Sunday, April 3, 2016


"RUSH" is marked on the shipping box that delivers Donald Trump's new golden EIB microphone cellphone in OCEANS 13. Just in time for the grand opening of Bank's new 5 precious diamond virgins rated casino hotel on the day 1260 anniversary of the Ephraimite witness in REV.11; i. e. July 3rd. ~ ~ Which is the main reason why my good friend from the very beginning, President Monson, is looking so unhappy these days. Knowing full well that I AM & CO. is right, and Glenn Beck er all is as wrong as rice. And that he is still surrounded by the same kind of arrogant [ZION'S BANK meets KSL] high society fools who are still in charge of the Republican Party; after all these years. ~ ~ Since according to the spoken word at, politics, and politicing, is the 4th pillar of the 4-square gospel. ~ ~ The other 3 being the gold currency bank; the LDS missionary church, which is the only true church in the world; and the Melchesidic Preishood's School of Prophets. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JT: The reason why your German wife is going to leave you, and take the kids with her, is because you refused to do what it takes to protect your own white Nephite kin from the wild and savage LAmanite rapper niggers who you are always hanging around with in studio. ~ ~ You think and act like a nigger, you end up having the same broken family values of a nigger. ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES: The snow in Neve's home town in Ontario is for her appearance at 44:00 minutes on my CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND hard copy DVD.~ ~ The word 'neve' means snow in Siena, Italia. ~ ~ 1776 NOTES: That symbolic toy model AMTRAK train in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS rammed into a symbolic REV.9 backhoe scorpion stinger metaphore on the south side of 1776 Philadelphia in the spirit of Michael Medved's 770 AM radion show with the ...1776 KALL RADIO SLC, UTAH call in phone number factor, circa 1994. ~ ~ You play [MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP] tricks on me. I play [MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP] tricks you. ~ ~ Wherein the Mario [Como] look alike says to Pee-Wee, the new Jerry Lewis Jew boy in town, 'Is it fake blood, or is it real blood?" in so many words. ~ ~ Right there is Media, Penn and so on and on. ~ ~ Probably because THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL also comes to an end, again and again, over and over, in such movies as 6-5000 PENNSYLVANIA; and my own personal favorite THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ ~

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