Monday, September 30, 2013


Josh becomes Mr Big in SEX AND THE CITY, circa 1988, after he encounters that Barack Obama darkie devil figure wearing muslim head gear at a fly-by-night CARNIVAL OF SOULS setting in NYC meets SLC, UT. Who is opening his mouth over and over as if beckoning the little Jewish boy to let him suck on his cock for a George Washington head quarter. ~ ~ Ergo, the kid from Cliffside, NJ, for that triple Cliffside, Texas train wreck on the same Wednesday that the Bush's BAG OF BONES from Maine came out of the neo con closet. ~ ~ [Neocons are half Jewish half asshole Republicans.] ~ ~ But anyway, Maine's Jew bitch Republican Senator Snow is/was a Snowflake dolphin bitch dog thing, who now looks like a Nancy Pelosi type bang of boners, at: ~ ~ Therefore, BIG's little Joshua gets a fake Social Security number just like my sidekick in the new Greek homosexual White House temple did when he was a 13ish boy growing up in Hawaii. Which was extracted for him by his old grandmother who worked in the state's probate offices. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 911 NOTES: They started calling 911 in Mel Gibson's Area Code 310 right after I had logged my new 911 justice posting Sunday afternoon. ~ ~ Something about a high flying private Idaho [RV] jet from Demi Moore's Sun Valley area crashing into that hanger full of classic cars. Like this one at: ~ ~ CLAIM JUMPER NOTES: Claiming that you own Janis Joplin is the same thing as claiming that you own Courtney Love; which I do. Laugh all you want to out of your gay-assholes; I also own Drew Barrymore and her crazy sister half-wife Cameron Diaz too. ~ ~ At this rate, I'm probably going to need a big airplane hanger full of sexy sports cars just to keep all of them happy. ~ ~ BIG NOTES: The iconic Ronald Reagan 1988 prophecy entitled BIG comes to an end in fall. ~ ~ OLIMPIC NATIONAL PARK NOTES: Maine's Senator Olimpic Snowflake doll-fin figure who looks like Alison Roth also claims that she is Greek Orthodox Christian; "I haven't laughed so hard since I was a little girl!" Dr Evil, per: ~ ~ 2014 GREEK TEMPLE NAZI PRESIDENT NOTES: Did I forget to mention that reborn Nazism is the third way shining path to the future? Since at least half of those new young virile Nazi Greek asshole motherfuckers are a bunch of olive skinned gay basher darkies. Who look like they would have no problem fucking two women at a time.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last week I dreamed that I was scouting around Alpine, Utah for a nice spacious house, with lots of bedrooms, for Ellen Page and her polygamist sister hippie chick wives. When suddenly Mel Gibson appeared driving down the road in a pickup truck, which he was driving erratically; just to be funny. ~ ~ Then I saw a high-flying RV with wings, full of old FDR type LDS church leaders, crash hard after hitting some tree tops near some small local airport. ~ ~ Just seconds after her and I were playing 'hide-the-cucumber'. ~ ~ Oh well, we can always finish the game later. ~ ~ Nothing like having something to look foreward to when things get kind of boring. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UNDERAGED SEX EDUCATION NOTES: When a guy wants to fuck you in the mouth, just remember to cover your teeth up with your soft plump lips, and keep your mouth and tongue pressed down on his cock as tight as possible, without biting. ~ ~ PS SANDY: There was a mediocre 5.0 medium size ten virgins 5/5 orgasm sign in the Sandwich Islands area right after you showed up in the green room to be on the Jay Leno classic cars show. ~ ~ How about you buy me a free of charge mint condition 89ish German 911 PORSCHE, in race car green, and I completely forgive you for your disgusting and ignorant personal offenses towards me? Forgiveness is free of course. If you believe in Jesus. Or even if you believe just a little bit in his direct descendent who is his great great great.... grandson. A 911 for a 911 is still the law of Israel. ~ ~ Here's the deal. Ellen Page let's me drive her around and fuck her all I want, inside of her really fine looking used 1980s 911, which probably only cost her like a measly 15k, tops. Or you end up living alone with your dog; like some old used-up 1980s Hollywood star, somewhere up in the hills. ~ ~ Plus, Ms Page gets to have three natural born children who were sired by the King of England, and all you got is that little CURIOUS GEORGE monkey boy who represents your blind sided vote for Barack Obama; courtesy of Jesse James. ~ ~ In the last days, the little sisters will teach their bigger sisters a lesson or two.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Crater Lake, Oregon looks exactly like a football stadium, that has been hit by an atomic bomb. Hence that new 7.7 earthquake island there that represents the London wizard known as Harry Potter. For the Potter County omens that happened with that ghostly bag of bones officially witnessing that gay wedding in Maine. ~ ~ You tango with the devil in LAST TANGO IN PARIS, the devil does the EVITA-ville tango with you, and you like it. ~ ~ Right there is 7401' Grouse Hill, for my 1974 socialist French whore-wife who was always grousing about me not having a serious government job. ~ ~ That cold hearted Italian missionary FFer wife who left my good buddy Donele Willy at about the same time in Provo, Utah, same thing. ~ ~ [He lived in a brick Masonic temple walk-up apartment behind Provo's Christian Science reading room Temple; Go figure.] ~ ~ Think Ken McLeod's old bag of bones mother probably died of cancer, or something. Doesn't really matter, he never takes me fishing anymore anyway. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ASSHOLE NOTES: Ace plays the invisible stinky asshole man after he is perceived as being the anti-Christ to the anti-Christ in DAN.12 in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE. Hence, Bruce Troxell feels like he has dozens of liberal media assholes climbing up his 'black hole' butt, circa 2013. ~ ~ BAG OF BONES NOTES: Boy George sang THE CRYING GAME song in confirmation of George Walker thinking that he was such hot shit for being an official witness to that gay wedding up in Maine. Right there in Crater Lake National Park's football bowl look alike landmark is the Whitehorse Bluff landmark about today's abomination of desolation bomb craters. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I love the bomb just as much as my sidekick loves the bomb, maybe even more. Why else would my man ever had made that friendly phone call to the president of Iran? ~ ~ PS MD: Sorry about leaning on you so much lately. Just because I don't have any money yet from Mel Gibson. Who is still too hung up on the false doctrines of the new pope from Argentina to cut me a check for my next five home video fuck films. You'd think that the guy would know better by now; after being fucked for so many years by all those crazy women in REV.17. ~ ~ Anyway, I got at least four classic re-make screenplays by now that specifically involve you fucking underaged teenagers up on the deck of your Bahamas fishing boat yacht with twin VO/VO engines. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: Would it help you if we cast Dakota Fanning as the slightly older Janis Joplin, and her younger sister Ellen in the slightly younger looking Texas teenager role? Personally, I like the Lindsay Lohan meets Miley Cyrus idea better; but you're the director. ~ ~ PS JERRY: Did you ever happen to see that movie called "WHERE'S MY CAR DUDE?" ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: Carrey Mulligan could probably do both of the roles in the inevitable Janis Joplin bio-pic; but only if the two Coen brothers were directing. But that would never happen.

Friday, September 27, 2013


I got BIG on Friday at WAL+MART for five bucks. ~ ~ Guess what I AM is going to be doing this weekend. ~ ~ Too bad that you are not still with me on this one. ~ ~ "You don't know what you're missing..." says my Alison Roth-Deetz composition figure to Justin Theroux in the MULHOLLAND DRIVE Dutch windmill prophecy. ~ ~ Think Jennifer Aniston is still a bit too uptight and stiff right now, like Jennifer Grey, without the nose job, but she will be as good to go as a Jane Fonda, or a Barbara Streisand, or a Goldie Hawn, before she knows what hit her. ~ ~ For example, Sienna Miller tells the liberal media con man in INTERVIEW that he is much more fun when he is drunk, per: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN


NOTE: That massive 7.7 earthquake near the Iranian border struck at the same time the UN delegates were arriving to hear the president of Iran speak, and listen to the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DAN.12 [Marino]. The 7.0 earthquake down in Gisele's Book of Mormon country was a 11:42:42 am reference to the double '42' months references in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE. [Think 7.20] Hence the prophetic movie's use of THE CRYING [NFL] GAME song from the transsexual movie of the same name. ~ ~ NOTE: The same Wednesday that the spokesperson for [BAG OF BONES] Bush Sr announced no.41 was an official witness to a gay wedding in Maine, there was a spectacular triple train wreck near Bushland, Texas; just south of Cliffside, in Potter County. Due west is Rt. 809's Deaf Smith County; for the '809.' CAR 54 in PET DETECTIVE. ~ ~ NOTE: Ace walks by '1244' when he opens ACE VENTURE smashing the glass sands of Israel. At apartment 311, we see the ghost eyes of the invisible man, a.k.a. Greg. At about 16:30 on the above DVD, Ace says that the future "black hole" abomination is what it will take to save the ancient species of Israel. Then we see him do his high shift "Highland" German bitch routine. At about 19:40, we see the Negro authority figure right after the fat white detective asks Ace if he has collared any dogs lately. Then that cockroach pest gets squashed on the floor. In the background is a map of the United States. ~ ~ Tuesday's extremely rare September snow storm in Crater Lake, Oregon was a Snowflake doll-fin confirmation. Right there is Lost Creek, Beaver Marsh, Diamond Lake, Sun Pass, Union Peak, Kimball State Park, etc. etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, September 26, 2013


LL could also earn the same amount of money as Dakota Fanning does in my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake sequel prequel, but only if she agrees to get paid on the backside. ~ ~ My word is my bond. ~ ~ Believe me, you suck my cock, and you let me fuck you in the ass, you get anything that you want, times ten. ~ ~ I mean it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


That expert equestrian Jew homo who was just assassinated through a WINDOWS computer screen on Long Island was confirmation of BiBi saying two times in the past two days that Iran is a Jewish East Hamptons DEATH TRAP thing. Hence, Savage's GROUND ZERO style talk radio program is now going to be heard all over Long Island; like it or not, come hell or high water. ~ ~ Big wow. Clyde Lewis is a big fat Jew who hates Mormons. Didn't see that coming. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the half Jewish King of England is going to hijack all of your best battle ships, and your best nuke subs, and park them somewhere around the ten virgins' New Zealand islands, and the Fiji Islands of Mel Gibson. ~ ~ Surprise surprise, that second shooter on the 3-way grassy knoll in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE was a second major Texas assassination thing. ~ ~ Where everybody knows that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a cheap forgery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YELLOW NOTES: That homogaysexual horse-jumper was killed on Long Island, NY in "... a house with yellow shutters." sort of speak. ~ ~ KOREA NOTES: The tall 6'2" Mr Kim shot those two witnesses at SAVE ENERGY on Long Island, at the FDR mall, for the phony-baloney alternative-energy wind-mill House of Israel in 82's DEATHTRAP prophecy. Think WE ARE THE MILLERS meets De Niro's new "I-don't-know-what" movie made in France. ~ ~ NEGRO NOTES: The main reason why Obama should not be the President of America is because he is a half Jew Nigger. Not just because he is a secret Communist who is not even a U.S citizen; who is using a stolen Social Security number, or anything like that. What? You don't believe in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, or the Second Book of Commandments? Guess I was wrong about you. ~ ~ PS JERRY SEINFELD: If you don't feel like finding me my Long Island love shack and my restored evergreen Veloce car with brown leather seats to go with it, the God of Israel will find someone else to do it for you. Many are called, but few are chosen; as in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL meets THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS. And you are going to pay for both of these iconic remakes, shot on the cheap on home video, out of your own pocket. Otherwise the girl dies. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Just an idea. Since you will probably be paying for my own big no.13 private Idaho potato prostate remake of LAST TANGO IN PARIS out of your own pocket anyway, circa 2014; how about Dakota Fanning as my under aged 17ish looking fuck interest in the new movie? So you have to pay her twice her asking price, cash money up front. As if you can take it with you anyway. [That 1990s look alike newspaper clippings [GSR/TWN] dude who lived upstairs from me and you in the above iconic movie represented me and you.] ~ ~ OK: In the 1969ish remake, obviously you're a bit older now, so we bring in Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox, or maybe even Jennifer Aniston or Heather Graham as your double-the-trouble three-way love interests. So it costs you. Big fucking deal. Look what happened to you and Catherine Zeta-Jones when you told her that you were no longer interested in the boring gay ass apostate Christian monogamy status quo. ~ ~ OOPS: I forgot to mention Elizabeth Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow. Probably because I want to keep them both for myself. ~ ~ Anyway, in my own born again private LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II remake-sequel-prequel, I would make that JACK DANIEL bourbon Kentucky guy living upstairs in my small BYU student apartment in Provo, Utah to be way more younger than I AM, or way more older than I AM, depending. Depending on the fact that Chloe Moretz maybe plays my underaged look alike nice-and-tight virgin ass interest in the new uncensored soft-porn flirty-fishing fuck film. That is if she gets ten big ones up front, no questions asked. Plus an extra ten points if she finishes the shoot, and sucks my cock.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ace Bone asks, "Is Greg here?" at that bone-headed head-banger thrasher club; before he goes downstairs to my own private basement lair and gives me the secret New England clam chowder [wet vagina] code to my future underground MISSION IMPOSSIBLE operative. ~ ~ Who obviously looks like some kind of a 'man with a plan' nut job from the pre-conservative 60s. ~ ~ Then by golly Ms Molly, yours truly gets a date with the future physically transfigured 29ish Courteney Cox in order to attend that A-list party at Tom Brady's new ridiculous neo Italian [Super Bowl size] Venetian mansion out in the West LA area. [Think New England's ace quarterback, Tom.] This being the scenario's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE idea about me ever fucking Gisele Bundchen and Miss Cox at the same time in some kid of a 1994ish Thailand earthquake orgasm three-way sex-on-the-beach cocktail vacation. In confirmation of that time when I called Alison Roth from a pay-phone at SUSAND'S BAGELS in the U-District, circa 1993. Just hours after she had returned from Thailand with her balding virile looking fuck buddy who drove a SAAB at the time. ~ ~ And don't you deny it girl. I was stalking your every move with a video camera back in the 90s, just like in the beginning of STEALING BEAUTY, after I had attended your actors workshop in Seattle. ~ ~ While writing you all those crazy obsessed love letters on my private stationary. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS: The Jewish Alison Roth had the exact same kind of large and high up tits that the Jewish Gisele Bundchen has. Plus she was always wearing those really tight jeans and sitting on a chair with her legs spread open. ~ ~ I was a complete goner from the minute I walked into her Seattle actor's lab dog workshop in 1990-1991. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: In the last days, Ephraim will come first, Judah will come last, like at:

Monday, September 23, 2013


Could be complete bullshit. But I read on the Internet that the nut job host of GROUND ZERO recently had the two tumors [rumors] of Judah and Ephraim removed from his body. These days you never know what to believe. ~ ~ For example; on Clyde the Camel Toe's REV.17 woman wiki page it still says that Barack Obama's proven birth certificate forgery is nothing but a silly late night talk radio UFO fringe theory. Which of course is a completely correct thing to say. ~ ~ Like saying Bill Murray [Utah] had no business flying over to Thailand and fucking two 16 year-old girls at the same time. Before and after he was due on the set in Tokyo to shoot LOST IN TRANSLATION with a 17 year-old Scarlet Johansson playing a lonely and horny Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. ~ ~ Not everything in the Bible is true, I guess. ~ ~ Not to mention the obviously true simple minded Book of Mormon. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GROUND ZERO RADIO PROMOTION: The first five foolish virgins who show up before my own private 4:20 pm screening of WE'RE THE MILLERS at Bonney Lake's TALL TEN REGAL THEATERS on Wednesday afternoon will get free admission; curtesy of Clyde Lewis. Afterwards, we'll all go over to SAHARI'S for a Dutch apple pie and milk Q&A session. ~ ~ PROGRAM NOTE: Special seating arrangements have been made so that there are at least five empty seats lined up next to me in the theater's back row. In order to accommodate my special invisible people guest supporters. ~ ~ In case more show up to my private underground screening than we had anticipated, there will be at least a ten-empty-seats section roped off for them in the front row. Using invisible ropes of course. Nobody wants to freak out the locals or anything.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Jim Carrey's Big Brown UPS delivery man smart-ass jerk in the White House rescues Magan Fox's poochie at door number 311 in confirmation of Courtney Cox's 311th fake physical transfiguration image at: ~ ~ Wherein we see those 3rd floor endowment house temple veils in the background that are going to finally get rid of her saddlebag worries. ~ ~ I mean, get real. Who wants to fuck old people anyway? ~ ~ Not me. ~ ~ I like em young and skinny and fit and trim. Always have, always will, forever and forever. ~ ~ Time changes nothing in my world. ~ ~ And nothing is going to change in this fallen world until the amber-haired fair daughters of Israel get kidnapped and abused by that big ugly 666 monster who resides at door no.311 in the opening sequence to the ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE prophecy. ~ ~ Alrighty then. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LDS FALL CONFERENCE NOTES: Ace shows up to the rescue when we see those two Mormon missionaries, and then the legendary [...NFL BRONCO II license plate] Bruce Troxell figure from BYU is introduced as we see the two brown vagina shaped football witnesses of Judah and Ephraim getting rammed and pushed around in the background by a bunch of giant niggers. ~ ~ GOD DAMN I'M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ALL THE TIME! ~ ~ PARTY CRASHER NOTES: The crash of that "United States..." chopper in John McCain's Arizona, and the crash of that five foolish gay sailors chopper in the latter-day 666 Red Sea of Egypt and Sodom, was about the sudden crash of all those black helicopter conspiracy theory nut jobs who call into GROUND ZERO in the middle of the night. ~ ~ Think Clyde Lewis meets Clyde the Camel. ~ ~ NO, SERIOUSLY, NOTES: Even Clyde the Jew humper monkey man from Murray admits often times on 770 KTTH late night in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE that he has a big head. ~ ~ And yes, seriously. I'd rather spend my lonely late night hours listening to Clyde Lewis on GROUND ZERO radio instead of watching David Letterman, or Jay Leno, and/or Jimmy Kimmy on tv. All of whom never have had the balls to openly talk about me, or take any of my phone calls. ~ ~ Think Rush never takes calls anymore from all those sports-bar guys who wonder why he is not talking about the known illegal alien homosexual murderer in the White House. Because the two witnesses are supposed to be overcome by the devil after their special 1260 days period would come to an end. And now comes the time to get rid of that nigger who has been screening all his phone calls; metaphorically speaking.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE ends with Tone Loc's final summarization of today's 666 situation, circa 2013. Whose rap song begins with my prophetic Tarzan the Apeman call to all my nigger-rich niggers. ~ ~ Including the simple-minded ones of weak understanding who listen to GROUND ZERO talk radio in the middle of the night. Confirmed by that strange orange and black T-shirt I'm wearing in the 1994 movie that says 'GROUND ZERO'. ~ ~ Even I, who is the smartest one in the room, didn't see that one coming ten years ago; when I last watched it on my 2-4-1 Tuesday special VHS VIDEO UPDATE rental tape. ~ ~ Obviously, Clyde Lewis was hanging around KALL radio in SLC, UT in the 1990s when I was a regular call-in drive-time radio show guest. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GAY ASS NOTES: No coincidence that Jim Carrey's back-slider homosexual masterpiece was also filmed in Miami, years later. Per that Orthodox Jew monkey who dances on the Bible, [Book of Mormon] right before the film's fiery cleansing scenes. Wherein Jim Carrey vomits in the toilet after he realizes that the new Sodom and Egypt is now bearing down on the House of Israel. And he ponders the meaning of that Jew fink transsexual who is the little horn in the Book of Daniel prophecies about their fake gem of a "president" Barack Obama. ~ ~ Or should I say President Tom Monson? Who originally was very smitten by my ground zero [Utah] talk radio appearances; but then he was forced to cave into Gordon B Hinckley's yammering. [Think ALASKA's tall neo German half-Jewish Norwegian love boat captain jet pilot, Paul Garrison.] ~ ~ This being the scene in the the above movie wherein the Mormon Bruce Troxell figure gets thrown off of that tall white condo tower that represents the future tall white building in the low budget CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GRAND SLAM NOTES: A-Rod got his record breaking symbolic 24th [leadership number] grand slam after the Sabbath had started during Sukkot. Sending the stitched up leather skin white ball over the top of that Masonite billboard; next to the PEPSI commercial, for those who think young, at: ~ ~ AND: For those who are sick of that spare tire on their waist, and those sidekick saddlebags on their 1960s hippie hips. ~ ~ PET NOTES: KP is in the house too; wearing a cute lost cats and dogs stiff necked collar, with no phone number, name, or address on it, at: ~ ~ KOSHER NOTES: That weirdo 1950s early 1960s duck hairdo on top of my weird looking shaved face in my above Miami vice Jew picture means that my dirty pet monkey sex man in the movie has fallen asleep; and is currently numbered among the-the five foolish virgins prophecy in the Jesus Bible about the coming of the Messiah. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT & GEORGE CLOONEY: If those two Jewish New York society Coen brother whimps are still too stiff and too weak to fork out any of their surplus 10% cash money for your next risky and dangerous fuck film, look to me for the money. Not to mention the casting. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: Just because you have made over $100,000,000 as a famous Hollywood movie star from Canada, it does not mean that you get to do anything that you want to, just because you feel like it; and that includes annal sex.

Friday, September 20, 2013


The big bag of dog bones clue in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE is a missing rare orange amber from a DOLPHINS championship ring from the Jewish Miami area for old skinny EZE.37 type Jews; which represents Scarlet Johansson, who was born in 1984. That was confirmed on the same day I got it by Gisele Bundchen showing up at some UN event in a sexy orange number. ~ ~ Because the Amber Alert system for the lost daughters of Israel did not even come out until three years and a half [1260 days] after the movie was shot in early 1993. ~ ~ And I do like em thin and young. ~ ~ Which is why Ace Bone teases Courtney Cox at around 38:... minutes about struggling with middle age weight saddle bag issues because she is not taking care of his future white British lab dog husband to her, circa 2013. Who is currently isolated, and being forced to eat the dog shit food and fare of Babylon. ~ ~ In the end, even she finds out that the transsexual authority figure in the 1994 aquamarine no.13 prophecy represents today's transsexual in DANIEL who is not straight. And whose fake 'horn' surname is the same little horn prince in DANIEL. ~ ~ In the last days, the God of Israel is going to gather up all of his precious gems. And not those fake gems that he talks about in the latter-day revelations recorded at ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~DIE DAN!! PRINCE NOTES: That Divinely inspired short JW darkie musician from the Twin Cities of Judah and Ephraim, who also plays a little horn, tried for years to get away with not having a real name in the 1980s, per: ~ ~ ADRIANA LIMA PS: Two nights ago, I dreamed that your mother was trying to hook me up with you. Not that I have a problem with that. But I just was not expecting it from that direction. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMB ASS ARROGANT FASCIST HALF JEW TRAITOR UTAH MORMONS: The polite high-shift society Jew hater German Nazi figure in ACE VENTURA is obsessed with the fish-eat-fish in REV.13:1. Kind of like you are. Not to mention that new apostate Pope featured in Madonna's upcoming 17-minute Evitaville short film. ~ ~ Who does not have MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO spirit of prophecy in him. Which is the testimony of Jesus Christ in REV.19. Unlike the new born again Pope of Malibu, who is Mel Gibson.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The day 1290 UN building in NYC resembles that amazing high tech 666 monolith idol of the ancient pagan gods in the futuristic 2001 A SPACE ODESSY prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein the future talk radio followers of GROND ZERO gather together every night to yam around the bonfire about their forefather aliens. ~ ~ Don't laugh, John Kerry definitely has that tall Jewish 1930s Frankenstein monster look. ~ ~ Think CAR 54 meets THE MONSTERS during the born again 19666s, and beyond. ~ ~ Ergo, last night I wasn't feeling it again. So I asked JZUS what movie comes next. And all I got from him was the crazy voice in my head of Jim Carrey in one of his earlier broad comedy movies. So I stopped by PISTOL ANNIE'S and found a special DVD edition there that contains all three of the ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE movies. But it only had one movie disk inside of it. So I grabbed it fast because the first one features Jim Carrey in a trademark Barack Obama Hawaiian shirt. Who is trying to save the dolphins down in today's Florida of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Plus, Thursday was the first day of Zukkot, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOWARD STERN NOTES: The headlines about that Barack Obama killer came out on Howard Stern Day, the 1260 days anniversary of Judah, which was also the anniversary of when the U.S. Constitution was signed. Hence the forged document signatures on Obama's fake birth certification, and his stolen and illegal 666 Social Security number. Because Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are a man made made-up fantasy by the new beast that was born after the old beast died. Therefore, the stiff necked Jew named Gwyneth Paltrow is still going on talk shows hosted by lesbians in order to bear her testimony about the truth of universal government health care. Which is the very foundation of the old and the born again versions of 666 fascism. ~ ~ Live free or die trying. ~ ~ GHOST NOTES: In the 1990 GHOST prophecy, Ms Brown calls all those niggers from New Jersey a bunch of spooks, at around 1:20 on my DVD. Where we see her sitting upon a dark wooden idol throne that depicts a dark man on the top of it. Who has large brown shitty turds coming out of both sides of his mouth. ~ ~ GROUND ZERO NOTES: Why listen to the boring and repetitive metaphorically-dead-already two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim on the radio every day when you can tune into GROUND ZERO talk-radio every night and hear people talking about my Scottish Masonite King of England plot to rule the world? ~ ~ Believe me you, I'm this/close to being a regular call-in guest on the Clyde Lewis show out of Portland, Oregon. Why yam about THE INVISIBLE MAN behind the international Illuminati plot behind the scenes if you don't have the balls to talk to it's mysterious leader in person? I AM is not chopped liver. ~ ~ AUTUM SURPRISE NOTES: When that overweight middle aged nigger named 'Orlando' [Florida] possesses Ms Brown's body in GHOST, he/she sees his late wife wearing a fake looking "autumn surprise" wig. ~ ~ Hence, the deadly 1960s FAT SPY movie ending to the 1990 movie, down in Florida.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Therefore Bill Murray gets put into that dentist chair in the LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS prophecy, and he likes it. ~ ~ Wherein the root canal jobs that he has coming are going to motivate him to get back to his Israelite roots. And stop fucking around with those old unattractive religion church lady Republicans in Utah; like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Michael Medved. ~ ~ People who lie in spirit about their age also tend to lie in spirit about Barack Obama; the abomination of desolation in MARK 13 meets 1NEPHI 13. ~ ~ Who that former German jet-pilot consiglieri to today's false prophet of the Mormon church says is just an Internet rumor. ~ ~ Think my tall half Jew-boy native ALASKA AIRLINES [BOOK OF MORMON] sidekick Paul Garrison [ship] captain is still role playing my immature "equity partner" helicopter-hat pilot from Kentucky in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy. ~ ~ There is a very fine line that divides the Christian fishermen in Russia from the Christian fishermen in Alaska, in the frozen icy waters of the Bering Seas. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MILEY CYRUS NOTES: Miley's ex-fiancée was so weak, and looked so muck like Will Ferrell, that he ended up kissing a DISNEYLAND theme park look alike who looks a lot like a younger Jessica Alba. ~ ~ Think Sandra Bullock got blindsided by Jesse James in Orange County, California; and now she's all grown up. ~ ~ THIRD ACT NOTES: I finished the first 2/3rds of 2003's THE HUMAN STAIN prophecy last night. Now I'm ready to see what happens when Nicole Kidman finally gets around to fucking me in the last act, at: ~ ~ Since her obviously BYU college professor lover in the crazy Rocky Mountains high movie is apparently a middle-aged mulatto. ~ ~ JACKSON HOLE SKI RESORT NOTES: Dear Sandra Bullock; If you still own that family log cabin love-shack real estate investment up in Wyoming, please hold onto it. Because if you do, you will be rewarded by the likes of Emma Watson, who loves to snow ski; and her sisters too. I mean really. Let's get realistic. Do you want to actually-really get involved with some old fucker right now? If there are no girl-friends with benefits involved? ~ ~ Wherein I role play Roger Moore in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, who goes ahead and fucks the daylights out of that blond teenage babe in LOST IN TRANSLATION. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


NOTE: The crazy black shooter at bld.179 was given a pass by authorities, just like they have allowed Obama into the most secure areas of US government. Even though they know that his papers are all forged, and he is using a stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ Now comes the crazy unauthorized shooting spree in the middle east by a black man who is half Jewish; thanks to the crazy Jews who voted for him. ~ ~ NOTE: Bld.179 represents the '179' restaurant in INTERVIEW where the liberal media con man first meets the Russian named Katya, and a "shit storm" is brewing down in Washington, DC. ~ ~ NOTE: The Jack-hammering opening to GHOST is that huge black man swinging a sledgehammer in front of the S.A.M. in Seattle, at; ~ ~ NOTE: Katya falls down and sobs on her Persian rug in INTERVIEW. ~ ~ NOTE: The doors to Demi Moore's heart are finally opened in GHOST using a prophetic Barack Obama, Lincoln penny trick. ~ ~ The voices that Whoopie's Ms Brown character hears in her head were confirmed by the new 13 ghosts from the U.S. Navy command in Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


The Biblical REV.12 flooding in Obama's liberal bastion of Boulder, Colorado, [meets Eugene, Oregon,] came in confirmation of my Hudini milk can flood post. Because in the GHOST prophecy about me dying and taking the one-way train to Tacoma at the start of Christmas season, 1990, the evil dark one who JB voted for twice lives at street number 303. ~ ~ You fuck the strange cock, the strange cock fucks you back in spades. ~ ~ So now you are in danger girl, big time. ~ ~ Because Jesus is coming. And he has a-cock-for-a-cock revenge on his mind. ~ ~ You stonewall the truth in New Jerusalem, DC, some nigger who is hearing voices is going to show up at your metaphorical back door on the same day, per: ~ ~ Talk about American exceptionalism. ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DREAM NOTES: Just to set the record straight. Last night I dreamed that Bill Murray thinks that I'm a jerk. ~ ~ JB's high shift high elevation German Alps ancestry is a Colorado meets Utah thing. ~ ~ Somewhere last night, I read that the Signfelds just threw a huge forged birth certificate birthday party at their swanky Manhattan penthouse in confirmation of 'Latte and Relf' showing up in East Hampton in DEATHTRAP to yam [yammer] about some party. ~ ~ That historic map of Nova Scotia in Ned's cabin stands for his future pregnant JUNO actress wife Ellen Page. Hence those three pages that he puts into every self-addressed envelope that he gives to her in a blue heron GSR/TWN envelope in THE LIFE AQUATIC love boat movie.

Monday, September 16, 2013


What? You don't believe that homosexual sailors deserve to get hit by a china town made super-sonic navy ship missile killer and die? Just because you are some Jimmy Carter meets George Bush style faggot Christian who believes in forgiveness? Like Stephen King or Stephen Fresh? ~ ~ How about some camel-humping false prophet figure shoves an old FDR era WWII pineapple grenade up your Hawaiian Pearl Harbor gay ass butt and pulls the trigger right before you come? ~ ~ What comes around goes around. ~ ~ Besides, most of the old WWII vets who are dying off these days have an enlarged prostate that is about the size and shape of an old pineapple grenade. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLAME IT ON RIO NOTES: Lady Gaga just got pulled down to hell by some dark shadow darkies at a concert in Brazil. Because she is still a partner in crime to the dark skin murderer in the White House. Who has murdered more than one of her little innocent monsters who don't know any better. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT'S DREAM ABOUT CAMERON DIAZ: The nicest thing about my seemingly never-ending reoccurring erotic dreams about my fuck buddy Cameron Diaz is that she is always so friendly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


2007's Dutch film remake movie entitled INTERVIEW is a prophetic allegory about today's liberal media sack-of-shit con men liars. Who basically believe in the Marxist precept of, "By any means necessary". The truth be damned. ~ ~ Therefore, Israel is now going to die, and be born again with a new and improved genuine birth certificate. ~ ~ Talk about miraculous resuscitations. ~ ~ Meanwhile, whatever, ergo, since, when, and wherever, etc. etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ XXX NOTES: Last night I dreamed that the original Scottish 007 star of the 0014 ROD STEEL remake was getting eight blood transfusions a year on the third floor of that temple blood bank in GHOST. [Replaced with a pint of the pure mystical curative mineral spring waters from that little white house with the two two trout ponds that fed into the South Fork of the Provo River when I married my crazy French Holy Grail wife Laurence Pierson, circa 1974.] ~ ~ You got cancer? You're tired of of your herpes condition getting in the way of your middle-aged love life? No problem; just go to and sign on the dotted line. ~ ~ And give me half of your money too; ten percent of which will go to the Church of Mel Gibson up in Malibu. If you don't want your kids to die. ~ ~ WANDERLUST NOTES: I'm only about 30 minutes into the prophetic Jennifer Anniston hippie chick movie by now. Which means that I have about two thirds left to go. ~ ~ Never was able to see Sienna Miller's two Andy Warhol hippie chick movies. ~ ~ Hopefully sometime in the near future, I will get to see her strange G.I.JOE. movie about those mysterious UN military uniform forces who invade Syria and Iran. ~ ~ Since, because, ergo, therefore; all the special forces U.S. Navy Marines frogmen in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy wear the same light blue uniforms of the United Nations, and so on.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sienna Miller's major movie star [Jennifer Aniston] shag-pad loft in INTERVIEW was the same film location seen in GHOST, 1990. Wherein the latest true-or-false rumors have it that she is now only getting about $4,000,000 up front per picture. ~ ~ So you should definitely pay attention to Sam's brown leather sofa throne that we can see in the three-way sex scene with Rihanna and Cara at the end of GHOST. Given the movie's British sneakers box secrets that contain the codes that open the doors at the end. Where we see that look alike Picasso polygamist art piece hanging on the wall in the background. ~ ~ It's now beginning to look like you might have to be some kind of an artistic inspired genius in order to comprehend the basic Biblical idea that having more than one wife is much better for the mental and spiritual health of everybody involved. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BEST TWO-OUT-OF-THREE NOTES: My 65% silver 1968 half dollar coin toss up says I watch INTERVIEW tonight, and WANDERLUST tomorrow night. ~ ~ Yes, "IT'S ALL TRUE" I can't hardly wait to fuck Ellen Page in the mouth like some under-aged 16 year-old; but first things first. Not to mention that it is way past time to take another look at my own private BUBBA HO-TEP bio-pic. About the time when I fell off the stage and died; and then they sent me to some smelly old folks home in Bonney Lake meets Washington Lake, Mercer Island, Seattle. Which came to an end with a miraculous resuscitation resurrection scene beside a creek in Texas. ~ ~ Believe or not, there are actually a few really nice native German brown trout cold water spring-fed streams in Texas; just nobody talks about them. And that's the way I like it. ~ ~ HOLY GHOST NOTES: Molly represents the fleet of 'MOLLY MAIDS' house-cleaning wives in Bonney Lake. Who drive around town in their small little KIA RIO cars. ~ ~ TALK RADIO INSANITY: You can talk all night long about the UN's Illuminate conspiracy to depopulate the world using Syria's confiscated VX gas inventories. But nobody can mention Obama's proven birth certificate forgery and his confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number in the light of day? What has this world come to?

Friday, September 13, 2013


I don't know about you, but Barack Obama's "hopy changy thing" is working out just fine for me in spades; on a Jesus Christ meets Elvis-is-still-alive level. Thank you very much! ~ ~ Looking back now; It all started when I died in Provo, Utah in 1990, when GHOST came out. Where we see my landlord look alike doctor in the hospital who looks like Nyle Smith, while the clock on the wall says it's 12:25 Christmas season time. And then in my late fall funeral season scene we see Nyle's widow ghost 'C.J.' waving at me from the grave. ~ ~ Because in the 1990 hospital scenes, I had encountered the look alike ghost of Gordon B Hinckley, who told me that Barack Obama was not going to make it. And suggested that he would be pulled down to hell by the half Jewish ethnic devil darkie spirits because he was involved in the murder of his church choir nigger lover in Chicago at about 1:43... on the DVD. Who looked a lot like Whoopie Goldberg. ~ ~ GSR/TWN~ ~ GHOST NOTES: That is the ghost of Dennis Hopper who Whoopie meets on the third floor of the Bank of Babylon. Where she goes for her blood "transfusion" on the third floor of the LDS temple in Manhattan; strategically located next to Obama's prophetic Lincoln Center. Hence the movie's many royal PEPSI crown bottle cap motifs; for those who think young. Wherein Howard Stern is my SUBWAY sandwich franchise mentor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIMPLE MINDS NOTES: The simple minded comedic director of AIRPLANE and POLICE ACADEMY ended up directing GHOST for a Providential reason. ~ ~ We see the ghost of Bonney Lake's Bruce Troxell filmmaker-actor when Demi Moore goes to the police station with her ridiculous ghost stories about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ P.S. BRUCE: My HISTORY CHANNEL type cable tv series about the lost tribes of Israel still is an option for you. My word is my bond. ~ ~ SEATTLE NOTES: My prophetic invisible man figure in GHOST was a S.A.M. thing because his fiancéee was an artist. Hence, all those supposed Seattle based movies that are actually made up in B.C. where my actual wives live; like EXCESS BAGGAGE, etc. etc. ~ ~ UN MOONIE NOTES: The UN is now being lead by a Korean man named Mr.Moon. In confirmation of one of the two queer witnesses in DEATHTRAP suggesting that his half Jewish sidekick could be a moonie. ~ ~ Same thing as Sidney agreeing that it would be a scandal if he was living with an 80 year-old woman. And one of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim agrees to tie one hand behind his back just to make it fare, yada yada. ~ ~ I AM I AM TYPO NOTES: You're God damn right that King Henry VIII was my latter-day overweight forerunner. I mean, think about it. That widow next door, named Demi Moore, has had at least seven husband [lovers] before me; and she still sees herself as a virtuous Hebrew Kabala new-ager wife who is above having three-way sex with the likes of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Think Ellen Page goes to that Oregon hippie commune college for crazy organic vegan basket-weavers in WANDERLUST, the movie, and is shocked, just shocked! That all of the the the the women there love to get off watching her get off.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Don't worry about Barack Obama getting assassinated for a second witness to the 4.4 assassination of MLK. You white crackers are going to get assassinated before anything else happens to anybody. ~ ~ First things first. ~ ~ Think the Republican Party is laying in it's hospital bed attached to all those high tech 666 life-support machines. Which are going to suddenly get turned off when 2/3 of the Jews die in today's fake UN birth certificate state of "Israel". ~ ~ Because the ancient Israel of EZE.38 was the ten tribes kingdom to the north of Jerusalem; which was known as the Kingdom of Judah. If you know anything about the Bible, not to mention the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTE: Obamacare will only be defunded when tax revenues collapse due to the explosion in the middle east that sinks the world economy. And so the fed starts printing even more funny money like crazy, to no avail. But here is the good part, the Jewish neocon Republican Party goes down in flames along with the liberal Jewish Democrat Party. For a win-win situation. Read 1NEPHI 13, etc. if you doubt me. ~ ~ CUTTING TWO EDGED-SWORD NOTES: I'll try to get to Michelle Rodriguez' MACHETE taco wagon prophecy tonight, God willing. Which looks like a movie about the white sons of Israel who are not afraid to kill the alien invaders of Texas and Arizona, and their kids too. I'd fuck that hot-as-hell lesbo bitch in a heart-beat, and her girlfriend too, a.k.a. Jessica Alba. ~ ~ KING HENRY VIII NOTES: My invisible man hero in 1990's GHOST prophecy keeps singing about the future King of England who has 7 wives; at least. While he sits upon his sofa throne and torments the likes of Rihanna and Julia Roberts. ~ ~ THE MAN WITH THE TAN NOTES: Last night, I watched that really cool indie film that was produced by FIRST KISS PRODUCTIONS back in 1996, released in 97, called EXCESS BAGGAGE. Which was about me fucking Evangeline Lilly on Vancouver Island, and her older Pam Anderson sister too. Both of whom have been looking for a spiritually rich sugar daddy who will love them forever and ever, and show them the way to eternal life. [Pam and Alicia are both crazy in the head, great in bed, animal loving monkey-sex type 666 vegan fascist PETA bitches, etc.] ~ ~ MEL NOTES: Guess who is about to become the new Pope Max the First in Rome. Which is no more crazy than the idea of yours truly becoming the King of England. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things; whether in London or in Rome, and even Malibu, California for that matter. ~ ~ Think Henry VIII aligned himself with the Pope in Roma in order to defeat the French frogmen, but this time it actually works out. ~ ~ As in Salem, Utah meets Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ There is a Divine latter-day reason why God created California, the land of fruits and nuts. Not to mention Heirloom tomatoes, artichokes, and egg plants. [Henry VIII started up his own private Catholic church in England after he had decided that he didn't like what was going on in Rome.] ~ ~ Therefore think again, as in TEQUILA SUNRISE meets THE DA'VINCI CODE, circa 2014-2015. ~ ~ CHARLIE'S ANGELS NOTES: That angel who comes through the window in the beginning of GHOST was a WINDOWS MICROSOFT computer screen thing from the Seattle area, circa 1994.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Miley Cyrus's new chain-of-love video for swingers is the companion piece to Taylor Swift's recent swingers video, at: ~ ~ Therefore, I finally got around to watching Demi Moore in GHOST on 9.11; for the first time that it was in the theaters. When I died in Provo, Utah and then I hopped on an AMTRAK ghost train to Tacoma in 1990, for 90 bucks, one way, with full Negro staff at my call. ~ ~ Where I then became THE INVISIBLE MAN in Demi Moore's Holy Ghost prophecy about having a three-way with me and Rihanna at about 1:49:... minutes into my DVD copy. No wonder all my recent erotic dreams about the co-star of INDECENT PROPOSAL meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. ~ ~ Wherein Arson/ial Hall suddenly appears in the iconic movie role playing Barack Obama, circa 2013. Asking us to not adjust the color knob on your 1960s era tv sets. Because there is no difference between colored people and white people, wink wink. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SPIRITUAL ADVISOR NOTES: This new pic of Rihanna in London, sporting that Demi Moore look in GHOST, is confirmation of her psychic abilities to commune with the invisible man in Bonney Lake, Washington. Who is the SMITH&CORONA typewriter Crown Prince of England in 2BC91. ~ ~ P.S. DENNIS WOOD: You get to play a very interesting and complex Barack Obama figure in an upcoming cable TV series. I'm psychic you know. [Jerry Seinfeld kept an old airplane hanger full of vintage mint condition ALFAs and AUSTIN MARTINS and LOTUS turbo 4-bangers right across the street from your apartment in the 1990s.] ~ ~ P.S.LIBBY: Don't forget about those hard and loud Holy Rollers who always got together on the sabbath right next door to your converted red school house on Vashon Island. And then you married that Jewish guy from Chicago who was in the sporting goods business; instead of me. Who was the first boy that you ever kissed, when both of us were still virgins. ~ ~ FUTURE GSR/TWN COMPUTER CODES: That little jerk in the GHOST prophecy goes berserk when he discovers that Sienna Miller had closed out her account in the Bank of Babylon; and moved her $4,000,000 to an off-shore bank in the British Bahamas. Plus the Tom 'Bradly portfolio' gets scrutinized at 1:24:40 when we see a prophetic R/M map of the New England patriots on the wall in the background. The key word in the movie being a "ditto" reference to the Josephite [Smith] witnesse known as Rush Limbaugh. That she can finally see and hear after that piece of sharp computer WINDOWS glass stabs the liberal NYC banker [devil figure] in the gut; which is shaped like the state of Florida. Where the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim [Joseph] are now living. ~ ~ FALL SEASON NOTES: Sam's funeral takes place in the fall in the above 2013 Holy Ghost movie.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


DEATHTRAP's two witnesses murder the CRAZY HORSE woman who rides the new amazing techno 666 beast in REV.17 because it is the worldly who absorb that great flood of filthy sewer waters in REV.12. Where you can see her burning up in flames like some unfairly accused Salem, Mass witch in the above 1982 prophecy at exactly 40:00 minutes on my DVD copy. [The tall Jewish Superman Hollywood star from New England broke his stiff neck and died from a heart attack on 10.10.etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, Hudini had escaped from her clutches while being trapped in a milk breast can '10' feet under water. ~ ~ This being the '52' bucks that Sidney owes the driver of that funeral parlor Caddy at the beginning of DEATH TRAP meets 52 PICKUP. ~ ~ Because in the prophecy about the two witnesses in REV.11, the mormon Democrat Party whore gets destroyed by the devastating earthquake that happens after their miraculous "...miracles of resuscitation." after they lay in the streets of the new and improved Sodom and Egypt for 3 1/2 days. In the New Jerusalem, that is much like the old Jerusalem, where our Lord was crucified by the stiff necked Jews. ~ ~ Not to mention today's stiff necked Israelite Ephraimites who call themselves the true followers of Jesus; even though they hold the Book of Mormon in contempt. Which is only one of the many historical records of the resuscitated Messiah appearing unto the lost tribes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Monday, September 9, 2013


In DEATHTRAP, Sidney ends up riding on top of Cliff like a horse, and breaking his neck with a bloody bridle chain, while on top of a Persian rug that represents Shiraz, Iran. Where the men fuck two wives at a time, and the women love watching it. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ESP'N NOTES: The psychic church lady's "ESP" lines in DEATHTRAP are a wordy word play on the clear ESPN cable channel. [Think BAG OF BONES was a cable tv movie.] ~ ~ Note the Jewish Orthodox prayer shawl on Mira when she screams bloody murder upon seeing the psychotic Helga ten Dorp coming through her kitchen door, unannounced. ~ ~ MINT TAVERN CONFIRMATION: There are a lot of old abandoned gold mines around Sun Valley, Idaho, as per:,7340,L-4427521,00.html ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: Obama is not a socialist communist, nor is he a US citizen; never has been, never will be either one. So please stop lying to us about both of these two things. Rather, he is a classic progressive reformed third-way fascist, who was born in Africa, and quickly became a citizen of Indonesia. And his Hawaiian birth certificate is a proven forgery. And his use of a stolen Social Security number has been confirmed by E-VERIFY. And he obviously had his gay lover Donald Young murdered because the guy could not keep his mouth shut. ~ ~ So why not talk about the truth about all this polite society 'secret combinations' bullshit on talk radio? ~ ~ I thought that most of you simple minded guys on the AM radio believed in the principles of the Bible, etc. Not to mention the U.S. Constitution. Talk about Mormon talk radio morons like Glenn Beck et al, out of Dallas, Texas, meets Salt Lake City, Utah drive-time radio, 19 years later.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sidney's longest running play on Broadway, about God killing the wicked idolators in DEATHTRAP, feels like some kind of a sports stadium game terrorist retaliation thing. ~ ~ Oh please! Hollywood has been making movies about the 666 beast's man-child of the mother whore bitch in REV.17 ever since FDR came into office. ~ ~ So don't get all bent out of shape about 'Gregory Scott Relf's TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER' that exploded on the scene during SLC, Utah's KALL radio drive-time call-in talk show back in the 1990s. When 350,000 listeners heard first hand that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim where now at work in the New Jerusalem of the new Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WORD PLAY NOTES: Stage plays can get away with being more wordy and nerdy; because words are much more cheap to produce than motion pictures. However, now that today's feature length films are all being shot on home video cameras, you finally get to make that prophetic fuck film that you always fantasized about making. And the best part is, you own the negative, since you paid for it out of your own pocket. ~ ~ P.S. BRUCE: I could write the first draft of a play [in about two days] about your brief period as the legendary Ace Bone bartender in Manhattan. Which miraculously time travels into the second act when you become the owner of THE MINT tavern in Sun Valley, Idaho. Don't doubt me on this one. The topless teenager casting alone would guarantee that we cover the nut in the first ten days. ~ ~ DON'T BE RIDICULOUS NOTES: Yeah, I know, Chloe and Hailee are probably way too booked up. So why not cast Dakota's younger and more sexier sister anyway? So you gotta pay her 20k a week, cash money. BFD. Plus, Miley Cyrus would also be more than willing to do it, if she knew for sure that I AM is involved behind the scenes in the project. [Start your theater previews in San Francisco if you want to get Woody Allen involved.] What? You can't imagine Miley playing a bar fly in San Francisco? Who is about to become the next major movie star of my own private upcoming Janis Joplin time-travel bio-pic; who you will pay for, lock stock and two barrels. "Don't be such an old Nelly." [DEATHTRAP]

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Scripturally speaking, Stephen King stepped into his own wolf trap snare that he had laid for the righteous shortly after publishing BAG OF BONES in 1998. And by the time he got out of the hospital months later, he looked exactly like the same bag of bones that he had mocked in his earlier THINNER novel. ~ ~ This being that same small thin bitter-sweet book in REV.10 that we see lying near that D&C 86 wheat harvest arrangement in DEATH TRAP's double 'ten' ten virgins prophecy that came out in 82. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly ends up with a smash hit play that is going to make me and my gifted psychic girlfriends, "...a fortune!" ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSYCHIC NOTES: Helga ten Dorp saw that small black man-child wearing buns on his ears because he might just refuse to hear what Congress says and go ahead and bomb Syria anyway; WAG THE DOG style. By now, everybody knows that he fucked the simple minded Girl Scouts who voted for him, like Scarlett Johansson. Who had no idea that he was not even a citizen of the United States, because they trusted the WASHINGTON POST and the NYT; not to mention all those morons on talk radio. ~ ~ There was a big dog that looked like a wolf riding in that mini van that rammed into the devil's backbone of Stephen King in Maine. The state that is shaped like a dog with his head cut off; if you turn your map book upside down. ~ ~ P.S. DAVID MAMET: I probably could squeeze in a brief three months run in your next play. Might as well keep myself busy and hone up on my acting skills; while waiting around for Michael Douglas to call me. Don't worry about the Jewish theater critics. ~ ~ AQUATIC NOTES: That gigantic Hawaiian shark volcano that they recently discovered under the REV.13:1 sea, east of Japan's LOST IN TRANSLATION location, was named after Texas. For the historic two witnesses volcano that is about to erupt in Mr. Owen's Texas. When he finally gets even with that small man with a German accent. Who is now running the white trash reality tv show in Salt Lake for niggers who hold the new and improved RLDS priesthood. ~ ~ NEIL LABUTE NOTES: LaBute is still getting fucked in the butt non stop by his feminist shrink therapy ex-wife in order that he would finally stop making plays that beat up on men; and start making plays that beat up on the women who don't support their men. ~ ~ Sidney tells his dumb wife in DEATH TRAP to 'stop hovering' for a future 666 hovering spy-drones prophecy. ~ ~ TRANSLATION NOTES: Looks like Keira Knightley is doing some kind of a LOST IN TRANSLATION meets 1982 MANHATTAN homage, at: ~ ~

Friday, September 6, 2013


Basically, DEATH TRAP is about God's justification for killing the wicked, and reenacting a more fare form of Old Testiment slavery. [What? You don't believe in the Bible? Guess I was wrong about you.] Wherein the niggers get just as much money and respect as the Israelites. As long as they don't step over the line that works both ways. ~ ~ I.e. "All men are created equal by God." according to the US Constitution. Therefore anybody who tries to usurp that fundamental eternal principle deserves to be shot in the back of the head with one of those black powder pistols hanging on the wall in DEATH TRAP, Abraham Lincoln style. ~ ~ In other words, the law of the land applies to everybody equally, Jew or gentile, no exceptions. ~ ~ This being my own private double edged sword in REV.19 that is hanging on the above wall from IN FOR THE KILL. ~ ~ Since the Constitution of The Republic of Texas even guarantees the rights of people in Catholic San Antonio, Texas to not bake any wedding cakes for homosexuals if they don't feel like it. ~ ~ Which is why I AM is already the king of the cowboys. And Ken McLeod's son of Israel is an MP down in Fort Hood. Where all the niggers and the southern white boys get the same fare pay and the same fare benefits, according to their rank, respectively. ~ ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: Cliff arrives at Sidney's alternative energy wind farm estate in East Hampton, circa 2013, bearing one of my 1990s newsletter envelopes; which contains the first draft image of my marred servant forehead scar. That I had mailed out to my 144 subscribers in April, 1995.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I overslept on Rosh Hashanah, and didn't wake up until 9:13 am; after Rush was already well into his opening monologue. So I quickly turned on my two witnesses radio and heard Rush talking about his new book. Me still in a half awake dream state of mind. ~ ~ In confirmation of my screening of BAG OF BONES last night ending at exactly 4:00 am. Which was just another one of Stephen King's heavy handed TOMAHAWK missile hatchet jobs on white Christian conservatives. Therefore, I had checked BAG OF BONES at the wikileaks site for loony lefties and saw that it was last updated on 9.2 at 7:29 am, London time, at: ~ ~ Because the mormon church is now being desecrated by a gang of politically correct old weak men; just like in the Masonic US Senate temple, and in the highest 33rd degree of the masonite Catholic Church of New England and Old Ireland. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 7:29 TIME LINE NOTES: The mention of that obese play-write sitting on the front row at my college seminar in DEATH TRAP was a Neil LaBute prophecy. ~ ~ SPRING TIME FOR HITLER NOTES: That crazy Colorado college basketball coach, who recently got busted for smoking dope in Price, Utah, said that Jesus said that Obama would be assassinated next spring. ~ ~ Since he was right about the Mormon church and the Universalist Catholic Church of Rome being destroyed on the very same day that STARBUCKS' Dr.Evil figure consummated his purchase of THE WASHINGTON POST, we should all keep this in mind. Mel Brooks being just a bag of bones by now. And Larry David and Woody Allen and Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine and Roger Moore and Sean Connery et al are right behind him. ~ ~ P.S.IDAHO: On a personal and private level, I'm hoping against hope that my masked Bat Cave, NC sidekick-drinking-buddy will just go ahead and bomb Syria. I don't see any other way that I am going to get to fuck Chloe Moretz and Hailee Seinfeld at the same time in my love shack boathouse in Sag Harbor, Long Island. ~ ~ And I would love nothing more than to fuck all those talk show radio phonies in the ass who refuse to talk about Obama's forged citizenship papers. ~ ~ BAG IT NOTES: Christopher Reeves also looked like a bag of bones when he finally died of a [DEATH TRAP] heart attack on 10.10 back when. After being trapped in a symbolic 666 FDR wheelchair for all those years.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


That false prophet mormon from Arizona in the swinging 70s, who struggled so much with deep throat cancer, and thereby sounded an awful lot like Senator McCain, always had it in for that very impressive Masonic temple located just up the street. ~ ~ Spencer W Kim/ball being a man of short stature of course. Who always taught that Jesus' teachings about forgiving people's personal transgressions was the same thing as forgiving people's crimes. Kind of like George Bush Sr. and Jr. and Jimmy Carter too; not to mention Miley Cyrus' apostate Pentecostal father. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRANSGRESSIONAL NOTES: Calm down; I'm getting closer to reviewing Mel Gibson's RANSOM prophecy. I still just need a little more inspired timing to it is all. All things come to those who have the faith to wait. ~ ~ MORE MARRED SERVANT NOTES: That framed image of me and my forehead scar is showed over and over in 1982's DEATH TRAP prophecy because I was just about ready to shoot myself in the forehead in 1982. Using my model-17 K-frame .22 long-rifle Russian roulette revolver by SMITH&WESSON that I had purchased at some gun shop on Roosevelt when I was 17; on the lay-away plan for $115. ~ ~ Luckily, I ran out of money in 1982 and was forced to pawn it in Bellevue, Washington. Which removed the temptation from my hand.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Talk about braking it off gently, ahead of the curve, and then shoving it into the next [third] gear in the long curve. Michael Caine rides on top of Christopher Reeves in DEATH TRAP, when he is breaking Superman's neck with a bridle chain at about 39:... minutes on the future 2013 DVD. ~ ~ In confirmation of the long time Democrat Party activist getting his hands trapped in those leather hide cufflinks when he broke his stiff neck down in the Virginia, DC metro area in 1995. ~ ~ No wonder that the tall Jewish Church of England Episcopalian-raised actor fell in love with horse riding on Martha's Vineyard. ~ ~ Right there is the Rt.729 train to the end of the line in the 1982 movie about taking the last 7:29 train to Clarksville, USA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIMITED FAITH NOTES: Obama and Kerry's 'limited war' concepts that were born in JFK's Catholic Protestant dominated New England, were the false post WWII doctrines behind the failed civil war in French Vietnam. Which is why the upcoming civil war in America is going to be won by the polygamist Mormons. Who have no old testament type reservations about fucking more than one wife at a time; not to mention genocide and slavery. ~ ~ DEATH TRAP NOTES: The four "bombs" in a row that Michael Caine had in the above 1980s prophecy represented; Bush Sr. Clinton Jr. Bush Jr. and Barack Obama. The mad man bomber of the desolation of abombination in MARK13. ~ ~ In the above movie about Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Spielberg, the so-called 'Cliff' character actor was a 2014 fiscal cliff confirmation. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do right now. Deposit the [51%] bulk of your cash assets in THE BANK OF CANADA; and put the rest into gold. Minus the ten percent petty cash money that you owe me big time of course. Preferably payable in British Pound Sterling, banked in the Bahamas, under the fake birth certificate disguise of some multiple-picture deal bullshit in the name of my shady off-shore business partner Michael Douglas. ~ ~ Look at it this way; starting next year, there is going to be a major reduction/illimination in the current IRS tax rates. Therefore, ten percent of today's funny money will feel like nothing.

Monday, September 2, 2013


It is definitely time to dissolve the brotherhood of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party; per the prophecy about the new Independent American Party on page 66 in Ogden Kraut's small thin bitter sweet REV.10 style book about the White Horse Prophecy. At least that is what the Supreme Court of Egypt is saying right now, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of that Masonic brick layer pyramid fireplace featured in the 1982 DEATH TRAP prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein the crazy psychic church lady from David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE prophecy rings Jerry Seinfeld's doorbell in East Hampton, and he thinks that it is STARBUCKS' future 'Latte and Relf' composite figure; at 44:15 minutes on the future DVD. ~ ~ But Helga informs him that the royal crown 'Corona' word play in Spanish stands for the evil "prince" prophecy in DANIEL. Who all of his immature spoiled brat Jew boy buddies had voted for; twice. ~ ~ Ergo, that Jewish windmill house on the garfish island landmark in the 82 film is the future setting for that small black man killer who will be such an alternative energy windbag. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOR\SING AROUND NOTES: Christopher Reeves bends and stretches his future broken spinal cord in DEATHTRAP at about 1:27:50; just after the thunder and lightening storm of the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim starts up again, big time. ~ ~ PS SEINFELD: Don't get all bent out of shape. Of course I will pay you cash for that converted love shack boathouse in Sag Harbor. I just need you to get it for me. And while you are at it, I would prefer that you find me that 69ish VELOCE in race car green, with brown leather seats. [Nothing handles like an ALFA in 3rd gear.] You can email my own private all-aluminum 4-banger mechanic at if the engine needs a little work. He being one of the only dudes left in the world who knows how to do it right.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


By long time, I mean like forever, of course; like at: ~ ~ Meaning that if you are a virtous catholic girl from Brazil's KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets WILD ORCHID location, and miraculously you are still a wise virgin, you win the eternal life jackpot in 1 NEPHI meets ISAIAH 49. ~ ~ I.e. you get to keep the kids, the house, and all the money too; because your ex-husband was being such a reckless and irresponsible cad when it came to your future security. ~ ~ And now you want a real all-grown-up man who believes in the Word of God. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Wow. Obama now has proof that thousands of children were murdered by abortion in America and France. No wonder all those inspired Eiffel Tower, Paris Hilton hotel shots in LOST IN TRANSLATION. Where I whisper into Scarlett Johansson's [THE HORSE WHISPERER] ear that she is going to understand why her lost husband was such a neurotic sexist anti-vagina homophobe; after she sees the background's '...-61' license plate on that blue IZUZU that represents Mr. Zissou in THE LIFE AQUATIC. When Mr.61 would be desecrating the temple in Washington Lake, DC and Salt Lake City, UT. Because all of the men had become just like all of the Lady Ga Ga women. Thanks in no part to the Jews. [Homosexual man-child boys are obviously maladjusted immature neurotics; many of whom are born that way.] ~ ~ Hence, Scarlett Johansson is now fucking some tall dark stranger in Paris, France. Where she recently got that sore looking "LUCKY U" horseshoe tattoo on her Biblical Adam's rib bird cage. ~ ~ FLIRTY FLY FISHING NOTES: The prophetic end-of-the-line Flirty Fishing movement, based in California, started to manifest itself out in the open in Fellini's ROMA prophecy about my 1970s RLDS mission for swingers. Wherein yours truly wears a white temple Godfather suit, and I get to eat out Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima at the same time, al fresco, like at: ~ ~ As in LOST IN TRANSLATION meets LA DOLCE VITA meets STEALING BEAUTY, and so on.