Sunday, July 20, 2014


I also found the unheard of COPS & ROBBERSONS on T.G.I.F. which somehow came out in 1994. ~ ~ Wherein an illegal alien from Central America is behind today's massive funny money printing operation at the Federal Reserve. Whose name is Osborn for the counterfeit birth certificate behind the abomination of desolation who everybody and his dog knows was born in Africa. ~ ~ And comes to an end in the third act during Rush Limbaugh's prophetic "America held hostage!!" radio show routine in the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ ~ No wonder that the above movie that put an end to Chevy Chase's liberal smarty-pants movie career had him acting like one of today's swinging Republican Tarzan heros who are going to make it open season on all of those Jews, niggers, and queers who recently moved in next door to you. Courtesy of the federal government's unconstitutional Section-8 housing for all those illegal aliens from south of the border. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRIZM PAINTER NOTES: The above 1260 days period piece movie plays KODACHROME over the end credits. For the rainbow of colors code words in all of my GSR/TWN postings. ~ ~ PS ROBBIN WILLIAMS: Don't worry, be happy, I got your back covered. Meanwhile, could you ask my old buddy Ken Keisler if there is anything that he can do for you, and you can do for him? ~ ~ What are friends for? ~ ~ CAPTAIN FANTASTIC NOTES: Big rocks and Colorado size boulders crashed down on the [Kate] HUDSON LINE's train tracks near that Captain Garrison landmark on your atlas map book for a reason. Which was about where yours truly encounters the Amber Heard look alike blond in NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and enjoys a nice brook trout dinner with her. Per: ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Sadly, the time has come for the dragon and the beast and the false prophet in REV.16 to die. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ FINAL SOLUTION NOTES: Jewish Hollywood needs to die and become born again in Israel in order that the world can overcome the false prophet of Islam; the false pope of the Catholic Church; the false prophet of the mormon church in Utah; etc. etc. Not to mention all of those phony baloney love gurus in India, and Japan, and Red China. ~ ~ Think North and South Korea too, plus Seattle's Mercer Island fantasy world 666 high-tech culture. Where Obama is going to be on Tuesday. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Today is Gisele Bundchen's 34th birthday. ~ ~ BIG TIME NOTES: The reason why I often times go to an Ariana Grande or a Scarlett Johansson to do my dirty work is because you would never suspect that it could come from a little innocent looking girl like them. ~ ~ GOOD LIKE WOOD NOTES: I'm paying for everything now, in more ways than one. ~ ~ So now I'm thinking that Woody Allen cuts the crap and casts Ariana in his next little daughter-of-the-mob movie. Believe me you. I AM is not going to put out one single dollar for any movie that does not feature a pair of legal age actresses who look 16ish, 17ish. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: I got the money if you still got the time. And don't worry about Steven Spielberg et al. Who are nothing but a bunch of dead-men-walking zombie Jew fucks. ~ ~ ASTONISHINGLY BORING NOTES: After my seven years of exciting fuck-film productions during the last days 7-years tribulation period, featuring Miley Cyrus and me et al, the Jews are finally going to throw up their hands and admit that I am the great great great... grandson of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ LONG TIME NO SEE NOTES: For the longest time, I have been waiting and watching to see a motion picture that was at all worthy of my BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN wives in the form of Gisele Bundchen meets Adriana Lima. ~ ~ Go figure, I found THE AVIATOR at a garage sale just across the street on Friday. ~ ~ Talk about the girl next door.

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