Wednesday, May 31, 2017


TTZ' no.120 episode entitled THE BARD features Larry David in tights and full makeup trying to curb his over enthusiastic partner Jeff Garlin in CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, season 9, 2017. ~ In confirmation of David's 9 seasons of SEINFELD as writer producer that were shot inside of NBC' stage 9. ~ For example, Jerry Seinfeld's all time favorite 1959 movie episode is the PLAN 9 FROM OUTERSPACE one, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TRAGIC CYCLE NOTES: All of the senior editors at the NYT have just been offered a very generous buy out retirement cash up front deal by the Jews who still own and operate it. ~ In confirmation of their tragic 9 months long recycled script reports about Donald Trump and my own White Russian double tall cocktail movie actor in THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets SON OF BIG LEBOWSKI. ~

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


BFD. ~ So they finally caught me role playing Sam Kinison on the Howard Stern AM twilight hour radio show in Portland, Oregon, circa 1993-1996, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ What's next? ~ I suddenly get a late night telephone call out of the blue from Bill Dist? ~ Stranger things than that have happened to me recently. ~ Like last night's flash vision of the queer as-orange capital logo letters 'TMZ'. ~ And no, that is not a typo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEISLER: The other night I dreamed that you were a fake brain surgeon. ~ Who had hired a former discraced real brain surgeon to cue your lines whenever necessary in today's 1960s soap opera media TV world. ~ Who had somehow lost his medical practice license somewhere around 1996. ~ 1990S NOTES: It used to drive me crazy that Howard Stern's radio show replays were playing on the radio in Portland, but not in Seattle. ~ But then a few years later I saw EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. ~ So I started to calm down and accept the will of Jesus in my life. ~

Monday, May 29, 2017


I know, the above title does sound kind of strange. ~ However, Robert De Nero himself just lamented about how today's more gentlemanly and refined and "uplifting" insider Internationalist Marxism is a [Cosa Nostra] Jew thing thing that is now being threatened by the western world's white men in his speech at Brown University in Providence, Road Island. ~ Then by the Providence of God, the half Asian brown skinned golfer ty/coon was arrested for driving drunk in the same region where they made the CADDYSHACK prophecy about Donald Trump becoming President. ~ And a white tiger at England's HAMERTON ZOO, located near Cambridge College tore apart some animal loving woman. ~ Even though her panicked lesbian lovers were franticaaly tossing chunks of red meat at the beast in order to distract it. ~ Because for 8 years before that, the Jewish homosexuals and negros had made the brown skinned Barack Obama America's president; even though he was not a US citizen. ~ And the best part is, everyone, including the Republicans were in on the sick joke. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MEMORIAL DAY NOTES: Those two cops put their meaty arms of flesh on Tiger Woods along Military Trail Rd. just off of the Indian Creek Parkway. ~ Which stands for the LAmanites in the BM who were cursed with a dark skin because of their prophetic savage and lawless behavior in Southside, Chicago, ILL etc. ~ Somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's nostalgic time-trival era of the two witnesses, named Jupiter. ~ DAN.9 NOTES: Note the border fence in this link, at: ~ Therefore. ~ Check out the movie trailers for GET THE GRINGO meets A TOUCH OF EVIL; now available for your viewing pleasure somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~


Everyone grabbed their picnic baskets and ran into the house and slammed their doors shut when [HAIL, CAESAR] WW:III size Hawaii snow cones suddenly started falling out of the sky just west of Clinton, Missouri, at: ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ In contrast to the way that they just make up shit everyday at the NYT and WAPO. ~ Take another re-take shot of it from a different angle, at: ~ Now that YOUTUBE has censored me for life as a 'persona non grata'. ~ Forcing me to seek after strange Nazi flesh and get my black leather jacket kicks elsewhere. ~ You stick it to me with a 1950s mototcycle black leather gang switchblade ~ I stick it to you with a late 1960s 'Summer of Haight-Ashbury' switchblade, per: ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAN:9 SAVAGE: That very special 1260 days MTV cartoon series called BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD was about the time when I would suddenly realized that I AM is the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1. ~ Who then went around declaring himself to be THE GREAT CORN HOLER in DC 85, etc. ~ Therefore, feel free to step in anytime and help me out with Seattle's especially retarded children problems; you stupid butt wipe. ~ And yes, we two did look a lot alike back in the day; in a Divine Warren Jeffs kind of way, at:

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I had the urge to shit all day yesterday, but nothing, not even a nice big natural gas explosion of some kind. ~ And that's so not like me. ~ So later, I asked Jesus what is the deal here. ~ Then a bit later at 1:22 PM, he told me that it was an ISAIAH 22:22 Bible lesson thing; as in, " he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall [be able to shit] " ~ Exactly like Jesus slamming the door shut on Hillary Clinton's election. ~ And ever since then, all of the Jews and the homosexual buttfuckers at the NYT and WAPO can never open it up again; not even Austin Powers. ~ "I have kernals of corn in my crap that are bigger than you are." Fat Bastard, a.k.a that Scottish UPS assassin holding a .44 who breaks down today's swinging 1960s pop shag pad culture door, named Donald Trump, circa 2017. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JEN: Your French husband is going to divorce you for the same crazy reason that my French exwife divorced me. ~ Hopefully, this will be a harbinger of President Trump divorcing himself from the Paris climate change treaty. ~ FRENCH CONNECTION NOTES: Gene Hackman's surname is a prophecy about when the little underground LEPRECHAN people will be hacking into Clinton's secret back channel basement email communications at the extremely secretive and paranoid DNC lair in 2016. ~

Saturday, May 27, 2017


In no.144, old man De Niro finally gets the electric [pop singer] chair at Sing Sing after he punches his [monogamous Judeo christian] wife out of a NYC apartment window; and then those two cops of Judah and Ephraim put the arm on him in the end. ~ Where a smiling David Lynch looks into the camera a second time as he walks out the door, for a second time, of the House of David in ISAIAH 22:22. ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Missoula, Montana, America's BRANCH DAVIDIAN scored another one in the very heart of the state's mayfly fishing Kingdom of God. ~ " the testimony of two or three witnesses..." 2COR:13:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORE BIG SUR NOTES: My own rather short left-handed 5'9" father with brown eyes was a Benjaminite, per GEN:49:27, "Benjamin is a ravenous wolf." ~ Think AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: Don't worry about what Ohio's Mr.Boner says. ~ The future of America is heterosexually, not homosexuality. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Please correct me if I AM is all wrong. ~ But is there anyone else out there right now, besides me, who wants to finance your next Big Sur, HOTEL CALIFORNIA Rt.1 movie? ~ Without even reading the script of course. ~ That said, I would like to see a lot of hot young THE BIG LEBOWSKI: II fucking action in the dailies. ~ Ergo, throw in my two wives, Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson, and we have a deal. ~ Think MATCH POINT meets EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES; only the film budget this time is ten times bigger. ~

Friday, May 26, 2017


Talk about surnames. ~ We only realize that today's cirgarette smoker David Lynch is the prophetic TV repair man in the final minutes of WHAT'S IN THE BOX. ~ That is, after the episode's burned out TAXI DRIVER pushes his REV.17 woman out of his new WINDOWS 10 channel version update for today's pads and PCs. ~ Having seen the fake "Russian Duke" wrestler on his same seer television set that features today's phony Russian scandal day in and night out, circa 2017. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LETTERMAN: More Moses, less Santa Claus. ~ BIG SUR NOTES: Rush Limbaugh's surname stands for the limbs and branches of the genealogy tree of Israel. ~ The traditional Irish surname Ken/nedy means 'kin folk'. ~ Carey Mulligan's surname means that you only get one chance in the 18-holes game of life to do it over again and get it right this time. ~ The high-shift Swiss German [Hebrew] surname Grass means the Grace of Jesus in English. ~ The rather common English surname May stands for the month of May on the Christian Gregorian callender, at: AND:

Thursday, May 25, 2017


That David Shearer filmmaker look alike named 'Greg' straggled that little Jewish homo from THE GUARDIAN marxist newspaper in London because that country's female PM is surnamed May. ~ As in MONTANA is the nirvana destination for fly fishermen using an infinite variety of mayfly patterns on the extremely fertile Madison River, etc. ~ Where so many of Europe's royalty fly into West Yellowstone on their private jets this time of year. ~ Just to get at least a one week piece of the late May early June top fly action. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: Soaking your spring creek Montana trout in a very salty white wine vinegar brine overnight takes away most of their sulfuric and musky after taste. ~ And it actually changes the flavor into an exotic herbal delight. ~ Plus, they don't curl up in the frying pan. ~ And the fried crispy skin becomes so delicate that you can eat it too. ~ GOOGLE NOTES: Say what you will about being opposed to President Trump's physically transfigured blond haired sex cult. ~ I have it on good word that most of their East Indian employees are secretive Republican Party voters, like at: ~ Note the enclosed Ken McLeod Nepal alpine quest buddhist look alike, at: ~ ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: When I finally get to fuck you and Keira Knightley at the same time in the Bend, Oregon area, the rest of the world will know that it is all over; including Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston; not to mention Richard Dreyefus and Dustin Hoffman.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Kim Dot Com is not kidding. ~ Seth Rich really did the insider leak hit job on Hillary Clinton at the DNC headquarters in DC. ~ Therefore, Vince Foster was also murdered by Hillary Clinton's posse clown goons. ~ And Barack Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate forgery on the front page of the NYT was the very 7-peaks zenith of today's 1290 days fake news pop culture politics. ~ So then after a very short and creepy [SILENCE OF THE LAMBS] period at FOX NEWS, their ratings started to drop like a stone in the white christian male viewer [Glenn Beck show disaster] category. ~ So then they assigned some [CADDYSHACK] rich kid from high society New York to fix the problemo. ~ But Jesus my ass, it was too late already to do anything about it. ~ The irreversable spinal cord damage to the backbone of America had already been there and done done that; circa 1993-1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~


Lana Del Rey's pop culture spell on President Trump was answered right after midnight on May 23, KING DAVID HOTEL Jerusalem time, because her surname means King in Mexicano. ~ While the rocks and boulders were still rolling down upon Rt.1 from that DANIEL 2 Los Padres forest mountain in Big Sur. ~ Because the Catholic Ariana Grande's surname means Big in Ital-Americano. ~ And the next day President Trump would be visiting all of those 1960s period Padre Pios at the Vatican; circa ROMA meets JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY: After that little innocent 8 year-old Greek doll was killed by the satanic followers of the false prophet and the dragon in REV.16, I checked out the no.126 LIVING DOLL episode, costarring the Greek actor Telly Savalas. ~ Which was shot in the same house set where they made RING-A-DING GIRL. ~ PS KIM DOT COM: The fastest way to bury any incriminating evidence forever and ever, so that it will never see the light of day, is to turn it all over, via some Jewish lawyers firm, to some other official government investigation sham that is being sanctioned by the anti American internationalist Jews at the NYT and WAPO. ~ There is a reason why you remind us so much of that genius couch potatoe video game player in SHAWN OF THE DEAD meets THE ANDERSONS. ~ CHATTY CATHY DOLL NOTES: While cat napping yesterday evening at 7:38 PM, the little doll next door told me to..."Go for it!... Go for it..." Greg. ~ SEE: ~ PS CJ: Your late husband's father was a very successful pool contractor down in EZEKIEL 37 Arizona for a Divine last days reason; according to the very last no.156 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, at: ~ PS KENNY: That really big 6 figure deal just came through from the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION bank of Zion so that you could finally relax and stop worrying about me crashing on your couch rent-free for two years, circa 1987-1989; West Hollywood meets Venice Beach. ~ This time around, I AM holds all of the cards, and I AM calls all of the shots. ~

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK was the last produced episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. ~ Which was an edited and remixed super 16mm French film, shot totally in France, that had won the top short film prize at CANNES in 1962. ~ Wherein we see the future Martin Scorsese Hollywood movie director getting hanged from an old train bridge in southern France's more rugged and aired regions that look like America's wild west frontier. ~ Therefore, the film opens with the bugle trumpet warnings of President Trump; heralding today's developing REV.16 civil war situation. ~ Right as Scorsese himself is producing a four hour documentary series of THE GREATFUL DEAD, at: ~ Meanwhile the old news NYT is reminding us of what we already heard about several months ago; when the President publically asked the intellegence community to stop spreading rumors and gossip about him and the Russians. ~ Exactly like for example last summer, when Putin told the press that he could work with either Clinton or Trump; but he would prefer Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: David Shearer's BYU student OSCARS winning short film western was a sign from God that we need to include him in our upcoming unofficial side-bar screenings at SUNDANCE 18. ~ Don't laugh; even my old long haired blond buddy Terry McKnight wants to get a slice of this kind of hot get-rich-quick action; not to mention Robert Redford himself. ~ So many rich friends, so little time to spend it on them. ~

Monday, May 22, 2017


On the same damned day that SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE spoofed my telephone call from Michael with their "Michael rowed the boat ashore..." halliluja opening, yet even more anonymous sources added to the chorus of sotto voce voices who know that Seth Rich was the DNC emails leaker, and not Putin, like at: ~ Which was then confirmed by the weekend's new reports about Mt Everest's famous 'Hillary Step' having been destroyed by an earthquake only 13 days after Hillary officially announced her run for President in 2015. ~ In other words; you give me the silent treatment, I give you the silent treatment. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: I'll ask my team of fly fishing Jewish lawyers, who specialize in government wildlife department regulations, to make sure that it is still legal to fish Gold Creek above the falls. ~ And if it ends up being some kind of a never ending who-knows-what Orwellian no-go situation; I'll pay for all of the transportation costs involved in flying up to Pam Anderson's private creel trout fishing property on Vancouver Island, BC. ~ Wherein you bring the young girls; and I concentrate on my outdoor fire cooking skills. ~

Sunday, May 21, 2017


"Howardville was rocked today..." says the breaking two witnesses radio report at the end of RING-A-DING GIRL, circa one month after Sandy's mother conceived her. ~ Revealing that the "...eye witnesses..." in DANIEL 12's Riverside Park picnic prophecy about the 1290 days era of the 1260 days witnesses was what Bunny meant when she repeated "I know... I know..." [eye know] in the episode's opening lines. That connect to the key hole seen at the end of her ring visions. ~ Which opens the locked doors to the House of [Larry] David in ISAIAH 22:22 etc. ~ Such as; who is the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11.1?... Even the same episode's hot rodder who drives a vintage PLAYBOY CLUB sports car. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RIVERSIDE NOTES: Scottsville is also located along the King James River, just downstream from Howardsville, Virginia. ~ For a Scottish President Trump 70 weeks timeline. ~ Even the same river that starts somewhere up around Sandy's legendary I-64 freeway and flows down past the abomination of desolation's Big Island, Virginia [Hawaii] landmark on May Day's [HWY.501, 1960s LEVI] blue jeans scene. ~


When yours truly comes up for air from my basement bedroom lair carrying a WW:II picnic suitcase bomb in No.133, Sandy exclaims, "Who is this Divine man?!" [Unknown Hollywood actor movie star fucker.] ~ Then she asks her medicine prescription delivery man, who drives a sexy WW:II German sports car, and reminds us a lot of Cook [book] County, Chicago's future Ferris Beuller figure, if he wants to go for a walk and say hay to the locals in Bonney Lake. ~ Per all of those 440 dead Chinese squirrels omens on NATALIE's BB that were confirmed by the season's 440 bails of hay harvest signs. ~ Ergo, President Trump is visiting Arabia during a crescent moon; while flashing my REV.19 sword around for the Jewish media cameras. ~ And on a side note, we see in the end that Sandy's black onyx Stone of Jacob seer ring is divided into the three parts of the holy city in REV.16. ~ In confirmation of 016's earthquake election. ~ GSR/TWN ~ E=MC2 NOTES: This eternal life numbers formula represents the square gospel of the Messianic Christ of the 2 witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; i.e. the church, the school of prophets, the United Order credit union, and the political party of the Kingdom of God. ~ EPISODE NOTES: In no.133, my Divine one in DC 85 sees the 911 sirens outside of his temple veil WINDOWS. ~ Then he tunes into the liberal Jewish news media reports on his mother's 13" seer screen television. ~ PS CHICAGO: More strick letter of the law enforcement, less STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY meets BLACK LIVES MATTER Marxist revolution anarchy. ~ Think AFTER HOURS meets TAXI DRIVER, at: ~ AND: ~ Note President Trump sitting in the back seat of Robert De Niro's prophetic [Yellow Sea submarine] retro 1950s Cold War looking taxi, circa 2017. ~

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Sandy pulls the plug on her sister's carpet cleaning efforts when she suddenly arrives unexpected back home in Howardsville, Virginia. ~ Where she got her first break at some prophetic rinky-dink Donald Trump type beauty pageant; per HOPE FLOATS meets both of her inspired MISS CONGENIALY prophecies. ~ Then she delivers the 1964 Cold War episode's most mighty line of all, "I told you there'd be an explosion." ~ When the Jews in the hit-and-run media would be fulfilling the latter days secenario in JUDE 1:16; that goes, "These people are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires... for their own advantage." ~ Or in other words, "...the accuser of our brethern is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night." REV.12:10 ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MARTHA STEWART: Racism, homophobia, sexism, masculinity, misogeny, extreme wealth, righteous greed, sizzling hot slave sex, fine wine, and even the occasional beef pot roast with mashed potatoes, can be a good thing from time to times. ~ Not to mention reformed Nazism; which is basicall the same born again thing as yesterday's turn of the century [1900 meets 2000] modernist Jewish immigration invasion of eastern European progressivism. ~


In 1964's A SHORT DRINK FROM A CERTAIN FOUNTAIN episode, brother Gordon says that the PEPSI syrup serum will not be ready for human consumption for another 20 years; circa 1984. ~ When yours truly retired to BYU's school of prophets looking like I was in my late 20s. ~ After having been married to Miss Cardin of Epinal, France some ten years earlier in Provo, Utah's amazing retro 1960s style temple. ~ Which looks exactly like one of those marvellous white exterior pavilions of the future millennium era at THE SEATTLE WORLDS FAIR. ~ When Dr.Evil himself would be building outerspace planetary glass spheres in the Jet City; and be firing rockets into outer space in the EZE.37 deserts of California. ~ So it only makes sense that he would now be the new owner of THE WASHINGTON POST. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORE NUTTY NOTES: The prophetic TTZ episode of Sandra Bullock opens with a reference to her short film director debuted, entitled MAKING SANDWICHES. ~ Then towards the end of it, there is a local home town reference to her inspired [same 29ish age range] broom pushing performance finale in PRACTICAL MAGIC, ~ PS NYT: More serious real news, less new weekly scandal tabloid fake news based on unnamed sources and fake birth certificate sensational headlines. ~ If you really want to go down in a fiery blaze of glory, at least do it like a man. ~

Friday, May 19, 2017


In A SHORT DRINK FROM A CERTAIN FOUNTAIN, yours truly turns into Hugh Hefner, circa 1964, at his swinging high rise pad in NYC; after having begun the blood cleansing rites of the physical transfiguration behind a beaded temple veil. ~ Then my wife Britney Spears is shocked to see the PLAYBOY boy laying in bed wearing Heff's pajamas. ~ Right where the Jewish publisher has always prefered to mix work with pleasure; while sipping on his trademark bottle of PEPSI; for those who think young, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ EPISODIC NOTES: Sandra Bullock grew up in Virginia listening to the Howardsville shock jock radio show from DC. ~ Hence, at the end of no.133, Rosie finds her seer ring lying on the rug where Sandy had dragged her Hollywood 666 animal fur coat. ~ Then Rod Serling does a teaser for that hit and run driver who killed the drive-by media's newspaper boy [Timmy Danliere of DAN.9] who looked like Barack Obama riding on a medicine wheel bicycle at 3rd and Park. ~ Sandy being my original no.125 Indiana Squaw handmaid on the Natalie Merchant BB. ~ Ergo, SOUNDGARDEN's lead singer committed suicide in Detroit, Africa for the ultimate resistance act to President Trump. ~ Live free or die, and all that bullshit. ~ Ergo, 6,666,666 Jews were murdered by the Nazis for what they are now doing again to America's white race [Founding Fathers] peoples. ~ Think SPRING TIME FOR HITLER meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ PS MS WATERS: You are the example of why the reformed and more civilized principles of righteous slavery and concubinage will be born again in the Kingdom of God. ~ Starting during the two terms of President Trump. ~ And finishing with the following two terms of President Pence. ~ Which makes for a very troublesome 16-year period that will prepare the way for me to become the new young King of England, Wales, and Scotland, just for starters. ~ "... youth has taken over." Rod Serling, 1964. ~ Per the BLACK BALL prophecy meets the MOONWALKERS prophecy, at: ~ AND: ~ PS MIKE: Don't have a cow. ~ When the time is right, it will take me less than three days to completely update both of the WAYNES WORLD prophecies, like at: . ~ Meanwhile, you need to get a grip on what is happening during the 69 weeks prophecy in DAN.9. ~ Remember, Cameron Diaz let you fuck her just that one time because she needed you to do your best voice impersonation. ~

Thursday, May 18, 2017


REVELATION 3: 8-11. ~ "I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. ~ Behold, I will make them of the [burned down] synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and know that I have loved thee... that no man take my crown." [of England, France, and northern Italy.] ~ "Donald Trump just wants to be loved." Howard Stern. ~ ISAIAH 22:22. "And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open." ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME NOTES: Like that very angry future caucasian [WHITE RUSSIAN] cocktail supporter of President Trump says in the original BLADE RUNNER President Reagan period prophecy, "Time to die." ~ FOX NEWS NOTES: Roger Ailes died because for the past crazy 8 years he was spiking the real news about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ Sadly, both Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern together could have taken out the no.44 abomination of desolation in MARK 13:15 in a New York minute if they really wanted it that bad. ~ TMZ/TTZ NOTES: That rather handsome Black Irish looking negro who ran over all of those dumb fuck tourists in TIMES SQUARE [magazine] looks a lot like the Nazi medicine doctor in NUMBER 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU, at: ~


RING-A-DING GIRL showcases a younger Sandra Bullock movie star named Bunny Blake [Bonney Lake] who returns to Howardsville, Virginia after receiving an ominious message from her old long lost buddy Rosie O'Donnel on her secrect 1964ish [CRACKER JACKS] box decoder ring. ~ Even the same co-star of THE LAKE HOUSE, at: ~ Which is the same message for the daughters of Zion in 2NEPHI8 about putting on their strength and helping out the faint hearted sons of Israel during the era of those two witnesses trees seen outside of their computer WINDOWS from the Seattle region. ~ Wherein the story's "picnic" is a prophetic [rough weather] metaphor about President George Albert Smith comparing WW:II to WW:III. ~ Kind of like the phantom boogie man idea of the Russians hacking the REV.16 earthquake election; juxtapositioned to Barack Obama's counterfeit birth certificate posted on an official government White House web site. ~ Or Seth Rich getting murdered for emailing WIKILEAKS thousands of times on his private home based personal PC computer. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLUE NOTES: Check out this 1993 prophecy about the Trump card who ain't going nowhere until the cows come home, at: ~ PS KEN: OK, so the pretty young "underaged" girls that we invite to our rented out A-frame 007 alpine LOVE SHACK party, located off of I-90 Snoqualime Pass, are more like in their late 30s or early 40s. ~ That being the case, we may want to get a second cheap rent 2x4 A-frame cabin or two. ~ Just like those ones in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D, like at: ~ "Most women do not reach their sexual peak until they are in their late thirties to early fourties." ~ Hugh Hefner talking off the top of his head at the PLAYBOY CLUB circa 1964, London, England; surrounded by at least 4 PLAYBOY BUNNIES who were at best 20 years younger than him. ~ INSANE CLOWN POSSE NOTES: The new special counsel is a Jew of course.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Larry King's traditional liberal Jewish fucker radio career began in Miami, Florida at about the same time that Rod Serling's middle America radio career was transforming into a fantastic Hollywood studio television career. ~ And in the following decades, King became the face of everything that is wrong with Judah. ~ Ergo, the former Jewish CNN personality has been married 8 times; in confirmation of his latest [Brigham Young] Mormon wife look alike in NUMBER 12 [tribes] LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU. ~ Who he married around the same year when TTZ' no.137 episode takes place. ~ And his wife's younger blond sister wife, Shannon, looks just like the episode's number 8 babe. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS: When Marlon Brando said that Hollywood is run by the Jews, a major media shit storm hit the fan. ~ Then some LA based journalist pointed out that all 7 of Hollywood's major studios had Jewish CEOs; plus the three major talent agencies were headed up by a Jewish guy. ~ Fast forward to today, and the Jews in the media are still trying to pull off the same fake news rubbish regarding Donald Trump. ~ However, now we have the Internet that is shining a bright light on all of these filthy dirty rats. "There are more rats than people living in Paris..." LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ BYU/2BC HOME STUDY NOTES: My current 1985 BYU student/alumni membership card photo looks exactky like me circa 2027. ~ Because that is the same year when all of the false prophet antichrist followers in REV.16 will be driven out of France; one way or the other. ~

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Rush really nailed it again this morning. ~ Explaining how the backstabbing anti American Jew media is g-d's gift to President Trump and his white christian male supporters in Idaho and Utah. ~ Who else on talk radio knows how to dig into the latest polling numbers that reveal how the good parts of Nazism have been born again; and the bad parts have been tossed aside. ~ "The Jews are Nazis!!" Yasser Arafat. ~ Who died from AIDS in France. ~ [Too many young boys, not enough young girls.] ~ So what's next you ask? ~ Right now it's a 50/50 toss up. ~ Since THE TWILIGHT ZONE's sequel to THE DUMMY really intrigues me. ~ Butt I keep getting strong impressions about watching one of Robert Redford's more iconic movies from my 1970s Laurence Pierson PLAYBOY MANSION foreign films French period, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ POP CULTURE NOTES: Rush Limbaugh's first major magazine interview was published in PLAYBOY. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: The 137th episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, entitled THE SELF-IMPROVEMENT OF SALVATORE ROSS [RELF] is all about you and me fucking after you get over your current church lady hangups baby. ~

Monday, May 15, 2017


Shortly after watching myself take over today's late night SNL comedy club scene in THE DUMMY prophecy, a bus full of funny looking fucked up minority kids wearing thick COKE bottle glasses, and suffering from unpredictable violent autistic behavioral problems, crashed and got smashed and mashed on I-95, due west of Perryville, Maryland, east of Churchville, at: ~ AND: ~ Which of course is about the food and fare of Babylon too, like at: ~ Reportedly, the above negro children with special needs were on a film trip to DC. ~ Right before the next old NIKE/NBA gang sneeker shoe dropped in the WAG THE DOG:II prophecy, at: ~ AND: ~ Meanwhile back at the LETTERMAN ranch four days ago, where the local restarded kids get free hay rides in October, and free Santa Claws slay rides in December, Michael said that Seth Rich was on the telephone. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ODD FELLOWS FRATERNITY LODGE THANK YOU JESUS NOTES: My old fly fishing buddy Ken McLeod may want to rent one of those old cheap [TWIN PEAKS] wood construction [$1000 a week] alpine A-frame log cabins in the Snowqualinie Pass area: within walking distance from the upper stretches of Gold Creek. ~ Where the girls are pretty, and the thin 7-9" native rainbow trout are even prettyier. ~ Seriously dude, we're talking about only an I-90 minute drive from Seattle to heaven on earth, much like at: ~ Ergo, after the bitches get a thorough butt fucking from me role playing Jesus, they will finally find enough faith in Jesus Fucking Christ to stand up and throw away their crutches and wheelchairs and walk again, for instance at: ~ SHOPPING LIST: Be sure to pick up a 12-case of 10 year-old single malt BOWMORE scotch at COSTCO; two pounds of pure salted Irish butter; at least a 10lb sack of Moses Lake no.1 size pink potatoes; a full 50lb. side of salt-cured beef rib steaks; a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread; yada yada. ~ Don't worry about having enough pretty underaged looking girls who want to shack up with us; much less having the proper choice of red meat pinot gris and white meat fish pinot noir. ~ That is my department, not your department. ~ "Everyone is blessed with one special thing..." BOOGIE NIGHTS, 1977-1997, per: ~ EU NOTES: What makes Washington's Snoqualmie Pass I-90 ski area so much fun these days is that it is one of the last European white trash low rent cabin resorts in all of North America. ~ Given that most of the alpine cabins up there are still owned and rented out by all of those white European immigrant guys who still live down in Pierce County. ~


In this 1964 season 5 TTZ episode entitled NUMBER 12 LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU, a very reluctant Jennifer Anniston finally gets physically transfigured at the hight of her fith season FRIENDS tv series success in 2000. ~ After having been counseled by a shadowy Nazi medicine figure named 'Professor Friends' who looks just like George Clooney's Jewish doctor in the ER television series by 1999. ~ Eventually, the Jewish Rachael Green actress chooses number 8 look alike; as confirmed by her larger-than-life fake tits image no.8 at: ~ Which corresponds with the 1964 set's use of thick plastic fixtures and furniture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JEWISH MOTHERS DAY NOTES: That old dead Jews synagogue in lower Manhattan burst into a DANTE'S INFERNO for traitors and back-stabbers on Sunday. ~ After a freak wind and thunder storm hit Rutherford, New Jersey only a few hours earlier. ~ TRUMP CARD NOTES: Per those three trump casino cards in THE TRADE-INS, America's miraculous BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant will be staying at the fancy KING DAVID HOTEL in Jerusalem on May 23. ~ Put that in your pot pipe and smoke it. ~ PS NYT: Clinton lost the 2016 election because she is a cunt, and The Donald is a stud. ~ Ergo, that former Baptist Church for ugly old Jews burned down in Manhattan just one block over from Clinton Street. ~ "I auditioned for the new Nazi Holocaust movie, but they said that I was too skinny for the part." Paul Nestor, Bellevue, Washingtion, 1981. ~ 12 TRIBES NOTES: Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, everybody was reading PLAIN TRUTH magazine; then based in Pasadena, now based in Oaklahona City, north of Demi Moore city. ~ PS SANDY: You were born in 1964 for a reason. ~ Ergo, your gifted child photographer birthday party clown boyfriend is a Paul Nestor father figure in your life. ~ Nothing wrong with that at this point in time. ~ However, have you ever considered asking him if he might be interested in directing IT:8, or something else like it? ~ Whatever, just keep it under 12 big ones. ~ Which is pretty much the threshold number where I don't ask you any questions about who you are talking to on the telephone. ~ Hey, you make me want to fuck you, I make you want to fuck me, like at: ~ All is fair in love and war. ~

Sunday, May 14, 2017


When we finally get a better look at my wife in PERSON OR PERSONS UNKNOWN, who still doesn't know who I AM is, we see that she looks a lot like a Carey Mulligan with dark brown hair. ~ Whose Scottish-Irish surnamed in the CADDYSHACK prophecy means that you get a second chance to do it all over again and get it right this time. ~ Per that BRANCH DAVIDIAN background photo in the episode that breaks my heart to pieces when I see that my beloved wife is GONE BABY GONE, circa 1981. ~ And then I start to experience delusions about being the next Winston Church/hill of the abominable church of the devil among the 7-hills beast in REV.13. ~ Which was confirmed shortly thereafter by my own schizophrenic [WINSTONS brand cigarettes] brother Willy being enrolled at Provo, Utah's state hospital campus at the same time that I returned to BYU to complete my undergraduate degree in Italian language filmmaking. ~ Which turned out for the best; because I still have my valid for-a-lifetime BYU student's [29ish divorced bachelor's guy] alumni photo ID card in my wallet; that shows me looking exactly how I AM is going to look again after the physical transfiguration vampire blood sucking happening; complete with sexy wet hair. ~ Having just walked in from a very thorough rain storm shower to have my picture taken. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.92 NOTES: The mulatto doctor in the above medicine wheel episode represents Barack Obama, who himself has a fake ID birth certificate and a stolen S.S. 666 medical number. ~

Saturday, May 13, 2017


After watching THE TRADE-INS episode, I saw Smiley's new very youthful looking Malibu beach body MTV video. ~ Wherein those two old and too boring monogamist Jews lack the faith to enter into the physical transfiguration program at Mel Gibson's hilltop endowment house of the Lord in HARPER meets AMERICAN GIGOLO meets SHAMPOO at: ~ AND AGAIN: ~ AND AGAIN: ~ AND AGAIN: ~ Seriously now, is there any Jew left in the world these days who does not have an extra 5k in cash stashed away somewhere in their old worn out mattresses or cookie jars? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MISS PIERRE CARDIN: You burned me real bad back in the late 70s in the same way that Jesus explains how he needed to get burned too by the adulterous wife of his youth. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: More real Jesus reality television, less Mu/ham/mad craziness on the Internet. ~

Friday, May 12, 2017


"Passion is the enemy of precision." says Mr.Zero in the two witnesses period ZERO EFFECT paranoid conspiracy prophecy about me, at: ~ "President Trump has already been reelected for a second term..." because of it says Camille Paglia. ~ ~ Therefore, the NYT is still having a complete zero effect on President Trump's more mature white male majority supporters. ~ I.e. the Jewish girls over there are still on their 2016 election month periods; and can not yet decide if Trump fired Comedy because the new white Nazi AG told him to; or did he shit can Comedy because the FBI was stonewalling the truth about Obama using a dead man's Social Security number; or did Trump not even like Comedy anyway; plus Trump thinks that the Jews need to start behaving more like red blooded loyal Americans; and less like those secret anti American homosexual Communists who had already invaded and completely taken over Hollywood, USA; somewhere in THE TWILIGHT ZONE between 1959-1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHERE'S THE BEEF?... ~ After that hack Comey uncovered a mountain of [WAG THE DOG] basement secret email server evidence against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; he immediately closed the case without asking any further questions. ~ Now after months of finding zero evidence against President Trump, he insisted on keeping the investigation open for the next 4 years. ~ Hence, the Devil is now hacking the entire world's 666 government establishment systems using stolen NSA/CIA Russian designed hackers software. ~ TEASER NOTES: Tomorrow's twilight zone episode is about me driving around in a British sports car bearing royal '👑... 126_ ' license plates. ~ Now that I have a new Malibu beach party bod that will last for at least another 112 years; like at:


President Trump's dinner with the tall Jewish 6'8" FBI alien invader/insider at the Greek frat White House was just the latest confirmation of the TO SERVE MAN prophecy. ~ "Pot roast with roasted [Idaho] potatoes is my favorite dish." Hugh Heffer. ~ And just for starters, that tall bald alien in THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 2017, claimed that he could show the UN/EU earth people how to put up protective walls around their various nations in order to assure their sovereignty and privacy. ~ In other words, without any kind of Biblically based law and order system, there will be no freedom to get your freak on with more than one wife at a time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HOCUS-POCUS NOTES: This episode is about that [tall tales] guy from the timber lands, west of the Rocky Mountains, who eventually turns out to be right afterall about today's alien invaders in Seattle, Washington. ~ Even that same mysterious late night talk show dude named 'Craig' who always calls into the Michael Medved show on "conspiracy day"; circa THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode entitled FOUR O'CLOCK. ~ Trying to secretly leak private time information about Donald Trump fucking his two blond Russian beauty pageant girlfriends in MISS CONGENIALITY: 1-2-3 is a big time no-no. ~ Note the round black rimmed Harry Potter COKE bottle glasses. ~

Thursday, May 11, 2017


In no.91, little Miss Miller goes missing through some unexplainable 4th dimension hole in the wall that is outlined with the giant vagina icon of the woman in REV.17 whose forehead title is MYSTERY. ~ Much like today's retro cold war [Scottish] McCarthyite era paranoid media that keeps harping on the Russians being behind everything bad happening today. ~ Even though they have no double negative ZERO EFFECT evidence to prove it. ~ Ergo, one of the most legitimate reasons for firing Comey is that he had asked for more money to investigate the Russians in THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ DETAILS: Joseph McCarthy was your typical straight shooting Josephite. ~ Therefore, the filthy Jewish media hated him for it. ~ Just like they hated Dick Nixon for being the same kind of thing. ~ Which eventually ended up putting the nix over their own heads in the form of President Reagan meets President Trump. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ You play the trumped up charges game. ~ You eventually get trumped yourself. ~ "...what a hard off.." EATING RAOUL, at: ~

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Do you believe in falling in love at first sight? ~ Well I know I do. ~ Because no.92 tells the story about a time in the future when some BRANCH DAVIDIAN guy named David, who has no official 666 government DL photo ID in his wallet, will know who everyone in his personal past life is; but non of them will understand who he is. ~ Including the episode's very smart and highly educated mullato mud race [KENTUCKY DERBY] doctor. ~ But in the end, he finally wakes up from his endless nightmare hangover and is shocked to find out that his new 35ish looking blond wife is actually Sienna Miller herself. ~ Who knows exactly who he is, at:,c_limit/01-lede-cartier.jpg ~ And his other Keira Knightley look alike wife ain't that bad looking either. ~ Which dovetails perfectly with no.90's story about me being disguised as an older guy who ends up having two blond virgin princesses in his bed at the same time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DETAILS: My Davidian code figure in no.92 lives somewhere in THE TWILIGHT ZONE on Limerock Ave. ~ " his quiver hath he hid me." in Bonney Lake, Washington, Nowheresville, USA. ISAIAH 49:2. ~ Even Rod Serling himself suggests that the above episode is about "...the end of the word." ~ When back in 1967 to 1976 Woody Norris himself was trying to take over my DC 85 desk job at the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION in no.92. ~ HA HA HA HA NOTES: Be sure to listen to the Clyde Lewis 'church of the devil' show on this upcoming May 23rd. ~


Obama advised today's naive and simple minded humans to just eat smaller steaks if they want to save the planet. ~ On the very same day that my TO SERVE MAN posting was rolling out. ~ Which was about today's tall and balding unamerican Jewish aliens from the UN/EU claiming that they have the [temple alter human sacrifice] answers to stop climate change catastrophes. ~ Although right there in your own southern Bible cook book it says that these things are caused by too much godless Marxism and Jewish anti christ homosexual internationalism. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: That Harry Potter lightening bolt killed the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17 on the same day that you did the MTV movie awards show in LA. ~ "I think we can do better than that..." THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about that blond Donald Trump figure from the dark [skin] planet taking over everything in the end. ~ CANNES NOTES: This year's French SPRING TIME FOR HITLER film festival will probably be loaded with all kinds of cinematic tributes to THE FRENCH CONNECTION meets DAY OF THE JACKAL meets HERBIE THE LOVE BUG:4. ~ Not to mention that KICK THE CAN remake by Steven Spielberg. ~ Per that guy who kicks the bucket and finally gets everything going in IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD, at: ~

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Comey was delivering an FBI conference talk in LA when he got shit canned by Jesus' BRANCH DAVIDIAN sidekick servant in SHAMPOO meets EATING RAOUL meets STAR MAPS, at: ~ Who even called the iconic 1950s government haircut agency the crown jewel of the fake Jewish gems allegory at ~ In ergo, that is Donald Trump himself who is blowing on his golden trumpet of MORONI on top of the desecrated Westwood mormon temple BLOCKBUSTER missile silo in the city of angles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROB REINER: You are never going to make another major all expenses paid movie in this town again; that is worth a shit anyway; if you don't let that tall Paul Nestor alien with an head job in TO SERVE MAN have first-look rights on it. ~ Say what you will about that alien UFO monster who owns the WAPO; he is now in charge of everthing in Seattle, Wash, DC at ~ And we half to respect that. ~ That is if we want to get a piece of his Internet movies and television series business. ~ Beggers can't be choosers. ~ PS KEN KEMP: More BM, less apostate mormon Christian Bible nonsense about forgiving Barack Obama posting his fake Hawaiian paradise [FANTASY ISLAND] birth certificate on an official NYT sanctioned government web site. ~ PS ANDY: "You're my son, I love you, nobody else does..." ~ Note that transfigured Bill Gates look alike guy giving you two thumbs up in the above July, 1997 tailer. ~


Today's old scared-to-death fake-news-Jews are still referring to France's new surreal looking 39ish Jew boy named Macron as a centrist. ~ In the exact same lying spirit that they took to position the abomination of desolation's dark skinned freak homosexual of the 1290 days ARC OF THE COVENANT from Africa with a fake birth certificate as a real non socialist centrist. ~ So on the same day after that I watched TO SERVE MAN's high noon opening inside of an alien UN/EU UFO dinner plate saucer, an avalanche of snowflakes crashed down on three French citizens in the highland Alps region of White Mountain. ~ Near a small Peaksville, Ohio type village. ~ One may remember, this is where that truck full of white flour exploded into a flaming underground WW:III inferno prophecy inside of the [1957-65] Mont Blanc tunnel. ~ Oh yeah, that iconic alien invaders cookbook in THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode was a French cookbook. ~ Which resembled a hardback copy of the encoded capital letters of THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS; that shows the people on planet earth how to grow more nutrient rich crops. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE: More heathy babies who don't cry so much; less unhealthy cry babies with strange unexplained birth defects and bad behavioral attitudes. ~ DA VINCI CODE NOTES: Everything that you need to know and understand about why the Muslim invaders will be driven out of France in 2027 is explained in this book and it's Jewish blockbuster West Hollywood adaptation, at: . ~

Monday, May 8, 2017


A woman riding on a horse was killed by lightening in the Scottish Highlands Ranch area of Colorado on Sunday, just northwest of the PLAYBOY MANSION Castle Rock area, according to: ~ Believe me you, I know the feeling. ~ In confirmation of me and the boys fucking our girlfriends to death at some kind of a swinging 1970s VAMPIRE HAPPENING after WW:III happens. ~ And everyone in LA is walking around looking dazed and confused; like they were already dead or something. ~ Remember, Colorado means 'colored' in Mexicano. ~ For the native peoples of the BM who were cursed with a colored skin because of their rebelliousness and disobedience to God's chosen white people in BLAZING SADDLES meets THE BIRTH OF A NATION, at: ~ AND: Where we see THE PLANET OF THE APES' negro yankees defiling the mormon fundamentalist 1290 days temple sanctuary built by Warren Jeffs in Texas, at: ~ Talk about THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, May 7, 2017


After I saw the future southern movie star heartthrob Dennis Quaid playing a future born again yours truly [eternal life sex cult guru] in THE LAST RITES OF JEFF MYRTLEBANK; which takes place in southern Missouri in the future; I read that the banks of the state's Black River have just experienced REV.12 levels of prophetic Biblical flooding. ~ For my 1961ish character telling the 666 mob folk that there are two [witnesses] reasons to fear his future curses. ~ That are a prophetic last days condemnation upon the people who have already been cursed with a blackness of skin in MOSES 7:8 etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EPISODE 88 NOTES: Jeff's father is fascinated by his 1920s [MODERNISM] email order catalogue from amazon.con ~ And he can't wait until the new version arivrs in his mail box. ~ Meanwhile, back at the farm, little Chloe Moretz is about the only one who is not initially afraid of me. ~ The log cabin church opening in no.88 is a time-line reference to Barack Obama seeing himself as the born again Abraham Lincoln. ~ EPISODE 87 NOTES: That is Taylor sitting next to Greg on his bed sofa in the final born-again birthday party scene. ~ THE SHOW ME STATE NOTES: People in the Midwest don't read the NYT no more because they still refuse to show them Barack Obama's real birth certificate and foreign college student records. ~ PS JIM CARREY: It's now time for you to say YES!! to everything that I say, right or wrong. ~ Guys like you and me, who have been raised among the gentiles and outside of the laws of Israel, get to have around a 70-years break from Jesus. ~ Same thing goes for our so called girlfriend wives. ~ See you at THE PLAYBOY MANSION next year. ~ Where the real men will be fucking their hot underaged bikini girls to death all night long; metaphorically speaking. ~ Of course, all of the mixed race cocktail drinks will be free on me at the open bar. ~ Think BOOGIE NIGHTS:II meets MOONWAKERS:II. ~ Suck on my cock now, and make it all happen already, Jesus Christ Almighty; my Lord and Savior; who is the only begotten Son of the Father; who looks like I do in ROMA meets LA DOLCE VITA. ~ These two sequels will write themselves. ~ Once we nail down the right directors and the right producers for the right money. ~ In other words, more money, not less money. ~ PS BRAD: More Greg, less Steve. ~


A PIANO IN THE HOUSE is a 1961 Barack Obama born again African mask prophecy about the Scottish Lana Del Rey finally coming to understand that she married an old hateful NYT type theater and film critic. ~ And in the end, she leaves the wealthy arrogant liberal prick for a very talented and handsome physically transfigured 29ish actor-writer, who likes his rare older Scotches, named Greg Walker. ~ The full name on my 1987 BYU student ID card and US PASSPORT being Gregory Scott Relf: S.S. number 535 56 3019. ~ And anybody who tries to use the same 666 number will receive the same 666 curse upon them that is spelled out in REV.14. ~ GSR/TWN ~ P.S.TS: In my recent dream about you, that cast on your right forearm was below the elbow and above the wrist. ~ Much like the casts that we often see on thoroughbred race horses, at: ~ Hence, ALWAYS DREAMING just won the [best theme music awards] trophy in Kentucky. ~ Where the girls are pretty, and everybody loves Donald Trump. ~ PS MISS DEL REY: After seeing you in episode 87, I checked your wiki page and found out that your coven curse on President Trump is set for May 23. ~ Which is the exact same [DOUBLE WHAMMY] date that I AM put a curse upon all of the enemies of Trump!! ~ Note tha trumpet on the shelf in Rod Serling's 'next week' teaser at the end of no.86. ~

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Now we know for sure that Jimmy Kimmel's late night name is a prophetic unisex [Kim] word play joke on that fat kid dictator of North Korea in the swinging 1970s M.A.S.H. prophecy. ~ "Life just keeps getting better." Butt-Head, 1996. ~ Since he too was the same kind of fatty when he was the same age as Kim. ~ However, years later, he lost a lot of weight. ~ And then he started to use his kid with a sick heart to promote slimmed-down and more efficient nazi medicine style government health care on his show. ~ On the exact same day that a bus full of school kids crashed on [Jim] Carey Street in 2020' Las Vegas. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ELLEN: Lesbianism is fake sex for women who have a deep rooted problem with men. ~

Friday, May 5, 2017


People are always wondering what the latter-day marred servant sex-freak in 3NEPHI 20-21 is going to look like. ~ Who is supposed to look more strange than any other deformed man has ever looked like, at: ~ Well, go ahead, take a cold hard long look at it if you can. ~ And also note the Bruce Jenner man/woman in a cage in the opening shots. ~ Whereat Seattle's very own extremely strange looking Dr.Evil is just starting to place all of the most beautiful plants in his garden. ~ Think, LOGAN'S RUN meets IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT meets IT HAPPENED AT THE SEATTLE WORLDS FAIR, at: circa 1964. ~ Which looks like my own hair covered bubble on the back of my head, at: ~ Note the green grass covered roof to the south of it. ~ "You were a cacoon, who soon became a tycoon..." ONE MORE PALLBEARER. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SPEILBERG AND SEINFELD: I finally got to the KICK THE CAN episode on Friday. ~ The same day that the Republicans voted for a more streamlined third way version of Obamacare. ~ Which takes place in ISAIAH 11:10 at Mr.Sunshine's SUNNYVALE REST home at: ~ PS STEPHEN KING: More George Washington, less Karl Marx. ~


That UPS cargo plane from the west crashed in [Prince] Charleston, West Virginia for a reason, at: ~ Happening on the eve of the BIG BROWN horse race derby in Kentucky. ~ Think GOLDFINGER meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ Since after WW:III, America is going to repent and return to the hard money christian heterosexual gold standard; Obamacare will finally get repealed; and all of the Muslims in France will be deported; including the women and children. ~ Ergo, A VIEW TO A KILL starts out with that strange looking WIKILEAKS White Russian albino in WW:II's Vichy, France suberbia areas; metaphorically speaking. ~ "The Russians killed Clinton's campain in 2016." NYT. ~ ~ Not true, but very inspired "gentle Jesus" words non the less. ~ "And the best part is... Not even Austin Powers can stop me." Dr.No. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEAD MAN WALKING NOTES: In the Taylor Swift look alike [hair wig] episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, she has a fancy apartment in the CHATEAU BEECHWOOD building. ~ For her future beach front chateau mansion up in Rhode Island; right across the sound from where they shot MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: More acting, less modeling. ~

Thursday, May 4, 2017


People who believe in the BM know that the rich western [EZE.38] white man sex cults among the simple minded island natives of Hawaii, etc. are all true, like at: ~ AND: ~ This being the Divine inspiration behind Mel Gibson buying up that hollowed out volcano island lair in the Vanuatu region. ~ That was originally portrayed in the 1962 DR. NO 007 twilight zone prophecy, costarring Jim Carrey and Gisele Bundchen at: ~ Followed up shortly thereafter by THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ GSR/TWN ~ R.I.P. NOTES: Old man McLeod's hunt dog was called Rip for a reason. ~ 1290 NOTES: Guaranteeing that people with existing fatal cancer ridden conditions have the right to live for another 5 years or so is only one of America's 666 fantasies that have to die before the Spirit of 76 can be restored and born again. ~ S:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Most of my forerunner wife fuck buddies have seen it all, and already have enough money anyway. ~ You have a 9" cock that is a mile wide? ~ Show me what else you have to offer. ~ Because what they all are now looking for, at this almost too late point in their life is not some old rich fuck anti-religion rocket-toy-boy billionaire like Musk, Bezos, or Rich Brandon; but a guy who makes them feel and look young again; maybe not even 29ish, but at least 39ish. ~ Who is more like my anti hero character looks and acts like at: ~ Been there, done that; and it don't cut it no more. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PEAKSVILLE, OHIO NOTES: On my exwife's birthday, I showed those two cunts of Judah and Ephraim in Bonney Lake, Washington my remaining three genuine photo ID cards; my Pierce County registered voter ballet; my $140 US POST OFFICE money order, and even my expired 1987 period US PASSPORT and Utah drivers' license ID. ~ Yet they were still not gracious enough to give me a pass and let me have my new passport with a wink and a smile. ~ Fair warning. ~ "I AM not accustomed to being treated this way." Leslie Winn, 1967. ~ Meanwhile, some middle aged guy stormed out of the court house building lobby shouting, "I AM never coming back here again!!" ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: You grant me a new US DIPLOMAT PASSPORT, I pardon you for the sins of your youth and give you a free pass to go anywhere for the next 29 100 day periods. ~ Make me the new embassador to Vanuatu; whatever it takes, like at: AND: ~

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


People in LA and NYC have been calling me the comeback kid for some 21 years now, not to mention Sundance, Utah; Austin, Texas not so much. ~ Going back to when I sent a hard copy of the GRS/TWN to my look alike brother in NOTHING IN THE DARK, and then he sent it right back to me FEDERAL EXPRESS. ~ Take for example the dream I had last night about my comeback kid wife Taylor Swift ~ Who was sporting a cast on her right arm that was my cue to review the prophetic post WW:III episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE called DEAD MAN'S SHOES. ~ Wherein I get my mojo back after I wake up from a vivid dream on a fire escape; find a pair of fancy size 9 shoes made in London; go over to Swift's fancy apartment in downtown NYC; threaten to break her arm if she doesn't fix me a drink; then get shot in Bernie [Sander]'s backroom gangland politics offices; then is miraculoisly healed and comes right back as an actor with a British accent. ~ GSR/TWN ~ I-35 NOTES: That 35 mile-long [twist and shout] twister hit the ground running near the [Philip] Kaufman county line; near Kemp, Gun Barrel City, Seven Points, Tool, and Log Cabin. ~ BUSINESS NEWS NOTES: For the past 21 years or so they have also been calling Donald Trump the comeback kid. ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: The dirty little secret is; it is my hot young wives who keep coming back. ~ No. Really. I have been living in the same damn place for the past 27 years. ~ They are the ones who keep moving around from one multimillion dollar mansion in Manhattan to some mountain escape retreat at: ~ "The Jews never stay in one place for very long." Leslie Winn, 1969. ~

Monday, May 1, 2017


SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW is a prophecy about the budget showdown between the genuine good guys and the phony baloney bad guys in the last days. ~ Wherein the 85th episode opens and closes with a look at THE WHITE HOUSE PROPHECY, circa 2017. ~ Which states that there is going to be a new party called the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY. ~ That will eventually take over what is left of America's two mainstream apostate political parties. ~ And the time will come that America is ruled by a single party. ~ Because by then the tyrany of the white majority had become the rule. ~ And therefore, the non constitutional fillabuster rule in the Senate will go the way of the doodoo bird. ~ Talk about a triumph of the will of the people. ~ And the other people out there get to eat shit and die. ~ "We need to interpret the Constitution in a more positive and pro-active way..." Barack Obama, circa 1993-1996, University of Chicago. ~ For example, see: ~ "The Book of Mormon was written by the devil.", 1993. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME OUT NOTES: In my world, everyone and anyone who has ever felt inspired by God to become a successful writer, director, actor triple-threat in a PG rated television series or an R-17 indie film Internet movie gets enough money from me to do it. ~ Just as long as they keep their union scale minimum wage low budget projects under 6 big ones. ~ You no happy. ~ Me no happy. ~ That said. ~ You will not get a penny from me if the script is shit and you have no acting talent. ~ According to my own private artistic standards set at: ~ AND:


THE TWILIGHT ZONE's old fashion David Lynch look alike director in episode 85; scene 93, take 2, looks that way because Lynch himself was born on the January 20, 93 start date of the 1260 days countdown of the two witnesses. ~ Not to mention that lynching was a rather popular form of social justice in the wild wide west. ~ Ergo, Dave's code name is Si in this one. ~ Which stands for the G7 mountain that towers above TWIN PEAKS, at: ~ AND: ~ Where my own step father Leslie Winn was fly fishing for fat rainbows on the North Fork, circa in 1959-64; and he slipped on a huge boulder above a deep trout pool and wounded his head; REV.13 style. ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Montana, the phoney baloney actor in the above segment looks like Justin Theroux in MULLHOLLAND DR. meets INLAND EMPIRE. ~ And when Lynch takes off his cap in frustration, we see what the fallout of WW:III did to his usual full head of hair. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCHUMER: There are about 29 '100' day-periods in your typical two term administration in DC. ~ God forbid, you probably will not even be alive by then to see it: metaphorically speaking. ~ Yeah yeah, every group of people on earth have their fair share of trouble makers. ~ That said, the Jews stand out as the worst trouble makers in the whole world simply because they are so damn good at it. ~