Friday, February 15, 2013


In the many layers of 1990's THE FRESHMAN prophecy, one of them is about the naive and uninformed Steven Fresh coming down to NYC from northern New England. Who is named after the prophetic SPECIAL K Michigan mitt breakfast cereal made by KELLOGG. ~ As confirmed by the scene where the Godfather crushes those two walnuts that we just saw in my Providential porno clip posting; in the palm of his 'one mighty and strong' hand that has the 666 mark of the beast on it. ~ Because the Mussolini portrait in the movie represented today's surviving BEETLES who worship the same thing that the leaders of the new and improved LDS church worship. ~ In other words, that KOMOTO DRAGON BLEND in the film, is the same wild at heart nigger who is now desecrated the temple of God in the promised land of the Book of Mormon; circa day 1290. ~ Because the reptile in the movie was from a symbolic paradise Hawaii Island off the coast of Barack Obama's native Indonasia. ~ Which is why my protagonist in the 2013 prophecy gets a free MERCEDES that stands in for this week's MERCEDES BENSE fashion week in Manhattan. ~ At the end of the fish and wildlife officials set up in the 1990 movie, all the corrupt Feds who are now faking it with Obama, the illegal alien who attended Harvard on a foreign student assistance program, get busted because they were more worried about their nigger-rich pay check money than anything else. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES FOR WHITE PEOPLE WHO DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE AROUND NEGROS: Obama ended his Mussolini type tour of the apostate Jewish Christian values of America at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago. In confirmation of the prophecy about Kevin Spacey getting busted in Larry London's Hyde Park while walking his dog and cruising for sex with talk radio strangers, in the middle of the night, at: ~ [Think of that Greek homo Supreme Court judge in satanic black robes who got a beating from some gay bashing stranger at a public park in Washington, DC. Who was appointed by George Bush Sr of course; who even thought that Ronald Reagan was black voodoo economics crazy.] ~ Do I really need to remind you that the full-of-shit CARNIVAL cruise ship, which represented Tom Cruise's Scientology cruise ships for moderate Reagan Democrats, based in Florida, died in the waters of the REV.13:1 sea on the eve of Gisele Bundchen's Brazilian Carnivale celebration of the abomination of desolation's address in DC? ~ Talk about KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets BLAME IT ON RIO. ~ That crazy wild at heart nigger known as JJ Jr just confessed to his wild jungle power-oriented ways on the same day that Barack Insane Obama was getting his cock sucked on the down low by the city's hot monkey sex mayor. ~ Think CURIOUS GEORGE meets THE SAILOR DOG prophecy about Popeye the Sailor Man fingering a 17ish virgin Olive Oil, like at: ~ My somewhat bored undercover business partners at GOOGLE finally allowed the WEDDING CRASHERS co-stars to make a silly movie on their business campus; because they too got a little bit bored with counting their billions in funny money. And then they decided that they finally wanted to start living the hang-glider dream that I do in WEDDING CRASHERS meets SHAMPOO meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ You treat me like your nigger slave bitch, I treat you like my nigger slave bitch.

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