Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tuesday night at 10:44 pm I dreamed that the Russian dentist called the judge and said she will come to his house and get what she deserves if necessary.

Here is a photo of the Alfred Hitchcock judge who is trying to block her mystery movie case about seeing Obama's forged birth certificate in Hawaii at:

The Irene ass hole boner confirmation here is in the maps of Idaho that form the famous profile of Hitch/cock with a giant cut off cock on his head in Bonner County by Upper Priest Lake. Along the face are prophetic landmarks like Mt Casey, Hunter Peak, Fourth of July Canyon, and Obama's Illinois Pk.

Beaverhead National Forest covers the double chin area below the REV.16 Continental Divide line that runs through the Bitterroot Mtns Range by 4004' Salmon, Idaho and down along Red Rock River. Montana's Big Hole National Battlefield prophecy is right under his nose.

This is the inspired nude monument at Arthur Ashe Stadium that has the end of it's dick cut off, Idaho style. Where all the car license plates driven by white Tea Party people say "Famous Potatoes" in confirmation of the Mr Potato Head signature on the bottom of Obama's fake birth certificate, like at:

Where Bruce Willis' Soldier Mountain lodge off Hwy.20 burned down in the Sawtooth Mtns well before they changed the black SEARS building in Chicago into WILLIS TOWER.

Hence some guy from Chicago Tuesday fastened a steel cable around his neck and to a solid object and hopped into his 4x4 and stepped on the gas in [New] York County Virginia. Apparently the rig traveled another 100 yards or so down the [football] field like the headless horseman on Halloween. He must have been wearing his seatbelt.

They gave the new Atlantic storm formation a Russian woman's name on Tuesday, for Sienna's 'Katia' in the INTERVIEW film prophecy about her getting scammed by FOX NEWS et al about Obama's counterfeit birth certificate. In my 10:44 dream, the judge was making notes on a yellow legal pad and asked the Russian caller, "Do you spell your name with two 'n's...?" Then I woke up.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Irene's ass-hole looking eye icon made landfall at Coney Island and passed over America's largest Jewish community and graveyards on the eve of the US OPEN at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. Making the famous kosher hot dogs there a Divine boner connection to the historic black tennis player who was a married homosexual on-the-down low in the very style of the historic Barack Obama. And who died of AIDS in 1993 before there were any Internet bloggers who could bypass the stonewalling media and report on Ashe's prophetic Larry Sinclair lifestyle.

The Con/ey Island carnival represents the big con job at THE NEW YORK TIMES et al about Obama's proven birth certificate forgery, still posted on an official federal government web site, and his proven history of surfing for gay sex with the likes of the murdered Donald Young.

Billie Jean King's tennis park off 44th and 111th is all about the Jewish lesbian men who work at the leading newspaper in the last days location of the Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. That most of your ignorant apostate Christians in the CAPE FEAR Bible Belt know nothing about. Such as this Bible Belt politician from I-44 Oklahomo at:

Therefore Irene went up and gave socialist 666 Vermont's Adam&Eve apple orchard country a huge demonstration of what the latter-day flood means in REV.12. Where the Green Mountain State's map takes the form of a giant dick with it's head cut off in the Hoosac Range; south of Dummerston.

I see that the US OPEN's logo is still a flaming tennis ball flying by an Islamic Crescent Moon. Which now looks like the perfect symbolism to go with this year's big 9.11 finale on CBS.


LINK: Here's a look at the gay Arthur Ashe monument on the Billie Jean King grounds at:

Monday, August 29, 2011


We see the MLK monument stonewall in South Africa at about 46:... minutes into the LB3 DVD. Where the reality TV camera man following the vampire hunters falls down, and thinks he broke his 'cock'.

Keira gets a baptismal washing with a hose at the end of LOST BOYS 3. Which is a traditional message about dying, and then being born again, rising up from out of the grave, etc. For when I discovered that hose fake of her on the same day I ran into Granny Grass at TACO BELL, who just bought a new hose, like at:

Now I see the South African plant connection in the above inspire fake image on grass. That Keira Tom boy image by a Mr Potato Head depicts her wearing a vampire protection cross like the ones in her LOST BOYS 3 prophecy, at:

"We're gonna have a full on vampire invasion on our hands." said Frog in 2010, from Africa, about the London riots. That were a part of the rising EZE.38 threat to the lost tribes of Israel now living in the peaceful prosperous lands of the west without any fortress walls. Today's flash mobs and riots are coordinated on social web sites like the raves in the movie.

Note the brown Caddy that rolls by Jennifer Aniston, sitting in front of the FRIENDS sitcom cafe reading an old book, in the opening to LOST BOYS 3.

Keira's Tom boy is supposed to be sacrificed on a full moon.

From South Africa, Glenn Beck talked about the laser-sight vampire weapons in LOST BOYS 3: AFRICA that were used by security at his abomination of desolation rally in Jerusalem.

The NEW YORK YANKEES historic three grand slams was a three woes thing.

One of the first teen rave victims in LOST BOYS 3 was wearing a Promise Ring, for the doomed five foolish virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


I began to think about Irene as a possible Renee I' boner thing after I saw that Sir Branson's favorite turtle had somehow miraculously survived the Irene side effects that burned down his IN LIKE FLINT fitness retreat in the British Virgin Islands. That was immediately confirmed by that Russian rocket that crashed into the frozen tundra well east of Scandinavia.

Now I'm seeing reports about the devastating back end of the historic Irene hurricane type ass twister that finally arrived as a cat 1 sign from God, for all those closed [Bridget Jones] bridges up and down the rivers for my my pussy cat from Katy, Texas. Who loves to get butt fucked by De Niro's second story .44 caliber nigger in TAXI DRIVER, like at:

As prophesied in REV.13, those who fuck the saints in the ass will be fucked in the ass.

This would be the EUROCOPTER AS-350 that crashed in OUR IDIOT BROTHER's Felix Mosse landmark of Mosby, Miss/our/I, killing 4, on the same day the old FDR era Alpha Phuck-I Alpha brothers were gathered around America's new Lord and Savior shine in Wash, DC, while the Hollywood movie was crashing big time all across America.

And my best Pal/trow wife was braving the storm hype in her cute little Sailor Dog Speilberg yacht outfit. Showing us her strong sea legs at some Village signing of my little thin book in REV.10, that is sweet to the tongue but a little hard on the stomach, at:

Just before we went up to my IN LIKE FLINT penthouse and made out with Jen.


Saturday, August 27, 2011


I ended up watching LOST BOYS 3 Friday morning after I was shocked to read that the 2010 sequel was filmed in South Africa for a seaside surfers town in Gov. Brown's increasingly brown California. And Glenn Beck just did a surprise broadcast from down there, right after his scaled back abomination of desolation event in Jerusalem, talking about Mandela's Robben Island prison [cell no.666] setting featured in the teen vampire movie, as an old slaughter house. In confirmation of the only surviving official dedication event at the MLK stonewall monument being Friday's prescheduled Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity gathering at:

Hence the MLK Tidal Basin location in DC now stands for the storm's much talked about dangerous tide surge, as it pushes over the sandy beaches of the new 666 beast in REV.13:1. Where it is written that those who lead us into captivity will go into captivity. Which is the patience of the more righteous Tea Party, who are mostly white people, i.e. Israelite descendants of the northern Kingdom of Israel in the Bible. Who made civil war with the Kingdom of Judah over the issue of higher and higher taxes, and more and more laws.

For a second witness, Beck is flying directly from South Africa to the JFK memorial assassination area around Dallas to speak at some big Evangelical church full of foolish white people on the 48th anniversary of MLK's historic ' the check...' speech.

"Ask not how the government can serve you. Ask how you can serve the government."
[To paraphrase JFK]

Just after midnight Saturday, on Kate Holmes' 12:18:21 am birth date blackjack number, there was a strongly felt 4.6 crucifixion dated earthquake near California's Diablo Range, [Devil Range] north of Hwy.101's King City. Where the area's Pinnacles National Monument stone formations now stand for the strange stone monument to Mr King et al.

On the day of Virginia's 5.8 quake, the DOW did 1117676 for today's fake Spirit of 76 represented by Rt.111's Chocolate Mtns in Imperial County; just south of Mecca, CA.


Pinnacles Monument link:

PS: The initial photo of Keira's brother 'Peter' in LOST BOYS 3 is actually a DOMINO photo of the Alpha movie star herself, seen at 9:28 minutes into the DVD.

ALSO: That Negro AMTRACK train to Obama's Chicago derailed in Mr Buffett's Nebraska along the Republican River at Obama's Rt.61 fraudulent birth certificate year landmark. Right there to the east is the Massacre Canyon Monument, seen at:

Friday, August 26, 2011


After Granny Grass treated me to a double 'hot hot' orange chicken plate with re-fried used rice on the side at the new black&white teddy bear PANDA joint off 195, she brought up SAFEWAY's 2-4-5$ previously viewed DVD close-out rack. Where I scooped up the critically acclaimed AN EDUCATION's story about plural marriage, and Penny's sexy BROKEN EMBRACES meets BROKEN FLOWERS smut film. Because I had just had a really sweet dream about cruising on top of her electric rider lawnmower at Woody Allen's European villa outside ROMA somewhere.

LOST BOYS: THE THIRST was the free 2-4-1 direct-to-DVD selection as an afterthought. Which turned out to be an amazing prophecy about Keira Knightley's look alike British brother in OUR IDIOT BROTHER. Who turned into a necker who looks like the young Keira in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM meets GREGORY'S GIRL 1&2, that I had seen the day before for the first time.

[Having never seen GG:2]

The brilliant British actor Felix Mosse does not look like a younger foolish Keira Tom boy neck sucker until after the TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN middle act takes it's ZERO EFFECT time. And then comes up with her future calling as the Alpha actress of her age range featured in the vampire wife movies co-staring Kristen Stewart; both of whom are punk rocker rebels at heart.

The CHANEL NO.5 vampire blood in LOST BOYS 3-Way movie is based upon the LOVE POTION NO.9 prophecy in Sandra Bullock's amazing look alike shot at 40:10 minutes into the direct-to-DVD prophecy. Since God had no time to waste on some silly theatrical release at this late hour. Where we see the stone walls on the big buck nigger monument that was supposed to be seen by the thousands who never showed up to Glenn Beck's big abomination of desolation rally in Jerusalem; i.e. the modern Sodom and Egypt where the big fat black pig was shot by a deer hunter at my French ex-wife's motel in Memphis, Ten.

Which was same-day confirmed by the new cover of LOST BOYS 3's DJX look alike antagonist getting sacrificed like a Messianic lamb beside OUR IDIOT BROTHET Jewish 666 thieves, such as Larry David and David Letterman, at:

At the end of LOST BOYS: THE THIRST, Keira's Tom Brady meets Tom Cruise boy tells my Mr Froggie haircut figure that "I saved you from a life of loneliness..."


Here is Keira bending Beckham's balls while making a face like her look alike brother at:

And his sister teammate at:

Thursday, August 25, 2011


They are finding Spotsylvania earthquake cracks at the tip of the prophetic 555' boner monument in DC. In confirmation of my two Lincoln pennies 'spot' post at JJ last Saturday. The triple virgins number '5' stands for the thread's Bumpass photo of a teenage Ms King on the cover of NYT magazine at:

For the "spotted dick" sire us message about the virgin Miley Cyrus in the KING RALPH prophecy; co-starring Peter O-tool at:

[Last updated on 8.22 at 2:22.]

The big King monument dedication is set to happen on the opening weekend of OUR IDIOT BROTHER, at:

The king's stone boner signs and wonders do ad another $104,000,000 layer to Jim Carrey's new stone fireplace message for Ms Stone at:

Which was immediately confirmed last Sunday at STARBUCKS when someone left a trillion $$ bill in my spot that had a Branch Davidian message on it from my royal great... grandfather sire Jesus Christ.

On Wednesday, it was a British "bugger" boner of light icon on the side of a U-HAUL that passed me on Church Lake Road where that bra is hanging on a tree branch bearing wild JACOB 5:55 nuts, like at:

Last night's new 4.5 quake near Bumpass was for Miley Cyrus' 45th cfake confirmation at:

And the British virgin's bra number 45 with map lines skirt, posted there on 5.5 in 08 at:

KING RALPH was based on the novel HEADLONG, at:

[Last updated on 5.6]


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"The monument is very moving... Let's make out." says the topless babe under THE SAILOR DOG monument in EUROTRIP, at about 41:.. minites into the DVD. As she massages the look alike coffin doll in TR5-6000, held up by an old fisherman figure, seen right before I appear behind the Joseph Smith portrait, and pull on [fish] Gil's tie in confirmation of me seeing FRENZY in Yugoslavia after my ROMA mission. The Hitchcock movie about the REV.17 beast who strangles the REV.17 harlots at London match-making agencies.

My 'Miles Deep' fusion figure in BORN TO BE AT STARBUCKS was confirmed by the 37 latitude line quake in Virginia that was 3.7 miles deep, at 1:51... pm. Which moved my sidekick's monument in DC with a prelude to the earthquake that divides America into three parts in REV.16.

The approaching Irene storm is another fulfillment of the 'whirlwind' warning revelation received via the CHARIOTS OF FIRE look alike in Tom Green County, Texas.

Virginia is a well established ten virgins prophecy landmark. Which is shaped like a mountain, for that mountain split into the ten virgins 50/50 scenario at the MLK monument; reflected by the two Virgin/ias of West Virginia and east Virginia. Hence the huge house fire prelude on VIRGIN's fantasy island in the British Virgin Islands when the TITANIC co-star was staying there, according to:

The 5.8 earthquake epicenter was near Richmond, for a Sir Richard Branson reference from God. The VIRGIN founder has been very interested in the running '58' signs and wonders of the upcoming physical transfiguration. The virgin earthquake orgasm theme struck on the edge of Spotsylvania 6-5000 County in Virginia for the place's Bumpass and Beaverdam references to my beaver-tooth porn star baller named Bucky Larson from Bonney Lake.

Here is Brad Pitt posing like his Bucky Larson look alike co-star in MONERYBALL at:

Gisele's 9th cfake image is an inspired White Horse Prophecy statement. Nakedness is a scriptural metaphor for sin. Per:

A nude woman on a horse is also a traditional taxed naked protest icon in the arts. The future of government is less taxation, regulation, and litigation. Figure about 50% less when all the smoke settles.

The 9th image of this British virgin at cfake shows her wearing the gold neck band design knitted into Bucky's GOLDMEMBER sweater. Which is an inspired reference to VIRGIN's Necker Island paradise, regarding the House of Israel scattered across the islands, like at:



This is the new Hawaii /Bahamas Home magazine real estate link to Jim Carrey's very moving Gus Van Sant look alike casting call for STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER at:

If you read between the video's sincere lines, against all those iPADS in the background, it's quite obvious that Stone will never get the part unless she sucks my neck dry while I French kiss her Jewish twin sister like I do in EUROTRIP.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


They unveiled the new King monument in DC on the same day I found out they were doing a physical transfiguration sequel of THE BIG LEBOWSKI on the flip side called BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STARBUCKS guy, at:

The Bucky Larson from Bone Lake biopic opens on 9.9 in confirmation of my threeway teenagers dream that was interrupted last Saturday at 9:09 pm when they started the loud Bonney Lake Days fireworks over at Allan Yorke Park, on Lake Tapps. I made a note of it on my pad because lately there has been a run of Gisele Bundchen's no.9 signs and wonders. Turns out the G.S.R.T.W.N. spoof was directed by Tom Brady, per:

Here is the first [fruits] pick of it I saw Monday, that features yours truly in his map lines plaid shirt and GOLDMEMBER sweater, standing next to his teenage co-star at:

Speaking of nice lines, the DOW went up exactly 37 on the day the 37 latitude line quakes started happening near Obama's Stonewall, Seven Lakes, and Monument landmarks in his 7 mountains beast state of Colorado. In confirmation of the same day unveiling of the MLK stonewall mountain monument based on his "I have a dream... mountain of despair.." speech, given 48 years ago on 8.28. That people are saying has a pinko tint to the stone, that is attached to a 137' wall which contains 14 quotes of his lying 19666s Marxist line bullshit.

BORN TO BE A STAR's surname 'Larson' was probably Adam Sandler's idea. Which would be my lying and stealing sidekick connection to his speech next Sunday at the big buck nigger dedication. Because Dr Martin Luther King's graduate thesis was basically stolen from another black scholar in Atlanta. And he was nothing if not a major swordsman buck about town with the ladies.

The entire artistic abomination is as fake as a Barack Obama birth certificate. It will not be long before the statue is pulled down and relocated to wherever they keep the old ones of Lenin and Stalin.

The NYT no. 55,506 White Horse Prophecy earthquakes in Colorado are what caused that portrait of Joseph Smith on the wall to start shaking in TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 at about 51... minutes into the DVD. And then yours truly appears from behind it sporting my trademark black rim glasses.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

PE6-5000 POINTS:

That Israeli bus with a big 'X' logo on the side was attacked by REV.16's false prophet beast right after my PE6-5000 White Horse Prophecy bus info rolled out, seen at:

The letter 'X' being a traditional symbol for the MYSTERY woman in REV.17 etc. The latest polls show that 65% of the Jews still support the unknown abomination of desolation alien; a.k.a. Mr X.

Then there were severe flash flood storms in Shitsberg, Pennsylvania; per:

For when the coming shit storm happens after FOX news et al can no longer stonewall the already well known facts about my psycho sidekick Barack Obama; like at:

Here is a photo of that Matt Damon look alike vampire who thought he was the punk rocker in EUROTRIP who was fucking Scottie's girl, at:

This Israelite report is Divine confirmation of the underground match-making that is going on at GSR/TWN, per:

That deadly rock concert whirlwind happened in Dr Evil's Belgium homeland right when the news was breaking about WAYNES WORLD 4 meets AUSTIN POWERS 4; and we had just learned that Ms no.4 is learning to play the drums.

A family of 4 died in a CESSNA 210 plane crash south of Paul, Idaho.

That is a portrait of Joseph Smith on the HILTON HOTEL wall in the TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 Prophecy about the White Horse Prophecy. After we see Obama's sunrise logo on the doors of the first hotel scene where the '... 56' bus stops.


Friday, August 19, 2011


The hot Dutch NESLES' chocolate chick who looked like a freckled TRANSFORMERS Neve Campbell in that black A8 car action film starring one of England's real Mr Potato Head men, who is seriously FFing TR4's Ms Whitey, was just post-confirmed by my seeing Campbell's prophetic 2003 potato head ballet movie finale on TGIF, based in Obama's Chicago location for THE BREAKUP. Wherein his big mouth eats up all those homogaysexual dancers in REV.19 meets Miley Cyrus on her 19th birth day. As confirmed by the sudden wind storms at various rock dancer concerts in the dead Robert Altman movie.

Anyway, I almost stepped on a Civil War quarter in the southern WAL*MART parking lot on TGIF while I walked up there to check out that TR6-5000 tabloid report about Jenny FFing Mr Wrong; right when some aging lady walked by in a smiley-clown face top.

Then later, I walked right up to an amazing look alike of that lip-synch kid in her SMARTWATER sex tape, as a WILDCAT 5wheel RV rolled by. [Paging the nickel kid man.]

The new war between the states coin features the prophet Moroni blowing my horn on top of the new temple's boner icon outside ROMA meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, at:

Note the coin's iconic Napoleon Dynamite era medicine wheel cannon at the base of the GSR/TWN sports trophy fisherman monument. Because anything that has anything to do with Pennsylvania is related to the co-star of THE MYSTERIES OF SHITSBERG.


Here are Perry's cunning GI JOE 'I' T-BONER wink wink word-play lyrics at:

MP3  Email  Print


 Send "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" Ringtone to your Cell 

"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"

There's a stranger in my bed,
There's a pounding in my head
Glitter all over the room
Pink flamingos in the pool
I smell like a minibar
DJ's passed out in the yard
Barbie's on the barbeque
Is this a hickie or a bruise?

Pictures of last night
Ended up online
I'm screwed
Oh well
It's a blacked out blur
But I'm pretty sure it ruled

Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard

Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping in the dark
Then had a ménage à trois
Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop

This Friday night
Do it all again
This Friday night
Do it all again

Trying to connect the dots
Don't know what to tell my boss
Think the city towed my car
Chandelier is on the floor
Ripped my favorite party dress
Warrant's out for my arrest
Think I need a ginger ale
That was such an epic fail

Pictures of last night
Ended up online
I'm screwed
Oh well
It's a blacked out blur
But I'm pretty sure it ruled

Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on table tops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevards

Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping int he dark
Then had a ménage à trois

Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop
Oh whoa oh

This Friday night
Do it all again
Do it all again
This Friday night
Do it all again
Do it all again
This Friday night


Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on table tops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard

Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping in the dark
Then had a ménage à trois

Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop
This Friday night
Do it

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Starting last week Granny Grass suddenly started inviting me out to dinner at Paris Hilton's popular TACO BELL franchise. The first or second time, we stopped at nearby GOODWILL afterwards, where I found 1985's TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 spoof about the 666 beast in cinema. Where the two witnesses end up at a local HILTON castle hotel in socialist Yugoslavia that has a secret physical transfiguration monster lab in the basement.

They get to the remote place, with gay multicultural rainbows in the sky, on a campaign bus bearing the '... 56' number of the White Horse Prophecy anniversary. And find out in the end that one of the basement monsters, a mummy, is actually Paris Hilton. As confirmed by the 56th cfake image of her in a basement, wearing Geena Davis' famous vampire cleaverage, at:

The above image's baby blue color stands for the British word 'Mummy'. Because the American mummy Britney Spears appears in the 1985 prophecy as Jeff Goldblum's love interest from New York. Indicating that the blond pop singer just may be one of his future crazy-8 wives on the flip side; featured in cfake's 56th image of Britney by a tall Goldblum dude and her baby at:

Everybody laughs and SNICKERS when the two tabloid reporters of Judah and Ephraim show up in the remote socialist 80s paradise of Transylvania looking for some kind of Barack Obama documentation. That would be miraculously confirmed some 25 years later by the fact that the GLOBE tabloid is the only national publication that has reported on Obama's fake birth certificate. Which you will only find on Wkipedia at:

Before the end credits, the movie's GLOBE tabloid headline reads "FRANKENSTEIN LIVES!.. Reveals Enormous Bolt"

After we learn that the 666 beast looks just like ordinary people.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have never seen 1997's THE FULL MONTY prophecy that will become an inspired Gus Van Sant remake co-starring Sienna Miller on the flip side in the blink of an eye.

So I just found out on this number 34 Book of Mormon anniversary of the day when Elvis died on the shitter in GRACELAND meets DELIVERANCE. After seeing my $104,000,000 smoker tucked in nice and tightly between her two pretty fingered lips on the poster art that features my black buddy sidekick who looks like James Carville, at:

That was just confirmed by the Italian art object [LL] theft in Marina Del Rey that suddenly turned up inside a church full of votive candles. Where Sandy's big nigger baby who gets adopted by yours truly is shown holding onto it at:

By now all of your fellow detractors' brains must be coming unglued; thinking that Sienna will never get the 12,000,000 million $$ part paid upfront unless she sucks my Alfred Hitchcock icon as dry as a Montana Miley quarter emblem.

You Hollywood idiots got that much right.


Monday, August 15, 2011


I just found this missionary Book of Mormon FFing image of the window view from the HOTEL SOLE where Ken and I stayed while in Rome at:

At the time, I had no idea who the Mr Sunshine figure was in Fellini's ROMA. Who later became the Pope of Israel in EUROTRIP. Which corresponded with the hotel's mouth of truth potato head logo at:

EUROTRIP's running "...crazy European sex..." jokes were inspired by the crazy missionary FFers from California who arrived in Rome while I was the city's district leader missionary, and Fellini was filming ROMA.

The 'GATE CRASHER' poster on Scottie's bedroom wall in EUROTRIP establishes the 42 months period when there would be an illegal alien sitting behind the gates of the White House.

Here is a report of that GRAYHOUND bus that crashed west of Hopeland, and Adamstown in Pennsylvania right before Obama started his latest campaign bus tour, at:

Here is another corresponding science news report for RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, at

After Scottsdale's Emma Stone dumps yours truly at the beginning of EUROTRIP, 2004, she gets up on stage with punk rocker Matt Damon and sings, "...Scottie doesn't know!..."


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Now they are saying that those 5 foolish virgins were killed in a Texas style whirlwind prophecy, and 40 were injured, at David Letterman's state fair SUGARLAND concert, in confirmation of Michigan's great white hunter editorial about today's federal sugar tits mama; that was logged the day before at:

Because the legendary guitar rock star 4RUNNER from the north recently purchased a nice place to hunt FAIR GAME deer near George Bush's bass pond outside Crawford meets Waco, Texas.

You would do the same thing if you knew that Jennifer Love Hewitt was going to be one of your next Bruceville-Eddy, Texas 3-way wives in waiting. According to the new LEPRECHAUN 4 book about all those Dr.Evil prophecies that was just confirmed by the breaking AUSTIN POWERS: 4 news while Woody Allen was still shooting around The Mouth of Truth in 666 Rome at:

What would you bet me in cash money that some of his cast and crew are staying at the HOTEL SOLE? Where Sienna loves to relax and lean out the window's fabulous ROOM WITH A VIEW while I softly and slowly and tightly fuck her in the rear window while you-know-who occasionally glances up there while reading her morning copy of the CORRIERE DELLA SIERRA as she sips a decafe espresso from the outdoor bar next door.

[Understandably, many of my wives will not be comfortable having 3-ways, that seem to last forever, until they are absolutely sure that their
eternal marriage situation has been Divinely sealed in Andy Warhol like factory grade SUPER GLUE. But that doesn't mean that they don't like to flrt a little when in Rome.]

Hell, I just dreamed this morning that Jen unzipped my pants and grabbed my stem of Jesse nuts. For the cute little squirrel [nose] who was climbing out on a branch limb for some green nuts along Church Lake Road a few hours later. In confirmation of Miley Cyrus warming me up in her bull pen so that I would be ready willing and able to deliver Jen her baby dream-catcher child in the TWO AND A HALF MEN prophecy called MAJOR LEAGUE.

Wherein that new 70s SHOW star of the silly Malibu, Hollywood THREE'S COMPANY show that fired Charlie arrives on set with his 53' long nigger rich RV Jew canoe number that is supposed to impress all of my naive teenage wives. I hope it works.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


A black dog came home Thursday in Texas with a severed human hand in it's mouth. For the one in WILD AT HEART when the two witnesses loosen up those wallets with a shotgun at the grain co-op bank near Big Tuna. Turned out it belonged to an illegal alien who represented the one in the White House who is using a fake Social Security number in Divine confirmation of the illegal nature of the unconstitutional program, etc. According to:

Here is timely confirmation from America's WALLY WORLD area in Florida of the filthy infectious fountain waters of Europe that Chevy Chase talks about on the EUROPEAN VACATION DVD, at:

The above teenage girl would be around the same age as Clark's daughter.

They suspect that the lady's [Gisele Bundchen brand] flip-flop beach sandal was stuck somehow on the HIGHLANDER's gas peddle, that ran down those 3 church ladies in [New York meets London] at the church crucifixion 'T' intersection bell towers. The three British church ladies in the movie looked like men, but acted like women. As was just confirmed by the girly flip flop statements of today's bearded woman icon named Russell Brand. Who immediately apologized to the liberal politics predator Chevy Chase and his Marxist rioter allies in
London for being hit by him.

Brand's pop singer church lady wife, Katy Perry, is the exact female version of his male version of a female. Both of them believe in and vote for the 666 system of robbing Peter to pay Paul; by any means necessary. Fuck all that Kingdom of God bullshit.



Friday, August 12, 2011


At about 41:... minutes into the DVD, we see the Griswalds' orange frog car run over the luggage of those 3 church ladies outside Albany, New York. The same 3 older church ladies seen in the film's end credit stills, right before the 3 Dallas COWBOYS cheerleaders.

Clark's wife secedes from the union at 1:16... minutes into the DVD for a REV.16 sign about America breaking up into 3 parts; with Chicago as one of the 3 capitals.

Correction: The Brit in 666 Rome has a BEARS cast on his right foot. Who is baptized in the end with the rest of the family and their scarlet orange Love Bug VW.

That is a French Sienna Miller with the GREGORY'S GIRL guy named 'Rusty' in the Eiffel [radio] Tower scene. Who got her brain glued about a week after my 7.29 dream by the fiery riots in London, i.e. her thoughts were jelled. Rush Limbaugh's nickname is Rusty.

Jimmy Fallon spoofed my Sienna dream Thursday with a skit of him and Emma Stone hosting some teen chanel 'EW show' in a basement set. After sipping on MASON jars of homemade gasoline hooch and showing Emma's new black woodpecker feet tattoo on her left wrist. In confirmation of the pregnant blond with a "... Papa" tattoo who sat next to me at STARBUCKS Thursday, when two gasoline tankers rolled by on Hwy.410.

Jimmy also joked about Stone nicknames for the chick who made a sudden U-Turn in front of us Thursday at the stones wall on Main Street, and Granny Grass remarked "There's a saucy lady!" And then we passed an 88ish pink 240SX for Ms Stone's hilarious PRETTY IN PINK dress tribute to all those Chicago 80s teen movies.

Lighting up a smoker is a regular REV.17 fire omen in David Lynch movies; especially WILD AT HEART.

When the church bells ring for the first time in 9 years in EUROPEAN VACATION's Germany segment, Greg's topless blond babe says "They're going to hang somebody!" Already we're getting new Gisele bikini pix from the beach in Costa Rica, like at:

And Sienna just left for a week of fun in the sun and a few glue jobs among the topless beaches in Spain.


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Paging Ellen Page...

One may recall that I gave one of THE LOST BOYS in Portland an extra Hamilton, without asking any questions, while I was sitting on the shitter in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO masterpiece that ended with my EUROPEAN VACATION 3-way in Italy.

Which was basically the same GSR/TWN PSYCHO remake of his 12-unit roadside no-tell-motel homage about me sucking and fucking the underaged Hailee and Chloe teenage hotties using the actual original screenplay that was written by Idaho's own Mr Potato Head Hitchcock figure from the 1930s era of the first 666 beast. Ya follow?

Turns out that that creepy middle aged German Swiss vampire figure, who starred in all those Andy Warhol independent party vampire Eurofilms, [Who the Keisler look alike was obviously endowed by God with Granny Grass' Texas style Branch Davidian genealogy.] was the same one who is now really into stroking Keira's curvaceous 750 motorcycle featured in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. That we now know was about EUROPEAN VACATION's Emma Stone look alike model who represents my new grand prize kitchen appliance jackpot from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Because the 'When in Rome...' tourist missionary Mormons recently broke ground for their new desecrated RLDS temple outside of Fellini's surreal ROMA prophecy; where the gay START MAKING SENSE movie finally ended up at some point in the same suburban country side. And the new redhead it girl with the Woody Woodpecker face will be the future co-star of Gus Van Sant's upcoming rip off of STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER meets WAG THE DOG.



Me kissing Donatella on a VESPA was a ROMAN HOLIDAY with Ken Keisler circa 1988 thing. When we stayed at the HOTEL SOLE with a 3rd floor room with a view of the latter-day pagan temple that looked like a Mini Me version of Seattle's concrete KING DOME that was supposed to last a thousands years; vis a vis Hitler's new pagan Christian 666 empire envisioned by Bill Gates and his homogaysexual partner named Paul.


Three church ladies were run over and killed by a gal's 4x4 HIGHLANDER that then crashed into their church's [Bell of St Mark] bell tower Wednesday near Clarksville and Thacher State Park in New York. For the three crashes in front of a London church in EUROPEAN VACATION by Clark's left-side rental car. Per;

In the film's DVD commentary Chevy Chase jokes that one of the 3 crash victims looks like a British politician.

Clark's USA passport in the prophetic 1985 movie was issued on Kate Beckinsale's July 26 birthday.

For a better look at the racial angle to the London riots, that the politically correct Orwellian media is stonewalling, follow this London teacher's blog at:

Her insightfull web site is at:

Those gangs of black thugs beating white people at the Wisconsin State Fair is what sank the union thug's $31,000,000 effort to take over the state's senate last Tuesday in a special recall election. Reportedly, two more Democrat state senators are up for recall in next Tuesday's second special election.

EUROPEAN VACATION ends in 666 Roma. Where we see yours truly, circa 1985, kissing Donatella on a VESPA in Piazza Navona. Which makes my other wife fly into a jealous tiff.

Here is an image of the famous square's White Horse Prophecy with modern Sodom and Egypt boner icon in the background at:

The last shot in the film is a civil war musical statement. That relates to Clark Griswald's Chicago BEARS cap in all the REV.13:2 scenarios.

"...and his feet were as the feet of a bear,"

Hence the Brit from London with the injured left foot in Rome.

The big car chase and crash that climaxes inside of a fountain of youth baptism font comes right after 'THE WET HOT WIFE' declares that she wants to secede from Clark's fake government.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Back on 7.29 at 10:53 am, I dreamed that me and some Leprechaun size midget were filling up red plastic gas cans in the basement of some old building's basement bathroom in London. When we were done and walking out to go upstairs, Sienna Miller suddenly came hopping down the stairs with that big killer smile on her face.

I gave her a friendly hug because she practically just fell into my arms, and I told her, "I know you're going away for a week to get your brains glued..." Knowing that she would be back before I knew it. Then I kissed her on the nose, which turned into me sucking on the tip of her boyfriend's smallish penis; that was confirmed exactly a week later by the new reports of her having a little smoker break with him in London.

The strange dream ended before I found out what me and the dark midget were going to do with all that gasoline.

Well, I watched the first two acts of EUROPEAN VACATION, circa 1985, Tuesday morning, and found Sienna's sister Keira sitting on her 750 motorcycle on some Chicago game show beside a year supply of TR3-way car polish, "The car wax of royalty!!" For the time when one of our Sharon Stone type Holy Roller swingers next door gave me a ride in his British made evergreen TR3.

The 1985 show was hosted by the future Craig Ferguson talk show host in the same year that the Scottish Keira was born. So I should probably see the AP:2 co-star on his show later tonight. Where they filmed all those London hippie scenes that are now getting burned. Last I saw, she was still thrilled to have Dr Evil fucking her in the ass on some remote Hawaii volcano island, like at:

Now back to me and Sienna in 'FUCK YOU!' Texas:

The Texas BBQ explodes into a big fiery riot election for a fake president right before the Chicagians in THE BREAKUP's alternate ending take off for London and crash their cheap yellow rental car three times into those naive castrated Londoners, who say that it was all their fault. Because they let a bunch of EZE.38 niggers invade their polite civilized country without putting up any kind of a fight whatsoever.

This genuine dream prophecy really gets me going when my GREGORY'S GIRL figure dreams about his crazy-8 wives that leads to the Stonehedge DOMINO effect of the riots spreading out across all of Britney Spears's pussy-whipped UK.

Thank God the real men of England eventually get off EUROTRIP's magic red bus in Paris and give the frogs "...a good kicking!"



THE SAILOR DOG's fisherman monument on Old Buckley Hwy. to my topless FFing babes in EUROTRIP was confirmed by those inspired long lense candids of Sienna having sex-on-the-beach cocktails with my Charlize Sheen figure in LOST HIGHWAY meets MAJOR LEAGUES' 2011 season. That would have cost her at least 10k if she had hired some famous VOGUE photographer to recreate the FANTASY ISLAND dirty deed for her, like at:

I know this now because I was licking my freckled Positano Napolitano wife's salty ice-cream cone when suddenly Steven Fresh's fire alarm went off; back in the 80s in Framingham, Mass. And so I suddenly had to go into the bathroom to rinse my mouth out before she swelled up and came because I thought I felt a couple froggy warts on the tip of my tongue. How romantic.

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Princess.

Monday, August 8, 2011


1990's WILD AT HEART killed me off in The Big NO's silver coins prophecy about my marred servant sidekick named Seal. Who started fucking the film's blond airhead now named Heidi Klum in fulfillment of the LIVE AND LET DIE prophecy down there about all my slave nigger bitch wives who get free 18" brick wall housing, and an iron clad human rights guarantee that their families will never ever be broken up by a bunch of southern Bible Belt Christian apostates. And of course, all the sweat mulla pocket money coins that their little childish hearts would ever want or need. [Think Angelina Jolie is your slave master who is so rich that every time you ask her for a few gold ounce coins she just hands them to you without even asking why. Because that would offend your human dignity.]

You can not be a slave's master unless you are humble enough to be a servant to your master Jesus Christ. Who doesn't really care that much about who is on the business end of his southern plantation whip that cleaned out the money changers in the old temple of Jerusalem.

Which is why the Biblical drought in Texas is the same drought going on now in Obama's desolate gentile Africa; where the prince and princess of England were engaged inside of a Lincoln log cabin Republican confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's Elton John wedding singer [Think Adam Sandler.] marriage to his number 4 wife.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES has now become based on the new tabloid reports about Sienna Miller buying a 2.9 L residence in North London right before the fiery North London darkie riots prophesied of in EZE.38. That inspired Lady Ga Ga to show up at a Britney Spears concert where she was gyrating on stage three ways to Wednesday.



Here is a publicity still for RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES that I saw a few days before the false prophet's animals shot down one of the Chinook choppers from today's Sodom and Egypt Gay Area at:

The Chinook downing was about my fisherman statue spoof in EUROTRIP that was based on Bonnie Lake's fisherman sculpture that depicts yours truly reeling in a big FFing chinook salmon. The unit's whirling blades were confirmation of the 'whirlwind' of death revelation given only days earlier to Warren Jeffs in drought stricken Tom Green County, Texas.

Walking back from watching HORRIBLE BOSSES Sunday, a rather rare old black ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES hearse drove by the GSR/TWN monument with an old white CHEROKEE.

THE LOST BOYS from the Gay Area could also fly.

In the DVD outtake clips for EUROTRIP, one sees Lucas Smith arrive at the end of the LUC restaurant scene in Paris. Who was the world traveler who obtained Obama's genuine hospital birth certificate in the land of TARZAN THE APE MAN and his prophetic sidekick. Smith's new web site is at:

The ringing of the Vatican's Bell of St Mark in EUROTRIP was the announcement of the MARK 13:14 abomination of desolation fulfillment that was prophetically depicted in the 2004 movie. Which ends with a close shot of my cheap black pre-paid cell phone that El Wood was so kind to reload for me back around 2005. The one that gave me burn scars on my neck that looked like a hickey.

That Brit reporter who announces the new Pope live on camera at the end of EUROTRIP represents the guy from London who replaced
Larry King. Hence the rioting wild darkies in London on the same day, USA time, that the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES came out in world wide release.


Friday, August 5, 2011


Pope John Paul died on the same day that EUROTRIP's story about the Pope dying, and the film's GSR spoof figure being made the new Pope, was scheduled to premier on HBO; April 2, 2005.

The German Nazi kid marches in the background when we learn that GSR's blond love interest went to Rome. Where she was scheduled to board a Scientology KILL CRIUSE ship; co-starring the German look alike ROCK STAR co-star of [Pam Anderson's older lifeguard lover.] in EUROTRIP's love scene confession climax.

The twin brother who gives a tour of the Vatican is a devout Catholic Chris Wood look alike. For the same 2004-2005 time period when he and El were living in Bonnie Lake, Washington.

That is a statue of THE SAILOR DOG at the topless beach babes scene in France.

Scottie picks up a football and holds it like a quarterback when he reads email from his German [Gisele] babe.

The kids are rescued from Obama's prophetic abomination of desolation setting in Eastern Europe by a MIAMI VICE talking dude who drives an old orange pickup with '07' on the side.

The black mobs who attacked white people Thursday night at the state fair in Allis, Wisconson were Providential publicity for the prophetic RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES remake that opened within hours of the robberies and beatings. Many prophets among the lost tribes have received specific revelations about the coming race riots in America. This is the 'Rumble in the Jungle' in the ALI prophecy. [Read Muhammad ally.]

Mr TMZ went on a European vacation the week I found EUROTRIP at GOODWILL. Sienna returned from New Mexico with a king of the cowboys hat, having put on a few pounds for her belly dancer role.

Yours truly is draped in temple veil curtains and holds the scepter of Judah when they make me the new Pope of Israel.

The lost Israelite Warren Jeffs look alike in CHARIOTS OF FIRE was confirmation of his authentic D&C 133 style revelation from God, at:

So far the FLDS types have rejected the revealed word of God at . Not to mention section 91 etc. And the naked men running on the beach in EUROTRIP were a spoof on the classic COF scene where the sons of Israel are as numerous as the sands of the seas.

Cooper Harris gets a call on his cell phone from management while playing hooky in London, about the Goodwin File. For my finding the prophetic movie by HBO's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM director at Matt Damon's GOODWILL outlet. Right as the news broke that the Mormon D.B. Cooper hijacker was from the Three Sisters, Oregon area. In confirmation of the three topless sisters in EUROTRIP's hot tub scene, where the Jennifer Aniston look alike named Candy is rubbing one of her Twin Peaks. Right there is Harris Wayside. To the northeast is the king's Madras porn hotel location in MANAGEMENT.

That is a grown up Hailee Steinfeld waiting in line at the Louvre in Paris.

There was a 4.5 quake west of Sunset Beach, Oregon at 6:10:07 Friday.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Just a day or two before the surprise news broke that Scarlett was FFing my beloved brother Sean Penn, I experienced a very VIVID ENTERPRISES type dream about me coming face to face with her in the A&W ROOT BEER parking lot from the AMERICAN GRAFFITTI's 50s.

So Granny Grass bought me a used copy of Scarlett's EUROTRIP look alike prophecy at Matt Damon's overpriced GOODWILL outlet on Wednesday, after a quick stop at Paris' TACO BELL for a double 3way 7-Layer burrito with cheap tasting cheddar cheese nachos.

The 2004 movie is about me kissing Scarlett's luscious full lips as if she was my short kinky half Jewish sister. Because SNL's black baby Jesus [Lady's Man] circa 1999 wants me to always remember that I should treat her, and her cock-sucking sister Sandy, with the same kind of black-exploitation R-17 respect; and not like some Amsterdam, MULHOLLAND DRIVE sex toy wife.

So all you guys should seriously study the film's scene in the [end times] where my young transfigured David Spade figure goes into the 747 toilet with my Miley Montana [Mile High Club] honey. That was confirmed back in 2005 by the scene where I become Emma's POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE papa bacon-burger eater on the exact same day that the movie was supposed to premier on HBO. According to the Pope figure in Woody Allen's 7-hills ROMA romance who suddenly dies at the end of the 42 months prophecy in REV.13.

This being the younger, now more sexy than ever, Richard Gere Nazi look alike dude who wants to have my Berlin, Germany email Penn pal wife who eventually becomes my college dorm [no.214] roommate stand-in for Charlize Theron at Emma's Brown University. After my Emma Stone brunett look alike dumps me for Matt Damon on my Hudson High graduation day. Just before we all were forced to go on Barack Obama's trendy political EUROTRIP to hell that lead to the abomination of desolation depicted in the movie's white Euro-trash government housing that looked exactly like some college housing dorms at some Ohio state college.

Per me meets me in AMERICAN GIGOLO, meets me in Ted CASABLANCA meets me fucking you fuckers on 30 ROCK, while the movie's hot Neve Campbell Canadian with raspberry hair streaks sucks my cock dry in a back alley in Holland, at:

All of which was just confirmed by the new FANTASY ISLAND sex-on-the-beach pix of the film's look alike hot tub "Jenny" figure named Candy. Portrayed in it's moving Bonney Lake fisherman statue on Old Buckley Hwy. That inspires all the young sire-us monkey sex teen babes to take off their bikini tops, while rubbing each others' soft shoulders as I softly and slowly FF both of them nice and tightly in the back seat of my car, missionary style. Exactly the way Britney Spears likes it.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Whenever Ken and I went hiking towards the end of the Beatles Invasion, whether 9 miles of steep switch-backs up to the Necklace Lakes, or just a short walkabout into Island Lake, we usually packed a sack of potatoes, a dozen eggs, and a can of Canadian bacon, that made for some great HASTY TASTY grease seasoning in our 12" cast iron pan. No wonder our NELSON TRAPPER backpacks probably weighed as much as any WW I era SAD SACK forerunner had to bear in the Scottish CHARIOTS OF FIRE prophecy at:

Sadly, they don't make-'em like they used to.

I tried to find 75's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKO'S NEST prophecy at GOODWILL, but I only got the 1972 nut house vampire prophecy about my Canadian coed virgin on 90210. Who is saved from eternal damnation because one of her innocent sisters gets strung up and sugar caned in the ass like some [Arab spring] adulterer in Egypt, or by the newly liberated Libyian billionaires at:

Think John Mayer ravishing the 19 year-old self-righteous virgin Taylor Swift. Who still can not stop crying about it; mostly because she knows in her heart of hearts that she had it coming for being such a little innocent bitch. [Read Miley Montana from the same Bible Belt state of the Tenn virgins prophecy.]

In the horny DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE prophecy about me waiting patiently to fuck the virgin Shenae Grimes only-until-after the physical transfiguration blood letting starts, on the flip side, God delivers unto me a few fine used cars that I can work on in the meantime.


PS: Ian Charleson was your LDS missiomary truly of course at:

Recenly I had a breathtaking dream that I was riding in the back of a royal London Taxi like the one at:

50/50 DEAL

Barack Obama's 50th birthday happens at a time when the ten virgins 50/50 prophecy is unfolding in the promised land of the 50 United States. As confirmed by his prophetic arrival in the latter-days from America's own FANTASY ISLAND paradise, that became the 50th state after the first 666 beast was defeated; but was then miraculously healed and born again.

This is why the latest fake budget deal was signed by the destructive abomination of desolation on the 15th anniversary of the day 1290 set up during the 1260 days chronology of the two witnesses in Sodom and Egypt. Even the New Jerusalem, like where the Lord was crucified when the old Jerusalem was suffering from an illegitimate gentile abomination of desolation ruler.

Obama's fake birth certificate was the Providential meaning behind the arrest of the former Murdoch paper editor on the same 15th anniversary. Who must now stand in symbolically for his USA connected media company that should have known better than the rest to stonewall the obvious truth at:

Like we learn in the opening of the ADAMS FAMILY VALUES prophecy, it takes the odd ball conservative Gomez two major pushes to defeat The Thing, a.k.a. Mr.X. Which leads to the big summer camp finale that takes place in November's Thanksgiving season. Which featured all those BOOK OF MORMON musical LA/man/ite savages in their current smash hit on Broadway, circa 2011, based on the African continent where Obama was born in 1961.

"Way to go Ohio..." is the way the Ephraimite show opens every day.