Thursday, July 31, 2014


Like the Catholic Bill O'Really and the Mormon Glenn Beck, the Jewish Michael Medved still believes that birthers are kind of nutty. ~ ~ Which makes complete sense in the proper historical context. ~ ~ Since all of them still believe that the Bible's PLAIN TRUTH magazine history about the northern Kingdom of Israel is kind of nutty. ~ ~ Ergo, that REV.12 flood in Westwood, LA that is threatening to destroy the church of the lamb. ~ ~ For example, UCLA's famous historic negro basketball court named after the apostate gay ass Gospel of Paul looks like it can't be saved now. ~ ~ And is going to half to be completely rebuilt and born again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO THE FUTURE NOTES: The 1985 movie's wounded heads motif was about the first 666 beast's head that was wounded and then was miraculously healed by all those DOC HOLLYWOOD figures out there. Then those 4 people on the Mormon FAMILY TIES family entertainment tv show were later diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease; for that prophetic "parking" scenario in BACK TO THE FUTURE. ~ ~ Gosh, how should I put this. If you do not believe in modern revelation. Then I guess that you are just pretty gullible. ~ ~ FRENCH EXWIFE NOTES: Today's Ebola plague is being born again in West French Africa because the Dr. Evil villain in MOONRAKER is also French Catholic in spirit. ~ ~ JOEY SMITH NOTES: According to Joseph Smith's much needed translation of the corrupt 66.6 books Bible. The Catholic Church based in the 7 hills of Federico Fellini's ROMA was a sovereign government for exactly 1260 years. ~ ~ That was about the same size as today's federal government in Washington, DC; speaking in terms of square miles. ~ ~ STARBUCKS RADIO NOTES: Sitting outside in front of STARBUCKS early Thursday morning, listening to NPR AREA CODE 310 radio, I heard their report about the new and improved reduced rates of crime in South Chicago. Then I tuned into some other-point-of-view AM radio news station and heard about that [HORRIBLE BOSSES] gay figure who was shot by some lowly loser Radar figure, at: ~ ~ Think Donald Young was also murdered in cold blood by Barack Obama's Chinatown, Chicago minions. Represented by that Chinese assassin in MOONRAKER meets LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ ~ What? You still haven't run a check on Obama's stolen Social Security number? ~ ~ Who do you guys think you are? ~ ~ Some local AM radio jockey who just tells his old time FDR radio listeners what they want to hear? ~ ~ Obama's grandmother at the Hawaii probate offices gave him a used born again Social Security number long before anybody ever knew about the power of the Internet to catch cheaters. ~ ~ Back around the same time that Spencer W. Kimball received his genuine revelation from Satan that granted the higher priesthood to the Negro sons of Ham. ~ ~ And Ken Kemp et al bought it hook, line, and sinker at BYU's Tony high society law school. Without even asking to see a physical copy of the so-called spoken-word relation written down on paper. ~ ~ DA VINCI CODE NOTES: According to the Holy Grail Branch Davidian prophecies in the Bible, the future King of England will also become the King of France. ~ ~ Think KING RALPH: II&III; co-starring Jim Carrey with Sienna Miller and Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. ~ ~ There is a Providential reason why Jerry Lewis is still larger than life itself in France.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Take a hike all you kikes, dikes, and hippie granola niggers. Everything is about to change. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. ~ ~ I don't agree with you. And you don't agree with me. ~ ~ So let's stop waisting each other's time and cut to the chase. ~ ~ Live and let die is what I say. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FORWARD TO THE PAST NOTES: At the end of the BACK TO THE FUTURE prophecy about my former futurist business partner Woody Norris, Dr. Brown declares that today's children who attend public schools are in serious jeopardy. "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." Steve Gray. ~ ~ I.e. the 1260 days of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim is the future of America.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In the 1985 Reaganite Democrat prophecy entitled BACK TO THE FUTURE, we first see Bro. Gillespie back in 1955 getting kicked around at a public high school in Hill Valley, USA. Where the cups of the whores in REV.17 are boldly on display in all the hallway glass cases; next to all those enchanting REV.13:1 under-the-sea dance banners. ~ ~ And where 30 years later, that well known Marxist democrat third-wayer Martin Luther King has replaced George Washington as the standard of truth and reason. ~ ~ In other words, the spiritual birth certificate of today's Chicago Mayor, Barack Obama, can not ever be physically felt or touched. Since it only exists in the form of a cyber space reality. ~ ~ That was confirmed years later by it's printed out full-color copy that fooled the only gullible female reporter who they allowed to hold it and feel it in her hands. ~ ~ And then that same gullible woman who was in charge of the NYT at the time printed it out on the front page of her Jewish owned and operated newspaper. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK IN TIME NOTES: That is definitely Alison Roth who plays my sister in BACK TO THE FUTURE; who gets a call from some guy named Greg or Craig in the future; at the end of the movie. ~ ~ Back in 1955, that little kid at the dinner table who is wearing a coon hat is non-other than Bonney Lake's regular STARBUCKS customer named Bob Short. Who is now a giant of a man who regularly attends the Kingdom Hall up in Buckley. ~ ~ That cheap looking homemade birthday cake in the above movie's first act is about Joey Smith et al still being held behind the 666 bars of captivity by the filthy black birds of Egypt. ~ ~ The film's crazy Jewish genius inventor named Dr. Brown represents my former business partner Woody Norris of course. Who finally comes up with an amazing invention that pays off in spades, circa 2015. During the last of the 70 weeks between Jennifer Aniston's birthday and Paris Hilton's birthday in February of 2015. ~ ~ Woody was the one who inspired me to leave the apostate christian BYU college before I graduated from there with some phony boloney BS arts degree. Which in turn inspired my apostate Catholic French wife to cut me off from our bullshit Prove Temple marriage that happened on Nichole Kidman's 6.20 birthday. ~ ~ One may recall, I got those two huge overdrive speakers attached to my mega watts KENWOOD amps that were made in Hope, Arkansas from Woody's hi fi shop in Sugar Town, Utah. That were basically the same thing featured in the opening scenario of BACK TO THE FUTURE. ~ ~ OLD ITALIAN MOVIE NOTES: I just might roll into Rome at the end of next year for a couple weeks with a cast and crew that includes Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Jim Carrey; to remake some old Fellini ROMA type James Bond movie on the fly. Talk about having the last laugh. ~ ~ And if we can shoot the entire thing under 21 days using home video cameras, we won't even have to obtain any work permits, much less pay any local taxes. ~ ~ Don't laugh. In the above James Bond movie, James Carrey plays the classic middle-aged 50+ 007 agent; and I play the somewhat older looking Orson Welles villain. Whose girlfriends are even more inappropriately underaged looking than the two Bond girls. And this business about me shooting the whole thing in and around Roma in two weeks does not include the week of shooting at George Clooney's shag pad up on Lake Como. ~ ~ Plus maybe a couple days of pick-up establishing shoots in and around Vancouver, BC. Just to establish the plot's Chinese mob high-rise condo development connections.

Monday, July 28, 2014


BACK TO THE FUTURE ends 30 years later in 2015, when the mayor of Hill Town is a Negro, and the Negro holds the priesthood in Utah, and the Tony high society Mormons there like Barack Obama much more than they like Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ That is until the 70 weeks of confirmations in DANIEL come to an end in 2015. ~ ~ Talk about Gwyneth Paltrow's own private CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. Which came out back when Bro. Gillespie was still in high school, and too afraid to stand up to today's latter-day Sodom and Egypt bullies in REV.11. ~ ~ As explained at: ~ ~ Obviously, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ERASER HEAD NOTES: Back in 1985 meets 1955 in BACK TO THE FUTURE, Marty's brother gets his head erased, much like my own brothers' heads have become 86ed by the leadership of the mormon moms' church lady church in D&C 86. ~ ~ BONNEY LAKE NOTES: McFly's hot date up at the lake with his Emma Roberts' look alike babe represented the future Bonney Lake, Washington, 30 years later. Hence the Julia Roberts family 10:28 time-stamp at the end. ~ ~ HOT TUB NOTES: Those Islamic Libyan terrorists caused Mayor Obama to evacuate the USA embassy in Libya on the same day I saw the same terrorist kill Dr. Brown in BACK TO THE FUTURE. Then there was that time machine bolt of lightening at Venice Beach, California. Which has long been overrun by the niggers; just like Alki Beach in West Seattle. ~ ~ FUCK OFF NOTES: My niggers like their cold MILLER just as much as I do. BFD.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Fuck off already. Yeah I know, the love guru things of the spirit come before the things of the body. ~ ~ And if that is the only thing that you care about anymore, then you will inherit a lesser world where everything is spiritual, and nobody gets to feel or touch anything that is real and physical. Not even in their spare private time; after taking care of the more important business at hand, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ McFLY NOTES ON THE FLY: George McFly is a prophetic '25 years later' representation of Bonney Lake, Washington's Bro. Gillespie figure; who drives the same kind of new born again classic car featured in BACK TO THE FUTURE meets AP: III. ~ ~ After we see Sienna Miller's 12:28 birth date in the above movie, we go to the TWIN PINES shopping mall of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. Which is located in the New Jerusalem of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt, and not in the old Jerusalem where our Lord was crucified by the tony Jews. Speaking of today's Jews for Jesus who still believe that the Book of Mormon was dictated to Joseph Smith by the same devil who wants to destroy FDR's apostate Social Security and LBJ/JFK's apostate Civil Rights Act of 1964, etc. etc. ~ ~ Not to mention Bush Sr.'s futile act to help people who are still stuck in their FDR wheelchairs; and Bush Jr.'s federal education act for kids who have been left behind by their crack smoking parents. ~ ~ "Who do you people think you are?" Jesus Christ. ~ ~ [Hint, the Jewish 1980s novelist icon Stephen King still believes that the federal government in DC is Jesus.] ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: If I were you. I would stalk up my twin VOLVO and set out on an end-of-life voyage back to the time when you were doing your own physical transfiguration research around the islands of Mel Gibson's own private volcano lair for 29ish looking middle aged men who love to poke 14 year-old virgin girls in the mouth long time. ~ ~

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I found a used like-new 1980s technology VHS tape of BACK TO THE FUTURE at GOODWILL on the same day that Sandra Bullock turned into a prophetic 50 SHADES OF GRAY figure. In confirmation of the breaking news that Chevy Chase has returned as the repair man in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: 2. ~ ~ No wonder that everybody in my LDS singles party dream was physically transfigured to the max; including Ken and I. ~ ~ So the idea of getting naked and jumping into the hot tub was not really that much of a stretch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POPCORN MOVIE NOTES: Don't see 1985's physical transfiguration prophecy that came out when Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan were born until you are ready for it, at: ~ ~ Nobody, not even Jesus, likes to cast their precious pearls before swine. ~ ~ For example, see BRIDGET JONES: II. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Be patient my little Montana grasshopper buck hair trout fly. One does not enter into the temple and then come out three hours later looking like a 29ish sex god love guru. It takes years of self denial and prayer, and fasting, and only drinking mild beers and pure table wines to achieve full sexual fly-fishing catch&release utopia. ~ ~ BIRTHDAY NOTES: Sandra Bullock's own private 1980s 52 PICKUP prophecy was about the time in the future when she would become 52 years-old. That XKE JAGUAR in ABOUT ADAM was about a blind-folded Sandy, yada yada. ~ ~ LOVE NOTES: Gwyneth Pal's sensational SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE was a Green Lake, Seattle based MIDNIGHT SUMMER'S DREAM farce about me ringing her up at the end of July. And she liked it. ~ ~ Outdoors sex on the grass is much better when you are friends, and not just crazy selfish obsessed lovers. ~ ~ JAMES DEAN NOTES: This new 19 year-old Hollywood homosexual sensation could just be my next casting pick to co-star in Justin Beiber's first Hollywood movie sensation, at: ~ ~ "I just want to make a dollar for both of us." To paraphrase my future home video movie maker in BOOGIE NIGHTS; based out of Ken Keisler's San Francisco gay area.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Ken Kemp invited me to an LDS singles party. Where I mingled for awhile and then stepped out onto the backyard patio to chat with a nice looking 29ish blond babe. ~ ~ Then I saw an underground tunnel opening back there that had obviously been dug all the way from Gaza to America; which looked large enough to smuggle in an A-bomb or something. ~ ~ Whatever, we all just stripped down and climbed into the hot tub. ~ ~ Now that I think about it, that beach party tunnel which collapsed on top of Adam Pye in Half Moon Bay was probably a Crescent Moon thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POKER FACE NOTES: Seriously now, no jokering, the sexiest poker face out there right now is at: ~ ~ I dare you to guess what she is thinking. ~ ~ LA COSA NOSTRA NOTES: You will see it coming. Only after you finally realize and admit that you did not see it coming. ~ ~ INTERCONNECTED SERIES OF TUNNELS NOTES: Guess which one of the swinging three-way Austin Powers trilogy movies makes a prophetic reference to all of those underground movie notes about those GROUNDHOG DAY tunnels that are being discovered in Gaza right now. ~ ~ WILDEST DREAMS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I was at a tony party in London, where a very friendly and nice guy Prince Charles was standing beside me. ~ ~ But when I went to the two bathrooms at one point, one of the toilets was missing, and the other toilet was so full of crap that it was stuck up and overflowing. And then the Lord told me that both of them were no good anymore. So I went outside and just peed into a garbage can out back. ~ ~ JOKER NOTES: My sidekick wants to bring more illegal underaged virgin teenagers into America because he knows how much that gets under the skin of all those white people in Utah who know that the BOOK OF MORMON is a true prophecy about the dark skinned people. ~ ~ Why go underground when you can always go for at least tourist class? And force all of those non Jew white people in America to pay for your plane ticket and hotel expenses to boot. ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR POPULISTS: The NWO conspiracy is a false flag style false doctrine. Don't worry. There is no credible plot out there right now that seeks to eliminate your precious 666 Social Security and Medicare idols. ~ ~

Thursday, July 24, 2014


If you got those killer dimples, and you got that killer smile, then I got the time. ~ ~ Ergo, last night I watched ENOUGH SAID, and then the next day I saw those look alike reports about Ariana Grande's grandpa passing away. Who looked just like that legendary home video tape birthday boy magician in a Las Vegas retirement home, at: ~ ~ "You don't fuck the face." just might be one of the dumbest expressions left over from the 1950s. That tried to justify men fucking ugly women. Like that stuck up tony cunt figure in the above movie. Who is still bad mouthing me to this day. ~ ~ Just like the girl next door. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ENOUGH NOTES: My egg plant pasta chef in ENOUGH SAID was the same actor who knew how to deal with his enemies in the popular HBO series about La Cosa Nostra. ~ ~ Speaking of my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy in the White House. Never in my life have I ever spoken a false word or spread any false rumors about him. ~ ~ NOTES FOR LIARS: The Pope is infallible. The president of the Mormon church receives revelations. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Senator McCain is a conservative. The NYT is not biased, nor is NBC and CNN. Hollywood is not run by the Jews. 911 was a false flag plot orchestrated by the New World Order. Michael Moore is a good Catholic. Social Security is a legitimate constitutionally legal concept; and so is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. MLK's graduate thesis was not plagiarized. Black niggers are no different than white niggers. All toilet paper is the same thing, no matter the significant price-point differential. CABLE GUY was a bad movie. BlUE JASMINE was a great movie. Homosexuality is just as normal as today's mormon church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joseph Smith did not like to fuck virgin teenagers, no way. Chloe Moretz and Hailee Signfeld do not want me to fuck both of them at the same time on my 91' yacht either. Neither does her underaged TAXI DRIVER forerunner actress Jodie Foster figure want to get her brains raped by my Steve Gray figure in 50 SHADES OF GRAY. ~ ~ 666 BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE NOTES: The prophetic 1950s movie entitled THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI was a prophecy about Hwy.410's bridge over Angeline Road in Bonney Lake, Washington. Which is marked with the birth certificate years of Miranda Kerr and Miley Cyrus; i.e. 1983 and 1992. See: ~ ~ HOME MOVIE POPCORN RECIPE: Always pop your popcorn in a big two gallon hat cast iron pot; using only virgin olive oil of course. Then season and shake it up to taste with white pepper, powdered oregano, sea salt, and a touch of granulated garlic. If you can do this for me, I promise you that you will get laid even before the movie ends. ~ ~ NEWS REEL NOTES: I don't get it. What is so hard to understand about the Russians shooting down plane loads of homosexuals?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Everything that happens at Half Moon Bay in California has always been associated somehow with Charlize Theron; located on your atlas due north of San Gregorio. ~ ~ For the latest example, a guy named Adam was inspired by Adam [the Holy Ghost] to dig his own ten foot deep grave on the beach there and bury himself alive in the sands of the beast that rises up from the sea in REV.13:1, per: ~ ~ Sounds like a Steve Gray escape bit to me. ~ ~ Whatever, the above report's 35 minute time-line refers to the 35 longitude line that divides Israel/Texas in half for the 50/50 half and half prophecy about the ten virgins in MATT 25 ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ J2 NOTES: Yeah I know, the above dude looks a lot like J2. But don't get too carried away with this. I don't want him to get all freaked out and ban me from posting on his various BB threads. ~ ~ RAIN MAN NOTES: The rains came down hard in Seattle right after my sidekick's vist to Jewish Medina, Washington in confirmation of my ISAIAH 58:11 post. Where a major Jesus loves you revival is about to happen. ~ ~ New readers take note. The RAIN MAN prophecy was about what happens when you eat nothing but white flour shit and then you make a baby who is totally crazy. ~ ~ ADAM NOTES: The original tv Batman was played by Adam West, of course. California being the land of fruits and nuts. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the rather tall 85 year-old dude is a Jew, per these pix that don't lie, at: ~ ~ And so is Bonney Lake's Brother Gillespie figure who I see driving around town in his mint condition 1947 straight-8 BUICK featured in AP: III, etc. etc. ~ ~ HISTORY BOOK NOTES: The ongoing historic wildfires around Lake Chelan represent the deep lake's representation of the snake that eats the delicious red apples there; which are mostly bland and tasteless, circa JACOB 5. Because right there is The Devil's Backbone landmark, next to the Angels Ridge landmark, north of 727' Wenatchee.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My long lost overweight buddy Nyle Smith migrated from Utah to the Lewis & Clark law school in Portland for a prophetic latter-day saints reason. In order that you tony high society morons might also have a little more consideration and patience for AM radio's night time microphone jockey Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ You're God damn right he saw an underaged juvenile Big Foot last weekend in the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge area. ~ ~ What? Are you completely fucking nuts or something? ~ ~ Didn't you see that latest poll result on that documented how approximately 40% of all Americans have now read Sheriff Joe's report about Obama's computer generated birth certificate? ~ ~ Don't tell me. You're too good to go on the dirty filthy Internet and find out what is really going on out there. ~ ~ Admit it; you are out of your element these days. And you need my help; which is what friends are for, relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: My older brother was born on 7.17; and that's a good thing, relatively speaking. ~ ~ Who spent some time in the 19666s living on a hippie farm commune near Pam Anderson's current farm house property on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Where the winter cabbages are the size of Tennessee watermelons in late summer, and the pot smoking sex is just, well, unbelievable. Talk about getting the munchies.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Steve Gray burns his arm of flesh on Judah's ten virgins birthday for a reason in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE prophecy. ~ ~ What? You don't go to the movies anymore because you might be offended by their tone? ~ ~ Then how about you bend over and grab your ankles and let my trusty sidekick fuck you in ass just a little bit longer? Like about 70 weeks. ~ ~ Cry "UNCLE!!" when you have finally had enough and I will see to it that he knocks it off and leaves you alone. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ You make me feel good, I make you feel good. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ D&C 133 NOTES: All of those prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in the north countries have been saying that Hillary Clinton is going to be instrumental in cleaning up the abominable mess that Barack Obama is making. ~ ~ For example, that hot air birthday balloon caught fire in Clinton, Mass because that is the same county where TUPPERWARE is located; soon to be a major motion picture starring Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ YES MAM NOTES: Jim Carrey's inspired YES MAN movie was a timely portrait about today's cultish love guru Mormons who have become nothing more than a bunch of pussy whipped yes men. ~ ~ ATLAS MAP NOTES: Clinton is located just above Berlin. For today's new and improved RLDS church in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. Which is now being dominated by that democratic socialist pilot from Germany. ~ ~ Think THE AVIATOR meets PEARL HARBOR; filmed in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. "Surprise surprise!!" Fat Bastard in AP:II. ~ ~ BIG TIME MOVIE PRODUCER NOTES: I need Jim Carrey and Mike Myers to set aside their legendary Hollywood egos and make a comedy duo picture for me. Al a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. ~ ~ And it better have lots of 19ish beauties in bathing suits in it; or both of them are fired. I AM is not in this for my health. ~ ~ Think Simon and Garfunkel make a 1970s Porno. Whatever, I need new, never seen before material. ~ ~ I am not going to throw good money after bad money, if you get my drift. I may be a very rich man in my own private mind; but I am in no way pretending to be the Federal Reserve Bank of America. ~ ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: Cock your head aside and look at it this way. I role play that teacher in SIDEWAYS. You role play my sexy too young female student who can't wait to fuck me because you know that it will definitely improve your grade point average. ~ ~ PRIZMATIC NOTES: Do I go for the exotic Montana black spotted trout in the outlets of the two Jordan Lakes and the two Falls Lakes above Marblemount, Washington this fall? Or do I go for those native rainbows in the upper Stilly pools this year? Whatever. One can always rely on those small native western cutthroat creeks on the south side of Mount Rainier. Which always seem to have enough glacial melt ground water in them, no matter how dry of a summer we have. ~ ~ Read ISAIAH 58:11 if you doubt me on this.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I also found the unheard of COPS & ROBBERSONS on T.G.I.F. which somehow came out in 1994. ~ ~ Wherein an illegal alien from Central America is behind today's massive funny money printing operation at the Federal Reserve. Whose name is Osborn for the counterfeit birth certificate behind the abomination of desolation who everybody and his dog knows was born in Africa. ~ ~ And comes to an end in the third act during Rush Limbaugh's prophetic "America held hostage!!" radio show routine in the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ ~ No wonder that the above movie that put an end to Chevy Chase's liberal smarty-pants movie career had him acting like one of today's swinging Republican Tarzan heros who are going to make it open season on all of those Jews, niggers, and queers who recently moved in next door to you. Courtesy of the federal government's unconstitutional Section-8 housing for all those illegal aliens from south of the border. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRIZM PAINTER NOTES: The above 1260 days period piece movie plays KODACHROME over the end credits. For the rainbow of colors code words in all of my GSR/TWN postings. ~ ~ PS ROBBIN WILLIAMS: Don't worry, be happy, I got your back covered. Meanwhile, could you ask my old buddy Ken Keisler if there is anything that he can do for you, and you can do for him? ~ ~ What are friends for? ~ ~ CAPTAIN FANTASTIC NOTES: Big rocks and Colorado size boulders crashed down on the [Kate] HUDSON LINE's train tracks near that Captain Garrison landmark on your atlas map book for a reason. Which was about where yours truly encounters the Amber Heard look alike blond in NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and enjoys a nice brook trout dinner with her. Per: ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Sadly, the time has come for the dragon and the beast and the false prophet in REV.16 to die. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ FINAL SOLUTION NOTES: Jewish Hollywood needs to die and become born again in Israel in order that the world can overcome the false prophet of Islam; the false pope of the Catholic Church; the false prophet of the mormon church in Utah; etc. etc. Not to mention all of those phony baloney love gurus in India, and Japan, and Red China. ~ ~ Think North and South Korea too, plus Seattle's Mercer Island fantasy world 666 high-tech culture. Where Obama is going to be on Tuesday. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Today is Gisele Bundchen's 34th birthday. ~ ~ BIG TIME NOTES: The reason why I often times go to an Ariana Grande or a Scarlett Johansson to do my dirty work is because you would never suspect that it could come from a little innocent looking girl like them. ~ ~ GOOD LIKE WOOD NOTES: I'm paying for everything now, in more ways than one. ~ ~ So now I'm thinking that Woody Allen cuts the crap and casts Ariana in his next little daughter-of-the-mob movie. Believe me you. I AM is not going to put out one single dollar for any movie that does not feature a pair of legal age actresses who look 16ish, 17ish. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: I got the money if you still got the time. And don't worry about Steven Spielberg et al. Who are nothing but a bunch of dead-men-walking zombie Jew fucks. ~ ~ ASTONISHINGLY BORING NOTES: After my seven years of exciting fuck-film productions during the last days 7-years tribulation period, featuring Miley Cyrus and me et al, the Jews are finally going to throw up their hands and admit that I am the great great great... grandson of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ LONG TIME NO SEE NOTES: For the longest time, I have been waiting and watching to see a motion picture that was at all worthy of my BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN wives in the form of Gisele Bundchen meets Adriana Lima. ~ ~ Go figure, I found THE AVIATOR at a garage sale just across the street on Friday. ~ ~ Talk about the girl next door.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I encountered a nice looking younger mother and her virgin teen daughter pair at the MOUNTAIN VISTA sign on T.G.I.F. Who were putting up signs for their garage sale. So when I stopped by it an hour later I found some unheard of movie called ABOUT ADAM. ~ ~ Which was ultimately about Clyde Lewis going to Washington's Mount Adams on Friday in search of Big Foots, vampire werewolves, and UFOs. No kidding, check out this really cute and sexy alien babe at; ~ ~ Ergo, Adam gets his cock sucked on that "mountain" hill hike outside of Dublin, Ireland in the [pre] plural sister-wives movie made in 1999. ~ ~ Big wow definitely. I always thought that Charlize Theron was the one who was doing the Flirty Fishing in their ten year relationship marriage; now I see that it was the other way around. ~ ~ Oh well, live and learn, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ PRISMATIC TOUR NOTES: That mother daughter duel were rudely taping their garage sale signs over that PRIZM PAINTING rainbow-of-colors sign with the 468 prefix, so; ~ ~ RUSH NOTES: This Canadian tour bus crash is about Rush letting that Canadian guy guest host his show on open line Friday. Just as long as nobody is allowed to talk about Obama's forged birth certificate while he goes golfing somewhere, just like Obama always does, at: ~ ~ MOUNT ADAMS ATLAS SIGNS: The Indian medicine wheel reservation runs up the east side of Mount Adams; where we see The Hump rock formation, right above The Bumper formations; the Devil's Garden rocks; the Ridge of Wonders next to Hellroaring Falls; The Spearhead ridge rocks, etc. etc. ~ ~ WHINY NOTES: Reportedly, Charlize dumped Stuart Townsend after all those years because she got tired of his never ending Woody Allen type whining. Say what you will about Sean Penn; at least he is not a whiner. ~ ~ RUDE NOTES: All of those Blanding, Utah atlas map editorialist at the bland-as-hell RLDS MORMON TIMES are more interested in having the right tone, than having the truth in their tones. ~ ~ How gay. ~ ~ That is like Jennifer Garner marrying the handsome as hell Ben Afleck just because he is a really nice guy. ~ ~ When was the last time that any of these tony high society Mormon leaders ever talked about the White Horse Prophecy or the reborn again 666 beast? It's almost as if THE REVELATION OF ST JOHN THE DIVINE did not even exist.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Reportedly, Woody Allen is now shooting his next movie onboard some restored classic wooden sailboat in Newport, Rhode Island. ~ ~ Before you start accusing the wood man of liking girls who are too young for him; consider this. Some middle aged guy, named James Lacroix, who was wearing a [sailboat] CAPTAIN AMERICA Tee, walked into the nearby Kennedy Compound this week and sat down and relaxed for a few hours while reading a good book and enjoying a plate of symbolic small tight vagina tortellini pasta made by one of the Kennedy teens there. ~ ~ But eventually they realized that nobody even knew who the man was. And when he happened to mention that he was there waiting to hook up with Katy Perry when she got back home, well.. Plus my STALKER SEX IS THE BEST post was rolling out, so. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YEAH FUCK WHATEVER NOTES: The last time I ran into my ALASKA Captain fly fishing buddy at STARBUCKS was the day before flight 370 disappeared off of the radar. Then I ran into him again in the kids section at TARGET on the same day that the Russians shot down that 777. Talk about hitting the jackpot. ~ ~ 777 NOTES: The inspired homophobic Russians accidentally shot down that plane load of AIDS experts for a reason; according to western radar reports. ~ ~ Who were heading to some 20th annual AIDS conference in Cate Blanchett's Australia where Bill Clinton would be speaking for a cool $500,000 per hour. ~ ~ The day after the seven mountains beast of the G7 in REV.17 slapped sanctions on the manufacturer of their ground-to-air missiles. This time it's personal. ~ ~ Radar made that 780th fake nude of Jennifer Aniston, and so on. ~ ~ DATED NOTES: The 777 was shot down by the beast in REV.17 on 7.17 because of that Indian medicine wheel omen at 717' elevation that was caused by my Steve Gray figure in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. ~ ~ At least that is what Clyde Lewis is now suggesting on his GROUND ZERO radio show. [Jim Carrey wears a GROUND ZERO T-shirt in the original ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE, etc.] ~ ~ 66.6% NOTES: I read on wiki that two thirds of the Jews were killed in all of Europe during WW II for a prelude to the two thirds who are about to die in latter-day Israel. Think Israelite America is going to be divided into three parts in REV.16. Once we get rid of Barack Obama et al once and for all. ~ ~ MOVIE GOER NOTES: The back of Steve Gray's van is supposed to depict the magical movie poster for THE AVIATOR, at: ~ ~ Since DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is also supposed to be about Howard Hughes, there just might be some kind of a Las Vegas style 777 slot machine connection to all this.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I waited to watch THE BIRDS prophecy on Annalynne McCord's birthday for a reason. Not knowing that her boyfriend in the 1963 movie was a Robbin Williams looking liberal lawyer figure from today's Gay Area. ~ ~ Typically, people don't think of that dead public education teacher with her eyes plucked out in the movie when they think of the new DALLAS soap opera star Ms. McCord. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ They both think the same way; vote the same way; eat the same food; yada yada. ~ ~ And they both love living in California. Where the afternoon's sun-sex-and-pasta lifestyle is out of this world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Annalynne looks like a typical white southern Republican babe who was home schooled. Annie looked like your typical white NPR Democrat low-information voter idiot. ~ ~ 007 NOTES: That James Bond movie about the modern Sodom started up it's first act in Amsterdam. Which is the international center of the Jewish DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER market. In confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's final solution show this week. ~ ~ You try to shoot down Rush, he shoots you down. ~ ~ In other words. Rush is always right even when he is wrong. And you are always wrong even when you are right. ~ ~ BIRD WATCHER NOTES: In Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, all of the people are white; and all of the dirty filthy hen-pecking birds are darkies. ~ ~ ADRIANA NOTES: Ms. Lima has been so inspired to donate her surplus moneys to the orphan children in Central America because the time would soon come when all of those desperate orphans would be invading America, per EZE.38. ~ ~ Yeah I know. Simply reporting this obviously providential fact on this blog is going to go a long ways towards getting me laid on her yacht out of Miami. But that still does not make it any less true. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Watching the rather boring highbrow BLUE JASMINE was such a chore. However, now that I see those refreshing new pix of Jen at J2, I'll probably go back and watch it again with a bit more humor.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Rush Limbaugh finally just cut to the chase on Wednesday and said that our problem is the strange people who control the Hollywood news media culture. ~ ~ It's truly amazing how just a few thousand sky rockets in flight can get one's mind right on any given afternoon delight AM radio talk show. ~ ~ Which corresponds prophetically with many of my recent visionary dreams about Israel being overwhelmed by rockets raining down on them from a north by northeastern direction. ~ ~ You got my back, I got your back. NOT! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOTALLY INCOHERENT NOTES: The reason why so many of today's single parents who are around the age of Sienna Miller et al are starting to question and contradict the status quo, is because of this thing that the old folks call "The School of Hard Knocks". Which nobody ever talks about on BBC radio in England or NPR radio in America. Not to mention what they are now teaching at Harvard and Yale. Where one can not even say the word 'negro' anymore. ~ ~ Which used to be a very legitimate and respectful word back in the 1950s. When most of the Negro babies were still being born into a family where there were two mommy and daddy parents. Nowadays, it's more like zero percent, statistically speaking. Thanks to Spencer W Kimball in Utah and Jimmy Carter in Georgia. ~ ~ Birds of a feather flock together, etc. etc.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Everybody knows how much women love to be pursued, per CRAZY STUPID LOVE, circa 2011. ~ ~ I know, Steve Carrel is a complete SNL style comedy sketch fool. ~ ~ However, never confuse raw ignorance with raw intelligence. ~ ~ One can have the kind of off-the-charts IQ rating of a Kit Winn, or a Kenny Kemp, and still be a complete idiot. ~ ~ Take me for example. I'm smarter than both of them put together, and I still married that crazy cunt from France. Go figure. ~ ~ And for an updated and more contemporary second witness, my future wife Sandra Bullock married that crazy motorcycle outlaw dude from Long Beach named Jesse James. ~ ~ Big wow, didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK YOU LONG TIME NOTES: Reportedly, that little chubby middle-aged Jew from Brooklyn who produces SNL is still trying to purge the show of all those white people whose minds are not right. ~ ~ WEST COAST PRODUCER NOTES: That guy in the audience who vomits when he sees the prophetic hot coals walker scene in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS meets THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE is supposed to represent Bonney Lake's local Bruce Troxell filmmaker figure. ~ ~ THE BREAK-UP NOTES: Jennifer Anniston's relationship with Vince Vaughn was about when she would break up with me and then get back with me after the upcoming REV.16 three-way break-up of Chicago. ~ ~ CHEM TRAIL TRUTHER NOTES: White Christian simpletons who believe that my fly fishing ALASKA pilot buddy, Paul Garrison, is a part of the conspiracy to spray them with pest control chemicals from on high are right on the money. ~ ~ Duh. In the near future, everybody is going to half to have a '666' tattoo on their forehead. Otherwise, every single one of their BANK OF AMERICA checks that they write out in the near future will be worthless. Not worth the ink that they are written on, yada yada. ~ ~ [Tune into Clyde Lewis' GROUND ZERO radio show this week for all of the pertinent details.] ~ ~ SKY PILOT NOTES: One of the major reasons why so many apostate Christians have believed for all these years that they are being sprayed by chem trails is because of the chem trails that will be falling down upon Israel when we see the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, containing toxic chemicals of course.

Monday, July 14, 2014


My sidekick nigger's sidekick nigger at the fascist DOJ is now complaining that I keep him up at night. I know how he feels. ~ ~ For the latest example of why, see Shenae Grimes flashing me the three-way fingers hand trick at: ~ ~ You rub me the wrong way, I rub you the wrong way. ~ ~ On the other hand; if you rub me the right way, I rub you the right way. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HORRIBLE BOSSY NOTES: In Woody's BLUE JASMINE soap opera, the horrible dentist boss harasses the Jennifer Aniston figure who walks out next to that 780 street number at: ~ ~ Because her boss looked just like the above CATCH 22 actor in the above fake computer generated [birth certificate] image. ~ ~ MORE J2 BACKGROUND NOTES: See: ~ ~ According to the what-would-Jesus-do Bible, girls are supposed to get married no later than ten years after puberty, i.e. around the same age as Shenae Grimes. Otherwise, they become nothing but trouble. ~ ~ That said, in the Kingdom of God there are no hard ass rules; only eternal guidelines based upon true principles. ~ ~ MOVIE GUIDE NOTES: I picked up Hitchock's classic 1963 prophecy about the latter-day invasion of Ephraimite Israel's Gay Area in EZE.38 at TARGET on Monday. Not realizing that the blond actress on the DVD box art was yet another Amber [Alert] Heard look alike like the one in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ~ ~ TWO FINGERS NOTES: The fake 1969 hit song called SUGAR, SUGAR was a polygamist mormon three-way marital sex prophecy, per: ~ ~ AND:,_Sugar ~ ~ Too bad for you if this buggers you. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Any second and third sailboat sequel to BLUE JASMINE would not be complete without a nice juicy role in both of them for Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. Which is why Keira was so obsessed with staying in a gray house boat on gray Lake Union in sleepless gray Seattle when she made that recent gray area fuck film with Chloe Moretz et al. ~ ~ Quite frankly, I don't even give a flying fuck if we have to use the same local female director to make it all happen. If the screenplay that we paid a couple big ones for up front is right on the money of course. ~ ~ POINT ROBERTS NOTES: Of course, a lot of those PRACTICAL MAGIC style sex-on-the-beach scenes would have to be shot down on Sandra Bullocks's private beachfront property on Lopez Island. ~ ~ That way, she can flip it for a cool ten million above what she paid for it just three years ago. ~ ~ [Recently, I have been having dreams about fingering a sweet little tight vagina 16 year-old virgin Evangeline Lilly on a beach on Vashon Island. But I'm not sure yet if this would have anything to do with Lopez Island. Since she is not known to make risky real estate investments.] ~ ~ BAD BOY NOTES: Women think that white bad boys are sexy; not wishy-washy Jew boys who don't have any balls, and don't have their backs. ~ ~ IRS NOTES: FOX radio is reporting with a serious tone in their voices that the US Army is still investigating that well known deserter who has just been returned to active duty in Texas; for example, see this same kind of report at: ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, according to their Bill O'Reilly investigation, yada yada...

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Get your mind right and read the prophetic lyrics to this new posting first before you read it, at: ~ ~ Steve Gray caused that GRAYHOUND love bus to crash on I-70 [weeks] near Centerville, Indiana because the place is located 70 miles east of that famous Indian medicine wheel landmark on your RAND McNALLY atlas of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Hey, if it feels good do it. ~ ~ Besides, the ominous Centerville atlas message happened on the same day that the centrist third wayers from Hitler's Germany were playing the centrist third wayers from Evita's Argentina; where the pope of ROMA comes from. ~ ~ Ergo, Fellini's prophetic Gisele Bundchen lady in ROMA is the it girl of the day. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOUP DU JOUR RECIPE: I use the tail section meat and gill meat of our frozen sockeye salmon to make a fantastic fish soup... Put your leftover raw salmon bits and pieces into a pot with one quart of organic chicken broth and two cups of cooked brown rice, skin and bones and all; season with granulated garlic, sea salt, white pepper, and a dash of Italian Rosemary seasonings. Then pour in a good quarter cup of virgin olive oil. Boil it all until the fish is thoroughly cooked. And don't worry; they still have not found an extreme amount of toxic residue in most wild run Sockeye yet. But the best part is; this fish soup is amazing with whole wheat EZE.4:9 style bread rolls for dipping and mopping up. ~ ~ And it ain't that bad for your heart and your hips either. [Olive oil is not the same thing as butter milk fat oil.] ~ ~ Plus, a clove of garlic is shaped like the human heart, etc.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


"Prepare to have your brains raped." is how my JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR Iggy Pop figure is introduced at the end of THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE prophecy about the Biblical Pillow Stone of Jacob. ~ ~ Too bad they no longer teach that kind of thing in Sunday school. ~ ~ Like once you girls have grown out a full patch of pubic hair, it's high time to start thinking about having a husband. ~ ~ Just because you are getting a little older now, it doesn't mean that you still can't have some fun once in awhile. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Last night I saw a used copy of BLUE JASMINE that I found at SAFEWAY. ~ ~ Which was a terrific "to be continued" soap opera set up to PLAY IT AGAIN SAM: II. ~ ~ What? You're just going to leave Kate Blanchet sitting there on a park bench and not come up with some kind of a religious justification plot follow up that has me fucking her on my own private twin VOLVO sailboat? ~ ~ Talk about THE BIG LEWBOWSKI:II meets THE BIG LEWBOWSKI:III. ~ ~ As you already know, "FUCK IT!" is my answer to everything these days. ~ ~ I.e. I got the tax free off shore cash money to buy my way into any movie with any movie star that I want. And you get to write and direct with final cut rights only because I say so. ~ ~ INCREDIBLE NOTES: That is Bruce Willis playing the sidekick buddy figure in the introductory scenario of yours truly in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE.

Friday, July 11, 2014


My illegal alien sidekick got elected in 2008 based on the need for "change" that is manifested in THE INCREDIBLE BURNT WONDERSTONE at 1:25 into my 4-movie DVD. ~ ~ Wherein Gov. Perry et al get drilled in the side of the head in Dallas, Texas. Because Texas is where the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964 came from. And so did the unconstitutional Americans With Disabilities Act. And so did George Bush's No One Left Behind Act. Yada yada. ~ ~ Don't laugh, the same apostate christian dummies down there who burned down that Branch Davidian rockn' roll compound in Elk, Texas are the same squares who put Jeff Ward in jail for fucking 16 year-olds; even though the Bible says so. ~ ~ Therefore, now the darkies are invading the southern border of lost Israelite Texas in EZE.38 at the same time that those darkies are firing rockets into Israel from the south. ~ ~ See the ancient prophetic truth in modern song lyrics at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AUSTIN POWERS TEXAS NOTES: Don't get me wrong, Texas is where white folks like me belong. What am I going to do?. Move to Utah? ~ ~ [The SCHOOL OF PROPHETS secretly based in Salem, Utah now owns farm property outside of the Dallas area for a reason.] ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: That white tour bus full of Asians crashed in Wyoming during the peak of trout fly fishing season for a reason. ~ ~ I'll never forget the time when I drove by the very same place where the above bus crashed in my 1976 ALFA with my french ex-wife. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ JC NOTES: Jim Carrey is Steve G/Ray in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE because he gets to take my place later in the two upcoming KING RALPH sequels that will be shot on a 91' sailboat out of Marina Del Rey. ~ ~ Plus, he gets to pay for both of them too, in order to make sure that the casting is right in the two flirty fucking movies. ~ ~ Why go to all of the trouble and risky expense anyway if you don't plan on getting your cock sucked and fucked by the best and the brightest? ~ ~ That would be like David Lynch slamming the door in the faces of those two naive virgin 19 year-olds who live up the street from him. Not gonna happen. ~ ~ In other words, if you want to have a financially viable future in my own private Hollywood reality, you are going to have to put out and go all the way. ~ ~ EXECTUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: I want my next Lynch picture to have Justin Theroux fucking two hot teenagers at some Beverly Hills shag pad that looks like Jennifer Anniston's fuck palace that is now for sale for 40 big ones. Otherwise, I won't put a dime into the project. I'm not in this for my health. ~ ~ DR.EVIL:III NOTES: Here is the latest confirmation of my latest Dr. Evil submarine lair post at: ~ ~ PS BILL O'REALLY: When was the last time that you went to the movies and started feeling young again? Per:

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Even I did not see this one coming. And I usually see everything that is coming down the pike with that built-in third-eye gaydar scar on my forehead. Which my wives like to look at when I eat the pussy in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, etc. etc. ~ ~ I.e. Joan Rivers is where it's at right now because of the day 1290 prophecy about the river in DANIEL 12. ~ ~ Get it? Her physically transfigured face looks just like a face mask. And in the end, when everything has been said and done, that's a good thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REPORTERS' POOL JOKES: My fun loving Lone Ranger sidekick drinking buddy darkie [President Barack Obama] made that photo op stop at a pool hall in Colorado for all those mind-fuck pool hall scenes in REVOLVER. ~ ~ "Oh he's good!" Dr.Evil: III ~ ~ Then the day 1290 abomination of desolation went down to Dallas and laughed in Gov. Perry's face; because he too has not even been man enough to stand up and accuse him of being an illegal alien.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Israel's new war slogan sounds like a typical razor blade commercial on TV because the day 1290 USA shadow country is now being run by a bunch of clean shaven secular Jewish liberals who love niggers and homosexuals and communists more than they love white Republican people. ~ ~ For example. Joan Rivers was just allowed to appear on Letterman, as long as she agreed to not say anything about Obama being gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ INCREDIBLE NOTES: Jim Carey's Iggy Pop figure in THE INCREDIBLE BURNT WONDERSTONE burns his arm at Judah's 10th born again birthday party at 1:11:55 on my DVD. ~ ~ LANGUAGE NOTES: Republicanism is the opposite of democracratic fascism. ~ ~ For example, right after the brown eyed Emma Watson obtained her Internet college courses home study degree from Brown, she got officially hooked up with the third world's demagogic United Nations. ~ ~ Therefore, after the upcoming REV.16 earthquake in Chicago, the USA is going to cut off all of it's unconstitutional connections with the decadent UN; not to mention that illegal extortionist mob scam called the 16th amendment. ~ ~ STAND UP NOTES: Reportedly, Sterling told some rich Jew fuck lawyer to stand up and act like a man and tell him what the hell he was actually being accused of; good luck with that one. That kind of thing never even happens on the DAVID LETTERMAN show anymore; much less the Supreme Court of the USA. ~ ~ INTERNET COLLEGE COURSE POP QUIZ: Which prophetic inspired movie have I been reviewing in the past two weeks that prominently features the July 8 date street number of '708'? ~ ~ PS EMMA: I'll let you check off your cliff notes on this one, just this one time, at: ~ ~ Just as long as you stop by my office after the above surprise quickie exam and be nice to me. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: When you finally decide to lay off with the cheesy smug gay ass Jewish insider code words like "President Barack Obama" you will immediately notice a significant decrease in the volume of your regular anti-Semitic hate emails. ~ ~ That goes for you too Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I found THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE yesterday on a 4-movie DVD at WAL*MART. So later I checked out it's 6.23 dated wiki page time stamp at 23:00 and was amazed how that Mexican piƱata 6.9 earthquake in Mexico also happened to hit at 6:23 local time. [11:23 London time] ~ ~ But here's the deal, I looked up and saw that my iPAD battery was down to 23% and so I needed to plug in the recharger. ~ ~ God how I'd love to make some kind of a clever reference to Jim Carey's prophetic THE NUMBER 23 movie right now that came out in 2007. However, I'm experiencing some kind of an inspired mental block right now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 23 NOTES: See Olivia Wild's no. 23 fake at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN. Wherein she is doing some typical magician hand trick, like at: ~ ~ NUMBER NOTES: The DOW closed down 117 on Tuesday in confirmation of Jim Carey's 1.17 birthday. ~ ~ Ergo, today's S&P 500 number was for the assassination of JFK's [CRASH] LINCOLN limo in Toronto, Canada in 1963. On the very same day that the Republican Party chose Boner's Cleveland, Ohio over Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ And therefore Dallas will no longer want to have anything to do with the Republican Party; not to mention Washington, DC, or even the Mormon church up in Utah. ~ ~ ENCHANTING NOTEBOOK NOTES: Jim Carey is supposed to look like a physically transfigured Iggy Pop trick in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. And he does do a very brilliant job of it. ~ ~ So now I'm wondering if Carey is the special chosen one who should role-play my leading roles in KING RALPH: II&III. ~ ~ If the up-front tax-free off-shore cash money is right of course; plus Sienna Miller gets to return as his love interest, both on and off the set for a few weeks. That is if the cold hard down and dirty money is right for her too, ["Yea women's lib!!" Austin Powers.] ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: I'm thinking that the next King Ralph is a small time low rent magician in Las Vegas, not some overweight piano lounge player. ~ ~ In the first one, a 90ish looking Peter O'Toole ends up as the King of England; who looks like he has at the most 48 months to live. And therefore they better hurray up and make a sequel or two. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Have you ever thought about getting into the high risk movie business? What? You're worried that you might lose all of those millions that you made last month? ~ ~ Perhaps you never got that memo back in the late 1970s that read, "Phony Beetle mania is dead!" ~ ~ I know that you love Jesus. And you know that Jesus loves you too, even after all these years.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Jesus said that his church will be built upon the royal sire of the Holy Grail. Which is why in 2008 's THE LOVE GURU prophecy the Canadian Ariana Grande cock figure is protected by a guard-rooster cock. ~ ~ Per that horrific ten virgins prophecy [CRASH] confirmation at Peter's Hill on [2BC:91] HYW.191 near Church Rock and Newspaper Rock in Utah's red rock country. On the very same day that the NYT reported that pinko Republican elephants are the future of today's new warm and fuzzy fascism inside the Capitol dome in DC. ~ ~ CRASH was filmed in Toronto using a 1961 LINCOLN assassination limo, etc. ~ ~ Compare that old chestnut with all of these St.Peters Square dome landmarks therefore, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND:'s_Square ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ In other words, today's Catholic Mormon church is the same thing as today's NYT when it comes to interpreting the latter-day situation laid out in D&C 86. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHRIS ROCK NOTES: Ten row houses burned down in 1776 about three hours after the 4th of July fireworks ended. SEE: ~ ~ CATHOLIC CHURCH LADY NOTES: One of the main reasons why we know that the sterol Catholic Church is obviously now in a 1260 years style state of apostasy these days is because their celibate priests are not supposed to be fucking all those sexy black&white [Sally Fields] style nuns. ~ ~ So how in the world is the royal family genealogy tree of Jesus supposed to grow and expand to the point that it covers the whole world? ~ ~ [Ms. Fields being a well known third way fascist, etc.] ~ ~ What? You don't think that I'd ever hit that in a heartbeat? Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? ~ ~ Besides, I hear tell that Burt Reynolds is coming out with a new tell-all hit piece book. ~ ~ FOX NEWS NOTES: The more that you don't tell us about that well documented illegal alien half Jew homosexual in the White House, the more I want America to be invaded by illegal aliens who can't wait to rob and rape you. ~ ~ What revolves around revolves around. ~ ~ WILD AND CRAZY GUY NOTES: That love guru in Iraq who loves guns and expensive watches suddenly surfaced on the Internet just in time for for my new look at THE LOVE GURU. Hence, that guy got both of his marked 666 hands blown off up in the same area where they made A VIEW TO A KILL.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


That symbolic 4.6 crucifixion date earthquake in California's Highland area on Saturday was confirmation of the REV.16, Hwy.101, earthquake plot in A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ Wherein my transsexual sidekick sacrifices himself in the end in order that the white people of lost Israel might begin to wake up and smell the new and improved May Day fascism. ~ ~ That's right boys and girls, the most hated man in America right now is not a communist; never has been, never will be. ~ ~ Ergo, in the prophetic 1985 film, Mr.Z denounces his former associations with the Soviet Union's KGB simpletons and halfbreed idiots. ~ ~ And of course, he has no legitimate birth certificate family history records on file anywhere. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGGERS, QUEERS, AND JEWS NOTES: This is what happens when you fuck a white stranger in the ass with your Johnson, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Never fuck with a half Jew white man. Who tends to characterize the best and worst of both worlds. ~ ~ DOUBLE CROSSER NOTES: At the end of A VIEW TO A KILL, Mr.Z double crosses the British Grace Jones. Who was his biggest supporter ever. And who had faithfully voted for him at least two times. ~ ~ Therefore, now I get to make any feature length film that I fancy. ~ ~ How about Mel Gibson as the next 007 James Bond sporting a strange Australian English accent? Likewise Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts as his next three-way Bond girls? Like I said, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ Believe it or not, even Elizabeth Holmes is starting to get a little bored right around now. And I aim to do something about it. ~ ~ REV.12 NOTES: The latter-day flood plot in A VIEW TO A KILL was about the flood of evil dirty waters in REV.12. Hence the bucket full of dirty water that St. John Steed tossed onto that sterling silver ROLLS ROYCE limo in the movie. And then later the flooding royal car of England almost drowns the iconic Branch Davidian movie star Roger Moore. ~ ~ JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR NOTES: The nicest thing about me having ten billion in off-shore tax-free play-money to make any movie that I want for the next ten years is that has also not made one dime in prophet in the past ten years. Plus, I get all the free lattes that I want. ~ ~ PS JERRY SIGNFELD: You never call me because you think that your wife would never approve of it. Think Jay Leno's wife finally meets your wife, and they both like it. ~ ~ And if that doesn't work; just think about me getting my cock sucked dry in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II meets CAPTAIN RON:II. ~ ~ And if that still doesn't do it for you; how about LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II co-starring a born again Orson Welles meets a new resurrected Marlin Brando meets Cara Delevigne meets Scarlett Johnson? ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ How about you just go home and shove a .22 into your mouth and get it over with once and for all. ~ ~ Everybody and his dog knows that it is finally time to go when the sex life is gone.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


The main reason my Guy Richie's inspired 2005 reverse double-down prophecy entitled REVOLVER didn't make any money is because it was so much bullshit. ~ ~ That said. The English writer director and producer is obviously one of those few chosen half Jew artists who is usually right even when he is wrong. ~ ~ Think David Lynch meets Woody Allen meets Larry David, and go from there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW UNINITIATED READER NOTES: When I talk shit about my filthy rich wives giving me half of their money, etc. I AM is speaking on behalf of the UNITED ORDER credit union. Actually, whatever amount that you deposit into the UO remains in your name; and you can withdraw any part of it, or all of it, anytime you want. ~ ~ Just remember this; any money that comes into the UNITED ORDER will be immediately converted into gold. And if you would like to have some or all of it back in the future, you are going to have to agree upfront to be payed back in one ounce gold rounds or squares. ~ ~ P.S. ELIZABETH HOLMES: Darling. Sweetheart. Have I ever asked you for a personal favor in my entire life? ~ ~ Therefore now that I have respectfully presented you with MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO look alike blood tester nurse/wife in REVOLVER. Could you at least look into Steven Fresh's venture capitalist offer regarding his copyrighted breakthrough lung cancer detection technology from that professor at the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH MEDICINE SCHOOL? ~ ~ If you could at least do that one special favor for me, I would be more than willing to do any special favor for you too now. I know you want a baby. ~ ~ I can see it in your eyes. ~ ~ SITTING ON A DOCK ON THE BAY NOTES: Sitting around on my restored vintage 51' wood sailboat, tied up to a dock in Marin County, is all that I am basically asking for right now. ~ ~ You want to make PLAY IT AGAIN SAM meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II ? You come to me. I don't come to you. And you better have the money on you. As in ISAIAH 11:10, "And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious." Per this inspired stand up baptism bathtub orgasm video clip at:

Friday, July 4, 2014


In the hush hush hee hee 2005 prophecy entitled REVOLVER, what revolves around comes around. Per that scene in REVOLVER where we see Barack Obama's neo fascist sunrise logo in the background when I give Woody Allen a big bag full of tax free cash on loan from God. And when he does not pay me back in spades; he gets shot in the head; MARK 13:14 style. ~ ~ Because the time has now come for the Jews to start getting it; i.e. either you get it for me, or you get it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STORY BACKGROUND NOTES: In the opening first act of REVOLVER, we see the date of July 12 in the shoot-out background. ~ ~ Which just might have something to do with the greatest con man in the history of American. Who is now getting his cock sucked on a daily basis by the half Jew leadership of the Republican Party. ~ ~ CRASH 1997 NOTES: Sandra Bullock only owes me about half of everything that she's got. And even then, I just get to pretend for a short while that it is all my money; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ Besides, there is not an underaged teenager movie star in all of Hollywood who would suck on my cock right now for less than two big ones. Remember, their mother agent/managers get at least 10+15% of that. So we're only really talking around 1.5. ~ ~ INTERSTATE 95 NOTES: That Cat.2 grinding up the I-95 east coast of America on the Fourth of July represents those double swirling grass mower blades in LEPRECHAUN 2. "Yeah, really..." AP:2. ~ ~ FIREWORKS NOTES: The ongoing fireworks in Israel started on June 12. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night at 7:13 I heard a strange voice inside of my head that said, "YOU TAKE A SHIT!" So later, I looked up the usual unconfirmed Internet info about the WORLD CUP FINAL that happens of 7.13. ~ ~ A VIEW TO A KILLING NOTES: After giving a considerable amount of thought to FORTUNE magazine's new freakish Elizabeth Holmes' [new blood] BRIDES OF DRACULA cover, I'm starting to get a whole new fresh perspective on 1985's iconic James Bond movie. Wherein 007 looked like a freaky 62 year-old stud. Even though he was only 56 when they made the movie. ~ ~ For example, see Bill Murray's new Russian mob blood brother movie trailer GSR/TWN hit piece at: ~ ~ Per the spoken word revelations from God that are recorded at, if you don't like to fuck that much, but you are still a really good person, you will get to go to a very nice place forever and ever where there is no more fucking. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. If that is what you want.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Reportedly, Jennifer Anniston and friends had dinner the other night at MATEO'S. ~ ~ The rich bitch still knows how to get to me. ~ ~ Even though right now I'm more than happy to be hanging out with a few of my underaged teenager wives on my 91' fuck-boat in the Dan Francisco Bay area. ~ ~ For some physical transfiguration context, see: ~ ~ Ergo, I don't want to be worrying about one of my wives who reminds me of my ex-wive just because of my own personal money problems. ~ ~ Or as they say in REVOLVER, "Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Or at least it will stop mind fucking you in the ass, day in and day out, and then you can finally have some peace of mind. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRICK NOTES: That high school fireworks explosion for 16 year-old horny girls in Comanche, Texas happened just up the highway from Trickham, Bangs, and Brownwood. In confirmation of that brownish tricky son of Ham figure in the REVOLVER prophecy about the unbelievable abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ In another way of putting it, Emma Watson has just become a graduate of Brown's class of 14. And so now she gets to go to school at Taylor Swift's little own private graduate school house located just down the road from there. ~ ~ PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA NOTES: Back in the foggy bottom 80s, I still can't remember exactly how I got cast into some really bad BYU graduate stage play directed by some strange older Phd candidate lady from Palo Alto. ~ ~ All I remember is that I was performing one of my Vatican Bishop monologues when I looked up and saw Neil LaBute standing there watching me by the back door. ~ ~ That, and the fact that every time I opened my mouth to speak my lines I sounded exactly like Rod Serling; who was born on Christmas Day in 1924. ~ ~ KENNY KEMP NOTES: I was a background extra in WILDEST DREAMS in order that he might begin to see me in the restaurant table background of his mind in such films as BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY and name your favorite Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: Here is an example why the Nazis killed all those Jewish looking babies because the Jews were not the right kind of 666 Marxist socialists, at: ~ ~ You betray me, I betray you, is the plain truth these days.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


REVOLVER is a lot like the above title to this new post. ~ ~ No wonder that Jesus has revealed unto his D&C 133 prophets among the lost tribes that my black&white sidekick, who was definitely born in Africa, is a Muslim at heart with Buddhist sympathies. ~ ~ Ergo, in today's Middle East, the 666 followers of the false prophet and the dragon in REV.16 chop off the heads of homogaysexual transsexual sex perverts like Barack Obama. ~ ~ The delicious REV.13:1 Chile sea bass rots from the head down, and all that shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE NOTES: Dorothy Macha looks like a younger confusing Speaker Boner for a reason in the 2005 meets 2007 REVOLVER prophecy. ~ ~ Or in other words, Mr. DC looks like Mr. Boner from Ohio. ~ ~ And all those secret hidden neo con Jews out there, like Clyde Lewis, who say that there is no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats is a lying sack of shit who believes that space aliens are about to take over the United Nations of The United States of America of the united European Union. ~ ~ And who can really blame these little [negroish] children for thinking this way? ~ ~ After 24 years of all those arrogant ivy league Jews at the NYT having such a ball bullshitting all of us simple minded white trash folks about the most white trash icons that America has ever seen in the form of Hillary and Bill Clinton. ~ ~ Too bad that today's higher institutions of learning and all of the better hotels and country clubs where the white Ephraimite Republicans like to hang out are no longer restricted. ~ ~ NEED TO KNOW ONLY NOTES: My favorite pistol in the whole-wide-world is still S&W's old school stainless steel 3-pounder .45 6-shooter revolver. The only thing better than that in the pocket-pistol category is a [stock and barrel] sawed-off 12 gage with the gay ass 3-round plug removed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Last week I dreamed that Chris Rock bought three pistols at PISTOL ANNIES in Bonney Lake. While I was also there at the gun counter checking out some small cheap priced Brazilian made .22 revolver; making sure that it could handle long rifle .22 bullets, and not just .22 shorts. ~ ~ Then a few days later, I saw the new pix of Rock hosting the 14th BET awards in Hollywood. ~ ~ Naturally, I had to stop in there the next day. Where I found Guy Richie's 2005 movie entitled 'REVOLVER' in a revised trimmed-down DVD version for just two bucks. ~ ~ Which was ultimately about a Chris Rock type nigger role playing the yet unheard of Barack Obama. Who ends up checkmating all those white Jews who believed in their own minds that MARK 13:14's abomination of desolation was their friend and soul mate. ~ ~ And that all those white Christians out there who were trying to warn them about the devil were just a gang of delusional neo con men Nazi wanna-bes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSYCHOTIC MIND FUCK NOTES: In the beginning of the revisionist version of REVOLVER, circa 2007, Barack Obama is winning the royal England chess game time and again. ~ ~ Just to sucker in all those naive white Republicans who believed that the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a good thing. ~ ~ For example, the old men in the Mormon church started to give the negro sons of Ham the priesthood back in the swinging 70s; even though they had absolutely no genuine [birth certificate] spoken word revelation to show for it. ~ ~ BRIDGET JONES NOTES: We see a book on the shelf in the background of the original Bridget Jones movie in 2001 with a title that says, WOMEN WHO LOVE MEN ARE CRAZY. ~ ~ True enough, most of today's women who fell in love with Barack Obama back in 2008 were quite crazy-in-love. Therefore, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, only men will be allowed to vote. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Until last night, I thought that 2008's DUPLICITY was the best GSR/TWN spoof/homage ever. [Federico Fellini's ROMA prophecy about me and Gisele Bundchen excluded.] ~ ~ FRESH ORNELLA AND DONATELLA NOTES: The King of Hollywood's last 1959 movie entitled IT STARTED IN NAPLES was about you two sisters. Co-starring that 50ish American lawyer from 1776 Philadelphia who was also the co-star of his last made movie called THE MISFITS; filmed in Reno, Nevada. ~ ~ MILEY CYRUS NOTES: By all indications, Miley Cyrus is just sitting on the edge of her bed, at this very moment, feeling very bored with things. "Are you just going to sit there [Mel Gibson] or are you going to do something about it?" [ZERO EFFECT]