Thursday, May 31, 2012


I understand how hard it is to keep up with me. Since I AM so much smarter, so much faster, and so much more inspired, and informed about Obama's fast tongue con job history than you are. ~ Here is some background work that might help you get up to SPEED, and become as fast as me, who beats you so badly in THE DICTATOR, etc. ~ Watch my 1965ish 007 prophecy about me fucking Ms Fox, called THUNDERBALL. Wherein I AM both the physically transfigured 60s villain, and the physically transfigured 60s hero, a.k.a The Crown Prince of England. ~ Then be sure to watch Lindsay Lohan's upcoming remake of THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING, circa 1974. ~ And don't miss the 1990 KING OF NEW YORK sequel to the TAXI DRIVER movie that became the next year's KING RALPH prophecy; that prophetically ends up in the headlines of today's newspapers that are pretty much full of shit. ~ GSR/TWN


The 666 devil [dragon] in REV.12 is called 'the accuser'. So when the SEATTLE TIMES accused Donald Trump of telling the truth about the satanic illegal alien abomination of desolation's proven birth certificate forgery, the devil himself walked into Seattle's CAFE RACER espresso joint along Roosevelt on my behalf and started role playing my Russian speaking anti Christ hero in the BOURNE SUPREMACY prophecy, circa 2004. I.e. I AM morally superior to you, because you are a liar, and I AM a compulsive almost psychotic crazy truth teller. ~ Not to mention that I AM so racially superior to you in every way; that the Crown of England, and her many Scottish GREGORY'S GIRLS princesses belong to me, Gregory Scott Relf, born in King County, Washington, and nobody else who is in any way like you. ~ I google-imaged the tragic location where my evil spirit, who is possessed by Roosevelt's FDR Greek pillars White House, shot all those deadhead concert band fakers in their SHAWN OF THE DEAD zombie heads. Who read the SEATTLE TIMES. And then I saw that used German fast cars repair shop across the street in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY's Berlin context. [The only way to kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head.] In Divine confirmation of that time back in 1979 when I was racing my 1976 ALFA down Roosevelt, and saw some crazy white guy try to run down an Arab man by the 911 PORSCHE dealership, because Jimmy Carter was letting Iran hold our American hostages for 444 days. And some polite nigger had just repoed my expired VISA card up the street a few blocks at a GOODYEAR tires shop. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I happened to watch the above British countryside ALIEN PREY prophecy last night; just because it was on the same DVD set as MORONS FROM OUTERSPACE. Wherein my sexy 1970s wife Laurence Pierson ends up role playing my future flat chested wife in GREGORY'S GIRL meets EATING RAOUL in Miami. In confirmation of the two 80s movies' heroine with a new royal Diamond Jubilee solitaire on her finger. ~ Hence, the man who is ready to kick the bucket in IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD is the same 666 man who is dying towards the end of the 44th administration. Where yours truly is just LOOKING FOR A FRIEND AT THE END OF THE WORLD. ~ When the world would become so upside down that even the lost sons of Israel would be voting for an apostate Mormon Branch Davidian in Waco, Texas. ~ Therefore, 1978's ALIEN PREY prophecy ends up with that tall Jewish guy from outer space chewing off the head of a confused neo lesbian from Canada, named Joe [Smith] who is now secretly living in London. Hiding behind her WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING motion picture publicity facade. ~ Just so you know, the rather tall half Jew alien sporting a CNN wolf man nose in ALIEN PREY prophetically becomes one with the chicken eating red fox. Because God has often referred to today's abomination of desolation with a fake 666 birth certificate as "the fox" in his various revelations unto the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The alien fox CNN wolf man in ALIEN PREY chews to death the two policemen of Judah and Ephraim. ~ The foreign predator in the ALIEN PREY prophecy counts down the 50 states of the USA in his game of 'hide-and-seek' with the naive white church ladies.


It's starting to look like Hugo Chavez is going to die from his symbolic 666 cancer right on time. I.e. right around the same 42 latitude-line time-line that Michael Medved's neo con job day 1290 Israel also dies in MARK 13 etc. And then he will become born again; just like the Seattle worlds fair Elvis did in 19666 with his same perfectly legal 1960s era replacement born again birth certificate that was given to the half Jew half gentile originally from the South African mines shaped Mercer Island in the middle of Lake Washington, DC. In confirmation of that fake Judeo Christian 1950s Anti-communist radio preacher who just got bit and died by my Branch Davidian sidekick nigger in 1976's CAR WASH prophecy, at: ~ Last night, I dreamed that Howard Stern and I drove by the Grassy Knoll in Dallas and saw an excited Mitt Romney leaning so far out of a nearby building window, that I joked, "If he is not careful, somebody standing behind him is going to bump into his butt and make him fall out of that [666 computer window]. ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My Richard Burton look alike forerunner in 85's MORMONS FROM OUTERSPACE, who believe it or not, is still kind of obsessed with the stupid movie's inspired alien baby breeder, named 'Sandra' is the same King of England anima figure who will be showing up in Lindsay Lohan's new [Queen] Elizabeth biopicture remake about THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, at: ~ AND: ~ I'll try to watch 1997's THE DAY OF THE JACKAL remake, about some high class nigger with a British accent, in order to find out if I AM even close to THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD; who appeared on screen shortly before I went on my LDS mission to the Vatican City; that was contemporaniously documented by my de facto LDS missionary president from Rimini, Federico Fellini, in so many of my old 8mm home movies that were shot in ROMA. Such as Keira Knightley's ROMAN HOLLIDAY movie, etc. ~ GSR/TWN


Usually it is the more weak and vulnerable among us who tend to support the new childish Jew boy 666 beast who hates on us stronger younger white minded men. Therefore my odd looking white tiger hunting brother, who looks like some half breed inbred actor WND hick in the Burt Reynolds prophecy called DELIVERANCE, meets WANDERLUST, and who now leads Russia, is supporting the same ancient peoples who once took the apostate pagan caucasian Kingdom of Israel perverts captive. [Who hated their Jewish kin.] ~ Therefore, the future Scotish Queen of England came out in public with her new diamond ring on the eve of the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee. ~ [Think the royal McDonald clan's Hugh Hefner look alike conspirator meets the royal Stewart clan plotters in THE AVENGERS' episode about assassinating the usurper to Jacob's pillar stone of Israel throne.] Right before the South African Queen of Diamond mines is coming out with her evil queen movie references to my recent GET SHORTY meets SPLITTING HAIRS prophecies about the future KING RALPH of the cowboys from Las Vegas, USA. ~ Charlize Theron's dark queen movie was filmed in England. Which was once invaded in 1985 by the mindless Mormon writers and directors and producers in D&C 85 who made MORONS FROM OUTERSPACE. Wherein the alien idiots at KSL-CNN still believe in New Mexico type UFOs. ~ Taken to it's logical conclusion, we now understand why Michael Medved believes in the existence of the NBA Big Foot monster, and he also believes in the illegal alien in the Greek White House. ~ GST/TWN ~ NOTES: This is the latest Providential image confirmation of North Hollywood's Malibu, Hawaii Jew boy slave taxi who is now being dominated by today's demonically possessed little 666 girls in Chloe Moretz' upcoming Stephen King movie remake. Who now have the likes of Jen Aniston and Julia Roberts covering their child support extorsion tyranny backs from behind at: ~ You fuck me financially, I will fuck your innocent underaged virgin daughters four ways to Wednesday. I shit you not. ~ Some woman was just arrested in London for repeating my underground fish&chips dream about Jen Aniston and Courtney Love, and a yellow 4x4 safari hunter's rig. ~ America's freaky looking halfbreed illegal alien in the occupied CASABLANCA prophecy in INDEPENDENCE DAY, 1996, just honored one of her most 666 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE with the Queen's medal of... Whatever... Who looked very much like that creepy dead skin creature who picked up the only intelligent '4th alien' in the movie; but then he dropped him into outer space, once he found out that the guy wasn't gay. In fact, almost everyone at the Greek Pillars house ceremony kind of looked like my King of the cowboys figure in the BUBBA HO-TEP Texas prophecy, about Mitt Romney, the wanna-be Barack Obama.

Monday, May 28, 2012


The died haired King from Miley Montana's day 1290 Memphis, Tenn, river location at the end of DAN.12 et al got his first copy of the BOOK OF MORMOM while he was filming one of his iconic 69ish BYU Hawaii campus movies about me eating out a 29ish Jennifer Aniston. Who at the time looked more like she was not a day older than 23. ~ You make my ridiculous STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER low budget movie concept in Hawaii. I will make you cream your panties like all those 15 year-old virgins in all those psychedelic 1960s Andy Warhol vampire movies about Lindsay Lohan; pretending to be Elizabeth Taylor fucking my Richard Burton forerunner in Roma, etc. ~ Why do you think that Jesus told Granny Grass to buy me a discounted $3 jar of those tasty cracked limestone olives imported from Spain at MARSHALLS's discount rack that represented Sienna Miller's MILF stretch marks on her cracked skin; that I would love to eat anyway, no matter what the fuck? Because both of us know that this short life is just a temporary probation period for little bad girls and naughty little boys; who grow up so quickly. ~ GSR/TWN


I really thought that I was finally done with all those stupid MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE prophecies, after my 15 minutes of fame into the mindless low budget rip-off movie's DVD collection set copy. But then the very same media morons at the shit house LA TIMES had to come out with their latest British tabloid report about my Dr Obama sidekick being born in Hawaii. And therefore, everybody is now that much more interested in his private sex life history with the likes of Larry Sinclair, and you know who... In confirmation of his Divinely inspired forgeries that would have him spending time in the same Colorado big house where Larry himself had spent most of his adult life. ~ You support Hillary Rodham Clinton. I will support Hillary Rodham Clinton. ~ Every man loves a friendly lesbian who is not afraid to give you a hand up, and make you a little Moore happy; when you end up down on your luck. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: ~ The left vs. right FACE OFF prophecy came out in the same year as THE DAY OF THE JACKAL remake, starring Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, and that black Obama forerunner actor with the famous sexy third world foreigner accent. ~ You work directly on the devil's tax collector payroll. I will independently contract out my own prophetic services for the very same devil. In order that I don't have to pay you any of the 666 withholding taxes that you are trying to extort from me. Since that new 666 hot rod nigger at MEL'S DRIVE-IN in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER starts screaming for ice cream about how there ought to be a new 666 law that forces the old FDR white men of Israel to worship the devil.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


That White Horse Prophecy horse in DUDLEY DU-RIGHT was just rescued from some dude's basement in Utah, per this latest Sodom and Egypt sign at: ~ Chimpanzees often try to eat the face and genitals off when they attack in places like Miami. In confirmation of the liberal FDR father in 1967's GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER who owns a major newspaper in the Gay Area. Where his white daughter arrives on a 707 in the beginning of the movie with her future Dr Obama figure that she had just met in Hawaii. Claiming that their mulatto children will all be "president of the United States" someday. ~ A historic Liberty Bell factory burned down in East Hampton, Con on Memorial Day weekend. ~ A red race car for TARGET won the INDY 500's Indian medicine wheel doctor landmark event. GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER opens with the "Glory of Love" theme song for that new Cannes Film Festival winning movie called 'LOVE' in French. Cannes is pronounced 'cons' in English. ~ GSR/TWN


There was a heavy rain at the end of the 65th CANNES FILM FESTIVAL fuck fest for multimillionaire yacht owners and their teenage wife wanna-bes. ~ Because the big French cheese prize went to some reformed Nazi new-age indie film from Austria; that is a heretic statement about the physical transfiguration doctrine about old men getting to fuck two virgin wanna-bes at a time. ~ You float my boat, I'll float your boat. ~ And if you do not believe me, my prophetic WWII German Wolf Pack subs under the sea, who are invisible to you, and out of sight, are going to sink your ass; TITANIC style. ~ [Be sure to check out the new bonus offer at SUBWAY sandwich meets IN-AND-OUT BURGER.] Whoever gets around, always comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: Don't be a stupid liberal politically correct cast member of the dumber and dumber 80s indie film, MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE. Go ahead and read up on the taboo fake birth certificate backstory about the new 666 chimps from Africa chewing off the genitals, fingers, and faces, of anyone who threatens their powers, at:


Last night, I dreamed that I was buck naked while I squatted over a freshly printed unopened edition of the MIAMI HERALD's Sunday newspaper that was lying on the sidewalk; ready to drop a huge pregnant Big Brown turd on top of it's front page. Hours later, I saw the breaking report about that naked nigger chewing the face off of another nigger outside of the MIAMI HERALD's headquarters on the North Hollywood, Cal side of Hollywood, Florida, at: ~ Because you'all needed to see this visual metaphor about the new 666 MLK niggers before you could start to believe in your own Bible prophesies about my almost 16 year-old wife Chloe Moretz making the King of Israel happy at: ~ You make me happy, I'll make you happy; no matter how old you are getting. ~ GSR/TWN ~ The iconic NINE AND A HALF WEEKS prophecy was about me fucking Gisele Bundgen behind her gay ass husband's back.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Martin Luther King Jr pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the new marxist America. If not for him, there could be no Barack Obama abomination of desolation who is being propped up by such neo con-job talk hosts like Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. ~ You lie to my face, I shoot you in the face with all my ugly pornographic 666 SPACE-XXX cum shots on those naive little girly faces at ~ Get it? ~ I AM now done with you fakers and you takers. ~ Jesus Christ almighty already. What more do you want from the humble simpleton sons of Israel, who are still living in cheap BYU boarding house student housing? Who know in their 1980s era hearts that there is no phony "...prophet, seer, and revelator" anymore in the desecrated temple of the Lord; who they say was born in Hawaii. ~ GSR/TWN


Back in the 90s, my tight ass Greek wedding honeymoon love boat yacht wife, Jen Aniston, was not about to let my French Canadian forerunner fuck her on the set of FRIENDS until that East London sitcom stage play, directed by Danny Simon, had become a proven success. And I understand that, no hard feelings; loveless numbed down dumber and dumber sex is no fun anyway. Hell, why not just jerk off and save yourself the cost of dinner and drinks? ~ The Chad reference in my last set of notes was for Queen Keira Knightley's visit to Chad. ~ If you are not interested in style plural marriage, you are not being sincere about adopting all those starving Negro children in Africa. ~ Just ask my wife, your sister wife, from South Africa. ~ You adopt me, I will adopt you. And your cute and lovable wild-at-heart pet monkey children will get everything that their little hearts desire. ~ Otherwise, I AM is going to shoot you dead like some wild vicious long hair African lion of Judah; because of your arrogant self righteous rap nigger Detroit type Mitt Romney Mormon pride. ~ GSR/TWN


Here is a look at that black babe who Berlusconi had dress up as Obama; for the latest confirmation of ED's "homo... Apeian" jokes about my future day 1290 sidekick in the Santa Rosa, Cal [1996] movie, at: ~ ED's "homo..." monkey first appears in the movie wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Later he dresses up like a lady in a bustier, with purse in hand. Eventually the third base playing chimp ends up on the cover of MUSCLE&FITNESS magazine in a prophetic three-way pose reference to the YANKEES' famous 'Rod man' of Jesse figure. ~ That deep SPACE-X 9 capsule finally made celestial intercourse with the Russian [monkey] space station over Naomi and Nicole's Australia. ~ The huge fire that was still burning out of control during Prince Charles visit to Canada started at Crown King, west of Black Canyon City, south of Walker, east of a place called Congress. ~ While the state's SOS continues to con the voters with Obama's proven birth document forgery. ~ On the last day of Prince Charles' DUDLEY DU-RIGHT visit, the door from a CANADAIR jet fell off and landed on the REV.16th hole of a golf course outside the Jewish retirement community of Hollywood, Florida. ~ Another huge wildfire is still burning near Arizona's Tonto River, for my upcoming sidekick movie starring Johnny Depp. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, May 25, 2012


Here is the "homo..." sap ape in today's 1996 INDEPENDENCE DAY prophecy, flashing the curve ball sign in that 1260 days prophecy called 'ED' staring the physically transfigured star who Jen let fuck her more than a few times, for my sake. Because in the future she knew in her heart that he would become her FFing FRIENDS co-star, forever and ever, at: ~ You suck my cock, I'll eat your pussy, yada yada... ~ Last weekend I watched 1999's "homo..." ape baseball player in ED, and took a break half way into the DEVILS Vs the ROCKETS prophecy, and saw that SPACE-X had just launched their symbolic DRAGON 9 REV.9 666 boner icon into space from Florida. ~ Later this week, I watched the first ten minutes of 1985's stupid MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE prophecy, before I couldn't stand it anymore, and turned the thing off, about yours truly landing in England and declaring that I AM now your new alien king from outer space. But now I read that my 2.22 ET movie queen virgin, who showed my 19 year-old Miley Cyrus wife how to suck cock, just did the very same thing by showing up in an equally as stupid Tom Green road movie about "The Chad" ~ GSR/TWN


Can you dig it? Some Canadian dude named Snider just got kicked off an AMERICAN flight at Miami for supporting the same un-American REV.16 values of a REV.16 Alex Baldwin or a REV.16 Jerry Seinfeld. ~ In confirmation of all those slippery REV.16 Jewish kiss asses in 1999's prophetic REV.16 DUDLEY DU-RIGHT fiasco. ~ Hence, 666 DISNEY WORLD's I-4 was just shut down, because of a sudden wildfire, in confirmation of those new ads for THE DICKTATOR; wherein he calls for a Boxing Day type "Clean up on aisle 4!" ~ Which is about that huge REV.16 wildfire that suddenly erupted in REV.16 Arizona after the kiss asses there went ahead and allowed the illegal alien abomination of desolation in REV.16 meets MARK 13 to be on the ballet next fall. Since they knew that Michael Medved et al would also just look the other way. ~ Hey, no problemo, business as usual. The U.S. Constitution is just for white southern hick non Jewish goyem anyway. ~ Did you see the gory REV.16 pix of that giant 56 pound NBA basketball tumor that was just cut out of that 70 year-old woman? ~ You have to wonder if she was a reformed Catholic Mormon. ~ I just read that some JYC Jews from Brooklyn pulled off an Obama style Jen Aniston movie con job on some white fool who was living on food stamps and government disability in a $280 a month boarding house in Hawaii, with no money and no job, in order to lure him back to Woody Allen's Allentown, Bethlehem area so that the 666 police could fuck him in the ass one more time. ~ No wonder the day 1290 Jews are so famous for being past rent collecting slum lords. You pay up, I will pay up. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


On the first day of Prince Charles' Branch Davidian tour of Canada, Misty Moore Afflect, 33, backed her 4x4 off Monarch Drive at Utah's luxurious mountain side Eaglewood golf club estates, and died in the fall. ~ THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's royal look alike figure ended his three day tour in Regina, [Queen] the home base of Dudley Do-Right's Royal Canadian Mounties. ~ The evil Abraham Lincoln villain in DUDLEY DO-RIGHT uses exploding golf balls when he cheats the other players on his private golf course. ~ Dudley Do-Right's eventual British sidekick lives in a cave that looks exactly like the one where that survivalist wife-killer was hiding out in the woods above TWIN PEAKS, along Rattlesnake Ridge, west of Twin Falls, Washington. ~ The two tanks that shoot at the White Horse Prophecy horse in DUDLEY DU-RIGHT, and only hit each other, are of vintage British military design. ~ Everybody is an Abe Lincoln kiss-ass in 1999's DUDLEY DO-RIGHT prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN


My royal crown prince of England Branch Davidian forerunner look alike in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL prophecy started his three day jubilee tour of Canada, in the name of his old mother, in confirmation of that dude who just jumped into Niagara Falls. And then survived just as miraculously as did the first half English and half German 666 beast did who immediately got rid of Winston Churchill. ~ Hence, the opening week time-line of the London actor's THE DICTATOR movie in LA and NYC, etc. ~ Then came the immediate self-important news from the ridiculously arrogant LA TIMES that John Travolta is not a gay 70s style swinger, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN actor, like my FFing wife Gwyneth Paltrow claims, and that Barack Obama was really and truly born in Hawaii. Even though the state of Hawaii is still refusing to give the Coen Brothers's TRUE GRIT sheriff in Arizona a certified copy of the fabricated birth certificate that the JEW YORK TIMES published on their front page back in April. ~ "Fool me once.. Fool me twice..." and that will be the end of the two witnesses 1260 days period. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: Your little spoiled brat rich girls need more drama in their lives. Not more trips to today's 666 DISNEYLAND fantasy world for gay ass divorced fathers in Orange County, Cal. "There is an opposition in all things..." [2NEPHI 2] What goes around comes around from the opposite direction.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last night, I dreamed that I showed up at some fancy black tie premier of a Seattle public theater production, holding a glass of JWR scotch on the rocks in my hand. When I ran into an old Mormon friend in the crowd, I just cupped the double Flirty Fucking thing behind my palm, because I knew that he would never get it, at least not during this life time anyway, like at: ~ Those who doubt the Divinely inspired truth behind my hand of God in the above line are exactly the same apostate religious morons who I AM talking about. ~ You don't believe me, I don't believe you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: I kind of like Alex Baldwin's half-ass COP & 1/2 outlook on life. He just needs to get a little more manly balance in his life, and stop showing up at public events with only one pretty woman by his side.


Brad Pitt walked on the [42 months] JOHNNY WALKER RED rug at Cannes, France's 56th film festival, for DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS, in full Big Lebowski mode at: ~ Sending out the signal to everyone in Hollywood that there still has never been a very satisfactory film adaptation of Hemmingway's MEN WITHOUT WOMEN movie about the modernist homosexual tyranny of apostate Christian monogamy. ~ "Everybody wants to be Barack Obama..." said Bruce Willis about the apostate mormon Mitt Romney. I. e. they are all going to suddenly die in the same violent way that the abomination of desolation suddenly appeared in SLC, Utah as a thief in the night. Who then gets a belly full of lead by some white nigger from Florida, or Arizona, or Texas, or wherever. ~ You stomp on me, I will stomp on you. ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, May 21, 2012


THE DICTATOR opened in NYC theaters on the eve of the Camp David G7+1 summit, and the Chicago gangland NATO summit, in order that the more wise virgins among the apostate Christians at WND, THE MORMON TIMES, and THE BLAZE, might understand the true nature of the new and improved 666 beast dictator. Whose head was wounded in WW II, and then was miraculously healed in the politically correct polite society form of a Barack Obama meets Mitt Rom/ney. ~ These are the secret combinations in the BOOK OF MORMON who are guilty of murder and deceit when it comes to protecting the Chicago mob's great and abominable church of the devil, that Obama and his posse had attended for 20 years. ~ The first time that I ever held a German LUGER 9mm in my hand, outside Moses Lake, Washington, my stepfather informed me that he always kept the gun in his glove box, "... just in case we run into a pack of niggers." ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Why the frown dude? I said that I was going to give you two virgin teenage hotties in a horse trade for Jen, and that's a promise that you can take to the Bank of Canada while you are working up there on your next gig. ~ The baptism aged kid who played Obama in the COP & 1/2 prophecy later became a nigger rapper called "ENORMOUS". ~ The dude president spoke at the Janis Joplin graduation after his stop in Chicago; located off THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's Hwy.71 and I-44 in Jasper County's friendly evil ghost reference to Bill Cosby's GHOST FATHER prophecy. Right there is Jessica's halfbreed landmark called Alba, and 666 Webb City on Rt.96. That guy who jumped into Niagara Falls on the Canadian side Monday, and miraculously survived, represented that blue French Canadian performance artist in COP & 1/2, known as Justin Theroux.


Last night was spent watching 1993's COP & 1/2 day 1260 prophecy about the half white and half black kid who was forced upon Burt Reynolds et al, because, "If I don't do this, you will never learn..." that you should have never allowed an illegal alien to rule over the House of Israel, like you'all were doing in LBJ's 1-35 Texas back when Jesus was born to be your king, instead of that gentile king in Israel, circa 34 BC/AD ~ I.e. El Wood was forced to move down to Austin, Texas after her class sessions with me in Bonney Lake, Washington, because her blow job Catholicism for little boys and girls was being totally exposed at the time. That had abused over a million children since the Spanish Inquisition happened. ~ Therefore, the prophetic homogaysexual halfbreed kid in the Burt Reynolds movie has no real manhood father. ~ Who eventually ends up in a row boat with Granny Grass, and no wife, at the end of that iconic Neve Campbell three-way Jew bankers movie shot outside of Miami; where Iggy Pop now lives with his old lady, tax free, like me. ~ The bad guy in the Obama kid cop buddy movie is a parody of all those Barack Obama sidekick movies made by Mel Gibson, entitled LETHAL WEAPON 1-2-3-4... ~ Of course, the movie's Chicago mob figures drive around in a " Lincoln..." JFK assassination car, like the one in the 1990s CRASH prophecy. ~ And Burt himself drives a mint Kristen Stewart style SS 409 that refers to the half black kid's sidekick named 'Ray' ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The night before last night, I dreamed that I was living in the sparse monk house quarters up in Mel Gibson's monastery for MEN WITHOUT WOMEN, located in the 7 hills above Jen Aniston's Malibu beach house in LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, circa 1969. Wherein I encountered the lazy Catholic German Renee Zellwegger wearing an old fashion 1960s black bra, and high cut pants, exactly like at: ~ Note the physical transfiguration rod of Jesse [DARK SHADOWS] theme before anyone ever even heard about the prophetic movie at: ~ During my dream, that kept repeating itself all morning long, until I finally woke up at exactly the above link's 11:1.6 AM Royal London time-line, RZ kept suggesting politely that she should probably stay the night over in the monestary's nun quarters. Whereupon I replied, "You are sooo fucking cute...!" as I rubbed my hands along the sides of her HAPPY ENDING back side, implying that I would never let that happen in a thousand years. ~ Because while she was expressing her religious reservations about Mel Gibson, she was still gently raising her nice and tight 29ish ass offering up to me just a little higher and higher. Until I could not stand it any longer. And then I woke up at 11.16 AM with a major hard on that gave me the strong impression that I was being watched by Naomi Watts, and her co-star sister Nicole Kidmam. ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Those 6 GREASE 2 school buses that crashed outside of the area where Julia Roberts was raised by her church lady mother were a Divine NOTTING HILL confirmation of me fucking two of her PRETTY WOMAN sister in law hookers for Jesus at the same time. Per her triangle relationship romance comedy back when she was working at the 'King's Ranch' for stud horses, co-starring Kevin Costner fucking girls half his age in RUMOR HAS IT. Per: ~ I tend to agree with Hugh Grant's reservations about a third make of BRIDGET JONES' DIARY. But if the third three-way sexploitation sequel was to somehow feature Julia Roberts and Renee Zellwegger in bed with him at the same time, it would definitely be bigger than any FACEBOOK IPO bullshit by the geeks and queers who are now running Hollywood. Throw Jen into the three-way mix, and it would be a done deal for a wise bargain at $70,000,000. Even more so, if Jen is too frigid to sign off on the 1969ish deal, and you half to go for some kind of aa Plan B Cameron Diaz casting solution. ~ That's the nice thing about having more than one wife to take care of business. ~ GSR/TWN


6.66 school buses, packed with foolish virgins, crashed near [Ms] Stewart, GA, in the new 666 beast's [Wayne] Newton County, on the opening weekend of her evil princess movie. Blacksville is to the east, west of all those ridiculous con job MLK museums for white suckers in the region; to the west of the area's Newborn, GA 666 beast landmark, and west of [Pierce] Morgan's vagina chin landmark, etc. ~ Based on the county line context of the southern REV.17 woman's 'Mansfield' reference to THE FAT SPY's physical transfiguration babe prophecy, Megan Fox' Starrsville location is also right there; in confirmation of STARBUCKS' latest promotion of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt during the dominant REV.13 42 line period of the CARNIVAL OF SOULS leadership in Utah. ~ Who are still oppressing all the uneducated little people simpletons who work at gas stations, and who believe in the White Horse Prophecy about Obama's fake birth certificate 'prophet seer and revelator' type con job. ~ GSR/TWN


Ratko's illegal trial by the neo con fascist lesbians and homosexuals who are running the XXX tourist trade in Amsterdam started the day after my THE DICTATOR prophecy opened in Amerika. ~ Which is the same international court that is trying to stop the European caucasian sons of Israel from finding out that Barack Obama is in deed a natural born African American. ~ In confirmation of that kid named King who showed up to school in the same African mask that the abomination of desolation in the White House is wearing. In order to conceal his third world style of corrupt cronie capitalism government. [Think like Oprah thinks.] ~ Tomorrow's decadent Jewish run NYT is issue no.55,777. Can you dig it? ~ My LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets THE DAY OF THE JACKAL prophecy said that there are more rats in my X-wife's Paris than there are people. ~ Did you see those hilarious Cannes, France clips of Sean Penn telling that Jewish Christian bitch Sara Jessica Parker to fucking pay up or shut up? ~ In the $70,000,000 trillion DUDELY DO-RIGHT fiasco prophecy, Ms Parker fell for the evil California gold rush villain in a black Lincoln log cabin top hat, and then the very same future Michael Savage Indian Chief actor in GET SHORTY gets her. ~ You try to get me, I will get you. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, May 18, 2012


I also patiently passed away the late night hours last Sunday watching Madonna and Sean Penn's 1986 Barack Obama fiasco entitled, HANGHIGH SURPRIZE; that ended with the dope King of Hawaii shipping off to Honolulu in that same old rust bucket boat that caught fire and sank on the very same day in Penn Cove, Washington, off of Jwy.20 and Tony Parker's Parker Road, where they filmed much of Sandy and Nicole's PRACTICAL MAGIC prophecy. ~ "You must be crazy!.. And you got no money, and it seems like maddness..!" is the epically failed movie's most mighty line of all. ~ That, and the movie's amazingly inspired line which states that a person " of financial responsibility can perform much more efficiently..." ~ Basically, what the movie is all about is the look alike prince who breeds with the royal concubine on the same old boat that just sank of off Coupeville, Washington; that is now threatening all those black NBA muscles who are clinging to a rope for their lives on a floating life-raft in the bay. ~ GSR/TWN


More of the same old news came out about my neo dictator sidekick half Jew, who was obviously born in Africa, on Thursday, as yet more day-after confirmation of the inspiration behind Sacha Baron Cohen's Providential three-way opening scenario of THE DICTATOR meets THE AVENGERS meets DARK SHADOWS. ~ You get down on your knees and suck on my $104,000,000 faucet of eternal life, like a good little girl, and I will have mercy on you. ~ Like when I decided last night to give my detractors enough time to catch up on the ALL OF ME prophecy; so I popped in DUDELY DO-RIGHT's $70,000,000 cock-sucking Sarah Jessica Parker fiasco from 1999, and saw the movie's White Horse Prophecy that caused the Republicans in Utah and Texas to destroy the Democrats in LA and NYC. ~ In order that both of the homogaysexual high society Lincoln Log cabin idiots would get out of the way and let, truth, justice, and the American Way prevail. ~ Which was just confirmed by Ms Parker's fund raising gold rush promotion of the movie's 1999 villain, who always wore an Abraham Lincoln log cabin stump hat. ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, May 17, 2012


By now, I AM not even really attracted anymore to Julia Roberts, even though in the near future I am going to be so hot for her that it might even disrupt my righteous equilibrium for all of my other physically transfigured wives up in Mel Gibson's temple mount love chambers above Malibu, Cal. Ergo, NOTTING HILL was about the same hill where Mel was inspired to construct his Austin Powers shag pad inspiration behind the making of THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY? Meets LOOK WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. ~ You violate my daughters of Israel, and I will hang your gas ass by the neck without even a kangaroo court type trial like at: ~ Since even the Supreme Court of the USA doesn't really care if you are a nigger who was born in Africa, hey, neither do I quite frankly. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: That queer looking Jew fink in the above link has the same unibrow look as the former Texas style girlfriend fink does in WILD AT HEART.


Jen is still too busy fucking her odd lookingly handsome Spiderman screenplay shorty in LA. So my dirty filthy jerk-wad Jew from London meets DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS had to show up himself onboard my half Jew's twin VOLVO off the coast of the Cannes Film Festival. In order to show Michael Savage et al how the big boys do it to the little girls who make fun of his royal sire us penis. ~ Any one who does not have the faith to get down on their knees and suck on my average guy size 6.66" cock must be killed. ~ Just like that supporter of the new 666 beast killed off his sexy Italian bikini babe just because she had the nerve to want him to marry her. ~ What a pig. ~ You fuck me without marrying me, and I will cut your throat from ear to ear. ~ Hence, the South African Queen of Disco died on the eve of the evil queen movie opening that co-stars Charlize Theron. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: ~ That cold church lady bitch in THE AFRICAN QUEEN could only be remade by an actress with the agnostic heart of a Natalie Portman, or a Keira Knightly. Personally, I would shoot it in the same three-way spirit of my prophetic halfbreed Hawaiian King movie, STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER; using the brilliant talent of both actresses as my half-and-half anima figures with split personalities interchangeably, per the opening shots of THE BOG LEBOWSKI at RELF'S FOODS. ~ Like in the end of ALL OF ME, where yours truly is doing his three-way swingers dance number with his future wife who is trapped inside of a physically transfigured body that is now 11 years younger. I.e. Lilly Tomlin was 11 years older than her Ms Tennant sister in wife. ~ THE DICTATOR always reminds his fearful media interviewers that he is not an Arab; never insult a Jewish Persian rug fucker.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The black and blind Obama figure who likes to give his long and low brass balls sax BJs, on the smooth jazz down low, is a white Negro, says my Branch Davidian hero in the opening of ALL OF ME. Who then asks the street smart nigger if he could possibly take care of one of Miley Montana's latestest scruffy rescue dogs for the next few days, while he gets rid of that evil female spirit who is illegally possessing the White House, and most of America's top rated neo con job talk shows. ~ Meanwhile, don't worry about David Letterman, or Billy Crystal, or even George Clooney, all of whom will be delt with later by God, after the end of their 42 months period of oppression has run out. ~ Rush Limbaugh started his last Sacrament of Christ career on talk radio in 1984, the same year that ALL OF ME was such a sudden and unexpected success. ~ Note that the stern modernist church lady painting in ALL OF ME looks like a severe conservative Republican lesbian. ~ "No Pain, No Gain" is written on my hero's three woes T-shit when he wakes up at the beginning of ALL OF ME. ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1984's ALL OF ME prophecy opens with a .38 caliber birthday present in the form of a gray hair "African grave post" that turns out at the end to be Barack Obama's White Horse Prophecy gift from God. Wherein the religious right side of Mitt Romney suddenly becomes gay. Per my former BYU religion professor who explained to us how he would place his hands upon the heads of flaming effeminate type homosexuals, in the name of Jesus Christ, and then he would always see numerous dark spirits flee from their possessed bodies. ~ Too bad that my beloved Nazi beer hall drinking buddy, and faithful sidekick darkie, never got to attend BYU's extremely generous program for foreign students. ~ My Branch Davidian forerunner, originally from Waco, Texas, who stars in ALL OF ME, is hired by his Rush Limbaugh attorney family boss to defend his plural marriage instincts that were being re-introduced at even as the 1984 movie was being produced. ~ Because every time that he tried to have an inspired three-way trilogy experience, there was that stern modernist painting on the wall of his bedroom, depicting some cold hearted Christian apostate church lady bitch staring down on him, Texas style. ~ However, my hero in the movie proclaims that he will somehow figure it all out in the future context of my "10:29" birth date time-line. That will eventually lead to the funeral of the latter-day homogaysexual Christianity of the new Sodom and Egypt that comes right before the New Jerusalem of the Promised Land of America. Since I suddenly found the typically inspired Steve Martin movie right after the abomination of desolation came out in favor of Christian style monogamy. No wonder Romney et al are always trying to convince the Gentiles in Texas and Mississippi that they too are as queer looking as any modern day Christians out there. ~ Hence the film's blind Barack Obama figure is the one who fools all the "swindling" and "thieving" rich liberals in the LA mansion, where they also made THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ "I love it when you talk like a [CORONA meets KING OF BEERS] beer commercial." says my wife at the end of the plot. ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, May 14, 2012


One of the reasons why God himself created the 666 Internet in the last days, was so that Larry Sinclair et al could have their own websites for the little guys, even though they never show up on such giant mogal sites like, at: ~ Why report about some lying baseball pitcher, and say nothing about the man in the White House who is lying about his proven counterfeit birth certificate and his use of a stolen Social Security number. All of which has been confirmed by men who apparently know more about the most basic elements of 666 technology than you do, or Glenn Beck and Michael Medved do, not to mention Mitt Rom/ney et al. ~ That Russian Danite plane crashed into a Dr Evil volcano lair in Obama's Indonesian homeland, right after his big inauguration ceremony, as Divine confirmation of all the revelations from God unto the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, in D&C 133, that explain how Putin and Obama are cut from the same cloth. ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, May 13, 2012


YAHOO's CEO just got caught faking Barack Obama's alien African American 666 credentials on the eve of the mormon sheriff's next press conference about the fraud going on at THE DAILY MAIL meets THE NEW YORK TIMES meets THE WASHINGTON POST meets THE DESERET NEWS et al in Mitt Romney's SLC, UT. ~ You support the adoption of innocent children by sex perverts, I will support the adoption of you by the devil himself in D&C 86. ~ Just remember, God always chastens those whom he loves the most first, then he takes care of the more wicked among you; kind of as an afterthought. ~ The wicked are not as important as the righteous. ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, May 12, 2012


You know that 1969 is about the future 2012 TARZAN stampede prophesies when Relf Car swings from his kemp rope vine while under the influence of the two LDS/LSD pills of Judah and Ephraim that he had swallowed; shortly before he pulled the original Kenya, Africa birth certificate files in Maryland, America. ~ That was then confirmed by that bog nigger who entered the federal building and tried to stop him from releasing the same files. ~ You play me for the original Colorado ski village idiot in DUMB AND DUMBER, and them DUMB AND DUMBER II, and I will show up on SNL and shoot you in the gut, Dallas, Texas style, circa 1962. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, May 11, 2012


Will Ferrell's future figure at the end of THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, meets the beginning of today's THE DICTATOR, played a clip of his upcoming movie about Mitt Romney running for president in NC against Larry Sinclair on Jimmy Fallon Thursday night. Because that same state had just voted overwhelmingly in favor of Barack Obama's view on apostate Christian gay monogamy style marriage. ~ You vote for homogaysexual monogamy, I will vote your African RHINO NBA monkey sex cage gay ass out of office. ~ Since I AM already the King of England for your sake, who was crowned to rule over you short little dirty Jews boys, like a thief in the knight, I don't have to listen to the liberal sexual perverts at the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, NBC, ABC, NPR, DAILY MAIL, SEATTLE TIMES, or the BBC of London. I AM coming to take over your dirty filthy AUSTIN POWERS 1969 city full of alien darkie supporters of the abomination of desolation, and maybe even get to do a little top fly royal coachman chalk stream fishing, God willing, and you will have no vote in the matter. Because you have always been voting for third way fascism since the end of WW II. Therefore, I will invade you and destroy your. ~ GSR/TWN


Mothers Day is Sunday in America. So you might want to watch my first son's SEAN OF THE DEAD's cheap Mothers Day flowers step father zombie prophecy again. Since my future wigged-out blond yellow taxi wife in CAR WASH's 1976 prophecy, who I love to fuck four ways to Wednesday, no matter what, is about to have a really quick REV.12 baby 5-second orgasm prophecy. ~ KS has been limping around on one foot during her evil princess movie publicity tour because she had stepped on the same crucifix nail in Mel's passion of Christ blockbuster. In other words, if you don't want the cross of Jesus to fuck you in the ass, then I'll have to hand you over to my alternative concubine husband, Mel Gibson; in GREASE II meets TEQUILA SUNRISE, meets his 500k RANSON prophecy. ~ You either depost the money in my Bank of Canada checking account, or all your illegitimate bastard black children spawn of the 666 devil will die. ~ Have it your way. ~ Meanwhile, I will be fucking your two hot twisted sisters onboard Michael Savage's twin VOLVO cabin cruiser in Marin County during the Cannes, France Film Festival for underaged starlets; during the delayed Toronto Film Festival period that always comes before my own Ravenna Park, Seattle birthday. ~GSR/TWN

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I was attending Seattle's public school near Green Lake's public bathrooms, called John Marshall Jr High, when I first met Mr Marshall at HASTY TASTY. ~ Last night, I dreamed that my sister got the holy shit scared out of her when she suddenly saw Nicole Kidman staring at her through a sliding glass door window. ~ Tuesday night, Camy showed up on Jimmy Fallen wearing a 211 slave chain around her neck. After climbing through his 666 computer WINDOWS program. ~ Get the picture? ~ Note that little black Obama boy who joins the march protest to the 666 courthouse in Maryland that is being lead by a nigger in an FDR wheelchair. ~ In confirmation of the future FDR wheelchair pervert at HUSTLER magazine, meets the WASHINGTON POST, who is always offering a million bucks to anyone who can prove that Larry Sinclair is a homo. 1969 opens in 1988 with a song about 13 year-old Chloe Moretz in KICK ASS. In confirmation of Ms Ryder's role in THE KILLER. ~ GSR/TWN


That historic Ronald Reagan 1980s Jew fag icon, Vidal Sasson, died at the same time that my sidekick in THE LONE RANGER remake came out of the closet from Texas. Where they are still crucifying the real men in TRUE GRIT who are fucking their teenager co-stars, like the one in the Coen brothers next movie. ~ In final confirmation of that DEPENDS brand underwear bomber double-agent in the news. Who will be played by the alien Hollywood homo who just left his wife in the latest MEN IN BLACK sequel remake, that goes back to the way I looked in 1969. ~ GSR/TWN


At the end of May 8, I decided to finally watch 1969. Partly because I had had enough of the vivid dreams about Alison Roth telling me how beautiful Wynona Ryder is, and how ugly the old whore of Babylon looked in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, circa 2004 meets 2012. ~ Relf Car plays me getting out of jail for free at the end of 1969, when that Barack Obama nigger rolls up to the 1969 White House, with Greek pillars, and finally admits to America that he is in fact the same well known fake Chicago homogaysexual portrayed in Vince Vaughn's future role in BE COOL meets THE BREAKUP. ~ 1969 opens with the prophetic 1969ish song about the upcoming physical transfiguration that goes, "...When I was young... I was so much older then..." And then Relf says, "...Thank you Jesus!.. Thank you Relf!.." ~ Then they get picked up by the first homogaysexual that I ever met, at HASTY TASTY, named 'Marshall' who was kicked out of the Viet Nam era Army; because during his Aikido marshall arts classes he kept trying to grab his opponents balls, like John Travolta does in BE COOL. ~ Therefore, Relf wears a PEPSI T-shirt and trips out on LDS/LSD pills like even I did wen I spent the weekend at Bob Marshall's beach cabin out in Indianola, via the Kingston, Washington ferry, in 1969. ~ Which is why on May 8 Obama made his decision to come out of the closet. Before Larry Sinclair et al finally get him. ~ GSR /TWN


Turned out that my "May 8" message from God, back on 11.20.11, was a heads-up warning to Daivid Letterman et al about the Indiana medicine wheel election results in all those 1930s 1940s TARZAN movies. ~ Every time you hear Rush say 'Don't doubt me!" on his special day 1260 radio show, he is actually saying 'Don't doubt the prophetic word of God.'~ May 8 was about the end of the 666 beast, who is worshipped by the mormons in Utah and Texas who are afraid to die for freedom. ~ Hence, Mormons believe in the federal 666 Social Security and the federal 666 Medicare more than they believe in the DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS and the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS at ~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


All the new hubbub about Senator Hillary removing her African mask makeup and looking like Meryl Streep in 2004's THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE prophecy was just more Providential publicity for Wednesday's opening about my upcoming King of England dictator movie. ~ Talk about the iron velvet cock mother-fucker who is going to run all the filthy non Christian Jew boys out of England, circa 1290 AD, in the spirit of: ~ In the beginning of the G7 seals in REVELATION, per D&C 77, God created the winds of the earth in such a manner that the 3:00 o'clock atomic bomb fall-out from 666 Paris will never cast down any harm upon her. ~ You can take that to the Bank of Canada, where yours truly will be keeping all my 9 billion plus in Chinese coins. ~ Per Jim Carrey's next dark hair job and makeup comedy co-starring Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin; directed by the XXX Canadian director of CRASH. ~ Could be that this upcoming comedy action thriller horror movie art film should be called 'THE DEPENDABLES', since virtually every one of the middle-aged star's love interest babes would have to be in her teens in order to make it believable. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: John Travolta was just sued for being a homo in confirmation of the prophetic Barack Obama mulatto homo who pretends to be his composite boyfriend of Nicole Kidman at the end of BE COOL. ~ In the end of THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE's second term sequel, the African American alien Obama assassin of the future returns to the small desolate island that represents the Hawaii island where the abomination of desolation was brainwashed by his bisexual mentor.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Obama announced his re-election campaign for a second term from a sports stadium in Ohio on the same day of the KENTUCKY DERBY. Where long-shot I'LL HAVE ANOTHER came out of the blue to win big time. In confirmation of the Big Brown race horse long-shot election prophecy in 2008 that also started at CHURCHILL DOWNS. ~ For White Horse Prophecy Day, I finally got around to watching the 2004 remake of THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, for the first time; starring Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, circa 2012. ~ In the first act, an excited black Michelle Obama reporter on TV is amazed how the son of Hillary just seemed to come out of the blue and become nominated for VP; "...Like a long-shot catching a favorite on the back stretch of the Kentucky Derby!" ~ In the end, the long-shot sniper takes out both the middle-of-the-road mother and her more left-wing progressive son with one bullet. Then the bad guys are all taken down by a fake computer graphics job similar in technique to the one that created Obama's now confirmed birth certificate forgery. ~ Even the same computer imagery job that was mentioned by a Mr Sponge 'Bob' caller on the Rush Limbaugh show the next day. ~ When the movie's military computer implant chip is examined under a microscope, the same one that was in the news last week at WND etc., it looks similar to the shoulder top pattern on Kristen Stewart's outfit at: ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here is a prefect take of Sandra Bullock, in too much African mask make-up, acting out her 19ish coed Howard Stern fan during her NC years; getting arrested by her future traitor Jesse James outlaw sheriff from Arizona, making her put her arms up on the wall, just because she definitely kind of looks like an alien Obama voter, at: ~ You lick my ass like a dog in heat, I'll lick your ass, like the future presidents of the Mormon church would do in that salt lick city CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy, co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow and her gay ass husband. ~ You don't make sweet love to me. I don't make sweet love you. As if I would ever force myself upon you in a million years. ~ Meanwhile, check out those full lips on the side of Chloe Grace Moretz' new freaky looking vampire movie. Which look like she has been smoking on some big fat Cuban cigar stuck in the side of her mouth, ever since she made that underaged XXX suck and fuck fest KICK ASS picture. ~ I know, be patient, I'm gonna have to wait until she is almost 16, when she finally gets her stick-shift driver's learner permit, and that ass licking shit. ~ GSR/TWN


Last week on Leno, Camy told Jay that a psychic once told her that a friend, [Obama], was going to stab her in the back. ~ Rihanna's harem number on SNL was a take on that painting of her going down on Gisele, that was hanging on the wall in Tom Brady's new Third World mansion, in THE LONELY GUY prophecy. ~ BE COOL's rap music Russian mobster wanna-be niggers are all wearing NBA sports jerseys. ~ You play me. I will play you. ~ Don't even think about head-faking me. It's too late to play games. ~ Could be that now is the time to update Catherine Zeta-Jones' DARLING BUDS OF MAY; too bad I don't have a copy. ~ GSR/TWN


I'LL HAVE ANOTHER's three-way ride came out of Ms Miley's gate 19 for the first time in history and fulfilled the James Bond 007 GOLD FINGER prophecy to the Crown of England. I AM already the de facto King of England, because it is my birthright in the revelation from the God of Israel; who produced, wrote, and directed 1991's KING RALPH prophecy. ~ You ride my ass. I'll ride your ass. ~ Your ass is grass. ~ Per the " the bar scenes in the Mr Relf prophecy where the Dude asks for another white skin Caucasian double that he loves to fuck no matter what. And then her grabs ass on those two MILLER bottles at the same D&C 89 words of wisdom bar at the end. [If you religious fags are not drinking from my brown fire brewed 12oz KING OF BEERS bottle from Lewis&Clark's St Louis, MO, then you are making a D&C 86 & 85 type mockery of the word of wisdom.] ~ Most of you probably don't even eat real old testiment style whole wheat.~ If you don't like to eat wheat grass, your cum wad from Wadobia, Africa in Sacha's new THE DICTATOR movie is probably going to come up short. ~ And then you will end up taking care of some bipolar retard child for the rest of your adult life. "Have it your way..." [THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets BURGER KING, circa 1986 meet's 2012's $1 dollar offer for two chicken fillets; i.e. 4 for two bucks.] ~ "Bet you just can't eat one." etc. etc.~ Oh yeah, think I'll have another... ~ My 70s era COSMO bed clock now reads 2:22, believe it or not. ~ Last night on SNL, my half Jew dictator sidekick from Africa was torturing Martin Scorsese with the same electricity they used on that man in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL who was plotting to kill the prince full of pride in D&C 85. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Tex Mex' Rep Paul just won the state that is shaped like a cut-off dog head. In confirmation of those 14 heads that were just dumped in front of the mayor-police offices in THE MATADOR's 2012 New Mexico prophecy. ~ The new MEN IN BLACK AND WHITE invasion sequel goes back to 1969; for Ms Ryder's 1969 Love Bus movie made in 1988 of course.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Here is a nice clip of Kristen Stewart getting her grass mowed by some big white ape with muscles and a Greek Orthodox crisi crucifixion of Christ tatoo icon at: ~ Note the beautiful fair skin, and the small supple breasts. ~ Sunday is the 5.6 anniversary of Joe's White Horse Prophecy in the 1976 LA prophecy called CAR WASH. ~ That SCREAM painting sold for 119.9 M as my MAN FROM AUNTIE post rolled out of London about the sale of my wife trapped inside of in her Lot 17 bird cage, circa 1966. ~ Medved joked about Linsay Lohan lying last week about sucker punching some bitch, before and after he was chronically lying over and over about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery. ~ In BE COOL's lame ass screenplay, Travolta's Chili Palmer 4runner doesn't even have the douche bagging balls to ask the film's Rihanna forerunner to suck his cock if she wants to get in on his long term contract deal. ~ "I sure hope he makes the [NBA] finals..." says the knit sweater King of the Cowboys at the end of Mr Relf's THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN


My Ms 409 fuck buddy showed up at the airport with her royal British pubic hair beard man in a gray No.9 top reference to those 9 illegal Barack Obama alien voters who were just lynched down in Mexico. Therefore, Leno did that bit about the prophetic gay nigger full of hard candy in BE COOL getting lynched, just before my sweet ass bitch came out in her tight little orange CAR WASH hand job jacket; with nice-and-tight-ass leather 15 year-pants. ~ The above Jen Anniston fantasy was then just confucked bog time by those new pix of Ms McCord showing up with Jen's look alike lover at: ~ You let me watch him fuck you, I'll let him watch me fucking you in Will Ferrel's SEMI-PRO prophecy about my sidekick getting a shot in the arm. ~ At the end of 05's GET SHORTY sequel called BE COOL, Chicago's future mulatto mob body guard homogaysexual appears on a huge fake looking LA billboard hugging the Hawaii born wife of that country music shorty from Australia; as if she is supposed to be his composite girlfriend. ~ Chloe's vampire blood festival transfiguration clip on Letterman featured a 70s era clip of Alice Cooper eating young underaged pussy pizza in WAYNE'S WORLD, Chicago. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, May 4, 2012


That Internet porn star named Nacho [Libre] is a douche bag version of that Branch Davidian figure from Fife, Tacoma in Jen Aniston's MANAGEMENT DVD extras; who has at least four pairs of wives. See him here fucking his physically transfigured blond Naomi Watts wife inside one of his several mobile blood extraction clinics in THE LONELY GUY at: ~ Which was confirmed Thursday night by Jimmy Fallon's inspired high school prom portrait bit showing Scar/let Joe Johnson sticking her tongue in my loney guy ear. While sporting that old style crucifixion nail on her 666 wrist tattoo that matched perfectly with the burn scar I got on my wrist Thursday evening when I pulled out a hot RED BARON [Sacha... Cohen] pizza from the oven. ~ [The Jews For Jesus who are fucking the Book of Mormon in the ass put a second-woe-nail into Jesus' wrist, because the first nail in his palm would not hold.] ~ GSR/TWN


The NYT is reporting that race is still a factor among many middle-of-the-road neo con Reagan Democrat Rhinos like Michael Medved. Who still refuse to tell us the truth about my Tarzan sidekick prelude to the coming elephant stampede situation in the new 666 Casablanca occupation by alien invaders; just because the pretend president is an African born nigger from the new Jewish comedy called THE DICTATOR, per: ~ Talk about your typical kiss-ass Hollywood Jew movie reviewer. ~ Kind of like that Third Way fag with the short hair die job who showed up on Letterman's political satire show by and for smarty pants Third Wayers. Who thought that he was being so clever and cute for ridiculing the illegal regulation of politics that he has always supported. ~ NEWS FLASH: Obama is just as illegal and unconstitutional as is Social Security and Medicare. Get the picture? ~ This is the same picture on the wall of that transsexual nigger with the big Jew nose getting lynched in the opening shots of THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. That was just confirmed by those same 9 Eva Longoria Mexicans who were lynched south of the border in GET THE GRINGO meets THE THREE AMIGOS meets Cinco de Mayonais. ~ Then Chloe Grace came out and showed us a clip from her new vampire movie about the physical transfiguration. Where she fucks me and you know who in a Bermuda Triangle three-way race to the finish. ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Turns out that my new German Santa Claus Christmas tree goatee is mostly white on the chin. In confirmation of what I look like when I'm eating out underaged pussy on my 91' Scientology cult yacht off the docks at Cannes, and the white creme del creme is running down my chin. ~ You eat me. I will eat your young daughters. ~ The reason why apostate Christians, with short post Nazi 1950s haircuts, want to make polygamy illegal in Texas is because monogamy is basically the same thing as gay marriage, in spirit. ~ This being the spirit of the devil of the great and abominable church of the devil in D&C 86 who has taken over the Mormon church in SLC, UT. ~ You force-feed me lies, I will shove the truth down your perverted DEEP THROAT religion at . ~ When Commissioner Bel shows up for duty in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, he has white pigeon shit all over his black pants; that looks like Bill Clinton style 1999 cum stains. ~ You don't like me. I don't like you. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My GET THE GRINGO's Branch Davidian 500k payment in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL was made in the form of a 666 Internet payoff under the table, on the down low, that was released right when I found the very same used GET SHORTY sequel at GOODWILL for 2.99, entitled BE COOL. ~ So on Leno, we saw that Mel's Mexican BOOK OF MORMON movie was about Clint Eastwood talking on the phone in 1976 to my French wife look alike in CAR WASH. ~ Believe it, during the entire fire years that I was "married" to my Germanic French wife from Epinal, France, I only got one hand job. ~ No wonder that David Arquett is still in love with Courtney Cox. ~ There is nothing more appealing than a cold hearted beautiful woman, who doesn't really want you around that much. Nevertheless, there is so much love in her heart for your pathetic condition, that she will give you a handy on the Howard Stern show of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Because you are so fucking drunk, but not with wine. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


In the wee hours of May Day 2012, I re-watched THE AVENGERS's May Day 666 fertility post episode from 1966. Featured on the new knit sweater cover of ELLE magazine's new Kristen Stewart image. The one that has "A genuine [Mel] Gibson painting!!" that he had to sell in order to meet his $20,000 dollars a month after-tax payments to the new 666 beast who is acting on behalf of the Russian whore who is the same ICONic mother of the MOTHER OF WHORES who rides his beloved dead mother's Catholic Church monster, now located upon the seven hills of his church in ROMA. ~ The 1966 episode about that black plastic fake German squirt-gun, that ejaculates onto the ARKWRIGHT knitting circle of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller et al, that was just a Woody Allenish THE FRONT prophecy about Gregory Granny's future assassin in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, was final confirmation of my Tuesday morning dream at 6:22 about me leaning against a stonewall while Kristen Stewart gave me a nice firm hand job. Which felt sooo good, that when I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and then re-opened them, I saw that my 22 year-old wife who was squeezing my cock so nicely had miraculously turned into my 22 year-old wife Emma Watson. ~ That implied Will Ferral look alike assassin traitor from Orange, Cal at the end of THE DAY OF THE JACKAL is half Jew of course. The same one who always shows up at all those gay ass Hollywood fundraisers for my half Jew Zoo sidekick. It takes one to know one. For instance, Emma Peel's lot 17 cage scene back in 66 was a Bronx Zoo cage confirmation of Charlize Theron's compliments about Ms Stewart's HAPPY ENDING back massage skills. On May Day inside WAL*MART, I walked by the spot where that sexy 16 year-old Miley Cyrus standee usually is standing, but it was now gone, and in it's place was the cutesy little fat stuffed monkey boy that you ever saw. ~ GSR/TWN