Monday, April 18, 2016


Some Brown University wanna be ass/is/tant professor just got attacked by a smelly brown bear up in the Tongass National Forest area of Mount Emmerich [rich no.7 Emma] off of Rt.7 Alaska, near Haines [underwear] according to: ~ ~ Which is the 392nd highest peak in Alaska, according to: . ~ ~ Like unto this mountain cabin brown leather seat no.392 fake at: ~ ~ Note the traditional NELSON [beaver] TRAPPER backpack strapping by Divine design in the prophetic furniture no.392 model piece. ~ ~ Hence the Rt.7 location for the 7 mountains beast in REV.13:2; that has feet like a brown eyed bear. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAKED CITY NOTES: Dreams about suddenly finding yourself being fully naked in public are meant to enlighten you abour your shameful sins. ~ ~ Those dreams where you find yourself only half naked, mean that you are half right on the particular issue at hand. ~ ~ For example, in the opening of WEDDING CRASHERS, we are shown the proverbial glass half full, glass half empty, thing. Because one should not be mocking the sacred principle of marriage. But on the other hand, today's apostate Christian monogamy is comply gay. Pretty much along the same line as Ted Cruz' run to become the next El Presidente at La Casablanca, circa 2016. Think MISS CONGENIALITY I&II meets HOPE FLOATS. ~ ~ NICE NOTES: Only found out about this one this evening, at: ~ ~ Works for me, at least on paper. ~ ~ Hell, at this point in time, I'll take anything that I can get. ~ ~ STINKY BROWN SHIT NOTES: My sick aunt who is mentioned out of the blue in WEEKEND AT BERNIES is the same one who is still living at my spiritually sick cousin Dave's house up in Lynwood, Washington. Who likes to smear her shit all over his bedroom walls. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works to get one's attention. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Yesterday I dreamed that a 29ish Susan let me fuck her. Even though she was still not that into it. ~ ~ Oh well, a 29ish bird in the hand is better than two 29ish birds in the bush. ~ ~

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