Sunday, November 19, 2017


When Bullock's Jewish feminist gets hit really hard on her GSR/TWN forehead by a yellow tennis ball from that white Republican redhead in TWN; she momentarily blacks out. ~ And then she comes out of it and prophetically recites the upcoming 5 Supreme Court Justices who will be appointed by President Trump. ~ Which will lead to the court taking a wrecking ball to ROE VS. WADE. ~ Then George W. gives her a ride home in his 'BENTLEY'; that is being closely followed up by Barack Obama's BIG BROWN UPS delivery van, circa 2008. ~ In confirmation of buying up the WASHINGTON POST; while investing billions into some new rocket to the moon scheme, based down in Alabama. ~ Don't forget, Bezos grew up on a beef cattle ranch in south Texas. ~ And now Sandra is involved in some kind of an abortion rights movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Don't sweat it; your typical average milage 2002 911 costs only around 20k; maybe a little bit more if it is in excellent condition, per: ~ Remember, this is the only German made PORSHE 911 that I AM is interested in right now; because it came out well before the German car company sold out to some mysterious and faceless multi national and started fucking around with the steering; making it more soft and warm and fuzzy for their rich old men stock investors cliental. ~ PS CAMERON DIAZ: Yeah I know, you already have daddy's own private vintage 911 parked inside of your garage. ~ But let's hold off for now and wait to see if we can use it as bait to catch her in the act. ~

Saturday, November 18, 2017


In Hitchcock's 1972 FRENZY prophecy about today's tragically immature and overly emotional spoiled brat frat house rich Jew boys, we see the red hand of Judah by the entrance to your typical middle class politics pub in London. ~ Later, we see the very same bloody red hand sticking out from a 100 lb sack of Moses Lake, Washington State no.1 baker size potatoes. ~ Ergo, "Passion is the enemy of precision." says yours truly in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets ZERO EFFECT. ~ For example, "I'm completely convinced that Trump colluded with Putin in order to steal the election." Hillary Clinton. ~ So see what I mean about him choking to death all of those naive sissies at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: I saw that used evergreen 2002ish 911 that I get from you just for startes. ~ As some kind of a virginal first fruits pagan sacrifice resurrection reaction to the undead offering in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO meets PRACTICAL MAGIC. ~


Sandra Bullock's Jewish lawyer in TWO WEEKS NOTICE starts out as your typical Trump resistance foo fighter and ends up as your typical never-Trumper Republican pinko neocon wearing her ten virgins wedding outfit of the same color in the first act. ~ Before holding up his two [FRENZY 1973] ties of Judah and Ephraim while presenting him with her two weeks notice. ~ Meanwhile, she starts interviewing all around town with those filthy dirty Jew legal firms who have close ties with their Jewish brethren at the DOJ/CIA/NSA. ~ Who are now doing their damnest to crucify America's new Branch DaVidian Code President. ~ As just confirmed by the new "Surf Avenue" community center reports about Soros er all scheming to oust President Trump in the same way that they ousted Nixon; out at some western Whitehouse LA COSTA landmark golf resort at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOVIE QUOTES: "...Trump has the inside track..." on this one, circa 2016, says George W. in TWO WEEKS NOTICE. ~ FILM PRODUCTION NOTS: TWN was well into production by 9.11... 2001. ~

Friday, November 17, 2017


Last night at 3:00 am exactly, I got a crystal clear flash vision of my TWO WEEKS NOTICE copy DVD. ~ Which is about President Trump taking Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball to that REV.13:1 shore club for old Larry David type Jewish men hanging around and playing chess along the county line area between Kings County and Queens County. ~ Where .999% of the old men are DIE HARD number 1&2 1290 days Democrat Party members. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RADIO DAYS NOTES: I grew up in Seattle's U-District listening to Daniel Shore on NPR radio. ~ No wonder I have such a Jew problem. ~ Mind you; I got my first two magazine subscriptions to NATIONAL REVIEW and PLAIN TRUTH right around the same time. ~ PS TARANTINO: I have read about all of that hot action surrounding your latest no.9 movie. ~ Oh well, whatever those Jew cunts in Hollywood are offering, I can always double it, tax free. ~ "You think I'm a whore?.. OK, I'll triple it..." MOONWALKERS meets MAN IN THE MOON, at:

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I just bought that Da Vinci code [physical transfiguration] crystal ball prophecy painting at CHRISTIES by proxy for $400,000,000 in the hope that it might cheer up my no.004 wife on her upcoming 33rd birthday this spring. ~ Like they always say out in LA, money can't buy you love; but it sure can buy you a lot of fuck buddies, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS DOMINO: You are going to get everything that I AM has ever promised you anyway in your MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES dreams. ~ That said, if you can manage to drag along you candy ass girlfriend, it will happen for you much more sooner, rather than later. ~ BIBLE BELT NOTES: By now it should be quite obvious that the same apostate Christians who are condemning Judge Roy Rogers for fantasing about fucking 16 year-old Old Tesiment virgins are the same church lady sissies in Texas who put Warren Jeffs into jail forever and ever for doing the exact same thing. ~ And then he received that spoken word revelation about the Chicago earthquake that destroys 10% of the holy smokes BBQ beef ribs city in REVELATION 11. ~

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Think Judge Roy Rogers is that noble Arizona Sheriff Joe protangonist, with a classic inner conflict, figure in TRUE GRIT meets NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. ~ Who in the the end is fucking his 13ish wife really hard in the ass while riding his faithful horse named Blackie. ~ Who is still sticking to his guns regarding Barack Obama's fake antichrist birth certificate and Seth Rich's heroic hacking of Hillary's secret underground basement email operation, like at: ~ Call me nuts, but when the Nazis demanded that Gen. Harry W.O. Kinnard, originally from Dallas, Texas, surrender and give up the fight during the BATTLE OF THE BULGE, he simply replied "Nuts!" ~ According to this prophetic January 12, 09 two witnesses birth dated report at: ~ In contrast to Senator John McCain calling Judge Moore a "nut" many months before the WASHPO had dropped their Roman fascist icon FDR dime on him. ~ As just confirmed by my niggers taking over the throne of Zim Bob Way using the latest and greatest British made military hardware. ~ In confirmation of that newly leaked MI6 report in the latest UK tabloids that yours truly, the Crown Prince of England, is a paranoid schizophrenic egomaniac who is suffering from a Napoleonic complex. ~ PS SENATOR MCVAIN: Better watch your step Jew boy. ~ America's rather flaky and crazy Jewish President Trump could flip out on a dime at any minute and go nuclear on you guys; demanding that his Jewish DOJ produce all of those half Jewis birth records that Hawaii is holding back on regarding Barack Obama. ~ Believe me you; you do not want to go there.


Tonight is the start date for France's traditional 5-day young fruits purple wine feast in D&C 58 for sacrificial 13 year-old virgins who are hot to trot and starting to get their periods; that is if my money offerings are OK enough for mommy and daddy. ~ That corresponds directly with the [Branch Davidian Da Vinci code Holy Grail] secret satanic Scotish templer blood rites cleansing finale in 1964's THE LAST MAN ON EARTH prophecy about the bloody and violent ending to the abominable CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ Which was forced upon us by all of those [white as rice] Denton, Ohio church ladies in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE prophecy. ~ Seriously, that D&C 58 feast in the 1976 film served up a rump roast of MEATLOAF; who himself also came from Texas. ~ Where God knows they do like their roadside negro chef BBQ ribs slowly grilled to perfection in old cut-out 55 gallon oil barrels. ~ Me too of course, just saying. ~ Why pay $70 for a plate of ribs and a bloody bottle of shiraz at TONY ROMA'S in Beverly Hills, LA, when you can get the same damn thing for $15 off any I-35 exit in Texas from Casablanca Lake to Dallas? ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLOOD IN THE WATER NOTES: People will vote for Roy Rogers because they want to stick it to McCain er all. ~ Enough is enough. ~ "Oh fuck off for Christ's sake." Elton John, arriving at JFK, NYC circa 2005 or 2007. ~

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


According to the GREAT BALLS OF FIRE meets THE LAST MAN ON EARTH prophecies, Roy Moore will be the designated blood letting taxi driver who kicks off the Branch Davidian blood cleaning cure to Joseph Smith's final WHITE HORSE PROPHECY sollusion to America's Jewish problem ; after it becomes crystal clear that Sessions, Hatch, and McConnell er all are the problem with America, and not the deep state's 666ism solution. ~ And therefore it is now high time to organize a new independent American political party. ~ When none of today's LDS [church lady] leaders will ever be allowed to hold positions of leadership again during this mortality. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS PUBLICITY NOTES: Certain secret underground basement email forces in France know who will be their next king. ~ Who are already starting the pre publicity process for LAST TANGO IN PARIS: 2&3, at: ~ Don't worry, I would never make a movie about me fucking 15 year-old virgins until the law has been settled. ~ Which is why God has given me that new underaged virgin French actress who was role played by my Jewish you know who fuck buddy in that short film [day 2300] opening to THE DARLING LIMITED in India. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Please do not be offended by my sudden casting decision to replace you in my LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie with my new virgin 16 year-old French wife. ~ Look at it this way. ~ It will give you more time to MEMOREX your new lines on the set of your upcoming sensational Janis Joplin look alike 2020 movie; directed by either Oliver Stone or Quitan Tarantino; choose your poison. ~ Personally, I would prefer David Lynch directing. ~


Not everybody gets to become the 70 year-old PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES during the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9 meets EZE.9. ~ Which goes to say, if fucking two hot virgin teenagers at a time on the beach in Vashion Island is not your thing, don't fret it. ~ It even says in the 2BC that there is a very special spot in heaven for guys like you who can only imagine having marital relations with the same wife [24/7/12] every night for the rest of all eternity. ~ Of course, it also says that there is a fine place in heaven for [Christian] people who only believe in the spiritual, but not the physical. ~ "There are many mansions..." in heaven, yada yada. ~ For example, compare what is going on at Bill Gates' mansion in Medina on any given weekend these days; to what will be happening every fucking weekend at the new and improved PLAYBOY MANSION, circa 2020. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOORE NOTES: Roy Moore is not for everybody. ~ Just like me fucking Kristen Stewart and her sexy blond job sister wife during our first hand-over-fisting hike up to those two twin Falls Lakes in Skagit County. ~ [Please don't pay any attention to the reality video camera man.] ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Keep doing whatever g-d only knows what you are doing. ~ Whatever, I need the inspiration and motivation to keep doing whatever I AM is supposed to be doing. ~ In the hope that some day you will be willing to let me fuck you. ~ Of course, it wouldn't hurt if you bought out that resort lodge on Quinault Lake and turned it into some kind of a weekend [Crooked Lake, BC] log cabin retreat for Seattle's very busy billionaires who don't even have the time to fly over to Sun Valley, Idaho. ~ The HWY.101 NASDAQ did do a number +6.66 fairly recently. ~ In confirmation of APPLE's latest whatever gadet sensation for silly minded highschool teenagers.

Monday, November 13, 2017


I almost made it halfway through THE LAST MAN ON EARTH before I decided to take a little breather and check out those new Internet reports about Seattle's brain dead zombie vampire icon Bill Gates building some mysterious new 666 city of the future rising up from southwestern America's ashes east of Phoenix, Arizona off I-10. ~ In confirmation of the above horror movie being shot in the first 666 [sub] city designed by Benito Mussolini on the southwest side in ROMA. ~ Which came to a sudden stop because of WW:II. ~ Just like Gates' futurism fantasies are going to come to a sudden stop by that WW:III vision given to George Albert Smith in the St. George LDS temple shortly after FDR died. ~ Talk about the next big beautiful yuuge thing being the new and improved iPONE 10. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILL O'REALLY: God fucked you in the ass because you were not doing enough to protect your Irish American immigrant family from that Jew fuck half nigger homogaysexual political abuser from Chicago. ~ Therefore, now the exact same thing is going to happen to Senator McConnelly, Senator Orin Hatch, Mitt Romney, and also Ken Kemp and Donelle Willy; during the final 70-weeks of house cleaning in DANIEL 9. ~ For Christ's sake man; swallow your pride and just set up your own private little YouTube channel talk show and be done with it. ~

Sunday, November 12, 2017


The Right Reverend Roy Moore often wears a real American style cowboy hat in confirmation of that prophetic WHITE HORSE PROPHECY tourist attraction landmark in [EZE.37] Victorville, California's Apple Valley; circa the Ronald Reaganite 1980s at: ~ Per that prophetic film about me being THE KING OF THE COWBOYS in MR. IMPERIUM; who just so happens to be a middle aged man who is a bit full of himself and also speaks fluent Italian, like at: ~ Who also has a thing for the movie's 14ish virgin actress Debbie Reynolds. ~ And while I AM is at it; my flash vision of THE LINCOLN LAWYER included my Winona Ryder DVD set that includes GREAT BALLS OF FIRE's prophecy about THE KILLER marrying a stacked 13 year-old Jewish girl down in Mississippi. ~ Good God almighty! ~ Think I'll have another one! ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIOPIC NOTES: My first innocent virgin girl who ever let me take all of her clothes off and feel her up was a 15 year-old Libby Ernest. ~ BFD, she wouldn't let me stick my finger into her soaking wet pussy. ~ Remember, this was the summer of 1967, Vashion Island FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!! ~ SEE: ~ AND: ~ AND: Note that future blond southern boy shampoo job on THE KILLER, circa 2018. ~ When today's Catholic Alec Baldwin would be standing up and preaching every weekend on SNL against his Israelitish brother who he believes is a creature of the devil. ~


Obviously, President Trump won the 016 election fare and square; and he will also become reelected in 2020 by an even greater landslide. ~ After America's white christian Bible Belt majority finally gets a grip on reality in CAPE FEAR meets DELIVERANCE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCORSESE: More hot sex polygamy Mormonism, less sterile celibate priesthood catholicism. ~ PS BOB: You don't get to retire from acting until I AM says so. ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: JFK was shot by a deer hunter on 22.11 in order to make all of my dreams come true about Scarlet Johansson becoming my plural wife fuck buddy after she becomes healed from her itchy her/pes problem down there, at: ~ ~ The way I see it; giving every one of my wives $4,000,000 in hush money for every baby that they give me in the next ten years is a bargain. ~

Saturday, November 11, 2017


November 16, 2017, 12:01 am, is the official release date for the five-day feast of that young and thin and fruity wine from off the lees in D&C 58, at: ~ Damn skinny, Jesus also had a thing for young hot French actress virgins on their wedding day night; since his very first time HASTY TASTY deluxe American girl cheese burger miracle was about converting water into wine at my first 2018 wedding happening sequel in WEDDING CRASHERS meets MOONSTRUCK meets FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL in Scotland. ~ Per this 1260 days period trailer that features a 29ish [obvious Jewish Paul Nestor look alike] handsome as hell Hugh Grant at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ ACLU LAWYER NOTES: More heterosexual, less homosexual. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Now is the perfect time for you to come forward and admit that you were a regular 24/7 MIDNIGHT COWBOY customer at HASTY TASTY, circa 1969. ~ I never forget a face. ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Just saying. ~ If and when the phony Jew media polls start to look like it's all over for you, remember this; Barack Obama was born in Africa; Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich murdered, and Robert Mueller is a Jewish lawyer. ~

Friday, November 10, 2017


Oh for Christ's sake, what a stupid question. ~ Jesus will be voting for Judge Moore no matter what because the candidate represents THE LAST MAN ON EARTH who is willing to speak HIS sacred name in public, per: ~ All according to Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY about that trail of cheap red jug wine blood that will run the length from eastern NYC's outer suburbs to the lower Wash. DC outer suburbs in northern Virginia; as prophesied of in REV.14:20. ~ Wherein the DNC's government career niggers are going to sack the defiled day 1290 temple ark of the New Jerusalem. ~ Only to discover that the Capitol of white chrustian American had slipped threw their hands and set up shop elsewhere. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEVIN SPACECY: Your guy in COUNT DRACUCLA AND HIS VAMPIRE BOY FRIENDS gets shot by a sniper and drops dead on the hood on my British race car evergreen BENTLEY because you too will be rising up from the dead during President Trump's upcoming 2020 Mulligan reelection in 2020. ~ The New Testament's JEWS FOR JESUS doctrine is about forgiving personal offenses 70x70; but does not cover such capital crimes as murder, treason, and child rape. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: When it becomes crystal clear that President Trump will be winning the 2020 Las Vegas lottery re election in KING RALPH meets KING RELF, I AM will be asking you to convert your current English PLAYBOY MANSION estate into some kind of a physical transfiguration heath and fitnesd club like that one in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE meets BURN AFTER READING meets MOONWALKER. ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: My special purpose offer to let my underaged virgin French wife suck your cock off still stands. ~ Because I want all of my girls to have the best kind of acting education experience that is available out there at this time. ~ WAG THE DOG NOTES: That thick 'fog of war' that prevented President Trump from visiting Korea's great divided 50/50 DMZ peninsula wall prophecy was the same thick hill top fog that surrounded the PLAYBOY MANSION during the making of the above original 1990s movie. ~


The horror movie scene at that small white church in Texas represented the little white church in Denton, Ohio in the opening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ Where they were holding a child coffin funeral service at: ~ In confirmation of that dented off-white MERCEDES that was rear-ended by the charming crazy Hillary lady in BURN AFTER READING. ~ Therefore, it's also worth noting that the British made HAMMER film about the satantic rights of Joseph Smith revolves around a plain white rectangular endowment house that resembles the LDS LONDON TEMPLE; complete with a golden President Trump angel blowing on his horn of warning over the 1973 end credits. ~ Which probably happens during his born again christian second term in office. ~ Since right now the old worn out trumpet is sounding rather muted. ~ Starting back when he had endorsed Judge Moore's Republican opponent in the Alabama primary. ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in HANNA MONTANA for my traditional Thanksgiving Day DC 58 feast, that [BLACK LIVES MATTER] plague in COUNT DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE WIVES is supposed to start at the stroke of midnight on the 23rd day of the 11th month in 2017. ~ Remember, in the EATING RAOUL prophecy, any cheap pinkish rose wine would go well with your turkey meat. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PERSONAL NOTE: It appears that my beloved older brother Steven Craig passed away on my last birthday. ~ For a D&C 86 meets 2BC 91 thing. ~ Ergo, my mother's first born was in line to become the next crazy overweight KING RALPH THE 8TH OF ENGLAND. ~ And now Prince Charles is looking like death warmed over. ~ HAMMER TIME NOTES: In HAMMER's last vampire prophecy movie, the hero's queer as orange love interest looks like a 29ish physically transfigured Elizabeth Hurley. ~ Think BARRY LYNDON meets AN EDUCATION. ~ Wherein I teach an underaged virgin Carey Mulligan how to give a grown up man a proper blow job. ~

Thursday, November 9, 2017


In my LINCOLN LAWYER flash vision, wherein my copy of CHICAGO was placed on it's right side; THE LOST BOYS was sitting there on it's left side. ~ Then the news rolled out about Charlie Sheen raping Corey Feldman. ~ Which of course is a Biblical impossibility once a person reaches puberty. ~ And his forward thinking parents are OK with it. ~ And of course the money is right. ~ Hey, the kids have to grow up sometime; college tuition; fancy weddings, a first house; it all costs lots of money these days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEGRO NOTES: Trump will be reelected by a landslide in 2020 because by then most of America will understand how much the Jews, niggers, and queers have fucked up America. ~

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Rush got it right when he hinted out loud on hump day that the [small cap] prince in DANIEL 9 is the one behind Donna Brazil's take down of crazy Hillary. ~ Who was behind the murder of Seth Rich after he had given her secret combination Podesta emails to Julian Assange at WIKILEAKS in London. ~ Ergo, nobody at the negro government career police department in DC has let anybody look at Rich's laptop computer. ~ In the same dark spirit that the Jewish Antichrist DOJ did not want anybody to see Hillary's secret basement server emails in BURN AFTER READING. ~ Not to mention O's real African hospital birth certificate. ~ Ergo, "Seventy weeks are determined... to make reconcilliation for iniquity..." DANIEL 9:24. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BARRY: "I like your style dude..." THE BIG LEBOWSKY, 1997. ~


The GREAT WALL OF CHINATOWN was a highlander stonewall construction that was also designed to regulate and control illegal immigration and unfair international trade, according to: ~ Looks like America is not the only country in the world that needs to get back to their Israelitish roots. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DOUBLE DOWN NOTES: In that flash vision of my own private DVD copy of THE JEWISH LINCOLN LAWYER, my DVD copy of MIRAMAX' award winning CHICAGO musical was stacked right there next to it; wherein those two hot actresses escape from the tyranny of sexual abuse and overbearing taxation. ~ WEINSTEIN NOTES: Depending on my mood, I may even decide to watch NINE before I watch CHICAGO. ~ Being THE KING OF CALIFORNIA does have it's privileges, like at: ~ "Age is only a number." High Hefner, 2016. ~ PS MISS MONTANA: Only I can make you a major movie star in Hollywood; whose flagging career was suddenly relaunched into outer space by your [BLOCKBUSTER WW:III VIDEO] Janis Joplin look alike 2020 Las Vegas reelection movie. ~ Which would then give you your upcoming juicy six figure contract casting options to play Brad Pitt's first fuck mate in THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI:2&3. ~ And if that does not catch your fancy career wise. ~ You could always take advantage of my long standing offer to fuck me all you want in my first fully budgeted [deluxe movie production trailer] on the set of LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets HANNIBAL film remakes; like for example at: ~ First come, first served, is what I always say. ~

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Peking's sacred FORBIDDEN CITY temple grounds were inspired by the outer walls and inner walls construction of the KING SOLOMON TEMPLE that lasted for 410 years, at: AND: ~ For a last days time line real estate situation involving President Trump rebuilding the wall in DANIEL 9 meets REVELATION 11. ~ In order to protect the New Jerusalem; from both the inside of Zion, and it's surrounding less Jewish gentile christian regions. ~ Ergo, THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA AND HIS WIVES begins inside of the London Temple of Joseph Smith. ~ According to this Joseph Smith look alike painting, at: ~ Just like there are now two protective walls inside of today's modern Israel. ~ Not to mention that the state's outer wall actually has a double wall security design. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: I would be gobsmacked if President Trump does not at least make a brief symbolic helicopter visit to THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. ~ MING TEA NOTES: Austin Powers' one hit wonder band in AP:1&2 was an all expenses paid follow up to Michael Myers' fabulous movie successes in WAYNES' WORLD:1&2. ~ PS CATHERINE ZETA-JONES: Daddy has a little extra something special purpose surprise for you in his CRACKER JACKS candy corn box pocket. ~ Which is going to make everything so worth it for you, and your vampiric sister wife too, in the end, at: ~ WAG THE DOG NOTES: Now that the Hollywood producer co-star of this miraculously made movie has been accused of molesting a couple of underaged girl scouts by some motherfucking Jew lawyer; expect it to be fulfilled during the first 70 weeks period of the Trump administration in DAN.9 meets REV.9 meets EZE.9. ~ PS JIM CARREY: See what happens when you refuse to put on the armor of g-d at and go along with me? ~


We know that THE SATANIC RITES OF SATAN is about the REV.13:1 [Yellow Sea] beast being forced to wear a crown of thorns after we see the white guy kill that bloodsucking Asian red capitalist communist lady at around 1:09 minutes into the movie's American DVD release re-entitled DRACULA AND HIS WIVES. ~ Where yours truly sprinkles the nations in ISAIAH 52:15. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE TROXELL: If your back is still doing a number on you, just remember that your big do over in life is right around the corner and up the hill from you. ~ Where my black 4-banger twin turbo 1979 LOTUS has been parked beside that House of Israel in your very own backyard neighborhood for all of these years. ~ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ??? NOTES: Last night I had a vision from g-d that I was supposed to watch THE LINCOLN LAWYER, a.k.a. THE JEWISH LAWYER. ~ Meaning of course that IAM is going to half to put off yet again my own private CIA/FBI film about me fucking Julia Roberts in DUPLICITY meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE:666. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Keep a sharp eye on what is not supposed to be happening as it was reported to be happening at all of those sold-out real estate investment situations at the PLAYBOY MANSION. ~ Think DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDELS meets THE JERK, at: ~

Monday, November 6, 2017


This latest new final 69+1 weeks period update on the JFK assassination of Seth Rich contains a remarkable photo of the prophetic Georgetown set up location in BURN AFTER READING, at: ~ Located on the corner of Flagler and W St. minus the 2008 movie's parking space of course. ~ Oh yeah, "This is some crazy shit." Hillary Clinton, 016. ~ Hey, shit happens. ~ Some people think that their own shit don't stink. ~ "OK, that's enough..." AP:1&2. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.KING: Senator Paul was role playing your character in LAWN MOWER MAN when his crazy [antichrist] anti Trump neighbor tackled him from behind and broke 5 of his Adam and Eve ribs in the ten virgins prophecy. ~ I think he got bowled down on the grass in Bowling Green, Kentucky, per my upcoming THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI series. ~ But I may have to go back on this one and recheck my facts. ~ Oh well, "Publicity is everything, good or bad..." Harvey Weinstein, Park City, Utah, 1991. ~ Or was it 1992? ~


The real Dracula in THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE WIVES in 1974 dies in the end wearing the same crown of thorns that the lost tribes of Israel prophets in D&C 133 claim that President Trump is going to force the antichrist Chinese Koreans to wear. ~ Where in the movie's very last shot, Professor Helping takes a wood stake from the President's new DANIEL 9 border fence and drives it through the vampire's heart. ~ And then he finds the beast's yuuuge SUPER BOWL bling ring lying there among his cremated ashes in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets GOLDFINGER meets THUNDERBALL. ~ All three of which were confirmed on the very day that I finished watching it by President Trump's first heart felt tweet on the Texas church shooting that bore Chris Wood's 12:06 time-stamped birth date. ~ Even the same day when his wife's black MERCEDES suddenly died with a flooded out REV.12 motor up in the Seattle area, circa 2006. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WHEATON: More Montana red winter wheat DC 86 type bread, less anticrist Jewish white flour tastless mazzaballs and bland enchalladas etc. per: ~ PS NEVE: After my pornographic clip posting about Toback fucking you pretty hard from the back side, the Seattle area got a few short inches of wet pussy snow fall. ~ HAMMER FILM FAN NOTES: Many of these British made low budget movies feature a portrait painting of Joseph Smith in the background, right before the shit hits the fan. ~ Ergo, that rather youthful looking Joseph Smith painting in the prophetic TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 PLAYBOY CASTLE mansion spoof happening at some [TRUMP HOTEL RESORT] in eastern Europe meets western Russia; supposedly about Trump winning the swing state of Pennsylvania in 16, at: ~ Think I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND meets THE GRAND BUDA/PEST HOTEL, at: ~

Sunday, November 5, 2017


We probably will not be hearing anything further from the old Jew east coast media about Donna Brazile's new confirmations about the DNC fucking Bernie in the ass. ~ Just like we will not be hearing anything from Never Campbell getting fucked in the ass by her director during rehearsals for this 1290 days 'set IT up' clip from WHEN WILL I BE LOVED, at: ~ AND: ~ As just confirmed by Larry David begging his SNL/HBO audience to look the other way when it comes to Jewish fascism. ~ Explaining everything right afterwards that he is no Donald Trump size prick, but more of a little busy bee Hillary Clit/on type pussy cunt. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LONG TIME COMING NOTES: I myself cannot even believe how long it took me to completely get through and analyse the prophetic elements in THE SATANIC RIGHTS OF SATAN; a.k.a. COUNT DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE WIVES. ~ Wherein the entire HAMMER FILMS movie about the future plague of people with blackish skin invading London is cast with various Kevin Spacey look alikes and actors who look like that co-star in MOONWALKERS meets A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ Sorry for the delay baby... Love doesn't always come on time, yada yada. ~ "When the men start behaving like their wives are the bosses of everything, then all bets are off..." paraphrasing Dr. Evil in AP:II. ~

Saturday, November 4, 2017


That yuuuge shit load of bumbling bees from Montana jumped the curb and crashed real hard in Auburn, California; just up the freeway from where they publish Gov. Moonbeam's official SACRAMENTO BEE newspaper in the state capital. ~ In confirmation of the [Josephite canyon] stonewalling and cluster fucking goings on in BURN AFTER READING. ~ Which rolled out on GSR/TWN just after half of California's amazing sun-sex-and-pasta wine country burned down. ~ For example, almost nothing is being leaked out for us white christian simpletons to read in the Jews' secret tightass media clique on Donna Brazil's new book about Hillary Clinton fucking Bernie Sanders in the ass. ~ Not to mention her secret bicycle lock combinations with the FBI/CIA while at State. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BALDWIN: Looks like the joke is on you now. ~ After hearing all of that secret insider FACEBOOK testimony about the Russians promoting Clinton on their liberal web news site services. ~ In the hope that a female President Hillary would continue with Barack Obama's gay ass back peddling SCHWIN bike appeasement policies. ~ As opposed to some more manly neoreagan military [John Wayne meets Steven McQueen] hardliner from Orange County, Florida, or something, like Donald Trump. ~ FULL DISCLOSURE NOTES: I too still enjoy the occasional eggplant spaghettata, but now I mop up the sauce with a slice of genuine non degerminated whole wheat bread. ~ VITA MIX NOTES: Now that they are no longer producing their bipolar stainless steel 211 monster blender, model no. 3600, you might try this other easy to use option, at: ~ "Wow!.. Wheat dough smells just like cum..." Allen Schultz, 1981. ~ And some people say that it tastes just as good, like at: ~


$2,000,000 worth of cute little bumble bees from Montana crashed along the American River, west of Georgetown, California on Thursday night. ~ Who were on their way to pollinate all of those beautiful almond blossom trees in Nancy Pelosi's political district of Sodom and Egypt, circa REV.11. ~ For a prophetic follow up to those 440 Chinese pet squirrels who were trying to enter Holland illegally on some KLM flight from Peking. ~ Therefore, the proper Dutch border patrol authorities had them all illiminated by dumping the dirty pests into some local meat plant's sausage grinder. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Most of those UFO flying saucer [pasta dish] reports in the 1950s described the strange looking short balding alien Jews as having dark brown almond shaped eyes. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Calm down, relax, no one is going to ask you to take off your top and pretend acting that you like to fuck me in THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI:2&3. ~ That said, I will be needing to use your current house address for my local residence when I apply for my new California drivers license. ~ PS MEDVED: More hard cock, less soft cunt. ~

Friday, November 3, 2017


Probably while sitting on that same royal throne can in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets GOLDFINGER. ~ Thursday's overnight presidential TWEETS were obviously a message from President Trump that he is about to take a Mulligan do-over on his political score card and shit can all of those spoiled little Jewish brats over at the DOJ/NSA/CIA/CNN/NYT, per: ~ Who just like me, is a direct genealogy branch tree descendent of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. ~ Why else would Moon/ves announce on the same Thursday that CBS is rebooting THE TWILIGHT ZONE's episode entitled ON THURSDAY WE GO HOME? ~ Wherein the tall half Jewish half LAmanite Benjamin Bratt is the commander of a 6.. 6... 6... UFO flying saucer that has landed on some abomination of desolation climate change planet in order to rescue all of those stranded Donald Trump voters in Utah and southern Idaho. ~ After it will take three more days until the NYC MARATHON MAN runner meets the BURN AFTER READING running man on this upcomming Sunday. ~ Which is the same double sun Sunday when Trump will be arriving in Chinatown. ~ Or is it Korea Town, Orange County? ~ "They all look the same to me." Chairman Mao, 1964; author of that little red sweet&sour chicken dish book in REVELATION 10. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: So looking forward to your second term in office. ~ Where all the girls are pretty, and everybody has lots of tax free spending money to buy into whatever they want. ~ And Tarantino's latest Charles Mansion antihero movie is bigger and better than anyone in Hollywood, LA ever expected. ~ Not to mention West Seattle, Washington. ~

Thursday, November 2, 2017


In English, the name Donna Brazile means 'Brazilian Woman" in half quotes. ~ For a timely confirmation of yours truly sitting down at the same table with Gisele Bundchen in Fellini's take on that yuuge feast prophecy in DC 58. ~ After having been forced to eat a tin plate of unsalted black beans, day after day, while sharing a 666 prison cell for over 42 months with that angry as hell half Republican [John McCain] half communist political prisoner in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets BLAME IT ON BRAZIL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAIN TRUTH NOTES: We know that Seth Rich gave all of those Potesta emails to WIKILEAKS because that is what Julian Assange says. ~ We also know that Barack Obama was born in Kenya on 8.4.61 because that is what it says on his birth certificate. ~ Furthermore, we have always known without a doubt that President Trump never colluded with the Russians in 2016 because it was obviously a cake walk for him from start to finish. ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Obviously by now, you know how much I like pussy, and you like the fact that I like pussy too in CAFE SOCIETY meets SMOKING ACES. ~ Think THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI internet series costarring Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston gets financed via my secret handshake Malibu, California girls deal with Paul Allen and Mel Gibson. ~ Hey, desparate people do desperate things. ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Relax, calm down, enjoy the experience; your special motion picture career period on the world stage will be happening during this upcoming winter season. ~ All good things come to those who wait. ~


Kevin Spacey finally came out of the closet as my BURN AFTER READING postings were rolling down from heaven like some black hole meteorite from hell. ~ Which opens and closes with two very long shots of the CIA's headquarters from outer space. ~ Meanwhile, Pitt's spacey gay guy gets shot in the head while hiding in the closet of Mr. Cox' masonic brick residence in Georgetown, DC. ~ [Brain dead zombies can only be killed by 8x11" black&white actor head shots.] ~ In the same /spirit area where Seth Rich got symbolically shot in the back by today's stooges at the dirty Jew DOJ, who are trying to illiminate President Trump. ~ Talk about production on NEXFLICK's HOUSE OF CARDS series getting shit canned [in the blink of an eye] even before the show has been officially canceled. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NYC NOTES: Those free for all 'citi bikes' do look like cheap SCHWIN bicycles don't they? ~ 1980S NOTES: Those glaring trumpet sounds from the doctor's Las Vegas show 2020 band that always introduced "HERE'S... JOHNNY!! were a JOHN THE REVELATOR chapter 13 NBC late night thing. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: Those Jewish nerds in AN IRRATIONAL MAN at MIT awarded you their highest prize after you got up and boldly declared before them in their secret Greek House temples that, "Nothing has been discovered yet." ~ In other words; nothing has been invented yet that can debunk the truth; nor even discredit this serious man report at: ~ NO.4 NOTES: My foremost disappoints in life are; I showed up at my first missionary [1974] reunion in SLC, UT and saw Anziano Cannon sporting shoulder length hair, and then I turned around and saw a barefoot Anziano Williams walking up to me in a flowing white linen Jesus robe. ~ While all of my former LDS Mormon missionary companions were laughing and pointing at him. ~ Of course, this was many years before I knew that my special purpose in life was to become a major sex idol star actor in Hollywood. ~ No.2, some negro from West Seattle named Virgil repoed my sweet ass 1976 ALFA which only had 10k on the odometer. ~ NO.3: My X-wife from Epinal, France left me on Noverber 23, 1979 without even saying goodbye. ~ No.4:

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Well for one thing, we now know why President Trump is going to win the diversity in politics election VISA CARD lottery by over half in 2020. ~ Because it has been decades since a white Reagan Democrat from Orange County, California was been elected two times in America. ~ After some 40 years of having some half Jew, half negro, neocon pinko dildo fucker running the deep state show in DC. ~ As just confirmed by those extremely inspired campaign videos on local yocal Virginia television that show some Trump supporter running over a bunch of innocent black kids; apre the 42 months prophecy in REV.13 about what goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MIDNIGHT COWBOY BLUES: - Going after a 29ish looking Dustin Hoffman for wanting to fuck his sexy as hell underaged actress co-stars is where I draw the line in my first three fuck film movies. ~ However, I will not be able to come out in defence of him desiring to fuck his [1970s culture free love sexual immaturity sex objects] until he also comes out and starts defending yours truly on the public stage. ~ Hey, you don't help me in my hour of need, I don't help you in your hour of need. ~ No. ~ Yeah. ~ Really. ~ When you see me costarring along side Brad Pitt in my upcoming SON OF LEWBOSKI horror tv series; you will already be as dead as a doornail in ISAIAH 22:22 and not even know it. ~

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


That $19 per day HOME DEPOT rent-a-terrorist from Tampa chose the bike path along the Coen brothers' lower side of town for that bike rack dedicated to the late Seth Rich at the DNC headquarters in DC. ~ Who had originally given the Podesta emails to WIKILEAKS, shortly before he was shot in the back two times by a couple of niggers from his own party. ~ Ergo, "He that diggeth a pit [for President Trump] shall fall into it..." ECC. 10:8. ~ Whereas, at the end of BURN AFTER READING, the head of the CIA admits that they didn't realy learn anything from their latest cluster fuck debacle. ~ So later, they just went ahead again and made up another ridiculous cover story about the Russians hacking the DNC's secret email server hidden down in Hillary Clinton's basement; or something like it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALLOWEEN NIGHT NOTES: At around 37:...minutes into COUNT DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE WIVES, Professor Helsing has the exact same blood scab scar above his left eyebrow that Senator McCain was sporting when he suddenly rose up from his death bead and made a mad dash to the rescue of the 1290 day abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12. ~


This one probably has something to do with that spoken word revelation at about the DC 86 church suddenly getting washed clean like a dirty plate at HASTY TASTY with one quick swipe under a pressurized boiling hot [Yellowstone] tap sprayer; circa late 1970, early 1971. ~ Since I was wiping my own private bunghole on Sunday morning with a BRAWNY sheet, when the Holy Ghost horse whisperer said these two words to me, "On Thursday." ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHEELER DEALER NOTES: According to that [BURN AFTER READING] medicine wheel confirmation on my Hwy.66 birthday happening in Mitt's alma matter homecoming state of Michigan, Trump should refer the Manaforth case over to the more legal and proper law enforcement agencies, and then shit can that old crazy Jew who is trying to screw him. ~ Much in the same spirit that Cox gets demoted in the beginning of BURN AFTER READING. ~ And then his Ken Kemp look alike actor decides to run for the Senate in Utah. ~ "Nobody in this town ever gets fired, they just resign..." paraphrasing one of Clooney's best delivered lines in BAR. ~ PS HARVEY: The idea of you being the innocent sacrificial Jew for the guilty sins of Hollywood just might work. ~ However, that would require that you confess all of your sins and come clean before you can become baptized into the born again Mormon church again up in Park City, Utah. ~ "Those who were never taught the laws of g-d can not be guilty of breaking his mysterious and unknown laws." JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR meets NURSE BETTY. ~ PS LETTERMAN: More right wing individualism, less left wing collectivism. ~ In other words, more mormon Santa Clause sex, less old Jew fuck rabbi sex with your current old and ugly looking overweight wife. ~

Monday, October 30, 2017


The future Republican Party's Mr. Cox informs the future Democrat Party's Mr. Black in the 2008 [black president] election BURN AFTER READING prophecy that using a black grand jury to blackmail the sitting President is a felony. ~ Which will surely bring down upon him a "...shit storm of consequences..." Especially if it involves illegal and "unauthorized" leaks of classified CIA information to CNN er all, et al. ~ Throwing in the usual cheap brand SCHWIN bicycle medicine wheel threats and implications naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TOILET HABIT NOTES: Personally, I use a 'one mighty and strong' no.18 size BRAWNY half size sheet to whipe my bunghole after a good shit. ~ That said, don't try this at home unless you have one of those new and improved and very powerful commercial grade shitters like they have installed in all of the bathrooms at STARBUCKS. ~ Otherwise, you might plug up and flood over your toilet bowl of Israel and have to go for that royal crown plunger in A BUCKET OF BLOOD as a last resort. ~ "I like everything to be really clean down there before I get into bed and fuck my wife." Howard Stern, 2008. ~

Sunday, October 29, 2017


When the sacrificed young virgin rises up from the dead in COUNT DRACULA AND HIS WIVES, we can see that she is a younger Carey Mulligan. ~ Whose Irish-Scotish surname is a traditional [CADDYSHACK] golfing term that stands for getting a free do-over on your score card of life; "I wish I was younger, and knew what I know now." Tino DeSantis, HASTY TASTY, 1968. ~ Ergo, the secret upcoming blood cleansing rites inside the PLAYBOY MANSION endowment house that lead to the hot sex physical transfiguration. ~ Whereas, President Trump's second term in office will become a second chance in life prophecy; for those who think young, per: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ DC 58 NOTES: This prophetic ROMA clip has a better look at Gisele Bundchen and I seated together at the above feast, at: ~ PS KATHY GRIFFIN: More romance and comedy, less tragedy. ~ Why so serious? ~ BFD: Everyone has to die at some point. ~


If and when Bob gets the go ahead from those negro government employees sitting on his grand jury in DC, President Trump gets another $1,000,000,000 in free jackpot casino campaign cash winnings for his upcoming landslide reelection in 2020. ~ Contrary to whatever 99% of America's negros, jews, and homosexuals may think or do; most swing states like Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Wisconsin are still well over 70% white. ~ Thank you Jesus for the Internet!! ~ Now that most everyone in America knows who is a filthy dirty Jew, and who is a squeaky clean Jewish nerd. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALLOWEEN PARTY NOTES: Last night Michael let me know that this season's top Halloween happening movie is 1973's COUNT DRACULA AND HIS [polygamist mormon] VAMPIRE WIVES in London, at: ~ In confirmation of my wife Gisele Bundchen sitting downn at the same table with my Mormon missionary man in 1973 Roma, per: ~ FILM GEEK NOTES: The last [8th] vampire HAMMER FILM was released in America as DRACULA AND HIS [monogamist] VAMPIRE WIFE, a.k.a. THE SATANIC RIGHTS OF DRACULA. ~ Since back in the days when they made SHAMPOO meets BOOGIE NIGHTS, most of what was happening at the Scottish castle PLAYBOY MANSION was just not acceptable behavior. ~

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Pretty deep I'd say. ~ Take for example that handsome flake in BURN AFTER READING who worked for years in P.P. [personell protection] for a cinematic front CIA actor who is involved up to his neck in today's Russian pee pee dossier that formed the basis for Bob's deep state investigation into President Trump's friends, family, and associates' toilet habits. ~ As just confirmed by that HARDBODDIES look alike at DOJ who announced his retirement. ~ Even that "INTRUDER!!" who had been supporting amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in AMERICA, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PRESIDENT MONSON: Whatever happened to all of those dire warnings in the BM about the secret combinations in the last days? ~ Would it be asking too much for you to do at this late hour to at least sprinkle a little salt and pepper on that bland plate of beans that you have been serving up to the faithful saints ever since 1993? ~ For Christ sake, right outside your door is the best source for in the entire world. ~ How about sharing a little of it for free with the rest of us? ~ And while you are at it, tell the good white folks in Utah that it is God's will that Ken Kemp be elected to the Senate. ~ And not that handsome [haircut] mormon Mitt Romney; who was the original inspiration behind Obamacare. ~ "How do I know who you are?.. How do I know who you are?" official transcript from Steven Fresh's initial job interview with some mysterious CIA recruiter in Boston, circa 1980. ~ Then they immediately called him back for a follow up interview. ~ But he never did return their repeated phone calls. ~ DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: More open and free PLAYBOY MANSION lifestyle, less secret and closed minded political PC nonsense at the WHITE HOUSE in DC. ~ Think CATCH 22 meets M.A.S.H. ~

Friday, October 27, 2017


That toned down [bland enchallada] moderate Utah Republican look alike in BURN AFTER READING, ends up getting the Indian medicine wheel tomyhawk missile job in the forehead; apre WW:III. ~ Who represents all of today's mild mannered [Clark Kent] superman RHINOS who are now jumping off of their sinking ship like rats. ~ Ergo, the HARDBODDIES gym stands for the film's running hardwood floors hardon motif. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BURN AFTER READING NOTES: That self righteous Mormon teetotaller in the above first act is a Woody Norris mormon caricature. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: After we both agree to shake hands [through the secret masonic rights templre veil curtain] in my own private 90/10 movie theater stock ownership distribution deal with you. ~ Noboby will be the wiser and get to sue us in the courts of sodom and Egypt; since there will be no legal paper trail [FRENCH CONNECTION] between us. ~ Just like in our own highly politized private CIA/FBI film prophecy entitled DUPLICITY; costarring Julia Roberts and I, at: ~ PS DONATELLA GRECO: I now completely own Napoli, from front to back. ~ And nothing gets to happen there unless and until they get my approval. ~


Senator Flake declared that he will not be running again during my latest BURN AFTER READING updates. ~ Wherein that handsome flake in the film, played by George Clooney, is a fornicating politician figure who is always running; yet never wants to rock the boat. ~ So it makes complete sense that Flake has not had the guts to use his gun even once, during his entire 20-year career in DC. ~ "Get back to me... hmm... when it makes sense." the CIA boss in BAR. ~ Which now ties in directly with all of those Hollywood Jews who openly support compulsory government by day, and secretly engage in compulsory sex by night. ~ True individual liberty is not sex, drugs, and rockn' roll. ~ It's low taxation; regulation; and civil rights litigation. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JFK NOTES: The lone shooter did not act alone. ~ 911 NOTES: The twin towers collapsed because their steel support beams softened and bent under the extreme heat. ~ They did not melt. ~ BIRTHER NOTES: Barack Obama was born in Kenya on 8.4 because that is what his original British hospital birth certificate says; which has never been debunked; not even by all of those foolish virgins at WND. ~

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Seemingly out of the blue, they gave that spy who has the goods on Hillary Clinton permission to tell congress all about it on Wednesday evening. ~ In order that the story would roll out on her 10.26 birthday correlation with Hurricane Ophelia grinding on Ireland on the same day that she broke her little DANIEL 2 footie in London, Babylon. ~ Think THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD meets THE THIRD MAN. ~ While on the same day that ignorant crazy cunt Cathy Griffith was down under telling the white folks on TV that President Trump is a Nazi. ~ When in fact Trump is no such thing by any stretch of the immagination. ~ Rather he is your typical tall Jewish rich and handsome reformed fascist from Manhattan who believes in socialized medicine, gun control, gay marriage, and not reducing the tax rates for the rich. ~ And yesserie Bob, I will be gladly voting for him again in 2020; apre WW:III. ~ Get real bitch. ~ Nazism is a big hard-off for most sensitive modern males ~ Whereas, fascism can be pretty sexy if it is done in the right way; maybe with a little black leather and not too much makeup, like for example at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ JFK NOTES: There was only one lonely shooter on 11.22 in Dallas, Texas. ~ November being prime deer hunting season in most states, particularly Idaho and Utah. ~ PS PISTOL ANNIE: I AM is looking for a 1951 semi auto SPRINGFIELD .22 rifle with full 16 round capacity tube for my very special purpose 70 weeks birthday this year. ~


Fats Domino kicked the bucket in Harvey, LA on the first day of the Harvey hurricane world series of love in Hollywood, LA. ~ Get the picture daddy-o? ~ Even the same day when it became too much that Hillary will be going into the same captivity that she set up for the patient saints in REV.13:10 per, "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity..." yada yada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SUPER SONIC NOTES: Listen to these dramatic trumpet sounds of the future President Trump scenarios in 2016. ~ Who suddenly appears from out of nowhere, like at: ~ And not even the blazing bullets and the fierce fires of WW:III can stop him from advancing his horrifying agenda; much less stop yous truly from getting the girl. ~ During the very same year when yours truly was born in Seattle, Washington, King County on October 29. ~ When my parents were living in a ground level daylight basement apartment across from the WOODLAND PARK ZOO; located just southwest of Green Lake. ~ BURN AFTER READING NOTES: That 'consulting firm' set up in Cox' basement represents the same GPS location spy firm that Hillary Clinton used to gather more silly pop culture [HARD COPY] Russian dossier dirt on her political opponent in 2016. ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: That tall blond actor who throws cold water on the face of that hysterical liberal Republican who is suffering from "deranged Trump syndrome" in the above movie trailer is you baby. ~

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


In the inspired prophetic version of BURN AFTER READING, Malcovich and Clooney play the late comer born again Republicans who never had the guts to fire their gun in the past 20 years. ~ And Pitt and McDormand play the crazy money and sex politics of the mad mad mad mad Democrats; circa 2016. ~ Therefore, Fats Domino kicked the bucket on the same day that the hammer came down on the above blond hair die job EPISCOPALIAN CHURCH OF ENGLAND lady. ~ And all of those square pants Republicans in Congress starting FALLING DOWN like Dominos. ~ Because they too know that the FBI's made up Russian dossier is just as phony as that Obama birth certificate published on the front page of the NYT. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS RUSH: As usual, you were at 98.7% right today. ~ The other little 1% being the greatest scandal in the History of America is Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ Which was the primary reason why Donald Trump won all of those crucial white race swing states by well over 1%. ~ FILM FESTIVAL INTERVIEW NOTES: Was Frances McDormand playing some kind of a desperate physical transfiguration political makeover Hillary Clinton with fat ankles in BURN AFTER READING? ~ CASTING NOTES: Paying some underaged French actress six figures for playing me fucking her and her stepsister in the ass might not be that believable to you. ~ However, Michael did tell me that this will be my long suffering [BOOK OF JOB] reward for what that French cunt did to me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets STEALING BEAUTY. ~

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Whether or not we're talking about that blueberry pancakes motorcycle sscape scene in PULP FICTION meets THE GREAT ESCAPE; the main point is don't wait too long to change sides and get the hell out of there while the getting is good. ~ Before all of the flavor has been over-cooked out of the beans at STARBUCKS, Seattle, starting circa 2008. ~ True enough, I still go over to those two STARBUCKS up on the hill above Bend, Oregon in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI, because like me: "He won't know where else to go..." in A BUCKET OF BLOOD meets BRIDES OF DRACULA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The Miller River, located off of Stevens Pass' HWY.2 is still a pretty good bet for hooking up with small pan size native trout in the 6" to 9" range during the month of October. ~ Not all is lost. ~ The way I see it. ~ This season's devastating drought has turned some of western Washington's smaller [private property] rivers into small creek trout fishing opportunities. ~ Surely, after your many years of presiding over various conservation sport fishermen associations, you must know someone out there who is about to kick the bucket and wouldn't mind it if Capt. Garrison and I do a little private time fly fishing on their river front private properties. ~


My own private civil war S&P 500 [batting average] index closed at -10.23 on 10.23, right as America's recently fired 6'7" Jewish/Catholic FBI basketball man posted a [7-hills] hill top photo from Gettysburg, Penn. ~ Which had inspired him to think more about genuine leadership values; based upon the fact that America's insufferable leader in DC for 8 long years was not even a US Citizen, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BYU BM STUDY NOTES: On 10.23, the white 1776 EAGLES beat the LAmanite REDSKINS 34-24. ~ In confirmation of me converting Bob Redford's SUNDANCE logcabin resort into a highlander Masonic lodge for fundamentalist Mormon polygamist swingers, and their negro sex slaves. ~ THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, CALIFORNIA NOTES: Those of you who are preety quick on the draw may want to watch THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND; until and when I alone decide to move on to the subject of my next whim, like at: ~ BUCKET LIST NOTES: Besides my usual recommended ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets THE ADAMS FAMILY VALUES Halloween season line up: one may want to take another look at Mel Gibson's two over the top Jesus movies that happen in a dead language that nobody can understand anymore. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: I now need only 100 big ones to make my first 10 movies at 10 big ones a pop. ~ Now that we can make high quality movies with on video for 1/10th the price using underaged [first big check] actresses. ~ That is if we both can agree to their mother agent/managers' six figure asking price. ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLME: Last night I dreamed that both of us had won some back-scratching 711 store lottery card payout big time. ~ Noting that your own private $1 scratch card payoff payed you $150,000. ~ Then out of the blue, Jennifer Aniston appeared beside me and assured me that she could make good on it. ~ Hey, $150,000, $150,000,000, $15,000,000,000... BFD. ~

Monday, October 23, 2017


Remember you two, no sex with my underaged virgin French actress wife; only hand jobs and blow jobs. ~ I have not wasted the past ten years of my life searching in vain for that young virgin actress who I get to fuck in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: 2&3. ~ I don't need her to get all freaked out by some older dude fucking her in the ass to the point where she decides to become a man-hating lesbian. ~ I already have more than enough young wives on my hands who are dealing with these kind of issues, like for example at: ~ AND: ~ Note the enclosed trailer's EZEKIEL 37 dead peoples dry bones theme. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BURN AFTER READING ABOUT IT NOTES: Here is a very enlightening update to BURN AFTER READING meets A SERIOUS [CIA/FBI] MAN at: ~ PS REDFORD: How about we convert your high elevation SUNDANCE ski lodge into a type Scotish temple lodge blood rites happening after you kick the bucket? ~

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Jimmy Carter's old church lady Rosie, who is about to kick the bucket herself, claimed that the Russians, and not God, got Trump elected in 16. ~ Then a mother of three named Kate Brown was crawling under a stopped freight train with her year-old son in Conley, Georgia's Hwy.23 Clayton County area; when it suddenly lurched forward and severed two of her limbs and one of her son's limbs. ~ Therefore, it should be noted that Clay County, Georgia is located down in the Carters' [PEANUTS newspaper strip cartoon from Santa Rosa, CA] country, next to Walker's reservoir dam lake in A BUCKET OF BLOOD. ~ Because that is the only thing that will put a stop to all this overwrought Jewish female hysteria about President Trump getting reelected again in 2020. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ADAMS FAMILY VALUES NOTES: Today's exciting new BACK TO THE FUTURE religion is Mormon poligamy. ~ Not Georgia W style monotonous type marriage monogamy; where you have to keep fucking that same old ugly bitch over and over until the cows come home. ~ Who never did want to obey and honor you in the first place, Biblically speaking; much less even enjoy fucking you in some kind of a friendly concubine situation comey in Woody Allen's new MANHATTAN remake, at: ~ BFD, most sweet 16 virgin girls are way more sexy than their 80 year-old great grandmothers. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Since the YANKEES lost it; LA's David Lynch now gets the first crack at my virgin underage wife actress from France. ~ That said, I must warn both of you; no full on sex with her; only blow jobs. ~


We used to do our WALMART shopping over on [EZE.47:1] South Hill, Puyalup during the special purpose 1260 days period of the two witnesses. ~ Where more often than not, there was this crazy guy carrying around a USA flag tot bag and singing out loud, "It's starting to look a lot like Christmas..." ~ Who looked exactly like Seth Rich did back in the day. ~ So remember, President Trump is going to spring Sheriff Joe's conclusive report about Barack Obama's fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificate when the time is right during the 70 weeks in DAN.9. ~ "This is some creepy shit..." Hillary Clinton. ~ And may I add, "No man knows the day or the hour..." except me. ~ Even the same one who played the crazy uncle with a REV.11:1 measuring stick in WILD AT HEART. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: You are that other tall and serious handsome half Jewish CIA man in A SERIUOS MAN, 2009. ~ Who has plans to fuck your divorced concubine wife Ornella; plus her more spicy sister wife too who lives next door. ~ Sorry about taking so long to figure all of this out for you; "Love doesn't always come on time..." yada yada. ~ Line upon line, precept upon precept. ~ And if the idea of you getting to fuck my exwife Laurence Pierson in the deal doesn't quite do it for you. ~ Wow, seriously dude! ~ Check out her two-for-one bait-and-switch-deal French half sister! ~

Saturday, October 21, 2017


After that symbolic 50 or so NFL/NBA gang of niggers ambushed those 12 tribes of Israel soldiers in Niger, Africa, the 666 antichrist Jews in the media went ape shit. ~ Because in their immature heart of hearts they knew that President John Wayne, from Orange County, California, was about to release the government's secret conspiracy records on the assassination of JFK in I-35 Dallas, Texas; as a prelude to releasing Barack Obama's secret FBI records on his fake birth circtificate file from the 50th state of Hawaii. ~ Talk about 1980s style trickle down politics. ~ "Line upon line, precept upon precept..." is what Jesus always says. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: That very special surreal girl who you will be casting in your next film is now here and available for you. ~ Even the same one who is going to turn Hollywood upside down, apre WW:III. ~ You better get your hands on her first; before her mother decides to have here cast in clay on Woody Allen's next IRRATIONAL MAN movie. ~ PS BOB: The DOJ knows all about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ Just like they also know all about Ken Keisler hacking off a few fake years on his search for a Russian wife on the Internet. ~ Hey, everybody does it in Pierce County. ~ PS KK: My own private personal protagonist in A SERIOUS MAN does have a resemblance to you, circa 1985, Lakewood, Tacoma. ~ PS NYT NO.57,757: More exciting white Ephraimite nazism sex with black leather whips and steel chains; less bored to death Jewish feminist SEINFELD sitcom neocon semi communist sexism and racism. ~ . ~

Friday, October 20, 2017


After George had seen Elaine's crazy kicking-the-bucket dance number at the cheese-plate office party, he tells Jerry the next day that, "Sometimes you can't help these [Jewish] people until they hit rock bottom." at: ~ Which is basically what A SERIOUS MAN meets FALLING DOWN is all about. ~ That, and Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel's upcoming drive-in double feature 1960s culture divorces; including at least two family rated intermission cartoons about the funny [MOTHER KNOWS BEST] sitcom marriages of Nicole Kidman and Olive Oil; a.k.a. Gisele Bundchen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CURB 9 NOTES: Even Spielberg has agreed to throw in a free one in his standard [90/10] ten virgins episode deal with APPLE. ~ Wherein I own 90% of APPLE, and you and your squirrely little Jewish boyfriends and girlfriends get to fight amongst yourselves for the other 10% of the leftovers. ~ PS SERPENT HEAD: It did not work out for you in 2016; it is not working out for you in 2017; and it will not work out for you in 2018, nor in 2019. ~ So why pin all of your hopes on some southern girl's birthday party donkey effigy [negro tree branch lynching] full of hard crap Halloween candies from WALMART Arkansas in 2020? ~ According to the experts; doing the same thing over and over again; and expecting a different result; is the very definition of insanity. ~


First time around impressions are everything in my book. ~ Therefore, take another look at that top rated 1990s SEIGNFELD episode about the crazy way that the Jewish white lady [Julia Louis-Dryfus] kick-dances. ~ Which was an inspired take on that old man who kicks the bucket and gets things started in IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD, at: ~ AND:,_Mad,_Mad,_Mad_World ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE W: More manly Rush Limbaugh, less childish Michael Medved. ~ And don't forget to throw in a few Howard Stern Reagan Democrat moves while you're at it; just for the shits and giggles. ~ PS HARVEY: Like most of today's very savy and street smart Jews; you are about 85% right, but at least 15% dead wrong. ~ And it's always that poisonous -15+ or so that fucks up everything else in your life. ~ It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. ~

Thursday, October 19, 2017


When the naive white lady, who needs plastic surgery, takes her [HARD BODIES] mystery dossier on Donald Trump to the Russians, they immediately contact their insider deep state friends at Hillary Clinton's STATE DEPARTMENT. ~ God forbid, some crazy tall blond NYC midnight cowboy "plan B" fool, who wants to rebuild America's 1980s MTV era military might, and challenge Putin on every front across the globe, could be allowed into the White House again, circa 2020. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BUSH LEAGUE NOTES: George W. Bush condemned President Trump's nativist 12 tribes of Israel international [pro JEREMIAH 31] policies in confirmation of that white Mr. Anderson style BUSCH series driver who died in a MOONEY 20 nose dive into the woods on the sound end of I-91 in Conn. ~ "I don't know why some people are homosexual..." GWB, 2008. ~ PS HILLARY: You probably were right to smash all of your smart phones and laptops with a yuuge hammer after you read about it in the mainstream liberal media; per this new 29ish looking James Comey FBI man pop culture 1980s MTV video, at: ~ AND: PS PRESIDENT MONSON AND SENATOR MCCAIN: Now that both of you are about to kick the bucket big time. Would it not be in your eternal best personal special purpose interest to confess on your death bed that I AM was right after all; starting in October, 1994 on KALL AM talk radio drive time in SLC, UT? ~


That black shooter in Woody Norris' original Edgewood, Mary/land home turf is the same crazy black radical shooter in the 52 PICKUP prophecy about Ken Keisler's metals business in San Francisco. ~ Per: ~ Only this time, the DANIEL 9 'prince' happening took place at a stone granite kitchen countertops factory. ~ For the food and fare of Babylon that spawns people with insane 'in the membrane' behavioral problems. ~ And respresents those two back to back granite stonewall landslide omens that happened on El Capitan. ~ In concert with Captain Hefner's stone mansion castle-temple death sign in the city of the angels. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STONEWALL NOTES: The 70 weeks period in DANIEL 9 is unveiling all of the behind the curtains [fake birth certificate] fakery that was happening at the DOJ during the two term administration of the dark skinned gentile prince. ~ Who does not respect the desires of women, etc. ~ Ergo, those two dualing secret basement email server set ups in BURN AFTER READING. ~ NEGRO LEAGUE NBA/NFL SPORTS NOTES: Rep. Wilson's name stands for all of those big brown WILSON brand balls used in today's negro sports leagues. ~ PS JESSICA BEIL: Obviously, your husband is another one of those PC white jerks who still thinks that he is a negro. ~ CURB 9 NOTES: Remember the epiphany that SEINFELD's Kramer experienced live on stage in Santa Monica? ~ When out of the blue, he suddenly looked way up high and started babbling in tongues about today's "giant niggers" being everywhere? ~ OH GOD NOTES: What's next? ~ President Trump appoints some Warren Jeffs look alike to head up America's future UNITED ORDER credit union?.. Per: ~ In response to the conflicting economic advice that yours truly gives to the President in the two dualing BEING THERE meets SHAMPOO playboy mansion sex cult cluster fuck prophecies? ~ For example, watch this 1982 movie trailer and make up your own mind at: ~ Note the Martin Scorsese look alike in the opening LA apartment hallway shots. ~

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The media went ape shit after that negro woman in a crazy Mexican cowboy hat began role playing those apes who get their first look at the monolith that President Trump plans on erecting across America's arid southwestern borders in 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ In order to protect his white kin in all of those amazing PLANET OF THE APES [No borders, language, or culture anymore in EZEKIEL 38] prophecies. ~ While adding insult to injury by declaring that the Anti American Cubans are behind those sonic attacks on US citizens, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOODWILL FUCKING NOTES: I swung into GOODWILL's secondhand shop on hump day at 6:24:54 pm because I wanted to grab their last used copy of BURN AFTER READING before someone else got it. ~ Whereupon, I also snatched up an older DVD movie about me getting the girl during WW:III, and or immediately thereafter; entitled HANOVER STREET; complete with an amazing 29ish Elizabeth Hurley look alike actress, at: ~ Think 1941 meets Steve McQueen in THE GREAT ESCAPE. ~


PACKERS' white star quarterback will be out of the negro league football games this season in confirmation of that stinky no.2 cheese bomb plot against the better half of Ronald Reagan's America at the end of DEADMEN DON'T WEAR PLAID. ~ [Read negros don't wear plaid.] ~ Green Bay being in Brown County, and so forth. ~ Remember, President Trump beat creepy Halloween Hillary up in Charlize Theron's adopted home state of Wisconsin. ~ Where the full name of the governor sounds like a JOHNNY WALKER red label scotch commercial on the cable PLAYBOY CHANNEL, circa 1993-1996. ~ Because right there on the upper west side is Outagamie County; which incorporates New London, Wolf River, and Black Creek; just over the county line from Clintonville, Wisconsin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: Last night Michael suggested that I might actually want to watch A SERIOUS MAN again before I dive into BURN AFTER READING. ~ As some kind of a thematic [tall semi Jewish negro league basketball hotshot] introduction about a compromised James Comey putting in the fix on behalf of Hillary Clinton. ~ Ergo, when yours truly arrives at the east coast PLAYBOY MANSION in my own private sex cult BEING THERE happening in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets BAY WATCH, a kid's BASKETBALL MAN cartoon is playing on the 9" TV in the back of his future rich rescue-wife's stretch limo, as seen on tv at: ~

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


That serious Jewish man child jerk named Bob began his special purpose DOJ investigation into President Trump solely based upon what was contained in those leaked pix of Miley Cyrus peeing on a parking lot while bracing herself against some black FBI ops vehicle. ~ So here is all of the Providential prophetic proof that you need for it; BURN AFTER READING came out at the same time that the abomination of desolation's lawless prince in DANIEL 9 won the DNC nomination in Denver, Coloredada. ~ Even though he was not a US citizen who had graduated from HARVARD LAW on some foreign aid student program. ~ Wherefore, pour yourself a tall stiff double of Scotland's finest before you sit down and go very slowly and carefully through all of the hard evidence and relevant facts, at: ~ AND: ~ Then view the inspired trailer evidence before you actually watch the 2008 prophecy, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS QT: If your 9th masterpiece about Charles Manson suddenly walking out of jail Scott free and becoming the born again 29ish looking leader of some vampiric blood cult gets financed by Harvey Weinstein; people might become a little less PC in the years to come. ~ BFD: Things are about to get pretty ugly. ~ Tell me something that I don't already know. ~ "The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about forgiveness..." ROMA, 1973. ~


Hurricane Hillary fell down and broke her foot of Babylon in DANIEL 2 while holding a coffee shop cup in her hand in London as Hurricane Ophelia started to lash Ireland. ~ In confirmation of the black Irish Natalie Merchant folk singer figure in A BUCKET OF BLOOD; who shares the same October 26 birth date, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ FOOT IN MOUTH NOTES: "Julian Assange is a Russian agent..." Hillary Clinton. ~ "Donald Trump is one of those crazy birthers who thinks that Obama was born in Africa." Hillary Clinton. ~ "All these women who say that my husband assaulted them are... just... well, hah ha...whatever..." Hillary Clinton. ~ PS MISS CANADA: You once played a beach party lifeguard on TV during the Ronald Reagan years who fearlessly dashed out into the heavy REV.13:1 surf and saved the life of plenty a good man. ~ Now it is time for you to reprise the same role that you were meant to play in real life. ~ If you can do at least that much for ME again, I AM will make you look that good again in a skimmpy red French bikini. ~ YOU DON'T KNOW ME NOTES: Just because I know what a yuuge fraud that you are; it does not necessarily mean that you know who I AM IS, at: ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Last night at 2:58 am, I dreamed that you were the new born again [age appropriate] hero in 52 PICKUP:2, at: ~

Monday, October 16, 2017


Crooked Hillary broke something in her DAN.2 [coffee cup shop] foot of the giant negro of Babylon on the same day that a Seattle family man fell down off of Wallace Falls in Gold Bar, Washington; located along the state's Rt.2 Steven's Pass highway of Judah and Ephraim, at: ~ I was not going mention it, but now God has forced my hand; there is still some nice small trout creek flyfishing in that Foss Creek area. ~ Ergo, that little Clearwater revival creek in Miley's new music video. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: There are over 3 1/2 miles of the finest exotic transplanted Montana black spotted cuttthrout trout in those deep pools of the State of Washington above Bridal Veil Falls. ~ And no drought known to man is going to kill off the better part of them. ~ Since most of today's all night coffee shop baby boomers in Seattle are now too weak in the knees anyway to make the climb up there and fish out the first 100 yards of it. ~ PS MEDVED: More sharp tool, less dull tool. ~ PS PAMELA ANDERSON: Are you just going to sit there and do nothing and let the bastards hang out you heroic boyfriend to die? ~ Hello Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. ~


Miley's prophetic video about the physical transfiguration of today's aging MTV generation opens with the black and white antique parade photo art hanging on the walls of Bonney Lake's STARBUCKS coffee shop in the backdrop. ~ Where they still have acoustic guitar musical poets and songsters performing live from time to time in the evenings. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MEL GIBSON: After President Trump is reelected in 2020, that will be your Hollywood studio green light to make any movie that you feel like making. ~ Success does have it's privileges. ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: This 1980s MTV generation video ends with the sounds of your [disco is dead] trumpets in 2020 at: ~ This next one is about me fucking my 4 three-way wives Miley Virus, Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Queen Elizabeth Hurley in ROYAL WEDDING meets FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, at: ~ BFD, I probably will never feel fully satisfied until I get to fuck all four of my above wives on a regular basis at my converted Mt. Hood ski lodge where THE SHINNING movie is supposed to happen. ~ "That's my problem, not your problem." Sandra Bullock, 2018. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: I will be taking care of all of your supposedly unsolvible career problems starting next year. ~ Ergo, ROLLING STONE magazine went on sale just before all of those Tom Petty free falling rocker signs happened. ~

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Captain Hefner died at 91 on the same day that the first giant rock slab suddenly came crashing down from El Capitan's stonewall. ~ For his legendary look in a USS MCCAIN captain's hat, like at: ~ Where on my R/M mapbook of Judah and Ephraim, Mt. Starr King and Nevada Falls are located right across from the STEEP CANYON RANGERS' river to the east. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SEƑORES FOX: America's President Trump is the Nephite, you are America's LAmanite; in Mel Gibson's inspired GET THE GRINGO BM prophecy. ~ HA HA HA HA HA... Remember, my French exwife who is still possesed by the forceful spirit of the accuser in GREASE:II still has a 1950s underground WW:III bomb shelter, bad boy motorcyle thing for me. ~ "I can't stop thinking about you everyday." Ornella Fresh meets Charlie Theron in STAR MAPS: 2&3, at: ~ AND: ~ PS MEL GIBSON: All of the usual unreliable NYT/WAPO reports about some jerk buying the PLAYBOY MANSION for $100,000,000 are an inspired sign from Mother Mary that Paul Allen is going to buy your rather unusual Catholic KNIGHTS TEMPLER church compound in Malibu for around the same kind of money. ~ Of course, I get my usual 10% tax free fee for making it all happen. ~ Which would leave you with 90 big ones. ~ And then every Jew fuck in Hollywood would start pounding on your back door and beg you to forgive them for they did to you. ~


Miley's video about 'what goes up must come down' was the prepublicity for her new music release happening two days before Tom Petty sudenly fell down in Malibu. ~ And all of her daddy's Billy Cyrus types got it in Las Vegas, at: ~ No wonder that my visionary dream about driving my high gear stick shift into her 1960s VW Love Bug took place at the apex of a steep hill in Janis Joplin's adopted home town of San Francisco. ~ [Joplin's 1959 psychedelic SPEEDSTER was just a sexed up German VW BEETLE; manufactured by the same post Nazi German car company.] ~ So now Oliver Stone is looking for a way to put some artistic distance between Harvey and himself. ~ Any ideas anybody? ~ How about a 2020 VIVA LAS VEGAS remake co-starring Justin Beiber as a local attraction who plays a singing James Dean look alike opening act to Miley's Janis Joplin main stage performances? ~ Whose day time job is working at a vintage sports car repair shp? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LOPEZ: I was waxing hot and cold about whether I should watch the double feature drive-in movie on my Roger Corman DVD. ~ The one about a black lizard monster penis from Mexico breaking through the moral border walls at some white teens' 1950s record hop happening in HAIRSPRAY meets CRY BABY, like at: ~ PS JULIA: The standard Jewish doctor 666 specialist radiation therapy for your breast cancer represents the radiation fallout cure for you after WW:III. ~

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Harvey began his free fall right after Tom Petty's " falling..." video about him abusing innocent young girls in Hollywood rolled out on this blog. ~ In confirmation of those two falling rock [sronewalling] omens that happened on the birthdays of those two beautiful actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Naiomi Watts. ~ Ergo, now Harvey's YANKEES are playing the hurricane Harvey ASTROS for the right to play for the highest stakes in PRINCE's world series of love, at: ~ Wherein Sheena Easton role plays Emma Watson in FLASHDANCE:II meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Saturday's NYT is still hanging onto that easy-to-hit hanging curve ball theory that the Russians hacked the 2016 election. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: In THE BUCKET OF BLOOD prophecy, Walter has you draining out all of your dirty blood of Israel; right before and right after the film's various look alike long shots of you playing the acoustic Spanish guitar back in 666's [TWILIGHT ZONE] year of 1959. ~

Friday, October 13, 2017


DRUDGE is now the best place where one can barely keep up with President Trump's non stop reversals of the transgressions and sins of America's abomination of desolation half Jew in DANIEL 9:24 on a weekly basis. ~ That said, if yesterday's breaking news is still the main thing that motivates you the most; stay with the late night television talk shows for now. ~ Never forget what the Lord said in a registered letter to the President of the LDS church in 1974, " not my servant Walter an offensive looking man?" ~ GSR/TWN ~


Scar/lett Johansson is the blond full figure nude model with [stiff necked] scar/f who poses for Walter after his GSR/TWN scarred forehead man sculpture masterpiece in A BUCKET OF BLOOD. ~ Which leads up to his royal toilet-plunger scepter of Judah coronation at the [ISAIAH 22:22] YELLOW DOOR CAFE. ~ That is after the WW:III submarine war in the Yellow Sea happens that changes everything; left and right. ~ When everybody decides to split the scene HASTY TASTY 1959 style; as we see Sienna Miller sitting at the poet Maxwell's round table discussion regulars at around 51:... minutes into the 1959 indie film prophecy about me being born again by Roger Corman. ~ That took less than a week to shoot. ~ So naturally I googled around for the no.8 on Walter's studio apartment door and came up with this 8th image by GOOGLE of Scarlett Johansson at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT: The above link was posted around the same time when I had that sexy kiss dream of you near Bonney Lake's KFC. ~ Which they are now converting into one of the main entrances to the new COSTCO in KING OF CALIFORNIA meets NIGHT WATCH. ~ BTW: The lumber yard beheading in A BUCKET OF BLOOD is a prophetic representation of the lumber mill industry along Washington State's HWY.410 region. ~ SEE: ~ PS KIT WINN: Yeah I know, you are about as good as an actor as I AM. ~ But don't worry about it for now. ~ STAND BY ME: 2&3 is about the two times that my stepfather took both of us on a fishing trip safari over to the Moses Lake, Washington potholes area. ~ Think ADAPTATION meets MATCHSTICK MEN. ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: Sean caught a black crappie, and Andrew fought off a largemouth bass, that time when you and me went fishing with them on Spirit Lake; after having pancakes at that local coffee shop. ~ Then when they grew up, Sean married a blackish wife, and Andrew hooked up with a more white skinned Israelitish blond girl. ~

Thursday, October 12, 2017


After I become the 29 year-old looking king of all the HASTY TASTY all night 24/7 coffee shop joints around the world, circa 1959 King County, Seattle; things are gonna get pretty hasty, and also kind of nasty. ~ For when all of those too old orchard harvest trees with their bland tasting [enchilada] fruits will be cut down and cast into the sudden bohemiun grove bonfires that are now happening in California's wine harvest country; circa JACOB 5. ~ Then the 5 wise virgins will be safe. ~ And those other 5 foolish virgins will be pounding on their door and demanding to be let inside of the safe zone of THE KINDOM OF GOD. ~ Because it would not be wise or safe to let people like that into your country. ~ Perhaps later, during the first fruits of the initial post WW:III zombie resurrection prophecy in SHAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ But not for right now. ~ First things first. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HARVEY: You know where you went wrong? ~ You never offered any of your potential hot young actress wives the standard Hollywood 'pay-or-play' contract deal. ~ Wherein you agree to pay them up front, cash money on the barrel, whether or not they want to fuck you now, or maybe later, or maybe never. ~ Nothing personal. ~ A deal is a deal. ~ Yada yada. ~ Take I AM ME for example. ~ I would never ask one of my underaged virgin wives to step up and suck on my cock, muchless let me fuck them as their stepsister watched us doing it in ANDY WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ Unless and until my hand written $4,000,000 check had already cleared the bank. ~ You don't like it, I don't like it. ~ You get what you pay for is what I always say. ~


There is a new book out that explains why Meathead's father Carl Reiner is the new leader of the born again Nazi plot in REV.13 etc. at the end of DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID, at: ~ Ergo, modernism's progressive liberalism is the new and improved fascism; version 2.0. ~ Whose big paper mache [Nazi parade] head effigy was wounded in WWII; but then it miraculously self-healed itself among the big headed Jews who had to escape for their lives to the New Jerusalem of New York and New Jersey. ~ Even after g-d had allowed some 6,666,666 of them to suffer and die because of their traditional [reformed conservatism neocon] support for gentile fascism in MARATHON MAN meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. ~ Therefore, that inspired holocaust museum in NYC that has 6 walls, 6 roofs, 6 rooms, and 6 windows in each wall. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SUKKOT NOTES: On the last day of Sukkot, the BOY SCOUTS OF SODOM AND EGYPT announced that the girls could become like the boys in their NAZI YOUTH meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL troops. ~ Weinstein fell from grace during Sukkot. ~ Santa Rosa means 'sacred rose', for the traditional single red rose of international socialism. ~ Canada's socialist PM was making the high society rounds in Washington, DC on the last day of Sukkot. ~ Which is the day when Israel remembers the forces of Egypt getting drowned in the Red Sea. ~ The S&P 500 civil war index closed at 2,555.24 on the last day of Sukkot. ~ For that yuuge 555' high Egyptian boner monument in DC. ~ PS EMMA WATSON: If my delicate young wife Cara is just too freaked out right now to deal with my multi billionaire movie producer lifestyle. ~ I may need you and Sienna Miller to step up and hold the marks on my first two movies. ~

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The angry white guy from Orange County, California in DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID cannot bring himself to say "cleaning woman" out loud for the time when all of the white jerks in the censored liberal media cannot openly say "illegal alien" in their fake news reports about President Trump's immigration policies. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AFTERHOURS NOTES: After reading about my figure behind the latter film works of Stanley Kubrick, I had a flash vision of the same guy, wearing a Scotish tartan flannel shirt, running down those stairs in a panic on the set of MOONWALKERS as the mansion's fire alarms were going off. ~ Per this BARRY LYNDON [read London] actor look alike link to it at: AND: AND: ~ PS EMINEM: Get real dude. ~ You are not a negro. ~ You are a Caucasian. ~

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Barack Obama was a very respected and influential well-known man about town patron of Chicago's high society gay sex scene. ~ And when the word got out about it, his Dr.Evil henchmen had Donald Young illiminated with one quiet little clean shot to the back of the head with a .22. ~ Then when he became the abominable president of Sodom and Egypt with a fake birth certificate, etc. even the current Elder Anderson leaders of the Mormon church heaped their praises upon him. ~ While condemning God's two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 for saying bad things about him. ~ So now we are all supposed to get all worked up about some typical sleazy Jewish Hollywood power-broker producer? ~ Jesus. Suck. My. Cock. ~ It was the filthy communist antiamerican Jews who got the above queer looking mullato stranger elected in the first place. ~ Which caused today's tall Jewish man with a strange looking Orange County tan and shampoo job to become the next President of the USA in the upcoming 2020 election sequel. ~ Therefore, when the better half of the white people are run out of California, me and my rich sophisticated Jewish freinds will be allowed to stay. ~ Kind of like I will be doing too when I become THE KING OF ENGLAND. ~ When every dark skinned Muslim who does not get down on his knees before me and convert to Mormon fundamentalist polygamy masonry will be killed right there on the spot. ~ Me no happy, you no happy. ~ GSR/TWN ~


In SIDEWAYS:II, the failed actor jerk ends up marrying both Woody Allen's sexy Asian single mother and his more white Iraelitish bride from eastern Europe at the PLAYBOY MANSION; not inside some Greek Orthodox type church in 1NEPHI 14, etc. ~ And his Ken Keisler look alike sidekick also finally finds a wife or three who will honor and obey him for all eternity. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LONDON CALLING NOTES: The Jewish athiest socialist magazine writer Jack London was born on 1.12 and died on 11.22. ~ RED WINE NOTES: I started out at Seattle's HASTY TASTY all night coffee shop as a bus boy and dish washer. ~ Which also was owned and operated by a guy named De Santis. ~ Then after my LDS mission role in Fellini's amazing ROMA prophecy, I committed artistic suicide by marrying Laurence Pierson in the Provo, Utah temple on June 20, 1974. ~ Then years later, I became the KING OF ENGLAND who sits upon his throne wearing the beatnick coffee shop star logo of STARBUCKS in King County, Washington, circa 1991. ~ HARVEY HURRICANE NOTES: The traditionally Jewish German surname Weinstein is pronounced 'wine stein'. ~ Per all of these prophetic Octoberfest harvest moon [Sukkot festival] signs and wonders at: ~ Ergo, Harvey Weinstein's marred servant face has the look of a crazy full moon that has been pot marked all over by those meteorites in that Bruce Willis movie that came out on July 3, 1998. ~ "Joseph Smith once said that the moon was made out of cheese." ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITTANICA, circa 1968. ~

Monday, October 9, 2017


Michael Savage's daily wildfire talk radio show out of Marin County, California basically tells why the Spirit of Michael descended upon Christopher Columbus and told him to sail across the ocean and help tame all of those dark skinned and lawless [no official tribal borders or official written languages] and uncivilized savages in the BM. ~ Many of whom look a lot like Jimmy Kimmel's smiling face effigy in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ Which will obviously be the big idea behind SON OF LEBOWSKI:2&3. ~ Where in the first act of the third sequel, the star of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: II suddenly walks onboard my twin VOLVO cabin criuser movie set; claiming to be Brad Pitt's long lost love child from Bend, Oregon in MAMA MIA:II. ~ "Let's admit it. I eventually settled down in the San Francisco Bay area for it's sun-sex-and-pasta lifestyle." Michael Savage; originally from Brooklyn, NY. ~ GSR/TWN ~


That is a yuuge paper mache parade effigy of Richard Nixon positioned above the traditional creepy Vincent Price villain at the end of DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID, at circa 1:15:... ~ No wonder that so many white people who voted for President Trump have a problem with the Jews. ~ "So that's the game!" says the white P.I. to the bald Jewish sports "Field Marshall"; before calling him a jerk. ~ Ergo, Norman Lear and his fellow Jewish jerk are big time supporters of today's giant pro sports nigros who disrespect everything that the northern Ephraimite flag of Israel stands for on Columbus Day. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SENATOR FIENSTEIN: Last year before the 16 election, I had a visionary [EZE.38] dream about aliens from outer space landing in California by the millions. ~ And once they touched ground they all turned into Hispanics, negros, and slant eyed yellow skin Asians. ~ Then a contingent of naive white Mr.Anderson Republican types approached their leader and asked him what his terms were. ~ Who simply told them in a very civilized and professional tone of voice to head for the hills and mountains to the east if they want to survive. ~ PS CARL REINER: It was the northern Jewish communist [Brooklyn, NY] college newspaper media in THE WAY WE WERE meets AN IRRATIONAL MAN that defeated America's heroic southern white boys in Viet Nam. ~ Not those midget sized 4'9" leprechaun darkies running around in the jungles wearing black pajamas. ~ PS CARA MIA: More sex with your devoted older filthy rich husband behind the unseen video sex film camera who is paying for all of your monthy bills in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets SON OF LEBOWSKI:2-3. ~ Naturally, Mel Gibson and I will be padding your contract with more than enough tax free off shore cash money to help out your girlfriends too; you no happy me no happy. ~

Sunday, October 8, 2017


This morning at 5:37 am, I dreamed that the high priest of the Miranda Kerr temple in the HARPER prophecy layed his hands upon a woman's breast full of cancer in the DAIRY QUEEN parking lot at 181st Hwy.410. ~ Even the same one who tortured Jennifer Anniston's nipples with a lit cigarette. ~ And as he was about to anoint her left breast with consecrated virgin olive oil, I looked across the street and saw Julia standing by the ARCO gas pumps with another woman. ~ So I called out to her, "JULIA LOUISE-DRYFUS!.. YOU COME HERE!" ~ So she walked over towards me with her girlfriend, whose face was painted white; but her friend stopped short, confessing that she did not have enough faith to believe in it. ~ Then I was awaken by the loud thud of the SEATTLE TIMES landing on our front poarch. ~ Featuring a below the fold headline about hurricane Nate. ~ Later, I saw some SIDEWAYS:II ad on DRUDGE for a bloody red wine with a number 181 label, at: ~ Because the art of being healed by faith will not become popular enough again to replace the abomination of Nazi 666 medicine until many buckets of bloody red wine have been spilled out across the world. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILLY CRYSTAL: Actually, Hitler never did use deadly chemical weapons on his own people; just the Jews. ~ "I auditioned for Spielberg's holocaust movie, but they said I was too skinny." Paul Nestor, 1981. ~ BUCKETS OF BLOOD NOTES: Walter's love interest in this DANIEL 2 feet of clay movie is named Carla. ~ For my look alike love interest in real life named Cara; like at: ~ Much like in my screenplay notes for THE SON OF LEBOWSKI:2-3. ~ Wherein my very financially satisfied girls at least let me watch them getting it on together onboard my small time millionaire 51' sailboat; tied up and tied down at some marina in BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ "The most important thing is that the clams are fresh."