Saturday, April 30, 2016


People are speculating during this latter-days season of the ten virgins prophecy if Donald rump is really worth 10 billion, or maybe only actually around 5 billion. ~ ~ As for myself; based on the 640 big ones tithing pay out from ontop of the TRUMP TOWER in the crazy 19888s DIE HARD prophecy; I would figure that his real net worth is now at least $6,400,000,000; minus my 10% handling fee. ~ ~ "It wont break you to consecrate everything to the United Order credit union." Jesus Christ already. ~ ~ Which is why the traditional Hollywood movie theater distribution deal is called a '90-10' contract; after what's left over from the 50/50 candy & soda pop lobby money split. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~NOTES BY THE NUMBERS: Glenn Beck lost 500k by betting on Ted Cruz' unconstitutional red horse in the White Horse Prophecy race for the desecrated White House of Sodom and Egypt in DC; for a sure civil war '500' number REV.16 earthquake sign. ~ ~ According to the word of God that was given to Heidi Cruz that said, "Seek God's face, not God's hand." Or in other words, accept the fullness of the Father in DC 76, and not just a part of Him. ~ ~ Or in other words, Trump walked into a Prespiterian church, out of the blue, during the Iowa primary and heard a sermon that said, 'Should the hand say to the face that I have no need for thee?' yada yada... Which makes me wonder if Beck's [foolish virgin] estate has now been reduced to around $5,000,000. Because of his foolish fun and games format for the past 8 years that has tried to avoid the fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen; and a well known homosexual to boot. ~ ~ Much less the idea that the wild at heart and childish negro should be allowed to hold the higher priesthood of God. ~ ~ ALL OF ME NOTES: Roger Rabitt and his future pet SAILOR DOG sidekick drive a German convertible girl RABBIT in the 1984 ALL OF ME prophecy that bears '...687' plates; as confirmed by this inspired of God 5-fingers fisting image at: ~ ~ I don't know about you. But the above image looks a lot like some Jewish atheist [PLANNED PARENTHOOD] 666 nazi medicine government doctor performing an abortion on a live fetus. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ ~ THE NEXT BIG THING NOTES: This 1981 movie about me fighting for the wrong side once upon a time in 1936, that takes place in the anti white man LAmanite lands of the BOOK OF MORMON, actually came out in the same year that my icy Germanic exwife divorced me and kidnapped my two blond haired sons in Beaverton, OR, at: ~ ~
"You look like Hitler." Laurence Pierson, circa 1979, Stanwood, Washington. ~ ~ Whatever. ~ ~ Apparently, there is some new indie film out now about Ernest Hemingway playing me living in Havana, Cuba, and then dying later in Sun Valley, Idaho. ~ ~ Hey, why not, works for me. ~ ~ The same thing happened to me in real life. ~ ~ So why not me and the boys pack up our video cameras and off-shore tax free cash money and go down there and make our first 8 retro 1960s era look feature films? ~ ~ Where the legal age girls look like they are 16 years-old tops. ~ ~ Think KEY LARGO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDY: Let me know when you two get tied of working for the 666 world that your loving mother of whores created for you. ~ ~ And so now you want to make $1,000,000 a year, tax free, working for me, your real father. Instead of just making a mealy $100,00 a year, minus 50% in 666 taxes. ~ ~ "I am your father." after all. [STAR WARS]. ~ ~

Friday, April 29, 2016


Yesterday at exactly 4:00 pm, God showed me his 21 blackjack casino hand of flesh and bone in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, etc. And then He made a five finger [666 mark of the beast in the hand] count-down, one finger at a time, like a [down-for-the-count] Las Vegas boxing referee; starting from today to next Tuesday in I-70's Indianapolis, Indiana. ~ ~ For the 4 medicine wheels whithin the 4 flying high above UFO wheels spinning around and around in EZE.10. ~ ~ That one can even see from outer space on their R/M roadmaps in the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JOHN WAYNE'S WORLD NOTES: Duhh!!. Of course John Wayne was a Jewish rightwinger, racially aware cowboy, who had a full size penis. ~ ~ THANK YOU JESUS!!... Let's all have another one. ~ ~ And Barack Obama's birth certificate is not a blatant forgery? Just because that back-sliding pussy-whipped Mormon teetotaler crybaby Glenn Beck says so on his retro 666s christian anticommunist midnight-rerun AM radio show out of Texas? ~ ~ See the crazy Light of Christ in the crazy latter-days on the crazy 666 Internet at: ~ ~

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Prince died in a typical [two story penthouse high rise] elevator because the words to his huuuge 1980s Reaganite hit called LET'S GO CRAZY were all true, at: ~ ~ "I know you are, but what am I?" Pee-Wee Herman. ~ ~  And now we know that Prince himself got stung in the butt by a REV.9 scorpion stinger back then. ~ ~ Which he only found out about during the peak 1260-90 days period of the two witnesses in REV.11-13. ~ ~ He did live in the two Coen brothers' twin cities area; located along the Mississippi River, and all that shit. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ One of the Coen brothers has short hair. The other rather tall one has long hair. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAMPFIRE GIRL NOTES: This one was about Miley Cyrus at Camp North Star in MEATBALLS meets GHOSTBUSTERS' giant Donald Trump marshmallow man who jizzed his huge load into her throat, at: ~ ~ LAST NIGHT'S DREAMY NOTES: After a series of depressive dreams about Bruce Willis being a nice guy egomaniac fascist; I dreamed that I was relaxing and having down time after hours cocktails at some high rise condo in the Virgin Islands with Cameron Diaz and Miranda Kerr. ~ ~ Wherein Camy ordered a white chard; and I myself ordered a double tall DEWARES white label logo on the rocks; and Miranda ordered some typical exotic girly tropics cocktail. ~ ~ No disclaimer needed here. ~ ~ Camy was already ready to go upstairs and fuck the both of us on the spot. ~ ~ Whereas, Mandy needed to have a couple more before that could ever happen in a million years. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Don't restrict yourself to finding only acreage properties in Toscana that are red wine vineyards. ~ ~ Also check out the hazelnut orchards to the east and south of there. ~ ~ Even into the cattle raising grass regions that slope down onto the east coast. ~ ~ Surely, somewhere around there you will find that spring fed trout pound that I have always dreamed about. ~ ~ Do you remember that typical 1990s SEINFELD episode where Elaine gets talked into spending her summer vacation with a guy who looks like me in Tuscany, Italy? ~ ~

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Last night I asked the Father in the name of the Son what was next up on MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO film festival schedule. ~ ~ Then when I was peeing a few hours later, I got a sudden clear impression of Steve Martin from out of the blue. ~ ~ Which was about the scene in ALL OF ME in 1984; where he was a high rise Jew lawyer guy peeing in a public restroom; who was possessed by the he/she spirit of a transgender homogaysexual, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FEEL GOOD NOTES: Last night I was starting to feel pretty good about that penthouse vault in DIE HARD filled with 640 big ones. So this morning I checked out Emma Watson's no.640 fake at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN and found her holding a basket of fresh LUKE 21:29 figs in fig leaves at: ~ ~ Note the brown leather skin too, at: ~ ~ PS FOX NEWS: See what happens when you willfully refuse to report that Barack Obama is a well known homo? ~ ~ Nobody on the Internet even cares anymore that Hastert was also a high school wrestling coach homo once upon a time either; except for maybe George Clooney and Brad Pitt. ~ ~ Then years later someone like Donald Trump comes along and up and fucks you in the ass royale. ~ ~ "Life is like that..." [SMOKIN' ACES]  ~ ~ NOT FEELING IT NOTES: If you are still not feeling the burning yet; sit back in your brown leather chair and relax, don't worry. ~ ~ Be patient and wait for the primary vote for Trump happens in California, circa MY BLUE HEAVEN, at: ~ ~ All good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ For example, according to the revealed word at, there will be no lesbians in the upcoming Kingdom of God. ~ ~ THE 7TH SEAL NOTES: In DIE HARD, the secret code to the 7th seal bank vault lock in DC 77:7 is finally broken and cracked open.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Once you get the spirit of prophecy into your heart in REV.19, you start to get what is actually happening around the world. ~ ~ Oh yeah, it'll be worth it; the fabulous al fresca late night DC 58 feasts in ROMA; the lusty missionary position FF-ing afterwards with Gisele and Adriana; the lazy late mornings at some sidewalk cafe in Piazza Del Sole with Sienna Miller and her crazy sister. ~ ~ Hey, crazy in the head, great in bed. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEFT HANDED NOTES: My reverse interpretation of DIE HARD relates directly to the famous reverse good guy characters in: ~ ~ On a similar note, the good guy hero in GOODNIGHT AND GOODLUCK is the pro American Scotish Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin. And not that high society anti American media Jew from New York at:,_and_Good_Luck ~ ~ "The defence of liberty is not extremism." Senator Goldwater, circa 19666. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: Gender equality is Ms.O tv talk show style nice girl fascism.  ~ ~ A rose is still a rose by any other name. ~ ~

Monday, April 25, 2016


DIE HARD ends with German opera singing in 40% phonetic [high elevation shift] Hebrew over the credits. For when Sandra Bullock carried her dying German opera star mother down the stairs in her arms to show her the newly restored House Of Israel's drapes and carpets. ~ ~ And her little adopted negro boy, who has a bright future in law enforcement and private security, represents the ending when all of those 'ARE YOU COMPATIBLE' one sheets are snowing down from heaven above for Christmas time, 2016. ~ ~ And no, darling, sweetheart, I am not sorry for anything that I ever said about you, positive or negative... "Because it's all true." Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT SORRY NOTES: I'm not sorry that I said that Sandy will be a strong looker well into her 60s. ~ ~ Even before she enters into the temporary physical transfiguration second chance period that lasts well over 50 years. ~ ~ I'm not sorry that I said her marriage to Jesse James was just what the doctor upstairs had ordered. ~ ~


Every time one tries to talk a little sense into the latter-day-saints about the latter-days, their eyes glaze over and their mouths repeat, "No one knows the day or the hour, not even the angels." ~ ~ Because they are looking for any excuse to ignore the 1260 days season of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; starting with the fig trees in Mel Brooks' famous prophetic IT'S SPRING TIME FOR GERMANY... number in LUKE 21:29, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CHARLIE'S ANGELS: I do happen to know the month. See: ~ ~ PS CHARLIE SHEEN: Hang in there dude. You already got the six figures per picture part in the next new and improved three CHARLIE'S ANGELS sequels; starring Cara Delevigne, Chloe Moretz, and Ms Fanning. ~ ~ Note the extremely all white counter-culture anti PC casting. ~ ~


At around 1:41:30 into DIE HARD, I explain how crooked Hillary will be cut off by the FBI's investigation into her privately received and highly secret GSR/TWN emails. And the Greek frat house Donald Trump figure becomes miraculously elected to be the next President of America in 2016. ~ ~ Only two minutes after John McCain himself says, "All things being equal in Philadelphia." ... "Chalk up two more bad guys." ~ ~ As the action is interrupted by shots of the Mormon church leader of the Republican Party being interviewed on a FOX type evening news broadcast. ~ ~ For a second witness; Mr.O/bama showed up in Germany right after his stop in London. ~ ~ In confirmation of my main two German sidekicks in DIE HARD. ~ ~ Seriously now. ~ ~ Are not the German guys is this 1988 movie way more interesting and sexy than that simple minded cowboy cop from NYC? ~ ~ "I don't like a man with too many muscles." THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: You support gay rights. Donald Trump supports gay rights. You are pro life. Trump is pro life. You don't want Muslims to take over the traditional culture of Judeo Christian America. ~ ~ Dittos. ~ ~ So what am I missing here? ~ ~ Is it your Mormon wife? ~ ~ Is that the real problem? ~ ~ I know it is with Howard Stern now, not to mention Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ Whose wife insisted that Elton John provide the piano lounge music at their deluxe highrise hotel wedding in Miami. ~ ~ WHAT THE FUCK NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I was logging a post on Natalie Merchant's BB, when suddenly I saw a brown cricket making noises on the wall. So I pulled out my SPINGFIELD .22 rifle with a hunting scope on it and got rig of it. Now I see this at, ~ ~ That takes place west of Rt.64's Elton, Wisconsin; due south of Kempster. ~ ~ Just across from the MARATHON MAN movie County line.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Yours truly has two of the same expensive London taylored suits that Trump has in DIE HARD. ~ ~ Go figure. ~ ~ Anytwo, I tell my two guys to rocket that 666 RV that is stuck down below on the stairway to heaven two times in the movie. ~ ~ Just to make sure. ~ ~ The more I see in DIE HARD, the more I see that my German Levite stepfather Leslie Winn was right when he said; "We were fighting for the wrong side." in WWII. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Hitler wanted everybody to be equal and have free health care by taking from the rich capitalist bankers. ~ ~ Plus, he wanted to "nutralise" all of the homosexual Jews who were undermining his brand of nationalist marxism for the workers. ~ ~ Hell, why build a wall to keep out the anti-american foreign invaders; and just let the rest of America become internally invaded by the culture of New York City; whose values and politics are completely alien to the rest of America? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: Making deals with the devil is so late 1980s, early 1990s; more, less ~ ~ Been there, ain't going back there; at least not permanently. ~ ~ SCHOOL OF PROPHETS NOTES: Robert Redford's BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID was a two witnesses film festival period piece about God's mormon church rebels hiding out at The Hole in the [stone] Wall in Utah, until things blow over, at: ~ ~ Back when they tried to ban men from drinking beer and having sex with lots of women. Many of whom were barely 16 year-old virgins at the time.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


TRUMP TOWER LA is located along Olympic Blvd. in DIE HARD. ~ ~ Where Genn Beck's BLAZE has offices on the 27th floor of the FOX high rise. ~ ~ And my own offices in the 1988 pre-GSR/TWN movie are located on the 29th floor; right between the two floors of Ms Campbell and Ms Crawford. ~ ~ In fact, everything in the film has a two witnesses theme; starting with the two points NBA basket score, the '1260' America-held-hostage countdown, to the two British fags left in John's pack at 1:32:39. ~ ~ Which is the "...two by two cover formation" of the assault on the occupied tower of sodom and egypt after the cops arrive. ~ ~  Shortly after we see the upcoming Republican Party hotel and convention sign for this summer; as the establishment Republican negro figure named Powell slams his no.110 black&white in reverse and calls for backup. ~ ~ "This is simply the beginning." at 58:50 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~


Fuck FOX. ~ ~ How many times do we have to hear the warm and fuzzy phony baloney jive-ass-nigger words from the sinful "President Obama" before we finally get what the hell is going on with Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck, er. all? ~ ~ Jesus people! ~ ~ Probably 99% of your audience has access to the 666 world wide web. ~ ~ And at least half of them have enough unemployed down time to read it. ~ ~ Anyfuck, that penthouse [magazine] scale model in DIE HARD depicts the two sides of the I-35 east&west spread in the metro Dallas, Ft Worth twilight zone that form a huuuuge vagina icon that can be seen from outspace on the Larry King meets Clyde Lewis Internet radio shows. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JT: How does your soon to be exwife feel about you hanging out with your niggers all the time, instead of taking care of business on the home front..? Just asking. ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: How about a talk show on satalite radio? ~ ~ I mean think about it. You wake up in the morning whenever you want. You get out of bed in your underwear and T; you put on your slippers and take a few steps over to your bedroom desk computer-microphone; your latest underaged whoever fuck buddy brings you a nice hot cup of your favorite GOOD MORNING AMERICA beverage; you get paid millions. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works to keep you alive until the time has also come for you at . ~ ~ "We will sell no wine before it's time." Orson Welles. ~ ~ PS MR.&MRS.COEN: It should be pretty obvious to you two by now that Donald Trump is more fucking Jewish than fucking Tevye. ~ ~ See what I mean at:
Note the Scottish tartan vest. ~ ~

Friday, April 22, 2016


TRUMP TOWER west is located right next to KING RALPH's RALPH'S FOODS storehouse for the hungry and poor at street number 2121 in DIE HARD. For a blackjack 21Trump casino thing about the little black Prince dying on the Queen's 4.21 birthday. ~ ~ The prophetic movie's X-MASS season seems to be a thing about George Albert Smith's Moroni temple trumpeter vision about the WWW III vampire happening in Saint George, Washington County, Utah. ~ ~ That starts up sometime after the presidential election in 2016, and Trump's inauguration as the new President of Sodom and Egypt on January 20, 2017. ~ ~ When the abomination of desolation in DANITE 9-11 will still have the legal authority for about three months to start anything that he wants. ~ ~ And whose to stop him? ~ ~ Certainly not the Republican Party of the fallen Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Hell, they counldn't even stop Donald Trump. Who is a tall white guy with blond hair. ~ Who owns and operates a shit load of golf course resort properties. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIE HARD NOTES: I saw DIE HARD in 1988 at a multiplex theater in Studio City, LA with Kenny Kemp. Where my friend Terry McKnight had one of my $1 coin-op machines in the lobby called ARE YOU COMPATIBLE? ~ ~ Which printed out an 8x11 sheet of paper that looked like those papers fluttering down from the top of the high tower in the movie. ~ ~ SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE NOTES: This fully budgeted HBO/BBC movie came out in London on 9.27 back in 007 as a noble effort to explain away the third way similarities between the first beast, who died, and the last beast, who also eventually died, in REV.13, at: ~ ~  NOTES FOR THE MORE SOPHISTICATED GENTLEMAN: There is a Divine reason why the mayor of London looks like Donald Trump, at: ~ ~ Remember, the municipality of London is technically sovereign from the rest of England. ~ ~ Kind of like the Vatican State in Roma, Italia; or Washington DC in the USA; not to mention Austin, Texas.


DANIEL 9's little prince icon died on Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday for the same reasons that he sang about in his no.9 album entitled SIGN O' THE [OLD] TIMES, 1987, at, er: ~ ~ Hence, "You will be witnesses." whether you like it or not; says my royal British antihero prince of darkness [1987ish] Westwood, LA figure in the first DIE HARD. ~ ~ Who is infinitely more sophisticated and learned than my naive Kenny Kemp type brothers from New Jersey; such as Bruce Willis and Gov. Christie. ~ ~ Or at least that is how it looks in the movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DRAMATIC LICENSE NOTES: It's only natural that I also invest a little dramatic pence or two into my GSR/TWN postings. Since I AM is probably one of the top five surviving ham&cheese actors in the world right now in my age range. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Your many generous career boosting awards for playing me in MONSTER; back in 2003 when I couldn't believe that I had even one girlfriend left in world; is what still keeps me going to this day, circa 2016, at: ~ ~ You give Jesus a big hand up; He gives you a big hand. ~ ~ Note the enclosed 8:12 birthday girl time-stamp to boot. ~ ~

Thursday, April 21, 2016


That mysterious serious man of the dark day 1290 period arrived in Royal London to stop the 'leave it' crowd on the same day that the [[REV.17]] mystery sex PRINCE in purple robes died in a DIE HARD movie set elevator scene. ~ ~ Because the tall blond TRUMP TOWER figure said on the same morning that Bruce Jenner can use the lady's room in his high rise penthouse any time that he wants. ~ ~ Just as long as he dresses up like a woman and wears makeup. ~ ~ In the exact same way that Prince always did; who also preferred to fuck only women. ~ ~ Ergo, that smart negro who broke the tall 7 mountains bank vault codes of high society in DIE HARD meets CHINATOWN is the same 1980s limousine driver sensation who was only known to us at the time as Prince. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DC 57 NOTES: The 1260 days 96 longitude line of Judah in D&C 57 runs up into the Twin Cities area; where the little symbolic prince in DANIEL died at 57. ~ ~ STOP TRUMP NOTES: Not gonna happen. ~ ~ UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOTES: The tall TRUMP TOWER in the 1980s Reaganite prophecy called DIE HARD is still under construction. ~ ~ THE DUKE NOTES: Donald Trump sports a fake Orange County, California, John Wayne Airport, tan line job for a reason. ~ ~ Like I said; wild stampeding horses and huuuge mama elephants could not stop me from voting for him in 2016. ~ ~ DIE HARD NOTES: The long blond hair guy with a crude touch is Ken Keisler. The guy from London at 33:54 is me. ~ ~ SYMBOLISM NOTES: See Prince's iconic logo that has a crucifix pointing down the the church of the devil. Even the same one that has Donald Trump's passover mormon temples trump horn blowing right underneath Ophra Win Free's iconic 'O' magazine orgazim symbol logo.  ~ ~ PS WARREN BEAUTY: Jesus guy. Everybody is getting really tired of waiting around to see your next movie, linked to it at; with still no movie poster stills at; you crazy old fuck you; at; ~ ~ Now every time that I see a picture of you I think about my long lost uncle Jim in Kirtland, Washington.


That devastating demonic earthquake on the REV.13:1 coast of Ecuador's 50/50 global positioning [GPS] dividing line was about the LAmanite wannabe country's anti-Nephite leader prophecy in the BM. ~ ~ Wherein the more wild-at-heart people who have been cursed with a dark skin, hate the less wild white skinned Americanos. ~ ~ These being the same peoples of the dark 1290 days prince "president" in DANIEL 9-11 and FOX NEWS; who is still desecrating the white Greek temple plantation house in Wash. DC. ~ ~ Because that's the way they like it. ~ ~ It doesn't get anymore cowboys and Indians than that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEEP SEE FISHING NOTES: Note the evergreen colored South American sea bass under my arm at:  ~ ~ Which is all well and good. ~ ~ Who doesn't like a nice Chicago size beef pot roast with heavy gravy and baked potatoes and carrots on the side every once in awhile? ~ ~ However personally, I find the smaller, so-called 'kelp cod' of the Pacific Northwest regions of Vancouver Island, BC to have a superior and more delicate "trouty" flavor. ~ ~ PS AMBER HEARD: I like you; and I like your boyfriend too; so now what? ~ ~ You sell me... I sell you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


President Trump leads the way and becomes a founding 10% member of the privately owned and operated United Order credit union at ~ ~ And those extremely valuable bearer bonds floating down from the top of the tall FOX tower in DIE HARD represent the new and more equal financial deal for the more faithful hard working folks at ~ ~ Where you don't always need a boat load of cash to pay for a few hot young wives and a nice 18" thick brick and stucco house on an acre or two of land. ~ ~ And yet it's still true; there is no such thing as a free lunch. ~ ~ But there is such a thing as a more affordable and reasonably priced lunch. ~ ~ Because the cooks and the staff there are only making $1 an hour, and not $15. ~ ~ And the best part is; none of them are bipolar excons, just out of jail, suffering from serious criminal behavior work-record problems. ~ ~ Who are just working there because that is the only job that they could get.  ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.Trump knows exactly what I AM is talking about about. ~ ~ Especially when it comes to hotel restaurant management economics. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK TOWER NOTES: Just from an objective research political science point of view; probably 99% of the people who support the minimal number 15 wages-of-sin thing have dark skin. And the other 1% are mostly very rich white Jewish homosexual married men and their married lesbian wives. Many of whom hold prestigious Pulitzer Prized east coast ivy league college graduate degrees of one sort or another. ~ ~ For starters, see: ~ ~
PS BILL: Very nice work at: ~ ~ Let's do lunch; sometime soon. Maybe down in Tijuana, Mexico; under the radar, Mel Gibson style. ~ ~ Mel and I got the hot young talent.  ~ ~ And if you can come up with at least 10% we'll cut you in for a nice slice of the action. "It will be worth it." Says Jesus at . ~ ~

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


DIE HARD came out at the end of Reagan's two terms in 1988. ~ ~ Which opened with a shot of John McCain's bear-claw grip on his [B-52] airplane seat. And the traveling salesman guy sitting next to him suggests that he should go make bear feet claws in the dirty stained 1960s era shag carpet at his cheap old motel room; right before he grabs his big brown bear in the overhead; then they both together make a '9...11' prophecy in their own way about two jets crashing into two high towers in NYC; some 13 years later. ~ ~ Then we see John's ex sitting in a high-back brown leather chair, [probably a BU grad], at the brown skinned Chinatown Christmas Party in the tall tower. ~ ~ So they start to rehash their long running marital problems, over and over again, but get interrupted by a 1988's Ornella Fresh figure. Since my protagonist's estranged wife looks exactly like a freshly transfigured Mrs. CJ Nyle Smith. ~ ~ All of this unfolding in the pricey stonework setting set design of a high elevation ski lodge in Sun Vally, Idaho. ~ ~ Where the future APPLE iPADs in CJ's office match the futuristic touch screen security system in the lobby of the FOX tower in LA; complete with UFO lights hovering above it all. ~ ~ Where the hero got picked up by a jive ass negro Obama taxi driver of an Illinois LINCOLN limo at LAX. ~ ~ And we're only 16:00 minutes into the movie. ~ ~ Where the next line in the script says, "Speech time..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RECOMMENDED MOVIE NOTE: Another inspired President Trump period movie would be: ~ ~
PS MISS CARDIN: That precious sterling framed IPAD portrait of me in DIE HARD standing above my two sons wearing knitted [church of the lamb] sweaters, was taken by Paul Nestor himself back in the Reganite 80s. ~ ~ Even the same guy who was in charge of that innocent lambs theme photo shoot in THE WOMAN IN RED, at: ~ ~


The reason why [we have a problem] Houston is experiencing REV.12 level biblical flooding right now is because the city's mayor is a homosexual negro on the down low; with a classic christian southern Bible Belt accent; who supports Hillary Clinton for president of Sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ ~ Just like that balding half Jew Billy Crystal does even to this day; in his die hard cult series reruns on the Internet, at: . ~ ~ Hope; I; didn't; leave; anything; out; in; that; first; sentence. ~ ~ But one can only say so much at; one; time. ~ ~ K.I.S.S. ~ ~ Remember, the best salesmen in the world always know when to back off and let their customers sell themselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LBJ/MLK/JFK/FDR NOTES: President Kennedy was shot in Dallas on 11.22 for a good reason. ~ ~ And then that crazy guy from Evergreen, Colorado shot Ronald Reagan with a .22. ~ ~ First of all, he had the same kind of serious man [backbone of satan] SPINAL TAP satire back problems that Bruce Troxell and Bruce Willis have; not to mention George Clooney. ~ ~ NICE HARD ASS NOTES: Do I see DIE HARD now? Or do I see BLAZZING [brown] SADDLES' prophetically inspired satirical portrait of Donald Trump as John Wayne in 2016? ~ ~ If wishes were horses. ~ ~

Monday, April 18, 2016


Some Brown University wanna be ass/is/tant professor just got attacked by a smelly brown bear up in the Tongass National Forest area of Mount Emmerich [rich no.7 Emma] off of Rt.7 Alaska, near Haines [underwear] according to: ~ ~ Which is the 392nd highest peak in Alaska, according to: . ~ ~ Like unto this mountain cabin brown leather seat no.392 fake at: ~ ~ Note the traditional NELSON [beaver] TRAPPER backpack strapping by Divine design in the prophetic furniture no.392 model piece. ~ ~ Hence the Rt.7 location for the 7 mountains beast in REV.13:2; that has feet like a brown eyed bear. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAKED CITY NOTES: Dreams about suddenly finding yourself being fully naked in public are meant to enlighten you abour your shameful sins. ~ ~ Those dreams where you find yourself only half naked, mean that you are half right on the particular issue at hand. ~ ~ For example, in the opening of WEDDING CRASHERS, we are shown the proverbial glass half full, glass half empty, thing. Because one should not be mocking the sacred principle of marriage. But on the other hand, today's apostate Christian monogamy is comply gay. Pretty much along the same line as Ted Cruz' run to become the next El Presidente at La Casablanca, circa 2016. Think MISS CONGENIALITY I&II meets HOPE FLOATS. ~ ~ NICE NOTES: Only found out about this one this evening, at: ~ ~ Works for me, at least on paper. ~ ~ Hell, at this point in time, I'll take anything that I can get. ~ ~ STINKY BROWN SHIT NOTES: My sick aunt who is mentioned out of the blue in WEEKEND AT BERNIES is the same one who is still living at my spiritually sick cousin Dave's house up in Lynwood, Washington. Who likes to smear her shit all over his bedroom walls. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works to get one's attention. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Yesterday I dreamed that a 29ish Susan let me fuck her. Even though she was still not that into it. ~ ~ Oh well, a 29ish bird in the hand is better than two 29ish birds in the bush. ~ ~


Get it? ~ ~ Donald Trump is a master salesman who knows how to exploit the K.I.S.S. principle. ~ ~ And if you do not know what that means, then no wonder that you are going to lose it all in 2016. ~ ~ Fortunately, there is a significant sub set in the Jewish population who have managed to carve out a nice dollar in sales. ~ ~ And most of these ones are the ones who Donald Trump is counting on to crossover and vote for him in 2016. ~ ~ Takes one to know one. ~ ~ Think BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets that DIE HARD movie about the TRUMP TOWER in NYC, circa 2016, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~
Or haven't you heard yet? Trump thinks that we are on the losing side of an economic and political war with the secretive red capitalist [CHINATOWN] Asians; pick your country. ~ ~ It's not all good anymore. ~ ~ See what he means at:  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING NOTES: Some English film critic in the above wiki link wrote that DIE HARD was a brilliant cowboys and Indians movie. ~ ~ YES!! ~ ~ For weeks now, I have been looking for the perfect John Wayne Republican Party TRUE GRIT hero movie about Donald Trump saving the white women and their innocent little children from the uncivilized and savage dark skinned LAmanite Indians in the BM. ~ ~ Starting with; ~ ~

Sunday, April 17, 2016


WEEKEND AT BERNIES takes place on a Labor Day weekend for Bernie's new and improved socialist labor movement politics in 2016. ~ ~ Where the brown eyed Seinfeld guy finally asks, "Doesn't anyone realize that he is dead?" And the little boy in the film's last shot on the beach asks Bernie Sanders himself, "Hey mister, can I bury you?" with sand. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS EMMA WATTSON: Your parents conceived you when WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S was in theatrical release during the summer of 1989. ~ ~ By the by, Bernie's hot red 911 has '... 198' plates. As Providentially confirmed by this number 198 fake brown leather REV.9 reference to Brown University, Rhode Island, at: ~ ~ Note the Hairy Potter legs, the ass/ass/in target logo. ~ ~ PS BRUCE: This 'shit happens' sign happened on Sunday afternoon [delight] in the Sun Valley [Idaho] area of San Fernando Valley, LA, at: ~ ~ "You play tricks on me, I play tricks on you." Pee-Wee Herman. ~ ~ RNC NOTES: All of those tricks that the Republican Party is playing on Donald Trump are not going to work. ~ ~ Because Barack Obama's birth certificate has been proven to be a felony forgery fake. And there is nothing that the neocon Jews can do anymore to play hide-and-go-seek with it.


Jerry Seinfeld's fascination with hot red German 911 sports cars predates WEEKEND AT BERNIES, 1989. ~ ~ As just confirmed by reports of those 28 pages of hush hush bank account details in the 911 report at: ~ ~ Which all corresponds with Signfeld's lifetime support of democratic socialism; a.k.a. "nice guy fascism". ~ ~ At least with bad guy fascism you know what the deal is; minus all of the politically correct mind fucking bullshit. ~ ~ Think CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND meets ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND meets THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, at:
   ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STEVEN HUGHES: There is a Providential reason why you look like the Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis. See: ~ ~ NEW READERS NOTES: Bruce Willis turned on me and the two witnesses after I had posted all of those ominous signs and wonders surrounding his ski lodge fire on Soldier Mountain, Idaho; located off of Hwy.20. While he was still free-love boning that underaged babe who lived in a log cabin up in Triumph, Idaho. And when he got tired of her he left her laying there on a pillow like some Demi Moore collection rag doll with nothing to show for it. ~ ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: Get your things in order, pack your bags, gather up the children, because I AM is coming to get you. ~ ~ COACHELLA NOTES: All of those major earthquake happenings around the world right now are obviously a Rt.111 thing. ~ ~ No kidding, just east of the young-at-heart Coachella festival is the GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTEN MEMORIAL MUSEUM at the entrance to Camp Young, at: ~ ~

Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David enters the picture at exactly 42:00 minutes into WEEKEND AT BERNIES. ~ ~ Which began with the future mega size Obamacare insurance company's pyramid logo introduction to the film's Sodom and Egypt message in REV.11. ~ ~ Hence, the AIDS anal sex [fun 911 German car rear-motor ride] butt stinger in REV.9; the sandy beaches of the rising born-again Jews-for-Jesus 666 beast of Israel in REV.13:1... yada, yada. ~ ~ Remember, this movie supposedly takes place in the [DEATH TRAP] Hamptons. Where that messianic left-handed  "Jew" Jerry Seinfeld is still living. ~ ~ Who looks a lot like the brown eyed ambitious Jew boy in the movie. ~ ~ Starting with it's opening background view of Bernie and Hillary's satanic cult castle residence in ROSEMARY'S BABY. Where John Lenin was shot in the back with a .38 special by some crazy born again Christian Buddhist guy from Hawaii.  ~ ~ Lenin being the first third wayer to immerge after the first socialist revolution in Russia immediately evolved into secondary fascism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ A MYSTERIOUS SERIOUS MAN NOTES: Prince's private purple jet suddenly flew into the Rock Island County, Ill/inois airport on Friday because he was ill with the flu. Flying back from two back to back rock concerts in MLK JR Atlantis. For the ten lost tribes of Israel fantasy island themes in WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S meets THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ ~ I shit you not. Even camp STARBUCKS is now offering a blend of cheap coffee beans from Brazil. ~ ~ And there is a little place up the road from where Prince landed named Cleveland, Illinois. ~ ~ Not to be confused with Cleveland, Ohio of course. ~ ~ FOX NEWS NOTES: There is no such thing as a "President Obama". Never has been, never will be.


WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S has Bruce Willis at a fancy restaurant worrying about Donald Trump becoming an out of control egomaniac tall tower guy. Whose mega 666 insurance company is in bed with the third way system of Obamacare; just like Donald Trump. ~ ~ Which is set up in the script by the Howard Stern sunrise radio show shock jock who says "...sizzle sizzle sizzle... as the Big Apple becomes the baked apple." ~ ~ So if you read between the lines, Willis originally voted for the abomination of desolation. Probably because of something that I had said earlier that hurt his feelings. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK YOU NOTES: Yeah yeah yeah. Those two devastating REV.11 earthquakes in the southern Kobe, Japan [AP:III, GOLDMEMBER] region are about the end of Jewish style niggerism. Been there, done that. ~ ~ What else is there to say? ~ ~ Now I get to fuck my two Hollywood A-list wives who have adopted two negro children apiece? ~ ~ Actually, now that I think about it... Whatever, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S was shot on Bald Head Island, outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. ~ ~ PS GEORGE C/LOON/EY: Wow. ~ ~ PS BILL CLINTON: If not now, then when? ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: See what happens when you don't invite me too to go along with you on your own private jet fly fishing camp trips to Campbell, BC on  Vancouver Island, BC with you and your buddies? ~ ~ I get personally offended. I turn on you. I say nasty things about you. ~ ~ I go hang out with my other Montana trout fly fishing buddies; like Craig Ferguson, and Michael Keaton, just to make you jealous. ~ ~ Don't forget, my good friend Harrison Ford also owns a log cabin acreage property in the Campbell, BC area; complete with a local small private plane air strip. ~ ~ Just saying. ~ ~

Friday, April 15, 2016


Even the so called Jews who have brown eyes are at least 40% High Shift Germanic language Hebrews; starting from circa 70 AD. ~ ~ Hence, that blue eyed love interest in WEEKEND AT BERNIES looks a lot like the brown eyed girl Emma Watson. Who now looks exactly like Teri Kornblum did in 1985. ~ ~ And that reformed high society mobster, who just wanted to live out the rest of his filthy rich life,  had Bernie stuck in the butt with a small mosquito size REV.9 plague stinger. ~ ~ "You fuck me in the ass, I fuck you in the ass." Donald Trump, speaking off the record of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLOOD SUCKER NOTES: According to the revealed word at, in some cases it will take several generations of blood cleansing seasons before their great great grandchildren will begin to have blue eyes and white skin, like at: . ~ ~ PS FACEBOOK: I have never seen the faces of my two adult sons on FACEBOOK because I can't remember my password. ~ ~ PASSOVER NOTES: Obviously, those TOP GUN Russian jets that passed over the USS DONALD TRUMP destroyer in the northern seas of lost Israel was a Passover thing. I have had my share of quick number '23' flash visions. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: This year's WEEKEND AT BERNIES in the Hamptons begins on a Friday; just like in the movie. And the [BLAME IT ON RIO] action on the beach starts to get pretty hot on 4.16. ~ ~ PS JESUS: Don't forget. You promised me that you would beat Bill Murray with his own sharpened campfire marshmallow roasting hot dog stick until he agreed to carve out a personal check for my first two low budget movies. ~ ~

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Less is more when it comes to the cheaper cuts of meat that have more flavor in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy about Donald Trump, at: . ~ ~ For a refresher course, this was the 2014 movie about a tall hook-nosed Jew from Brooklyn who tried his best to stop Trump; but it didn't work. ~ ~ What did work for awhile, was the old white men's club at the Republican Party, who were too impotent to tell the truth about Barack Obama, er all from day one.  ~ ~ No thanks to the two witnesses in REV.11. Who by then had become overcome by the devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Don't be worried about all of those inspired latter-day-saints movies that portray you as a tall blond half Jewish Nazi. ~ ~ It's a trick. ~ ~ Just like in the many prophetic films since the FDR era that portray yours truly as a blood sucking vampire polygamist who loves to seduce underaged virgins. ~ ~ TOP SIRLOIN NOTES: Fuck the grill and just use your favorite cast iron frying pan. Heat it up until it starts to smoke. Meanwhile pepper both sides of the steak. Then toss it into the pan for two minutes, depending on the thickness. Then turn it over; salt and butter it down with garlic. Then get the damn thing out of the pan before you ruin it. ~ ~ Personally, I like it medium rare, but maybe you prefer it medium, but still juicy pink. ~ ~ Whatever, there is no such thing as a good steak served well, or well done. ~ ~ Hell, you might as well just throw it into your old 1970s era stainless steel VITA MIX 3600 blender, from Olmsted Falls, Cleveland, Ohio, near the airport, and then suck it up like a brown chocolate milkshake with a straw. ~ ~


This time next year Donald Trump will be the President of America. ~ ~ Put that in your mouth and suck on it. ~ ~ Some of us still remember all of those local blogger reports about Barry loving it when older conservative white men would suck on his cock at that basketball court men's club in Chicago. ~ ~ Because in today's new world of exotic unfiltered cigarettes Internet information from India, having a free twitter account is like owning THE NEW YORK TIMES. ~ ~ You don't tell us about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate felony, and his felonious use of a dead man's Social Security number? ~ ~ Then by gosh by golly, people will just have to sign up on the Internet to find out what is really happening out there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLEVLAND, OHIO TOURIST NOTES: In that prophecy about an underaged me fucking an underaged Kate Hudson, entitled ALMOST FAMOUS, the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME museum is located in Cleveland, Ohio, circa 2016; go figure. ~ ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The blacktop basketball courts at a LAmanite high school for teenagers in Huntington Park caved in on the same day that Kobe was sinking his last baskets for the LAKERS just up road. ~ ~ This clip illustrates the symbolic imagery of the historic Kobe, Japan earthquake omen on MLK JR day at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ [I have written virtually every single one of my GSR/TWN postings for the past 7 years while sitting on the edge on my bed mattress.] ~ ~ Since the nickname of the above giant meat balls star is 'Black Mamba'. ~ ~ For a second witness, it was also the day that the WARRIORS made no.73 victory history.  ~ ~ In confirmation of all those Neve Campbell 1973 things in MEATBALLS; which takes place at a lake in Ontario. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOMINOS PIZZA TASTING NOTES: Still no word yet if those devout Bible camp Christians at DOMINOS [Founded in Cleveland, Ohio] are going to take my advice and offer marinated virgin olive oil on the menu as an extras topping. ~ ~ I only say this because last night I dreamed that Keira Knightley and I AM stopped by some hasty tasty pizza-by-the-slice joint on the Ave in Seattle. ~ ~ [Think LAGGIES meets me and her fucking each other on my restored vintage 51' sailboat on Lake Union any time that we feel like it.]  ~ ~ Where I noticed that MYSTIC PIZZA was playing at a revival movie house theater across the street. ~ ~ For whatever. ~ ~ She ordered a slice with two strips of crispy campfire bacon on it. And I ordered a slice of their eggplant pizza soaked in olive oil. ~ ~ Settle down boys. ~ ~ We cut in Carey Mulligan on the deal for 5 big ones, maybe I let you sink your cock into her throat for 5 minutes tops.  ~ ~ You should be so lucky. ~ ~ WET SNOW SKIING NOTES: Mt Hood, Oregon is famous for it's late season skiing. ~ ~ So what AM I supposed to do? ~ ~ Do I squeeze in an update of Colorado's spooky election season update of THE SHINNING now? ~ ~ Or do I just immediately jump into my new 4-DVDs box set that is about the death of 666 socialism, per Bernie's upcoming weekend in New York? ~ ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Please don't tell me that you never hit that during the after hours down time while you two were making LOST IN TRANSLATION in Japan. ~ ~ Lie to me if you must; but just make it work for me and the boys in Seattle for right now. ~ ~ We can worry about who is wrong, or who is right later. ~ ~ That is after Donald Trump is elected the next President of America in November, 2016. And even all of those filthy anti American Jews in New York could not stop it.


If you can't see it by now, you do not have the spirit of prophecy inside of you in REV.19; which is the testimony of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ For example, see Chelsea Clinton killing it at some political 666 event in Pitt. Penn, at ~
~ Who obviously has no clue that that tall blond hotel delevoper in PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000 is Donald Trump incarnate, circa 2016, at: ~ ~ As just exploited for free by Trump's latest campaign ad spots at: ~ ~ In other words, I get to shag a boat load of my hot FFing wives for free these days. ~ ~ Whereas, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, you actually have to pay for them, one way or the other. ~ ~ Faith and salvation are not the same thing as free love and cheap sex. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CONCENTRATION CAMP NOTES: Ontario, Canada was the place where they relocated most of the Jewish camp refugee survivors from post WWII Europe. Who still could not see why the tall blond half Jewish Nazis forced 6,666,666,666,666,666 Jews to take the gas pipe during Woody Allen's post prophetic RADIO DAYS meets PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO period. ~ ~ PASSPORT NOTES: I'm still waiting to get my nessassary new passport number before I can get the new and enhanced 666 number on my face for my new and improved Washington State ID 666 drivers licence. Which will allow me to slip into Canada overnight, anytime that I want, to make a booty call at Evangeline Lilly's home-away-from-home Vancouver, BC residence. ~ ~ Could be, the hold up is due to my too-good-to-be-true black&white impersonation passport photo that I sent into them at:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ Some people can be so cynical. ~ ~

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I finally get Neve Campbell in the sack in MEATBALLS after that scary campfire [SCREAM: 1-2-3 woes] story about the pirate with a bloody steel hook for a right hand. ~ ~ Much like in all of those Keira Knightley PIRATES movies. ~ ~ Ergo, Donald, Canada has now become a part of the Halliburton municipality on Head Lake; where the low budget indie film was shot back in 1978. ~ ~ For a CAMP NORTH STARBUCKS theme, circa 2016. ~ ~ Hence the Two Pines of Judah and Ephraim context in the inspired script; that ends with a dire announcment on the camp's PA system that it is now open hunting season for foolish little white virgins in MATTHEW: 25 and MOSIAH 29:29. ~ ~ And don't forget the prophecy in EZE.38 about Barack Ombama's dark skinned invaders who have come to make a spoil, in the middle of the borderless and unprotected heartland of lost Israel, like at: ~ ~
 GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1973 notes: The final year of some future/past CIT in MEATBALLS is marked off on the year that Neve was born on 10.03. As confirmed by Tuesday's S&P 500 50/50 haft-time closing at + 19.73. ~ ~ "At least I got that going for me." CADDYSHACK, 1979-1980. ~ ~ MEATY NOTES: To the east of Halliburton is the latter-day-saints' Republican Party landmark at Elephant Lake; right off of a little place on the road called Baptise. The Canadian born Cruz being a Baptist and all that. ~ ~ Go a little further east, and you come to the Little Mississippi River. ~ ~ DUDLEY DO-RIGHT NOTES: In this Canadian prophecy about the Royal Canadan Mounty white horse rider Ted Cruz, the lost tribes of Israel LAmanites in the BM are played by a traveling dinner theater party of Jews from Brooklyn, NY.


After finishing THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL's inspiring message about older people starting all over again, before their life comes to an end in a strange and exotic new land. I somehow knew that 1979's MEATBALLS would be a prophecy about me starting a whole new life after my proper private Catholic high school wife left me way back at the end of 1979. ~ ~ Sure enough; my classic noble Greek protagonist with the inner-conflict hots for Jennifer Anniston, is a camp councilor for horny underaged [Miss Campbell] campfire girls. Who especially has the hots for a very sexy Jewish lesbian type from Brooklyn, New York. With the sweetest ass and long legs and smallish push-up tits that you ever saw. ~ ~ And I'm still only half way into it. ~ ~ Can't wait until tonight to see how it ends. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 HALF TIME NOTES: In the 1978 made movie called MEATBALLS, there are all kinds of carnal-minded balls in it; basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls, yada yada... PS TED CRUZ: I still don't quite get you. ~ ~ Why be the President of Sodom and Egypt? ~ ~ When you could do so much better by becoming the historic groundbreaking born again President of The Republic of Texas: per the prophetic PEE-WEE HERMAN'S BIG ADVENTURE drive-in movie that happens at the ALAMO. ~ ~ Seriously dude, your obsession with Washington, DC is kind of gay. ~ ~ Whatever, "I love you man." Nick Cage in LEAVING LAS VEGAS meets Elvis in VIVA LAS VEGAS. ~ ~ That said, some of my best friends are homogaysexuals. ~ ~

Monday, April 11, 2016


You would too if you were me. ~ ~ Anyone who ever grew up in Brooklyn, NY, Jew or gentile, knows what I AM is talking about. ~ ~ Where the sidewalks were often crowded by shuffling old men who looked like death warmed over. ~ ~ Yet there was also a very strange and distinct subset of older rich guys who had a quick step to their walk, and a rather creepy energized smile on their faces. ~ ~ [Think Michael Douglas on the tall side meets Dustin Hoffman on the short side.] ~ ~ Who looked like they had just fucked their sexy next-door neighbor's much younger 29ish redhead wife with freckles on her pussy. ~ ~ Like I always say; it's pretty hard to keep a good stick man down. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Sunday, April 10, 2016


England's Danny Will/ett won the putting contest with that guy from Texas at the end of THE MASTERS. For Danny's final winning putt in CADDYSHACK that was sunk by the big fireball explosion and follow up 7.1 earthquake in India's exotic Puttingal Devi temple on the same day. Because the white temple house of the New Jerusalem has been desecrated by the day 1290 desolation of abomination in MARCO: 13:14. ~ ~ Note the REV.15 hole flag in the BUSH WOOD country club [Republican Party] movie version that came out when Reagan was first elected in 1980. ~ ~ On your R/M  maps, you will note that the Augusta area is served by the airport at Bush Field. ~ ~ In relation to that plane crash report that came in when the filmmakers exploded the underground secret combinations of the warm and fuzzy little goffer pests. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BE THE BALL NOTES: Those crazy eastern religion high-on-a-mountain-top themes in CADDYSHACK are the Hindu temple omens on THE MASTERS Sunday. ~ ~ It has gotten to the point these days that many Londoners are asking themselves; which came first?... England or India? ~ ~ TRIUMPH SPORTS CAR NOTES: I don't know anything about Danny Willett. But her sure look like a good'ol southern white boy to me at: ~ ~ Heck. Most of the white people in the south are either originally from England and France, or Germany.
~ ~ Whatever, the tall actor with the blondish Jewfro who played Danny in CADDYSHACK is named Michael O'Keefe in real life. And that Irish [HASTY TASTY] hamburger and French fries babe who he was fucking looks exactly like my exwife Laurence Pierson, from Epinal, France. ~ ~ Which is probably why my sexy horny blond babe from Manhattan in the movie, with the very nice and tight small tits, is actually a physically transfigured Gwyneth Paltrow replacement wife figure. ~ ~ DAN:9 NOTES: From some angels, the country club [blow up] explosion in CADDYSHACK looks like a low elevation cone volcano eruption by the REV.13:1 sea in Barack Obama's home state of Hawaii; where he wasn't born. And yes. He does have a completely legal Hawaii birth certificate. Even the one that was originally published in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER. And then it somehow disappeared from the government file cabinet where they usually keep such things. In the very same way that Obama's simple ROYAL typwriter made British era Kenyan hospital birth certificate is gone from the records. Ergo, Obama is not involved in the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton. But somehow he knows that she didn't violate any kind of secret government email files.


White Judeo Christian men with blondie hair shampoo salon jobs are so fed up with the "subtle racism" accusations by the regular brunette mixed race brown-eyed Jews, and their overweight neo lesbian feminist wives in the media, that Donald Trump will have to become the next President of America by the sheer driven-insane force of their majority vote will. ~ ~ [Not to mention their sub par $15 an hour bullshit politics wages.] ~ ~ It's hard to keep a good man down. ~ ~ Complete with genuine birth certificate, and natural born citizen Social Security number. ~ ~ You want real honest to God racism based on the facts? You got it. ~ ~ And not that warmed over and tired old racism of such old white duffers like Bill Clinton and David Letterman. ~ ~ It's a new 29ish looking world out there now. ~ ~ Where even such diverse filmmakers as Gus van Sant on the right, and Steven Spielberg on the left, will be meeting each other in the middle and voting together for Donald Trump in 2016; not to mention Warren Beauty and Harrison Ford. ~ ~ Hell, everyone loves a winner. ~ ~ The will of the people will triumph this time around. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRIUMPH OF THE WILL NOTES: Adolf Hitler believed that every one should be equal. And everyone should receive free health care, plus a decent retirement pension. And all the guns should be taken out of the hands of the bad guys. And that all of the Jews in big international media and big international banking, who were lying and slandering him, should be rounded up and forced to take the gas pipe. ~ ~ Sure, they all claimed to be devout Marxists like him, who were in full support of social justice, etc. But the facts on the ground painted a whole different picture. "We were fighting for the wrong side..." Leslie Winn, 1969. ~ ~ "When I was growing up in Denver, we didn't have a problem with the niggers and the oakies... Only the Jews. The banks owned everything."

Saturday, April 9, 2016


DRUGSTORE COWBOY has a shot of William S. Burroughs in 1989 looking up at a tall Donald Trump building in Manhattan, and simply remarking, "Ominous." AT: ~ ~ So does that new tall glass NYT tower still own that rather shorter and older GLOBE building up in Boston? Or did they just go ahead and dump it somewhere, somehow, at some basement bargain discount [deal] price in a fire sale?.. AT: ~
 ~ Who the fuck even cares anymore? Since it is definitely stilllll being run by the same country club for 73ish polite society duffers in CADDYSHACK meets IN LIKE FLINT. ~ ~ Who will let in absolutely anybody, just as long as they are willing to spread around enough of the green stuff. ~ ~ Catholic? Jew? Nigger? Democrat?  Islamic terrorist? ~ ~ Hell, money has only one color these days in places like Aurora, Colorado, and Aurora, Illinois. ~ ~ "Life is pretty cheap for that crowd." Greg Relf in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Please be patient with me. I'm doing my damn best to get around to your own private 8mm home movie about me fucking lots of hot underaged campfire girls in skinny bikinis in MEATBALLS. ~ ~ So many friends, so little time. ~ ~ AT:
 ~ ~ If it's any consolation, we can always get my wife Chloe Moretz, and her wannabe movie star friends, to star in the remake, sequel, erotic time-travel prequel. ~ ~ All it takes is my kind of Seattle money. ~ ~ Plus, I let her suck on your cock all you want. ~ ~ But you don't get to fuck her. ~ ~ Do we have a deal?


19 year-old Chelsey Weimar probably prefers older men who are still hot and still got it. ~ ~ If the money is right. ~ ~ Nobody, but nobody, gets to hit something like that if they don't have the bread. ~ ~ As opposed to all of those little luke warm boys who are still riding around on their super-hero bicycles. ~ ~ Still believing in their simple little Jewish comic book minds that they are saving the planet, at: ~ ~ "My prostate is the size of an Idaho potato. But I'm still a good [rod of Jesse] stick man." Marlon Brando in LAST TANGO IN PARIS, per: ~ ~ AND WHY NOT:
~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the dude ranch in Montana. ~ ~ Bill Clinton is still apologizing for telling the truth like a real man; while America's inner cities are still being taken over by the wild at heart niggers in David Lynch's WILD AT HEART prophecy. ~ ~ No thanks to today's silly-little-girl politics of such modernist suffragettes as Carey Mulligan, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow. ~ ~ No wonder guys like Elton John and his deviant perv husband became so turned off to women back in the late 19666s, early 1976s. ~ ~ Yet that highlands society country club fool Hugh Grant attended his wedding in the FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER::: I got to the part in THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL where the director starts to promote homoism. Not sure if I want to finish it off completely quite yet; though I'm very temped to do it. ~ ~ Besides the fact that I never would have imagined the infinitely erotic location possibilities of making LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II&III there. ~ ~ Plus, it never even dawned on me before that Woody Allen is now looking for his next exotic movie location; after London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, yada yada. ~ ~ Jesus, Mary, Joseph!! ~ ~ I'm thinking we drag in Larry David on the deal and it's a sure thing. ~ ~ You want a Robert Redford or a Donald Southerland to be in your next artistic full budget picture? ~ ~ Co-starring a rather younger looking love interest ensemble cast of women who still got it in the bedroom department; such as Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Anniston, Jody Foster, Nicole Kidman, Uma Therman, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naimo Watts. ~ ~ Not to mention the hot 29ish [seedy hotel] looking Lindsay Lohan. ~ ~ You get the picture... ~ ~ The younger woman in the erotic triangle affair plot always spices up the movie. ~ ~ Last I heard, obtaining completion insurance for your next motion picture production in India is like getting a cut-rate car insurance policy in the state of Arkansas or Louisiana. Where nobody down there really gives a flying fuck who is actually driving the vehicle. ~ ~ Remember, a pack of MARBOROS still costs about 19 cents in India. And the stick matches are free.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Probably WEEKEND AT BERNIES was some kind of a future thing about THE MASTERS weekend in 2016. Given today's master race hysteria in the liberal Jew boy comic book media about the fact that about 66.6% of the white men in the South are going to vote for Donald Trump;  Republican Party, no Republican Party, doesn't matter. ~ ~ Then we have the more inspired, and less contrived elements happening out there like; Sienna Miller's new Trump tower film began filming almost a year before Trump himself declared that he will be the next President of America. ~ ~ And the scary part is, everybody knows it, like at: Q ~ ~ "Some people just love scary movies, especially the funny ones." Neve Campbell. ~ ~ "I just made that up." Ken Keisler's noble protagonist, with the inner conflict look alike in SHAWN OF THE DEAD ~ ~ Oh well, at least we can all agree that the Roman name 'Augusta' is a Roman Catholic Church thing. ~ ~ Since in the 2016 CADDYSHACK prophecy about President Donald Trump, Catholics and Jews were not allowed to become members in the whites-only restricted country club. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FILM STUDIES NOTES: The level of humour in WEEKEND AT BERNIES is at about the same level in CADDYSHACK, at:
~ ~ For Christ's sake, have a sense of humor. ~ ~ "It's better to die with a smile on your face, instead of getting a knife in the back."

Thursday, April 7, 2016


The most painful Bible Belt twister happening that hit so hard on the opening day of THE MASTERS meets CADDYSHACK happened in Dickey, Georgia. ~ ~ Then that smallish 4.00 earthquake that made things happen in OCEANS 13 happened in Brad Pitt's Oklahomo state college country; just off of I-44 in Luther; west of the Lincoln County line. ~ ~ "There's nothing but queers and steers in Oklahoma!!" Says the prophetic Barack Obama commander in chief homosexual figure in AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, at: ~ ~ Wherein my physical transfiguration forerunner hero in AMERICAN GIGOLO says, "I got nowhere else to go. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: I dreamed today that I should watch THE BEST EXCOTIC HOTEL IN MARIGOLD on Friday night for your sake. ~ ~ You hopelessly aging San Francisco romantic you. ~ ~ However, now that I think about it. It might also be something that would interest Michael Savage too, not to mention Donald Trump, at: ~ ~ I recently did see the last one, costarring Richard Gere. ~ ~ But it was rather dissapointing to say the least. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: I think I'm starting to get what you are saying. ~ ~ You let me handle Donald Trump, I let you handle Ted Cruz. ~ ~ Kind of like it plays out for the good of everyone concerned at the end of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Brad Pitt plays yours truly in the sequal. And I play the Donald Trump billionaire [CITIZEN KANE] remake figure role. ~ ~ Take it or leave it; that's the new deal. ~ ~ Plus, I get $500 cash in daily per dium, on top of my usual minimum SAG wage scale.


You never know. But that David Letterman wannabe weather man on the internet is predicting that there will be lots of wet snow in Woody Allen's Central Park, Manhattan location on Kristen Stewart's big 409 birthday adventure in 2016. ~ ~ I know, sounds pretty weird. ~ ~ But not as weird as having vivid dreams for the last 3 1/2 years of my father violently leather-belting my homosexual brother Jeff on his REV.9 butt at the bottom of the stairs at our 5717 house on 16th Ave. NE in Seattle. And then we all sit outside on the back poarch steps and look at the wet melting snow on the laurel hedges. ~ ~ I mean really, after awhile, you have to ask yourself if it all doesn't mean something. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHEAL: This really is the worst economy in 50 years because virtualy noboby who works as a car mechanic for 50 years could ever afford to buy one of those little pink houses in that prophetic John Mellancamp song about Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 16. Think PRETTY IN PINK meets 16 CANDLES meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets SHE'S HAVING A BABY meets SOMEKIND OF WONDERFUL meets FERRIS [WHEEL] BUELLER'S DAY OFF, at: ~ ~ But it gets better. ~ ~ Before it is all over. Even New Jersey's native son Bruce Springsteen will be writing songs about Donald Trump. ~ ~

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I stopped by ARCO before the dawn of the dead today to pick up a copy of THE SEATTLE TIMES. When and where I spotted a huge bonus sized cinnamon coffee cake muffin with white frosting jizzed all over the top of it; for just $1.39. ~ ~ So I immediatly grabbed it. And then got back in exchange for it one of those Kentucky race horse quarters. ~ ~ For a GOLDFINGER confirmation of those recently hacked equestrian pix of Jennifer Lawrence with sugary white flour jizz drizzled all over the top of her love muffin and inside of her mouth. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POST IT NOTES: After I logged the above dirty mouth love muffin post this AM, the news rolled out that Merle Haggard had died in Bakersfield, California on the anniversary of the day Jesus was born, and the day that he was crucified at age 34. ~ ~ For a second three-way witness, new pix rolled out on the same day of Taylor Swift and her PINK model girlfriend with a baby in the oven; exiting some Mexican restaurant of the food and fare of Babylon yesterday, at: ~ ~ Then the news hit that 10 virgin kids where injured in a school bus crash north of Cockeysville, Maryland Wednesday. Just west of Spike Lee's Black Horse, Maryland landmark on Rt.23. For his own private role in the White Horse Prophecy about the red horse of Ted Cruz, and the white horse of Donald Trump, uniting together in war against the illegal alien [MARCO 13:14] black horses of Barack Insane Obama. ~ ~ Hence the above Kentucky quarter in change for my jumbo XXX size muffin with sprinkled cum all over the top of it. ~ ~ This being today's S&P 500 Civil War index closing at 6666. Because according to REV.15, everybody who supports the new and more cool 666 Jew beast of Bernie Sanders er all is going to suffer the same fate as those 6,666,666 Jews who died at the hand of the first German Jew beast. ~ ~ Fool me once, fool me twice... Ergo, that huuuge 100 miles wide sand storm in Glenn Beck, Texas on the same day that Bernie Sanders triumphed in Wisconsin. ~ ~ SANDS OF ISRAEL NOTES: Reportedly, that giant ominous sand storm blew down from Liberal, Kansas; moving across Baker, Oak. in Beaver County, Oakieville. ~ ~ Yeah. Really. ~ ~ Whatever, one has to admit that Donald Trump is really a pretty cool guy. ~ ~ Believe me you. The babes love it when you slap them around a little bit, Humphrey Bogart style, but not too much. ~ ~ Just ask James Dean. ~ ~

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My underaged girlfriend Miley Cyprus got attacted by a wildcat in confirmation of the WILDCATS winning it all down in Huston on 4.4. Talk about, "Houston we have a problem." at: ~ ~ For example, DUDLEY DO-RIGHT was a 1999 prophecy about the White Horse Prophecy. About when the five foolish Mormon virgins like Glenn Beck would be wild and crazy about a Republican candidate who is not even constitutionally eligible to be in the race in the first place, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ V NOTES: The Roman Catholic Church's WILDCATS use a Roman number 5 for their [V for virgin] logo at: ~ ~ IMPORTANT NOTES TO REMEMBER: Annie Hall came from Wisconsin. ~ ~ That middle-of-the-road landmark called Middletown is located right next to Madison. ~ ~ The uber polite and civilized German folks in Wisconsin sound exactly like Canadians when they talk. ~ ~ Probably the funniest scenes in the WAYNES' WORLD prophecy about the future of America took place at that German sausage&beer rock concert up in Milwaukee. ~ ~ The royal blue bloods of England are of the 40% Hebrew language peoples of Sandra Bullock's native tongued Germans. ~ ~ Don't take me wrong now. Win or lose, everybody knows in their heart of hearts that the white skinned Germans are better than the black skinned negros. ~ ~ Which is why God wants them to make sure and take care of every one of them. Given that the little children always had a very special place in the Jewish heart of Jesus.


That party of 5 died in a fiery helicopter crash off of Hwy.441 in Tenn. on 4.4. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of Never seeing that secret 666 combinations chopper at 44:00 into CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. ~ ~ On a related note; North Carolina's no.5 made it a 50/50 tie game at 74-74 in the last 5 seconds of the Final 4 finale on 4.4. Because the North Carolina state line divides the Smoky Mountains National Park exactly in half. And we are now entering into the first [Harry Potter] soil-sifting half of the ten virgins prophecy in CHRIS MATTHEWS: 25. ~ ~ Remember, there are 5 team players on each side of the evenly divided 50/50 basketball court. Who are competing with each other over a 10' high fish net metaphor. As seen in that bedroom basketball scene on the small TV internet screen in ANNIE HALL, circa 1976. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BANK NOTES: When I say that "I AM" is going to buy up the better half of the vineyards in California and Tuscany, etc. I mean that the United Order Credit Union is going to buy them all up. And then turn around and grant their legal titles of eternal inheritance to only the families that are called to own them by revelation from God. ~ ~ That way, we keep it all in the family of Israel; a.k.a. La Cosa Nostra.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Like duuuh. LEGALLY BLOND: 2 is about Donald Trump becoming the President of America during the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9, at:,_White_%26_Blonde  ~ ~ But be sure to see the first one first. Which is about Barack Obama attending Harvard on a foreign student aid scholarship. ~ ~ In order to put things into perspective... Ergo, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. ~ ~ Nothing in life ever happens in a vaccum and all that. ~ ~ Oh, and by the way. ~  Both Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner will be voting for Trump in 16. ~ ~ Not to mention Drew Barrymore. ~ ~ Desperate people do desparate things. ~  ~ Have you ever heard the common singles bar expression that goes, 'I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last man on earth.' ~ ~ Not true. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCEANS 13 NOTES: I'd have to go back and wade through the entire two hours movie again to make sure. But I think that the defiant Bank is saying in the end that the 500 big ones that they took from him was no biggie. Since it only represented about 10% of his overall worldwide off-shore bank accounts and realestate assets. ~ ~ AMAZINGLY TRUE PROPHECIES: "If Donald Trump becomes President, he will be the last President of America as we know it." ~ ~ "If Donald Trump is elected President, we will have to build a wall around California." ~ ~ "And the great city [of Seattle] was divided into three parts..." ~ ~ PS MRS.FRESH: I was going to say that the babe in an FDR wheelchair in CURSE OF CHUCKY was all you. But I held my tongue. ~ ~ Then this confirmation came down the pike about you and me ending up together in the [BRIDES OF DRACULA] physical transfiguration afterlife era for the next 70 years, at: ~ ~ 

Sunday, April 3, 2016


"RUSH" is marked on the shipping box that delivers Donald Trump's new golden EIB microphone cellphone in OCEANS 13. Just in time for the grand opening of Bank's new 5 precious diamond virgins rated casino hotel on the day 1260 anniversary of the Ephraimite witness in REV.11; i. e. July 3rd. ~ ~ Which is the main reason why my good friend from the very beginning, President Monson, is looking so unhappy these days. Knowing full well that I AM & CO. is right, and Glenn Beck er all is as wrong as rice. And that he is still surrounded by the same kind of arrogant [ZION'S BANK meets KSL] high society fools who are still in charge of the Republican Party; after all these years. ~ ~ Since according to the spoken word at, politics, and politicing, is the 4th pillar of the 4-square gospel. ~ ~ The other 3 being the gold currency bank; the LDS missionary church, which is the only true church in the world; and the Melchesidic Preishood's School of Prophets. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JT: The reason why your German wife is going to leave you, and take the kids with her, is because you refused to do what it takes to protect your own white Nephite kin from the wild and savage LAmanite rapper niggers who you are always hanging around with in studio. ~ ~ You think and act like a nigger, you end up having the same broken family values of a nigger. ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES: The snow in Neve's home town in Ontario is for her appearance at 44:00 minutes on my CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND hard copy DVD.~ ~ The word 'neve' means snow in Siena, Italia. ~ ~ 1776 NOTES: That symbolic toy model AMTRAK train in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS rammed into a symbolic REV.9 backhoe scorpion stinger metaphore on the south side of 1776 Philadelphia in the spirit of Michael Medved's 770 AM radion show with the ...1776 KALL RADIO SLC, UTAH call in phone number factor, circa 1994. ~ ~ You play [MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP] tricks on me. I play [MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP] tricks you. ~ ~ Wherein the Mario [Como] look alike says to Pee-Wee, the new Jerry Lewis Jew boy in town, 'Is it fake blood, or is it real blood?" in so many words. ~ ~ Right there is Media, Penn and so on and on. ~ ~ Probably because THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL also comes to an end, again and again, over and over, in such movies as 6-5000 PENNSYLVANIA; and my own personal favorite THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ ~


It should be more obvious than it is by now. ~ ~But Donald Trump will be the next President of America. ~ ~ Per that REV.11 earthquake slot machine jackpot at the airport for 911 terrorist hijackers at the end of OCEANS 13. ~ ~ Which ends up fully funding the United Order Credit Union at With plenty of leftover cash to spare for your occasional sacramental $35 bottles of pinor noir. And those expensive little bits of smoked sockeye salmon after you get tired of fucking two of your wives at one time. ~ ~ Ergo, when Trump said God told him to run back in June, 2015, all of the political and religious factions who were bitterly fighting with each other, suddenly stopped what they were doing and united themselves in opposition to him. ~ ~ Just like they all did to the supposedly uneducated and simple minded Joseph Smith in upstate New York. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You say that the BM is fake gold scripture. I say that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a 666 computer fake. Which is obviously at the heart of the matter right now; i.e. the white Nephites were usually better than the cursed dark skinned LAmanites who vote Democrat. ~ ~ Otherwise half of the mormon Republican Party establishment would still not be ignoring the fack checked reality of Teddy's Canadian birth certicate.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: Also keep an eye on the 1260/1290/1335 days callender from when the time that Trump declared he would become President back in June, 2015 corresponded with his birth date in the 1976 ANNIE HALL prophecy. ~ ~ Hence that AMTRAK train wreck south of 1776 Philadelphia on RLDS conference weekend. When not a single word was spoken about Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy. Just the usual apolitical and amoral pigeon bird crap about not hurting peoples feelings. ~ ~ ROYAL SIRE NOTES: That 6.9 in the Prince George Cult islands area was about the earthquake orgasms in OCEANS 13, at: ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NOTES: One of the first things that I will do after Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Dr.Evil give me 10% of their money, is buy up at least 90% of the better half of the best pinot vine real estate in California.  ~ ~ Don't worry. ~ ~ There will be plenty of full budget money left over to make any movie that I ever wanted to make after my French wife left me for the likes of Steven Hughes er all. ~ ~ THINKING MAN NOTES: FDR's legs were so pathetically weak and useless that he was confined to a wheelchair; and his ugly wife was an overweight Hillary Clinton type lesbian. ~ ~ Flash forward in reverse gear to Brad Pitt's EZE.37 skin and bones wife sitting in a wheel chair in CURSE OF CHUCKY....... ~ ~

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Yesterday morning before the dawn, I tuned into Seattle's mormon owned 97.3 FM KIRO talk radio to hear the top of the hour news. Whereupon I unexpectedly heard the word "...GOODWILL!..." in some gay ass free radio ad PSA that is mandated by today's 666 government. ~ ~ [Think DESERET INDUSTRIES]  ~ ~ For example, over in G7 Germany, their  Biblically required 10% tithing for the Luthern state church is just involuntarily taken from everybody's paycchecks and tax filings; Bernie Sanders style. ~ ~ Therefore, I immediately turned the radio off; not wanting to confuse the new day's inspired Messianic sentiment from God any further. ~ ~ Then later in the day I went up to GOODWILL and found a nice condition used copy of OCEANS 13. Which apparently is about George Clooney and Brad Pitt crossing over and putting their celebrity mojo behind the Republican Party's multi million dollars budget to stop Donald Trump by any means necessary. ~ ~ Did see that one coming. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MR.ZERO NOTES: In the Portland, Oregon based prophecy that is about me, and not about you, entitled ZERO EFFECT, I find the billionaire's gold plated SWISS ARMY knife key chain. For when the time would come in 2016 that my long lost handsome as hell son would be living in Geneva, Switzerland. And George Clooney would have that big house on the water that I always wanted to havev on Lake Como. ~ ~ After that REV.17 mystery woman got caught on fire and then quickly ran down to the boat house dock and jumped into the lake. ~ ~ Hell bells, why not? ~ ~ Who among us wants to suffer anymore than we have to? ~ ~ Even Jesus himself got down on his knees and pleaded with the Father to not let it happen; Glenn Beck style. ~ ~ NO KIDDING NOTES: If I decide to cast Kristen Stewart in all three of my James Dean remake movies, I'm going to need to find a worthy look alike of his original James Bond girlfriend at the time. ~ ~ I know, this sounds pretty crazy. ~ ~ But you can look it up on the 666 Internet if you do not believe it. ~ ~ Same thing goes for Obama's fake 666 computerized birth certificate image and his use of a stolen fact-checked Social Security 666 number.  ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ Please. For Jesus sake. Somebody stop it. ~ ~ PS CHRIS MATTHEWS: Sometimes I just say whatever you want me to say; whatever works in the short run. ~ ~ "You play tricks on me, I play tricks on you." Pee-Wee Herman.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Trump has another huuuge prime time campaign advertising blitz coming out. Which will not cost him one red cent. ~ ~ "How's that for a slice of fried gold?" SHAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ "Put that in your pipe and smoke it." MARX BROTHERS. ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch with David Letterman in Montana. ~ ~ The blue eyed chosen one in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS is asked to go back home with his strange looking Jewish midget alien kin, with physiological birth defects, at Devil's Tower, is the one from the Indiana Indian medicine WHEEL INN map image on his Hwy.66 road map to hell in the first act of CEOTTK. ~ ~ Where the final 4.4 championships season of college basketball for lesbians will play out. ~ ~ Or as we see and hear the UFOs on the radar in the first act of AP:II, "Houston, we have a problem." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SO WHAT NOTES: If the Supreme Court bans abortion, why shouldn't women who do it be tried for murder and burned at the stake? ~ ~ Yeah right. So what? Like that would even happen today. ~ ~ You do know of course that uber paranoidal people like Chris Matthews, and my Uncle Jim of Kirkland, are completely mad; not to mention Warren Beatty. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Note the Jewish kid from Brooklyn Pee-Wee Herman outfit. ~ ~ Anywho, 7 people were injured when that 150' whale watching boat carrying 144 people, called ADVENTURE HORNBLOWER, crashed into a tourist dock on Thursday down in Paul Nestor's San Diego, at: ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: That tall Jewish brunet star on the HUSKIES UW basketball team from Seattle looks like Sarah Silverman for a reason. Who prefers a tall dark and handsome man with a nice thick cock in the sack; rather than some ugly looking woman being there. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ The exception always proves the rule, yada, yada... ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Did you earn your fishing merit badge at [Mel] Gibson Lake in Montana? ~ ~ Whatever. I didn't know that the Jewish Gary Shandling from Broolyn, NY was a Christian Buddhist. ~ ~ You learn something evey day in this life. ~ ~ "Sometimes life just up and fucks you in the ass." [REV.9 meets SMOKIN' ACES.]  ~ ~