Saturday, July 26, 2014


I found a used like-new 1980s technology VHS tape of BACK TO THE FUTURE at GOODWILL on the same day that Sandra Bullock turned into a prophetic 50 SHADES OF GRAY figure. In confirmation of the breaking news that Chevy Chase has returned as the repair man in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: 2. ~ ~ No wonder that everybody in my LDS singles party dream was physically transfigured to the max; including Ken and I. ~ ~ So the idea of getting naked and jumping into the hot tub was not really that much of a stretch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POPCORN MOVIE NOTES: Don't see 1985's physical transfiguration prophecy that came out when Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan were born until you are ready for it, at: ~ ~ Nobody, not even Jesus, likes to cast their precious pearls before swine. ~ ~ For example, see BRIDGET JONES: II. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Be patient my little Montana grasshopper buck hair trout fly. One does not enter into the temple and then come out three hours later looking like a 29ish sex god love guru. It takes years of self denial and prayer, and fasting, and only drinking mild beers and pure table wines to achieve full sexual fly-fishing catch&release utopia. ~ ~ BIRTHDAY NOTES: Sandra Bullock's own private 1980s 52 PICKUP prophecy was about the time in the future when she would become 52 years-old. That XKE JAGUAR in ABOUT ADAM was about a blind-folded Sandy, yada yada. ~ ~ LOVE NOTES: Gwyneth Pal's sensational SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE was a Green Lake, Seattle based MIDNIGHT SUMMER'S DREAM farce about me ringing her up at the end of July. And she liked it. ~ ~ Outdoors sex on the grass is much better when you are friends, and not just crazy selfish obsessed lovers. ~ ~ JAMES DEAN NOTES: This new 19 year-old Hollywood homosexual sensation could just be my next casting pick to co-star in Justin Beiber's first Hollywood movie sensation, at: ~ ~ "I just want to make a dollar for both of us." To paraphrase my future home video movie maker in BOOGIE NIGHTS; based out of Ken Keisler's San Francisco gay area.

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