Saturday, June 30, 2012


All things considered, the next big hair blond Bond Girl with new lower-budget NPR production values should definitely be some kind of a post 1980s, retro 1970s, 90210 remake soft porn star who looks like a slightly-off Annalynne McCord looker. ~ Because whoever they cast as number '24's 007 lover, she is going to have to have an almost permanent looking celestial si-fi body that is so other-worldly freaky-deaky that she could care less if I AM is fucking her way younger Chloe and Hailee sisters in the movie on my WILD THINGS meets THUNDERBALL sailor dog yacht at the same time. ~ When Washington State's Pierce County, Bonnie Lake, figure named Greg meets THE WOMAN IN RED prophecy; while she was sitting in my symbolic red 1970s ALFA Spider, [Think Spiderman meets Emma Stone.] the rain was pouring down around the Seattle region, while she was flashing me the traditional GSR\TWN index finger come on boner icon. [My own 6.66" boner leans ever so slightly to the left. You can't really tell unless you study it for a few seconds.] Therefore the film's Kate Holmes babe on board the TWA no.111 jet had a Colorado COORS can on her tray; in confirmation of the A LOT LIKE LOVE scene where she suddenly fucks me in her ALITALIA toilets. ~ Which is why Teddy Pierce went to an RL boutique earlier and got measured for his future temple whites that he was going to be wearing during the upcoming physical transfiguration fuck fest that the 1984 allegory was all about; metaphorically speaking. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Last night I had a stormy dream that Jennifer Anniston is never going to let me fuck her, and her girlfriend too, if I don't continue blogging about the importance of paying tithing. ~ We see those 3 black church number 33 negro ladies walking on Jackson street right before my half Jew stops at the future REV.16 NEW UNION place at number 301 in THE WOMEN IN RED prophecy, circa 1984. After we see Kate Holmes serving COORS on the TWA flight to L.A. the movie cuts to a 'fasten your seat belts' warning. ~ THE WOMAN IN RED's future Gisele Bundchen super model lives on the 9th floor in the Bay City, Mass, where her husband is standing out on a ledge at the end, and can hear yours truly fucking his wife in between flights to ROMA and Milano, via London. ~ AM's last time-stamp at wiki came in at 19:51, at:

Friday, June 29, 2012


THE WOMAN IN RED's look alike prophecy about Donatella Greco came out in the same year when my naive half Jewish protagonist forerunner did not understand that he was supposed to be fucking all four of the nice women featured in the movie. Hence, the 1984 plot's Gay Area location that represented the basic homogaysexual nature of apostate [church lady] Christian monogamy. Wherein the gorgeous Donatella is married to one of her future ALITALIA airline pilot lovers. ~ I finally watched THE WOMAN IN RED Friday morning, after pondering all those new sexy red dress pix of Britney Spears. ~ That surprisingly ended with the German speaking Jessica Biel look alike fact that men who are married with children make the ladies pretty horny. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: My half Jew protagonist in THE WOMAN IN RED makes a quick stop at street number 301 in Obama's Gay Area in confirmation of the future sheriff press conference in Arizona on 3.01 that makes my half-breed TRUE GRIT co-star so hot to trot.


That dumb Jew fuck who almost got dragged to death in Africa, like some dirty nigger being dragged behind a pickup in rural Texas, was definitely my cue to watch 1972's DELIVERANCE prophecy about the end of the 42 months of non-stop butt fucking of the more righteous Christians in the south; by George Clooney et al. ~ You try to dirty my bitch Jennifer Anniston, and I will dirty up your bitch in Washington, DC long time. ~ Per the "weekend warriors" movie that was made in the same place where Justin and her made their last cfake nudist colony movie down around Mountain City, Georgia. [Think Colorado Springs] ~ My royal throne's DREAM LOVER prophecy was released on the 5.6 anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy in 1994. ~ GSR/TWN


That lying fat cat International marxist Jew brother was sentenced in federal court the day after the homosexual federal court in DC Jewed America with their half Jew decision in support of the Jewish 1290 days abomination of desolation deception. Too bad that all those stupid white southern goyim in the Bible Belt are just too unsophisticated and unlearned to get it. ~ Therefore, it is now time for them to die and be born again. ~ In confirmation of the REV.16 breakup of America that was just confirmed by the ground shaking surprise breakup of the stars of DAWSON CREEK and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. ~ Who have been sharing a mountain lodge estate in the highlands of Obama's burning Colorado for the past 5 years of the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25 etc. ~ For a second witness, the con men insiders in the Jew York City stock market just Jewed up the numbers even more on the day after their Jewish brothers had fucked America in the ass, on behalf of their beloved queer one in DANIEL 9 meets REV.9. ~ For yet another second Israelite witness, some American scientist Jew was grabbed by one of his PLANET OF THE APES Hollywood extras in Charlize' South Africa and dragged for a mile or so. On the very same day that the USA 666 court sided with my illegal alien sidekick from Africa in the occupied CASABLANCA. ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My French speaking wife divorce period movie, FOXES, opens with Mel Gibson's future line-leader wife Jodie Foster wearing a T-shirt that says "I ATE THE WHOLE THING". In confirmation of that recent X rated sex education video I posted on this blog that showed her Chloe Moretz protege sucking on my cock in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets 007 #24. Which basically will just be an undeclared low budget rip off remake of my own private LIVE AND LET DIE prophecy. ~ Based on that rebuilt 1958ish mulatto pickup with a new paint job that Jodie's character drives in FOXES. [Black on the outside, white on the inside.] Like in the scene where she comes to visit her future CATCH THAT KID hero in the preemptive art film movie who is spraying his white cum frosting all over those Christmas trees. Which looks like he is spraying them with a fire extinguisher hose. ~ Therefore, the prophetic movie ends with the two witnesses' lyrics that tell us about when the two will be "...on the radio..." for 1260 days in REV.11 etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: A LOT LIKE LOVE opened "seven years ago" in 2005. ~ Yeah I know; Sandra Bullock, and Elizabeth Hurley, and Demi Moore are all on the same cock sucking level as Jodie Foster and Chloe Moretz and Miley Cyrus are. I'm just trying to make a point here.


I watched A LOT LIKE LOVE the day before the surprising news about Norah Ephron dying at 71 from blood cancer. That opens with the future REV.12 baby diapers full-of-shit CEO on the 666 Internet buying a White Horse Prophecy "OKLAHOMA" T-shirt from some alien looking light skin transsexual in NYC for $20. ~ Then the day after, the new lesbian dominated Greek Temple court of the new Sodom and Egypt declared that the day 1290 abomination of desolation was in fact a Divine confirmation of the homogaysexual prince in DANIEL 11:20; "Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle." ~ For a second witness, I saw 1993's DREAM LOVER prophecy on Thursday morning about the beautiful REV.17 woman in pearls who had deceived her naive Brat Pitt and Sean Penn lovers. ~ This being the new born again spirit of the London Olympics that was originally born in Berlin during the passionate 1930s Third Way era. That so inspired FDR that he immediately abandoned his conservative principles and became the new champion of today's dominant reformed Marxist culture. ~ All those flaming wind blown Olympic torches that have been falling down upon the new Air Force Academy of Sodom and Egypt in Obama's Colorado are a Providential prelude to what is now at the doors of the latter-day Judea cited in MARK 13:14. ~ You Jew me. I will Jew you times four. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: The royal throne of Judah in London is a Jewish branch of modern day 1290 Israel; which was only known as the Kingdom of Judah in the days of Daniel. The Israel invasion prophecy in EZE.38 etc is about Israel, not Judah. You have been had.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The body of that 666 year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in Utah was found on the very same day that the de facto homosexual Repliplant Orin Hatch was overwhelmingly nominated to be in the new beast's fascistic post ten-crowns Roman FDR coin Senate of the new Sodom and Egypt in the New Jerusalem of the new rewritten Book of Mormon, per: ~ You kidnap and abuse my innocent little white skin daughters of Israel, I AM will do the same thing to you like he did to Elizabeth Smart et al. ~ Take a hike all you phony church lady priesthood holder faggots. ~ In the 1979-80 FOXES prophecy, Jodie Foster is definitely the polygamist line-leader lady of the future. Whose daddy was going to be up in the Seattle area for just awhile, and then come back down to California and rescue all of her horses. Per the inspired film's long hair Jesus Christ super star dude at the plot's Big Lebowski checkout scene named Greg. Then one of my four 16 year-old virgins gets married to Randy Quaid in the end, even though she was directly responsible for trashing his House of Israel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: TMZ just posted BLADE RUNNER's look alike Replicant Republicant killer from the future in Dallas, Texas, at: ~ Here is the report about that 66 year-old Obama supporter who was sodomizing two year olds during the Gay Pride Month celebrations at the White House and at the Pentagon, at: ~ Thank you David Letterman, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Willis, John McCain, President Gordon B Hinckley, and President Monson too, and Michael Medved, and everybody at National Review, etc. If only you had been man enough to tell us the truth about my butt fucking sidekick Barack Obama. Sadly, your 42 months period of 666 probation is almost up, at:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Orson Wells did not appear in his F FOR soft porno movie prophecy until he began to look more like yours truly, circa 2012. You can count on one hand the number of screen actors out there who know how to ham it up as big as he did on camera; when he was pre-boning Miley Cyrus and Ms Dakota in my future movie trailers in between takes. Not counting my rather older wives, like Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton, who still got it, all these years later. ~ When you cast yours truly in your next soft porn whatever 1970s exploitation remake, you're gonna have to put out for at least two very big additional trailers on the set up, in order to take care of all my post 1290 days era business, like at: ~ I shit you not. Since you thought that you could shit me, and then suddenly you got flushed down the shitter yourself. ~ What goes around always comes around. No matter who you think that you are. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the latest Sandra Bullock CRASH movie confirmation of the big nigger baby who has the queer voice of a REV.17 woman. Who thought that he was my Mac daddy, but suddenly he found out that I AM is actually the Mac Daddy of them all, at: ~ Jodie Foster's 4 virgins in her 1980 prophecy represent the two pairs of virgins who I AM is going to give to Mel Gibson. After I AM kills off all of his mainstream media Jew fuck international bankers in MARK 13:14 etc. No wonder the man has sired so many beautiful daughters.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Believe me, I would love to give Justin Timberlake my German Hebrew wife in a double virgin teenager horse trade, who was just born again on 3.03. But as of yet, he too is still too gay to get in touch with me about it. So now I guess that I get to keep her for my own private German trout fishing highlander lakes wife, at: ~ You better think twice, if you believe that I AM is just going to forget about her, and move on to my next crazy GSR/TWN post. ~ Everything that I like belongs to me, and will be protected and preserved by me; whether you like it or not. ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The LDS 'Bishop meets King 7' in the 1991 upgrade about my own private 2BC 91 prophecy about GREGORY'S GIRL taking over England and Canada; after Keira Knightley's Knight takes the Queen at the Wimbledon tennis court bloodshed. That is set to start on the Australian wedding anniversary of Nicole Kidman and her prophetic Knoxville, Tennessee shorty figure in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDMEMBER. ~ During the prophetic 2012 Abraham Lincoln civil war, the middle of the road borderline Republicant state of Tennessee was a place where many a bisexual man could go either way. ~ If you turn off the video on any Mitt Romney speech, and any Barack Obama talk, it's quite shocking how the effeminate tone of their two voices sound so similar. ~ GSR/TWN


The LSD Republicants in the updated 2BC 91 director's cut of BLADE RUNNER have to die according to the 1982 movie's White Horse Prophecy vision; that was a manifestation of the traditional white horse unicorn emblem of the lost tribe of Ephraim. That is the same Kingdom of Israel cited in the EZE.38 prophecy about the invasion of Dallas, Texas by the illegal aliens in the White House who Glenn Beck et al are trying their best to ignore. But their hard to get act ain't exactly working out like they hoped that it would. ~ "Wake up!.. Time to die!!" is exactly what the Glenn Beck look atype says to my Harrison Ford hero in all those day 1290 pagan temple movies, right before one of my many NEXUS 666 wives fires a bullet into his grassy knoll forehead, metaphorically speaking. ~ And then my code named 'Sean Young' wife suggests to me that maybe she should "...go north..." to Bonnie Lake, Washington, in search of the physical transfiguration longevity that she has been haunted by for the past four years. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That 4.2 earthquake at Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, on the opening day of LOOKING FOR A FRIEND AT THE END OF THE WORLD, was confirmation of the earthquake there when this aquamarine waters cfake appeared on 5.9 at: ~ Don't get me wrong; it's still OK to party all night long on your long sailboat, as long as you are paying your tithing to all the poor kids in Chad, Africa, etc. Here is that sexy tall blond Republicant Israelite bitch with the night thief raccoon mascara, who is still stuck in the nigger sewers of Detroit, at: ~ Just because you all still love the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of Martin Luther King Jr, doesn't mean that his niggers are gonna love you back. On the contrary, my 1970s LIVE AND LET DIE movie star niggers have a long history of hating on stupid white suburban queers. ~ Mitt Romney's messianic involvement with saving the Mormon's United Nations Olympics in Utah was a London, England prophecy confirmation of that new Gordon B Hinckley Chair for English Literature at the U.U. of course.


It's now very clear that Mitt Romney's polite high society Republicans are still in political party-cult mode when you see them acting like the same mysterious church lady woman in REV.17 that they claim to oppose, at: ~ These are the same "Replicant" Democrat Republican look alikes in 1982's BLADE RUNNER prophecy. ~ Who are willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way in order to preserve the illegal 666 medical systems that they hope will extend their lives for just a few more years. ~ Obviously, Sandusky was a Republican Replicant Barack Obama wanna-be on the down low too; just like the current Speaker of the House code named Mr Boner. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, June 22, 2012


The more that the satanic stuck-up PC media complains about me having hot monkey sex with my under-aged LAST TANGO IN PARIS wives, the more fun we have with them, like at: ~ Keep taking the equal rights queer bait and see what happens. ~ In the Bible Belt scriptures for hillbilly simpletons, the ancient city of Sodom was destroyed by fiery icons shooting down from heaven; that were a prophetic descriptive metaphor of the atomic missiles with fiery tails on their ass that would come down and burn to death all of those who believe that Obama is the new black exploitation movie Jesus hero in LIVE AND L/ET DIE, etc. ~ See what I mean about the violent and fiery death of all you African American birther deniers, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTE: This is what it means in the Bible to tread upon the righteous in the Bible Belt for 42 months, at: ~ The reason why I only get $8M plus in walking money at the end of WILDTHINGS is because I have to pay a 10% tithe to the United Order; plus I have some back bills and old child support payments to make, which ad up to the usual annual high interest type of 12% usury fees on my 666 interest. ~ I kid you not. I often go to bed in the very exact same denim shorts that Miss Montana is wearing above.


In Br Troxell's CATCH THAT KID! Mormon family movie prophecy, the two black 42 line Pitt bulls, who were given the higher priesthood of Judah and Ephraim during the hight of the 1970s black exploitation movies, live in a dog house with the number '301' above it's door. In confirmation of the TRUE GRIT sheriff in Arizona who finally exposed the birth certificate forgery of the abomination of desolation on 3.01. ~ So now it is all over but the shouting inside of that tall white United Nations building in the heart of Salt Lick City, Utah. ~ When the childish and naive Bruce Troxell figure is flirting with the REV.17 whore of Babylon in CATCH THAT KID finally gets his "...starring role." that he always knew was coming in his heart of hearts, before it would all be over in Bonney Lake, Washington, USA, circa 2012. ~ Hence, the ominous TAXI DRIVER lines that he is always rehearsing in the prophetic 2004 family values movie. ~ Because in CATCH THAT KID! the big 666 bank heist is going to happen during one of those future lavish high society parties for Barack Obama and his Jewish blood sucking red capitalist pigs like Wienstein and Spielberg. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Best media hoax ever, at: ~ Those two black Nazi dogs chase after the half white man-child above, who represents the future's lying little nigger boy named Obama, because the kid has no respect for the Bible Belt's more civilized white Christians in 1972's DELIVERANCE who at least uphold the U.S. Constitution's God given rights to assassinate any and all foreign or domestic enemies of freedom. ~ Here is the link that I knew we would be seeing after I watched WILDTHINGS's swamp fox movie, at: ~ Wherein I take my usual before 666 tax fee and then set Neve Campbell et al free; after she settles up with my presiding bishop at the United Order. [You're not going to get to be 29 again for free.] So that Rihanna's poverty stricken children down in the Caribbean also have something to look forward to. ~ Who wants to party all night long on some luxury WILDTHINGS yacht off the coast of Capri, or Friday Harbor, if you know in the back of your mind that there are kids out there starving to death? ~ Here is the direct time-line confirmation of those two Jew York City canine niggers in CATCH THAT KID! at; ~ At the end of my own private WILDTHINGS prophecy, my poisonous Jewish bitch, Neve Campbell, fucks me so hard on my royal RL SAILOR DOG yacht that I actually die and go to doggie heaven; double FFing Scotch on the rocks in hand of course, and all that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I still can't wait to see BLADE RUNNER's follow up to my moody cold-hearted 666 robo-bitch who so royally fucked me over four ways to Wednesday in the year before it was made. However, now I'm told that I still need to watch 1998's WILDTHINGS meets 1998's THE WEDDING SINGER's prophecy about how I AM is going to rip off today's 666 bankers who are behind the NYT's never-ending day 1290 romance hoax. That is if, I ever want to get my moody half Scottish Neve Campbell wife and my moody Denise Richards wife in bed with my Bill Murray stand-in forerunner at the same time in the above old TEACHERS' pet prophecy that was filmed down in Florida. That was just tipped off for me on Thursday by MOODY'S new downgrade of all those third way mother-fucker bankers in the iconic film who are now behind Barack Obama et al, at: AND: ~ GSR/TWN


The ethnic looking Jew boy with brown eyes in 1998's THE WEDDING SINGER paints yours truly as a plural wife chasing idiot, without any genuine rationale behind his more mature and manly instincts, in this phony gay ass 1980s Reagan Republican haircut movie about marrying such a stupid immature spoiled brat bitch like a Drew Barrymore. But that was not the only amazing inspiration from God behind this blockbuster romantic comedy in 1998. Which turned out to be all about the death of the movie's entire genre in the story's climactic day 1290 song that goes, "Somebody kill me!.. please!!... Put a bullet in my head!..." After he finally realized that his wedding engagement was just another, "...god damn joke!" I.e. total, "BULLSHIT!" ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Watch my 1970s era adulterous wife, who is fucking her shorty fuck figure in Hillsboro, Oregon, before you jump to any crazy conclusions, at: ~ Part of the reason why you are laughing at me is the fact that you love the devil more than you love I AM. ~ Anyway, I was all set to watch my new BLADE RUNNER DVD when God told me that I should first watch my Adam Sandler set up VHS tape called THE WEDDING SINGER. ~ Timing is everything when you are a horny half Jew boy who is looking for a girlfriend to fuck forever at the end of the world. ~ GSR/TWN


On Wednesdays, you get 10% off on everything at THE CHECKOUT. That is if you check out before high noon. ~ Where I found my born again BLADE RUNNER prophecy about me fucking all of my crazy future Sean Young [again] 666 wives who are going to die in my arms and go to heaven with me before it's all over for them and their new 666 beastie boys boyfriends. Whose REV.17 Israelite grandmothers died during WWII, but were then miraculously born again after Pearl Harbor, Hawaii meets Washington, DC. ~ These are the ten leaders in the day 1260+1290+1335+2200+2300+2400 days chronology in DANIEL, who began to rebuild the new and improved beast that would dominate the entire world starting with the first one known as FDR. Whose face replaced the face of Lady Liberty on the ten cent coin that represented these very same ten unconstitutional 666 dictators. ~ In other words, you are a completely irrational loony if you still believe that the day 1290 abomination of desolation was born in Hawaii. And so now it's time for the metaphorical gas chambers in the new Germany where they send people who are mentally and spiritually and sexually retarded. ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I finally figured out the full meaning of my vivid dream in 2004 about me holding onto Cameron Diaz's big toe, while all her pet dog girlfriends at Charlize Theron's house in the hills were bringing me gifts. ~ In the 2004 'G' rated Mormon movie revelation entitled CATCH THAT KID, my future gentile sidekick says, "There she is, my leading lady." ~ Who we know is the little future African born street smart liar from the streets of Chicago when we see him in his round table shaped [Oval Office] living room; decorated with a Hawaii volcano centerpiece on a game table, positioned directly underneath his alien UFO chandelier, surrounded by various objects like his African mask icon inside of his modernist home's homogaysexual stonewall architecture. ~ Which my LDS kiddie movie's Bruce Troxell look alike figure from BYU finally figures out once he has the same excruciating $250,000 back operation that George C-looney had. ~ Hence, my Justin Bieber anima persona in the pre-Obama movie is wearing a red top that says, "How not to get caught" in the movie's prophetic Oval Office scenes. Shortly before he drives under Barack Obama's garage parking guard on the down low, who is distracted by the Republican Party's iconic Bart Simpson polite idiot cartoon on his [security tv monitor] about the widely known homogaysexual in the Oval Office. Who apparently everybody knows about except them. And who likes to show his butt to the kiddies when nobody is looking. ~ No coincidence therefore, that the Sandusky, Ohio, trial has been going down during gay pride month. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: In THE MAN WITH THE GOLD COCK prophecy, Sienna Miller suddenly shows up in Bond's hotel room in a mini length pregnancy outfit. After her hard-to-get act didn't work out, and she confesses how weak she is and is always holding her heart on her sleeve. [Think Elizabeth Hurley getting pregnant by fucking Steven Bing on his private jet.] In Miss SS 409's fast go-go girl carts prophecy called CATCH THAT KID, I tell my Tarzana, Africa monkey sidekick from the future's gentile Austin, Texas that, "You're gonna be our best man." In confirmation of PEOPLE's new PLANET OF THE APES darkie wedding cover. ~ Camy got her big acting break in Jim Carey's cute doggie MASK prophecy about the Chicago mob meets THE CABLE GUY, circa 2012. Where he sets me up for free with the cutest hooker that you ever saw.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Walking up to the checkout at WAL*MART with my latest batch of DVDs, including Kristen Stewart's naive and innocent 'from-the-mouth-of-babes' prophecy about her mulatto sidekick in CATCH THAT KID, which is about Obama's illegal 666 scheme to rob 666 Peter to pay for 666 Paul's 666 doctor bills, Granny Grass picked up the latest REV.17 mystery woman issue of PEOPLE; remarking, "I don't know who he is... He sure looks like a weirdo!" ~ In the first act of my own private Idaho prophecy entitled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, we see an iPAD photo of the British comedian dictator movie star on the desk of the head of M16. ~ The belly dancer with the gold bullet in her tummy in the 1974 movie represents my wife's upcoming belly dancer movie, co-starring Sienna Miller, via Chinatown, Chicago, USA. ~ Barack Obama is the gold bullet to the forehead that is going to kill Mitt Romney et al; metaphorically speaking. ~ Hell, for all I know, Mitt Romney is going to be the new paralyzed wheelchair bound leader of the Tea Party, and his born again FDR wheelchair vice president running mate-sidekick suck buddy will be Barack himself. What? You never saw a Federico Fellini movie when you were growing up and going to college? ~ Bond toasts Sienna in my early LDS missionary accent Italiano, about the time when we would meet in the future, at the end of my Siena, Italia FFer mission. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Rod King drowned in confirmation of the forces of Egypt and Sodom drowning in the REV.13:1 Red Sea, circa 2012. ~ They say that the most colorful and beautiful tropical fish in the world live in the Red Sea. The same kind that were on display in DR NO's 1962ish Chicago-LA hills PLAYBOY mansion swimming pool bar scenes.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Rod King, 47, just drowned in his dirty backyard pool in the Golden State in confirmation of 007's encounter with the Chew Me [ Miami] whore in the pool circa 1974's THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Where he was looking for the "Solex Agitator" of the future who would be the Third Way red chinatown capitalist fascist agi-prop Marxist from Chicago, via FANTASY ISLAND, who is behind today's 666 solar energy plot. ~ My own private James Bond matrimony movie starts out with my British look alike wife named Rosie Huntington-Whitely playing the look alike lover of James Bond's look alike assassin hunter for hire; a.k.a. Mr Scar. Pretty soon the asshole who is fucking her in the ass kills her off. ~ Meanwhile, the film's Sienna Miller look alike, Miss Goodnight, played by Britt Ekland, pops out of the closet, in a jealous fit, and returns back to her perfect bikini form, before she can say that her 'hard to get' act was all just a silly girl misunderstanding. ~ Because Mr Scar once killed the man who had killed his beloved African bull elephant Republican mascot who was trampling on the U.S. Constitution for the sake of the African born Barack Obama abomination of desolation. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: In 1974's prophetic THE MAN WITH THE GOLDMEMBER movie, the old high society head of M16 tells Bond that there are a lot of jealous husbands and chefs out there who would like to kill him, "...the list is endless..." ~ The Chinatown SAILOR DOG boat's flag at the end signals an 'S' above it's deck that stands for Sienna. Which I get to see after the film's climatic GET SHORTY finale. ~ The best scene in DR NO is when my Jennifer Garner alias spy and I get sent through the physical transfiguration's decontamination process. Where we each get younger and younger by the minute, after my dragon sidekick genius, who was hated on both sides, had pulled us both out of the [Seattle Slew] swamp. ~ I would agree to Quentin Tarantino directing the next James Bond movie; but only if the director would be allowed to cast his choice of a younger 29ish 007. That said, I probably would put some indie film studio pressure on him to make Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld the next movie's ridiculously underaged Bond Girls.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Everybody has their favorite 007 movie. Most critics would say that GOLDFINGER and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE are the two best. My own private Idaho favorite is the Manchurian candidate assassin prophecy that came out in the same year I got married; entitled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ Which takes place on a future FANTASY ISLAND in the Yellow Sea, that stands in for Chinatown, Chicago meets Honolulu, Hawaii. ~ Plus, it helps that this secret 007 agent is a rather older British actor, who is still good looking. And his prophetic antagonist in the 1974 bang cock prophecy is clearly a sidekick representation of my own stand-in double mother-fucker in the White House who will be fucking America's apostate Christian Mormons along the 42 latitude line in the ass until the cows come home around July 20, 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINK: ~ NOTE: The Church of the Devil is presided over by the new liberal 666 fascist "accuser" in REV.12 etc. Case in point: ~ FAMOUS 1260 DAYS QUOTES: "I'm the bad guy?.." Michael Douglas in 1993's FALLING DOWN, at:


TRUE GRIT's mormon sheriff from Arizona has been asked to testify against the homogayhomos at the NYT and WASHINGTON POST in that JUDICIAL WATCH court case down in Florida, about their birth certificate media hoax. ~ As confirmed by the day 1290 illegal alien in the Oval Office who just granted amnesty to 800k illegals on the same 8.4 birth certificate dated headlines in the NYT No.55,804. ~ You destroy my country. I will destroy your country. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, June 15, 2012


The amazing Spider-man look alike who wrote the screenplay for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sequel showed up in Roma sporting a little bit of the prophetic royal Lord Gray Tarzana, Cal look, where Hailee Steinfeld was born in 1996, looking like the star of her next XXX hot monkey teen sex movie at: ~ AND: ~ Don't kid yourself. Not only I AM is already the King of England, I AM is already married to my virgin bareback riding co-star in TRUE GRIT meets THE HORSE WHISPERER movie, that was made in Miley Montana. [Where I AM the only undefeated royal line of Judah 007 stud who will sire Scarlett Johansson during the upcoming Messianic era; per my prophetic Seattle Slew mount at; ] At least that was my impression the other night when Jesus told me that Michael Douglas et al was a "horse's ass". ~ GSR\TWN ~ I'm thinking that 1985's A VIEW TO A KILL prophecy is a part of the Divine inspiration behind Woody Allen's PLAY IT AGAIN SAM sequel.


My other sexy virgin teenager wife-to-be showed up on camera in her finest temple whites at the same time that JT and Jen showed up in ROMA, circa 2012. For a pre-publicity tour of the ancient pagan Christian LDS temple scenes in Woody Allen's new movie prelude about his next movie production in Ken Keisler's San Francisco. ~ May I recommend the traditional homemade ripe heirloom tomato pasta sauces at that little place next to the Vatigan City wall? Where the trattoria's wife-waitress always looks so depressed that she wants to kill herself, if you don't tip her off, at: ~ Also try that cheap, but very generous size pizza-by-the-slice joint next to the ancient Greek panthean sun god temple; located just up the street from the HOTEL SOLE. Believe me, I know what I AM is talking about. The local place is usually full of hot underaged teen babes who both of you can hook up with for a night for only a few hundred euros. ~ Fuck Amsterdam. Most of these young Italian missionary position babes are way more clean looking, and have been raised in homes with traditional virtues. Unlike those dirty pagan Israelites up north. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: Ms Steinfeld's pearly white iconic Catholic Church top with gold plated art represents my own Mr Sunshine image on the cat walk in Fellini's surreal FFing missionary movie called ROMA. Behind my above sidekick in TRUE GRIT, we can see the inspired 'Young' references to the murder of Barack Obama's LDS church choir director, named Donald Young, who was martyred on the anniversary of Joseph Smith's birthday; in confirmation of his White Horse Prophecy about today's abomination of desolation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The Oklahoma City area earthquakes are starting up again, mostly in nearby REV.16 Lincoln County; where Barack Obama's I-44 landmark commences. ~ When you see the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, you will see all those rich Jews having a big party at Sarah's luxurious home in Jew York City, NY. ~ SEX AND THE CITY 2 took place in Lybia, for the naive liberal couple who got double crossed there by Barack Obama's illegal NATO invaders in Bruce Willis' remake of THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. ~ You invade the Third World, the Third World will invade you. And then you will wake up and humble yourself before the God of Israel's special purpose white people. Who are going to trample you to death under their feet like a raging herd of elephants in some 1930s neo Nazi Tarzan movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Last night, the sexy prophetic 19ish looking co-star from New Scotland, Canada, first seen on screen in my own private 1951 ROYAL WEDDING prophecy, appeared on Craig Ferguson in full costume. That was meant to match up with his hilarious new darker monologue hairdo homages to the early 50s and 60s era James Bond novels and movies that were starred by a typically tall dark and handsome Jewish Scotsman. ~ Turned out later in the latest movie clip news, that she was also there to co-promote Keira Knightly's upcoming Russian period piece, that she says looks like some Roman Fellini movie, per:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Any believable sequel to the fabulously successful NOTTING HILL 1999 movie would definitely have to be about the upcoming physical transfiguration on some level. Otherwise, God is not going to give you the $55,000,000 plus that you would need to make it a viable A-list project. ~ I'm thinking the second movie opens with Hugh Grant still happily married to Julia Roberts. And then her American niece, now played by Emma Roberts, comes over to London on some USC semester-abroad program. Which ends up with her and her coed roomy, Emma Watson, in bed with Hugh at the same time. ~ Then his aging, but still good looking wife Julia Roberts, finds out what exactly is going on, some 12 years later. And surprise-surprise, plot-twist upon plot-twist, the entire situation comedy turns out to be a huge soft porn turn on that makes her feel young again. Even though she didn't like it at first. Per my own personal private Scottish GREGORY'S GIRL sequel about GREGORY'S GIRLS's amazingly original prequel to FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. That almost nobody ever saw coming, circa 2012. As confirmed by me finding a used copy of Debra Messing's THE WEDDING DATE for half price off at GOODWILL; right before the news broke that she was getting divorced from that guy that she had tied the knot with right after NOTTING HILL came out. ~ GSR/TWN PS; Somehow, I see Sandra Bullock in bed with the above project. Since her and Hugh had such great chemistry together in TWO WEEKS NOTICE, etc.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


That prophetic George W Bush figure who is on the phone to Texas, seated next to Obama at the Hawaii space command branch, appears at the beginning of 1967's YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, not THUNDERBALL. ~ Note that Bush reports the loss of "scope" among the faint hearted sons of Israel in 2 NEPHI 8, etc.


GREGORY'S GIRL showed up on Jimmy Fallon Monday night with at least ten pounds too much on her otherwise wonderfully long legs. For a sign from God that my royal spoiled brat from England is still too spiritually and intellectually lazy to get on her JOHNNY WALKER red label tread mill and walk off a few pounds of her ANIMAL FARM bacon. ~ Divine Spiritual Enlightenment will never come to you as a friend at the end of the world, unless you make the effort to spread your legs and welcome him with open arms. Faith without fucking me in the flesh is dead. Especially if you are a cold Jewish bitch who doesn't want me to know about your dirty little 666 Internet secrets. ~ Those TIGER football college team players who were gunned down in Alabama represented that tiger at the Lincoln Zoo in CODE OF SILENCE. ~ Dr Evil's volcano lair in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE has a retracting roof, like so many of today's sports stadiums have; something that nobody back in 1967 would have ever thought about; think about it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: Yeah yeah, I know, the above notes are a bit offensive. I only post stuff like that because it makes my halfbreed concubines so hot. Who God has commanded us in the 2bc to treat the same way as you would a wife. Especially a wife who would love to let you fuck her all you want; just as long as you promise to give her whatever she needs and wants in return.


They now think that the THUNDERBALL yacht report about 9 people being injured was some kind of a hoax confirmation about the 9th court out in the Gay Area; which has pretty much become the farm team for all of the abomination of desolation's hoaxers on the courts who are trying to protect the illegal alien from Hawaii who has no birth certificate. ~ Per the society of stateless persons front in LAST TANGO IN PARIS that we see in the opening sequence of THUNDERBALL 2. ~ That is George W. Bush sitting next to my black sidekick with goatee at Hawaii's JUPITER 16 branch base in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE; on the phone to Walker County, Texas once they realized that the unidentified alien from outer space was for real. ~ The bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City was a prelude of course. Which occurred just west of all those strange Lincoln County earthquakes, where today's I-44 commences; that runs by the exits for Shamrock and Kiefer, etc. on it's way up to Ottawa County's major landmarks like, Miami and Commerce. ~ Therefore No.44's commerce secretary ended his crazy hit-and-run spree in San Gabriel at Hellman Drive. Since Gabriel was the angel of warning who appeared unto day 1290 Daniel. ~ You ram into my ass and try to lie about it. I will fuck you in the ass four ways to Wednesday. ~ GSR/TWM ~ PS: GO SONICS!

Monday, June 11, 2012


9 people were injured when that THUNDERBALL yacht exploded off the coast of Michelle Rodriguez's luscious New Jersey herb farm, in the Garden State. That she had bought for 250k, cash money; but eventually she had to hand over to her blood sucking non white Jewish lawyers for Obama. Just because she was stopped by their 666 nanny state police in front of LA's Mormon temple, [Think Scientology Center.] Just because she had ever so softly bumped into some other LA Jew schmuck's rear bumper. Who was probably even more drunk than she was. ~ MM married his Brazilian REV.17 mother in Austin at the same time that I was watching all those christian gentile homos in Texas getting gunned down in my double-feature Chuck Norris DVD movies. ~ Hence, we see the volcanic eruption countdown Jewaiian abomination of desolation's number '129_' in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE; that corresponds with all those simplistic Adam Sandler movie jokes about MARK 13:14, etc. ~ You support the new 666 beast's secret combinations behind the born again birth certificate of the new Sodom and Egypt network. I support the destruction of your alien invader spawn of the new Sodom and Egypt leadership who will die when their 42 months period of oppression is over. ~ It's really just as simplistic as that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is my latest inspired remake about yours truly fucking my two pairs of hot virgin teenagers, at: ~ God damn it. J T just dragged Jen over to the FRENCH OPEN in a ballsy move to force me into doubling down on my hot twin virgins horse trade for Jen, at:,,20602919,00.html#news ~ Hmmm... How about I give you any two pairs of Chloe Moretz like virgins, you take your pick, plus I give you a pair of married Carrey Mulligan look alikes with virginal qualities, still firmly in their twenties. And all you have to do is fuck Jenifer Aniston four ways to Wednesday for another 12 to 18 months. And then you get to move on and let me take over that particular headache in your love life. ~ Don't be so greedy dude. That ads up to at least six wives; not even counting all of your former teenage girl friends who also will eventually belong to you forever and ever, if you play your cards right.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm only half way through my latest review of the inspired 007 movie that predicted the future unidentified fake ID object called Barack Obama; who was suddenly going to appear and swallow up America's JUPITER 16 UFO culture that was launched circa 1967, like a thief in the night, and like a big fish in REV.13.1 who swallows up a smaller fish. Back when the future 666 space station geeks and homos in Hollywood would be shouting into their ear sets, about today's strange things like, "Hawaii to Jupiter 16 !!..." and "Jupiter 16!.. You're breaking up!.. " over and over. ~ Meanwhile, James Bond is getting it on back in 1967 with all those hot asian XXX babes at etc. ~ Which leads me now to our next arresting Secret Service black-ops underground subway [NYC] assignment for shady characters with false ID papers; i.e. watch some of my old 1972 LDS MIB missionary man 8mm movies, that Fellini himself incorporating for me forever in ROMA. Then get back to us about any and all look alikes in the mormon missionary movie that will help explain the meaning behind Woody Allen's upcoming 3-way pizza with anchovies movie. ~ If you wish to take in the eternal city's fulness of it all, try watching MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO prelude that came out right before Ken Keisler and I checked into Roma's HOTEL SOLE, at: ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I watched Las Vegas' coked out lover Liberace look alike get it in the first act of Chuck Norris' CODE OF SILENCE prophecy Thursday morning. Then I saw my secret future Mrs Jones fuck friend on Leno Thursday evening gushing about her old man's new motion picture biography about Liberace. ~ [Women who honor and respect their older, but still good looking, husbands are sooo hot.] ~ Then I watched the double-feature DVD box set's LONE WOLF McQUADE [Think Steve McQueen] hot action movie about Mrs Jones having a thing about me and her down along the Mexican border line, where Cathy made all her sexy secret masked lover ZORRO sequels. ~ In the LONE WOLF McQUADE prophecy, my rich Mexican widow [Think Eva Longoria too.] talks with a cultured British accent and drives a ROLLS ROYCE. Can you believe it? ~ While we get it on in the mud, just like I AM is now getting it on in the old testament's EZEKIEL prophet horse shit scenes. Back when all the real white men of Israel had at least seven wives; plus their numerous Kate Holmes style Tom Cruise wife concubines, like at: ~ No wonder that the Branch Davidian hero in the simplistic lone wolf movie is not that much liked by the high society church ladies in Waco, Texas. Most of whom are so pussy whipped that they love Glenn Beck et al more than they love the word of God, as explained at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Liberace himself opened his own ROLLS ROYCE museum for rich homos who like to fuck teenagers on the 4.15 pay-day of the new and improved and softer 666 beast in 1979, according to: ~ Back when soft porn was all the rage.

Friday, June 8, 2012


The last time that I was in Roma, I was just too stupid and uneducated in the ways of God. To understand that Donnatellus Greco, and her lonely widowed ALL ITALIA flight attendant friend, wanted both me and Ken Keisler to fuck both of them at the same time, at; And then do the same thing with both of her beloved childhood girlfriend 2BC "widows" down in Napoli, circa 1988. ~ Which is what the upcoming physical transfiguration of my backdoor lover, Mrs Zeta-Jones, is all about in THUNDERBALL, meets THE GRADUATE. I.e. this is now the time to make up for all of my silly past trespasses in the YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE prophecy about the King of England; who finally gets it on with Ms Z in her BRIDGET JONES' DIARY 3 meets NOTTING HILL 2 prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Don't get all bent out of shape just because Jen Aniston and I, and her Malibu Beach girlfriend too, have a prophetic millennial era open marriage. Along the lines of my old testament Ephraimite One forerunner in Hosea 1 had during one of history's many apostate Israelite periods. When you get to fuck all the whores that you want, because everybody else out there is also a lying sack of shit dirty whore who is saying that the abomination of desolation was born again in Chicago.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Clinton, Montana's Miley Sire-Us [in the ass] anima figure look alike in my Davidian LAST TANGO IN PARIS prophecy was inspired by God to become engaged during the FRENCH OPEN. ~ In the movie, I ask my future fuck buddy girlfriend, "Are you in love?" In confirmation of me buttering her ass up in the movie, even if she did not like it at first. ~ You just don't jam your cock up some teenager's asshole without taking the time to let her know who it is who will always be there in the future to butter her buns. ~ Obviously, it's time for Polanski to pay up and fork out the big bucks for the rights to make a remake of his LAST TANGO IN PARIS; starring Chloe Moretz of course. Before the rat shit hits the fan and he has to relocate to either London, England, or Vancouver, BC; the former providence of Dudley Du-Right's $70,000,000 French Canadian prophecy boondoggle. Who by then will have become a part of the state of Washington, circa the breakup earthquake prophecies in REV.16. Who will then tell the homogaysexual courts of Sacramento, California meets Ottawa, Ontario, to go fuck themselves in the ass. ~ Not only I AM is already the King of England, I AM is already the King of Canada. Starting with my luscious organic local produce herb farm estate located just outside of Victoria. [VICTORIA'S SECRET] Probably run by some kind of a private tax free co-op arrangement between Ellen Page and Evangeline Lilly. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last night I had a simple flash vision of WAL*MART's large bin full of $5 close-out DVDs. So I went over there Wednesday and found [WND] Sheriff Walker's Chicago based 1985 prophecy about the recall election of Gov. Scotch Walker; entitled CODE OF SILENCE. ~ Contrary to what the con men in the 666 media are saying, there really is not that much difference between Madison, Wisconsin, and Chinatown, Illinois. ~ Therefore Jen's Hwy.101 NASDAQ was up 66.61 on the same day-after all those pix rolled out about her cameo at the GSR/TWN's bachelor mansion PLAYBOY magazine reality show; which started back in the 1950s in Chicago. ~ And if you think I'm joking, Brad Pitt himself just decided to finance the magazine's first cover girl bio picture confirmation. ~ Gov Walker beat the crap out of the new 666 aliens who were trying to take over Schwarzennigger's adopted home state. For a second witness assassination thing about the end of the new neo con beast's 42 months of main stream media talk show tyranny; Michael Medved meets Glenn Beck style. Who will be ridiculing and slandering the southern white goyim in the whitewater rapids DELIVERANCE prophecy, who are still too stupid enough to believe in the U.S. Constitution's requirement that only a genuine white man can be the President of America, and the Mormon church, and sit apon the royal Throne of David in London, until the very end of their 42 months probation period. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the latest Divine Branch Davidian Waco, Texas meets Clinton, Montana confirmation about how Miley's odd looking half-breed Ephraimite sisters will be completely drunk on their asses in the last days, but not with wine, at:,,20601493,00.html#news

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


RUMOR HAS IT that it is Hugh Grant who is actually holding up the BRIDGET JONES DIARY sequel about me playing him fucking Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the same time in the 1965 007 prophecy called THUNDER-BALL; that eventually meets up with Woody Allen's French Napoleon dynamite 1960s spoof called CASINO ROYALE, meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM, meets CASABLANCA, circa 2012. ~ By God, if I have to, I'll lose 20lbs, die my hair even more, hit my miraculous late-night mail order abs machine rip-off, for 39.99, only if I order now; and then force Hugh Hefner and Ralph Lauren to shake hands and make a deal on my new relatively low budget movie project; that will feature me and Megan Fox in TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN like hell, meets THUNDERBALL II. Heck, RL already has the Bahama style estate location and big yacht that we would need. And Hugh Hefner already has the So-Cal mansion estate that could stand in for the original movie's swimming pool full of 666 sharks. ~ Just imagine how successful such a motion picture investment would be, that was packed full of tight ass 3-way nude XXX cum shots of Ms Z and Chloe Moretz on my metaphorical SAILOR DOG boat; cruising the Greek Islands in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: See the new Spider Wolf cover for the KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN prophecy at: Remember, THUNDERBALL 1965 is the 007 movie where Rihanna appears at the KISS KISS three-way club for swingers in the future British Diamond Jubilee ransom pay up story about all those gentile 666 paraders in 2012. Wherein my future Ornella Fresh look alike wife, who was always meant to be my lover, gets shot in the back by her own people, before she could ever become my born again wife-swapping wife forever and ever in the celestial Kingdom of God. Hence, I AM watching the French Open very closely, that is playing out on the red clay courts that represent the clay feet of that NBA basketball big foot Babylon giant in DANIAL 2.

Monday, June 4, 2012


That physically transfigured TALKING HEADS look alike lead singer in my STOP MAKING SENSE concert movie was just arrested in Berlin. In confirmation of my prophetic forerunner in THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD; who got to fuck Lindsay Lohan in my new biopic dicktator movie before I even got to fuck Megan Fox. ~ Too bad that my London Jew boy Sacha Cohen did't have enough in the bank to also put his good friend into his African American MTV movie at: The ancient law of Israel that says, 'You cast me, I'll cast you' cuts both ways. ~ You don't give a shit. I don't give a shit, about how your latest amoral, apolitical, indepenent voter, third way, middle of the road, movie for morons with no morals ends. So I saw THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS' prophecy that starred the Chinese Communist Party's movie star supporter of capitalism, who really didn't seem to be all that attracted to women, at: Somewhere in between Will Smith meets George Clooney meets Tom Cruise meets Brad Pitt; in confirmation of my future Kate Holmes look alike wife in THE DICTATOR. Who looks and talks a lot like Drew Barrymore meets Ellen Page meets Demi Moore meets Carrey Mulligan, et al. ~ The more that they think that they are in a committed homogaysexual marriage, the more merry is my back door man, code named, I AM. GSR/TWN

Sunday, June 3, 2012


For a final 42 months display of absolute power and influence in my 60th year, I walked in late to REGAL's 12:10 pm screening of THE DICTATOR Sunday, and left early. ~ Wherein I saw instant confirmation of my recent dream about Jen Garner sucking on the thumb of my right hand; just after our father had repaired her big old clunky 1972ish POLAROID camera. Which the movie's leader from London, with the iconic index finger boner, put to good use right after he fucked Megan Fox, and made her pregnant with my future adopted child. ~ Then he goes to New York and finally gets a job, while everyone there is protesting about my African dictator wanna-be sidekick, who is not really "a legitimate leader!" ~ Hence that awful plane crash in Tarzan's African jungle during the Diamond Jubilee downpour in London on the very same day. ~ In the last Lord Gray Tarzan remake, the ape man turned out to be a lost tribes descendant to the throne of England. ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Right after Michigan's fake Mormon named Mitt told the abominable day 1290 media, who also worship the new 666 devil like he does, that he himself sees nothing wrong with the smiley face signature on Barack Obama's born again birth certificate. ~ That really queer looking apostate Christian Republican wanna be, from the same Detroit suburbs where Madonna was born, got kicked off his born again election ballet for having too many fakers on his re-election team; at: ~ There is no rediculous conspiracy theory about Obama being born in Africa. There is only the obviously prophetic conspiracy about him being the BOURNE IDENTITY antagonist who was just manifested by God in the form of the Roosevelt cafe killer who believed that he was a former member of an elite CIA assassin team; with psychotic LDS/LSD flash-back memories. ~ Interpol now believes that THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's remake homogaysexuall killer is hiding out in France under disguise as a REV.17 women. ~ Therefore that Seattle action star wanna be actor, code named Spider Wolf, had three blue herons tattooed on his back; for the time when Ms T/heron would be coming out with her evil queen movie during the South African Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Since the iconic Puget Sound blue heron from San Juan's Friday Harbor is the national bird of South Africa, etc. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, June 1, 2012


I watched THE BOURNE SUPREMACY for the first time, right when those 5 brain dead Barack Obama co-conspiracy figures who were accusing me got what they had coming. ~ So then I watched Bruce's DIE HARD meets THE JACKAL remake; and saw the newspaper report about that same fuck who sprayed himself with the very same aerosol can that killed the Chicago mob fucker who tried to touch my 1997 Jackal's soccer mom van. ~ In the Chicago, Illinois related remake, called THE JACKAL, the film's future hip black Obama "Pres" figure, with a white man accent, is called Pres/ton. ~ Who ends the movie limping on the same crutches that contained the sniper's riffle in the first movie, circa 1973. ~ Therefore, Interpol is now looking for the same Canadian porn star that Bruce Willis played in the prophecy about some KGB asset trying to kill the First Lady. Who looks exactly like an older Cameron Diaz Obama lover in the plot's dead looking Larry King zombie interview tv scene. Where the iconic sneaky Jewish back door mother fucker caricature named King quotes the words of JFK. And then the movie cuts directly to Mr Preston himself; "the President of America" according to the simplistic Jewish neo con job fantasy world of Michael Medeved and Glenn Beck, like at: ~ GSR/TWN