting time of the ten virgins prophecy in MATT 25. ~ ~ MAGNUM PI NOTES: Here is a shot of my British boss look alike in the prophetic MAGNUM PI series. Wherein yours truly drives a red 1980s Ronald Reagan era FERRARI BOXER, and has a high flying good-hearted jive-ass nigger from Hawaii for a sidekick, at:

Saturday, July 20, 2013


That crazy-as-a-bat liberal Jewess media icon died at the same time that I was watching ADAPTATION for the first time ever, in confirmation of the anniversary of the opening of BATMAN in Barack Obama's own private Rocky Mountain High state. ~ ~ Wherein the crazy middle-aged liberal lady who writes for THE NEW YORKER suddenly fell from grace, and no one saw it coming in the screenplay's first draft. ~ ~ GSR/TWN~ ~ FIVE VIRGINS NOTES: Cara Mia showed up in London wearing a sexy pair of same-age fuck machine railroad pants, at: ~ ~ The difference being that Cara has probably never been fucked as many times as Miley has been fucked, if in deed she has been ever fucked at all. Since Cara is just a little bit smarter, and a little less foolish, than the average bear. ~ ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: The reason why you have been stalked and profiled all of your life by the Israelitish white men squares, just like Trayvon was, is because they know in their heart of hearts that you are a negro style half Jew con man who is not even a US citizen. [Think David Lynch shakes hands with Hitler.] ~ ~ FIRST DRAFT NOTES: My twin brother roommate cheater Ken Kemp insisted that I sneak into his McKee screenwriters' seminar in Santa Monica back in the late 80s. ~ ~ However. Even though I knew that it was technically the wrong thing to do, somehow I knew that it was also the right thing to do. So we both walked into the hotel conference room and sat down; and immediately Mr McKee looked right at me, knowing full well that I had not paid him the usual $400 fee to be in his class. But then he smiled at me as if to say, that's OK, you are the exception to the rule. ~ ~ [Back then I had moved into Kenny's Palms LA district swingers era 1970s [limestone paint job] apartment complex, with two hot tub fucking pools, without paying any rent.] ~ ~ ADAPTATION SCREENPLAY NOTES: The 2002 movie poster art for ADAPTATION was a marred servant prophecy about Chicago's Mr Ebert film critic getting half of his face cut off, from the jaw down.

Friday, July 19, 2013


The newly discovered 'comet of the century' is supposed to manifest it's brilliance exactly on Thanksgiving Day this year, according to: ~ ~ Since I saw Miley show up in London, and then I saw her figure juxtapositioned by my future 666 iPAD machine at the very last moon lit shot in HUGO [Huge O]. Because in her new London arrival scenes, she is pictured wearing a train conductor's outfit, while she walks across a railroad tracks pile image, complete with metal rib cage rings that represent her steel 211 robot fucking machine in HUGO, at: ~ ~ For a second witness, see the new pix of Evangeline Lilly kissing my special super duper July 20th [strawberry dick] iPAD icon at: ~ ~ Which depicts the two genealogy trees of Judah and Ephraim, that were used to make a chainsaw tree trunk portrait of Lucy in STEALING BEAUTY, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1960s PEACE CRAP: Only someone who is as crazy and arrogant, and self righteous, as a John Kerry, or a Jimmy Carter, would believe that there will be a new peace accord in REV.17 Israel. [Think Jim Carrey shakes hands with the third-wayer Pope in Rome.] ~ ~ Which is the same thing as Michael Medved et al continuously beating the dead horse idea of a "President Obama" being the legitimately elected leader of America. ~ ~ "The mind boggles." Steven Soderbergh, director of SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE, at:,_Lies,_and_Videotape ~ ~ I saw a secondhand copy of ADAPTATION Friday afternoon at GOODWIIL, so I grabbed it. Because it reminded me that Miley had also recently made a STEALING BEAUTY type movie down in Louisiana; both of which I have never seen before, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: Miley's recent unisex man-love SHAMPOO look has been inspired by Jesus. In order that we could see more clearly that the golden robobabe figure in [Huge O] was about me having hot sex with girls who look like boys, per: ~ ~ Think Craig Ferguson keeps making fun of New Scotland, Canada's new Ellen Page Hollywood movie star; until she finally decides that about the only thing that could possibly help the guy understand what the fuck is going on at this point in time, is a really nice and hard man-love blow job. After the show in the green room, before he goes home to his Jewish cunt of a wife. Just to let him know what he is missing. See:

Thursday, July 18, 2013


There are a lot of smart good people who work "below the line" for that Jewish cunt bitch who is now controlling the NYT. Many of whom are at least half Jewish. So I'm thinking that the Bible prophecy in ZAK about two thirds of the vexatious Jewish women dying in Israel is probably going to be played out on a parallel level in Manhattan. ~ ~ In other words, forget about the niggers who hate white Americans, and start worrying about the born again 666 half Jews who hate Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson on the right shakes hands with Michael Moore on the left; 666 one half dozen, the other. ~ ~ Both of who are devout practicing Roman Catholics who grew up in the eastern regions of America. ~ ~ You fuck with the white latino Texans mentioned in the Christian Book of Mormon, you get the long horns. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.9 NOTES: I tried to post a photo of this new blue balls outfit on my famous 900 phone call fantasy wife over at JJ, under my ongoing no.9 wife thread; in confirmation of Detroit just filing for Chapter 9 etc. etc. But it refused to appear, so here she is here at: ~ ~ WARNING: That ominous hippie chick theme song in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND corresponded with the many warning messages from God that I have received over the years regarding Evangeline Lilly. Wherein God has let me know, more than once, that I need to be especially careful when it comes to my Canadian wives who only live a short drive from me. Ergo, I must be just as carefully discrete, and on the down low, with my God given lovers as my sidekick is who is now living in the new WWII Nazi era CASABLANCA. ~ ~ RACIST NONSENSE NOTES: Who gives a shit if some racist motherfucker kills some other racist motherfucker. The only thing that should matter in a free America is if the motherfucker had a right to do so in self defense. ~ ~ 50/50 NOTES: Last night, I got half way through HUGO, which was enough to understand that Miley had just arrived in London in confirmation of the film's Miley look alike figure. Who obviously is over the moon for yours truly. Sketched out by a mysterious museum piece by the surname word play that clearly means 'Miley'. Think Woody Allen's 20 year-old Moonie faced virgin bride wife meets my own crazy C-looney full moon wife. And I can say that without even having watched the end of the 2010 movie. Wherein Chloe's plump underaged lips are enough to keep me replaying the thing up until something else comes up on Gisele Bundchen's 7.20 birthday anniversary of the first 42 months period.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The invisible man stand up comic on the Chinatown gong show movie, directed by Mr Lake [Perry] Como, was a prophecy about the funny unknown one at GSR/TWN. ~ ~ Ironically, George Clooney has that unique gift from God to play straight ass serious men who look gay, and have a nice smart ass sense of humor at the same time. ~ ~ Which Hollywood has not seen on the big screen since the down low actor Gary Cooper. ~ ~ Probably the only thing that could top this would be some kind of an Orson Welles impersonator who can play, say, both of the physical transfiguration lead roles in DEATH TRAP meets DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. ~ ~ Believe me, if you are a middle-aged man who is regularly fucking two teenage girls at a time, it's not that much of a stretch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BRIT HUMOR NOTES: This could be the best GSR/TWN spoof yet, at: ~ ~ Hopefully the half moose dinosaur report is not true, because that would not be nearly as funny. ~ ~ On the other hand; I AM is pretty sure that this report is a genuine time-line confirmation of Gwyneth Paltrow's look alike role in CARNIVAL OF SOULS, at: ~ ~ On the other hand, if you are a middle-aged man who has a problem with being attracted to boys, try fucking some girls with the same kind of tight little asses instead; and then gradually work your way up to some older lookers who are more around your own age. Because in the upcoming kingdom of g-d, men who lay with boys will be killed off, gong show style. ~ ~ The above GONG SHOW's first kill is a tight-pants skinny guy who is wearing mascara, and has the SHAMPOO hairdo of a woman. Just like so many of the marchers have in those defiant militant parades prophesied of in REV.9. Which you would know nothing about if all you did was listen to Christian conservative talk radio shows, and go to church every Sunday. ~ ~ CHARACTER BACKGROUND NOTES: ~~ AND: ~ ~ DR. NO NOTES: Seattle's Dr. Strangelove is now claiming that certain secret agent forces are trying to kill Obamacare from the inside. No shit Dr. Watson.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm not joking. I'm not just trying to be cute or something. But the day before the above nigga bitch's sworn Bible bullshit testimony [For Jesus] helped me catch that nigger by the toe, I actually really did start to fantasize about watching Gisele Bundchen's debut indie art film about my fat ass nigger bitch sidekick; entitled TAXI, made way back in 2004. ~ ~ Which I seem to remember was about all those STEALING BEAUTY meets THE BLING RING super models who voted for today's nigger-rich abomination of desolation. ~ ~ You got to wonder where Jean got all of that serious gold bling in the first place, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ J. CARNEY NOTES: Carnival workers are traditionally called "carneys" in confirmation of the prophetic carnival of souls theme song in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND; made six years before anyone even ever heard about Barack Obama, and his freak show carnival barkers, like at: ~ ~ CAT NOTES: This report is confirmation of all those dead "cats" mentioned in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at: ~ ~ NIGGER NOTES: Here is yet another confirmation of my dancing machine sidekick assassin in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND who had Donald Young et al murdered, at: ~ ~ CRAZY OBAMA GONG SHOW NOTES: Basically, CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND is a Divinely inspired movie about a charming half Jew game show host in the future. Who no one would ever have imagined could ever be a political assassin style murderer. ~ ~ Ergo, Obama's well known political entertainment lover, Julia Roberts, says, "Kill for me baby." While wearing that old gray lady NYT wig. ~ ~ Then JR et al tries to poison yours truly in the end with a green cup of STARBUCKS' finest; after she had discovered that my sidekick mole is actually killing for me, not her. ~ ~ TELLING NOTES: Jeantel looked like Gabby at Jimmy Kimmel's gentile wedding show on the same Saturday, at:

Monday, July 15, 2013


You probably have to get the prophetic 2002 DVD if you want to see that secret deleted scene in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. Wherein yours truly shows up at Chloe Moretz' place with an underaged bottle of red wine, long before her time, ready to fuck her and her three sweet-16 teenage roomies too; no problem. ~ ~ HOLY FUCK!! ~ ~ That kind of iconoclastic 1970s filmmaking is enough to make me wave my usual up front $5,000,000 fee; and just go for the back-end ten [virgins] percent deal. ~ ~ In fact, when I was buying my used 2.99 copy of the above gong show prophecy at GOODWILL, I happened to glance out of their storefront windows and see a hearse drive by. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JUST MARRIED NOTES: In the above DVD's secret deleted scenes, nobody gets married to nobody until the game show audience is attacked by the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE anti-hero. ~ ~ Ms Watson just showed up at some high society wedding in the Vienna, Austria high shift region of the ten lost tribes of Israel; in confirmation of the very same thing that was suggested in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND by George Clooney. ~ ~ DELETED INFO: Here is the latest thing about my secret sidekick assassin who had Donald Young killed on the down low, at: ~ ~ G6 NOTES: Ms Montana decided to fly from LA to NYC on my own private Page, Arizona G6 jet just for the shits and giggles. Heck, why not spend 50k and get back a billion in free publicity? Talk about making it up on the back side, times two.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


You gotta love-hate all those racist niggers out there who hate white liberal Jews. Because half of the time, half of the half ass Jews out there are acting like half niggers. ~ ~ Which is the cinematic inspiration behind Penny's dream in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at about 15:30 on the DVD, where she came face to face with the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12, and MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Note the lost tribes of Switzerland's 'high shift' language confirmation in the art film's bathtub baptism cleansing scene; since Mr Lake Como, Italy knows Jack shit about that stuff. ~ ~ HOLY FUCK!! I just got an idea for a STEALING BEAUTY re-make rip-off filmed around George's Branch Davidian compound, located on that dark greenish waters lake up there. ~ ~ The black Irish Mr C/looney is nothing, if he is not a dating game fool for love. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE DATING GAME NOTES: I see Liz Tyler returning to Lake Como, Italy in her STEALING BEAUTY role, 18 years later. Where she hooks up with the 52 year-old Mr Clooney, who had lied to her in Seattle some months earlier about being only 47 years-old. [Think Ken Keisler.] ~ ~ However, this time she shows up unannounced, catching him off guard. Discovering that he is actually not the sophisticated high-end art broker, based in NYC and London; but instead he is a mysteriously filthy rich old-666-technology money heir who always likes to keep a few stray hippie-chick summer season college coed hitch-hiker tourists at his lake-side boat-house guest house. [Think 1290 Days Island, Tacoma; because back in 1984 he bought a lousy five percent share in MICROSOFT.] ~ ~ SODOM & EGYPT NOTES: The half Spanish Mr Z finally got the justice that he deserved during the running of the bulls in Spain; you mess with those two bulls in a net in 2NEPHI 8, you get the horns, at: ~ ~ AND ~ ~ [J.E. stands for "Jew' of course.] ~ ~ All those homos full of pride can march all they want. The uppity and ignorant niggers can riot all they want. But the gay ass GLEE tv show crowd, who always vote for illegal alien half Jew negros to be in the occupied Casablanca, are going to go down, kicking and screaming. Better get out of the way Mr Bush Jr. Most white people know a phony when they see one; unlike you and your polite society Christian crowd. Who regularly listen to the low information Glenn Beck radio show. ~ ~ MYSTIC PIZZA NOTES: Last night I dreamed, over and over, that Gisele Bundchen could not wait until her rather boring sports jock husband died. In order that she could hook up with me and Dakota Fanning et al at that thin pizza pizzeria in STEALING BEAUTY, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS: Like in my own private West Hollywood pizzeria SHAMPOO salon prophecy, I don't really need to be fucking more than one young beautiful woman at a time in order to be happy; but it definitely would help to better the situation.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Could be, Julia Roberts should be fucking Mel Gibson in the long term. After all, they both live in Malibu, at least half of the time. Plus they both share the same mainline christian attitudes and values about growing old, for now, not later. ~ ~ Since it turns out that JR is the one who tried to kill yours truly back around the same time that C/looney cast her in his debut 007 wanna-be spy movie. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly gets rewarded for my long suffering efforts to assassinate all the 666 bad guys who hate America by having Emma Watson in my bed, whenever I want her. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CATHOLIC CONFESSION NOTES: The above prophetic 2002 movie opens up with the suggestion that the future Chloe Moretz virgin look alike actress would be sucking on my strawberry flavored lolly pop cock in the 1950-60s LOLITA prophecy; just to get me started in 2014. Where we see my Gisele Bundchen birthday present iPAD frames absolutely everywhere in the background shots. ~ ~ In the above crazy Chinatown GONG SHOW prophecy, all of the bad personal behavior actors like Julia Roberts will get "killed off" by the show's 'dancing machine' Negro sidekick. ~ ~ Who made his first killing for cash down in Mel's Catholic Mexico in a black JFK LINCOLN lawyer limo from Chicago, Illinois, meets Dallas, Texas and all that crazy Tonto, Canada CRASH movie art film stuff. ~ ~ Therefore, all those new Miley Cyrus pix of her in a cash winnings mini shirt number was Divine confirmation of the film's tacky Jewish run network game shows in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ Ergo, the surname C/looney stands for the idea that the 1950s tv networks were ever run by a cabal of conservative Republican Ephraimites. Whereas on the contrary, most of them were created by a small insider clique of kiss-ass Marxist Jews. Who are even to this day, still too politically perverted to tell the truth about such homosexual socialist socialites as Barack Obama et al. And that goes for the naive christian simpletons at conservative talk radio too; many of whom are half Jewish. ~ ~ Just like me, Bertolucci thought that he was such hot shit that he moved to LA to make his next masterpiece. But after five years nothing happened, so he left town with his tail behind his legs. ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: That jury of fed-up women down in Florida just shot down Barack Obama's phony boloney, plastic banana, good time rock and roll, media death certificate [birth certificate] nonsense. You mug me, I mug you. ~ ~ Jimmey Kimmel just got married to that different looking blond babe, LEAVING LAS VEGAS style; in confirmation of me hooking up with Cara Delevigne in my first ever feature length honeymoon movie; directed by some iconic Italian filmmaker guy who has a star on Hollywood Blvd. ~ ~ My above anti-hero swinger became a 007 wanna-be spy, with a license to kill, and fuck any hot babe in his sights, around 1964. Back when the tv and film I SPY craze was exploding all over the place. ~ ~ COED STUDY NOTES: After watching STEALING BEAUTY a couple times, I began to get a sense about the inspiration behind Emma Watson's new THE BLING RING movie.

Friday, July 12, 2013


God forced me to ride up to FREDDY'S with Granny Grass Friday afternoon; in order that I would find George C/looney's CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN prophecy at the GOODWILL HUNTING secondhand shop there. ~ ~ Oh well, whatever, sometimes it feels like I AM is just along for the ride. ~ ~ I'll try to watch it tonight, and then get back to you about how the Jews are a bunch of back-stabbing motherfuckers, and how sometimes that's a good thing. ~ ~ Naturally, that commuter train to Siena, Italia just derailed in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets HUGO for a Divine artistic confirmation that Bernardo Bertolucci really should be the one to shoot my debut virgin teenager-sex drive-in movie, co-starring Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. ~ ~ Since we see that bump on the left side of the back of my israelite genealogy tree face sculpture at 1:40:14 minutes into my DVD. Wherein Lucy suddenly realizes who her daddy is. ~ ~ Then in the end-times credits of the Providentially financed indie art film, we see the house where I lived in Siena; at exactly 1:54:26, directly under the 'PINTO' surnamed of the assistant SHAMPOO hairdresser on the movie, shot in 1995. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Apparently a roach bomb caused THE NATURAL gas explosion in Chinatown, NYC; where all those Jews at the NYT are keeping their mouth shut about Barack Obama, my half Jew sidekick.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


My Gwyneth Paltrow dream narrative that was set along the grassy banks of Green Lake in Seattle took place in some future summer paradise in the month of July. Therefore the CARNIVAL OF SOULS actress wished to make her most intimate desires known onto me at this time of the year, at: ~ ~ Think STEALING BEAUTY meets STEALING BEAUTY. ~ ~ Telephone call from Jesus anyone? ~ ~ Whatever, it's enough to make one wonder if Bernardo Bertolucci should be the one to direct my debut [SHAMPOO II] fuck film, financed for a rock bottom bargain price by Mel Gibson et al. ~ ~ Which I would only agree to if I get 10% off the top. Think $5,000,000 tax free, even after tithing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN PERCENT NOTES: Mel Gibson's California mission style stucco church above the 7 hills of Malibu will get ten percent of everything, even before off-shore taxes. ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: This report is about today's Christian and Jewish conservatives who are riding backwards in the saddle. Who love to walk the walk, but don't love to talk the talk, at: ~ ~ I'm this/close to watching Mel Gibson's RANSON movie prophecy, except that it looks sooo depressing; from a personal point of view. ~ ~ GREEN RIVER NOTES: The Green River killer was the inspiration behind Bertolucci's green water swimming pool scenes in STEALING BEAUTY. [Note the stone construction.] Where Lucy finds that piece of Emerald City, Green Lake gems jewelry reference to ROMANCING THE STONE. Great minds think alike and all that. ~ ~ PS KENNY: Your best friend lives in the Emerald City in confirmation of your filthy hands-on prophetic look alike jerk womanizer in STEALING BEAUTY. ~ ~ Think Geraldo Rivera meets Bill Clinton. ~ ~ FAT ASS BITCH NOTES: That silver and bronze plate hanging above that ugly bitch who is presiding over the nigger shooter case represents the trophy platter that is given every year to the women's champion at Wimbledon. Since this year's female champion was kind of a half Irish Italian type Rosie O'Donald figure with fat arms. GP's above SAILOR DOG link indicates quite clearly that she is getting tired of being married to a bisexual. ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Bertolucci might want to consider buying, or renting, that very same yacht in the above Gwyneth Paltrow story, just for shits and giggles. Like they say, publicity is everything. ~ ~ PICTURE THIS NOTES: It's 2013, and there is a new MAD MAX movie coming out, filmed in South Africa. Plus, Bernardo Bertolucci is making some new remake movie co-starring yours truly as Orson Wells, the famous 1970s paperback romance novelist. Who is legally fucking Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at the same time on a sailboat off the coast of Vanuatu. Where the locals see him as some kind of a Divine sexual sire from England. ~ ~ I see Cara Delevigne and Dakota Fanning playing two stranded hippie chicks that we rescue on a South Seas beach somewhere. Who had been kidnapped as white sex slaves by some Asian billionaire who runs an underground empire of designer knock-off merchandise, that includes fake passports and birth certificates.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Michael Medved said that the nigger who Mr Putin shot was just minding his own business, in his Wednesday afternoon opening monologue. Which is the exact same crazy motherfucker thing as Glenn Beck would say about Barack Obama being a natural born US citizen, like at: ~ ~ You lie like an ugly Jew queer nigger, you die like an ugly Jew queer nigger, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ For example, just after Andy Murray won Wimbledon, a water main erupted in the high elevation location of Murray, Utah that represented that water gusher on Highland after the ROLLING STONE asshole hit it with his super duper new Germany MERCEDES BENZ fascist born again birth certificate icon, at: ~ ~ You Jew me, I Jew you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHE'S HAVING A BABY NOTES: This report is about Car-rey Mulligan's look alike baby buying me my own private restored AUSTIN MARTIN, at: ~ ~ This new Lopez cover is about waiting to know who is your Holy Grail bone daddy, at: ~ ~ Note the emerald cocktail ring NYC apprentice jewelry piece reference to STEALING BEAUTY. Per that older jerk with the GSR/TWN hairline who starts to hit on Lucy, and never gives up, beginning in 1996. ~ ~ MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE JERK WHO LOVES TO FUCK SKINNY GIRLS NOTES: Virtually every actor who is role playing yours truly in the 1996 missionary man prophecy, called STEALING BEAUTY, is wearing evergreen. Per: ~ ~ Hence the film's Olympia, Washington song performed by HOLE. ~ ~ "MONDAY MONDAY... CAN'T TRUST THAT DAY" NOTES: Never trust Monday, says the iconic 1960s hippie chick song. Because on Monday at 11:15 pm, Jesus asked me, "What are you doing Saturday?.." ~ ~ MISSIONARY NOTES: When I was living in Siena, Italia, I got a four weeks old letter from Kit Winn that informed me that my replacement step-father in STEALING BEAUTY had died. ~ ~ JB NOTES: My boy JB was pissing into a prophetic mop bucket when they caught him telling that half Jew liar Bill Clinton to fuck off, per:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


That fiery collision with a Messianic palm tree on Highland was about the same ROLLING STONE party teenagers colliding with that Hollywood limo in David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE prophecy. When that tall ugly Jew from the highlands of Scotland would win the Holy Grail cup of the ugly whore in REV.17 at Wim/bled/on, England. That was confirmed by that ugly old Orthodox Jew who was spraying his small hose on the ugly news reporter's new very pretty 666 German MERCEDES BENZ. ~ ~ Think KING RALPH meets ROD STEEL 0014. Wherein the gay-ass royal family of England is suddenly replaced by me and all of my hot under-aged three-way action wives from southern Utah; based just across the border from Page, Arizona. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UGLY NOTES: No amount of cheap red drugstore lipstick can make 'The Old Gray Lady' at the NYT look good, when we can see her real face in the mirror at: ~ ~ When I purchased a copy of THE NATURAL last week at TARGET, some ugly lady in front of me was buying a large packaged item called "THE UGLY STICK". In confirmation of Bob Redford's WONDER BOY baseball bat sporting a future Harry Potter lightening bolt logo. ~ ~ ANTI UGLY ANTIDOTE SKIN CREAM LOTION NOTES: I recently found a 10k white gold wedding band that fit my middle finger perfectly; lying on the ground at 19/101 on Church Lake Road. That has now been finally confirmed at: ~ ~ Which represents Lucy's future family history scrapbook pix on the Internet in the STEALING BEAUTY prophecy.

Monday, July 8, 2013


In my world, the older 29ish Tommy Bahamma guys also get to enjoy fucking a couple pair of teenage girls. Just as long as they also take care of business with their older, still good looking wives. ~ ~ So don't worry for now about your local 666 government making all this stuff illegal; because now come the great STEALING BEAUTY tree trunk whippings in REV.15. Wherein the "7 angels having the 7 last plagues..." are going to shut them down and shut them up forever and ever. ~ ~ In the 1996 Bertolucci art film prophecy, we hear the opening act's song about the 2BC91 King of England who once was a mormon missionary in Siena. Playing over those scrapbook images of the happy blond mother sitting atop my royal sofa throne, etc. etc. ~ ~ Ultimately, STEALING BEAUTY is about sexual virtue. And about waiting for God to let you know when it is ok to make love with the only daddy who belongs to you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.15:6 NOTES: "And the seven [teen] angles came out of the temple, having the seven [STD] plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles." BEAUTY NOTES: That really depressing little book in STEALING BEAUTY is the same small thin book in REV.10 that represents "The Book of Revelations"; more accurately named THE REVELATION OF ST JOHN [DEPP] THE DIVINE. ~ ~ At about 48:... minutes into the Siena, Italia DVD, Lucy writes a personal diary note to yours truly, that discloses her most intimate feelings about me. ~ ~ The Divinely inspired 20 years period in STEALING BEAUTY stands for the time span from 1993 to 2013. ~ ~ Note the sports stadium spectators sculpture right when Mr Saab arrives. How depressing, yet so enlightening. For a sweet and sour REV.10 thing. ~ ~ "I think the time has come." says her secret art film daddy. ~ ~ That mysterious unidentified older man who was video taping her tight-jeans pussy on the airplane, and then on the train to Siena, was me of course. For all those future look alike porno clip pix on the Internet, circa 2013. ~ ~ CUTTING TIME NOTES: Those two chainsaw tree trunk sculptures about the Messianic fly fisherman in Bonney Lake, Washington are about when he would be revealing the true meaning of the STEALING BEAUTY movie, that was released in 1996. ~ ~ Think David Lynch also has a shop out in back of his Branch Davidian compound up in the hills. Where he loves to make all of his artistic wood furniture sculptures. ~ ~ THE CLAPPER NOTES: Looks like daddy gets the clap in this new Mr McCool video, at: ~ ~ Last night at 6:12 am, somebody rang my doorbell, loud and clear.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


That 777 jet from Chinatown crashed and burned on the same day of Wimbledon's women's championship game in England, because the surname Murray is a common Irish reference to the prophecy in MATCH POINT. Wherein the Irish tennis teacher kills those two women of the 7 hills beast in REV.17 with a grouse hunter's 12 gage 12 tribes shotgun. According to reports, that Chicago, BOEING Corp 777 from China was coming in on the down low, and all that. ~ ~ Hence the historical 77 years MATCH POINT confirmation on 7.7 etc. etc. ~ ~ You want to live under lawless democratic fascism? Then move to South Africa, or Egypt, or something, but stay out of the UK and the USA. You have no future there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINESE RED DRAGON NOTES: The honest FBI agent in RED DRAGON tells the blind woman who loves the new Obama beast that her blond hair is "...a train wreck." That was then confirmed by that train wreck in Canada. ~ ~ The REV.17 killer in RED DRAGON was a result of the defective seed landmark below that giant uncircumcised penis image known as Florida. Where we can see the bad seed squirting out of that giant cock that represents the marred servant eating the evil William Blake art of the devil at the Brooklyn museum. Which was a white paper depiction of the white flour diet of the lost tribes of Israel. Wherein two foolish blind women were killed by him. ~ ~ Here is a look at that vicious wild sleeping tiger that the blind foolish virgin figure likes to pet in the 2002 RED DRAGON prophecy, at: ~ ~ MORE FISHY NOTES: This DM link from London shows us that Andy's crazy RED DRAGON mother looks just like the female co-star of A FISH CALLED WANDA. Plus, his girlfriend is named after the tall black SEARS TOWER in Chicago where the relocated 777 BOEING CORP is now located, at: ~ ~ Note the super duper JC wrist watch in the above link; that also includes some nice shots of that huge gold cup of the whore in REV.17. ~ ~ The actor who plays 'Relf' in RED DRAGON gets no mention in the end credits of RED DRAGON. For a brilliant INVISIBLE MAN movie credit confirmation.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


The pale-face half Jews in Hollywood are reporting that one of the most expensive independent art films in history will do about $47,000,000 on the day 1260 anniversary weekend of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. Oh my gentle Jesus. ~ ~ Therefore, I found the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE follow-up to that 1996 chainsaw art film called STEALING BEAUTY on the same Indie Day weekend. Plus that invisible man movie about Liz Hurley asking England's most famous flaming homo to be her son's Catholic priest style Godfather, entitled SCOUT'S HONOR, BADGE TO THE BONE, at:'s_Honor_movie_posters_(2009)/MOV_cfe41ef0_Scout's_Honor_movie_poster_(2009)_Picture.html ~ ~ Ergo, that 777 jet from Chinatown, Korea crash landed in the same Gay Area where they filmed the 1980s 007 prophecy called A VIEW TO A KILL, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOPING AGAINST HOPE NOTES: I don't mind saying that SCOUT'S HONOR looks so bad that it actually might be good. It would not be the first time. Remember, the BSA's religious high priest council voted for homosexuallizing the Boy Scouts in Dallas, Texas. Which is a traditional Republican Party christian conservative stronghold. ~ ~ TENNIS BALLER NOTES: Remember, John McEnroe looks sooo Jewish, that Larry David decided to cast him in his inspired CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM series on HBO.

Friday, July 5, 2013


The Crown Prince of New London, USA, named Charles Gordon Windsor, in the messianic 1988 MYSTIC PIZZA prophecy gets into a big fight with his George Bush Jr neo con father. Which was immediately confirmed on the same day I watched it in years; by Bush's new support for the illegal alien mobs who have been invading and destroying London, England for the past two decades of the two witnesses era of Judah and Ephraim. [Exactly as prophesied in EZE.38, etc.] ~ ~ In the last days, the luke warm naive virgins in Dallas, Texas, like Mr Bush and Mr Beck, will be spit out of God's mouth if they do not wake up and repent. ~ ~ Both the White House, and that strange tall white UN annex building in SLC, Utah, and also that prophetic No.10 [virgins] door in London, are the exclusive residences of the white Israelites mentioned in the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ Which is one of the reasons why so many of the MYSTIC PIZZA scenes were actually filmed in Watch Hill, Rhode Island; where Taylor Swift just purchased that big white house on a hill. That Ronald Reagan always said was God's shining light house on a hill for all the world to see. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RED DRAGON NOTES: The 2002 prequel to the two HANNIBAL, Missouri, USA, Mississippi River town movies is a Boston based MARATHON MAN prophecy because of it's violent ending based on Marathon, Florida; down in the Keys. ~ ~ MEDVED NOTES: On Friday, Medved's pirate radio show was about that crazy Branch Davidian who believed that he was the Crown Prince of England; who had tried to assassinate America's crazy Stonewall [Jesse] Jackson forerunner with the two malfunctioning .50 cal black powder pistols of Judah and Ephraim. But the g-d of Abraham miraculously stopped him; because the lost tribes of Israel were not yet ready to repent of their apostate Christian traditions and false doctrines. For example; the ridiculously absurd 1964 Civil Rights Act, the equally as crazy Americans with Disabilities Act, and the silly non Biblical idea that polygamy is the same thing as homosexuality.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


For Independence Day, I decided to interrupt my debut screening of RED DRAGON's prophecy about the Boston marathon, in order to watch Bertolucci's art film about hot sex with 15 year-old virgins. Can you blame me? ~ ~ Since the prophetic 1996 indie film called STEALING BEAUTY is obviously about my FFing missionary period in Sienna Miller's Siena, Italia landmark. Back when he was making my LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets INTERVIEW, 2007, about hot young babes secretly fucking their middle-aged daddies. ~ ~ Because we know what STEALING BEAUTY is all about when we see that handsome German Italian Ken Kemp look alike jerk fucking a hot 19ish Dakota Fanning [Gabriella] figure in the 1996 GSR/TWN time-line picture; without even offering her some kind of a made up eternal-religion reason for it, per: ~ ~ Therefore, never fuck a good looking stranger, male or female, who can not tell you why. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEX ON THE BEACH NOTES: I was chowing down on my usual chicken noodles at PANDA early Wednesday evening, when Michael Douglas himself pulled up to the curb outside my window seat in an England red SILVERADO F150; bearing a lisence plate frame that said, "ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION". Now I see the new Ms Montana pix of her relaxing on the beach in the aging movie star's same TOMMY BAHAMA style sail boat paradise setting in CAPTAIN RON meets ROMANCING THE STONE, like at: ~ ~ They don't call the British off-shore neo tax-free haven for older rich guys who love to fuck girls 'Hope Town' for nothing. Not to be confused with Cape Town, South Africa. Where basically the same thing also goes on all the time; but it's not as legal.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Democracy is the mob-rule doctrine of the devil in D&C 86. Just like natural law is the Divine law of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Therefore, two thirds of Israel will now be destroyed, both in Israel and in Utah. ~ ~ You lie, you die; it's as plain and simple as that. ~ ~ Of course, by 'white militia' I AM is not talking about all those dumb fuck populist crackers running around with surplus Chinese assault rifles. What I am talking about are all the white guys inside of the USA's legitimate armed forces finally standing up to all the lesbians, queers, niggers, and Jews in their ranks, and saying enough is enough. Because the 5-sided star-sign of the pentagon has always been a traditional icon of Satan's 666 worshippers throughout history. That represents the five deceived virgins in the last day's ten virgins prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN GANGSTER NOTES: In the prophetic pre-Obama movie that came out in 2007, the mob boss on the down low in Harlem recruits his five brothers from Greensboro, NC. Who represent the five foolish virgins in the ten virgins prophecy in MATT 25. ~ ~ In the above movie, Frank [The Dr. Frankenstein Obamacare monster, who tries to revive the once dead 1930s German era 666 man, complete with a new born again Christian birth certificate.] survives an assassination attempt with a bullet in his Biblical right arm of flesh. Shortly after the self righteous white cop figure in the story is offered a free chalet retreat hideout up in Barack Obama's Aspen, Colorado country. If he would just keep his mouth shut about Ellen Page et al.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Kevin Bacon's hot wife was wearing those same hot red denims that Kitty had on in the end of her Hanna Montana prophecy, called MONTANA, when she cut her left index finger. ~ ~ That is the root of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1 taking a nap on those exposed Israelite genealogy tree roots in the opening sequence of DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. Don't forget, yours truly is the great, great, great... superstar grandson of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ Ergo, THE THREE STOOGES videos produced by David Whiteman's gay son represent the three leaders of today's new and improved RLDS church in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. ~ ~ When that black and white mulatto dog sets off the invader alarm in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, we see Obama's niggers down in the situation room basement of the Whiteman House trying to contain the emergency situation. ~ ~ In DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, my native American sidekick hanging out down on the Venice Beach boardwalk is nicknamed Tonto. ~ ~ Here is the latest confirmation of the daughters of Israel robbing the sons of Israel, via their support of the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation, at: ~ ~ The mention of that righthand pitcher for the Jews in Brooklyn in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS, while David makes a salmon lox bagel with onion rings, and low cal root beer, was a King Relf thing. ~ ~ "He that ascended up on high, [in Beverly Hills] as also he descended below all things, [in Beverly Hills] in that he might be in all and through all things, the [guru] light of truth." [D&C 88:6] ~ ~ Cara wore a Lake Powell, Utah PLANET OF THE APES mask at Glastonbury, at: ~ ~ Gisele appeared in a short number that represented my new short black and white bathrobe in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLEY HILLS, at: ~ ~ The smoking hot Carmen plays today's smoking hot Michelle Rodriguez in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. ~ ~ Kristen Stewart's new 'IIII' tat means that she is one of my original four wives of Jesse who represent today's four latter-day decades; meaning the latter-day teens, in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and beyond. See: ~ ~ Here is a little something about Johnny Depp's new wolf man movie news, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, July 1, 2013


Nobody in my extended family will get to fuck Nick without going through me first. In the Kingdom of God, there are no lesbians. Per this 1986 DR HAVOCK'S 450SL re-write homage video preview at: ~ ~ This being the above desecrated black calf-leather and stainless-steel alter of sacrifice in the redhead operated Levite temple of g-d, circa 2013, at: ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, nobody gets to fake it. ~ ~ Therefore, it is now time to get real about Nicole Kidman being born in Hawaii, and raised up somewhere else. And Barack Obama being born in Africa, and then being raised up somewhere else. ~ ~ What's the big deal anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Saturday, I saw Seattle's A&M SMOKE SHOP on Brooklyn in a flash vision. The next day, 19 fire fighters were killed in a SMOKEY THE BEAR flash fire; due south of Senator John McLovin's winter retreat in Prescott. Then I saw SCREAM's Ms Prescott in that lost LOST JUNCTION feature film movie for the first time ever on Canada Day. Wherein the car mechanic retard named Shorty kills the asshole R.I.N.O. with a white flour pancake skillet; the same one featured in Keira Knightley's sexy look alike EATING RAOUL prophecy, made in the Ronald McDonald 1980s. Note the hot mamma's Australian landmark name at: ~ ~ LOST HIGHWAY HOMAGE NOTES: In 2003's LOST JUNCTION, Arizona prophecy, Missy cuts her finger in the kitchen with a May 9 cutting time knife, like at: ~ ~ More and more, it's looking like the Snowden situation in Moscow is a Neve [snow] thing. Ergo, today's great Civil Rights Act snow job on conservative talk radio about there being no difference between caucasians and negros.