Saturday, April 30, 2016


People are speculating during this latter-days season of the ten virgins prophecy if Donald rump is really worth 10 billion, or maybe only actually around 5 billion. ~ ~ As for myself; based on the 640 big ones tithing pay out from ontop of the TRUMP TOWER in the crazy 19888s DIE HARD prophecy; I would figure that his real net worth is now at least $6,400,000,000; minus my 10% handling fee. ~ ~ "It wont break you to consecrate everything to the United Order credit union." Jesus Christ already. ~ ~ Which is why the traditional Hollywood movie theater distribution deal is called a '90-10' contract; after what's left over from the 50/50 candy & soda pop lobby money split. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~NOTES BY THE NUMBERS: Glenn Beck lost 500k by betting on Ted Cruz' unconstitutional red horse in the White Horse Prophecy race for the desecrated White House of Sodom and Egypt in DC; for a sure civil war '500' number REV.16 earthquake sign. ~ ~ According to the word of God that was given to Heidi Cruz that said, "Seek God's face, not God's hand." Or in other words, accept the fullness of the Father in DC 76, and not just a part of Him. ~ ~ Or in other words, Trump walked into a Prespiterian church, out of the blue, during the Iowa primary and heard a sermon that said, 'Should the hand say to the face that I have no need for thee?' yada yada... Which makes me wonder if Beck's [foolish virgin] estate has now been reduced to around $5,000,000. Because of his foolish fun and games format for the past 8 years that has tried to avoid the fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen; and a well known homosexual to boot. ~ ~ Much less the idea that the wild at heart and childish negro should be allowed to hold the higher priesthood of God. ~ ~ ALL OF ME NOTES: Roger Rabitt and his future pet SAILOR DOG sidekick drive a German convertible girl RABBIT in the 1984 ALL OF ME prophecy that bears '...687' plates; as confirmed by this inspired of God 5-fingers fisting image at: ~ ~ I don't know about you. But the above image looks a lot like some Jewish atheist [PLANNED PARENTHOOD] 666 nazi medicine government doctor performing an abortion on a live fetus. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ ~ THE NEXT BIG THING NOTES: This 1981 movie about me fighting for the wrong side once upon a time in 1936, that takes place in the anti white man LAmanite lands of the BOOK OF MORMON, actually came out in the same year that my icy Germanic exwife divorced me and kidnapped my two blond haired sons in Beaverton, OR, at: ~ ~
"You look like Hitler." Laurence Pierson, circa 1979, Stanwood, Washington. ~ ~ Whatever. ~ ~ Apparently, there is some new indie film out now about Ernest Hemingway playing me living in Havana, Cuba, and then dying later in Sun Valley, Idaho. ~ ~ Hey, why not, works for me. ~ ~ The same thing happened to me in real life. ~ ~ So why not me and the boys pack up our video cameras and off-shore tax free cash money and go down there and make our first 8 retro 1960s era look feature films? ~ ~ Where the legal age girls look like they are 16 years-old tops. ~ ~ Think KEY LARGO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDY: Let me know when you two get tied of working for the 666 world that your loving mother of whores created for you. ~ ~ And so now you want to make $1,000,000 a year, tax free, working for me, your real father. Instead of just making a mealy $100,00 a year, minus 50% in 666 taxes. ~ ~ "I am your father." after all. [STAR WARS]. ~ ~

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