Saturday, April 16, 2016


WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S has Bruce Willis at a fancy restaurant worrying about Donald Trump becoming an out of control egomaniac tall tower guy. Whose mega 666 insurance company is in bed with the third way system of Obamacare; just like Donald Trump. ~ ~ Which is set up in the script by the Howard Stern sunrise radio show shock jock who says "...sizzle sizzle sizzle... as the Big Apple becomes the baked apple." ~ ~ So if you read between the lines, Willis originally voted for the abomination of desolation. Probably because of something that I had said earlier that hurt his feelings. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK YOU NOTES: Yeah yeah yeah. Those two devastating REV.11 earthquakes in the southern Kobe, Japan [AP:III, GOLDMEMBER] region are about the end of Jewish style niggerism. Been there, done that. ~ ~ What else is there to say? ~ ~ Now I get to fuck my two Hollywood A-list wives who have adopted two negro children apiece? ~ ~ Actually, now that I think about it... Whatever, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S was shot on Bald Head Island, outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. ~ ~ PS GEORGE C/LOON/EY: Wow. ~ ~ PS BILL CLINTON: If not now, then when? ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: See what happens when you don't invite me too to go along with you on your own private jet fly fishing camp trips to Campbell, BC on  Vancouver Island, BC with you and your buddies? ~ ~ I get personally offended. I turn on you. I say nasty things about you. ~ ~ I go hang out with my other Montana trout fly fishing buddies; like Craig Ferguson, and Michael Keaton, just to make you jealous. ~ ~ Don't forget, my good friend Harrison Ford also owns a log cabin acreage property in the Campbell, BC area; complete with a local small private plane air strip. ~ ~ Just saying. ~ ~

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