Saturday, July 13, 2013


Could be, Julia Roberts should be fucking Mel Gibson in the long term. After all, they both live in Malibu, at least half of the time. Plus they both share the same mainline christian attitudes and values about growing old, for now, not later. ~ ~ Since it turns out that JR is the one who tried to kill yours truly back around the same time that C/looney cast her in his debut 007 wanna-be spy movie. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly gets rewarded for my long suffering efforts to assassinate all the 666 bad guys who hate America by having Emma Watson in my bed, whenever I want her. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CATHOLIC CONFESSION NOTES: The above prophetic 2002 movie opens up with the suggestion that the future Chloe Moretz virgin look alike actress would be sucking on my strawberry flavored lolly pop cock in the 1950-60s LOLITA prophecy; just to get me started in 2014. Where we see my Gisele Bundchen birthday present iPAD frames absolutely everywhere in the background shots. ~ ~ In the above crazy Chinatown GONG SHOW prophecy, all of the bad personal behavior actors like Julia Roberts will get "killed off" by the show's 'dancing machine' Negro sidekick. ~ ~ Who made his first killing for cash down in Mel's Catholic Mexico in a black JFK LINCOLN lawyer limo from Chicago, Illinois, meets Dallas, Texas and all that crazy Tonto, Canada CRASH movie art film stuff. ~ ~ Therefore, all those new Miley Cyrus pix of her in a cash winnings mini shirt number was Divine confirmation of the film's tacky Jewish run network game shows in Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ Ergo, the surname C/looney stands for the idea that the 1950s tv networks were ever run by a cabal of conservative Republican Ephraimites. Whereas on the contrary, most of them were created by a small insider clique of kiss-ass Marxist Jews. Who are even to this day, still too politically perverted to tell the truth about such homosexual socialist socialites as Barack Obama et al. And that goes for the naive christian simpletons at conservative talk radio too; many of whom are half Jewish. ~ ~ Just like me, Bertolucci thought that he was such hot shit that he moved to LA to make his next masterpiece. But after five years nothing happened, so he left town with his tail behind his legs. ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: That jury of fed-up women down in Florida just shot down Barack Obama's phony boloney, plastic banana, good time rock and roll, media death certificate [birth certificate] nonsense. You mug me, I mug you. ~ ~ Jimmey Kimmel just got married to that different looking blond babe, LEAVING LAS VEGAS style; in confirmation of me hooking up with Cara Delevigne in my first ever feature length honeymoon movie; directed by some iconic Italian filmmaker guy who has a star on Hollywood Blvd. ~ ~ My above anti-hero swinger became a 007 wanna-be spy, with a license to kill, and fuck any hot babe in his sights, around 1964. Back when the tv and film I SPY craze was exploding all over the place. ~ ~ COED STUDY NOTES: After watching STEALING BEAUTY a couple times, I began to get a sense about the inspiration behind Emma Watson's new THE BLING RING movie.

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