Saturday, December 31, 2011


Eventually, I ended up last week with 37 unbelievably beautiful surreal episodes of THE AVENGERS. Starting with 1964's Honor Blackman playing Lindsay Lohan in tight black GREASE 2 tits&ass leather, standing in for me as Chloe Moretz in her more full figure look in January's retro 50s PLAYBOY issue. Shot to the max by Elvis' girly magazine photog in the LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE SUCK A LITTLE FUCK A LITTLE 69 movie made back in the day when Jen's FATHER KNOWS BEST soap opera daddies were fucking their teenage daughters who looked like Debbie Reynolds in MR IMPERIUM.

Hence the gentile Chocolate Mtns along Rt.111 started shaking again right when England's latest Alfie actor filed his divorce papers inside the LA court house at street number 111 against that silly apostate Christian woman from California who got married to him on top of a parade of elephants in India.

Cheap romantic fireworks that are made on location in Quentin Tarantino's exploitative Asia almost always explode very loudly and quickly and end up with bright as the moon flash-in-the-pan results in just minutes. Just ask Sandra Bullock.

My own private film festival schedule for THE AVENGERS' 19666 series now looks like it is going to be running up to the opening of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. That they say is being dominated this winter by a host of Canadian indie films from Vancouver, BC.



RETURN OF THE CYBERNAUTS is another remarkable Obots prophecy from THE AVENGERS series in 1967. Which begins with a dark skin bronze bust of my imposter sidekick that charms Emma Peel. Which eventually leads to her trying to run over Mr Steed with the 42 month treads on her blue heron LOTUS in REV.13.

The episode's revenge plot is based on the brother of a mad scientist [Dr Armstrong] who was killed in an earlier show by Steed and Peel. This time the bad guy uses wristwatches imbedded with 666 mind-control technology that turns people into human robots. That were devised by various high society intellectuals who eventually learned to appreciate the advantages of living under 666 captivity. When everyone, rich or poor, must serve the new and improved beast with mutual benefits. Once they accept their fate and overcome the kind of two witnesses cynicism that really torments people like Conan O'Brien and Scarlett Johansson.

Hence the 666 wristwatch gift from TIFFANY on Emma's 666 hand is activated in a critical shot that prominantly features the dark bronze head of Obama in the background.

These are the same peculiar matching wristwatches on Jen and Justin that have appeared in so many of their recent NYC candid pix.

Emma's sexy LOTUS bears the 'SJH 499 D' plates that connect with the inspired image no.499 at cfake which portrays Jen in the back of Alfie's presidential JFK back-fucker-position limo with the same red VICTORIA'S SECRET panties that his Greek girlfriend finds at the end of act 1, at:

The Emma in THE AVENGERS has a lot of Emma Stone angles compared here at:

This report about a woman's lost wedding ring turning up 16 years later, stuck on top of an orange carrot cock in her garden, illustrates the Providential power behind finding your eternal mate. The Scandinavian yacht location is about THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO movie currently in theaters, that was filmed on the Scandinavian peninsula's double penis head three-way landmark, at:


Friday, December 30, 2011


As much as I love the idea of James Franco playing Hugh Hefner in the new Linda Lovelace biopic, that would pale in comparison to Woody Allen starring in a new straight-faced craptastic reality show parody of Hef struggling with my wife Lindsay Lohan to take off her G-string and give us the full Monty.

The project would definitely have to include a lot of Woody Allen three-way cut away scenes with young blonds as a Hugh Hefner fully clothed in his silk pajamas sporting a two hour purple pill woody that never seems to end.

Something this money would probably have to be self financed by a Larry David style Jerry Seinfeld partnership, because a movie like DEEP THROAT would never get made by today's aging Hollywood Jews and their neo lesbian wives in a million years. Even though America's film festival hordes are starving for some kind of a new wave return to the original values that made them fall in love with cinema in the first place.

Yeah I know, Woody is slightly too young to play the Hef circa 2011. But that is the whole point. That's the physical transfiguration blood cleansing blood sucking joke.

Remember, you are going to be producing this retro indie film as a kind of artistic revenge movie during the upcoming Republican landslide that will destroy everything that you loved about post 1960s America. And me and my niggers will be there to protect you from them.

Back on 12.19 at 12:06 am Cris Wood time, the voice of a very angry white man woke me up, that said, "F you!.. F Ms Clinton!!"



NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE is 1967's episode about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim who drive the liberal professor robots so crazy that they go around smashing radios. Even the same Obama robots known as 'Obots' who switch into frenzy mode every time some new indisputable report comes out about the usurper's stolen Social Security number and his phony computer generated birth certificate.

Hence the prophetic 1967 episode ends with Mr Steed and Mrs Peel watching television and joking about phony "plastic politicians" of the "north eastern" part of their country, like Newt Gingrich who sees no reason to require that a sitting president produce his original 1961 birth papers. Since every single computer graphics expert who has examined Obama's television birth certificate has said that it is a total fabrication, made from at least three different sets of 1961 era typewriter fonts. For starters.

The recent passing of Tarzan's supposed sidekick named Cheeta is a Providential warning from Rush Limbaugh's area that my own sidekick cheater is about to die, politically speaking. And that the traditional prophetic TARZAN elephant stampede of the first beast's period can be heard in the distance. As confirmed by the fact that nobody can find Cheeta's original birth records, and most investigators believe that this Cheeta was a cheater and an imposter. [Pronounced 'you a cheata' in ghetto slang.]

The horrific Christmas day fire in Con/necti/cut was about the abomination of desolation's 9/layer cut-and-paste con job. That includes his verified use of a stolen Social Security number, probably from a deceased person in Hawaii. Which his grandmother would have acquired, who did volunteer secretarial work for the local state coroner office. Where originally new Hawaii residents were given Connecticut based SS numbers, but the start-up practice ceased years before Obama was born in Kenya, and then given a perfectly legal Hawaiian birth certificate after the fact.

The only reason he needed a fake SS number later was because Obama had become an adopted Indonesian citizen, which voided Hawaii's replacement birth certificate that was legally given to him as a typical out of state baby born to a Hawaii resident mother. Hence Sherif Joe is about to show that there are no micro-film birth records for Obama on file, between the babies born the day before, and the day after, his 8.4.61 birth in Kenya.

As revealed in D&C 77, the two witnesses are called unto the Jews. Therefore the British actor who plays the driver who symbolically kills the two witnesses in NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE, and then they rise up from the dead, looks so obviously Jewish.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm just as surprised as you are that a 20 pounds lighter Miley Cyrus showed up to audition for Tarantino's new underaged sexploitation movie co-starring yours truly on my 2BC 91' yacht in the south of France. Where they filmed my DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS physical transfiguration prophecy, co-starring Keira Knightley et al, at:

Which makes me wonder now if a 1970s LOVE BOAT karate parody sequel might begin somewhere on a Scandinavian yacht from Seattle, that goes around the world and ends up docking at the final KILL CRUISE indie film location at the end of the 80s. Based upon that extremely accurate black and white look alike poster of yours truly above the bed where Liz and I have a three way with the blond Sienna Miller look alike Ms Kensit. Or the other way around the world, whatever.

And then we end up docking at what's left of the Cannes Film Festival after some mother fucking fanatic sets off a loose A-bomb in the heart of Paris. So now you can make a full length feature film for about 10 cents on the dollar. And all you really need is a big old yacht that you picked up for 10k in Hong Kong or Australia or wherever. In confirmation of Roman Polanski's low budget KNIFE IN THE WATER prophecy from 1962 at:

Think of it as a latter-day Noah's Ark movie, where the luxury boat is full of animals who need to breed in order to re-populate a new world, post 1260 days REV.12 flood prophecy. Kind of like a Scientology cruise ship sailing around the world, that no particular government authority can fuck with, or figure out, while I am fucking whoever Jesus wants me to fuck on the high seas.


My own private holiday season film festival for THE AVENGERS series will probably run all week. So for Sienna's birthday I watched 1967's final episode where John Steed's second wife Tara King is introduced, after Mrs Peel's Mr Steed look alike husband was finally found in Adriana Lima's Brazil. Per the new clips of the VICTORIA'S SECRET [agent] model practicing her fighting skills at the secret agency's training center, like at:

THE FORGET-ME-KNOT episode follows a Daniel Craig look alike 007 agent whose memory has been erased by traitors to the Crown. That ends when Steed's new wife clobbers the bad guy with a huge Israelite mason brick tucked in her designer bag. Which answers the story's basic question, "Who are you?" After having started out with her role playing a hilarious black transsexual Barack Obama traitor figure who introduces an amusing look alike thread of confused sexual identity, including the agency's head REV.17 man named 'Mother'.

"Mother sent me... Tea?" is what Steed's new way-too-young wife, Ms King, says when she appears at his flat, ready for action and a good spot of "T". [He takes it with three lumps of sugar.]

1967's THE LIVING DEAD episode is about a secret underground church movement lead by an amazing Sting look alike, with suspicious racist motives, who is plotting to take over a zombie infested England after the royal shit hits the fan. Complete with abandoned Israelite gold and silver mines and about a "ten to fifteen years" time-line that matches the [1260 days period] length of my GSR/TWN recruiting, counting from 1996.


After logging this post I noticed it's 2.22 birth date time-stamp for one of Charlie's Angels.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Baz got that nice 3-stitches size shot to the head last Thursday by the same coin-op doll prize crane that Chloe was playing with in her recent Christmas gift pictorial for SUCK magazine, circa 1997, at:

The brief reports don't say what Baz was shooting in such a tight little space. But one has to imagine that it was something really hot, and very down under.

Whatever, it gave the cast a little more down time in confirmation of my last Tarantino posting about his next exploitation revenge movie.

Wherein yours truly makes Emma Watson suck on my captain's hat cock if she wants a part in his next retro art house Cannes Film Festival entry. Her having lost a good 20 pounds in order to look like her Harry Potter co-star circa 16-17 years-old, but with the traditional short cabin-boy haircut, at:

Who now is a sexually frustrated and confused Brown University freshman virgin spending the weekend around nearby Newport's great Fitzgerald playground for the very liberal and very rich. [Think John Kerry wants to meet John Fing Kennedy.] Because her uptight Victorian's secret era mum never let her sleep with her daddy, as prophetically portrayed in the indie film's brilliant limited platform release exclusive up in Iceland at:'s_Your_Daddy%3F_(film)

Low budget hard R buzz movies often get traction when they can incorporate a large prestige ensemble cast that gives everybody involved the kind of artistic cover that they need to work for scale and have a little film trailer fun on their down time. In between major terrorist attack projects and the usual follow-up period required for the economy to get back on it's feet, etc.

"I forgot to duck..." [Ronald Reagan]


Sunday, December 25, 2011


When Tarantino finally gets tired of waiting around for all those old Jew fucks to finance his next rediculously indulgent vanity project, and they eventually will, he may wish to spend some of his down time making a quick self-financed low budget AVENGERS alternative co-starring the sleep walking look alike GSR /TWN cult figure with a cfake pussy face nose job at:

The southern England white trash rebel film publicity for such an audacious move would be worth at least one zillion gazillion dollars. Especially if it's mostly negative stuff from the white upper class homosexuals and niggers in the dumb and dumber ass media.

Imagine a majority share in that shit.

On Christmas Eve, I grabbed a handful of old like-new THE AVENGERS tapes from the 1964 series at GOODWILL and went over to THE CHECKOUT. When then I saw a man standing over by the same movies rack, where I just was, wearing a red '66' top that inspired me to go back there and get the collector set's only 1966 box set left.

Which gave me the hilarious SMALL GAME FOR BIG HUNTERS episode about the white hunters in England at THE DAILY MAIL etc who want to return England to some kind of an African territory like Kenya, where Bar/ack Obama was born in 1961. That ended with my royal TARZAN the ape man genealogy tree hunter who shoots Republican bull elephant brownnosers and then obviously goes off to have hot monkey three-way sex with his way too young sidekicks in Tarantino's next black on white exploitation movie.

Think Iggy Pop circa 1997 conceives 1997's Chloe and Hailee down in my 91' yacht captain's cabin while my older semi lesbian bitches are up top getting a really nice and tight ass topless tan job circa 2012. Because that is Carey Mulligan sucking on my MONTECRISTO cigar in SWINGERS's party scene when the JAWS music plays and we see the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim sitting on top of the fireplace next to the yellow train in Jennifer Aniston's DERAILED prophecy.

You would be shocked and amazed to know what a girl would do to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Which is something that a Steven Speilberg movie could never offer them.


Jen's current Flirty Fishing boyfriend look alike character from NYC in the SWINGERS prophecy is up for a cartoonish gig as Goofy. But he didn't get the part because she wanted someone with a bit more Orange County theme park experience. [God recently informed me to stop referring to Jennifer Aniston as 'Jenny' and instead I should use her real nickname, Jen.]

Friday, December 23, 2011


That is Tom Cruise sitting at the table with his buddies at Lucky Bar, when Alfie describes his sidekick's problem.

Several days ago I had another INVISIBLE MAN dream. This time I saw a VESPA scooter coming down the street and turning the corner, going up a hill, but there was no one on it. Then I saw Kate Holmes walking with a child about the same age as those kids on the sidewalk in ALFIE, when the REV.17 woman says "Don't look at the man..."

Alfie returned home carrying KIM'S dry cleaning when he encounters the two Jewish ladies and Lonette. Which was just confirmed by the new 27 year-old 'Kim' leader of North Korea.

ALFIE's baptism font shot comes after the Eastern European green mouthwash flames shot. Where Liz's two former husbands died. Baptism represents death and burial and then rising up from the grave; as if being born again. As well as a washing of one's sins.

Never "...split up between Thanksgiving and January 2nd." advises Alfie.

Here is the R44 RAVEN helicopter website named after the NYT's CEO who just lost her head, because she wasn't reporting the truth about no.44, the black Barack Obama, at:

Many heads are going to roll.

When Britney Spears celebrated her candy-ass values engagement in Vegas with dinner at a candy shop, Lauren Weinberg was stuck in the snow and surviving only on candy for 10 [wedding virgins] days, as reported at:

That Jewish guy was shot in the jaw in downtown Hollywood for the scene with JAWS theme music in SWINGERS.

Christchurch, New Zealand's ten virgins prophecy landmark is shaking again.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


BLOW UP the engraved red granite tombstone Christmas card from JJ at:

Before you read their ADAMS FAMILY VALUES wedding invitation joke about the fucking opening to my Gisele Bundchen iPAD time-line in 2004's ALFIE prophecy; based upon STARBUCKS' new bright red VESPA icon for their improved Italian roast plural wives logos at:

Since that 55 year-old sleepwalking Charlize figure named Charlene was a waitress at STARVIEW DINER who was role playing my famously sleepwalking wife who suddenly kissed me in the elevator after pushing the no.55 button and all that.

So many friends and fuck buddies, so little time.

You don't actually see my future July 20th, 2010 iPAD Christmas gift from G-d until Alfie sits down on my future old limestone sofa throne of England and pulls it out of the unit's carrying case. In Divine confirmation of the Crown Prince's logo that was seen earlier on the wheel nut of his ROMAN HOLIDAY scooter homage to my ROMA missionary FFer prophecy by Fellini, circa 1973.

Hence the new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE sequel to the series' orange LAMBORGHINI movie underneath the RLDS Vatican that was just confirmed by that Branch Davidian dope with "the need for speed" in SLC who won a slightly used Woody Norris style LAMBORGHINI, and then crashed it about 6.66 hours later at:



The news went national about a lady named Charlene who sleepwalked into a lake and drowned in Oaklyn, New Jersey on the same day I watched 1997's TRIAL AND ERROR for the first time; co-starring a 21ish Charlize Theron. Which is about the trial of a mail-order con man in Senator Reid's Nevada who sold copper Pennies as genuine Lincoln engravings for $17.99 apiece. So I looked up Oaklyn, NJ on my RM map and discovered that the 1776 Philadelphia suburb is located right on White Horse Hwy. Since the movie was filmed in Independence, CA for "Paradise Bluff" NV.

Charlize is starring as the evil Queen Ravenna in the upcoming SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. In confirmation of John Huntsman going on Letterman the same day I saw her fraud movie with more of the usual "President Obama" snow job crap from high society.

TRIAL AND ERROR's old style courtroom has large murals of men on horses.

I was surprised how much Utah's Huntsman looks like Woody Norris. Especially after seeing Letterman playing with a double-blade toy helicopter a few moments earlier, like the one at:

In ALFIE, Mr Wing tells my noble protagonist that his "soul brother" sidekick just resigned and then hands me my future July 20th, 2010 iPAD in a carrying case.

People who believe that Obama is a legit president are wearing twirly blade hats, like the one at:

That poor 15 year-old Amish girl was shot in the head by a civil war era black powder hunting rifle.


Here's the prophetic movie poster for all those kangaroo court cases in polite society that are only about stonewalling the truth regarding Obama's stolen Social Security number and his bogus 9-layered birth certificate at:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My 'progenitor' word on the prophetic 1290 days desk top calendar in ALFIE, who is the English grandson of THE WORD in JOHNNY WALKER 1:1 meets 2006's THE WALKER in the 66-book Bible that was published by a bunch of old pagan fucks circa 390 AD, means LL belongs to me and nobody else.

Irresponsible and immature little spoiled girls who are chronically late to everything all the time because they crave the attention do so because there is no one out there who is man enough to take care of them in bed and in church.

Which is why Jesus told me at 6:46 am Tuesday morning that, "Jen and Justin split up!"

Usually when I hear something like that from G-d it means that the news is about to break about the two hipsters getting married somewhere on a private beach, Renee Zelwegger style meets Megan Fox style, for a prelude to the eventual breakup of Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise.

LL's new PLAYBOY pictorial is about the kind of underaged women that Hef is always hound dogging two at a time in BEVERLY HILLS COP whatever meets THE EXPENDABLES 2. That is if the born again KICK ASS 2 action movie was directed by David Lynch with a host of horny teenage babe co-stars with missing-in-action daddy issues.

This is why the 85ish Heffer is always fucking a nice brace of hot young blonds who are relatively even younger than my own virgin blonds. Like the 15ish one who just got shot in the head in Pennsylvania by a huge .50 slug from a civil war era black powder deer hunter's rifle. Right before Mr Huntsman was due to appear on Letterman. And my hot Canadian Girl Scout wives are beginning to feel like they have just died and gone to heaven.

"Heaven is a place on earth..." [Lana Del Rey]


Monday, December 19, 2011


Out of the blue it turned out that I watched VERY BAD THINGS at the same time Britney Spears was in Las Vegas celebrating her full circle engagement. In the movie, Kyle Fisher is going to marry Cameron Diaz's crazy blond after his wild party in Vegas. So there probably is some Flirty Fishing missionary work going on in the Spears case.

1998's VERY BAD THINGS is about when the black president of Senator Reid's Las Vegas dies in the same blood drenched bathroom as the Asian whore in REV.17; that was immediately confirmed by the death of the North Korean leader with a girl's name.

After the black man with two children and the Asian hooker are buried, the prophetic film's 5 virgin wedding figures are all given the "second chance" of the physical transfiguration to be born again.

The Jewish virgin's white minivan bears the '2DDT456' number for the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy that was just confirmed by THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON who used a DDT pest sprayer on the 5th floor in Brooklyn to kill Deloris Gillespie; whose first name means 'pain' in Old English. This is Scarlett's "white van shaped birthday cake" parked on a rainy back street in Scotland on the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Since ALFIE starts out by role playing my black JFK sidekick in BUBBA HO-TEP fucking Marilyn Monroe in the back of the same presidential limo where Larry Sinclair sucked on Obama's cock while he sucked the crack pipe.


I just noticed that the wiki page for VERY BAD THINGS was last updated at 5:06 on December 16, a couple days before I saw the 1998 film for the first time since it was in theaters, at:

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn, Ms Gillespie was torched to death in her apartment elevator by a black man posing as a BUBBA HO-TEP style pest exterminator, at:

" proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies;" [REV.11:5]

Friday morning in Manhattan, Ms Hart was crushed to death by an elevator, when it caught her body like a guillotine blade.

Russian authorities reported Friday that they seized radioactive sodium-22 at the Sheremetyevo airport border that was headed for Iran; for a CIRRUS SR22 thing. [Read REV.17 she remedy... ]

Monday night, about 1500 ducks died in St George, Utah when they crash landed in a snow covered WAL*MART parking lot that they thought was a pool or lake. For when Alfie says "fuck a duck" before he fucks the black woman on a pool table at Lucky Bar. Washington County, Utah being major plural wife country. They were drinking tequila, the ducks were flying high to Mexico.

A double-tanker exploded under the Paramount Blvd bridge in Montebello, CA Wednesday, east of L.A., based on the PARAMOUNT mountain pyramid logo that opens ALFIE. Montebello means 'beautiful mountain' and God says in the Bible that Mt Zion's Judah is a beautiful plant in his garden. The dramatic 'carmageddon' photos are at:

Thursday morning, Ralph Daniel Hardiek shot officer Brady in Waterloo, Indiana. They finally caught him hiding under an outside deck floor with his girlfriend Julie King in Noble County, next door to the Miller family.

Hef said LL posed for PLAYBOY with "nothing on but the radio" for an inspired two witnesses quote by Marilyn Monroe. The fulfillment of the two witnesses prophesies in REV.11 is what it will take to get her naked bod into my bed. See the red TWIN PEAKS temple veil magazine cover at:


Saturday, December 17, 2011


I was rather impressed by Neil LaBute's usual crude condemnation of the theatrical assholes who share his Manhattan elevator on a daily basis, back when I saw it for the first time on 11.9.11. Before it was ever known that the film's sports gym workout scenes were about Ohio football coaches having sodomy in the showers. And nobody really gives a shit because that is exactly the same kind of thing that all of the Jewish queer finks out there elected to be our asshole leader in 2008. Who got the decisive vote of such Roman Catholics as Mel Gibson and Maureen Dowd.

But GREASE 2's Uncle Michael urged me to wait awhile before I said anything about it. That is until Britney Spears' father, a.k.a. Mr Spears, would enter into the movie's Hawaiian baptism pool finale and die, and then be born again. When his crazy Bible Belt daughter, who knows that she belongs to her daddy Mel Gibson, would become engaged to some older fuck who looks like a dirty Adam Sandler style Malibu Jew transplant from New York.

Therefore it is obviously time for me to watch the VERY BAD THINGS prophecy about Mel's crazy blond wife getting married in Las Vegas for the first time ever at:

Which is the part where Mel finally takes over as her head because her daddy's heart was set too much upon the things of this world, like the Bible.


Friday, December 16, 2011


Granny Grass bought six cans of STAGG chili on the same day I watched ALFIE, because they were on special at 2-4-$3. In confirmation of one of Alfie's 6 wives in the movie making him a great pot of chili. [7 if you count both the three way blonds.]

If not for Alfie's FFing missionary work, Lonette and Marlon would have never gotten together.

Sienna's character Nikki paints a big blue boner shark on Alfie's apartment wall. I watched my old tape of the 2004 movie in orange box art Thursday morning because I dreamed than an orange 225 TT AUDI twin-turbo zoomed by that big evergreen tree boner along Hwy.410, above Fennel [sausage] Creek in Bonney Lake.

That guy with Julie, the chili cook, at the coffee shop is a GREGORY'S GIRL joke.

The news broke on NYT No. 55,620 that the newspaper's female CEO just had her head handed to her in a box wrapped in plain brown paper. For the room number 620 in BARTON FINK when Charlie goes into the bathroom to vomit.

That CIRRUS SR22 crashed west of Flat Iron Mountain in Arizona on the same day that the illegal alien in the Casablanca sued Sheriff Joe with a 22-page complaint for investigating and arresting illegal aliens. Because nobody in the churches is paying attention to the 42 months prophecy in REV.13. Hopefully this WND report will help them understand the Bible's latter-day prophecies about the abomination of desolation a little better, at:

Show Low, Arizona's airport is near Little Mormon Lake; off the Deuce of Clubs Hwy, for the dude's 3-way full-circle 2 of clubs Tee this week on TMZ. The crash report I read is at:

Angelina Jolie's SR22 crashed on Joan of Arc street for the day 1290 abomination that desecrates the arc of the temple in DANIEL, etc.


Greg's STAGG chili:
Sauté a cup of sliced onion and an entire peeled bulb of whole garlic cloves in olive oil, until half cooked. Season to taste with sea salt and oregano. Dump in a can of STAGG chili with an extra half cup of water. Simmer until the onion and garlic is fully cooked. Serve over a baked potato or a slice of baked butter squash.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Relfie picks up his future crazy Sienna Miller wife on Christmas Eve in 2004's ALFIE remake prophecy. When everything changed towards the end once he got a good look at the new mulatto baby boy who would miraculously become the president of Sodom and Egypt only four years later. Since the entire movie revolves around Jude Law's character who drives long black limousine Jew canoes for the White House et al.

Hopefully the news blackout of HBO/BBC2's Hitchcock co-production means that the girl has an open window in her schedule for David Lynch's surprise 4-square MULHOLLAND DRIVE sequel to his incomplete three and a half hour INLAND EMPIRE trilogy. Since there was just another 3.5 earthquake near his Clinton, Montana camping grounds for Eagle Scouts who want to earn their fine arts merit badge for artistic homosexuality versus full on oral sex with almost underaged Campfire Girls. At the same time they get their plural wife canoeing merit badges.

What happens around Milltown, Montana along Hwy.12's 126 mile marker stays in Montana, at:

Ms Miller was inspired by Jesus to fall in love with Mr Law [of Israel] on the set of ALFIE's remake in order for us to understand the film's FFing XXX missionary position concept that was later confirmed by her neo-LDS missionary work in Italy's Amalfi Coast on behalf of my beloved lost brother who co-starred in Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY revelation. That today's apostate church lady Christians still believe came from the same devil who gave us the BOOK OF MORMON and the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE; that just sold at CHRISTIE'S for 11.8 million bucks.

If David Lynch doesn't start making more movies about old fucks hound dogging young blonds, his Hollywood career is going to be over before he even turns 85.



Wednesday morning my aching neck kink woke me up in the middle of the Glenn Beck show. When he was talking about running into some arrogant New Yorker liberals in his apartment building elevator, and one carrying a plain brown paper wrapped frame asked him, "You know what I have in this?" [paraphrasing] Before he answered his own question, "It's a picture of president Obama." In confirmation of Barton Fink's plain brown paper wrapped box that contained the cut off head of the REV.17 woman of course. Fink being from New York, and the framed portrait was probably a head shot, and all that.

Beck then mentioned on air how he can't wait to leave NYC and it's unbelievable 5% income tax, on top of the state's 12% income tax, on top of the federal 35% income tax. Which does not include sky-high property taxes and massive union feather-bedding business charges.

Beck reported his amazing cut off head sign from God on the same day that the half Jewish abomination of desolation born in Africa was bragging about his victory in the Babylon of DANIEL 2 down at Fort Bragg.

In confirmation of THE AVENGERS' Jewish Black Widow actress appearing on Letterman in a remarkable Flat Iron Mountain hairdo Monday, it was just reported that the BATH IRON WORKS in Bath, Maine had to fumigate part of a Navy warship for black widow spiders, according to:

The black widow spider has a red hour-glass timer on her symbolic REV.17 body for a Divine message from the creator of all things about the 1290 days time-line of the black abomination of desolation etc. Whose icon incorporates a sands of Israel theme to count down the 42 months of time that is given to the new and improved 666 beast who will tread upon the righteous in REV.13.

In Warhol's inspired 1974 Frankenstein, the future German homosexual Obamacare doctor mentions how much he has learned from the crude mistakes of the original 666 beast creators. And therefore he could go forward with his new Serbian beast figure which is now being gloriously confirmed in Angelina Jolie's new movie poster with the dirty blood vomit homage at:


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Little did I know that Scarlett Johansson was in Scotland playing an alien [or alien prey] who snatches hitchhikers and harvests their internal organs when I was posting the ANDY WAR/HOL PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN signs and wonders. Since she stars in THE AVENGERS, I checked around for any connections between Libya bombing a plane over Scotland, and London bombing Libya on the date of Katy Perry's prophetic full moon fireworks song. And discovered there was a powerful 7.1 earthquake in New Guinea [pig] that just hit on the upcoming 5:04 London time 5.04 date for the release of THE AVENGERS in 2012, at:

Scarlett's next movie called WE BOUGHT A ZOO opens on the 12.23 anniversary of the execution style murder of Barry Obama's former lover, after he bragged about his gay relationship with Barry on the phone several times to Larry Sinclair, at:

The Newington, NH claw-hammer attack at the FOX RUN MALL by a black man was a Newt on Fox news thing. In THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON prophecy, the cynical professor named Mark wants to kill the clawed creature so that people would believe that there really was an abomination of desolation prophecy about America in MARK 13:14. Even if polite society is trying too sweep him under the rug.

Scotland is perhaps the most famous place in the world for having scary creatures living underneath it's large black water peat moss lakes.

Tuesday's 3.1 quake south of Rt. 399's Colorado City, Arizona at 4:36 pm was for my used SWINGERS copy for 3.99, since the area is populated mostly by dudes who have more than one wife. Tuesday was the second day after, when Mike was supposed to call Lorraine, i.e. December 13.

A lot of TRUE GRIT style Hollywood westerns were filmed around Arizona's Rt. 399 area in the 1940s and 1950s period when swing dancing was the thing. Hence Scarlett's inspired vintage Hollywood look on Letterman Monday, at:

Twiggy's iconic swinging London name was a branch of Israel genealogy tree message from God

Monday, December 12, 2011


One reason I finally went back to get my used SWINGERS for 3.99 at GOODWILL was because this 30ish chick named Heather was standing there with some happy old fuck right when I noticed on the DVD that Heather Graham was in the 1996 movie.

Walking back Sunday next to the HEATHERWOOD APTS sign on Main Street, I heard two loud crunches from behind me at the light. Where a little blue car was rammed at the light by a blue heron FOCUS, that was then rammed by a black man's silver PONTIAC. For a pretty good three-way sign that corresponded with a decal I had seen on the rear window of some chick's black 80s MUSTANG 5.0 at SUBWAY that said "Edward can bang my headboard and bite my pillows any time he wants..."

A physically transfigured Heather appears as 'Loraine' at the end of SWINGERS and gives Mike her 213 555 7432 phone number, before driving off in her restored 60s MUSTANG. That later he pins on his December calendar over the number '12' for today's 12.12 date, when I watched the indie film for the first time in years, starting at 1:51 am. Having forgotten over time that she was even in the picture.

SWINGERS ends with the song, "I'm beginning to see the light..." over the final credits.

Right before Sunday's 3-way fender bender at the light, I had noticed that the 'WALK' sign there was flashing 'DON'T WALK'. For Vince Vaughn's character in the film named Trent Walker, who kept telling yours truly to get over my ex-wife from Loraine, France, and move on.

SWINGERS opens around the very same Hollywood neighborhood where that guy just broke up with his girlfriend and started shooting at cars.

The guy driving the blue car was rubbing his neck like he had a case of Barton Fink style wrestling whiplash. Which reminded me that my own neck got a kink in it the day before Charlize Theron appeared on Jimmy Fallon wearing a 'THE KINKS' top, and later they attached connecting lights to their heads for some mind reading game. Hopefully her own movie stunt neck kink finally healed. Because I just saw Scarlet Johansson on the cover of COSMO next to some "Kinky..." headline.

DALLAS's star rookie runner broke his foot Sunday in their game against the GIANTS; in confirmation of BARTON FINK's broken feet warning to the Babylon giant in DANIEL 2.



Sunday, December 11, 2011


I went back to GOODWILL at least three times before I finally gave in and took a risk on their pretty scratched up secondhand copy of 1996's SWINGERS for 3.99. Let's hope the thing still plays later tonight.

The physically transfigured old fucker DVD's earthy orange art work was immediately confirmed by that big orange moon eclipse-of-the-decade on the eve of Katy Perry hosting SNL. [Did she sing her "...boom boom boom... Brighter than the moon moon moon..." three-way swingers song?] Per:

So read this historic FACTORY GIRL background information for context before you read the rest of this LDS missionary FFer postcard from 1973 Rome at:

Remember, the next time you're at MORTONS, don't order the more expensive gay ass cuts on the menu. Always get the cheaper prime sirloin liver cuts at the bottom of the list for half the price. That is where the flavor is, if you still have the teeth to chew down on it. Plus, the somewhat harder steak with the stew bone left in has even less fat; for a very nice win win DOUBLE WHAMMY delight.

What do you want, hard lean meat that is bursting with flavor? Or some older and softer aged meat that tastes kind of bland? No matter how much garlic butter they pour over it.

Look hard and you can see that tasty liver on the end of the wooden rod of Jesse in Andy Warhol's prophetic Mormon missionary movie film in Roma at:

"Take that liver!" said Charlize Theron on Jimmy Fallon Friday night.


LINK: I love this prophetic photo of Carey Mulligan circa 1966, at:

Saturday, December 10, 2011


"We'll hear from that kid, and I don't mean a postcard." is the mighty line at the end of the NYC play that opens BARTON FINK. "Postcard" is also the last word in Fink's wrestling picture screenplay.

BARTON FINK's extremely hot ending suggests that things will be getting very hot at the end of the 42 months period at the start of summer, 2012. Which will also involve the hand cuffs coming out due to the ticking clock at:

Nobody wanted to attend Trump's debate because they know that he would have asked about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number.

The same day South Africa's Charlize Theron was on Letterman, a black CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON figure started smashing the windows at various African diamond stores with a HAMMER FILMS icon at the FOX RUN MALL in Newington, New Ham/pshire. The first store he hit was KAYS JEWELERS, for the creature who went after the Israelite gem named Kay in the prophetic 1954 movie. Then he hit PANDORA's [box], followed by several other shops, while tripping and falling by a German pretzels shop, before he finally put the claw-hammer down after his last ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEXT confirmation at Gisele Bundchen's VICTORIA'S SECRET, according to:

Some white dude started shooting at cars around the old Hollywood hotels near Sunset and Vine Friday morning. Apparently some Jewish guy driving a silver MERCEDES took a bullet in the jaw, reported at:

Bill's ghost writer lover explains to Fink that sometimes the exconvict in a classic wrestling picture is protecting some... "idiot man child." Which the Jewish run studios at the time always hated to make. This revelation coming when Fink is shocked to learn that the future abomination of desolation's autobiography was actually written by Bill Ayers.

The two witnesses who meet with Fink, while sitting on his sofa throne in the hotel lobby, are two symbolically shorter and taller figures. The man in the police photo reminds me of the exconvict Larry Sinclair in a bad wig at:


Friday, December 9, 2011


Everything that I have read about a BARTON FINK sequel called OLD FINK sounds like it could be pretty inspired, if the born again script is right.

I especially like the idea of the original film's prophetic Neil LaBute playwright type ending up as a tenured theatre department prof at Berkley during THE GRADUATE era. After one of his more lighthearted plays unintentionally became a huge pop culture success. Which later was bought up by some Hollywood studio for six figures, and now Fink has become the original film's rich southern half Jew writer who has a twin VOLVO yacht tied up somewhere on a dock on the bay.

Ironically, the Coen brothers have explored just about every successful Cannes Film Festival genre out there, except for my middle aged Jewish writer who loved to fuck teenagers on his 91' yacht that was always tied up just outside of the festival's grand hotel.

What I would do, is take advantage of Carey Mulligan's current nudity period and offer her some kind of a bait-and-switch 2-4-1 deal on a back-to-back condensed filming schedule. [Forget about signing her up for the next time when her schedule is open.]

This would inspire the gorgeous NEVER LET ME GO meets AN EDUCATION actress to slim down and hit the hard ass and tight thighs exercise machines in Hollywood so that she could pull off the naked threeway fucking scenes with her Dakota Fanning co-star.

It's very important of course if John Turturro is supposed to be some 60ish asshole who realistically looks more like he is 54. That is the whole point.



When Barton Fink finishes his "broad strokes" writing, a REV.16 civil war erupts at the USO party.

"The writer is king!!" says CAPITAL's boss Jack. After Fink had checked into an old L.A. hotel next door to King Ralph, as a 'Res' which means king.

The studio's two witnesses wrestling picture producer jokes that Fink needs a "roadmap".

Here's the royal King of England link for Gisele's "Hot Sands" IPANEMA flip-flop beach sandals, at:

In confirmation of the Republican Party's top runner candidates who are both flip floppers.

1991's BARTON FINK opens and closes with Sienna Miller's trademark burnt orange motif.

1991's KING RALPH ends with Charlie singing THE DUKE OF EARL, in confirmation of BARTON FINKS's Earle Hotel setting.

Wednesday's 4.0 earthquake in the REV.13:1 sea west of northern California's King Mountain Range hit at 9:1/9:1/2 pm.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


The prophetic indie film about that arrogant New York fink who doesn't listen to the two witnesses came out in the same year that my KING RALPH prophecy was released. Per that SUNDANCE ["tourist with a typwriter"] chopper-jet that just smashed into some steep canyon stonewall in VIVA LAS VEGAS, south of the area's Valley of Fire state park. For the fiery ending to BARTON FINK where yours truly hands out various Boxing Day rewards to his royal palace servants; during football season.

"I will destroy him!!" repeats the big fat RAGING BULL monster in the many FDR era takes from DEVIL ON A CANVAS, by Hollywood's CAPITAL PICTURES, circa 1941, featuring the two wrestlers of Judah and Ephraim in the hotel room Bible.

Those who are lying to us about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate are going to get cut up into pieces. Just like the Republican Party is going to get it's head chopped off because they were too corrupt to tell the American people the truth.

You fuck me, I'll fuck you.

This is the scene in BARTON FINK where the future King of England in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST goes into the toilet for some genuine temple vomiting, as we have to look at Nicole Kidman's 620 birth day on the door across the hall. Before it is revealed that the woman on the wall is actually the tall Jewish German Gisele Bundchen. Whose brand name is on all her Jesus Christ beach sandals that represent the descendants of Abraham, who are as numerous as the sands of the sea in REV.13:1.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I arrived in Paris with my virgin French wife from Provo, Utah for the first time, which was actually my second visit to France. The first time coming via Dr Evil's Belgium homeland, after our prophetic circa 2011 charter flight via Ellen Page's Canadian hometown airport went bankrupt. We were sitting inside a cafe espresso at the future HUGO train station of my new 15ish virgin wife, circa 2011, waiting for our EURO TRIP train to Nancy. When suddenly the two plain clothed policemen of Judah and Ephraim literally jumped on top of some Arab dude at the bar and wrestled him to the floor right in front of us, demanding to see his papers [read birth certificate].

That was before the sons of Israel had completely fainted in 2NEPHI 8 after so many packs of niggers had attacked them from behind inside their own church sanctuaries that they just threw up their hands, like the ones at:

In confirmation of the black Irish "myth busters" in Dublin, CA who tried to prove that Obama's birth certificate is the real deal. Even if every single computer graphics expert out there who has looked at it for 5 seconds says that the thing is an obvious blow job. And therefore it really is true that the American media is dominated by Marxist homosexual Finks who sympathize with the enemies of the more polite and white race of the real Bible's Kingdom of Israel.


No wonder that "...the first queer [childish half Jew boy] president of the United States..." cancelled his 17 days vacation to America's FANTASY ISLAND immediately after he got word that Mitt Romney is taking a second hard look at Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Even though he didn't have the Spanish nuts to join Trump's Republican Party debate for who is going to be on the American Independent Party ticket.



Alec Baldwin was returning on the bankrupt AMERICAN AIRLINES Tuesday, after hosting the 30th anniversary of People For The American Way in Hollywood. Reportedly, the uppity Baldwin got up after the seatbelt warning light had been turned on for takeoff.

Last weekend, I dreamed that I was watching Baldwin at a golf driving range, bragging to everyone about how far he was going to hit the ball. Then he swung at the tee like he was using a baseball bat, and the ball bounced away on the ground for about a yard. The day before, I dreamed that Baldwin was walking around Green Lake in Seattle wearing a business suit, while taking chugs from a very expensive bottle of Scotch. At one point his bottle ran out, so then he just pulled out a new one from his pocket.

Turns out, the NBC star got kicked off the air bus at the same time the news was just breaking that NBC's affiliates have teamed up with some left-wing unAmerican billionaire at:

Here's the pre-GSR/TWN poster for 1991's BARTON FINK Jewish screenwriter prophecy that features a blood sucking mosquito on my forehead scar line; and sporting my trademark Harry Potter glasses long before anyone ever heard of him, or me, at:

Megan Fox went out to lunch Tuesday in aviator sunglasses and a funny 50s Si-Fi theme 'MARKY...' Howard Stern look alike top, at:

[Stern plays drums.]


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Alec Baldwin got kicked off of a financially bankrupt AMERICAN flight because of his fundamentally unAmerican political values.

Since he was returning from hosting a typical Hollywood political convention for the same two faced homosexual Jews who crucified Jesus and then sicked the niggers on white America, like a pack of wild dogs.

The same day that the abomination of desolation was in Kansas.

Baldwin slammed the jet's toilet door very loud in order that my new Black Lagoon toilet message could be heard by all the DUMB AND DUMBER village idiots in polite society; who would never dream of doing a thing like that.

As confirmed by that old helpless Catholic priest who was beaten by a pack of niggers on Chris Wood's birthday in the black African south side Longwood Manor, Chicago area; so the stupid local village people could begin to understand what that big wooden boner at the end of Andy Warhol's Frankenstein movie was about.

That uppity white nigger Alec Baldwin was asked to leave the front of the European AIRBUS, like some 1960s negro, just after that white house bitch from Chicago complained about men and women in Jerusalem having to ride the bus in segregated sections.

You marginalize me, I'll marginalize you...

This is the NAACP organization for white Hollywood niggers and pinko Jews who hate the southern white Israelite Bible Belt trash who built America. Who just went to the unAmerican United Nations to complain that a person has to have a real American birth certificate, a real Social Security number, and some kind of legit photo ID in order to be president of the USA.


Monday, December 5, 2011


Several hours after logging my 3-egg omelet post, I watched 1954's THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON for the first time in years; not remembering that the 666 beast metaphor had more chins than a Chinese phone book, like at:

The bigger shock came when I realized that the film's prophetic Megan Fox look alike was still conflicted by the man named Mark [of the beast] who had helped guide her career, and the picture's noble hero David Reed.

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON begins with the discovery of the 666 beast's claw sticking out of the same stonewall that has been created by the liberal media et al. Who are willfully blocking the truth about Barack Obama's fraudulent birth certificate and stolen Social Security number etc. As confirmed by the very next scenes that were shot off the REV.13:1 coast of liberal Malibu, or thereabouts.

I was not planning to watch THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON so soon. But shortly after my last posting, I was in the bathroom and saw large bubbles coming up out of my toilet; as if there was a scuba diver down there, or even the Black Lagoon creature himself. Having never seen something like that before, I got my old VHS copy out and decided to watch it after my late night show time nap.

The male monster in Andy Warhol's FRANKENSTEIN is very tall. In fulfillment of the revelation about the decedents of Judah standing above the other twelve tribes. Such as the 6' 5" witness of Judah [Howard Stern] who is taller than the Ephraimite witness Rush Limbaugh.

New readers: The two witnesses in REV.11 will appear in the New Jerusalem of today that is the modern Sodom and Egypt. Much like the corrupt Jerusalem of old where our Lord was crucified. And not in today's very religious Jerusalem, where men and women even sit separately on the bus. Jerusalem, Israel will never be a bastion of homosexuality that is dominated by the [original Egyptian] Negro race, like the USA is today. Where respected newspapers like USA TODAY are lying to us about the "...first queer president of the United States" who was born in Africa.



Sunday, December 4, 2011


In confirmation of the Divine Hanna Montana connection between Alfred Hitchcock's incredible 3-egg omlet chin profile in Montana, and the more recent HITCH prophecy, BBC2 is reporting that Sienna Miller will be co-starring in a new look alike movie that is already being PRed by G-d by the breaking triple-chin news about Donald Trump's 3-way masturbation circle-jerk event on the eve of her TWENTY8TWELVE brand birthday.

What a deal. You jerk off me, I'll jerk off you.

In other words, if those Jew queers at AP want to jerk us around about the known illegal alien homosexual nigger in the Oval Office, let's all get behind the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, and rededicate ourselves to the master white race of Israel. Especially since the same Israelite fucks at the NYT et al could not really give a flying fuck if the infant children of illegal aliens are being kidnapped by pedophiles in Sheriff Joe's county and getting carved up into pieces like some Nazi medicine abortion hero in an Andy Warhol art film.

You abort me, I'll abort you...

The DAILY MAIL of London is reporting that THE GIRL goes into principle photography this week in their new miraculous 3-egg omlet chin report at:

Which means that the Providentially timed production should probably wrap up at some point right before that Jewish 3-egg omelet host presides over the O/SCARS.

You suck my Oscar Meyer Weiner, I'll suck yours.

At the end of Andy Warhol's 1974 released FRANKENSTEIN prophecy, everyone is laying on the RLDS temple lab floor dead. Making for a classic pre AIDS butt fucking daisy-chain public park toilet type portrait. Which featured the Baron's huge wooden rod of Jesse sticking way up high so that even the local village idiots can see it.


Saturday, December 3, 2011


Everybody gets up at the break of dawn to come to work at TMZ. In Divine confirmation of Andy Warhol's 1974 Count Dracula prophecy about the vegetarian homosexual who runs the latter-day saints temple L.A. STORY show. And who could still be attracted, at least on a financial level, to a 14 year-old virgin as long as he/she looked like some underaged feminist Taylor Swift or an overaged feminist Nicole Kidman.

This is the blood cleansing temple ordinance vomit that the Father talks about in the 2BC. When the Germanic vampire pilot in today's LDS First Presidency throws up into the Roman Catholic endowment temple house's bathtub and toilet. After he gets a good taste of the dirty pussy blood in Gwyneth Paltrow's CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy.

At the end of the Andy Warhol film, tonight's prophetic Half Moon Bay surfer dude on TMZ gets to run off with the Cinderella story's 14 year-old virgin, and her older sister too.

Therefore that freak fuck-of-the-decade wind storm on the 15th anniversary of Judah's day 1335 WORLD AIDS DAY, that started around the Pasadena ROSE BOWL, worked it's way up along Charlize' I-15 freeway three-way into Utah and Colorado. Where Charlie's ex girlfriend was just busted around the same Jack Nicholson Christmas vacation location where DUMB AND DUMBER was filmed.

Nobody in Hollywood still can't play crazy dumb fuck as good as Jack ever did in that FACTORY GIRL 70s remake starring Sienna Miller that later never really came out on DVD as far as I can tell. Because not even that cheap ass fudge packing queer Gus Van Sant ever even sent me a free anonymous brown bag wrapper copy. Even though he knows me in the Biblical PSYCHO remake sense of the word.

The 4 Levite daughters of the crazy Italian father whose bankrupt Levi temple is crumbling apart in Andy Warhol's 1974 revelation from G-d, who then suddenly goes to London, represent the 14 year-old virgin Chloe Moretz, the older wise virgin Nicole Kidman, the randy three-way hard ass fucking Emma Stone, and the one who lost her virginity at 19 to a vampire, Taylor Swift.


Friday, December 2, 2011


Now that the first queer president of the United States is gearing up for his second time around, it's probably time for a second update of Andy War/hol's two cinematic witnesses prophecies, respectively called ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS DRACULA and ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN. If this goes well, I might even take a second post-Obama look at the African alien prophecy called CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON; co-starring that prophetic naked Jennifer Connelly look alike.

I'll probably start with Warhol's three-way vampire prophecy about yours truly fucking his two underaged/overaged pair of virgin wives down in Italy. Mostly because the very romantic ROMEO AND JULIET country where Sienna Miller made CASANOVA has a long standing tradition of looking the other way when religious middle-aged men are getting their cocks sucked by really hot girls and aging nuns who still kind of look like boys, like at:

Check out the new poses by Chloe Moretz at some London shindig in her latest super hero vampire cape that looks like it was knitted by somebody's granny at :

The Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year for nostalgic ponderings about the signs and wonders of days gone by that have lead us to where we are now. Such as yesterday's appearance of Gisele Bunchen in the exact same dress in MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK at:

You role play me, I'll role play you. Even years before you ever saw it coming, or before you were even born.

BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID, if that is what it will take to get Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima in bed with the future 29ish King of England at the same time on his royal 91' yacht when they are still both around 29. And you can bring the kids too.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Apparently MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK is so bad that it did not even make the mainstream critic's top bad-movie lists for the year it came out in 2009, or 2010, or 2011, or whenever... [Think the invisible GSR/TWN blog] Since it was perceived to be so bad that nobody on the NYT type web sites even knows for sure what year it was released direct to video, or cable, or on free Internet, or by sidewalk venders in Hong Kong, or whatever.

Without even having seen my used GOODWILL copy for 2.99, yet, I'm giving the movie 4 stars just for it's box art that looks exactly like Rihanna eyeing a physically transfigured Herman McCain. [Doesn't matter if they actually look like that in the movie.] Since it was just announced by the abomination of desolation birther deniers at AP that it's all but over for the illegal alien with the genuine Kenyan hospital birth certificate; that the foolish and naive apostate Christians at WND say is as fake as the hand typed BOOK OF MORMON.

Admittedly, I would not be interested in seeing MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK later tonight for the first time ever if not for Paris' new sexy back pix, or the inspired true or false news about Julia Roberts' new SECOND ACT project. What with Chloe Moretz sucking on my wet cock on some new British magazine cover while dropping coins into some doll-crane machine full of prizes at:

And don't kid yourself. I fully realize that my future LOLITA co-star is still way too young to be driving around Malibu in a vintage red 80s BOXER, like the fine ass bumper car inspired by the LOST BOYS Santa Cruz carnival of souls boardwalk prophecy at:

Do you remember those jug wine ads on TV by the crazy forerunner to Jack Nicholson which claimed that "We will sell no wine before it's time..." ?

Well, consider that Tangi Miller has basically the same body as South Africa's Charlize Theron does in the above DVD movie link. Just like Malik Yoba has about the same [Yogi the Bear] body as my preferred polygamist candidate for President of the United States. Who is obviously smarter than the average bear shitting in the woods north of Yellowstone Park's 42 latitude line that cuts Bear Lake in half.

The only reason why MY GIRLFRIEND'S BACK is because she is wearing the same tight 'warm buns' dress in the above link that Paris was wearing in her DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS come-on to the homeless Lion King of England. Even the same one in Martin Scorsese's NEW YORK STORIES' NBA basketball segment. But in the same abstract color theme of any one of Elizabeth Hurley's trademark aquamarine bikini beach wear items, like at:


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On the same day they declared that the anti-alien FANTASY ISLAND shooter is crazy in Norway, a complaint was filed on America's own FANTASY ISLAND of Hawaii asking why a known illegal alien was being allowed on the state's election ballet for US President. Per:

69 people, mostly teens, were killed on Utoya Island by the now permanent nut house resident who probably believes Obama was born in Africa; on the same day that Selena Gomez turned 19.

Tuesday morning I watched 1997's AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Wherein Jack's character immediately associates the film's black faced mixed mutt with the gay "colored man" fudge-packer down the hall. And then he predicts how thrilled they are going to be "...when the first queer President of the United States..." gets elected.

It's at the shrink's office full of crazy people where Jack delivers the film's mighty 42 months line, "Is this as good as it gets?"

Turns out Paris is not so crazy after all. [Read Julia Roberts] Here she is in a fabulous gathered gems of Israel limestone number covered in stars at:

She has been seen rolling around in her new L.A. STORY car a lot lately, like at:

AS GOOD AS IT GETS ends with Mel and Carol [car roll] going into a bakery at the break of dawn for some "warm buns".



Monday, November 28, 2011


HITCH ends with my future black matchmaker sidekick onboard Harold Robbins' 91' yacht somehow, just before yours truly shows up for the film's pretty ridiculous big wet makeup kiss finale with Paris Hilton. Which they try to make up for with the soaring Tom Cruise love boat music over the end credits that sounds like the spy theme for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Then my weird alien looking MEN IN BLACK co-star in the Oval Office races over to catch Eva Mendez before she falls for some guy who is even more handsome than a mindless Halle Barry lover sporting the prettiest cock you ever saw.

The hilarious black&white identical twins movie poster is at:

Trying to run interference, Steve Carell's new son of Ham pix were suddenly put out there in confirmation of my famous IN LIKE FLINT yacht prophecy at:

Which was confirmed on the very same day by that white REV.17 woman who went public with her apostate Christian accusations about GODFATHERS PIZZA's former Godfather being the Kenyan polygamist father to the white Jewish mother of Barack Obama. And which everybody and his half mutt dog knows is true.

"This thing is like a bad penny." says Hitch about Herman McCain's Ms Penny. Like everyone else out there who is trying to bad mouth my future co-star of STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER. If my NIGHT SHIFT remake wife decides to pass on the offer, and Emma Stone decides to change the color of her hair.

It sure as hell did not work for Sandra Bullock. And it ain't gonna work for Ms Cruz or Ms Hurley neither.

Fortunately, I am now at the perfect age for the perfect remake of LOLITA, co-starring Chloe Moretz with her sequel plot twist half-sister Ellen Fanning, after the second woe earthquake in REV.11 kills about 7k around the Chicago area.

Put that in you crack pipe and smoke it.



ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST comes to an end around Christmas time. After Mac gets treated by the lunatics in the ward's upstairs Manhattan Temple across from Obama's Lincoln Center. And then the Indian medicine wheel chief uses the Lord's fountain of life water works unit to break out of the nut house and run for his eternal life.

The salmon fishing scenes connect the northwest setting with my salmon fisherman monument in Bonney Lake, Washington. As confirmed by the similar size of the king salmon they bring back to port. And the twin REV.13 wounded head scars of Judah and Ephraim on Mac are virtually identical to the fading one on my own forehead.

Throughout the film, the freedom idea is expressed by a plan to escape to Canada's maple leaf flag emblem of the Branch of David. Hence the appearance of the 'one mighty and strong' at the end who is prophesied of in D&C 85 and ISAIAH 11.1. Who everyone in the LDS ward thought was crazy.

The mental patient named Billy represents my younger schizophrenic brother, who we always called Billy when he was young.

The various black enforcers in the 1975 nut house movie represent the future black leader of America. Who is just as crazy as the deluded maniacs in the media who are carrying his water. The recent election committee insanity in New Hampshire corresponded with the period when I was watching the mental ward officials discuss Mac's case and his remaining 68 days of jail time, at:

It is now a verified fact that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is a counterfeit, and that he is using a deceased person's Social Security number from Connecticut. The fact that no one at the NEW YORK TIMES will report this is pure lunacy. Which symbolizes everything else about high society that is crazy and insane. Like running an annual 1.8 trillion dollar budget deficit and blaming it on too little taxation, etc. etc.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


I bought my black matchmaker prophecy called HITCH at GOODWILL on Black Friday. After I noticed that I had exactly 3.35 in my pocket, that would cover the 2.99 price plus sales tax, and then went over to REGAL TALL FIRS 10 to see Adam Sandler's movie about me fucking his Jewish twin sister.

Then sometime during the movie's first act, I suddenly realized that I could go back to GOODWILL and get yet another used DVD on special because of their three-way 2-4-1 half-price sign from G-d that I didn't know about until I got up to THE CHECKOUT.

Back at GOODWILL after my birthday gift-card movie from my sister Diana, there was an older used DVD of Harold Robbins' THE BETSY sitting on top of the stack that was not there the first time around. In confirmation of Paris Hilton's new red FERRARI pix about the physical transfiguration introduction to L.A. STORY meets FATHER OF THE BRIDE, at:

Based on the above link's nice&tight&soft 70s cut leather jacket pussy icon and all that.

At the end of THE BETSY, yours truly not only gets the BETHLEHEM MOTOR COMPANY, but he also gets the movie's physically transfigured Jessica Alba babe with the big untanned tits in the baptism pool in L.A. STORY.

They don't make'm like they used to when they were making movies like SHAMPOO meets LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR meets AMERICAN GIGOLO meets LOLITA. All four of which are long overdue for their remake closeups; co-starring anywhere from Lindsay Lohan to Megan Fox to Chloe Moretz to Ellen Fanning, and her sister too, like at:

Annalynne McCord being the consummate retro 70s actress of course.

HITCH definitely looks like it is an inspired prophecy about my nigger on the down low setting me up with all that young pussy on Diddy's yacht out of Miami, back in 05. And I appreciate that and all. But I'd really rather be hanging out on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO tied up somewhere around San Francisco Bay, sipping on some smoky boutique chard from the region for 75 bucks a bottle, with a little smoked sockeye on a cracker. Us two talking about being born again etc. etc. And explaining to him the meaning of Woody Allen's physical transfiguration movie called PLAY IT AGAIN SAM.


PS: A Miley CIRRUS 22 crashed outside Chicago Saturday around Rt.14's Crystal Lake. So that when Ms Fanning turns 14 on 409 she can join the cult of the undead if Jesus says so.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The Bible says that the sins of the Hollywood mother fuckers will be felt unto at least the third generation sequel of life. Which means that I get to fuck the daughters of my 1979ish backup wives who would have been born to them around anywhere from 1992 to 1994 to 1998, on the outside. If they had become pregnant in their mid teens. Not that there is anything wrong with that, to quote Larry David role played by Jerry Seinfeld, and then role played over and over again by the likes of the younger Adam Sandler and Sacha Baron.

That prophetic L.A. STORY publicity photo of a physically transfigured Steve Martin sitting on my royal Davidian throne of England looks like it was taken circa 1979.

At least that is what it says on the movie's old 1992 VHS box, that quotes, "THIS IS THE FIRST GREAT COMEDY [fuck] OF THE 90s"

When the weather prophet Steve Martin would be spending time in the future with his barely legal fuck buddy at some Santa Barbara resort, while the rest of the old Jewish faggots in Hollywood are laughing at him. Even though he is also fucking their own aging trophy wives like Jennifer Garner and Kate Holmes. In order to complete the third generation prophecy that so amuses all those apostate Christian SERIAL MOMs out there.

Reportedly, Jenny is paying 60k for three months rent on her deluxe suite at the SUNSET. In confirmation of my vision last year about seeing Granny Grass ironing her clean laundry while a bright reddish orange sunset was burning through the window from outside.


The Bible says that even the guilty fourth generation can get involved in all this. I.e. Jane Fonda, Joan Rivers, Annie Hall, Ralph Lauren, Warren Beatty, Don Rickles, yada yada... You are never too old to be born again.


Somehow I came across Steve Martin ironing a young pussycat the day before that ROCKWELL AC69 twin crashed into Flat Iron Mountain in the Superstitious Mountains of Arizona on Miley Cyrus' 19th birthday, near Rt.88 and Rt.188, at:

I saw the image on the same day that Granny Grass gave me a $20 bill from SAFEWAY [think Tucson] that had a single angel wing drawn on it, and then I encountered my ALASKA pilot friend at the 211th STARBUCKS. And then I went back and saw that blond babe on TMZ wearing the same single wing pendant.

Obviously, an angel can't fly with only one left wing. She needs the two wings of Judah and Ephraim to sore to freedom.

Kelly Osbourne tweeted like a bird right before Miley's birthday, announcing her huge "sick" party for the HANNA MONTANA star. So by the Hand of God, Ms Montana got sick and could not attend her own big "sick" number '19' bash in Hollywood. Except to drop by at the end of it, around 2:00 am, from her FDR hotel suit to thank all the people for coming. Reportedly, there was the traditional unicorn Ephraim emblem in the lobby.

Later, Ms Sire Us was spotted at some tattoo removal joint, having one of her marks of the 666 wildcat beast taken off her hard rock'n body. This SUN link has a shot of Miley's tattoo that says, "She wants to fly" at:

The search&rescue base has been set up at the Lost Dutchman Mine that represents Miley's $100,000,000 plus pile of Leprechaun gold. The Superstitious Mountains are famous for their large bobcat population.

SUPER 8 is about a train wreck while some kids are making a homemade zombie movie back in 79. Hence the location of Black Mtn along Rt.79, due south of the Hanna Montana plane crash that killed three kids, per:

There was a 4.2 earthquake in the REV.13 sea west of Bella Bella, British Columbia on Wednesday. The region where most of the new Bella Swan TWILIGHT movie was filmed.

Steve Martin recorded an album called RARE BIRD ALERT last year with his banjo group called STEEP CANYON.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The new royal BLUE RAY premier pix for SUPER 8 exposed my $104,000,000 Picasso penis nose on JJ on the 19th birthday of Miley Sire Us, at:

So now you know who that young waitress was who handed me my restaurant check at the Hollywood SUNSET HOTEL that had only the number '19' on it. And then I got into the elevator and saw Jenny push button '55' before she suddenly turned around and gave me a big wet 60k year kiss, like at:

This is that 13 year-old hottie who liked it when Polanski was fucking her in the ass with his Polish sausage in Jack Nicholson's EATING RAOUL hot tub. And she only freaked out about it later once her Christian fruitcake mother got all POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE about it. Because the Bible says that a woman can start fucking after puberty, if God specifically tells her that it's OK, yet most of today's gay ass Christians and Jewish homosexuals think that the prophetic word of God in ISAIAH 4:1 etc. is pretty ridiculous.

Which basically is why yours truly has spent the first half of his pre physically transfigured life living inside the 1975 world of Jack's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST prophecy; starting around the time when I got married to that French whore who stabbed me in the back in the same year that my back-up wife Angeline Lilly was born in Canada.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This premature posting at around 6:00 pm BL time Tuesday was inspired by seeing Chloe Moretz is coming on Jimmy Fallon's LATE NIGHT show tonight, later. In confirmation of my EDGE OF WETNESS post about JC's show that ended in 1992.

Which I have not seen yet, and obviously it has already been taped at 30 ROCK, circa EST.

Not only that, I haven't even done my usual KICK ASS penthouse Jennifer Aniston google news search in the last 24 hours, or thereabouts.

THE RUNAWAYS's wet cherry bomb movie poster was the Divine publicity for me breaking in Chloe and Hailee on the same night around the Fourth of July. While we watch the loud fireworks exploding above the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. For SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE at the end of the mayor Bloomberg murder prophecy entitled WOLFEN.

Like when that naive Tea Party babe from the FARGO prophecy came on Jimmy Fallon Monday, and his inspired African tribal nigger drummers there were playing 'Lying ass bitch..." Because she has been saying lately that the abomination of desolation was born in Hawaii. Even though every mother fucking liar in North Dakota knows that it's just another liberal Jew media snow job out of New York, Boston, and Washington, DC.

What an insult to anyone with even a just little bit of pride in their African American history roots.

You Jew me, I'll Jew you.


Demi Moore is shit-canning Ashton because he thought that he could pretend to be fucking Ms Moretz et al without getting her temple mount permission first. Can you imagine me fucking a pair of teenager babes in the EATING RAOUL hot tub at Sandy's Beverly Hills 90210 Tudor Branch Davidian compound in Beverly Hills without having her say-so? And I'm even the future King of England, for God's sake.

The 42 months church steeple clock of the devil in Orson Wells' Harper, Conn prophecy keeps on tickIng at:

Monday, November 21, 2011


BRIDES OF DRACULA's cult of the undead vampire polygamists was the sequel to HAMMER's 1958 film about the physical transfiguration called DRACULA. Uncovering the two movies' message is a lot like playing an Elvis Presley record backwards in order to hear it's hidden secrets. Since the movies were made from the point of view of apostate Christians, who have accepted the Son, but have rejected the fullness of the Father in revelations like D&C 4, 76, and 133.

BRIDES OF DRACULA was filmed in Black Lake, Buckinghamsire England with a female protagonist named Marianne Danielle for when the black prince in DANIEL would appear and tread upon the more righteous for 42 months; during the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN 1. According to:

Hence the very sexual thrusting subtext to the message from the Father in D&C 4.

In BRIDES OF DRACULA, the 'cult of the undead' runs along the rich history of the lost tribes of Israel who gradually migrated up the Danube River and into places like Transylvania.

New Hampshire's struggle with the alien abomination of desolation in DANIEL and MARK 13:14 etc is about the first primary state's landmarks like the White Mtns' Mt Deception, just west of the state's highest point, Mt Washington. Where that great FDR monument called Old Man of the Mountain collapsed on May 3rd in 2003. The famous stonewall icon was also known as the Great Stone Face, according to:

This is why God has been causing the ground to shake in Lincoln County, Oklahoma's Christian stronghold around Davenport lately. The old man site in New Hampshire now looks like the naked breast of a reclining woman in the above link.

For all you TWILIGHT fans, the bade in that hide-a-bed porn clip I posted in MOON NOTES looks exactly like Ashley Greene. Who was born on the same date of the other Ellen Page stand-in look atype babe who starts shaking in the video at around 6:00 am.


Sunday, November 20, 2011


That peculiar letter given to Ashley Greene from a stranger in Sweden was the same threatening letter with a capital 'G' from God that came from Miley Cyrus's fruitcake mother in SERIAL MOM.

Back on my 10.29 birthday, that started in 51, I bucked it up and watched some more of Lindsay Lohan's POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE prophecy that came out in the same year that today's Ms 409 BRIDES OF DRACULA babe was born; which I had begun to watch in spurts back on 10.25. Having been inspired by the iconic film's prophetic Olsen Twins artwork at:

The smaller the mouth, the tighter the blow job, from my two sidekicks at:

So keep your big mouth shut bitch.

"Does anyone else want to be arrested or killed before we wrap this fucker?" asks the Malibu for South America director of EVIL ANGELS at the beginning of POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE.

Now I'm kind of feeling like watching the rest of the Carrie Fisher movie directed by Mike Nichols. You would too if you were the new Jack Nicholson prophesied of in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST penthouse film that my future 8mm fuck buddy Jenny bought for me.


Saturday, November 19, 2011


A U-HAUL full of beer hall kegs rammed into a bunch of brainwashed Third Way Obama supporters at some Connecticut tailgate party at Saturday's Yale-Harvard football game for heterosexual faggots like George Bush meets Jodie Foster in the upcoming national election campaign for absolutely nothing.

Saturday morning at 4:51 am, I suddenly felt impressed to check for any breaking news. And then found the KSL, Utah report about 19 year-old Laura Blocker dying in a fiery crash on Foothills Drive [think football blocker] around 5100 south. In confirmation of the lost daughters of Israel who are striving in vain to block the restoration of the House of Israel. Based on the report's luke warm image with a '51 degrees' stamp on it for my regular 51 birth year birth code identification number, at:

This is how all the stonewalling on the left and right will come to a sudden end.

There were two young ladies in the car. One survived with only minor injuries, while the other one was cremated on the spot. In a Divine statement from God about the 50/50 survival of the wise virgins in the last days ten virgins prophecy.

True or false, one report said that the car was a Malibu.



Homes burned in Reno's wildfire along the Star Meadows Loop neighborhood next to the Sunrise Meadows Loop, in the Lake Stanley area. For Barack Obama's mother with the same name, who gave birth to him in Kenya. Given his sunrise campaign logo that was inspired by the sunrise logo of Japanese fascism in WW II. And the historic usurper of America is now visiting with world leaders in Asia.

Friday morning I watched the WW II era prophecy about an escaped Third Wayer from Germany who becomes a teacher with false identification papers living in Harper, Connecticut, called THE STRANGER; co-starring Orson Wells. Who ended up living in Nevada in real life to avoid state income taxes.

In THE STRANGER, Wells marries the daughter of a liberal Supreme Court judge in order to mask his true nature. Just like Obama married a liberal woman to cover up his homosexual lifestyle, etc. Eventually Wells' new beast wanna be character from REV.13 kills his REV.17 wife's dog named 'Red'. Which leads up to a big climax at some 'high tea' for high society in confirmation of the legendary high tea location that just burned down in Fire Island Pines.

Wells' hidden character also murders the born again Christian apostate in the woods where the boys played a paper-chase game by scattering a long trail of my many GSR/TWN postings from the northwest woods of Bonney Lake, Washington. And my shadow man's influence spread out everywhere and covered the land in his wife's vivid dream.

In the end, the first snow started to fall when the D&C 86 church steeple clock's transsexual angel of death ran his/her REV.19 sword through the imposter at 12:00 exactly.

All of which is confirmation of the undisputed fact that my sidekick Barack Obama is illegally using a stolen Social Security number from Connecticut. And the people are too afraid to do anything about it because of the new 666 beast that was created on the back of the Negro race, by people like Senator Reid, according to the revealed word of God at

Hence the 42-line state of Jackpot, Nevada is shaped like that guillotine blade which chopped off the right arm of a loopy man at his symbolic 'occupy Wall Street' camp outside Bellingham, Washington.


LINK: Friday afternoon a kid wearing a horned devil mask walked by me at the TARGET sign along Hwy.410, very similar to the REV.13:1 sea beast one at:

A red no.7 logging rig was waiting there for the light to turn green.

P.S. Here is a late report about what happened in New Hampshire, and what is going to go down elsewhere, at:

This is big.

Friday, November 18, 2011


New Hampshire determined that the abomination of desolation was eligible to be on the ballet on the same day that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN 1 movie about my blood sucking breaking dawn GSR/TWN postings opened around the world. Which was instantly confirmed by the 10,000 MANIACS misfits who were evacuated in Senator Reid's Reno, Nevada. In confirmation of that Fire Island Pines fire that burned down one of his constituents's favorite fascist beer halls full of short-hair queers in tight shirts. Because the foothills around RENO 911 are so covered with such extremely dry Ponderosa pines full of sap that all it would take is one loose fag butt from MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO to light the fuse when the 42 months of tyranny in REV.13 comes to an end by fire and violence. Per:!

Here is the very non Pulitzer Prize winning link confirmation with multiple sources at:

Now even TMZ is getting in on the pretend computer illiterate born-in-Hawaii joke, as every one of their underpaid 'associate producers' in the room stares into their latest model company laptops with that big shit eating grin on their faces.

These are the new NYT publicity stills of Bella Swan in black&white top touching her tummy, imaginary BLACKBERRY cell phone in the ear, while my physically transfigured Bob Hope warm up prince from England is standing right behind her tight little ass sporting the traditional Harry Potter hair line bangs.

It's looking like the RENO 911 wildfire was started by a campfire girls band of homeless teenagers out of Kristen Stewart's THE RUNAWAYS misfits prophecy. According to the 2010 cherry bomb poster at:

Wherein Miss Dakota gets to role play the true virgin by proxy for all those wise virgin wanna-bes out there. Who are soon going to learn what it means to do baptisms for the [spiritually] dead in the upstairs temple in MOONSTRUCK meets BASIC INSTINCT.

One of the best things about the upcoming physical transfiguration, besides the new third set of teeth, and the new hair-piece for men, is the actual physical restoration of vaginal virginity. How could you ever have children again if you don't get to have a new freckled pussy face again? Like the one that was mentioned with a big capital 'G' for me in Miley Cyrus' threatening SERIAL MOM message. Using the capital 'P' letter cut out from that Sharon Stone cover copy of PREMIER magazine, circa 1992.


PS: The new cold file murder investigation by Hollywood of the young Natalie Wood represents the murder of Donald Young by Barack Obama's proxy killers in Chicago. I.e. Obama killed his second story gay lover who couldn't keep his mouth shut with Larry Sinclair on the phone. Because in the near future he was going to be my sidekick who destroys today's Sodom and Egypt beast that is being protected by the D&C 86 apostates in SLC, Utah, Dallas, Texas, Vatican, Rome, and of course, Jerusalem.


After watching BASIC INSTINCT Thursday morning, for the first time in years, I saw the new lesbian photos of Amber [buffalo] Heard role playing Sharon Stone's fruitcake look alike character at:

That gay Mecca by the sea on Fire Island was literally still burning down when JJ posted the new gay sailor seamen photo spoof of the Bob Hope Bing Crosby buddy buddy movies at:

The cool blond Sharon Stone, 1992, reminded me a lot of Charlize Theron, 2011, in BASIC INSTINCT's "Catherine Woolf" paperback novel plot. As confirmed by her new rocky sea shore pictorial for VOGUE that looks exactly like the rough sea below Catherine's beach house at:

Ashley Greene got a desperate hand-written letter from a shaking crying young girl in Sweden. Which asked her to pass a note along to Miley Sire Us. Because the Miss Montana star will become very instrumental in helping the lost daughters of Israel find eternal life, and safe refuge from the 666 Bay Area beast symbolized in BASIC INSTINCT.

BASIC INSTINCT opens with the ice-pick murder of a former 60s rock star who had "5 or 6" hits, and whose mansion is decorated with surreal Picassos and the African masks that are hiding the true identity of the abomination born in Kenya.

TRI-STAR's legendary logo, like on BI, was a flying white horse prophecy statement with angel wings.

THE ROAD TO BALI starts with the two buddies singing 'Chicago Style' in Australia, when their trombone falls apart and a REV.17 lady's silk stocking comes out the instrument's vagina icon.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Fire Island's gay paradise for ferry riders burned down around the same time that Barry Obama was beginning his Australian stop to promote the new homosexual Marines Corps base there; while on his way to the gay ten virgins wedding in Bali, circa 1952. That was confirmed some time ago by the terrorist bombing there of a night club full of blond haired blue eyed Australian tourists.

You harass me, I'll harass you.

An eye for an eye, a dick for a dick.

I AM the Super [[half] Jew who Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were always so obsessed about. Whose comedic torch was eventually passed on to my dim witted half brother Adam Sandler. Whose cold hearted co-star probably did not even give him a Courtney Cox style handy thank-you note for all his trouble in casting her as my second wife in his very successful HAWAII-5-O virgins [Elvis] movie he made with a Nicole Kidman cameo; much less a blow job that squeezed every drop out of him.

[I could be wrong on this.]

I Think I know this now because BASIC INSTINCT was the Prophetic 3-way movie that made Catherine Zeta-Jones fall in love with my sterling 925 cock warm-up boy in BASIC INSTINCT meets MY FAVORITE BRUNET; circa 1952 meets 1992 on THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD.

This is the movie about the violent death of Gwyneth Paltrow's homosexual husband rock star in her CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy that was filmed in that burned down Pavilion bath house for gay mormons on Salt Lake. Which was just confirmed by COLD PLAY's new appearance during Ms Stone's second time around hosting SNL.

Too bad that all you cock sucker Jew boys out there don't realize what you are missing at:


The obvious cover up of any high level official crimes by high society's hypocrite snobs is always way more entertaining than the crime itself. Which is why the longer the NYT et al keep fronting for Obama, the better it gets. Talk about foreplay.


SAVOY PICTURE's buffalo logo at the beginning of the 18 year-old SERIAL MOM prophecy was confirmed by the rare 3.7 quake along Hwy.18 in South Dakota's Buffalo Gap Grasslands, last Sunday at 11:51:39 am local time.

A man appears in the background with an Evergreen State backpack when the Newyorker buys Peewee Herman for $158.

Serial mom's harassment represents the constant harassment from organized Obama bloggers when people like Larry Sinclair try to blow the whistle on Obama's whistle blowing etc.

One front group just posted a false report about Sinclair getting killed by a serial mom hit and run, for a joke on my SERIAL MOM ppstings at:

THE ROAD TO BALI prophecy reveals that Barack Obama is the future Big Foot figure in REV.13 etc by introducing him right after the homosexual shot of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. [The 1952 movie was originally called THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD.] Then the African ape is attacked by a tiger, and those "...Republicans are everywhere..."

The volcano god erupts violently on the island of the lost tribes of Israel just after the gay wedding between two grooms. When everybody shouted "Mozel tov!"

"Now that the imposter is gone..." they can smooch, says Bob Hope to LaLa. Who earlier joked about turning back his speedometer when his two witnesses partner also mentions getting their "...batteries recharged" in the physical transfiguration at their elaborate island temple chambers.

At about 46 minutes into the DVD, the two witnesses sing about seeing pix of their true love from Toledo, Ohio on the future Internet. And joke about each other being their future wife's "warm up" boy.

THE SAILOR DOG allegory ends with George [Washington] walking to his new sailing yacht in a threesome, holding onto the precious jewels of Israel.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Those shocking new Mr Potato Head photos of Billy Crystal's giant 3-egg omelet chin are the reason why the odd looking daughters of Judah are eventually going to lighten up and relax in the bed. Just like Bette Midler [Dotti Hinkle] does in my DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy about me fucking that overweight Michelle Rodriguez look alike stoner in SERIAL MOM. In confirmation of the live-in minority babes in Emma Stone's very successful project, THE HELP.

"You fuck me, I'll fuck you... "

Who wants to look at that while you are pretending to make love to Harrison Ford? Certainly not me.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Who was/is the King of England's great great great... Grandfather. And that vain prince in D&C 85 who thinks that he is me is going to end up on the wrong side of one of those toll both operators on the Tacoma Narrows bridge in THE GODFATHER, I,2,3.

That said, Billy Crystal's monumental double time-machine chins of Judah and Ephraim were chosen by G-d to host the next Oscars, even before the world was created, in order that those who survive the upcoming day 1290 woes in Judea will be allowed to watch them shrink and disappear right before their eyes. As if they were at some cheap third-rate magic show prophecy in LEPRECHAUN whatever meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS.

Who do you think that the metaphorical Hwy.410 [Eli Hill] "hillside strangler" on the Bonnie Lake plateau, who has so inspired that blond LA look alike MILF of the future on TMZ, was supposed to be in John Waters' 1994 prophecy? Which stands for the "thirty mile zone" of safety outside of any full size nuclear bomb explosion.

Heck. They didn't even know who the Green River killer was who was giving all those king cabs in Kent a nice new paint job remake when they made their Beverly Hills lion king movie. And I was just going along for the ride when pops and GG were attending PC computer classes for seniors at Green River College circa 1992.