Saturday, September 23, 2017


I already knew about the latest [fake APP iPHONE news] report about some mysterious Russian IP traces being found on various government voter registration files; which came out almost a year ago; and was even discussed quite openly on Rush Limbaugh's retro politics radio days show. ~ Then later on COAST TO COAST, the world's foremost expert on computer hacking conspiracies said that the usual Russian IPs have been used for years by Ethiopian hackers digging around in official government registration files looking for Social Security numbers; in order to hack into their electronic banking accounts. ~ Hence Limbaugh's current anti hacking credit card protection software advertising sponsor named LIFELOCK. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AVANT GUARDE CULT READER NOTES: I watched the first act of the John McCain look alike 1983 Reagan era prophecy called THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS Friday night. ~ God willing, I'll get through the rest of it by the evening of September 23, 2017. ~

Friday, September 22, 2017


That 18-wheeler semi full of October orange Halloween pumpkings crashed and burned for hours after grinding against the curb rail on I-75; west of the swamps in Richland, Florida in confirmation of Seth Rich being what happened to the semi liberal Hillary at: ~ Note the nearby COLT CREEK STATE PARK landmark for the police .38 special revolver that was used to shoot Rich two times in the back; because that kind of old fashion detective pistol leaves no bullet shell evidence lying around on the ground. ~ In fact, I myself prefers the SW .22 head-shot approach. ~ Which is just as quick and a lot less loud and messy in MY BLUE HEAVEN meets DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID. ~ And yes, Steve Martin does look a lot like John McCain in his IT'S COMPLICATED role, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Call me whenever you want me to mow your grass, 24/7. ~


THIS IS SPINAL TAP's Russian design pink torpedo that suddenly sank crooked Hillary's presidential campaign in 16mm came from a North Korean submarine from the Yellow Sea. ~ Check it out for yourself, at: ~ Ergo, the very caring woman named Karen in DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE is a prophetic [Moonies] moon face word play on Korea. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Only if it feels right to you, go ahead and give Tom Cruise a little pickle tickle on the side. ~ It might actually do him some good. ~ Just don't let it go to your head in the long run. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Your full moon faced Korean wife is a prophetic short term paradigm. ~ PS LOVITZ: My $25,000,000 film budget offer is not exactly set in stone. ~ I could go for a little more money if my guardian angle agent Alison Roth says so. ~ That said, don't overplay your hand. ~ Every man has to know his limitations. ~

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Meathead has now formed some paranoid Hollywood committee to investigate unamerican activity by certain people who are too sympathetic with the Russians in Moscow; circa THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959, at: ~ Who knows what they will come up with next? ~ Anything can happen after midnight on FM talk radio these days. ~ Imagine this; Rob is explaining everything to Bill on the wildcard telephone line. ~ [While the FBI is listening in and recording everything and leaking it all to DRUDGE of course.] ~ Who is just flabbergasted to hear about what is actually happening back in Washington, DC. ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIMMY KIMMEL: You have no constitutional rights to rob money from other people's earnings to pay for your child's hospital bills. ~


I would also order the new AG at the new DOJ to open up a new investigation into crooked Hillary's deleted 33,000 emails that were obviously a part of Comey's tall Jewish scheme to destroy any evidence that might incriminate the unamerican deep state; a.k.a. the new and improved born again 666 beast of the seven hills of Rome in HAIL CAESAR, etc. ~ Which would of course necessitate the discovery of everything that is on Seth Rich's private home server computer that the negro police department in DC is still trying to hide from the American public voter. ~ Cue the new "change" of the guard [brown shirt] theme music, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Even better that actually firing Bob, let him commit career suicide in public and resign in disgrace on his own. ~ By giving Julian Assange a full pardon and let him have a little private couch talk with President Trump and his legal team, per: ~ Much like all of today's suicidal liberals in media, politics, education, and mindless sports entertainment are doing right now. ~ So what, WIKILEAKS has jeopardized some of our foreign CIA agents in the past. ~ However, now the deep state's FBI/CIA/DOJ dark underside at State is infested with double agent enemy spy insider Jews who love a secret, and want to overthrow the American election results in 2016. ~ Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do. ~ Bye bye Bob. ~ Cue the capitol 'T' theme music at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LOVITZ: Michael told me to tell Alison Roth to greenlight your movie if we can keep the budget under $25,000,000 and get a few more Jewish names attached to it; both above and below the line. ~ BUSINESS NOTES: Bill Marriott's successful business career, starting out in DC with his Mexican HOT SHOP restaurant chain, was a prophetic Donald Trump paradigm. ~


I would also fire Bob and his NEW YORK TIMES Jew lawyer buddies in the next ten days of shock&awe if they continue to stonewall Sens. Grassley and Feinstein's request to interview James Rybicki and Carl Ghattas about that fake Russian dossier that Comedy used to justify his compadres' destruction of evidence and lawless illegal alien leaks to the media. ~ Not to mention their direct interference with America's democratic election process in 2016. ~ Plus, I would ad to my NYT no. 57,726 list of threats the fact that I could always hire a new and much younger and stronger AG who would not be afraid to raid the birth records in Hawaii and expose Bob's official FBI involvement in destroying evidence of Barack Obama's African born birth records and foreign student scholarship funding records for his easy free pass degree from Harvard. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: When you do fire that old creep Bob, about 5% of America will disapprove; and about 5% of America will jump up from their potatoe couches and shout, "YEAH!.. RIGHT ON!!" ~ Just like that dude does during the beauty and talent pageant contest in the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE yellow motif LOVE BUS prophecy. ~

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


That Divinely timed 32nd anniversary earthquake in Mexico happened on the same day President Trump gave his angel Moroni speech before the many foreign tongues at the UNITED NATIONS. ~ For a 1290 days desecrated temple confirmation by the MARK 13 Jews trying to GET THE GRINGO at the Casa Blanca. ~ Ergo, Trump should tell Bob to hand over the Manafort recordings during the upcoming ten days of judgement or he's fired. ~ And if that doesn't work, fire Sessions, too. ~ Then hire somebody who will do it and stop pussy footing around. ~ Remember, the Day of Judgement begins this September 29 on the Gregorian calendar. ~ GSR/TWN ~


That MOONEY 20 crashed near Indian Neck, Conn for the stiff necked Larry David who only dons the armor of God from the neck up; but not the rest of His full suit of armor in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING paradigm prophecy. ~ Now flash foreward to the virginal Jennifer Aniston welcoming the Invisible Man into her bed chambers at the end of DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE; circa 1974. ~ But only after the Holy Grail full of the royal bloodline of yours truly is mixed with blood of the gentiles. ~ Obviously, whoever was the set designer on the above two vampire movies had a yuuuge influence on the look for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's prophecy about Trump taking over everything at the end of the 1976 Mormon polygamy temple sex cult movie. ~ Wherein the entire cast of characters accepts the fullness of the Father in DC 76. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS NOTES: Now would be a good time to reread the entire book of MORONI, per: ~

Monday, September 18, 2017


That baby boomers DRUG STORE COWBOY tabloid at street number 1290 went up for [a fire sale price] on the eve of America's surprisingly popular baby boomer President speaking before the UN assembly in STAR WARS meets MAD MAX. ~ In confirmation of Howard Stern's day 1290 abomination of desolation manifestion at the UNITED NATIONS in 1996. ~ [Trump was a regular on Stern's Reagan Democrat radio show in the 90s.] ~ In the form of that alien formation in 2001 A SPACE ODDITY. ~ Wherein Louise Farrakhan spoke before a freed negro slave mob of lawless and uncivilised BLACK LIVES MATTER forerunners. ~ Ergo, ROLLING STONE is a prophetic title of the rolling stone in DANIEL 2 that smashes down on the feet of clay and pot iron of the giant of Babylon in Boulder, Colorado etc. in THE SHINING meets CHRISTMAS VACATION in 2020 Las Vegas. ~ The REV.17 code names in these films being a Divine reference to the babbling foreign speaking tongues at the UN tower of Babylon in 666 Man/hattan. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FDRJFKLBJMLK NOTES: More and more, it's looking like the real clown party fun for the innocent virgin kiddies in MARK 13:14 is going to start happening this Christmas season and New Years Day. ~ Hence that white as a snowman Santa Claus beard that David Letterman has been sporting around town for the past 42 months or so. ~


Open support of pure unreformed Nazism in America has gone from about 1% of the population to at least over 2% of the population due to the blood sucking liberal Jews trying to get at President Trump and his family, at: ~ Because the simple minded [Mr.Anderson] neo Marxist Hitler hated the traditionally Marxist athiest Jewish homosexuals for undermining social justice for their own personal money grubbing career objectives. ~ He was right of course. ~ But that was no excuse for the way he behaved. ~ "Come on!.. I'm not that controversial." Truman Capote; former UN high rise condo penthouse resident and nextdoor neighbor to Johnny Carson. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, September 17, 2017


At about 58:00 minutes into DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE happening at today's PLAYBOY MANSION castle, we see that the suicidal Dracula is a Justin Theroux leftovers 9.23.17 prophecy. ~ And his [twice married] naive virgin love interest is a physically transfigured former EMMY award winning Jennifer Aniston. ~ Dr. Marlow being your typical caring and sensitive blood sucking bleeding heart liberal. ~ Ergo, the Holy Grail ending about the blood cleansing rights that will cure Jim Carrey er all of his itchy herpes no.1, and herpes no.2 problems. ~ Not to be confused with yours truly, the future KING OF ENGLAND; who does not have herpes. ~ "Because of you, he has been restored." says the anonymous source narrator in the above 1974 film shot in 16mm. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: You will become elected for a second time around in 2020. ~ So let that be the comforting [second chance around] reality of everything that guides you; in what you say or what you do. ~ Talk about having my kind of fuck you money. ~


For example, what happened to that pathological faker Hillary Clinton was Seth Rich. ~ But you would never know that if the only thing you ever read is the old grey Jewish lady's newspaper. ~ The crazy Mr. Rich being so famous for showing up at Bernie Sander's insane clown political rallies all decked out from top to bottom in a USA flag kit. ~ Then getting shot two times in the back on Flagler and W. ~ As just confirmer by that "kick the bucket" capitol letter 'W' message in IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD W/ORLD meets MOONWALKERS in London. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EMMYS NOTES: The capitol letter 'M' is also a traditional reference to the MOTHER OF WHORES in REVELATION 17. ~ Think Emma Watson's name stands for M.W. ~

Saturday, September 16, 2017


We know that LEP 3 is a thoroughly established Divine 2020 sign from God after seeing all of those Scottish President MCDONALDS bright neon lights in the 1995 movie's various establishing shots. ~ Coupled with the fact that the little marred green one is always wearing a tartan vest. ~ And my skinny physically transfigured protagonist is on his way out to USC film school with a 23k cashiers check in his vest pocket. ~ Which he converts into $100,000,000 in tax free cash money by the time it's all over. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR PRESIDENT: More Ephraim, less Judah. ~ PS JIM CARREY: I love what you are doing right now; but don't over do it for too long. ~ Maybe more day time serious man AM talk radio, and a little less crazy over the moon midnight FM talk radio, per: ~ Curb your enthusiasm and all that shit. ~ .


Not only will ROE VS. WADE become overturned, and the USA will withdraw from the UN, during President Trump's 8 years in office; but that ominous wall prophesied of in DANIEL 9 will also become a reality. ~ And it does not have to always be a concrete wall. ~ Per Mel Gibson's remarkably prophetic 2012 movie entitled GET THE GRINGO; where in some places the wall is constructed with very tall and heavy steel panels, like at: ~ And in other less trafficked areas, the "wall" looks more like the heavy gage wire with concrete posts that Israel has on it's Lebanon/Syrian Hezbollah border. ~ The point being that the latter day saints wall must represent a wall that protects the more civilized Nephites from the more wild-at-heart third world values of the dark skinned LAmanites. ~ Heck, why spend another billion dollars that we don't have on old fashion, old world castle type walls in the remote mountainous regions where the only things regularly crossing our southern border are coyotes, roadrunners, and rattlesnakes? ~ GSR/TWN ~ POPCORN MOVIE NOTES: My Spanish lover hero in 1974's DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE meets VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA prophecy is a black [Scottish] Irish 007 James Bond Sean Connery look alike. ~ Hence, that royal coachman who dies in the beginning act's medicine wheel scene, near a small trout creek, looks exactly like my long lost fishing buddy Ken McLeod; circa 2020. ~ And so does my Spanish film's long lost fuck buddy wife Gisele Bundchen look alike. ~

Friday, September 15, 2017


Here is that skinny 11 year-old red state kid on 11th N.E. and 56th who was so pissed off that Emma Watson had not read his movie outline, at: ~ Because in the original Stephen King short story, a pussy cat being chased by a dog gets run over by the dude's lawnmower in the beginning, at: ~ And they did not bother to put that very important plot point into the above movie's opening sequence. ~ Nor did Hillary Clinton include such a vital Gore Vidal type plot point sense into her latest tabloid nonsense book entitled WHAT HAPPENED? ~ Plus my long lost Italian school boy buddy who lived right there on 11th with his single mother was named Frank Di Amore. ~ Hey, shit happens sometimes. ~ GSR/TWN ~


In the past three days alone, I have found not one but two, double red ripe heirloom tomatoe packs at WALMART; after months of looking but only finding butt kiss. ~ In confirmation of my first ever surreal romantic dream of Emma Watson suddenly wanting to kiss me with her plump ripe red tomatoe lips. ~ As we were sitting in her curb-parked MINI station wagon on 11th Ave. N.E. and 56th in Seattle talking about a possible SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE II film deal if the script was right. ~ Since earning more money than she already has in the bank was not the first thing on her mind. ~ However, just as we were about to seal the deal with a big wet kiss, some skinny jerk started pounding on her car window demanding to know why she had never read his screenplay outline. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: I was all set to go straight to DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE, before I was interrupted by my dream about your film entitled THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, at: AND:

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The day after my flash vision of a red and black callender for the month of October was hanging on our refrigerator next to the microwave oven, this HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER report came out at: ~ Per last week's overnight talk radio interview of some military expert who claimed that half of North Korea's submarine fleet is missing; and we have no idea where they are at or what they are up to; just like in the movie at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MR.RELF NOTES: "I love how you work one side against the other." THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ PS ALISON ROTH: Now that I AM is a multi billionaire movie producer from Seattle with a boat load of fuck you cash money in hand; I'm gonna need you to decide for me if the latest BOOGIE NIGHTS remake/sequel co-starring Justin Beiber is anything that I should be interested in doing. ~ And if you think so, have my accountant take care of it. ~ "They say you have a big cock... Can I see it?" Donald Trump in BOOGIE NIGHTS meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~


In my own private THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING home movie 8mm prophecy about Hillary's perfectly timed WHAT HAPPENED book, even the Pope himself does not understand what is happening right now at around 29:00 minutes into it. ~ Which is what happened shortly after the whore of Babylon got her crucifixion bath/baptism cleansing at around 18:00 minutes. ~ That eventually leads up to the Jewish Abraham Lincoln look alike vampire image right before Dracula is formerly introduced in the film's big DC 58 feast finale. ~ Lincoln being the tall Jewish homogaysexual forerunner from Illinois to the unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964; coming from out of Mr.Anderson's asshole via Austin, Texas, 1963. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AREA CODE 801 NOTES: After 24 years of Larry King telling me to 'cut it out' he is about to go under the knife himself. ~ PS MEL: Don't worry about coming up with the tax free cash money [no-strings-attached last-cut rights] for me in my three movie deal with you. ~ I'll have my financial backer Paul Allen build in an extra 10% when he pays top price up front for your sacred FOR SALE temple on top of the hills in Malibu. ~ Talk about [White Russian cocktails] money laundering, Hillary Clinton style. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ "Jackie Treehorn carries a lot of water in this town." THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ So let's make a deal, "You have the money, I have the latest hot talent." BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ Oh yeah, Roe vs. Wade is not the only thing that is about to get turned upside down after 2020.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


In THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy, which happened when Fellini was actually filming my own private mormon missionary movie in Roma, Italia, Larry David puts on the 211 armor of God because he knows what is about to happen next month, like at: ~ Reportedly, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM 9 is supposed to come out on HBO this October 1st. ~ Could be fake news, but this time around I doubt it, at:. ~ ~ It really does look like it is going to happen now; not later. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Right after I heard Rush talking about that female prof at UC Santa Cruz teaching a course in eco sex; who had recently held a tree fucking and grass licking orgy field trip to the Black Forests of Germany; I saw that erotic pubic hair tree scene in the German produced 1971 film called THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MARTIN SHEEN: More AREA CODE 801, less AREA CODE 310. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Never give up on faith, hope, and charity. ~ Whereas, there still is the possibility that we can get Oliver Stone to direct your over the top bio pick of Jansis Joplin. ~ I can always get the more forgiving and gentle touch director Gus van Sant to do it. ~ What are friends for anyway? ~

Monday, September 11, 2017


I just caught Taylor Swift's new smash hit .45 record flip side video about that all night party finale in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy, at: AND: ~ Where everyone is wearing their latest outrageous Lady Gaga costumes at the annual Christmas season convention for those very unconventional characters in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ That was about a thinner blond haired transfigured Donald Trump makeover taking over everything in the end times. ~ During the baptism scenario in MORONI 8 etc. when everyone in the [bland enchalada] mormon church, high or low, will be given 12 months to repent and become baptised again if they want their names to remain on the church's membership rolls. ~ Which is why the center of the IRMA storm finally hit the mainland right west of Beverly Hills, Florida on 9.11. ~ Since in the above 1971-74 German made vampire movie, batty Bet/ty gets shipped off to 'LOST ANGELES RIP' in a wood crate bomb; Betty being short for Beverly. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: The president of the 2020 casino who likes the younger ladies [as much as you and I do] in LEPRECHAN 3 is President Trump, naturally. ~ Who dies and becomes born again after his penthouse session with one of today's amazing new beauty pageant talent contest sex robots. ~ And the little green marred mischief maker is on TV talking about the signs and wonders in the heavens on this upcoming September 23. ~ Meanwhile, Glenn Beck and his dumb ass christian sidekick arrive and demand their money. ~ See ya on the flip side baby. ~ SECOND WIND NOTES: During President Trump's second term in office, he will have the kind of fuck you tax-free cash money in the bank to overturn ROE VS. WADE and swiftly remove the USA from the UN. ~ PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY NOTES: Here is Miley Cyrus' tribute to Heff's enduring idea that "age is only a number" at: ~ Complete with an opening shot of her own private copy of the BM up on the shelf above her bed. ~ Then in the final inspired GREASE:II musical homage sequence; that is David Lynch, Mickey Roarke, Ronnie Wood, and even Goldmember himself; all of whom are portrayed from the age of 29 to the present. ~


The two hurricane happenings during the tennis games at Flushing, Queens looked like the whirlpool that happens when one flushes a toilet. ~ Since the first one got stuck over Houston, Texas and started to flood over like a stopped up toilet. ~ Then the second one dumped into Tampa, Florida for the tamper that one often uses to unblock a backed up shitter. ~ Ergo, Mr.Anderson lost it to some tall LAmanite in three straight sets at ASHE STADIUM. ~ Named after the venue's southern hero statue to the mulatto negro who latter died before his time from a failing heart condition in the Carolinas. ~ "...thy sons have fainted, save these two." 2NEPHI 8+ ~ "Shit!" The miraculously healed Travis Bickle at the end of TAXI DRIVER, 1976. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, September 10, 2017


The two historic back to back hurricanes represent the two political whirlwinds of Judah and Ephraim in REVELATION 11-12-13. ~ With President Trump now waiting in the wings to put the final nail into the coffin of the 666 beast/bitch in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy. ~ Wherein the fun times clock is stopped at the PLAYBOY MANSION highlands party that catches all of today's high society blood sucking vampires by surprise. ~ Dept limit?.. No debt limit?.. Who gives a shit anymore. ~ It's all playmoney anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOOD NEWS NOTES: The wet snow at the end of THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING is the same melting snow that is always present in my prophetic visionary dreams about Seattle, Washington, King County. ~ Where I came of age at 5717 16th Ave. N.E. ~ Located in the U-District; just south of the Jet City's mini Grand Canyon north-south divide prophecy called Ravenna Park. ~ Which even back then was infested with homogaysexuals cruising around on the park's many steep trails looking for sexual encounters with strangers. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~


Talk about being the only poker game in town. ~ The reason why Donald Trump and Steve Ban/non er all will easily get re-elected in 2020 is because the white folks out in the swing states will have finally had it with all of those dirty filthy unamerican Jews and niggers who have been infesting America with their alien invasion ideas ever since 1993-96; not to mention the Republican Party's mysterious politics of Sodom and Egypt. ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do just to stay alive and put a little food on the table. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BM NOTES: That timely 8+ down in BM country was a MORONI 8 thingy. ~ For when my long lost buddy Ken Keisler and my blond wife Su/sand went down to Mexico in the late 80s and got the shits so bad that they could barely walk onto their flight back home to Tacoma. ~ Just in the nick of time. ~

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Why does Bob now want to put six of President Trump's close family and friends on the couch and have a little private time talk with them? ~ When in fact he never wanted to talk to anybody for even one minute about Barack Obama's proven counterfeit birth certificate and proven use of a stolen Social Security number. ~ Not to mention talking to the [mostly negro] DC police who are still holding onto Seth Rich's private time AFTER HOURS computer that is chuck full of timely email communications between himself and Julian Assage at WIKILEAKS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOW HAPPENING ON THE BIG PICTURE SCREENING NOTES: The ISAIAH 22:22 gate/door keeper in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy is Larry David. ~ The horny Catholic monk who can't resist Lindsay Lohan's considerable milky white vanilla JELLO charms is Mike Myers. ~ To be continued...

Friday, September 8, 2017


Lady Gaga suddenly got real sick and had to cancel her pre TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL gig right after my poker face TAXI DRIVER post rolled out on 9.3. ~ So then she had sent around a mini van load of fresh baked DOMINOS pizzas for her [BAN THE BOMB] fans who were gathering in front of the fancy TRUMP hotel where she was staying. ~ Whom she always affectionately referes to as her "little monsters". ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DANIEL [DAY 1290] LEWIS: You broke your arm in a motorcycle accident for a traditional Indian medicine wheel cure sign from God; talk about method acting. ~ FRISKY BUSINESS NOTES: That yuuuge Johnson shaped rocket in AUSTIN, TEXAS, POWERS II: The spy who shagged me. was a prelude to the long and hard rockets that North Korea's moon faced man child loves to fire off as some kind of a thematic FOURTH OF JULY thingy. ~ PS LL. Don't forget, after you enter into the Scottish temple rights blood cleansing rituals that will cure you of all of your itchy problems down there. ~ You and your sister wife Scarlett Johannson will become my Provo, Utah temple wives forever who never have to die; per THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING's 1974 mormon sex cult marriage prophecy at: AND: ~ That goes for you too Sandra Bullock and Gwyneth Paltrow. ~


That freaky explosion from under the sidewalk in London was Divine publicity for the new and improved remake/update of Stephen King's classic IT pre Internet TV movie; per: ~ Wherein those foolish little innocent five virgin birthday party kids got what they had coming to them for voting for the evil Ronald McDonald clown in 1980. ~ And then again in 1984 for his reborn Reagan Democrat ghost in the form of Donald Trump in 2016; and then once again in 2020. ~ GSR/TWN ~ IT GIRL NOTES: Once an IT girl, always an IT girl. ~ And I mean it in a good way; per: ~

Thursday, September 7, 2017


VIRGIN's mountain top temple house, dedicated to today's pagan Greek gods in HARPER, etc. was destroyed by a cat.5 for a Divine manifestation that the British Virgin Islands dude is numbered by Him to be among the five foolish virgins in MATTHEW 25. ~ It being a second witness follow up to the rebuilt mountain top love guru palace after it was destroyed by a raging REV.17 fire during the Obama administration. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CUSTOM CAR NOTES: After reading up on the new BENTLEY; I want mine to have a 12 cylinder engine with no over-the-top twin turbo chargers or crazy computerized dash board nonsense. ~ Plus, it must have an honest to God manual stick-shift 5-speed mechanical transmission. ~ And if they can't do that for me at a certain price quote, I'll have to get my shits and kicks elsewhere. ~


One of the five wise virgins in MATTHEW 25 just found the future KING OF ENGLAND's two-edged sword in REVELATION 19 because the chapter's war message is about WWIII, at: ~ For the time when England would be overrun by the filthy dirty scum of the earth in MORONI meets EZEKIEL 38; during the era of the two ensign witnesses of the lion and the unicorn. ~ Not to mention France and Italy; or even Chicago, Illinois for that matter. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DICK: There is a reason why you and I share the same October 29 birth date. ~ PS JEFF RELF: God the Loving Father, full of mercy and grace, showed me in three separate visions that Seattle is going to get the big spanking that you need during a wet early/late winter snow fall melt. ~ "Jesus often used repetition in his teachings." Woody Norris. ~ DACA NOTES: The invasion of Israel [not Judah] in EZE.38 is the inspired basis for Stephen King's CHILDREN OF THE CORN Halloween season fall election time series at: ~ Which was meant to come out during Ronald Reagan's landslide election second term in office, circa 1984 meets 2020. ~

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Now that all of the indie film action is happening on the Internet; maybe I can change the title of my SON OF LEBOWSKI sequel screenplay to a more cutting edge contemporary sounding "THE BIG LEBOWSKI II: That son of a bitch." ~ I'm thinking maybe we get me to write the outline, then maybe we get me to write the screenplay, then maybe we get me to direct it and maybe star in it. ~ After having floated my SON OF LEBOWSKI project around Hollywood for the past few years and getting no takers. ~ Even though we had Brad Pitt fucking Chloe Moretz on my 51' sailboat in the deal. ~ Complete with a no full nudity contract that would guarantee a billion in international WW:III box office. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I found my very marred and scratched up DVD copy of DOMINO lying on the wet rainy shoulder of Hwy.410 in front of JACK IN THE BOX. ~ For when some 'IT' clown crank populist would suddenly pop up out of nowhere and terrify all of the little virgin Jewish kiddies at some political bar mitzvah transgender surprise birthday party; that Sandy's latest sexy boyfriend from Oregon was shooting. ~ For my royal WE ARE character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, who tells Rush Limbaugh and his naive Republican Mr.Anderson sidekick that we now have new information. ~ That has given us a new 2020 vision understanding about the present day situation. ~ I.e. Hillary Clinton had "...kidnapped herself!" in the 2016 election; not the white Russians. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TAXI DRIVER NOTES: The no.17 woman in the window was Scorsese's homage to REAR WINDOW. ~ Not yet knowing that MICROSOFT's first WINDOWS program was about to roll out from the east side of King County, Washington. ~


In a gorey scene straight out of LOST HIGHWAY, a guy woke up from a [DACA] nightmare dream in Wake County, NC and discovered that he had just slaughtered his wife Lauren with a butcher knife, at: ~ Since David Lynch himself was inspired to make the above film after his front doorbell rang, and a strange male voice on the intercom said, "Dick Laurent is dead." ~ But there was nobody there when he immediately opened the door. ~ Just some dog barking loundly across the street somewhere. ~ Probably over at Charlize Theron's house full of at least 9 rescue dogs. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY: You started shooting OCEANS 8 in NYC exactly two weeks before TRUMP won the [TAXI DRIVER] sweet 16 sweepstakes election against the crazy feminist lady with fat ankles in THE WAY WE WERE. ~ By the way; after I finished watching the first act of TWO WEEKS NOTICE's never Trump message, I got the idea of watching the more interesting 2020 Las Vegas President Trump election prophecy in DOMINO, at: ~ And get this; ever since Trump was elected, I have been experiencing temporary three and a half day bouts of IBS cramps once a month. ~ Almost like a 29 year-old woman having her monthly period. ~ The real Domino Harvey was a half man, half woman, Jodie Foster look alike and so forth. ~

Monday, September 4, 2017


The ongoing freak earthquake swarm in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE country started at the same time that the bomb caused an earthquake swarm in North Korea, at: ~ Therefore, Jennifer Aniston says, "I love the way you write." and gives me a big hug, right before the above film cuts to the two witnesses era radio news bulletine flash, "FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT IS DEAD." ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. ~ "Your love is the bomb." WILD AT HEART. ~ GSR/TWN ~


After Mr.UN set off another underground A-bomb on democratic socialism's Labor Day weekend, I went ahead and watched THE WAY WE WERE just for the shits and giggles anyway. ~ Which comes to an end right in front of some fancy TRUMP hotel, circa 2017; located on the south side of Centralist Park, USA. ~ Where Katie has joined today's anti fascist protesters who are holding up BAN THE BOMB signs. ~ Because the 1973 movie opens with all those Nixonian mainstream [George W.] Republican Never-Trumpers running around on today's ivy league campuses wearing 'W' varsity letters. ~ And today's Jewish media descendants from eastern Europe see themselves as centrists, and not secret FDR era communist holdovers from the Obama era. ~ Who hate America. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BOB: Don't forget that you and I sat right next to each other in the back row at SUNDANCE's own private Utah screening of PROMISED LAND meets TAXI DRIVER at: ~ And right as the credits started to roll you suddenly jumped out of your seat and high-tailed it. ~ So I rushed right over to the cocktail lounge to see if I could at least give you my GHOSTS R US meets SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D business card. ~ By the way, my offer to make TAXI DRIVER:II with you and Bobby D in Twin Falls, Idaho still stands, if we can get Michael Douglas of course. ~ I AM is not in the habit of throwing good money after bad money. ~ But alas, the only recognizable name that was hanging out there drinking cocktails was the 1970s era sitcom star of the smash hit television show MASH. ~ So I slipped it to him instead on the side; rather than walk away with nothing in hand. ~

Sunday, September 3, 2017


I mean think about it. ~ You're in your late teens, early 20s, and you are desperate to do something rebellious that will stick it to your hippie shit parents. ~ So what options do you have left these days? ~ You grow your hair out long? ~ You shave it all off? ~ You listen to loud music? ~ You become a transexual man child who shoots up heroin at the breakfast table? ~ You get an ugly and rather offensive tattoo on your forehead, vagina, or penis? ~ Forget about it. ~ You only have one choice left that is going to get under your parents' skin. ~ You become a radical racist who hates everything that your stupid parents stand for; left, right, black or white; it doesn't really matter. ~ Of course, radical rightwing racism is the coolist and most offensive thing right now to your divorced liberal baby boomer co-parents. ~ Especially if you have not seen your white christian father in so many years. ~ Think LOST HIGHWAY meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS. ~ Two movies that reflect the more postive side of the alt right from a more objective and sophisticated left-wing P.O.V. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KS: Daddy likes it when his little slutty girls call me dirty words. ~


The mysterious poker faced Bet/sy works for your typical establishment politician in TAXI DRIVER, 1976. ~ Who wants "A return to greatness!!" that stands for the time in America when a casino man would double down on his "Make America great again!" campaign promise bets. ~ And thereby become the President of America two times in 2020 Las Vegas. ~ Ergo, Lady Gaga's smash hit populist pop song POKER FACE. ~ Who was a yuuuge supporter of crooked Hillay in 16 because she knew in her heart that Trump would ironically spell the end of the status quo. ~ Forever. ~ God works in mysterious ways. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE CLOONEY: According to the BM, God cursed the wicked with a dark skin 'mark' in order that they would punish the righteous white people. ~ In other words, racism is not the same thing as hateism if you look at the big picture in a more positive and progressive way. ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: If the FBI does not comply, you must find out why, at:

Saturday, September 2, 2017


THE WAY WE WERE was an inspired allegory about why Bob will never become a Bob Woodward or a Bob Redford; some 40 years later. ~ Times have changed. ~ For one thing, people don't even go to movies in theaters that much anymore. ~ Much less pick up a hard copy of the NYT or the WAPO on the street; like they used to do in such quaint little historic films as MANHATTAN meets STARDUST MEMORIES. ~ Not to mention overnight talk radio's various guests who can prove to you that 90% of everything out there is dog shit. ~ GSR/TWN ~


I awoke from a visionary dream about WW:III Friday evening at 11:43 pm. ~ Wherein a vintage WW:II YELLOW SEA submarine was hunting down John Wayne's vintage WW:II yatch. ~ That was miraculously restored in the 1960s and used later in a movie about some future Jewish shrink who would also be stalking President Trump's white christian family, circa 2017, like at: AND: ~ Which was launched on the same May 26 date that is cited in TAXI DRIVER's prophetic yellow submarine [yellow canary -diamond- diary TWITTER bird account] movie. ~ Corresponding with one of Jennifer Aniston's favorite old movies; that was released on the 1260 days anniverasy date of the two witnesses, per: ~ Also see this no.328 fake US OPEN shot of Jenny at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Here is a key plot point in the 70 weeks prophecy about Donald Trump's Greek earthquake presidencey, "and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the [WW:III] war desolations are determined." DANIEL 9:26. ~

Friday, September 1, 2017


That MARINES unit ape shit patch on the arm of the TAXI DRIVER's [iconic John Lennon military jacket and LEVIs look] represents those dark skinned apes in North Korea who are lead by some 29ish alpha ape who sports a weird looking modified Mohawk haircut. ~ And his fleet of small submarines from the yellow man sea is what Jennifer Aniston was singing about in her charity performance of "We all live in a yellow submarine..." at the AMERICAN AIRLINES theater in NYC. ~ NYC/TWN ~ PS GLENN BECK: Your fake news media empire suddenly collapsed just like Hillary's [over the hill] fake politics campaign suddenly collapsed in 2016. ~ Exactly like Bob's fake scandal campaign to destroy President Trump is going to suddenly collapse in the blink of an eye. ~ And then without warning, it will be revealed that you were lying to your Dallas, Texas style [MR.ANDERSON] audience of naive white conservatives about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ What goes around comes around, and all of that shit. ~ NO SHIT NOTES: Several years ago, I had a visionary dream about Princess Diana and Princess Diaz tossing bombs in front of Bonney Lake's Korean owned convince store during the US OPEN in Flushing, Queens, NYC. ~ Not at it directly; but just in front of it in the parking lot; for some kind of a WW:III warning. ~ PS MARTIN SHEEN: Cut the PC crap about reformed fascism being the born again reformation church gospel of Jesus Christ; and start helping me get your very special son into some kind of a blood cleansing SCOTTISH TEMPLE RIGHTS program. ~ That is going to cure him of his AIDS positive politics diagnosis 666 attitudes. ~


Rumor has it now that Bob is whoring around NYC with some other Jew lawyer who has the goods on some guy who knows a guy who knows somebody who was living it up too much a few years ago in the TRUMP TOWER. ~ Talk about low budget movies with shitty acting and over the top dialogue. ~ "You need a name if you want to make a movie." to paraphrase Bob's partner Sandra Bernhard in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D. ~ Meanwhile back at the newly remodeled chicken ranch in Nye County, Nevada... Jesus fuck me, they even have a separate entrance to the cocktail lounge now if you don't want to be seen entering the establishment through the front door. ~ But you do like the smell of the place and enjoy hanging out there with yours friends every now and then when you're in town just for business. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RETIREMENT NOTES: The word these days is that the abandoned uranium mines area surrounding Moab, Utah is one of the best kept secret places to retire in style, and on the cheap; according to:,_Utah ~

Thursday, August 31, 2017


I finished watching TAXI DRIVER's prophecy about your typical out numbered uptown/downtown Donald Trump type military vet NRA gun owner/voter in 2016 and 2020 at 3:57 am this morning. ~ Who was seriously wounded in the end, but then he was miraculously healed in the second time around in REV.13 etc. as if nothing had ever happened to him. ~ "Yeah, really." Dr.Evil, Houston, Texas. ~ Then in the AM hours of the Princess Diana death anniversary, I saw these new pix of Martin Scorsese hackling like a maniac in the back seat at: ~ Which corresponds directly to Spielberg's 1941 prophecy about a small North Korean submarine off the coast of California that unloads two nuclear bombs unto a row boat. ~ Think HAIL CAESAR meets BARTON FINK. ~ Wherein John Goodman plays the future Trump supporter in the latter, and yours truly plays the Trump supporter cowboy actor in the former. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MONEY MATTERS: If anyone in my life needs some more money from me, they are going to have to earn it. ~ Usually in the role of a minor actor in one of my many upcoming, full union scale, independent fuck you films. ~ Whereas, just giving free money to people tends to rob them of their manly dignity and female sense of self worth. ~

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Thursday is Richard Tiffany Gere's birthday. ~ The 29ish actor who role played me fucking my 29ish French speaking exwife whore in AMERICAN GIGOLO named Laurence, role played to perfection by a 29ish French speaking actress named Lauren. ~ Which was produced in the same year that she left me for a brilliant Jewish lawyer who grew up on a chicken ranch in Oregon. ~ Wherein we see his physically transfigured [3NEPHI:20; 43-46] birth mark that looks exactly like the strangely deformed evergreen Christmas tree of life in front of where I live in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ And when I was out there checking it out on hump day, some CAR 54 unit drove by slowly with this officer and a gentleman inside at: ~ Later, I checked the WIKILEAKS site for AMERICAN GIGOLO 1980, noting that it was last time-stamped at 3:57, per: ~ "You fucking whore... Who's fucking you now?" SIDEWAYS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BUDDHA STUDY NOTES: 1200 people just drowned to death in a massive flood happening confirmation in Nepal. ~ Think TWIN PEAKS meets BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, during the 1260/1290/1335 days of the two witnesses in New York City, around 1993 to 1996. ~ PS BOB: "You should die of cancer!!" says the older gray lady on the sidewalk in one of the many prophetic pronouncements in THE KING OF COMEDY, about me never making it in NYC, circa 1982. ~ Of course, he had already heard those kind of superstious curses put apon his head a thousand times before. ~


Even though my last batch of fantastic smelling basil cream smoked sockeye pasta gave me the shits for two hours, I just had to go back to it and eat the leftovers three days later. ~ So now I'm hearing on overnight UFO talk radio that THE LEFTOVERS' fans of Jennifer Aniston's mysterious husband are going crazy about something like that which is supposed to actually happen on the upcoming date of 9.23.17 on the GREGORIAN CALENDAR. ~ Oh well, I did have a flash vision some time ago of a day calendar page for the date of the 23rd; but it happened so fast that I didn't catch the month. ~ Gonna have to GOOGLE this one and get back to you. ~ GREGORY SCOTTISH RELF'S TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER ~ PS MEL: If I were you, I would go ahead and put up a 'FOR SALE' real estate sign right now on your failing D&C 86 temple/church property up in the 7 hills of Malibu. ~ Who knows? ~ Maybe some mormon sex cult sucker will come along and pay you the full asking price for it in cash money. ~ Of course if that should happen, I get my usual 10% agent listing fee. ~

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


2+2=zero when President Trump goes down to see the Biblical REV.12 flooding along the Trinity River; yet on the other hand, his own defence secretary refuses to defend him in the form of his new no queers allowed in the military orders. ~ So for Christ's sake who is in charge of things back there? ~ "Roses are red, violets are blue, I AM is a schizophrenic, and so AM I." Bill Murray at the crazy Greek temple columns White House insane asylum in WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ So what about it uncle Bob? ~ Are you holding anything at all in your high stakes Texas 7-card stud game? ~ Or is it high time for you to just fold em and walk away? ~ Methinks the latter. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOOD NEWS FROM THE HOME FRONT: My big brother from Redmond, Washington just gave me and you his two weeks notice, in no uncertain terms, that he is going to move down to Bonney Lake, Washington, Pierce County, and take over my local family obligations and responsibilities. ~ Believe me you, this is some crazy TEAMSTERS UNION method actor guy who you do not want to meet in the middle of the night on a full moon. ~ In order that I can finally move out and move on down into Donald Trump's completely restored Scotish highlands PLAYBOY MANSION and start whoring around and fucking all of my virgin underaged teenager A-list wives guilt free. ~ Who will do anything for me to be in one of my various upcoming fully budgeted [cash only] teen fuck film SAILOR DOG fantasies. ~ PS BOB RUSSO: My big brother Steven Relf is looking for a really nice deal on a 25' RV right now. ~ Probably because like most people out there, he is not fully aware yet of those two 18' luxurious $100k list price custom RV alternative life style MERCEDES vans like you never use anymore. ~ That you keep parked over behind the barn on your country estate in Lake Tapps. ~ You give my older brother a break on the price and thereby get him off of my back, I make it up to you in spades later. ~ I'm thinking 5 cents on the dollar for the older of the two; so how does that feel to you? ~


I mean think about it girl; no more sagging chins and tits, or too much weight around the thighs and on the hips. ~ And your husband's hard cock is always there for you, like a rock, when you need it. ~ Plus he has no selfish same sex self-centered attraction problems like Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Will Smith have; just to mention a few. ~ No wonder that Taylor Swift's new vampiric 'you made me suck you' song came out right after the Biblical flooding happening began down in Barbara Bush, Texas. ~ Where the young white girls are pretty; and a lot of their even younger brown sisters are pretty cute too, relatively speaking. ~ Blood is thicker than water, and all that. ~ "When you build up the Kingdom of God, you are building up your own kingdom." ~ Think TAXI DRIVER meets KING OF NEW YORK. ~ "When you build up the kingdom of god, you are creating your own inner kingdom of god." Buddha. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Your recent sex therapy [Woody Allen] movie about getting fucked up the ass by some dirty Jew was about me fucking your sister in the same way too in AN EDUCATION meets EDUCATING RITA meets AN IRRATIONAL MAN meets BLUE JAZMINE; and the list goes on and on....

Monday, August 28, 2017


As the world's greatest detective who ever lived in ZERO EFFECT meets HANNIBAL meets CHINATOWN, it goes without saying that I know everything that Bob knows over at the DOJ, and much much more. ~ Therefore, I also know that he and his Jewish paperboys got bupkis. ~ Because I know that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a felonious frudulant document posted up on an official government web site. ~ And I know that they know it. ~ "When you put two and two together and you get zero, something ain' right." Humphrey Bogart. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GUN RIGHTS: When the government of sodom and Egypt steps aside and let's the crazy people deny your constitutional right to free speech, all bets are off. ~ "You need to know when to hold em... Know when to fold em." Glenn Campbell. ~


Speaking as the greatest [FBIish] investigator that the world has ever seen in ZERO EFFECT etc. you might want to think twice about getting to the bottom of how the Podesta emails were given to WIKILEAKS. ~ Don't laugh, the FBI farmed out their investigation into Clinton's basement email server conspiracy to a politically friendly private detective service. ~ Oh yeah, "A man has to know his limits." Clint Eastwood. ~ And if you really do belive that my home town of Seattle is the whitest city, with the bluest eyes, that you have ever seen; you ought to see Portland, Oregon; not to mention Portland, Maine; located right south of the Bush's summer retreat from Houston and Dallas, Texas ~ GSR/TWN ~ ACTING CLASS NOTES: This Katie Holmes look alike clip of her sporting TIFFANY blue toenails is what I mean about over acting to the fatefull election of Donald Trump, at: ~

Sunday, August 27, 2017


The ever expanding annual pagan orgy of the 666 man, known as BURNING MAN, began on Sunday in the BLACK ROCK DESERET; located on the east side of the Washhoe County, Nevada line, just up from Pyramid Lake's world famous native cutthroat trout fishing. ~ Where the local Trump voting fishermen like to set up 16' Jabob's Ladders in the shallows and cast for the lake's yuuge monster fish; as they come up to the shoreline edges in the late evening twilight to feed on the hoards of emerging size 4 to 6 hook dragon fly nymphs. ~ This whole scenario being a Divine manifestation of the Sodom and Egypt of the last days in the two witnesses chapters in REV.11,12,13... Ergo the muddy Biblical REV.12 flooding in Houston is a result of the city's first open lesbian mayor in America; followed up by a black rocket man who represents modern day Egypt. ~ Meanwhile back at the legal chichen ranch in Nevada; VALLEY OF FIRE; BLACK ROCK MTNS.; and the Virgin River are all on your RM roadmap at the bottom of the guillotine blade. ~ The Virgin coming down from St.George, Utah, Washington County. ~ Where George Albert Smith had his WW:III vision in the temple's HOLY OF HOLYS room. ~ Ergo, they refere to the southern St.George area as Utah's Dixie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SP STEPHEN KING: A big old cedar tree fell down on a family at TWIN FALLS St.Park in North Bend, Washington; a.k.a. TWIN PEAKS. ~ Just after you banned President Trump from seeing your new reborn version of IT. ~ Because on my road map of Maine, the upside down dog gets his head chopped off at Twin Peaks; due west of [Senator] Snow Mountain. ~ PS MEL: You were inspired by the Holy Spirit of Mother Mary to have all of the crew wear big red clown noses during the shooting of your miraculously successful Jesus movie. ~ That said, I do have some notes. ~ HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM NOTES: See every movie that was ever made that uses and abuses this line. ~


It was the populist military vet Art Bell in Nevada who first spoke the prophetic word about the "wild card" line on two witnesses radio that would eventually trump the corrupt establishment in 2016; and then double down again on his yuuuge winnings in 2020. ~ Talk about THE ART OF THE DEAL; published by Trump and his Jewish ghost writer on 11.1 in 87. ~ When, where, and how the tip of the heavy guillotine blade would come down upon the Black Mountains with one swift cut across the Colored River in Arizona. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CASINO ROYALE MEETS ROD STEELE 0014 NOTES: This particular President Elvis [The King] fuck film prophecy ends with the shit hitting the fan between the BM's white skinned Nephites and the BM's red skinned LAmanites after December 21, 2017, at: . ~ Jesus fucking Mary. ~ I'm definitely gonna have to get on top of this one again before this year's Christmas winter season vacation starts. ~ White pussy, black pussy, red pussy, yellow pussy, brown pussy, a bit over weight lesbian pussy; you know what they always say, "There is no such thing as bad pussy." ~ The younger the better of course; but that has nothing to do with race, creed, or color. ~ 48 HOURS NOTES: Since nothing really that crazy has actually happened yet, it's now looking like my vivid local Sunday edition NYT dream happens 48 hours after today's Sunday morning edition of the NYT. ~

Saturday, August 26, 2017


What makes 2020' Las Vegas such a for real 2020 [VIVA LAS VEGAS] reelection prophecy is it's French guillotine shaped map location between the two witnesses' HOOVER DAM of the Colored [LAmanite Indians] River landmark, and the area where America developed and tested all those atomic bombs that President Trump will be using in WW:III to exterminate all of those pesty little third world darkies. ~ Not to mention the last days' GRAND CANYON divide prophecy. ~ Not to mention Devil's Hole and the Muddy Mtns. road map references in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D. ~ Where those two populist white worker Trump voters at THE PEOPLES COAL CO. are checking out a couple of expensive [fake gold plated birth certificate] TRUMP brand wrist watches and a pair of timely moon eclipse sunglasses. ~ That were being hawked by the indie film's character 'Leo' who had recently won those two old run down A-frames of Judah and Ephraim in a trump cards game. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2NEPHI, 8 BM NOTES: Have you noticed that all those little faint hearted girls and Jew boys who are bitching about President Trump pardoning that sheriff in the TRUE GRITT prophecy are too afraid to even mention his investigation into Obama's fake birth certificate? ~ Which had started that whole Jewish cluster fuck campaign against Dick Nixon to begin with; circa BLAZING SADDLES meets THE WAY WE WERE. ~


We know that the 'D' after Bob's name in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D stands for Democrat after watching the prophetic film's five wise virgins behaving like your typical white racists, homophobes, mysoginist womanizing pigs, and regular all around American good fellows; whose grandparents were all white Christian immigrants from Italy. ~ Who are now taxi driving Bobby D and his filthy [Seth] rich elite society milliomaire friends crazy in Manhattan because most of them voted for Trump. ~ [Bob married some nice negro woman with a very ugly and repulsive black-as-ink vagina, etc.] ~ And will be doing so again in the upcoming 2020 elevation roadmap election. ~ Hey, if you can't beat em off, join em. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRAZY FUCKER NOTES: One of the principle things that the Polish Mr.D taught us at BYU film school was that amature dialogue forces amature acting. ~ And that the mark of a great actor was one who could turn a shitty PC line into a solid gold recording record. ~ COUNTER INTELLIGENTSIA NOTES: Here's a nice look at some brunette ItalAmericano girl with a really sweaty sweet ass blond girl vagina at: ~ PS KS: The reason why I get to fuck you before I get to fuck Emma Watson, is because your pussy is just a shade lighter than her pussy. ~ PS NEVE: Give it up already and completely to me bitch. ~ You are my eternal cock sucking vampire wife who never has to look unattractive and die of old age anymore. ~ Whether you or I AM likes it or not. ~ We two are stuck together like potatoes and creamed pees. ~

Friday, August 25, 2017


At the end of SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D, Bob finally gets it and shows up to support the low budget indie film's premier of his own life as an immigrant son who used to understand why most of the middle class white people in Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump in 2016. ~ And in the 2020' Las Vegas, Nevada roadmap election, the very same thing is going to happen; circa CASINO meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS. ~ Don't laugh, Andy War/hol was a moderate Republican from Rush Limbaugh's adopted home town of Pittsburgh, PA. ~ Back in the days when art and low taxes were much more important to the avant-garde than today's typical Nixon Vs. Kennedy day-time network news tv soap opera politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE WAY WE WERE NOTES: Mike let me know last night that the college fall back-to-school quarter is when I should watch THE WAY WE WERE prophecy about me fucking Jennifer Anniston as her younger stepsister Emma Watson watches us doing it in ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN meets BRIDES OF DRACULA. ~ PS KEN KEMP: Stephen King's rather thin 1984 novel about Ronald Reagan trying to slim down the federal government in Wash, DC, entitled THINNER, was a bitter private prophecy about me losing a little weight in 2018, at: ~ And then after he got run over by that crazy Trump supporter, he spent months laying in bed and doing nothing until he started to look like some skeletonized Israelitish Jew in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland. ~ Where there are not very many problems with the Arabs, because they have not let very many of them come into their country and start acting like they own the place. ~


This is what my frustrated 29 year-old career forerunner actor director producer Orson Welles used to tell his young and overly inspired method actors whenever they asked him for a second take. ~ Ergo, this morning at 12:28 am, I awoke from a hazy VANILLA SKY dream about me roleplaying my antihero in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND; after my Russian spy babe connection asked me when AM I going to take out certain bitches. ~ And as I looked through a used copy of last Sunday's NYT, local 50 page double A section edition, circa 1974, I told her to give me 48 hours. ~ I know, everything is all suggestive and encoded and very "wink wink" iffy in the 007 [WIKILEAKS] third world embassy microfilm leaks spy business. ~ Heck, even today's VP looks exactly like that Russian assassin in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. ~ Wherein the movie's Kathy Griffin look alike KGB general comes up with a plan to assassinate Predtident Trump. ~ And we all know now how that worked out in JACKIE BROWN meets CAR WASH. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: Last night I also dreamed that you were roleplaying my BYU film school brother, who had no front teeth either, in your own private 2002 ADAPTATION screenplay fantasy, like at: ~

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Now even polite white society's more civilized people at FOX NEWS [Think LDS CHURCH NEWS] is reporting that there is something fishy [think stinky] going on with Bob in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy, at: ~ Remember, in the 1991 movie that suspicious sounding Nazi refugee "immigrant" couple were still very bitter about the Jew boy who had bought out their dream home on Smith Mountain Lake right from under them. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GOOGLE: Don't even think about it. ~ You have about six months left to play your little games. ~ Then you start thinking seriously about handing over 90% of your stock to me, and nobody gets hurt. ~ Same thing goes for you too Mr.Fucker, a.k.a. Mr.Suckerburger; a.k.a Mr.Yuckerberg... ~ "OK, that's enough." Queen Elizabeth, THE ROYALS. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: All three of my SOME LIKE IT HOT type movies about me eventually fucking you and Keira Knightley at the same time, started out with PILLOW TALK; and you getting over your christian monogamy marriage sexual hangups. ~ [Old fashion telephone hang ups were supposed to be a big thing back in the more innocent blond godess virgin 1960s movies.] ~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I started to watch LOVER COME BACK last Saturday. ~ Wherein my anti hero defeats the NYC Jew lawyer paperboy accusers with his new VIP rainbow candy mints. ~ And those two VIP convention witnesses appear in the movie every time that some plot point has to be made. ~ And then the very next day, some VIPS spokesman on Internet TV said that it was at least 99% probable that Bob and Herbie over at the FBI are lying through their teeth to America. ~ Probably because they no longer love America, now that she had elected a John Wayne type white man from Orange County with a real birth certificate, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ FAMILY RESEARCH NOTES: Every once in awhile I enjoy getting an honest kiick out of my 90ish Jewish mother; whose rather tall STANFORD educated lawyer father in Seattle's SMITH TOWER had a Jewish schmooze on his face the size of a Moses Lake, Washington potato. ~ The last time I tried it, I said, "I think I'll go downstairs and listen to that Jew Boy on the radio, Michael Medved." ~ Her giving me a very approving look and saying simply... "He must be a smart one." ~ PS ED LEE: There is a reason why God put you through BYU in style as a well paid dynamite man at TIFFANY's gold relief mine in Utah. ~ And then you eventually became VP of an international chain of fancy [TRUMP] hotels. ~ Don't forget, your father went bankrupt at least two times trying to make it as a potaoe farmer in the Moses Lake area. ~ Then he had to pack up the van and his 9 kids, like some 1930s Okie from Oklahoma, and go find himself a low paying job at the BOEING plant in Renton. ~ Renton City being a prophetic last days I-4_5 landmark about no.45's two terms in office. ~ When most everyone in Seattle would become a rentor; except for the multi millionaires. ~


This same-time same-place fireplace shot of Bebe and Putin at Socki [English spelling] represents the Beebe River inlet into Lake Wikileaks, New Hampshire in WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ That was actually shot on location at [Joseph] Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, per: ~ Which was filled with so many sudden outbursts of curse words circa August 23, 2017, that I don't even have the space and time to repeat them on this blog. ~ Meantime, same time, same station, new audio leaks were released about Hillary Clinton's first [fantasy sports politics] sexual encounter with today's Mr.President JFK JR. figure that made her skin crawl. ~ I have had some pretty amazing sex in my life. ~ But nothing quite like that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HALLEY BERRY: Last night for at least two full hours, I dreamed over and over and over that you were my sex slave concubine in that prophetic Elvis Presley Babylon wives harem movie; who invited me up to your fancy shag pad condo unit towards the top levels of the black glass TRUMP TOWER. ~ Granted, the 4k unit with a very generous size sitting balcony, was not quite as spacious as Trump's over-the-top 10k PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE shag pad. ~ But the fucking and sucking and icecream licking...


Uhm... let's just say for now that Bob has some serious problems in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy about him seeing something sexual in every picture drawing at the movie's White House look alike insane asylum. ~ Since his entire really weird, almost sexual/legal harassment investigation at the DOJ began with that fake birth certificate type Russian dossier of Donald Trump hiring a whore to pee on the bed where Barack and Michelle Obama had slept in Moscow. ~ And then when that DNC operative who was hired by the Jew media got called in before the white christian Congress of America to say why, the hacked news leaks came out about Miley Cyrus taking a pee next to some black ops FBI SUV rig, at: ~ Which is confirmation of BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN no.20 fake of Miley peeing on some brown fall maple leaves at: ~ Meanwhile, Bob er all would have us believe that anyone who has ever done business with the rich Russians in London is a part of Hillary's "Vast right-wing conspiracy theories." about the Nazis causing all of the trouble and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. ~ Nevermind Ferguson, MO, Berkeley, CA, Baltimore, MARYLAND, and South Chicago; day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. ~ "Life is stupid..." NIRVANA, Olympia, Washington, 1993-1996. ~ As sung by Seattle's original new wave Atl-Right hero, Kurt Cobain. ~ Oh yeah, Seattle is sooo white. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Loving your new smart phone titty pix that were obviously hacked by the white Russians who want in on my THE BIG BOW sequels. ~ I must say. ~ Nice, very nice. ~ Of course, daddy is going to make them pay for it in spades; tax free cash money up front and on the barrel. ~ You no happy, me no happy. ~

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Does a bear shit in the woods? ~ Did the fish eyed 666 North Viet Cong like to shit into their own bowls of watered down pumpkin gruel and force John McCain to eat their own shit just to stay alive? ~ Then later, during Trump's first term in office, they agreed to suck off his bigger cock too after they had forced him to suck off their more respective shorter cocks for at least 3 1/2 years? ~ Right after Dick Gregory died in DC, and just before my prophetic Trump supporter forerunner Jerry Lewis died, I had a vision at 6.19; wherein I was sitting on my 1971 era shitter and I saw a yuuge black Egyptian god shit-eating beetle crawling on the floor. ~ Which is your traditional symbol of [shit happens] death in such movies as PRACTICAL MAGIC and BUBBA HO-TEP. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY NORRIS, A.K.A. OUR MAN FLINT: That high speed train from Norristown crashed at the 1776 Philadelphia 69th street stop because the Governor of Virginia looks exactly like you. ~ And the minority blackies in the BM are going to get the shit beat out of them by the majority white people until they finally cry "UNCLE!!" and confess that the white are better than the dark people. ~ Oh yeah, the Gospel of Jesus is for everyone. ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: When it comes to hot sex, sometimes the giving can be more exciting than the receiving. ~

Monday, August 21, 2017


That 3.6 hit Ischia during late evening summer vacation dinner time in confirmation of my TO DIE FOR raw smoked sockeye in a basil cream sauce. ~ Sadly, I did forget to mention that a pasta this amazingly rich deserves an extra stinky blend of grated asiago; a little crumpled gorgonzo on top would be nice too, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: I noticed that BREITBART is sounding a bit more like me these past few days. ~ More critical, but still very loving and supportive. ~ As if we had a choice in the matter anyway. ~ God miraculously made you the .45 COLT cowboy President of America. ~ [Silver-plated .45 six-shooters with pearl handles were all the rage on TV during the 50s and early 60s cold war era.] ~ Just like he miraculously did not make Mitt Romney the President of America. ~ FLIP-FLOP NOTES: Business reporters have been writing about Gisele Bundchen's gross $100,000,000 a year sales in plastic flipflops beach sandals empire for years now. ~ Whatever, it has gotten to the point these days that you can't believe anything that the liberal Jewish liars in the media are saying, unless and until, you can actually hear it confirmed at least two times on live talk radio. ~ PS JIMMY KIMMEL: Always remember this. ~ If your birth defected baby dies before the age of 8, because of the parent's shitty junk food eating habits, he or she will go to heaven anyway. ~


Is West Seattle the New Jerusalem? ~ Where the mostly white Germanic people who live there have allowed all of their negro slave children from White Center to take over their own private REV.13 sands of Israel along Alkei Beach just to keep them as fat and happy as a deep fried clam at high tide getting served up to them at IVORS' famous ACRES OF CLAMS? ~ No shit. ~ I can now back up all of the above Joseph Smith BYU Mormon sodom and Egypt [New Bible translation] theology with the latest scientific archeology evidence at: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SEATTLE HISTORY NOTES: White Center was built up by the white European immigrants, most of whom moved to West Seattle after they got rich. ~ Thereby giving their lower wage negro servants a nice place to live off of their decades of hard work and civilized law and order decipline. ~ "Seattle is so white!!" Alison Roth, 1991. ~ So what? ~ I too like a little sweet HERSHEYS chocolate syrup poured over my two scoops of vanilla icecream every now and then. ~ Like at: ~ "Everyone loves smoked salmon; but who wants to be forced to eat it every single day?" Michael Medved, 770 AM, Seattle, Washington. ~ RAISING ARIZONA NOTES: The Jewish paperboy headlines on August 23 will be all about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and his use of a dead sailor's stolen SS number. ~ Oh how times have changed at: ~ ~

Sunday, August 20, 2017


The USS JOHN MCCAIN bears no.56 on it's bow because the heroic John McCain had just rescued the abomination of desolation that was the crowning achievement of the White Horse Prophecy given to Joseph Smith on 5.6. ~ Wherein both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party get shit canned and replaced with the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY. ~ No really. ~ Right now as you read this, the American USS AMERICA is engaged in a search and rescue operation to find those missing ten virgin sailors in HAIL CAESAR meets BARTON FINK, at:,_Caesar! ~ GSR/TWN ~ HOME REMEDY RECIPE: Feeling a little constipated lately? ~ Both physically and psycho politically? ~ Stir fry a cup of chopped onion and a half cup of fresh chopped whole garlic in olive oil until it is thoroughly cooked. ~ Then pour into the pan a half pint of cream and put a lid on it. ~ When the cream starts to thicken up, throw in the sea salt, pepper, and an entire stem of fresh grown basil leaves. ~ At the same time, drop into the reduction at least 6 oz. of smoked raw cured sockeye salmon bits and pieces. ~ Meanwhile, when your favorite pasta finally achieves full dente, dump that into the mix too; and prepare to die with a yuuge smile on your face. ~ That is when you run to the toilet and it all comes out your butt in one quick flush. ~ Since I meself has never eaten a slice of raw cured Red Lake salmon that didn't have a slight amount of salmonella poisoning on it. ~ Yet I keep going back for more of it again and again. ~ "I'm society's X-LAX pill." Howard Stern. 1993-96. ~ ALSO: "Baked Olympic oysters give you the shits that you can squirt through the eye of a needle." Leslie Winn, circa 1996. ~ PS WILL FERRELL: Several lazy crazy summer afternoons ago, I dreamed that you showed up uninvited at one of my own private D&C 58 parties at the Scottish castle PLAYBOY MANSION in LA, circa 2018. ~ A.K.A. the west coast White House. ~ Sporting your other look alike 29ish Swedish film actress wife Rebecca Romijn by your side. ~ Oh yeah, anything to get the party started is what I always say. ~


"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." is one of Shakespeare's most mighty lines, at:,_methinks ~ AND: ~ Yet there you have it. ~ In the form of that overweight and over the hill sagging sacred cow tits figure Miss Dowd. ~ Who was suddenly dumped for no good teason out of the blue by Michael Douglas for no logical reason, protesting that the white KKK meanies, who all voted for Trump in 16, hated her black Irish cop father because he was an apostate christian Catholic from the seven hills beast of Rome and the seven mountains beast of SLC, Utah ~ All according to the REV.17 beast who hates the mysterious church lady who has completely nonsensical and mysterious values. ~ Jesus Fucking Christ! ~ Cut the BS in WHAT ABOUT BOB? already and tell us what you really and truly believe in! ~ One would think that after all these 1260 days era years the redhead lady would finally get it. ~ Meanwhile back at the chicken ranch, Dick Gregory died at 84 in DC on the same day that mobs of Orwellian 1984 crazy people were protesting all of those Protestant white Irishmen of the north who believe that the lost 12 tribes of Israel means that there are significant differences between the civilized Nephites and the savage LAmanites in THE BOOK OF MORMON. ~ Which is why the go-d of Israel considers such mainstream high society Mormons as Mitt Romney and Senator Hatch to be no different than all of those CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 64 gentiles down in Dallas, Texas at the ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PETER: It is very important that you come to understand why Steven Fresh lives in Sandy, Utah's more spicy and gated off PEPPERRIDGE community. ~ And why it is that you yourself is not also loving it and living it up over there. ~ Enough with all of that self righteous bland enchilada, shit for brains crapolla in EATING RAOUL meets CARNIVAL OF SOULS. ~ PS JEREMY SHELTON: Basically, you are dealing with the same kind of NEVER ENDING STORY shit that my best friend Steven Fresh is dealing with; except his house has 6000' of living space. ~ And your house is a bit too small. ~

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Every time that almost at least 100 Nazis show up somewhere for some IT clown convention protest, at least almost 10,000 Jewish homosexuals, niggers, and alien UFO fish-eyed red communists with gray skin and yuuuge bald heads show up at the same place, same time, same channel. ~ Talk about Judah vexing Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets REV.11, over and over, until it is actually really and truly all over for real. ~ Ergo, the latest LDS CURCH NEWS out of SLC,UT says that Bill Clinton and George Bush are the two examples of how all the rest of us should be behaving. ~ Think the crazy schizo Jew Mark Biltz meets the crazy Mark Biltz in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy. ~ Wherein yours truly suddenly bursts out in a shocking profanity laced blog full of dirty words and thoughts; while at the same time proclaiming the [Howard Stern] word of g-d at ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KIT WINN: A certain somebody told me that your sweet ass homestead property located off of Cheery Creek Rd is located near the Drunken Charlie Lake networks of beaver ponds full of native cutthrouts in the 6-9" range. ~ PS CAPTAIN GARRISON: That gentlemanly English country side type polite society [GORDONS GIN] river that flows into Lake Quinault, off of Pacific Hwy.101, is plenty strong enough to resist any of today's pop culture crap that the devil is trying to throw at us. ~ Remember, back in the naive 1970s, all of those foul-mouth athiest Jews in New York and California demanded that Nixon should be impeached from office because he was caught on tape saying swear words. ~

Friday, August 18, 2017


Don fired Steve right after he said that my IT blog staffers were a bunch of clowns. ~ While on the very same day, same time, same station, next week, the insider buzz was really already boiling over about Steve's new WHAT ABOUT IT? new and improved evil IT clown movie coming out in September. ~ [Steve being a common nickname for Stephen.] ~ Meanwhile back at the chichen ranch, the feds indicted two of Debbie's IT people on 4 charges of... who gives a fuck. ~ Just as long as the two start blabbing about who leaked those campaign killer Podesta emails to Seth Rich er all. ~ "Don't call me Leo in my house!" WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ GSR/TWN ~ POSSIBLE, BUT NOT SURE, CORRECTION NOTES: Last I read, there are no catch limits on eastern brooktrout within the boundary lines of Hwy.101's Olimpic Mountains. ~ Everything else is catch-and-release of course. ~ And of course, generally speaking, yours truly doesn't do catch-and-rease. ~ Never have, never will. ~ What is mine is mine. ~ And nobody in hell can take it away from me. ~ Not even the today's out of bounds IRS' game warders back in DC. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Oh for Christ's sake, just go ahead and "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!" AUSTIN POWERS:II, THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME meets THE FULL MONTY, at: ~ AND ~ You make me young, and good looking, and horny again, I do the same thing for you. ~ Heck, I may even give you a bit role in one of my upcoming Andy Warhol trilogy ripoff remakes. ~


Will Bob er all ever find the personal inner strength to take a vacation from their Republican Party 1990s hangups, and thereby "...lengthen one's stride."? ~ Like Gordon B. Hinckley was always telling the saints to do back in 1993 to 1996. ~ And finally take those big time man size steps needed to walk onto an airplane and go talk to Julian Assange, man to man, in London, like at: ~ Or is it that he is just l playing games like some foolish and naive virgin 13 year-old NYT WAPO paper boy from Brooklyn in 1991's WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ Or is it that he still is just too chicken to dive into the dephts of reality tv and see the real insider conspiracy that caused Clinton to lose the election in 16? ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOB CUT NOTES: I know, the Bible says that women are not supposed to have short hair. ~ But the "Bob" does seem to be the right thing at the right time right now for a lot of today's sexy hot babes. ~ Think THE BIG EASY meets DOMINO. ~ Either way, everybody gets their rocks off, and everyone goes home as happy as a razor clam at high tide. ~ PS MITT ROMNEY: More Peter Relf likeness, less Bob Redford likeness. ~

Thursday, August 17, 2017


That anti white terrorist with dark skin drove his evil white van into a crowd of liberal white European socialist tourists in Spain as God's answer to the anti white Jews in the media going bonkers about President Trump being too pro white. ~ No wonder that our beloved blond Elvis TRUMP CASINO HOTEL AND RESORT headliner performer is going to get elected big time for a second encore performance term, Ronald Reagan 1984 style. ~ Which will easily grant him time enough to fulfill the prophecy about him appointing five wise virgin judges to the SUPREME COURT; before his 8 year-long Providential presidency during the last 1290 days' ten virgins [WEDDING CRASHERS] prophecy is over and done with at the WAPO and NYT. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Hwy.101's landmark McDonald Mountain stands over the Little South River that flows down from First Top Mtn. and Second Top Mtn. and Wildcat Mtn. ~ PS RUSH LIMBAUGH: My brother Peter hit the only hole-in-one in his life at that Park City, Utah course where one of it's more shortish greens takes an immediate 1000' cliff drop off from the tee. ~ Bet they don't have anything like that in Florida. ~ PS DENNIS: My royal Crown Prince of England, who is second in line to the Thrown of England, is going to be married to your PADYWGN2 taxi driver daughter from South Texas. ~ Because in the original TAXI DRIVER movie prophecy, all of those Democrat Party mother fucker big time $10 tippers who live in downtown Manhattan are going to get what they have coming to them in spades. ~ You cheat me, I cheap you. ~ So now what the fuck? ~ It is finally high time for me to watch the INGLORIOUS BASTERDS prophecy about today's mostly white Jew anti Nazi media warriors? ~

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


WHAT ABOUT BOB? ends with Bob still going crazy trying to tie up President Trump to the white Russian cocktail metaphors in my own private political sex cult Reagan Democrat movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ While the rest of the paranoid schitzophrenic liberal Jew media is all tied up in knots, and having neurotic self denial episodes about the Alt Left's well known use of violent agitation instigation propaganda. ~ Think Barack Obama's fake Hawaiian birth certificate meets his stolen SS number. ~ As explained so clearly by Dr.Who herself at: ~ AND: ~ Then in the film's ten virgins wedding ending, crazy Leo stands up and shouts "NOOOO!!" ~ Still in denial of President Trump winning the democratic 2016 election fair and square. ~ GSR/TWN ~


The insane asylum in WHAT ABOUT BOB? looks like the White House in Wash DC. ~ Because when Bob takes an outdoor death therapy shower in the movie he has a PINK ELEPHANT CAR WASH figure perched on the M.A.S.H. military shower stalls set up. ~ That represents all of today's crazy paranoid schizophrenic Republican pinkos who are subconsciously identifying with the completely insane liberal wacko media, like at: ~ Exacly like Woody Allen does in his two inspired make believe ZELIG meets PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO prophecies. ~ Ergo, the color theme in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS and LEGALLY BLOND is pink pink pink pink 24/7/365. ~ Meanwhile back at the DAVID LETTERMAN chicken ranch northeast of Gibson, Montana. ~ Five foolish virgins on a BLACK HAWK crashed into the REV.13 ocean at the very same time that some [BLUE HAWAII] Elvis expert was being interviewed on COAST TO COAST talk radio; talking about The King's years in the US Army; later featured in his Hawaii movies period. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL: The easy enough three mile switch-backs hike into Angle Lake is looking like one of our last options for catching as many 6-9" eastern brook trout that we can eat by using your traditional no.10 yellow professor buck hair wet fly just under the surface. ~ Heck, the last time in late September, early October, that I was up there with Ken McLeod we caught at least 35 of them; no questions asked. ~ PS GEORGE CLOONEY: Don't get discouraged or downhearted. ~ It took me too almost an entire lifetime to understand that you just go ahead and eat the [HASTY TASTY] dark skin of fried char trout; bones and all. ~

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


That yuuuge mud slide in Sierra Leone was confirmation of Leo showing up at Bob Mueller's surprise birthday party on August 7, all covered in dirt and mud, like at: ~ By then he had completely switched sides with Bob. ~ And was going out of his mind like a mad man because he had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Bob; but he still only had come up with butt kiss. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE FOOTNOTES: That genealogy tree of Israel fell down and killed 12 apostate Christian Catholics on Mad Island because they were ingnoring the 12 tribes of Israel history along the Iberian Penninisula, at: ~ PS JIMMY BOY: If you sincerely desire something better in this life than Donald Trump, you will be forced to get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you for all of the abominable shit that you have wrought upon the more righteous in REV.12. ~ Sorry, but Social Security, Medicare, etc. just ain't gonna cut it. ~ What America needs more than ever right now is a for real repeal and replace policy on THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964; just for starters. ~ Not to mention the AMERICANS WITH [spiritual] DISABILITIES ACT. ~ MUD LAKE, IDAHO MAP NOTES: Atomic City; Sugar Town; Roberts; Black Foot; St. Anthony; TETON FLOOD MUSEUM; Madison County; Hamer; Lincoln; Marysville; CRATERS OF THE MOON; Moreland; Riverside; the GSR/TWN list goes on and on. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Everything that happens on Mt. Hood, Oregon, good or bad, sweet or sour, is about me fucking you baby, and your step sister too in THE SHINING's REV.10 movie stars prophecy. ~ Ergo, two 29ish female happy campers fall to their horrible deaths on the rocks below off of Mount Hood, the DOW closes up 5.28. ~ Note the enclosed yellow man poster art that was just confirmed by that RAT MAN artist in front of the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, at: ~ AND: ~ AND:


Who's to stop you now? ~ Leo has the exact same August 7 surprise birthday party as Bob Mueller has in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? recess vacation 2017 prophecy. ~ Woody Allen now owes me so much serious-as-a-heart-attack cake that it makes me sick to my [REV.10] stomach even to think about it. ~ Remember, this is the same short Jewish actor who costarred with my future King of England character in 1986's DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. ~ Who was not only fucking his wife Jennifer Aniston on the side, but also his [illegal alien resistance] girlfriend and daughter too during the Reagan Democrat era. ~ For when the time would come in 2017 that all of Hollywood would be on the down and outs, like at: AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.PRESIDENT: So how about buying out one of America's failing circulation newspapers for like 5 cents on the dollar and turning it around as your own private tabloid daily twitter? ~ In the same way that your pre FDR half Jew does in THE STRANGER meets CITIZEN KANE? ~ Kind of like Taylor Swift putting out a more sexed up cover of the country music radio solid gold standard that goes, "Let's give them something to talk about..." ~ LORD OF HOSTS NOTES: Note the pop singer named Lord [Jesus] look alike on the enclosed old fashion values movie poster for THE STRANGER, at: ~


When I use and abuse the name of 'Bob' I AM is referring to that whole east coast Bob Redford meets Bob Woodward apre-ski WW:III thing in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY meets ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE, at: ~ AND: ~ If it helps, think WAYNE'S WORLD meets BOB'S WORLD and you get the picture. ~ Also think 'Robert' if you are not into that whole brevity thing. ~ Meanwhile back at the chicken ranch; my Napoleonic complex man child in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE wears a Rexburg, Idaho RICKS college T-shirt when he helps get Donald Trump elected President. ~ And now for some crazy reason, hoards of COAST TO COAST talk radio listeners are flocking to Rex/burg to see the historic moon eclipse of my pagan Pope sun god figure in ROMA meets ROMAN HOLIDAY on August 21. ~ Right as the Pope has been warning people of faith to stay away from astrology and any other forms of born again new age 1971-73ish Nazism. ~ Could be nothing, but I always preferred the small trout top fly fishing around that area in places like Rock Creek. ~ As opposed to say; the North Fork, or the Madison. ~ Where the bigger trout are very pretty, but they kind of taste funky. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REPEAL AND RELACE IT NOTES: Repeal and replace means Obamacare is going to get repealed at the new and improved stacked deck SUPREME COURT. ~ And the abomination of desolation on the Temple Mount is going to be replaced, MARK 13 style. ~ Black Spades always trump red Hearts and all that; in such prophetic President Trump race triumph movies as CASINO and SPIN OUT, like at: ~ DIVORCE COURT REAL TV SHOW EVIDENCE NOTES: Bob is that older Jewish guy in A SERIOUS MAN who ends up with nothing but butt kiss. ~

Monday, August 14, 2017


Turns out the driver of that grey DAY/TONA 500 street legal HEMI in Cuntsville, Virginia was as schizo as the pill popping Bob in WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ Talk about the day 1290 death therapy that happens at the end of the movie. ~ "Chicks like guys who have computer hacking skills!.." Napoleon Dynamite, Press Town, Idaho. ~ Meanwhile back at the chicken ranch... After months of having a little fun with her white shorthair GG SALON look, Kristen Stewart is growing it out a little more now with a great 1959-64 boy scout square pants crew cut [Jerry Lewis] look, circa 2017. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CITZEN KANE NOTES: In this classic motion picture prophecy, President Trump only dies after he has served two terms in office; and not one day before that happens. ~ As prophetically depicted in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy meets AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON prophecy. ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Keep doing what the Holy Spirit [a.k.a. Michael, a.k.a Adam] has been inspiring you to do for the past 50 years or so. ~ Heck, "Why fix it if it ain't broken?" Donald Trump, circa 1984. ~

Sunday, August 13, 2017


"GET HIM OFF ME!!" shouts the father of two figure when Bob is doing some kind of a strange persons reverse couch therapy anal sex thing on daddy's traditional REV.17 southern [Virginia] fried chicken metaphore problem. ~ That was actually pre confirmed by the left's new Trump chichen [GHOSTBUSTERS] mascot, only two days before Michael advised me to take a second look at the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy from a different angle, at: ~ Trump did say on TWEETER that Mitch McConnell had choked on repealing Obamacare at the very last minute, and all that. ~ Whereas, many people of faith have difficulty figuring who and what the new 666 beast is. ~ Such as the deep state Jewish newspaper boys er all at the DOJ and CIA who are trying to take out a democratically elected President who is blond. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HARLOTSVILLE NOTES: Don't believe what your local Jewish newspaper boys are telling you. ~ A small group of eighties Reagan Democrats were protesting the removed of some Confederate hero, with an Asian Chinese restaurant surname, when ten times as many left-wingers showed up and started to throw shit and shout down the speakers' free speech rights. ~ Happens every day when Milo and Shapiro [both Jews] show up to speak at some university in California, like at: ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Having problems understanding REVELATION 17? ~ See every SI-FI horror cult movie ever made in Hollywood where the word "chicken" is mentioned. ~ My own personal favorite being THE FITH ELEMENT. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Please let me know when I should stop shoveling so much tax free motion picture production cash money into your own private offshore business bank accounts. ~ Crazy in the head, great in bed, and all that. ~ But even daddy has to come up for air every now and then. ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: That Park City, Utah film festival masterpiece entitled CITIZEN KANE was about you having to die down in Florida at the end; not literally, just metaphorically. ~ If it helps at all, by then you will have destroyed all of your back stabbing petty scandal enemies in the Dutch Manhattan Island media. ~


That crazy tall bald skinny Jew who is the current temporary boss of all those giant niggers in the WARRIORS' NBA Gay Area meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE will be in Israel this week. ~ In confirmation of Howardsville, Virginia's day 1290 event that marked the yuuuge NATION OF ISLAM rally at the UN in 1996. ~ Because that 20 year-old dude who rammed all of those anarchists with his 50 shades of confederate grey RAM HEMI was from a place on Rt.20 and Rt.24 northeast of Whitehouse, Ohio; itself northeast of the Bad River in day 1290 DANIEL 12:12. ~ As just confirmed by no.24 Lynch not standing up for the USA flag in support of all of his NO.12 fans who pay his NFL salary; plus full Obamacare benefits and HALL OF FAME lifetime pension. ~ "What did she want?.. I don't know." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE ~ GSR/TWN ~ WAR NOTES: It is starting to look like Israel's SIX DAY WAR was a timeline prophecy about WW:III; day 1290 style. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: The word 'twilight' signifies both the end of something in the evening, and the beginning of something new in the breaking morning's light of dawn. ~ On a strictly professional note; you would probably be my first choice to play the young female FBI neo lesbian agent who has a latent thing for older men [daddy] figures in any reboot of the HANNIBAL lecturer series. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: The reason why God gives his beloved talented Jews balding hair jis ust to keep them humble. ~ So yeah, Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck were certainly my own private career forerunners; not to mention Marlon Brando and Orson Welles. Think THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets BLAME IT ON RIO; complete with bit part acting appearances by both Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Bob goes crazy for his new book with the bold 'B... S...' yellow jacket in the first act of WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ That teaches him how to take the neccessary baby steps first, by throwing the book at the little people. ~ Which leads to the bigger steps; like taking down a democratically elected President with small minded and petty "process crimes." ~ Note the $29 price that sets the prophetic film in the context of Hwy.29 in Virginia, DC; August recess vacation summer time, 2017. ~ Then up at the lake, Bob calls himself the WAPO/NYT "paper boy" who is wearing an aquamarine T-shirt that proudly proclaims how completely local he is. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOCAL NOTES: That local sidewalk psycho in front of the TRUMP TOWER is wearing Scottish plain in the above opening scenario. ~ NEWSPAPER BOY NOTES: The above third act's "fire place shot" press conference on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA is about when Bob is forced to explain himself before the white folks burn the place down and blow it up. ~ Wherein that dark skinned bronze bust of your typical intellectual Ivy League Jew crashes down right at his DANIEL 2 feet in the end. ~ Oh yeah, not everything that looks white is white. ~ THAT SAID NOTES: The real Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire is fed by the Beebe River on my R/N road map. ~ 2BC NOTES: MLK JR. was hunted down by a deer hunting stalker on 4.4 with an older used bolt action 30-30 deer rifle at the LORAIN MOTEL in Memphis, Egypt, USA for a prophecy about what the DC 86 leaders can expect during President Trump's two terms in office. ~ Which of course was just like the one that was used to kill JFK JR. in Dallas, Texas. ~ Ergo, you can just imagine all of those emotionally disturbed junior high school bipolar kids who kept coming around my French exwife's place in Washington County, Oregan and peering through her bedroom window blinds. ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: You never call me or ring my doorbell anymore. ~ Guess it's high time for me to ring your brass bell really hard and long like I do in WHAT ABOUT BOB meets WHEN WILL I BE LOVED?. ~


Bob Wiley plays the wily Bob and his motely crew of 16 Jewish money-grubbing athiest communist international banker lawyers over at the DOJ because the lake scenes were shot at the Ephraimite location landmark of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia; over west of Motely on Hwy.29. ~ As just confirmed by the white people protests going on in the same state of things at the dame time. ~ And like in all of those classic Mel Brooks shrink comedies, the insane asylum patient always trades places with the doctor; and then the hunter becomes the hunted. ~ After the paranoid Bob, who over analyses everything, starts harassing and stalking President Trump's son and daughter family. ~ Beginning with the film's opening shots of crazy Bob walking over to the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, as some threatening schizophrenic guy straight out of a Stephen King novel, walks across his path saying, "Dirty bastard... I'll get you!" ~ See it happening right now, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEATH TRAP THERAPY NOTES: Crazy Bob hops on a bus driven by a Korean lady because the Korean peninsula is shaped like a penis stump. ~ Then later Rich Drey/fuss uses STUMP OUT black [civil war era] gun powder to blow up the House of Israel on [Joeseph] Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. ~ CALLING LONDON NOTES: When I will be the KING OF ENGLAND who looks like a blond Iggy Pop sensation, circa 1993-1996, all of the darker skinned poor people who are beneath me will become my silent loyal servants. ~ If the money is right of course and the bank check is good. ~ Who will have no right anyway to question anything that I might deem to say on TWITTER from one day to the next. ~ "Sometimes I say one thing, then I say another thing." Jesus Christ himself at

Friday, August 11, 2017


WHAT ABOUT BOB was a prophecy about a crazy guy named Bob Mueller who could just not take 'NO' for an answer. ~ Which led to the Doris Day 1290 destruction of today's stubborn-as-a-mule House of Israel status quo. ~ Since every time that something goes wrong, or is mentally blocked out in his Jewish psychiatrist LSD mind trip investigation of the Russian conspiracy election of 2016; he simply sees it as a new opportunity to look for another other way out of it. ~ Ergo, the Jew media gave Bob his sterling reputation boy scout merit badge for opposing W's warrantless cell phone airways intercepts from Iran and North Korea, etc. ~ So now it makes complete sence that he has been authorizing pre dawn raids on the private homes of those who oppose his third way politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SO WHAT NOTES: The one thing that I learned from Woody Norris in 1979 was the relevant importance of always responding to the REV.12 accuser's accusations with the simple up front question, "So what?" ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: See what happens when you trust the dirty filthy atheist liberal Jew pigs in the [MIRAMAX] media to do your dirty work for you? ~ They start comparing you to me just because we both believe in a tall blond haired Scandinavian [240 VOLVO] looking Jesus. ~ And of course, it doesn't help that both of us love to go out for trout all summer long. ~ And then both of us have a yuuge fish fry party in the backyard on Labor Day Weekend. ~ Never forget, about 99% of all Americans who have the Big Sir name of 'Relf' are negro slave descendants of grandpa Daniel Relf in New Orleans. ~ Most of whom are decent living christian Baptists who are still opposed to homosexuality and communism. ~ Per BLUES BROTHERS meets BLUES BROTHERS:II. ~