Thursday, February 28, 2013


All those ridiculous suspicious Jewish media rumors about Adriana Lima having only anal sex, in order to remain a Catholic Church style BOYZ FROM BRAZIL virgin, turned out to be completely true after all; metaphorically speaking, at: ~ Because last night I dreamed that I was at some Seattle actors lab doing 3-way topless scenes with a nice blond, with smaller tits, that I had never seen before, and then there she was again on the Internet, at: ~ AND YET AGAIN AT:' ~ AND FUCK YOU TOO: ~ I have never even heard about this chick, much less ever noticed a photo of her. ~ In my actors workshop dream, when the topless Cara took a quick wink wink break from running her 3-way scene with some 50ish looking Leo DiCapri Island actor, she started to act real friendly, as if she was flirting with me; and asked me, "Have you ever been in any movies?" ~ Whereupon I pretended to say that it was no big deal that I had played both of the prophetic physical transfiguration lead roles in DEATH TRAP; even though I'm not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SEXY CAR NOTES: 20 year-old Cara's wiki page was last updated at 20:49. ~ Here is my technically virgin new wife getting fucked in the ass with a beautiful vinyards photo on the wall, at: ~ You must have a pair to show up on the red carpet in orange Hughe Hefner pajamas, like at: ~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The second amendment, that was written by the founding fathers of America, who owned a lot of really hot house slaves, guarantees the sons of Israel the natural law right to kill any of their spawn who start behaving like monsters. ~ What? You still have not read any of the revelations, or even the Old Testiment? ~ Talk about talking carp at some Jewish orthodox fish house in New Jersey, at, ~ The children of the corn is what you will get when you don't make properly grown whole wheat the basis of your neo Nazi diet. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HORRIFIC NOTES: Billy Crystal drives a mint condition classic restored black-dog Nazi MERCEDES in his AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS 3-way prophecy. ~ There can be no restoration of the House of Israel in EZE.38-39 without there first being a restoration of the new and improved 666 beast in REV.13 etc. ~ In other words, all you white folks out in Utah etc. need to get fucked in the ass by a big buck nigger for 42 months before you can finally admit that President Spencer W Kimball was a false prophet. ~ So many of today's foolish apostate Christians believe that Obama is a communist, per this red communist flag prelude movie poster at: ~ However, in the sequels, their understanding gradually improves, to the point where they can finally see the difference between a fantasy communist and a realist fascist. ~ Here is the one about those dead REV.9 bat fish stingrays with their heads cut off; who are first going to kill off all of the no.9 boys from no.9's Brazil, before they die too, at: ~ The civil war's S&P 500 did a double trouble 3-way 1515... number on the same day that my Charlize Theron post was rolling out. ~ For the past few years, I have been chomping at the bit to review ULEE'S GOLD; but the G-d of F-ck kept telling me to wait until around JB's birthday in 2013. ~ SEMI PRO's Michigan Mitt Romney prophecy about Obama getting a shot in the arm came out on the last day of February [29] circa 09 my time; so I'll probably have to squeeze in that one first. The one with the famous "I like to watch" scene.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Realizing that I need to give my readers a little time to keep up with me, I went through my stack of old unseen used DVDs and found something that I thought might be a little light overnight entertainment; just to pass the time, etc. ~ So I popped in 2001's AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS and had quite a ball watching the film's prophecy about Charlize Theron and I getting back together, forever and ever. ~ Based upon the movie's TIME AFTER TIME premiere about the time traveler's physical transfiguration BB Internet billboard that says, "HE WENT BACK IN TIME TO SAVE HER FUTURE" ~ Which ended with one of my black Nazi attack dogs in THE BOYZ FROM BRAZIL II future who seems to appear out of nowhere. And then Mr Crystal asks me, "Can I explain why I didn't call?" ~ GSR/TWN ~ SILLY NOTES: Brace yourselves, the federal government is about to shut down for at least three days, maybe even four days; hell, why not take the whole week off in that case? ~ "Christmas came early..." [THE WEDDING CRASHERS] ~ The upcoming teenager beach party movie, entitled SPRING BREAK, does look like some kind of a repeat 19666s bikini babe horror movie remake parody, like at: ~ Here is the one about that Asian lizard monster who used that butcher's meat cleaver in THE FRESHMAN on that Chicago Chinatown lizard lady in front of NYC's fire station no.9 at; ~ Remember this, every time you hear some new state media propaganda report about the Republicans taking a meat cleaver to the new 666 beast's high on the hog budget. ~ When we convert Mel Gibson's Branch Davidian temple mount compound into an independent film studio, my first atomic bomb project will likely be some kind of a Malibu Beach party remake co-starring Lindsay Lohan and Annalynne McCord; playing a pair of barely legal 18 year-olds. [Probably co-directed by David Lynch. I wouldn't have the time to do it all by myself anyway.] ~ I'm thinking that the rather thin 1950s style radiation bomb fallout plot turns both of my wise virgin girlfriends into sex cult freaks. You laugh now, but Mel will also get to play Britney Spears' new boyfriend in the obviously overaged teen sex movie; co-starring Miley Montana and Selena Gomez. ~ Therefore, we will not need to worry about financing.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Michelle Obama made her surprise pitch at the end of the OSCARS only a few hours after I logged my post entitle PITCH THIS BITCH. Wherein THE PLANET OF THE APES look alike first lady freak immediately confirmed the inspired prophetic film work in THE BOYZ FROM BRAZIL II; that will be inspired by the same director who made the above iconic si-fi movie in 1968. ~ In other words, Mrs. day 1290 surprised all those suspicious Hollywood Jews who have been conning us for all these decades about that tall Christian Jew fucker from Illinois, named Abraham Lincoln; and that fat fascist unAmerican Jew wanna be pig named Martin Luther King Jr. ~ [Think Harvey Weinstein meets Michael Moore.] ~ And so that weird kid in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL prophecy is named Bobby; for a New Providence reference to my GSR/TWN postings on so many different BB sites. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That cliff highway collapse near Page, Arizona was a Lake Powell omen; happening where they filmed General Powell's future PLANET OF THE APES movie. ~ By the Hand Job of G-d, my latest surprising series of KILLER CLOWNS postings about THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL were meant to roll out during Purim. ~ The surprise advent of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 is about the surprise destruction of Israel. ~ [Think my good friend BB Nethandyahoo from Brooklyn, NY; one of the few really loyal friends that I have at this point in time.] ~ And I ain't just whistling Dixie. ~ Last night, after witnessing the influence of the new 666 Chicago mob in Hollywood, I decided to watch THE UNTOUCHABLES; which was then immediately confirmed by the sacking of that Catholic Scottish homo, at: . Think Michael Moore goes to church every Sunday, just like Nyle Smith always made sure to go to the latter-day D&C 86 church every Sunday.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I see a blue eyed Will Ferrell role playing Dr Evil's physical transfiguration scheme, in the upcoming BOYZ FROM BRAZIL II remake, who is getting a bit older now. ~ That was just confirmed by that lady who co-owned the DAZZLING LADY boutique in Maple Valley, Washington. Who died in that WEDDING CRASHERS confirmation crash on the Las Vegas strip. ~ For next fall's multiple wife dried maple leaf bouquet seen behind me in the funeral crashers scene in WEDDING CRASHERS. ~ [You think I'm joking?] ~ In other words, people are going to continue to die until the NYT/FOX media fusion cartel on the left and right both fess up to Barack Obama being a well known half-Jew illegal alien homosexual murderer. ~ As in the 1978 movie's word play fusion after my old wedding crashers photography friend down in San Diego visits me in England. And then we see the combined fused Word of God of Judah and Ephraim that blends Bonney Lake, Washington with today's Washington, DC abomination at the BONNINGTON HOTEL in the THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STUPID FUCKER NOTES: Greece flooded on the same day I first saw that flood pouring down in Lieberman's apartment in Vienna. Because the Jews are supporting the Greek homo president who was foreseen in George Albert Smith's vision about WW III. ~ [WW III starts after America's apostate church government runs out of money.] ~ The first government civil servent bureaucrat, who was raising another Hitler in his proper society home in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, was assassinated on the anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas. ~ The great thing about feature length video filmmaking is that you can make any movie that you want; just as long as you have an extra 8 big ones in your pocket. ~ I first met my future wife Donatella Greco right after I had entered into a fake unconfirmed birth certificate temple marriage arraignment with Laurence Pierson from Epinal, France; down in the basement apartment of Steven and Ornella Fresh. ~ THIS JUST IN: GODADDY's Danica just made a crazy-8 bitch statement at the day 1290 DAYTONA 500. ~ ALSO: When you cast Will Ferrell as Dr Evil in the BOYZ FROM BRAZIL II remake, don't make the makeup and hair mistake of trying to make him look older. The whole idea is that the new Dr Evil from Brazil would be a freakish figure who looks at least ten years younger; some 35 years later.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Last night, I was given a visionary dream about the restoration of the concubine laws of Israel, as revealed at ~ Wherein Donatella Greco role played her look alike forerunner Gisele Bundchen, in IT STARTED IN NAPLES, circa 1959 meets 1979; when my French "wife" left me. ~ In the allegorical dream, God informed me that one should always respect the concubine sire of one of your future wives. As if he was actually her legit husband. Like at; ~ In other words, just because you know that Gisele is destined to be your future wife, that is no excuse to act like a cad. ~ That said, that is yours truly in the family photo album seen at the end of THE BOY FROM BRAZIL prophecy. When we see his royal sire boner icon [Branch of David] sticking out of one of those two Evergreen Drive trees at the masonite brick farm house. ~ And then we see the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim finally laying down on the street together, side by side, at 1:57:57 on my used DVD copy. ~ Where yours truly gives all those 'CUT! and 'ACTION' filmmaker commands unto the black attack dogs of the fascistic Jews who run Hollywood. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LIZARD KING NOTES: The beast figure in THE FRESHMAN prophecy promises me that he is going to kick down some doors in Hollywood, after Israel comes to a violent end. ~ The upcoming phony baloney fiscal cliff deadline is set to happen on the 3.01 anniversary of that TRUE GRIT press conference in Arizona about Obama's phony baloney birth certificate.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Right after I logged my post about the Lizard King who fronted for THE DOORS, featured in THE FRESHMAN prophecy, Granny Grass called for me to come upstairs and kill a Big Brown UPS spider that was perched above her bathroom door, as if waiting to pounce on the next person who walked through it. Since lizards who live down under the rocks etc. feed on spiders and lady bugs, etc. with their long tongues. ~ Ergo, THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL ends on that German Israelitish farm in PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000. Where yours truly is raising a pack of black attack dog niggers who are going to kill all those white people in Pennsylvania who voted for that half Jewish homosexual nigger in the Greek House of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Because the majority of today's filthy suspicious Jews are only interested in two things; i.e. the promotion of reformed socialism and the promotion of reformed homosexuality. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OSCAR SUNDAY BLADE RUNNER NOTES: That weird kid at the end of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL sports a GSR/TWN hairline mark. Even the one who was bred with the noble royal genes of "JESUS H CHRIST!" from the high-shift regions of Austria and Switzerland. ~ My Jesus Christ clone in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL prophecy lives on Old Buck Road in confirmation of today's Branch Davidian from Old Buckley Highway. ~ The theme song for THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL is sung by Elaine Paige; entitled WE'RE HOME AGAIN. ~ There were 94 white boy Jesus Hitler Christ clones made in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, because in the future I AM would debut my GSR/TWN revelations on KALL radio in 94. ~ That Masonite Templar handshake at the end of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL is the future handshake of friendship between Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets REV.11. ~ The same one that was featured in THE FRESHMAN meets Will Ferrell's OLD SCHOOL of prophets prophecy. ~ There are the two Jap made portable transistor radios of the two witnesses in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


On the eve of Ellen Page's twin double-trouble 2.21 birthday, her own private Hwy.89 went off the roadside cliffs near Page, Arizona. I always knew that there was a Providential reason why her HARD CANDY hangman prophecy about the Jewish fiddlers on the roof always made me so hard that I can't even think. ~ I'm sorry, but fucking a boyish teenage hottie, who is almost 16 going on almost 26, is just too insane to turn down, at: ~ Besides, recently Jesus made a "...nice marbling..." comment about the nearby Marble Canyon there, in regards to me T-boning Ellen and her sister Rachel at the same time. In confirmation of the traditional beefsteak Florentine having two steaks on the t-bone cut. ~ Anyways, last night, I had a visionary dream about Sean Penn, Michael J Fox, and Adriana Lima, getting attacked by Islamic gunmen at some metaphorical sports event at the STAPLES CENTER on Rt.111. ~ But everybody survived it, oddly enough. Even though Penn had lost his right eye, and Fox got a broken neck, and Adriana was able to escape unscathed, even though she was actually sitting on the front seats, closest to the crazy attackers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ODD BALL NOTES: In my dream, Michael J Fox appeared to be healed afterwards from his spineless nervous condition after he got all shot up, and there was blood all over him. ~ BLOODSUCKING JEW VAMPIRE NOTES: In the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy, the future Barack Obama abomination is joked about as being 'Count Chocula' who needs to grow up and start acting like a real white man. ~ Because now America has finally arrived at "The big show" when everybody is playing for keeps. ~ If you love French cheeses with sharp red wines as much as I do, bookmark this link at: ~ Sadly, the only decent red wines in France these days costs at least 50 bucks a bottle; anything cheaper than that tastes like car battery acid. ~ For some reason, it didn't used to be that way, before WWII happened.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


JJ Jr. pleaded guilty of being part of the underground secret combinations in SEARS Chicago on the same day that the news was rolling out about the gas explosion at JJ's restaurant in Kansas City, Zion. Where that apostate Mormon leader, named Gordon B Hinckley, once made sure that Rush Limbaugh was fired from his local BONNEVILLE CORP radio station gig. And then the future Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 joined the PR department at the KANSAS CITY ROYALS. ~ And then the late RLDS church leader died some years later up in SLC, Utah; when he was looking like he was around 120 years-old. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALF JEW NOTES: I need this DVD collection, that includes; A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN. Otherwise, the deceived low-information people are just going to mistake me for some kind of an Aryan Nation anti-Semite; available at: ~ That stolen Mona Lisa painting above the symbolic fireplace in THE FRESHMAN prophecy establishes the 1990 movie as a DaVinci Code allegory about the Branch Davidian in D&C 85, ISAIAH 11:1, and 2BC 91. ~ You can read up on my modest DVD request at: ~ Just put it in a fake return address parcel and mail it to: Gregory Relf, P.O. box 8161, Bonnie Lake, WA 98391. ~ After you start seeing millions of Jews dying in Israel of course. And millions more fleeing for their lives to Brooklyn, NY etc. And while you are at it, I would also like to get a copy of that fiddler on the roof movie update called A SERIOUS MAN, at:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Not to take anything away from fucking Sandra Bullock and Charlize thereupon at the same time. But for God's sake, just imagine me fucking Rihanna, and one of her soul sisters too, on my vintage 91' yacht off the rocky islands of Greece, or maybe the San Juan Islands in Washington State's Friday Harbor. Per: ~ Only of course if Sandy and Charlie get to watch us, and then I get to watch both of them get it off by my same hot slave house bitches whose ancestors were once owned by my great grandfather, Daniel Relf. Who financed the construction of Sandy's weird looking Adams Family mansion down in New Orleans. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BANK NOTES: Great Grandpa Relf made his original fortune by importing cotton socks by the boat load from England. Eventually, he made so much surplus money that he decided to open a prophetic United Order type credit union bank.


The old men sitting on the apostate Supreme Court of the USA, who essentially ruled on Tuesday that there is nothing wrong with a well known illegal alien being the president of Michael Medved's "Greatest country on G-d's green earth!" are now facing the killings in Orange County, California, where today's case came from, at: ~ In other words, that transsexual nigger cop from Detroit, who steals the White House in the BEVERLY HILLS COP prophecy, gets lynched with a telephone cord just like that old homo from Chicago does in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. ~ So I found NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN on top of the 5 buck close-out pile at WAL*MART Tuesday, and then checked the film's wiki page site that was last updated at 05:05. ~ Since both of the fancy weddings in the 09 ten virgins prophecy called BRIDE WARS were scheduled for 5:00 pm at THE PLAZA. ~ Ergo, they served Hawaiian Tiger fish and smoked turkey [Think Turkey] at the big wedding tent finale in THE FRESHMAN. When Barack Obama got caught going down to Miami, Cuba to play golf on the down low with the Tiger. ~ [The movie opened with a hunter hunting that queer as orange man, hunting for modern urban wooded-park sex with strangers, in Tiger's woods of socialist Vermont, and all that shit.] ~ The shooting in Orange County was highlighted by the carjacking off of Red Hill Avenue of course. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES: See the biased mainstream media killer with an Islamic name at: ~ In THE FRESHMAN prophecy, my Obama lizard king sidekick gets put in the back of his presidential limo as we see those two SEARS trailers in the background that represent today's new black WILLIS TOWER; for a REV.11 second woe context, circa 2013. ~ Those two corrupt black and white wildlife feds get busted in a gay ass corn-holer field in THE FRESHMAN; "If you build it, He will come." like at: ~ [Note the double love bug no.53 three-way time stamp.] ~ NOTES FOR NEW READERS WHO DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON: The above pre-Obama 2007 Oscar Awards sensation prophecy about the old men who suddenly get killed by professional hunters in Warren Jeff's desolate west Texas, where his strange 'searching for Zion' temple suddenly appeared out of nowhere, was the sequel to David Lynch's WILD AT HEART prophecy. Since none of those old homos in Hollywood had the balls to finance it. ~ Meanwhile, for now all we get are gossip site pix of Sandra and her cute little monkey child golfer going to parties up at Charlize Theron's house in the canyons. Where those thieves broke into her house and stole her phony baloney gold plated Oscar. ~ Like my sidekick does in MIDNIGHT COWBOY who steals all the baloney at that hippie shindig party for today's old people like Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand, etc.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Paul Garrison is my only friend right now, the Captain pilot who is featured on the tail fin of all of the ALASKA AIRLINE jets; therefore he gets to have a special dispensation. And from this President's Day foreword, my Gospel of Paul buddy will gradually start to look younger and younger. [Think Mel Gibson in FOREVER YOUNG meets BRIDES OF DRACULA.] Even though he has not yet signed off on the UNITED warehouse prophecy about the United Order in THE FRESHMAN at ~ Talk about the youthful grace of a 34 year-old native American Jesus Jew resting in the hearts of so many young people who sense that they are never going to get old and die. ~ You save me, I AM will save you, in spades. ~ [God has told his prophets among the lost tribes of the frozen north countries that the Israelitish white men must come out of the closet first. In order to protect the white women of the northern kingdom of Ephraim from all those south Chicago Jews, queers, and Niggers; who hate white people, just because they are better. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: Last year, Jesus told me that my ALASKA pilot captain would start to look a little bit strange, and rather different, but in a good way.


When the dark skinned Gentiles repent and confess unto Jesus that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 are in fact, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, they will begin to see that their skin is gradually becoming whiter and whiter; as they go through the blood cleansing process cited at ~ That is if you want to start looking like Brad Pitt does in his curious movie about a guy who grows younger and younger over the years. ~ Better lose that 666 chip on your shoulder. ~ Because that big long black 1990 SEDAN DE VILLE in THE FRESHMAN prophecy represents a typical official government vehicle, like the presidential limo that drives around my sidekick native of Indonesia in the above movie. ~ When it arrives at Larry London's barn full of beasts, and is greeted by an Asian homosexual figure who represents Barack Obama with a sense of humor. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES: That quake sign near Obama's Clifton, Colorado happened near the Walker Airport. ~ Here is a look at that CADILLAC RANCH, Texas homo look alike confirmation of that younger looking homo from Chicago in the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy, at: ~ For a second witness that is always required by the Bible. In order to establish the truth of all things. That old faggot who owned all those tall Jewish style wild jungle monkey nigger homos on the down low on his LA manite LAKERS team, also died on Presidents Day weekend, per: ~ In a second confirmation of the new Liberace look alike movie co-starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, coming out of the closet at a theater near you, soon. ~ The former foreign student freshman from Harvard, New England, is confirmed in THE FRESHMAN prophecy when an Indonesian tiger walks by the film's black presidential limo, and then the foreigner Barack Obama immediately goes down to Rush Limbaugh's Miami, Cuba area to play golf with Tiger Woods. ~ [When Ornella Fresh mentions yours truly, we see the evergreen tree woods of the pacific northwest in the background of the prophetic movie's royal PLAYBOY mansion in Queens, NYC.]

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Tiger Woods is a halfbreed Asian Negro whose miraculous name was bestowed upon him by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Hence, his secret rounds of golf on the down low with the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Asia, via Africa, with a quick stop in Hawaii just to pick up his perfectly legal born again birth certificate. [Tiger was first introduced as a childish golfer, who likes to cheat, by a naive white Bob Hope on the same stage of today's shady Davidian Letterman show.] ~ If you do not believe me, then you might as well just start using the Bible, that you love so much, for toilet paper reading. And all of you polite society D&C 86 type Mormons can do the same thing with your re-written and new and improved Book of Mormons. ~ Because when the LDS church is suddenly cleaned off like a dirty plate, with one quick swipe, just like that nigger dish washer does in HASTY TASTY meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY, no current Mormon leader will ever be allowed again to be in any leadership position in the church. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR FRESHMAN: Those jewelry thieves hit the fancy FOUR SEASONS in midtown on the very same day I watched the 2009 ten virgins prophecy update called BRIDE WARS. ~ On another level; the above SNATCH job was confirmation of the MIDNIGHT COWBOY king from Texas looking at that bejeweled vagina icon ring that gets snatched right in front of his eyes. [He is a walker who works outside, via free Cuba, Miami underground radio, for the fresh air loving lizard in THE FRESHMAN, and all that jazz. In other words, today's two witnesses radio is the new underground resistance radio of the FDR 30s and 40s era in Eastern Europe, etc.] ~ Is there any Mormon out there who can name just one leader of the LDS church who ever talks about the latter-day secret combinations in the Book of Mormon? Many of whom come from today's mob invested Chicago and Hope, Arkansas.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


When Steven Fresh's concubine wife, Ornella, tells him that what he has to pick up at the airport is so big, that he better bring someone to help him with it, she is talking about my 666 lizard sidekick from Indonesia. Who they put into the backseat of Granny Grass's black gentile 1990 SEDAN DE VILLA; circa 2013. ~ When that royal lion king of Judah figure, nicknamed 'Big Leo' warns, "...if he jumps on you, you got major problems..." [Note the Asian black&white forehead bandana with double iPAD icons.] ~ So see me in the future at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUEER NIGGER JEW NOTES: On the very same day that I reported that the homo from Chicago gets killed by a telephone call from the Jesus sniper in the MIDNIGHT COWBOY, Texas prophecy, the gay ass Illinois senate voted to approve the marriage between America and the Sodom and Egypt of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ Hence the two witnesses' earthquake that destroys 10% of Chicago, and kills 7000 people. ~ The hunting season deadline for Utah homos who wear orange on the down low in THE FRESHMAN's opening scenes, is this 3.4. ~ Just because you love the new and improved 666 deer hunter in the BOOK OF MORMON, who was cursed with a dark skin, it does not mean that the same wild at heart savage who hates white people is going to love you back. ~ I shit you not, like at: ~ This web site is an evil verification thing, with a capital 'E' at: ~ This 4.9 cleaner [REV.16] earthquake sign was about THE FRESHMAN's Steven Fresh message from New England, at:

Friday, February 15, 2013


In the many layers of 1990's THE FRESHMAN prophecy, one of them is about the naive and uninformed Steven Fresh coming down to NYC from northern New England. Who is named after the prophetic SPECIAL K Michigan mitt breakfast cereal made by KELLOGG. ~ As confirmed by the scene where the Godfather crushes those two walnuts that we just saw in my Providential porno clip posting; in the palm of his 'one mighty and strong' hand that has the 666 mark of the beast on it. ~ Because the Mussolini portrait in the movie represented today's surviving BEETLES who worship the same thing that the leaders of the new and improved LDS church worship. ~ In other words, that KOMOTO DRAGON BLEND in the film, is the same wild at heart nigger who is now desecrated the temple of God in the promised land of the Book of Mormon; circa day 1290. ~ Because the reptile in the movie was from a symbolic paradise Hawaii Island off the coast of Barack Obama's native Indonasia. ~ Which is why my protagonist in the 2013 prophecy gets a free MERCEDES that stands in for this week's MERCEDES BENSE fashion week in Manhattan. ~ At the end of the fish and wildlife officials set up in the 1990 movie, all the corrupt Feds who are now faking it with Obama, the illegal alien who attended Harvard on a foreign student assistance program, get busted because they were more worried about their nigger-rich pay check money than anything else. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES FOR WHITE PEOPLE WHO DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE AROUND NEGROS: Obama ended his Mussolini type tour of the apostate Jewish Christian values of America at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago. In confirmation of the prophecy about Kevin Spacey getting busted in Larry London's Hyde Park while walking his dog and cruising for sex with talk radio strangers, in the middle of the night, at: ~ [Think of that Greek homo Supreme Court judge in satanic black robes who got a beating from some gay bashing stranger at a public park in Washington, DC. Who was appointed by George Bush Sr of course; who even thought that Ronald Reagan was black voodoo economics crazy.] ~ Do I really need to remind you that the full-of-shit CARNIVAL cruise ship, which represented Tom Cruise's Scientology cruise ships for moderate Reagan Democrats, based in Florida, died in the waters of the REV.13:1 sea on the eve of Gisele Bundchen's Brazilian Carnivale celebration of the abomination of desolation's address in DC? ~ Talk about KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets BLAME IT ON RIO. ~ That crazy wild at heart nigger known as JJ Jr just confessed to his wild jungle power-oriented ways on the same day that Barack Insane Obama was getting his cock sucked on the down low by the city's hot monkey sex mayor. ~ Think CURIOUS GEORGE meets THE SAILOR DOG prophecy about Popeye the Sailor Man fingering a 17ish virgin Olive Oil, like at: ~ My somewhat bored undercover business partners at GOOGLE finally allowed the WEDDING CRASHERS co-stars to make a silly movie on their business campus; because they too got a little bit bored with counting their billions in funny money. And then they decided that they finally wanted to start living the hang-glider dream that I do in WEDDING CRASHERS meets SHAMPOO meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ You treat me like your nigger slave bitch, I treat you like my nigger slave bitch.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Banana Joe's no.9 master calls him BJ for short. Who is kind of cute, and a little bit ugly from certain angels. Just like my ultra sexy German Brazilian wife Gisele Bundchen. ~ In confirmation of MIDNIGHT COWBOY's prophetic scene where he is shooting his dark skin cowboy sidekick with a sniper rifle. And then that homo from Chicago shows up and starts hitting on him. Who looks like today's darkie mayor of Chicago, on the down low, who just hinted that he wants to follow in Barack Obama's foot prints. ~ Therefore, my future tall Israelitish King of the Cowboys figure goes up to the faggot's hotel room and kills him for 57 bucks; using a future black telephone wire Internet connection blog. Hence, the iconic movie's "Telephone call from Jesus..." Like the ones that the Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 receives every signal day down in the Jewish Miami area of Sodom and Egypt; where also our Lord was crucified. ~ Since my tall-in-the-saddle hero gets 5 bucks for his portable two witnesses radio at Bonney Lake's future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WEDDING NOTES: ~ Whole wheat bread dough smells exactly like cum when you knead it like that wify babe does in my last inspired of God porn clip, like at: ~ I like this wise five virgin depiction with WEDDING CRASHERS cum frosting on her fingers, at: ~ Here is a good look at that 1969 era homo on the down low from Chicago; who the midnight cowboy from redneck, Texas is shooting with his .22 SPRINGFIELD sniper rifle, at: ~ According to the revealed word of God in REV.17 etc. In the last days, all the sex perverts and niggers will be killed by all the religious Bible Belt fanatics. Like that guy who bombed the 666 federal building full of niggers and Jews in Oklahomo City. ~ In MIDNIGHT COWBOY, the dumb blond Branch Davidian cowboy from Texas gets invited up to today's roaring 19666s shindig party by a golden yellow flier that says, "JOIN US AT THE GATES OF HELL" with entertainment by, "BLOOD AND SMOKE". ~ Joe Buck arrives in New York, fresh off the street from today's Old Buckley Highway in Washington state, wearing his fancy king cowboy shirt that depicts the two witnesses' pretty birds of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Banana nut bread tastes amazing when made with whole wheat. ~ The Branch Davidian Pope 16 in Fellini's ROMA prophecy said that he will now be hidden to the world, for the future Branch Davidian King of England from Old Buckley Highway. IT'S ALL TRUE; yours truly is the underground leader of the Knights Templar's Masonite plot in the 7 hills of Rome to rule the world, including Palestine, Israel. At the last day, every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, because everybody else who tried to deny it will be dead.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


That is my old Jewish friend in 1969's MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy. Who takes my picture at the STARBUCKS coffee shop in Manhattan; and is now a professional psychedelic free love wedding photographer, and wedding music producer, living somewhere down in the San Diego area. Because when I first met him at a JC PENNY pitch joint during Christmas season, 1979, he was driving a classic 60s Baracak Obama LINCOLN assassination sedan, bearing IMDONE4U plates, like the one in Cronenberg's Tonto, Canada CRASH prophecy. [Not to be confused with that stupid liberal girl CRASH title rip-off by Sandra Bullock.] ~ You play me, I play you, times two. ~ Of course, the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy comes to an end just north of Jewish Miami, Florida; where that Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 is slowly but surly assassinating the abomination of desolation in Riverside, California, day after day, week after week. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My smaller black dog sidekick named Banana Joe just won the royal sire jackpot, per that black dog who was so loved by George Bush Jr. during his Greek White House temple years in DC, As per: ~ A dog is a dog by any other name. ~ Vince Vaughn is role playing the now divorced Steven Fresh on a very basic level in my own private Massachusetts WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy. [My old Jewish friend from San Diego sent me out there to sell flowers at Rt.9's [WILLIS TOWER] SEARS store in the Natick Mall during Christmas, 1979. When I fell in love with Donatella Greco, forever and ever. Even though at the time, she was mercifully FFing some Italian Hair dresser stud figure over in Worcester [steak sauce]. So that much later, I would finally come to understand that yours truly is actually her own private heroic protagonist in the SHAMPOO prophecy. ~ In MIDNIGHT COWBOY, yours truly keeps hearing the haunting voice of his former forever and ever lover who says, "You're the only one." JC PENNY was founded by a Jewish Jesus Christ guy in Wyoming who did not know that he was Jewish, per : ~ Hence, the American one cent penny has the Jewish face of father Abraham Lincoln, Illinois on it. Who that nigger Christ Rock believes is now our Father, even the new Jesus Christ deception who has deceived the new and improved Republican Party's Jewish neo cons.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


In 1969's tall Jewish MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy, yours truly ends up fucking my two imaginary daughters named Angelina Jolie and Hilary Swank, at the same time. ~ It certainly feels like that now; especially when I get down to fucking Dakota Fanning, and her little sister too, during my own private Montana remake dreams. ~ Can you imagine some middle aged asshole making a re-make of the above iconic film? Just because it would probably only cost around 8,000,000; just for the shits and giggles. And the box office alone up in David Lynch's own private Montana would probably cover the nut times two, like my own private virgin wife does at: ~ You fuck the double-meat paddy BIG BOY burger, with Emma Watson French fries on the side, with creamy dripping pussy ranch dressing, which was launched into outer space from London, England in AP:1,2,3; you get the same hot three-way swingers jackpot that was revealed in PLAYBOY magazine's pictorial of Lindsay Lohan. ~ In other words, I get to have whatever you are too stupid to have. ~ Talk about yummy sloppy seconds. ~ GSR/TWN


California Wildlife officials discovered that wild at heart LL COOL J look alike lesbian killer up in the Big Bear area on the same day that America's wild at heart Negro spoke on behalf of all those apostate conservatives out there; like Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, etc etc. ~ Therefore, the sooner that my Tonto darkie sidekick can destroy the whore who rides the new and improved 666 beast, the better. ~ After all, Marxist fascism is all about making marxist socialism more streamlined and efficient. ~ Why try to own and operate the means of production, like some arrogant and controlling know-nothing Jewish intellectual, when you can just control it and skim the shit out of it? ~ No wonder that my sidekick nigger has had such an easy time fucking over today's naive apostate Christians and reformed neo con Jews. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is a good look at that Barack Obama backer who is now hiding out in a barn-garage near Arrowhead Mtn. In confirmation of the death of George Bush Jr's beloved black dog named Barney. ~ In the Greek WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy, circa 2013, when the dog dies, all my bitches get real horny. Hey man, I'm just living the dream. ~ PERSONAL NOTE: On a certain day back in November, at 9:09 PM, the Lord said "Chad!" The double two witnesses number of '9' being symbolic in scripture of all things that come to an end. ~ Compare this image of LL COOL J, the 55th GRAMMYS host in LA, with that 666 cop killer at: ~ NEW READ?ERS: That dream I had about a hardy slice of whole wheat bread was about the revelation regarding a whole wheat diet being necessary in order to have healthy sperm. In order that you don't make defective babies who are autistic, and bipolar, etc. ~ My southern Italian Lady Gaga whore-wife shortie from NY suddenly fell down; in the same way that my sidekick is going to suddenly drop like a rock. Think Robert De Niro meets Dustin Hoffman, in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets Scarlett Johansson meets Reese Witherspoon; meets the new transsexual Mini Me in AP 4.

Monday, February 11, 2013


The 2013 WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy opens with J-bone and John mediating the upcoming REV.16 breakup of the marriage between the states in Washington, DC. Wherein the former look alike porn star Tracy Lords is getting divorced from her husband, who looks like both of the country music husbands of Nicole and Renee; since the phony macho redneck was seeing that Barack Obama whore out in Colorado. Long before anyone out there ever heard about the abomination of desolation who was born in Africa, and then born again in Hawaii; where Nicole was also born, and then quickly moved back to some foreign country. ~ Hence, we see that dick head nigger with an amazing penis shaped skull in the movie, right before the Secretary cracks a joke about some Moby Dick figure who would soon become the President of today's shady neo con Jews. ~ And even that crazy Jewish actress, from London, Canada in the scene, jokes, "So you're hiding I see..." Even though everybody and his black dog can see what Obama is trying to hide. ~ While the secretary and John are also sucking on their brown cock-sucker nigger cigars. ~ And my protagonist from Dallas, Texas says, "Fun's over." ~ And then my crazy-8 Jewish wife agrees with him, by saying, "They're all full of shit." ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The German Pope no.16 just resigned in confirmation of the coming resignation of those German European socialists who are now desecrating the day 1290 temple in SLC, Utah. ~ In the above mediated REV.16 divorce prophecy, when we see John McCain and James Carvel, "the knife carver" we see that Fat Tuesday New Orleans style nigger to be in the background. ~ Wedding season actually begins in May, and runs through June for three weeks or so. [Think Nicole's prophetic June 25th cliff wedding.] ~ Hard to believe, I know, but that really is Miley Cyrus in that big southern gal hat at Tom Brady's wedding on 19:31 on my crazy '8 1/2 MORE MINUTES' disk. ~ Apostate America's new Greek homosexual president, who officially speaks for the likes of Michael Medved, Mark Levin, and such apostate Catholic Mormons like Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, will be addressing the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 on Fat Tuesday. ~ Happy 44th Ms Aniston. ["They grow up so fast!" James Carville.] ~ My surprise birthday card for you is this new pic of my crazy-8s wife Madonna; taken in that underwater bar for skinny dipping 29 year-olds at the Playboy Tudor mansion, at: ~ PS MICHAEL: I really do need you to get to work on your independently financed DR EVIL 4 feature length video project; co-starring number 4 and yours truly. Hey, have you even thought about David Lynch directing? God knows that he knows how to make a great looking movie on the cheap with a SONY camera; that only costs around 8 big ones, tops. Plus, you would get to cast absolutely any A-list actress in Hollywood that your heart desires. And you would get to fuck both of them at the same time in your production trailer too; just for shits and giggles. Stop being such a tight ass with you surplus millions money, and start having some fun, for God's sake. You only live twice after all.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Fucking-A-man, I'm only half Jewish myself, so I know what I'm talking about. ~ My crazy-8 German Swiss mother being mostly Jewish, and my rather short left-handed father, with brown eyes, from Kent, England, being mostly of the tribe of Ben; per the recorded revelations at ~ I don't make this shit up, I just pass the info from above onto you. ~ Ergo, the Negro race is wild at heart and childish; but also very noble and intelligent, and strong in faith. ~ Not to mention that they know how to make that toe-tapping music in the UNDERCOVER BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET prophecy. ~ You think that the beautiful Denise Richards has always looked a little different? Just wait until you see how she looks ten years from now. ~ The upcoming blood-cleansing vampire wives prophecy known as the 'physical transfiguration' takes about ten years before you start to look like you are in your late thirties again. ~ If you stick to it, you will eventually feel confident enough to go skinny dipping in the Playboy mansion pool with all the rest of the 29 year-olds. Who work out of course; some 29 years-olds should probably not go there. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAMY NOTES: Last night at 3:43 am, I dreamed that I saw a slice of hardy whole wheat bread with cum spread on it. ~ Believe it or not, I just re-checked wiki's WEDDING CRASHERS page and it still has Barack Obama's January 21 wedding party date on it. Including that 4:25 time-stamp reference to Renee Zellweggers's fake wedding to her country music lover look a-type; who also married her Oscar Award winning co-star sister Nicole Kidman, at: ~ LL COOL reminds me of that cool Big Bear nigger [lesbian] cop killer. ~ In the WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy about Jesus Obama's second coming party, John asks J-Bone, "What are you going to do for an encore? Walk on water?" ~ At about 22:51 on my WEDDING CRASHERS disk, the bride's groom looks exactly like my Brazilian German wife's fake husband, Tom Brady, named Craig. ~ Later in the prophetic pre-Obama movie, circa 2013, a character brags about Maryland winning their big touch football contest. ~ That huge snow job blizzard hit Brown University on the same day it was reported that Emma Watson will be returning there to complete her degree in Marxist history. ~ Hefner's Tudor mansion is the inspiration behind Sandra Bullocks' new Tudor mansion.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


You are going to have to do some serious digging if you ever want to discover the Providential meaning of my Dirk Diggler protagonist in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy, circa 1981. Believe me U, I fully understand that yours truly is not for everybody. ~ Hence, only hours before my old crazy-8 Jew buddy called princess Diana, and left his crazy-8 phone number on the same day of the crazy-8 earthquake in the Jewish Solomon Islands of the lost tribes of Israel, [And I use all the above words quite advisedly.] I saw the WEDDING CRASHERS DVD reference at WAL*MART to my old friend who is now a wedding music producer. ~ In the 2005 prophecy, those two con men of Judah and Ephraim dicks show up at all those lavish phony boloney inauguration wedding parties for Obama in Washington, DC; because the two charming fakers and takers belong there more than anyone else does. ~ As confirmed by my 3-way sex cult guru in the SNL movie from above who still lives with his old meatloaf mother. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORGASMIC NOTES: Here is that 69 earthquake confirmation about my protagonist who loves to eat Jewish princess snatch in SNATCH, at; ~ 9/16 being the day 1260 time-line in REV.11 for Howard Stern et al. ~ This report is about those crazy-8 LA manites who died in that Love Bus crash that was returning to San Diego meets crazy Tijewana, Mexico, after a visit to Big Bear. Where they found my lesbian hating nigger hero's burned out TITAN pickup. ~ I grabbed the WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy about the year 2013 after I looked on the back side of it's DVD case and saw, "8 1/2 MORE MINUTES!" ~ That 19666s magic bus tour bus from San Diego meets Mexico, that crashed near Arrowhead Mountain, was operated by a company called "Magical Escapes" speaking in Americano. ~ Here is a good look at O'wen Wilson's Jewish penis beak-nose in the above con job movie, at: ~ Be sure not to miss Bruce Willis' new WILLIS TOWER, Chicago movie, entitled, A GOOD DAY TO DIE WITH A HARD ON.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Sunday's GRAMMYS will be a traditional satanic black dog thing at the Rt.111 STAPLES CENTER. ~ Where everything these days in pop music is about niggers, and white wanna be niggers. Many of whom are Jewish homosexuals and drug addicts. ~ And yes, I support the legalization of marijuana. And if you start selling that shit at one of my neighborhood's local convenience stores, I will have one of my niggers burn the joint down in the middle of the night. ~ At this point in time, who believes in a 666 legal system that let's a well known illegal alien homosexual murderer from south Chicago sit in the White House? ~ GSR/TWN ~ OOPS: I just noticed that this new posting has been time-stamped with the March 25 date reference about when the new, and much more cooler, 666 beast appeared unto the Jewish witness of God in REV.11; and made a deal with him. [Read Howard Stern's prophetic PRIVATE PARTS meets MISS AMERICA books about the private life of my sidekick Barack Obama.] ~ The cool thing about my big fat nigger who wants to kill all those white lesbians at the LAPD, is that he swung back into action right after Obama appointed that lesbo from Seattle to become America's new official interior decorator.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


That fat X-cop nigger who is shooting those corrupt nigger-loving pigs, who ride the police hogs in Riverside County, California, circa 19666, represents my nigger sidekick in DANIEL 12. According to the one who raises his right arm by the side of the winding Mississippi River snake landmark in Zion and says that my raven feathered darkie sidekick is the day 1290 one, named Tonto. ~ This is that same lovable nigger in SNATCH who drives my stolen get-away car, with yours truly in the back seat; a.k.a. The King of England. ~ Since I now love to toss around such verbotem white man terms like; nigger, Jew, queer, etc. just to get a rise out of my brain-dead critics on the left. ~ Talk about shits and giggles, per: ~ I'm kind of like The Donald in this way. After awhile, you begin to get rather bored with counting all your billions. So then you sue one of the biggest and most arrogant dumb fuck Jews out there for 5m, just for fun. Which is a lot like starting a new reality TV show series, but for real; just for the shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RUSH NOTES: As usual, Rush is right. Nothing is funny unless it is true. ~ Ergo, here is one of the most brilliant web sites on the Internet, at: ~ Here is a hilarious piece about Bruce Willis role playing my incoherent protagonist in SNATCH, at:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The desecrated temple of God in the day 1290 prophecy in DANIEL 12 is the new North African America in the CASABLANCA gin joint prophecy. [Reagan enjoyed a double tall gin and tonic every day at 5:00 pm in his 1980s big hair White House era.] And yes, we will always have my own private prophecy called LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ Because in Rush Brand's 2010 Greek president movie, his disastrous new single called AFRICAN CHILD was about the illegal alien born again man child in the White House in DC who was actually born in Africa. And therefore, his pathetic last song would become "...the most damaging thing..." that had ever happened to the Negro race. After it becomes so painfully obvious that Martin Luther King Jr was the biggest fraud that was ever perpetrated upon America; next to Barack Obama, and the new and improved Mormon church; that is now being lead by a rather tall pair of German European socialists. ~ In the movie, Mr Brand plays a JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR three-way swinger figure. Who was originally inspired to be Katy Perry's own private FFing missionary position man, Hawaii style, foreplayed by Jackie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRAZY JEW NOTES: On the same day of that crazy 8 earthquake in the Solomon Islands, an old Jew friend called princess Diana and left a message for me to call him in the Mission Beach, San Diego area at, ___ ___ 8888, or email him from his web site at ___ . ~ All the states who are going to secede from the apostate United States, now occupied by the Jews, will need to mint their own hard currency, like at: ~ This is the only way that you are going to get rid of your illegal federal debt obligations; your unconstitutional obligations to Social Security; Medicare; the 1964 meets 1984 Civil Rights Act; hate speech against Jews, queers, and niggers, and so on.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At the end of the BOOK OF MORMON, the savage darkies go around killing any white person that they find. For a reverse prophecy about the white hunter elephants stampede after the second woe prophecy in REV.11; wherein anyone who even looks like an illegal alien supporter of the half Jewish abomination of desolation liar will be lynched without a legal 666 bullshit trial. ~ Because those Yellow Sea macho marxist homosexuals up in North Korea are threatening to explode the two underground A-bombs of Judah and Ephraim, which will destroy the Mormon Church of England as we know it, not to mention those two ridiculoiis apostate political parties in DC. ~ When you give us niggers to rule over us, I AM will sick his own private nigger posse after you. As illustrated by that bus full of LA manites that lost it's legal brakes next to Arrowhead Mtn. ~ Being in the basketball kill zone is what the WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP prophecy was all about. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CATTY NOTES: While watching 2004's born again CAT-WOMAN prophecy about that mulatto bitch from Chicago, who makes her own rules, I suddenly remembered the breaking same-day news about my wife Gisele Bundchen being the new face of CHANNEL NO.5, at:

Monday, February 4, 2013


The 34 minutes of darkness at SUPER BOWL 47 was about my dark skin sidekick Lamanite in the No.34 Book of Mormon prophecy named Tonto; played by Chicago's native son Johnny Depp. ~ Hence the 34-31 [JER.31] score at the end of the day 1290 Mississippi River drought. ~ Ergo, Israel is about to get ravished by a hord of dark skin savages. ~ Because it was them who put that illegal alien darkie in the new Casablanca, two times, who is now making the new illegal alien legislation for America by fiat. ~ [The black RAVENS' NFL team logo from the DC area is a traditional Boris Karlofv horror movie symbol of death, and all that.] ~ Wasn't Allen Poe from the same area? ~ Anyway, the LA manites in the number 34 Book of Mormon were cursed with a black skin because the whities were just too weak to kill them, and their wives and children too. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FIVE VIRGINS NOTES: Back on 2.1 at 8:41 pm, God said "FIVE!" Per the KING OF NEW YORK's new 5M lawsuit against that pale face, forked-tongued, shady Jew, at: ~ Charity fundraisers is a running theme in 1990's KING OF NEW YORK prophecy. ~ Now that that 5 year-old virgin has been rescued from his hole of 666 captivity outside of EZE.47's 326' Dothan, Alabama, I'm going to put Keira Knightley's THE HOLE prophecy into my own private winter fest film festival line up, ASAP, at: ~ AND: ~ THE HOLE film was based upon a book called, AFTER THE HOLE. ~ My impression is that a 16 year-old Keira Knightley lost her virginity while filming THE HOLE; or shortly thereafter. ~ Here is a Divine [little cotton wood pussy] confirmation of a 56ish 007 getting rescued in the icy winter season opening sequence to A VIEW TO A KILL, at: ~ The views around SNOWBIRD, Utah are just unbelievable.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Some 55ish darkie showed up at the prophetic changing of the royal palace guards in London brandishing those two big gourmet kitchen knives of Judah and Ephraim on 5.9 in my latest, "...cut you down." posting. [Think New Orleans's best 14 year-old chefs in action, etc.] So they stun-gunned him; in confirmation of the breaking news from occupied South Lebanon that the latest Israeli air strikes on them was only a stun-gun grenade going off accidentally. ~ Always remember that liars never last. ~ GSR/TWN~ TO BE CONTINUED SERIAL NOTES: ~ Powerful 6+ earthquakes are rocking the Jewish Solomon Islands of the lost tribes of Israel; next door to the Prince George sex cult islands of Vanuatu. ~ That Jewish actor from Brazil in VIEW TO A KILL, who looks like the late Ed Cock government figure at the Gay Area's city hall, was shot dead with 007's own private German made 9mm. Compare: ~ AND:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_420/image.jpg ~ After I saw that old FDR era beak-nose cock-sucker Jew on the front page of the NYT at STARBUCKS, [Komoto Dragon Blend cup in hand,] and also that nice yellow diamond pendant by TIFFANY, a man appeared wearing a 'YELLA BEAK SALOON' T-shirt, from: The Davidian motorcycle rider joint's barn house look being an immediate confirmation of the death of George Bush's beloved black dog named 'Barney'.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Throughout the centuries of superior white Christian spaghetti western enlightenment, the black dog has always been a satanic symbol of death in literature and operatic theater. ~ Therefore, the Bush's family announced the death of their black scottie dog on the same day that that Jewish homosexual on the down low died. [Pronounced like cock, as in cock sucker.] ~ Right as the news was rolling out about that white Christian apostate who was gunned down in Kaufman County, USA. ~ If you think that you are the king of the cowboys, then the real King of the Cowboys will cut you down in cold blood. ~ Because just to the southeast of Kaufman County's court house on Washington Street, is the Kings Creek Watershed No.61 landmark of God that represents the south side temple waters of life in EZE.47:1, Texas. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 10% NOTES: In my KING OF NEW YORK prophecy, everybody who is anybody pays me my tax-free ten percent cut. What I do with the 9B is my business. I have my expenses. ~ That new 6.9 earthquake in the Yellow Sea regions of AP:3, circa 2013, looks like some kind of a SUPER DOME meets Israel's Iron Dome day 1290 thing to me, co-starring Byounce to the ounce. ~ Here is that wedding cake that gets destroyed in 1985's A VIEW TO A KILL, co-starring Christopher Walken, at: ~ "I hate you!" says Scottie in AP: 1,2,3. ~ Notice how my fellow 666 prisoner starts to shriek like crazy in KING OF NEW YORK, when he sees that yours truly is about to take over the NEW YORK TIMES and NBC. ~ [After those three woes bang hard and loud on my prison cell bars.] ~ When I get out of my own private South Sound prison complex in KING OF NEW YORK, there are at least a dozen white vagina icon lilies waiting for me in my temporary offices at THE PLAZA.

Friday, February 1, 2013


That MAD MAX bomber in Turkey represented Mel Gibson giving Jodie Foster the big turkey baster job that she always wanted in her heart of hearts. The one in my KING OF NEW YORK prophecy when I finish my shower at THE PLAZA, and then we see that GOLDMEMBER icon on ice next to a sired children's lamp vase; posed next to those two thin glasses that I love to fuck no matter what. ~ Which I recently saw in a flash vision at 11:22, for the date when JFK got his brains fucked by Jesus in today's Jewish Kaufman County, Texas, for Scarlett Johansson's future born again birther birth date time-line. ~ If you love reborn fascism as much as the Jews love reborn fascism, then I AM is your man. ~ The same one who is wearing those cheap $9 dollar glasses frames that I got at WAL+MART for when Jesus' great grandson gets out of prison in Bonnie Lake in 2013. ~ So don't miss Miley dancing with her white nigger lover in the above 1990 prophecy at 104:30 minutes into my special DVD, wearing yesterday's black leather jacket revelation. ~ Ergo, The PLAZA HOTEL's bath towels back then had that double back-to-back PP 3-way pussy icon on them. ~ Regarding the movie's opening sequence shot of that VW beetle Love Bug that I was driving in my dream when I rammed it into 1st gear, and then Jesus said, "HERE COMES MILEY!!" [Right as the Car-roll Rams-ey credit appears on screen.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ REVELATIONS: The screenplay for KING OF NEW YORK, 2013, was written by a Mr. St John, the revelator. The inspired Italian director of KING OF NEW YORK was so desparate for money back in 1976, that he directed a porn film called, NINE LIVES OF A WET PUSSY.