Sunday, December 31, 2017


Those five foolish Jewish virgins died in the blink of an eye, and were immediately cremated, saving their next of kin thousands of $$$ in funeral expenses, when their 208B bi/engine plane crashed into the jungles somewhere around Mel Gibson's cattle ranch and banana plantation. ~ Which I hear tell is not that far from Tom and Gisele's sweet little real [news] estate investment opportunity down there. ~ Yeah I know, some of you still can not handle the fake truth of it. ~ Maybe these latest two flying UFO ashtray pieces will help you get a grip on it, at: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW YEARS NOTES: Cat napping on New Years Eve, I was shown the dvd case location on my shelf for 1985's THE BRIDE prophecy in a flash vision. ~ That is about some future English B-list prince who would marry his beautiful fantasy mulatto wife at the newly remade PLAYBOY MANSION castle; after North Korea's Rev. Moon look alike church leader pushes that little sexy hot button on his desk and makes it all come true for me in the blink of an eye. ~ Imagine FLASH DANCE meets FOOTLOOSE, at: ~ AND: ~ On the other hand, Michael also showed me the backside of some other aquamarine color theme dvd that was covered from top to bottom with so many film critic quotes that I could not focus on anyone of them in particular. ~ It was like, "too much magic bus' if you know what I mean, like at: ~ Oh well, just another 'fab four' band via London, England; and every god damn one of them is Jewish. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Why settle for some tall handsome flash-in-the-pan A-list braindead actor from Australia? ~ When you could be hanging with Bob Dylan himself, circa 2020. ~ I know, it sounds kind of crazy. ~ But you do have to admit; your amazing voice does sound more late 1960s, early 1970s; rather than late 1980s early 1990s. ~


Believe me you. ~ I know a thing or two about trying to get financing for your newest breakout indie film fantasy project. ~ Hey, even that highly esteemed Robert Mueller [FBI] director, with a great past track record, has been trying to get backing for his latest Russian spy docudrama picture for the past 18 months. ~ However, so far he's only got butt kiss for all of his blood, sweat, and tears. ~ Not to mention all of the big time money that he has spent up front for his team of fancy pants Hollywood Jew screenwriter lawyers; in order to make it all look like a very serious and important piece of OSCARS worthy film work. ~ Alas, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ Gregory Scott Relf THE TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER ~ PS MISS MONTANA: Shortly after SNL, Jesus said simply, "Bill Cyrus" to me at exactly 2:00 am. New Years Eve time. ~

Saturday, December 30, 2017


That two weeks notice given to all of those arrogant bone headed [I'm smarter than you.] Jews at the FBI/NYT/CIA happens to happen on January 3, 18, per: ~ Ergo, it's the same TWO WEEKS NOTICE date that Alan Franken came up with for some kind of a big bang ANNIE HALL meets SCOOP punch line joke. ~ Always leave them laughing at you... yada yada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GENTLE DENTAL NOTES: That sensitive tooth on the lower 7 [hills] in SCOOP is a take on my GSR/TWN scoop about Jesus being a very gentle and gracefull dentist, among other things. ~ Imagine LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, like at: ~ And everyone in the blood sucking plot looks like they are around 29 years-old, 39 tops.. ~


CNN er all will never repent of their sins. ~ Much less ever go into EIB journalism rehab. ~ Even after that great earthquake election in REV.16:11 happens, and their way to earn a living no longer exists. ~ Or like Jesus says in the 2BC, "Most of my church will not repent..." ~ For example, some years ago I gave my older brother a copy of THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS. ~ Then shortly thereafter he gave it back to me, simply saying, "Here, you can have this back." ~ GSR/TWN ~

Friday, December 29, 2017


CNN's obsession with that white mysterious white skin truck parked down in [east-meets-west] Palm Springs is an EZEKIEL 47:1 Jerusalem Temple thing. ~ As confirmed by Alan Franken finally standing up like a man and publically confessing his lying Jewish comedian bitch sins in his I-35 twin cities hometown. ~ Therefore, in the 2006 SCOOP prophecy, that white MPC truck passes in the same scenario where Sidney is stalking Donald Trump at his double eyelid high tower; sitting behind that APOLLO 13-17 capsule sculpture. ~ Since Presidet Trump has since announced that he wants to give rebirth to America's southern Florida JFK JR. missions to the moon. ~ Think MOONWALKERS meets 2001 A SPACE ODDITY meets SPICE WORLD. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SMALL TIME INVESTOR NOTES: Scoop up every God damn one of those Dr.Evil baldheaded dolls at TOYS R US who says that Kate Holme's daughter Suri is a little bitch; triple your small time money in the next two weeks, per: ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: You still owe me a nice thick slice of cake. ~ That will happen in either two ways. ~ You cast me in your next SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL special purpose cock fucker feature indie film as some paperback 1980s novelist movie star in BLAZZING SADDLLES meets DR.STRANGELOVE. ~ Wherein Steven Iceburg er all finally die off after WW:111. ~ In the exact very same way that Nyle Smith died in Pleasant Grove, Utah on 1.11.12. ~ And I paraphrase, "I wanted Kim to be my friend,

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Hello White City, London. ~ WHAT HAPPENED is the inspired title of the late great Aunt Hillary's postmortem autobiography. ~ Which basically lays out the Russian financed foundation for crazy Bob's pathetic psychedelic mind expanding 1970s style investigation into who killed Hillary Clinton; and for God sake's why; like at: ~ Ergo, Mark Steyn called out the Pope for raping Italy with a flood of illegal Africans; then an apartment in the once very charming Italian Catholic Bronx Zoo district burned down so fast that even the 200 or so firefighters had to ignore the fleeing naked childen until they could set up their defence parameters. ~ While the fresh fake news about NYC's fake Mayor Gandhi was still rolling out. ~ And it was just reported that President Trump did some phony boleny interview SCOOP down in Palm Springs for the FBI/NYT's regional offices up in mid MANHATTAN meets STARDUST MEMORIES. ~ Hey, "Make up sex is the best." SEINFELD 9. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GUS VAN SAINT: They shot THE EXORCIST in 1972 at that Catholic FORDHAM UNIVERSITY in the Bronx. ~ Which was all about Catholic Katie's little Suri getting the negro voodoo devil cast out of her soul in 2018, like at: ~ POST NOTES: People like Steven Spielberg are the reason why we lost the war in Viet Nam. ~ When in fact we could have brought it to an immediate victorious conclusion in just two weeks. ~


The Trump card killer strikes again using the hangman card in SCOOP. ~ Which represents my ROYAL COACHMAN flyfisherman's index finger pointing to the death card on my dvd case artwork. ~ Note the card's whole wheat [white] harvest instrument of death for LIVE AND LET DIE meets DC 4 and DC 86, etc. at: ~ Damn skinny. ~ In my world even the niggers get to play a major role or two. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ Let's not kid ourselves here. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Let me guess; your legit theater playwright mother has also written some sufficating overwritten over-the-top screenplay vanity piece that she keeps bugging her precious little daughter to do. ~ Oh well, tell her that you know a guy, who knows a guy in Seattle who will pay for it if you agree to let him fuck you a couple two three times up in his small run down hotel room hide out in downtown Paris, Idaho, at:,_Idaho ~ Where the native cutthroat trout are rather skinny but still very pretty. ~ And the amazing local real estate investment opportunities are still available at a fairly reasonable price. ~


The London newspaper editor warns Sondra that she has let her "imagination run wild" before finding out that the Trump Tarot card man had no important political/business meetings afterall with some foreign [Russian] entity. ~ Even the same one who kept his trump card hidden under a French horn trumpet down in his climate controlled basement. ~ And is now systematically killing off all of Obama's climate control fiats of the past crazy 8 years; one by one, like some crazy maniacal serial killer. ~ Per that Hawaiian UFO ash tray, and old portrait of the late "aunt Hillary" in the drawing room at around 32:00 minutes. ~ Because the formerly blond Clinton whore was always blackmailing Donald Trump er all with threats of salacious Russian hooker revelations if he didn't continue to pay her high taxation money demands. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RADIO DAYS NOTES: Note the BBC's big bang theory presentation logo at the start of SCOOP. ~ WIKILEAKS SUBNOTES: There is a Divine reason why the brilliant "Reagan Democrat" New York cop antihero in the original die hard FOX NEWS [TRUMP TOWER] 1980s action hero movie looks alot like a physically transfigured Julian Asange, at: ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR DUMMIES WHO ALWAYS CUT CLASS: Note the Senator McCaine scab above the left eyebrow of the hero who saves the day, at: ~ SUB ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Fuck Me Jesus just told his prophets among the cold hearted lost tribes of Israel that if the Jews, queers, and niggers do not start to warm up to his BRANCH DAVIDIAN Reagan Democrat servant, there will be hell to pay, like at: ~ PS GUS VAN SANT: You got at least two weeks now to write, cast, shoot, and edit THE INVISIBLE MAN in Park City, Utah, circa 1986. ~ Yeah I know. ~ It took about four weeks to set up the same damn thing with WAG THE DOG. ~ But that was when they were still making movies on 35mm film. ~ Whatever, tell everyone that Defoe has already committed, just to get the ball rolling, etc.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


After I got up today, I saw that WAPO scoop in Wednesday's SEATIMES about President Trump making it easier to kill migrating birds in the SCOOP prophecy. ~ Right when that English Prince was interviewing that other African prince in DAN.9 for a 70 weeks BBC talk radio conspiracy scoop confirmation. ~ "Life just keeps getting better." BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD; circa 1993-1996. ~ Ergo, IT'S ALL TRUE, Obama really was born in Kenya, and he really is using a dead man's S.S tattoo number, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HARRY PRINCE: More prince, less princess; more Levi, less Judah. ~ PS SCAR: You are too short to be Jewish. ~ Sure, you certainly have a lot of Judah in your bloodline. ~ However, on balance God would place you on the side of Ephraim. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~


Cat napping on Boxing Day, a rather vague persona impression from beyond the dark veil of death told me to watch the dvd that was placed right next to THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS dvd. ~ Turns out SCOOP was a really sweet ass 2006 kitty poop prophecy about that wealthy Tarot trump card player from Palm Springs being the one who really did kill off Hillary Clinton and her lying bitches in the 2016 election. ~ Contrary to all of those crazy "tantalizing" Russian conspiracy theories at the WASHINGTON POST, etc. at: ~ What did I tell you? ~ LIVE OR LET DIE was one of the most very special 007 movies that God ever caused to be made. ~ GSR/TWN ~ YOURS TRULY NOTES: All of those figurative GSR/TWN references in SCOOP are about the dude in Bonney Lake who was whispering in Trump's ear throughout the entire REV.16 earthquake re election period in 2020. ~ Hence, the strangulation sounds of the constantly caughing and choking Ms Clinton. ~ PS ROSIE: More cock, less cunt, like at: ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Those final act birthday girl themes in the SCOOP prophecy, circa December 28, 2017; are all about me giving you a very charming and special purpose [DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER] gift set in a black TIFFANY box for your 29ish looking birthday. ~ When I don't even care anymore who knows it. ~ Probably because Emma Watson will be covering up for you in my next fuck boat movies. ~ Because SCOOP opens with some very very powerful film director/producer/writer fucking the very politically naive Scarlet Johansson up in his fancy London hotel suite. ~ Hey, any young actress out there, who can really and truly write, act, and direct, gets to suck on my cock and do anything that she wants with me. ~ That said, it has to be something that either amuses my paying audiences, or at least interests me on a SEXUAL PERSONA level.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Today's hep cat Jewish insiders at the highest levels of the FBI/CIA/CNN/NYT political government motorcycle gang cliques are now leaking that the 2020 [VIVA LAS VEGAS meets CRY BABY] shooter went crazy on all of those country music President Trump supporters after he had become driven mad by crazy Bob's Russian conspiracy theories that were spreading around at the AP/CIA. ~ Finally, for Jesus Christ Himself's sake; a conspiracy theory that I can get fully behind of on a personal LOCK STOCK AND BARREL level, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TRUMP CARD NOTES: Brad Pitt played yours truly in the above movie because there was nobody else on earth at the time who looked like me in 1993. ~ DREAMER NOTES: Last night at 7:17 am, Daniel Craig got all up in my face on the set of his new 007 movie. ~ And I quote, "Am I the bad guy?" like at:


Jamie Foxx' no.33 sports jersey niece in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, whose sick pet turtle could use a little rear WINDOWS.5 therapy to come out it's shell, represents Kate Holme's future daughter Suri. ~ Who now also has a big brown dog on the down low for a stepfather figure. ~ Her first friuts name Emily being a poetic 'dick in son' yellow sunshine submarine reference. ~ Yada yada... Stick it where the sun don't shine... GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICES: Depending on how the signs and wonders play out during Alan Franken's two weeks notice; I may even get into the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy about President Trump struggling to stay alive in an American institution rest home that is infested by really old dying people. ~ Who himself eventually dies off under the stars of lost Israel; and then he becomes born again in the end; after he sets fire to the Sodom and Egypt in REV.11, at: ~

Monday, December 25, 2017


Call me crazy, but at that reduced closeout basement sale price I bought four pairs of them. ~ Thinking that maybe later I could always give some of them away as Boxing Day or birthday gifts. ~ BFD, I'm a real sucker for a good deal who sometimes gets a bit carried away. ~ Let he who is without sin cast the first stone in Oliver Stone's upcoming Janis Joplin look alike project in 2020. ~ BIG FUCKING DEAL, Harvey Weinstein sinks a few big ones into the deal on the down low dark side. ~ Every girl has to do what it takes to put a little food on the table and pay the rent. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROSE: I saw your latest frapped black and white tittie pix. ~ Nice. ~ Now I AM is thinking you get to write, direct, star, and fuck me in your next movie. ~ Hey sexy Seattle girl, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ What the fuck. ~ You want to co-star with Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE: 2&3? ~ Done. ~ "I DON'T EVEN CARE!!" Pee Wee Herman, 1993.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Saturday morning I had a vivid dream about my exwife Laurence Pierson from quiche Lorraine, France. ~ Wherein we were both looking up at a star filled night sky full of crisscrossing ICBM missle vapor trailers; when suddenly this huuuge ghostly white sperm image streaked across the heavens; that looked exactly like this thing did later at: ~ Thank God that we waited for two years to have our two precious babies. ~ During the period when we would be selling the stainless steel VITA MIX 3600 and eating lots of fresh ground wheatbread on the joint. ~ And therefore, the only superficial birth defects that our two boys were born with were a slightly crooked left foot, and one undescended testical. ~ Better that than having to deal with an autistic brain warped child for 70 long years; who suffers from bipolar juvenile diabetes and weird mind set ADS issues. ~ Hey, nobody is perfect. ~ But for Christ's sake, give me a break. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JACK SIMONS: I need you to start hanging around King County's sheriff car auctions full of confiscated dope dealer cars; and find me my special purpose 1993-96 911 at half price. ~ Don't worry if the used car is green, white, or black; nothing that a quality new paint job can't fix. ~ And if you see any good condition VELOCEs that have potential, grab up those investment opportunities for me too. ~ You do know what us half Jews always say, it has to be wholesale or it's no sale. ~ PS JUDY RELF: Better set an extra plate at your upcoming DC 58 Easter ham feast. ~ You never know what uninvited guest might show up at your backdoor sliding doors on April Fools day 2018, circa: ~ "Oh my God!.. Look what the cat dragged in!.." Oprah Winfrey, 1991. ~


That negro caricature [voice actor] named Dan from San Pedro's 9th Street district calls into THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS' two witnesses radio show and hears about that crazy Bobcat at the DOJ who is chasing imaginary bugs up a wall. ~ Because 99% of the black folks in today's Sodom and Egypt vote for the same political party that crazy Bob and his gang of 16 Jews and one token negro support. ~ As portrayed by Dan's male gay pussycat licking his Peter for 3 hours during the future 70 weeks period in DANIEL 9. ~ When the prophecy of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim will finally be fulfilled in the 62/69/70th week. ~ Which started on the day that God's BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant was miraculoisly elected. ~ Or did it start on the day that he was officially innaugurated as President on January 20, 2017. ~ Beats the shit out of me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL NOTES: Today's Jewish insider NYT/CIA/CNN jokers would be "nowhere" if not for the niggers and the queers. ~ PS JIM CARREY: Think PET DETECTIVE:3. ~ I know a good deal when I see it. ~ I can bank money on it, you can bank money on it. ~ What's not to like dude? ~ Throw into your typical Donald Trump type tv deal contract that I can cure you of your little herpes 1&2 problems, you get to play a major part in my upcoming BIG LEBOWSKI Internet video series. ~

Saturday, December 23, 2017


That crazy little blond bitch pop star from Baptist Louisiana just came out for DACA because God wants all of her kind to be kicked out of the Kingdom of God. ~ That is if they do not humble themselves and repent and become baptised again for their many abominations and sins, including their little white race lies, like at: ~ You fuck God's prophetic DAVIDIAN BRANCH servant President Trump, I fuck you and you mama too, like at: ~ America first!.. No shit. ~ No old demented men and no silly inmature girls need apply. ~ And I quote, "Crazy fucking bitch." WILD AT HEART, 1989. ~ The enclosed Sandra Bullock look alike never has to fuck me if she doesn't feel like it. ~ Hey, that is what Old Bible plural marriages is are all about. ~ "Ah, girl power... feminism..." SPICE WORLD:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAMER NOTES: Obama's nightmarish ghost written biography was confirmation of his spooky phantom FBI approved birth certificate that was posted later on the front page of the CIA/NYT. ~ Hey, sometimes caca happens. ~ PS PALTROW: Last night I dreamed that you were riding to your next [FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL] wedding in the back seat of a physically transfigured 1966 mint condition black horse 1966 MUSTANG. ~ That was supposed to happen in the same Italian city where ROMEO AND JULIET takes place. ~ And we all know now how that turned out, per: ~

Friday, December 22, 2017


That inspired physically transfigured pencil sketch of Bob Dylan in my last YouTube post looks rather like some other 23 year-old guy for a Divine reason. ~ Because in the upcoming preternatural blood cleansing rites of Joseph Smith, you two bitches will only get to look that good too if you stick with program. ~ "You can never be too skinny or too rich..." per: ~ Meanwhile, others who also believe in me, yet don't quite have enough antigravity [face book close up skin] faith to go THE FULL MONTY at the PLAYBOY MANSION may have to settle for something upwards of 39. ~ And I quote, "You're fucking kidding me!.. You are 39? I would have guessed 29?" Some gay guy trying to pick me up at a fashionable bar in Westwood, LA; circa 1990. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Alan Franken made his final two weeks notice public at exactly two weeks before Mel Gibson's TEQUILA SUNRISE January 3 birthday. ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: You are just one heartbeat away from letting me have my way with you. ~ PHANTON THREAD NOTES: I can just smell it now. ~ Sometime before the end of the 70 weeks border wall prophecy in DANIEL 9, God will force me to watch THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ Whether I like it or not, like at: ~ Hey, he who pays the fiddler gets to call the tunes. ~ PS DAN: One of the reasons why you don't get to quit acting just now, is because my bloated 200 page screenplay for HANNIBAL:4&5 involves the sneaky sophisticated anti hero having a secret twin brother who is married to Jodie Foster and Ms Moore at the same time. ~ Seriously dude, I'm not going to invest 100 big ones into some fastasy film production concept if I can not get back at least that much money in free publicity. ~


Look at it this way baby. ~ While I AM is fly like a G6, you're obsessed with finding the impossible dream that will sustain the Sodom and Egypt status quid pro quote of the abomination of desolation in REVELATION 12 meets DANIE 12. ~ Which is what will continue to wreck havak upon the world's climate. ~ Meanwhile baby, pick up your old worn out Spanish guitar and sing along with me, like at: ~ I know, sometimes my voice can sound a little bit too nasal. ~ I'm working on it. ~ You worry about you. ~ You let me worry about me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PASSING AWAY MY NYT NOTES: Jesus has still not told me which movie is next up. ~ So whenever that does not happen, I usually just watch some old JAMES BOND 007 movie prophecy like DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER or THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~

Thursday, December 21, 2017


The miraculous election of Donald Trump in 16 was probably the greatest head-fake play in the history of barely legal teenager freshman small town college sex basketball. ~ As was prophesied in that iconic anti gravity black and white basketball shoes prophecy entitled, THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR, at: ~ Where all of those white cracker tar heels in the Carolina's voted for Donald Trump because he was the most plain talking honest to God politician that they had seen come down the pike in their lifetime. ~ And anyone who can't see that has obviously been blinded by the burning man hatered of the Jewish CIA/FBI/NYT/DOJ/CNN accuser in REV.12. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL: I did not have the time to get into the details of it at STARBUCKS yesterday. ~ But here is what's happening right now with all of those cheap run down late 1950s modernist [three small bedrooms, one big car garage] ranch homes in the PHANTON LAKE ESTATES, Bellevue, Washington area, etc. ~ A flood of small time dime millionaires from Hong Kong are buying them up like pancakes and then stripping them down and rebuilding them up again into those fabulous new born again fantasy shag pads like they do on all of those video infomercial Internet cable shows. ~ Wherein one only needs to legally obtain a short term remodeling permit: and not some long term drawn out 666 new construction red tape permit. ~ Hey, time is money. ~


The tall blond PLAYBOY MAGAZINE model in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS spends her off hours pouring over her new Bible gift; using the help of her second smaller reference book that explains things in more simple terms better; circa EZE.37's two scroll sticks of Judah and Ephraim. ~ As just confirmed by that tourist bus crash down in the ancient tequila BM country of the lost 12 tribes of Israel, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TEQUILA SUNRISE NOTES: The sunset scene in TTACAD is a homage to Emily Dicks' poem that goes, "Let no sunrise' yellow [journalism] noise interrupt this ground..." of the administration of President Trump, per: ~ Who is the most honest and plain spoken Jewish politician that America has seen since the likes of Abrahama Lincoln in THE LINCOLN LAWYER meets WHAT ABOUT IT BOB? ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Nobody but nobody plays the crazy over-the-top mother fucker white dude better than you. ~ Ergo, God inspired you to drink a bottle of tequila and then get into your sweet ass LEXUS sedan ride and drive up the HWY.101 coast of Malibu at 91 mph. ~ Then get stopped by some underpaid Jewish deputy who dragged your white Catholic Irish ass into the sheriff's station in THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets FARGO meets THE INVISIBLE WHITE MAN. ~ Remember this, that reluctant star of BOOGIE NIGHTS posted his monogamist Christmas family portrait on the same day that Cardinal Law died in Boston. ~ PS MARKY MARK: God hates it when his most talented kids try to bury their talents into the ground and pretend that it means nothing to him. ~ SEE: ~

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Alan Franken gave his FARGO meets TWO WEEKS NOTICE to his closest friends and staff lovers on Tuesday. ~ When his candy ass comic book politics Jew boy seat in the Senate's synagogue of satan will be taken over by some blond bimbo named 'Tina' on 1.2.18. ~ And I paraphrase, "Tina is a hooker's name!" BROADWAY DANNY ROSE, as at: ~ AND: "You have a very talented voice!" Ken Kemp, 1987. ~ Yeah I know, think James Taylor meets Orson Welles meets Jesus Christ himself on classic guitar. ~ We're not quite there yet, but we're getting pretty damn close to it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY AND NICKI: The reason why both of you two related bitches are going to fall under my midnight blogger spell and do anything that I demand you to do, is because both of you want to look like you did in PRACTICAL MAGIC. ~ PS JAMES RUSSO: The last words that I ever spoke in person to my older brother Steven Relf, before he died on my October 29, 2017 birthday were; "Let's be friends and not enemies... let's let bygones be bygones." And then he said, "... please call [Princess] Diana and tell her that. ~ PS TOM HANKS: More me, less you. ~


After the two related bitches of Judah and Ephraim walk hand in hand upon the [GEN.32:12] sands of Israel in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, they both show up at the Prince's studio in REV.13:1 Venice Beach with two limes and two bottles of illegal Mexican alien liquor, like at: ~ Per the time when LL rented one side of a fabulous duplex there, only to discover that her related bitch was living right nextdoor in the other unit. ~ Of course, the usual sceptical/paranoid/godless Jewish media cunts claimed that she was lying. ~ What else is new to the strange world of Ms Silverman er all? ~ GSR/TWN ~ MEAN GIRLS NOTES: In the above TEQULA scenario, the two daughters of Israel get jealous of each other when the future Prince of England asks them to take turns. ~ PS SARAH: And I paraphrase; "I like you... So why do you not want to hook up with me at the PLAYBOY MANSION?.. You like to have fun, I like to have fun. What's not to like?" with THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA, at: ~ AND Note the prophetic Catholic St. El Wood video's Sheryl Crow look alike. ~ PS M&M: Trump never once said that the illegal aliens from Mexico are all rapists and murderers. ~ More strong and mature manliness, less weak and immature underaged girlyness. ~ See for example this highschool lesson mentality trailer; about what not to say or do on the public stage, at:

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Katie burned me right after I posted my prophetic Christmas season dream about her. ~ Which actually happened shortly after she had burned her own devout husband and religious cult follower Tom Cruise. ~ Back when their own kid was still in preschool, and she still reminded me the most of my own Catholic exwife school teacher; per this 5 virgins 'ya-think?' piece, at: ~ Who was also a yuuge animal lover who left me for that tall Jew fuck who had graduated no.1 in law at STANFORD. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NUMEROLOGY CHRISTIAN SCIENCE STUDY NOTES: My Crown Prince of England character lives at 1421 in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, 1996. ~ As a secretive homage to my Crown Prince in LA STORY, 1991 meets LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, at: AND: ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: At this particular point in time, you would have to pay me to fuck you. ~ Only later would I be willing to pay you to fuck me and have my virgin BROWNIES girls at 4 big ones a pop. ~ See every old fashion racist Asian WW:III prophecy movie that Carey Grant ever made. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: For some rather obvious PC reason; in these past few months there has been a complete media blackout about your 9th CURB series at HBO. ~

Monday, December 18, 2017


That no.501 negro-staffed AMTRAK train cascaded down onto the ten virgins' I-5 landmark next to Barks/dale Road, across from WW:III Fort Lewis, because she is still French kissing and fucking that big brown handsome dude doggie style in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS. ~ And for a special purpose [prosecutor] second witness, that former big brown dog in the Orwellian ANIMAL FARM prophecy, is threatening President Trump if he dares to shut down the DOJ/FBI/NYT investigation into.. Obama's fake birth certificate; the murders of Seth Rich and Donald Young; Clinton's big money election season collusion with the Russian oligarchy. ~ NOT! ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: More apostate Mormonism, less apostate Christianity. ~ PS DAKOTA: What's new pussy cat? ~ PS COLBERT: It sure took me long enough. ~ But I finally figured out why me so happy, when you no happy. ~ You took over David Letterman's place; but where are the underage appropriate babes who want to fuck you and have your babies? ~ And I paraphrase, "The most important thing that I look forward to in an older filthy rich billionaire man is a really good sense of humor; a nice set of tanned abs; and a cock that is still hard [cash] enough to satisfy me." Lindsay Lohan, December 28, 2018. ~ Let me put it to you this way. ~ I don't pay my fair share of 666 taxes after the WW:III woes in REVEKATION 11 in THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI. ~ I can barely find enough room on my vinyage 1937 91' sailboat to handle all of my horny teenager girls in THE LAST MOTHER FUCKER IN PARIS: 2&3. ~

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Noelle tries the "HOSTESS TWINKY defence" on Abby for not telling the truth in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS. ~ Then she suggests that they just ask my future all night telephone line blogger [starting in 1998] if he would want to be stranded on an island with a blond PLAYBOY model or a very cute brunette bisexual intellectual. ~ For when the Scottish PLAYBOY MANSION castle would be purchased during the Trump election by LA's billionaire heir to the HOSTESS foods empire; then turn it around into a place where the satanic blood cleansing rites of Joseph Smith will be happening every night after midnight, 24/7. ~ Just like in ancient times; when the persecuted saints held their secret underground temple rites in pool side grottos and cliff dweller caves. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES FOR BIG TIME THINKERS: Think Ellen Page meets Janeane Garofalo, apre the 70-weeks STAR WARS' introduction to WW:III. ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: Fire crazy Bob shortly after you said that you would not do it; sneak in a 29% top tax rate for guys like me who own and operate small businesses; after you said that you would never do it; you get at least a minimum of a 3% boost in political approval milage. ~ And I quote, "Sometimes I say one thing, then I say another thing." Jesus Christ, at ~


A 22 year-old blond babe from the Solomon Store, Virginia area just got mauled to death in the woods by her two [Brad Pitt] bull dog bullies who she was walking near her family's old ANIMAL FARM, at: ~ For an Orwellian ten virgins thought piece about those Jewish dogs at the DOJ/NYT/FBI/CIA who are still viciously attacking President Trump. ~ And I quote, "THE JEWS ARE DOGS!!" Leslie Winn, my Levite stepfather, circa 1968. ~ Think BARTON FINK meets THE INVISIBLE MAN meets FARGO in the dead of winter, 2018; circa MARK 13. ~ You no suck my cock, I no lick your pussy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE LOONEY: BACK TO THE FUTURE was a Reagan era prophecy about the future computer hacking era when no one will give a flying fuck about WATERGATE anymore; much less Bob Meuller's really weird looking investigation into everybody's emails, like at: ~

Saturday, December 16, 2017


All things considered, my phony Hollywood wannabe lesbian wife Jodie Foster, who still has the hots for me and wants to have my babies; did a pretty damn realistic looking send up of CNN's ongoing fake news Russian collusion conspiracy theories in BURN AFTER READING meets BURN BEFORE READING anything reported at FOX, per: ~ Darling, sweetheart, you let me worry about Donald Trump; you take care of your own personal nuerotic Hillary Clinton bisexual political problems. ~ And I quote, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!.. You're out of your league Donny!!" THE BIG LEBOWSKI:2. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MICROWAVE POPCORN MOVIE NOTES: The dizzy tall blond tries out her Islay Island ferry boat disaster audition for some DANIEL 12 TV station in Riverside, California in the PLAIN TRUTH magazine cover move called THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, circa 1996. ~ RADIO DAYS NOTES: On STAR WARS Friday, Michael Medved said that CNN is not an evil empire deep space pro abortion network because at least 1/3 of the American people personally know someone who has had an abortion. ~ Him not knowing anything about how the Jewish synagogue of Satan deceived 1/3 of the STAR WARS angels in heaven per REV.12. ~ And I quote, "Time to wake up pretty girl." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ GREG'S POPCORN: First boil the popcorn in a deep cast iron olive oil pot; then season to taste with powdered oregano, garlic powder, powdered white pepper, REAL SALT. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: I need you to continue to be completely faithful and only love your current husband and have lots of babies with him; for now anyway. ~ Since I AM is pretty occupied right now with my first draft of LAST TANGO IN PARIS:2; costarring my new 15 year-old actress wife who lives in PARIS. ~ Who will become the replacement stand-in wife of my youth; since the first one left me during the 1979 Christmas season. ~ Hey, good things happen for a reason. ~


Donna tells the handsome 29ish Crown Prince of England, France, and Italy, who likes to French kiss his big brown dog, that she is an old goatee cheese maker from southern France's Pyrenees region in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, 1996. ~ Talk about flirty fishing missionary style, circa ROMA 1972. ~ Which was immediately confirmed by that ten virgins school bus getting cut in half by a train in Per/pig/nan at: ~ That acted as a double confirmation of THE B-52'S cheesy quiche Lauraine vide. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EL WOOD: This look alike sign from Ealwood, Kansas City is about you never calling your no.1 Labrador blind guide dog because I don't believe in your Catholic church of the sex predators and sexual offenders in 1NEPHI 14, at: ~ CORRECTION: I forgot about adding the one cup of whole milk to my secret total of 60 minutes Bolognese sauce. ~ Also, this traditional northern Italy sauce pairs exceptionally well with any egg pasta. ~ Remember, you only have to simmer it for 30 minutes, not 4 hours. ~ Because you will put the leftovers sauce into a sealed microwavable dish in the fridge that will season up very nicely over the next 24/7 period. ~ Without cooking to death all of the original primary ingredients. ~ [A little lasagna pussy cat clit trick that I learned when I was a mormon missionary in Sienna, Tuscany during the 1972 Christmas season.] ~ PS QUINTAN TARATINO: I AM is thinking that we make my first two debut movies with one of your ridiculously over-the-top 200 page sureal screenplays that is chuck full of too-cool-for-school 1989 MTV video dialogue. ~ More tax free money, less after tax money. ~ SPECIAL ALERT!! Mr. brown baked meatloaf's song about doing anything that his bitch lover wants, except paying higher taxes, is at: ~

Friday, December 15, 2017


The new STAR WAS is a 70 weeks pro war BRANCH DAVIDIAN prophecy. ~ Wherein the real empire resisters are the anti establishment rebels who voted for Donald Trump. ~ Rather than the deep space protectors of the weird looking illegal alien deep state humanoids in DC. ~ Case in point. ~ Robert Mueller looks like Darth Vader from certain dark lit angles. ~ And Dustin Huffman is in the dog house now for pulling out and wagging his hot dog in front of various underaged girl scout wannabe actresses. ~ [Most BROWNIES are preadolescents] ~ Get real people. ~ The Koreans are a very wonderful people who typically have IQ ratings that are off the charts. ~ However, they really are rather strange looking creatures; compared to you and I. ~ Hey, everything in this life is relative. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Only the greatest ham actors in the world can make it look like the subtle understated method acting truth. ~ And believe me you, there are not that many of us out there. ~ Let the pain and sorrow and suffering and blood letting for one's art begin, at for example: ~ Last I looked, every single member of THE B-52S is white, not to mention REM and THE SEATTLES, much like at: ~ Note the enclosed MTV video's dude who has enough antigravity faith in Jesus to walk on water. ~ Hey, I AM is going to have to do something very drastic in the upcomimg weeks to get the attention of Sandra Bullock and Gwyneth Paltrow. ~ Since so far nothing has seemed to work for those two feminist cunts. ~ Not even healing breast cancer and finding a cure for clinical depression and chronic boredom erectile disfunction problems. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KATE HOLMES: Last night I dreamed that you were giving me the best blow job of my life. ~ But I just could not relax enough and come because I could not get the creepy image out of my mind of you fucking that big 39-point buck nigger. ~ Google it for yourself if you don't believe me. ~


After a black man calls into the 1996 two witnesses radio program allegory in THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, explaining that his pussy cat pet love sessions are giving him skin discoloration problems, she holds out two figures and says that there is a difference between us and them. ~ Then the hysterical big brown dog calls in from liberal [REV.13:1] Venice Beach . ~ Who has been posing for photos with the Trump derangement syndrome newspapers. ~ Where we see my trademark GSR/TWN index finger icon pointing up the stairway to heaven of Jacob. ~ Throw into the mix the movie's obvious plural marriage plot message and you have a pretty nice romantic comedy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOLITA NOTES: Kubrick's underaged romance was an effort to help apostate Christians take the Old Testament more seriously, at: ~ Fuck yeah, even Camille Paglia believes that the age of consent should be 14; and she was raised in a devout Roman Catholic house. ~ And I quote, "Fuck yeah!!" LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. ~ TRUE STORY: I saw a man walking his little poochie down our street who was all wrapped up in a gold foil thermal doggie jacket. ~ Then a good friend of mine who has a little pug mix mut came to my door with a gold foil wrapped HONEY BAKED HAM for Christmas. ~ Ergo, the ham and Swiss cheese on wheat Dijon mustard sandwiches; the bolognese spaghetti sauce; the Denver omelettes, the quiche lorraine, etc. etc. ~ And before it is finished, I will probably even make one of those cabbage dishes that are so popular in Lorrain, France. ~ PER: ~

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


That big brown dog Charles Bark/ley teamed up with Mr.Big Brown and Mr. Big Mormon er all in order to defeat that humble God fearing straight white guy in Alabama for a Providentially satanic reason. ~ Therefore, compare the above giant's bald head with that tall alien invader in THE TWILIGHT ZONE who gave mankind a copy of the 2BC; which turned out to also be a southern style cook book, at: ~ So during this southern style honey baked ham Christmas season, please try to remember that the negro is a descendant of Ham. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC QUOTES: "President Kimball's negro priesthood revelation came from below, not from above..." ~ HA HA HA... SECRET SATANIC RITES SPAGHETTI SAUCE RECIPE: At places where the secretive in crowd like to hang out; like for example CRAIG'S in Westwood, LA. ~ They usually serve a Bolognese spaghetti that keeps them coming back for more, like at: ~ Or just do what I do: sautee your minced carrots, diced onions, sliced garlic, chopped up ham and sirloin steak in sea salt and olive oil etc. etc. until it is all cooked; dump in a bottle of DAVE'S heirloom tomatoes sauce, a cup of white Sauterne cooking wine. ~ Wait for it to simmer for 30 minutes, serve over extra thick spaghetti with a glass of $70+ Shiraz. ~ Lay down and take a little nap. ~ Then later watch a great old movie together; or maybe just cut straight to the fucking and sucking. ~ Whatever, play it by ear; season to taste, yada yada...


America's white Christians in the Bible Belt just got that big wake up [WHITE HORSE PROPHECY] call that they needed. ~ Don't worry, the same kind of shit is about to happen to all of those candy ass Mormons who keep insisting that they too are true blue Christian Republican Jews ~ Whatever that means. ~ Meanwhile, my black dog vision was apparently pre-confirmed by that man who started biting people [in their mutually assigned seats of satan] on a JETBLUE flight as it was flying like a G6 over my Boulder Mountain hideout in southern Utah. ~ Therefore the pilot made an immediate U-turn and landed his aborted LAX-JFK plane in 2020 Las Vegas, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Barry always liked to get his long and skinny brown meat [Chicago hot dog] cock sucked off by older middled aged white men who looked like today's typical moderate mormon Republicans. ~ But only after beating their lilly white asses in a vigorous game of basketball. ~ Look upon it as me playing that older gourmet chef in HANNIBAL 2&3, the remakes. ~ Who does brain surgery on Senator McCaine, circa 17-18. ~ Who to this day, still thinks that the FBI and the CIA and the NYT can do no wrong. ~ Think Robert Redford meets his more youthful looking replacement stand in actor Tom Hanks. ~ After he dies of course; let's not get ahead of ourselves here. ~ Artistic passion is the enemy of artistic precision, yada yada. ~ Oh well, some movies work, most movies turn out to be pretty crappy. ~ And it does not seem to matter how small or huge the budjet is/was. ~

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Tuesday after midnight, I had a very startling flash vision of one of those big black dobermans in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL sitting in my bedroom; looking up and pointing his big long brown nose towards the top of my high shelf stack of dusty DVDs next to a brown basketball. ~ Which turned out to be that special 1260 days period release entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS. ~ Then later I learned that America's Mormon black voodoo priesthood figure had thrown a monkey wrench into the election of that straight white christian man in Alabama. ~ Acting in cohoots with the Big Brown one himself in THUNDERBALL meets LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ Even the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12. ~ Both of whom encouraged the black voters to get out and vote for a strange man named Mr.Jones. ~ No wonder then; in the upcoming Kingdom of God; the negro will not be allowed to vote; much less hold the higher priesthood. ~ Ergo, now it looks like President Trump's ten days of testing in REVELATION 2 will happen between Taylor Swift's birthday and the December 23 anniversary of the murder of Barack Obama's gay church lady lover named Donald Young. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE ROCK NOTES: That all white band from Tacoma, Washington did a prophetic video called MONKEY WRENCH, set in the same old hotel in BARTON FINK, at: ~ And I quote, "Seattle is sooo white!" Alison Roth, 1991. ~ PS KEN KEMP: Hopefully by now, you can start to understand why I AM and that retired German airline pilot wants you to become the next [CARNIVAL OF SOULS] senator from Utah. ~ Don't worry, you and I can pretend to be legally married homosexuals living in the same house in the meantime. ~ Hey, why not go for the moneyed lesbian vote in downtown SLC, Utah; if that is what it takes to fuck over the current leadership of the LDS church? ~


CHINATOWN's mayor Ed Lee suddenly died of a [2NEPHI:8] type heart attack while shopping for a couple boxes of RICE-A-RONI; a.k.a. the San Francisco A-bomb treat. ~ In confirmation of REVELATION 2&3's forked tongue sword-swinger who knows where the west coast [REV.9] seat of Satan is located on his worn-out special edition purpose 1994 R/M mapbook; complete with fake brow leather vynal covers. ~ And I quote, "Seattle is San Francisco north." Rush Limbaugh. ~ "I relocated to San Francisco because of the many great Italian restaurants around old town North Beach." Michael Savage. ~ "Here comes Miley!!" The distinct voice of Jesus in my hill top dream about driving around the city by the bay in my baby blue 1964 German made VW LOVE BUG. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS THE DAILY MAIL OF LONDON: You guys will now have to suffer and die from a slow and painful death because of all the bad things that you have recently said about President Trump. ~ Not to mention your new editorial [fake gossip news] policy about not reporting anything if it has to do about me fucking Sienna Miller and Emma Watson at the same time in THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI: 4&5. ~ Much less Barack Obama's fake birth certificate or the assassination of Seth Rich. ~ No shit Sherlock. ~ Yours truly is about ready to buy out every newspaper that Murdock owns if he can not report the PLAIN TRUTH magazine news about President Trump winning the election in 2016; because Barack Obama had posted his fake Hawaii birth certificate on an official government wed site. ~ And therefore at least 15% of the white people voted for him. ~ Fare warning; in the upcoming 2020 KING RALPH Las Vegas, Nevada CASINO ROYALE presidential election, Trump will get at least 20% of the white Nazi youth mormon BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA vote. ~

Monday, December 11, 2017


Most of today's east coast Jews in 1776 am talk radio America still can not get a grip on why Donald Trump won the election in 2016 just because he was a tall white man. ~ And not some blond shampoo lesbian cunt look alike like Hillary Clinton. ~ So when all of those DNC emails were leaked by Seth Rich, somebody had to do something about it pretty damn quick. ~ Before it was all over and done with in BARTON FINK meets WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ GSR/TWN ~


As pointed out in REV.2&3 by Jesus' forerunner actor role player dude with the two edged sword, who died in 79 and then rose up from the grave in 1993, today's Jewish synagog of Satan sits in Limbaugh's California and Stern's New York City. ~ With various major outlining branches in places like Miami and Palm Springs. ~ Where g-d's German shepard dogs were just alerted to a dangerous pink hair CRY BABY portrait of Hillary Clinton at: ~ In confirmation of the pinko white trash themes in BROKEN FLOWERS meets PINK FLAMINGO, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Sometime during the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9, the g-d of Israel is going to test you for ten days. ~ Probably as some kind of a ten virgins thing in MATT.25, yada yada. ~ PS WND: According to Seymour Hersh, the tragically hip [REVELATION 14:20] media thinks that WIKILEAKS is an arm of the former Russian KGB because that is what Mike Pomeo and his Jewish clique of 7 at the CIA wanted them to think. ~ SPLAT! ~ SEE: ~ Which ends with a good sketched out look at Kate Blanchet's physically transfigured face in BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ Wherein she too slowly dies off. ~ And then her acting career suddenly becomes another born again Mormon movie plot [CARNIVAL OF SOULS] freak success side show at the upcoming SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, Utah. ~ PS DR. EVIL: I am is just inches away from explaining why you are sitting right next to Seattle's future lesbian mayor in AP:II. ~ Wherein after the upcoming physical transfiguration plot starts happening, the first two sexy bitches that I get to fuck at the same time are Nicole Kidman and... well take a look at it for yourself, at: ~

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Not every girl out there who has been sexually abused by some older hairy unshaved rich guy can honestly say that she did not want it, like at: ~ Hey, look at me. ~ Especially if our crazy one night stand up comedy club hook up in the mens room resulted in her getting knocked up. ~ And then I have to pay her $4,000,000 in up front hush money [child suppor] one\off/shore tax free cash money, per: . ~ Or like it says in the DC, God will cause my wives' hearts to rejoy... at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SUGARCOATED NOTES: Hey, most of today's local high school girls still think that $4,000,000 is a lot of money. ~ *I bite my lip* ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Look at it this way if you will. ~ I knock up your girlfriend too, you no longer have to keep supporting her financially. ~ Remember, the number one reason for divorce is financial stress. ~ The second reason for divorce is false [news] relationship expectations. ~ The third reason is interference by the mother-in-law on the wife's side. ~ The fourth reason is interference by the mother-in-law on the husband's side. ~

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Jesus Christ almighty already. ~ I finally got into the first act of BROKEN FLOWERS last night since it was the last picture show that I saw with Chris and El Wood at that small art house theater in Tacoma. ~ Wherein the indie film's Irish Catholic movie star is forced to come to terms with the Biblical principle of plural marriage in ISAIAH 4:1. ~ Because in the upcoming Kingdom of God there are no widows or orphans who don't have a sugar daddy. ~ And there are no negro slaves who have to hold down three [slave master] jobs just in order to feed his wife a five kids. ~ Yes, the white guy's nextdoor neighbor limestone house is better. ~ But as you will see in the movie, the rest of the white trash houses in the indie movie are even worse. ~ GSR/TWN ~


Moving white America's US Embassy up to the traditional Scottish highlands of Jerusalem in order to fuck crazy Bob er all in the ass was President Trump's best Russian chess game move yet. ~ Talk about THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES prophecy finally happening after all these years, at: ~ Note the crazy Bob look alike cameo towards the end of the enclosed secret message 1980s movie video. ~ [Most all of today's stock market money traders in today's desecrated 1290 days temple of God are filthy rich socialist NYT/DNC homosexual Jews.] ~ Who then suddenly drops dead in a fancy restaurant just a few seconds alter, metaphorically speaking; Cokie Roberts is in the DC 58 feast background, and so on. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEWBIE NOTES: My Big Sur, California name Relf means 'powerful wolf'; originally from northern France, later from England circa 1290 AD. ~ When all of those vexatious Jews in ISAIAH 11 were driven out of London if they refused to believe in Jesus. ~ Which apparently was not that bad of a deal. ~ Ergo, the Jewish Jesus was their only God, and you were Jewish too; what's not to like? ~ No wonder that half of the UK is now half Jew. ~ Where everyone drives on the wrong left side of the road. ~ PS BENTLEY: If converting MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO sports sedan into a traditional 12-banger is not all that feasible. ~ Please consider my offer to buy out your car company. ~ And start manufacturing a number of those 16 cylinder sports cars featured in GOLDMEMBER meets JAMES BOND:500. ~

Friday, December 8, 2017


If General Flynn gets sentenced today, it will mean that the spooky fallout hanging over America's Jewish run Hollywood problem right now is about him quickly getting out of PC jail in ANNIE HALL meets THE DEER HUNTER. ~ Where everybody is wearing protective gear and driving around in a panic in their vintage Reagan Democrat era 450 SLs. ~ And I quote, "Why isn't Crooked Hillary going to jail?" President Trump. ~ "Donald Trump says the craziest things." John McCain. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CAR TALK NOTES: The iconic 450SL was one of the last post Nazi Germany manufactured automobiles that came with their standard 12-layer thick paint job. ~ Before they came out with a new and improved and much thinner and lighter electromagnetic skin painting system. ~ And yes, it was much more resistant to rust and oxidation. ~ However, the new colors system never looked as rich and deep and satisfying as the original old school car shop paint job colors, like at: ~ PS KRISTEN AND EMMA: Right now, you two are the only reason why I feel like getting out of bed every morning and reminding Paul Allen, Jeff Bezo, and Bill Gates that I own 90% of their ass/ests. ~ And if they stil refuse to finance any indipendent [SUNDANCE] film prequel/remake/sequel that I want to make, then there will be hell to pay. ~ Sorry to keep repeating myself here. ~ However, if you were me, wood you ever invest even one thin dime into my many surreal Fellini stye sequels entitled, THAT SON OF A BITCH LEBOWSKI: 2&3? ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Probably around now is the right time to admit that you went to Thailand in order to fuck two underaged girls at a time in and around the same time that you were making LOST IN TRANSLATION meets NURSE BETTY, at: ~

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Alan Franken gave Donald Trump his two weeks notice for a hilarious special purpose TWO WEEKS NOTICE meets ANNIE HALL stand up comedian lead up to SNL 12.9. ~ As just confirmed by TIME's new MAD magazine cover joke at: ~ Hey, have a sense of humor. ~ What wood you expect anyway? ~ Most of these filthy dirty people are either Jewish politician lawyers or filthy rich international Jewish bankers. ~ Maybe it's high time to get with the program and get in on the joke... HA HA HA HA. ~ TWN/GSR ~ QUOTE WORTHY NOTES: "There are a lot of people in the Republican Party who still believe that I was born in Africa." Barack Obama. ~ "I thought that BROKEN FLOWERS was going to be my last picture." Bill Murray. ~ SEE:


On the same day that President Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, all of the negros in the House voted to impeach him. ~ And all of the white folks voted to keep him. ~ Do you get the big picture now? ~ Meanwhile, Senator Hatch says that he has a BM with Bannon's name it. ~ Probably one of those revised RLDS editions where they changed the word "white" to simply say 'pure'. ~ No wonder, me DC 85, he DC 86. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NYT NOTES: Today's NYT edition features the 804 birth date on the abomination of desolation's fake birth certificate. ~ Sorry to keep bringing this shit up. ~ But it is all sooo God damn fucking funny! ~ PS ORRIN: I have a copy of the 2BC with your name on it. ~ Wherein God says that the fat and happy negro slaves in the upcoming millennial KINGDOM OF GOD will not have the right to vote; much less hold the higher priesthood. ~ Lucky bastards; who among us would rather go fishing that sit through hours and hours of meaningless high priesthood meetings? ~ Meanwhile, all of your basic food, clothing, and shelter needs are being paid for in style by the white man. ~ Including home mortgage and house insurance; property taxes; and even negro college tuition. ~ PS BARRY: Of course Trump is the new albino [Hitler] mentioned after your mulatto name is also mentioned in NIRVANA's 1991 college basketball court MTV video. ~ Which is what the upcoming Greek President's [OLYMPIC GAMES] in M.A.S.H. will be all about. ~ Where we see that Jewish Adam Sandler Republican look alike take the [big brown turd] ball back and run with it into the end zone. ~ Hey, shit happens. ~ And there is nothing that you or I can do about it. ~ And I quote, "The Koreans are the most wonderful people that I have ever had the privilege to know..." General MacArthur. ~ Who wanted to drop the bomb on North Korea in order to end it all once and for good. ~

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The reason why more real men like Bannon and Trump have kept an arm's length from the Mormon church of Glenn Beck er all is because they see guys like Orin Hatch and Mitt Romney; and all they can see are their rather candy ass looking barber shop choir haircuts. ~ Like the ones featured in CRY BABY meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets THE LAST PICTURE SHOW. ~ In no particular Richard Gere look alike order at: AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CHRIS WOOD AND CHRIS WRIGHT: More hot blooded mormon polygamy, less cold hearted catholic celebacy. ~ Think CINEMA PARADISO meets ROMA, at: ~ For Christ Sake, even that Latino kid and his loving father in STAR MAPS kind of looked like Richard Gere from certain angles, at: PS TARANTINO: There is no such thing as a bad James Bond 007 movie for a reason; see:


Trump's hump day bombshell is just what the Jewish doctor ordered in WAG THE DOG: II for a radical brain surgery approach to America's current Jewish malignancy problem at Deep State. ~ Remember, it was the brain dead John McCain who originally gave the FBI that fake Russian collusian dossier in order to get Clinton elected. ~ [It rhymes with Kane.] ~ Which now the FBI refuses to hand over to it's Constitutional overseers in congress. ~ In confirmation of Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; wherein the US Constitution will be hanging by a [GSR/TWN] thread. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Those two fierce looking satanic wild fires from hell, that suddenly exploded just east of Santa Paula happened on the eve of Christ Wood's December 6 rebirth day. ~ For a Catholic gospel of Paul conversion time line to President Trump declaring that the US EMBASSY will now be relocated to Jerusalem for a DANIEL 9 sign of the times. ~ And I quote, "The Jews are never going to get it until they get hit upside the head with a 2x4." Bill Hussain, 1979, Stanwood, Washington; originally from Alberta, Canada. ~ Same thing goes for all of those Jews at Deep State who have a fire in their pants when it comes to President Trump. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MITT ROMNEY: According to George Albert Smith's vision of WW:III, the shit will hit the fan during the upcoming 009 WINTER OLYMPICS in South Korea. ~ Think FOR YOUR EYES ONLY meets THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, [think penis errection] at: ~


The NYT no.57,802 featured a front page picture of the area [code] that the 8.02 abomination of desolation tried to federalize in order to shut down my private G6 fly fishing strip south of Boulder Mountain in Kane County, Utah. ~ [Private jets and helicopters are not allowed to land inside of federal park lands and monuments.] ~ Where the trout are pretty, and the girls are even prettier. ~ Which has now been reversed during the 70 weeks period in DANIEL 9. ~ When everything that the weak Republican Party let that president do who was not even a US citizen; while crazy Bob was in charche of the FBI/CIA under Barack Obama. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROBERT MUELLER: Pride always comes before the fall. ~ "You can't see it, but you can smell it." Jesus Christ himself on guitar, Larry David on the mop bucket and push broom, at: ~ EU NOTES: Just like what happens to you guys in the AUSTIN POWERS three woes trilogy, somebody has to die of a painfull death in order that the rest of us get to fuck my two 17 year-old virgin wives in any one of my own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets ROMA prophecies. ~ Duh!.. Maybe I AM is not actually Jesus himself, but I sure get to act like I AM is him in the movies. ~ ~

Monday, December 4, 2017


The first place where three way sex with underaged young women will be completely legal and socially acceptable in America is Salem, Utah: apre WW:III of course. ~ Let's not get too excited and ahead of ourselves here. ~ Ergo President Trump just basically cancelled that massive Federal land grab in Kane County, Utah because of the CITIZEN KANE sex scandal prophecy about the tabloid news NYT er all; circa 2017 to 2019. ~ One may recall, this is the same area where I have my own private desert springs resort with a little strip that can handle any of my friends' G6s and G7s, like at: ~ I mean think about it. ~ Why even own a BENTLEY or a MASERATI if there are no wide open highways around where you can take it out and really open it up ever so often. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FLY NOTES: The Boulder Mountain region of southern Utah has some of the finest beaver dam fishing in the world. ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Gregie doesn't get to fuck Kristie until the secret blood rights of Satan start happening. ~ ~


Whatever is not happening at the DOJ is starting to look, smell, and taste like it. ~ Kind of like when one walks into the halls of an old folks home and is immediately overwhelmed by the stink of stale urine and freshly minted dirty diapers. ~ Where probably half of the dying patients in there are around the same age as the top tear government leadership of America. ~ Like I always say, never trust anyone over 80, or anyone who even looks halfway like it. ~ Think BUBBA HO-TEP meets NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ OLD TIMER NOTES: In one sworn testimony, Comey said that Trump did not ask him to quit it. ~ Yet in other swear words testimony Comey said that Trump asked him to quit it. ~ Come on people! ~ Both of these guys are getting up there in age. ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Politely and gracefully shit canning Sessions is the same thing as firing that crazy uncle Bob dirty Jew who hates you. ~ Without having to fill out all of those unnessary death certificate legal papers. ~ Remember, I now own 90% of all of the monies in the banks surrounding Seattle, King County, Washington. ~

Sunday, December 3, 2017


That Catholic raised super star of BOOGIE NIGHTS has asked God to forgive him for doing it because he does not believe in the Biblical principle of plural marriage. ~ Guess we can scratch that asshole off the invite list at our grand opening fuck feast at the PLAYBOY MANSION in 2020. ~ Hey, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the party for everyone else. ~ "You're spoiling my high." ~ BEVERLY HILLS COP 1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: You no like it, me no like it. ~ PS NYT NO.57,800: Less Larry King, less Bernie Sanders, less the ghost of Daniel Shore, yada yada. ~ Remember, CITIZEN KANE was a [Park City, Utah film festival] prophecy about your tabloid politics newspaper failing to make it in the year of our Lord 2020; due to various sex scandals. ~ When President Trump gets reelected to a second term in office. ~ And the current state of Israel had undergone a complete physical transfiguration state of mind in only 6.66 days. ~

Saturday, December 2, 2017


The FBI has been refusing to turn over to congress all of the background intel on their fake [birth certificate] Russian dossier for a reason. ~ I.e. there is no rhyme or reason whatsoever for a special investigation into President Trump's NSA director talking to the Russians, or the Chinese, or the Israelis, much less those wacky Canadians to the north. ~ For more background into why this kind of shit is still happening, read: ~ Call me crazy, but I still believe that there are a lot of regular decent folks in the media who think that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ GSR/TWN ~ COAST TO COAST ONLINE LISTENER NOTES: Two, maybe three nights ago, a very serious sounding call-in guest on this midnight talk show reported that there have now been legitimate reports about other government foreign/agent affairs officials being injured by ultra sonic microwaves. ~ In confirmation of Woody Allen in ANNIE HALL saying that 6.66 people were sent to the hospital after suffering from intense bad vibes eardrum problems at some way too loud rock concert. ~


Friday's raging three block fire that crossed Howard Street in Cohoes, NY was confirmation of my TWIN PEAKS flyfishing dream last night. ~ Wherein I watched a fly fisherman catching a hooknosed coho [silver] salmon along the banks of that DANIEL 12 river during the same book's 70 weeks finale in chapter 9. ~ Reportedly, the firestarter was trying to make a two-edged REV.19 sword like they do in FORGED IN FIRE; for a symbolic number reference to that $19 U-HAUL [shit happens] omen out in Sacramento, California, at: ~ Probably because President Trump finally gets pissed off enough by all of those Jewish lawyer cohorts at Deep State; and therefore he decides to do something about America's serious Jew problem once and for all. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SESSIONS: Nothing personal mind you. ~ You are the very epitame of a good and decent older white [Mr. Anderson type] christian man who has no past history of having sex with underaged teenagers. ~ However with all due respect, the time has come for you to retire and become replaced by a much younger white christian man who has the strength and youthful vigor to ram his sharp-minded wooden stake into the heart of Hillary Clinton once and for all. ~ Think ON GOLDEN POND meets GRUMPY OLD MEN, at: AND: ~

Friday, December 1, 2017


That amazon.commie lady in a $19.95 per day U-HAUL rental van was simply role playing Bullock's character in the 2002 TWO WEEKS NOTICE prophecy. ~ Who simply had to go, and so she let it all out in some kind of a Jewish pro-boner gutter-law [CURB YOUR ENTHUSIAM] situation at HBO meets ABC. ~ For a timely confirmation of that extra special BIG BROWN Christmas package delivery rig in the [REAR WINDOW] movie at: ~ Hey, shit happens for a reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHRISTMAS GREETINGS: Barack Obama had to sacrifice his Christmas church child lover for a reason. ~ PS LL: I will probably start you off in your two big [always late to the scene] comeback career films with Paul Nestor directing. ~ Because you two ingenious and magnetic/carasmatic bipolar ADS artists just might be what the doctor ordered for some kind of a counter balance pill bottle thingy. ~ Big wow, the low budget union scale Italiano movie productions last two weeks longer than my producers budgeted. ~ Daddy will always have enough cash money in his back pocket to get what daddy wants. ~ You no horny, me no horny. ~


For over 8 years now, the highest levels at the FBI and NBC have been lying to us about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate, and well known use of a stolen Social Security number; assuming that little white lies are no big deal. ~ And even General Flynn's politically correct military institutions have prosecuted some of our brave men in uniform who dared to speak out about it. ~ Well hell's Christmas bells, what goes around comes around. ~ Cry me a river. ~ Think I'll have another glass of the good stuff. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Look out! ~ Be aware! ~ Thursday's 4.4 happening at 4:45 pm in Delaware happened to the east of Blackiston, at: ~ In confirmation of the state's official two bit coin at: ~ "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." REV.3:16. ~ "So what is it baby?.. Spits or swallows?" AP:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MRS FRESH: I had a really sweet wet kiss dream on your sister's FITY CENT November 30, 2017 birthday landmark ~ Wherein God said that you and I are going to hook up and start getting it on in two years. ~ Thank God for small miracles. ~ Which would give me enough time to slim down and look more 45ish and less 55ish, like at: ~ Hey, you know what they always say in Hollywood, "scary is sexy." ~


The UK's polite society figurehead Ms May represents the final fulfillment of the single red May Day rose on that socialist politician in the opening of FRENZY. ~ Where we see that mystery woman from REV.17 floating out to the REV.13.1 sea on London's famous DANIEL 12 day 1290 river in London. ~ Who had given birth to the new 666 beast who eventually turned on her with a vengeance. ~ Ergo, Lookout Pass is located right on the forehead state line of Alfred Hitchock's famous landmark prophile in Montana; just over from Thompson Falls, in Sanders County. ~ Whatever; be sure to compare all of the blond shampoo photo angles in these two secret handshake WIKILEAKS pages at: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Polite society's Garrison Keillor was suddenly gone in the wink of an eye per the three woes scenario in REVELATION 11. ~ Because his fake news stories from Stearns County, Minnesota were always so watered down and out of touch with today's hard news reality on the Internet. ~ Where much of the population is strict German Catholic from the High Shift Hebrew language regions of Bavaria, Germany and Austria. ~ Ergo, right there in home town America is St. Joseph and St. Nicholas; just over from Paynesville and Eden Valley. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GRAMMY NODS: All of those GRAMMY nominations for the colored people happened during my ongoing ANNIE HALL updates. ~ Think IT'S A WONDERFULL LIFE meets WONDER WHEEL. ~ In Divine confirmation of the 1976 film's running "Grammy [concert] Hall" jokes from 'Wobegon, Wisconsin'. ~ Not to mention that STAPLERS girl fight scene at the end of TWO WEEKS NOTICE. ~ PS NEW READERS: Back in the day, sexy girl fight scenes in the movies were a pretty hot talk topic on Stern's FM radio show. ~ PS WASHINGTON, DC: Robert Mueller will eventually be accused of barely legal sexual harassment towards the end of the 69+1 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9. ~


During Alvy's squirrely second Christmas season breakup in ANNIE HALL, the two sort through his collection of 'IMPEACH TRUMP' panic buttons and thin paperback books about death and suffering; her wearing your traditional Scotchish [McGregory Scott Relf of Bonney Lake] tartan winter season scar/f. ~ Then Alvy is standing in front of that French [Trump] Resistance art film theater wondering WHAT HAPPENED. ~ [Annie is driving her golden idol sports car to THE GRAMMYS out in LA that is sporting personalized NAZI plates, etc.] ~ When and where and why that crime expert narrator in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW walks by as he chats with Granny Grass on the sidewalk. ~ Per the end of that particular 1976 Mormon sex cult [PLAYBOY MANSION] endowment house movie, where a trimmed down Donald Trump with died blond hair suddenly appears out of nowhere and announces that he is now in command. ~ Who has lost much of his hair due to global radiation fallout. ~ Hence the two witnesses radio tower baptism scenario that leads to the physical transfiguration orgy in D&C 58, etc. ~ And yours truly finally gets bailed out of PC jail in LA when Tony Roberts is wearing a radiation fallout protection suit and driving a 450 SL. ~ Who is fucking two 16 year-olds at a time and living right next door to the PLAYBOY MANSION in WAG THE DOG meets SHAMPOO; choose your poison. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CAMILLE PAGLIA: You like Sharon Stone. ~ I like Sharon Stone. ~ Have you ever thought about maybe doing a little screenwriting on the side just for the big bucks involved? ~

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Alvy and Annie break up at around 52:00 minutes into ANNIE HALL. ~ Because she had started up a flirtation with her future "phony" online adult education [DAVIDIAN] Russian collusion conspiracy literature teacher. ~ Which the very paranoid Woody Allen character immediately confirms by proclaiming "JESUS!" right before encountering a physically transfigured yours truly walking with his blond Sienna Miller girlfriend on the NYC sidewalk. ~ Who both get along so well since the two shallow and empty headed conservatives have no political ideals. ~ Then Alvy meets America's future BIG BROWN police horse in the streets of REV.11:8. ~ That represents the river of blood that will flow up to the horse's mouth in REV.14:20; all the way from NYC to DC. ~ Followed up by Annie calling Alvy at exactly 3:00 am for my flash vision of TWO WEEKS NOTICE. ~ Asking him to come over and kill those two yuuge black soap opera spiders on the radio. ~ As just confirmed by President Trump's "MAN OF THE YEAR" cover on her June 14 [2018] copy of NATIONAL REVIEW. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHAT HAPPENED NOTES: Hillary Clinton still believes that she lost the 2016 election because at least 15% of white America believes in right-wing conspiracy theories. ~ Jesus Christ Almighty!.. Who can argue with that theory? ~ Note to the NYT; it wasn't the white Russians; it was the white Americans. ~ Per Rush's recent warning to you Jew boy masterbaters in the public media; who are playing a very dangerous game right now. ~


Alan Frankin is the pathetic prophetic look alike comedian who does a big titties standup routine at his high class Senators country club gigs in ANNIE HALL. ~ Who makes Alvy want to throw up starting at around 42:00 minutes into his 1976 OSCAR winning movie, at: ~ Note the scene's reference to yours truly, the big log cutting lumberjack from the future in Bonney Lake, Washington, circa 2017. ~ Then Allen visits Annies' white supremist family in Clear Water, Wisconsin. ~ Where he meets her typical crazy Nazi brother [Trump 2016 voter] who wears red state Scottish tartan and drives them both to the airport in his German 911. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Your famous 007 OCTOPUSSY yacht is the same one featured in TWO WEEKS NOTICE, seen here at: ~ That directly relates to Lucy's [missing at sea] oceanographer boyfriend in the 2002 movie. ~ You do have a pretty good retro 60s look from certain angles when you are wearing those over-sized thick black rim glasses. ~ Think OCEANS 8 meets CASINO 1, at: ~ AND: ~ PS SHARON STONE: Once upon a time you did me a little favor when me and my little poochie doggie were both DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS. ~ So now I owe you a little bigger favor with interest. ~ Share the shares and all that, like at: ~ You let me fuck you a little, I put you in one of my bigger upcoming full budget movies costarring Mel Gibson. ~ Hey, that's all I got for you right now. ~ Take it or leave it. ~ Maybe later I can do better. ~

Monday, November 27, 2017


Now that the boys up in Seattle, King County, Washington have agreed to give me 90% in our [secret basement off the books] handshake deal; Ms Montana might want to look at the full PHANTOM THREAD movie at some little special purpose art house theater in NYC, at: ~ Wherein yours truly is lifting up her dress in back so that 'I' alone gets to fuck her up the ass. ~ I.e. Paul Anderson as director could possibly work. ~ Whatever. ~ Why not throw Paul Nestor into the mix at half the price? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DDL: Deciding to retire at this high point in your life is all about vanity and pride; and has nothing to do with humility. ~ Never let your God given talents die off and get burried under the ground, per: ~ For example, you are now at the perfect age in life to cash in on a full budget remake of my royal sire Monte Carlo protagonist stag film hero in ROD STEELE 0014. ~ Or perhaps even an original Woogy Allen film on the side. ~ Anywhy, I have no doubt whatsoever that we can now get a more age appropriate Jennifer Aniston to replay her original role in the first one. ~ Just as long as there are enough scenes in the 007 rip off comedy that remind us of BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID. ~ ~


England's royal polo player bad boy just announced his [WEDDING CRASHERS] engagement to an American mulato bitch in answer to London's Archbishop of Canterberry asking why so many of today's white Christians in England support President Trump. ~ Hey, you gotta start somewhere. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RL POLO LOCOL NOTES: My backdoor neighbor just got a new white rooster for his four horny no.4 hens. ~ Right after it was announced that EL POLLO LOCOL will be opening a franchise in the new COSTCO development in Bonney Lake. ~ COCK AU VIN RECIPE: This was my second plate at our wedding dinner in France, after the almond trout saut├ęs, circa 1974, at: ~ I remember everything. ~ I forget nothing. ~ For example, our first wedding dinner in Provo, Utah on June 20, 1974 was a bucket of KFC chichen. ~ KICKING THE BUCKET BULLET POINTS: Any day now, President Monson on the right, and Bob Redford on the left, are both going to kick the bucket in CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets BUTCH CASIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, at: ~ Not to mention Donald Sutherland and Alan Alda. ~ Hey you guys, you might as well make the best of it and go out in a of glory style like at: ~ PS GLENN BECK: The above iconic Redford and Newman movie came to an end down in BM country for a reason. ~

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Some middle aged lady rammed her [TAURUS 2NEPHI 8] car full of empty booz bottles into the DRACUT CENTER convenience store in Dracut, Mass, according to: ~ It happening just up river from Lawrence [Pierson]. ~ Even that Holy Grail destination for Beavis and Buthorn, circa 1993-96. ~ Where the food and fare of Babylon spawns hordes of little [Lady Gaga] monsters with violent and disturbing bipolar ADS issues. ~ Note the physically transfigured Barbara Strei/sand look alike witness to it at the end of the enclosed local news video clip; her being originally from Coney Island, Brooklyn. ~ Meanwhile, keep a sharp eye out for David Letterman making various Santa Claws cameos across the mauls of America. ~ His accompanying video crew being the dead give away. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MISSIONARY MAN NOTES: When they reassigned me from Padova down to Pisa, Italy in the summer of 1971, in order to teach me how to speak proper Florence, Italy Italiano; there was always this old man who looked like Gordon B Hinckley selling lottery tickets in a portable booth sitting next to our Joseph Smith "mostra" sandwich board display. ~ Crying out at everyone who walked by us that the free money will be raining down from heaven once I become THE KING OF ENGLAND. ~ Then one time our ROMA mission president showed up in a beige German VW Love Bus with President Hinckley sitting in the front passenger seat. ~ POST WW:III NOTES: My prophetic 1950s era antihero in M.A.S.H. meets CRY BABY does not give a shit if Miley Cyrus er all are married or not. ~ What is mine is mine. ~ CAR TALK NOTES: Italy's Russian owned MASARATI car company has just come out with a really hard to resist sexy retro 60s car that looks exactly like the purple one that seduced Carey Mulligan in AN EDUCATION meets VIVA LAS VEGAS, 2020. ~ Oh for fuck sakes. ~ I'm barely half way through my latest two weeks period of updates on TWO WEEKS NOTICE and ANNIE HALL. ~


At around 17:00 minutes into ANNIE HALL, Woody Allen is convinced that there is a double assassin conspiracy at the FBI and CIA to take out today's Holy Grail [President Trump] King Arthor CAMELOT [Rhymes with came a lot.] leader of the white tribes of Israel. ~ Works for me; sooner or later, the white folks are gonna have to come out of the closet and admit that they are better than the dark folks. ~ Sadly, not that much better; but at least enough to make a difference in the last days. ~ Hey, you gotta start somewhere. ~ "For behold the field is white already to harvest;" D&C 4:4. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CRAZY BOB: Guess which special purpose FBI asshole on a mission with a government regulation haircut is role playing your typica homogaydexual Jewish lawer in SMOKIN'ACES, at: ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: Don't be a stranger. ~ PISTOL ANNIES independently owned and operated pawn shop in Bonney Lake, Washington is going to get in on the first shipment of barely used and almost new military surplus 1911s. ~ I know, life just keeps getting better. ~

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Candy Kunze had recently arrived in Sandy's home state of Virginia with her boyfriend from [Hillsboro] Oregon named Andy Buthorn in confirmation of that tall handsome kiddy clown photographer [also from Oregan] who moved in with her during the Barry Obama administration. ~ In fact, to this very day, Granny Grass [Grasst means grace in German] still has that amazingly inspired portrait of my two children in Oregano hanging above her front door that was taken by the brilliant child photographer Paul Nestor; circa 1981. ~ Ergo, the above harrowing 711 number sign happening involved pastor Gattis' [Grace Lutheran] church landmark on Harrowgate Road. ~ Sandy speaks fluent German. ~ I speak fluent Italian; and all that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Calm down and relax, Jesus still loves you, and he always will. ~ Just because your first marriage was an inspired and innocent [concubinage] mistake in AN EDUCATION meets THE SHINNING. ~ It was supposed to happen that way for a special purpose. ~ NOVEMBER 23 DATE NOTES: Look what happened on Miley Cyrus' birth fate at; ~ PS MISS MONTANA: The more I think about it, we are going to need some kind of a new and original flamboyant ham actor director with an obsessive Federico Fellini complex to make your upcoming groundbreaking Janis Joplin look alike opus come alive in 2018. ~


That big time President Trump supporter and German youth church pastor nicknamed 'Christ' Gattis [Pussycats in Italian] shot his wife and his stepdaughter named Kunze [cunts] in Chester/ville, Virginia on OH THANK HEAVEN FOR 711 day. ~ [Also rhymes with untamed Ferrell bobcats in Americano.] ~ And her boyfriend too, whose surname rhymes with Butthead. ~ Who owns LIGHTHOUSE FURNITURE in nearby Petersburg [think peter burger] ~ Which visually rhymes with the CASTLEROCK logo introduction to TWO WEEKS NOTICE, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WILL FERRELL: I have already sat through two seasons of your inspired and prophetic NBA brown balls prophecy. ~ Don't make me do it a third time. ~ Somehow. Someway. Both you and I are going to have to hold hands in some secret underground satanic Scottish Rites PLAYBOY MANSION castle prayer circle and find a way to cast the devil out of both George W. and George Will, like at: ~ AND: ~ I got big plans for you my friend. ~ I can see the writing talent on the page, but I AM is still not seeing it play out up on the big screen. ~ Could be simply a directing problem, will see. ~

Friday, November 24, 2017


Some trigger happy dude just shot an amazing MY DEAR LUCY look alike in the hips with a powerful 9" pistol at the same time that no.45 just granted his white militia base to sell out their military base warehouses full of ARMY surplus 1911 pistols for around 200 clams apiece, plus caseloads of pure lead .45 bullets for less than 2 cents a round!! ~ "Life just keeps getting better." BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, MTV, 1993-96. ~ Talk about an amazing special purpose deal [BLACK FRIDAY] door crashers sale! ~ Check out the details at: ~ Note the New York county's amazing landmarks of Sinclairville and Kennedy, located along Rt.66 and I-86. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CAR TALK NOTES: I get to drive a custom retrofitted V-12 BENTLEY 2000 because there are three degrees of glory in the KINGDOM OF GOD. ~ Ergo, the sun; the moon; and the [SUBARU] stars logo. ~ That said, most car review experts say that SUBARU has replaced VOLVO as the most affordable quality vehicle on the market today. ~ PS UNCLE BOB: President Trump is stringing you along at the deep throated FBI/CIA/DOJ/NSA because he wants WW:III to look like it was a secret combinations Sandra Bullock look alike conspiracy between the white Russians in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II meets THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD TOO, like at: ~


I had my three o'clock am flash vision of TWO WEEKS NOTICE exacltly two weeks before Wood Allen's December 1 birthrate. ~ Because his birth date is written on the classroom chalkboard opening scenario in ANNIE HALL. ~ Which first opens with a grown up Woody cracking jokes in a Scottish tartan shirt. ~ Then it introduces his days growing up on Coney Island sitting next to the very successful businessman 'Donald' while inappropriately kissing and "sexually harassing" the pretty girls. ~ Then that [Donald Trump] Paris Climate deal French resistance WW:III documentary opens in the name of President Trump's June 14 birth date. ~ Which is quickly followed up with a cheap reality tv bed scene of Jennifer Anniston and her French [Trump] resistance husband arguing about their waining love life, circa 2017 ~ Meanwhile, Woody's west coast PST friend tells him that he is acting like your typical paranoid deep state CIA/DOJ [crazy Bernie] Jew in BURN AFTER READING who sees "...conspiracies in everything." ~ "Rhyme away..." says Lucy at the end of TWN 2002. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FUSION GPS RUSSIAN DOSSIER DNC NOTES: Sometimes Jesus wants me to fuck my dreamy wife Emma Watson. ~ Other times He wants me to fuck her dreamy sister wife Kristen Stewart. ~ See what I mean by this in this particular special purpose porno clip, at:

Thursday, November 23, 2017


George W. is wearing his yuuge GSR/TWN 'I' scar brand black&white tennis shirt by RL in TWN when Sandy gets hit in the exact same spot with a yellow tennis ball. ~ Followed up by her getting a major case of the double Mexican chili [VO/VO] hot dog shits as we see a Christmas season BIG BROWN rig delivering a boat load of crap that had just been ordered online via, circa 2017. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FORTIS FILMS PRODUCTION NOTES: Anything and everything found in today's typical Jewish tradition newspapers, that have the Big Sur name of 'Manafort' in it, is probably just a shit load of bland tasting manna from heaven bullshit, per: ~ . ~


After Lucy's typical antiamerican commie athiest Jew father in TWN tells her that he believes in forcing people to swallow his brand of bland tasting fake cheese cake; she tells George W. that she no longer has an appetite for those vicious Robert Mueller "Bobcats" who are trying to cram their twisted [Germanic] pretzel cockscrew case down into something that can force the resignation of President Trump, per WAG THE DOG:II meets KRAMMER VS KRAMMER:II, at: ~ Then the prophetic 2002 rom-com film ends with that [Hellishly handsome] Jewish Scottish actor Hugh Grant measuring off the 666 House of Judah in 6.66 seconds flat; REVELATION 11:1 style. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID RELF: See what happens when you refuse to listen to me? ~ And then you end up living in some crappy rundown 1971 rental house up in Edmonds, Washington? ~ Shit happens for a reason. ~ For example, I AM will be driving around the countryside of France and England and northern Italy, circa THE AVENGERS 1966, in a $200,000 custom made green BENTLEY. ~ Which will be standing in for my bent and dented 1981 OSLO ACCORDS HONDA fantasy car. ~

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


After we see Coney Island's prophetic WW:III atomic bomb mushroom cloud landmark in TWO WEEKS NOTICE, Lucy and the Donald are eating a slice of white sponge cake on her roof that has run amok. ~ Which was immediately confirmed by that yuuge roof top bonfire up in Harlem on 144th and Broadway; involving at least 200 firefighters. ~ Then we see Wade and his negro limousine-liberal driver playing a Russian chess game in front of his fireplace fire. ~ That represents crazy Bob's paranoid Jew frenzy happening at the DOJ; which also has run amok, according to: ~ And then we see his salacious Russian rumors dossier acted out by Sandy and Hugh inside of the men's bathroom. ~ All this happening after Sandy completely dislocated the shoulder and right arm of that stiff and unemotional [almost unhuman] mullato mannequin in that RL shop as Wade was asking her what she thought about his black [$200?] alligator belt. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: I do like your own private personal business style much more than I like your agnostic public-private deal-making Reagan/Democrat policies. ~ For rxample. ~ You wait until the very last minute to stab crazy uncle Bob in the back in WHAT ABOUT BOB meets BEING THERE. ~ Then you take my advice into consideration and start a small world war someplace else around the globe; just to stick it to the antichrist Jew media. ~


2002's TWO WEEKS NOTICE Christmas bonus special purpose movie sets up the plot's prophetic two witnesses period with shots of FM/AM RADIO CITY and the double arches landmark logo of MC/DONALDS' triple bun with double meat skinny patties BIG MAC. ~ Which are immediately followed up by Lucy, [That arrogant German speaking Jewiss bitch who adopted two negro slave children just to stick it to me.] tapping her yellow no.2 [ERASERHEAD] pencil while waiting forevere for that girly man Mr.Grant to show up at his controversial and contentious divorce situation between today's Jewish Democrats and Ephraimite Republicans. ~ As confirmed by my GSR/TWN posts from Washington State being the opposite to Jeff Bezos' POST publishings from Washington, DC. ~ Ergo, Trump ate a fat beef burger with gory catsup during his his pre Korea visit to Japan. ~ Because ever since the Reaganite 80s, MCDONALDS has pretty much ruled the roost in Tokyo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: More light beige skin color, less dark brown skin color, per: ~ Seriously girl, try going back in time and telling Van Gough that color has nothing to do with anything when it comes to oil panting. ~ [My blond boy killer in AMERICAN GIGOLO drives a brown 911.]

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Prince Charles Manson died right on time for a priceless publicity stunt by God for Taratino's upcoming no.9 thing. ~ Now I see that POST will go wide on January 12 because the WASHINGTON POST's new owner was born on the same birthday of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets REV.11 meets DAN.11. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Oh for Pete's sake, stop recommending older middle aged men who look like ladent homogaysexuals who never had the guts to come out of the closet; much less stand up and defend the US CONSTITUTION in the face of diversity, per: ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLME: Note the enclosed link's physically transfigured satanic blood rites [Chris Wright] mormon look alike. ~ "You're just a haircut!" HANNA AND HER SISTERS, circa 1986, per the prophetic trumpet sounds of Donald Trump at: ~ NEW READER NOTES: Woody Allen is not a Jew; rather he is a Levite.


After that creepy high society IT clown party for the negro league children in TWO WEEKS NOTICE; Lucy tells her fantasy lover "Barry" at the farewell party; "If you ever get accused of murder... You can find me at LEGAL AID." ~ Followed up by a central shot of Barack Obama er all not smiling. ~ Then it cuts to Lucy's father upon the shores of REV.13:1 Coney Island going down the list of unamerican reformed fascism accomplishments that the neighborhood's [Holocaust survivor] Jews have placed upon the neck of Ephraim er all for the past "75 years". ~ Where about ten years later Superstorm Sandy did a number 1290 day wrecking ball job on the whole g-d damned place, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE KINGDOM OF GOD NOTES: President Trump's public confession that he should have let those three ungrateful negro slaves remain in a prison in CHINATOWN was an inspired Freudian slip of the tongue. ~ Remember, in the secret underground DEL RIO temple rites of satan scenario in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ Those two weeping beauties represent the white horse and the red horse who are at war with the black horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; wherein the black horse goes to war against the two because he dies not want to go back into slavery, apre WW:III. ~ PS QUEEN ELIZABETH: A central part of God's plan to make me the bloody HOLY GRAIL sire of England, France, and Italy involves yours truly buying that special purpose real estate opportunity that is about to come on the market in Monte Carlo. ~ Remember, when it comes to buying investment property, "location location location..." is the rule of thumb. ~ PER: ~ AND OR: ~ ~

Monday, November 20, 2017


The key to a great blow job is a really firm but soft tongue grip on reality. ~ Running to your flaky Jewish lawyers and asking them to dig up dirt on your dirty husband's accusers [for $500 an hour] just does not do it these days for most of America's manly men anymore. ~ Maybe that was enough money back in the soft-peddling 1990s. ~ However, today it's a whole new ball game. ~ Wherein I AM is fucking two underaged virgin teenagers at the satanic Scotish rites PLAYBOY MANSION endowment house of our Lord and Savior Count Dracula; and noboby gives a shit about it anymore. ~ That is after everybody knows that Barack Obama was always a gay man, and he was never even a US citizen anyway. ~ Or for the days when Jeff Bezos could say to Rose McGowan that, " don't have any proof." ~ Never forget WHAT HAPPENED to that former [KGB] Hillary Clinton meets Frances McDormand Russian look alike agent in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Those two border agents who were shot by illegal aliens in Texas cattle country were confirmation of my two TWO WEEKS NOTICE notices about Bullock's involment with some crazy Texas female politician [having her period] who also opposes Trump's plans to build a wall along the border in Lake Casa Blanca, Texas in [ shoppers] Webb County. ~ Because Bazos spent his summers growing up on the family ranch in Texas' livestock ANIMAL FARM regions to the east of Devil's River in DANIEL 12. ~ More precisely, just west of Los Angeles, Texas, in the Nueces [walnuts] River valley. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NUTS NOTES: Unless you crack your own walnuts by hand for your traditional chicken pasta with walnuts in a basil cream sauce, I recommend that you only use packaged chopped walnuts. ~ Thereby avoiding the risk of biting down on a piece of rock hard shell and breaking one's tooth. ~ PS JEFF BEZOS: They made a special purpose movie about you going to the movies every Friday night at that little theater in Cotulla, Texas at: ~ Think MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets AMERICAN GRAFITTI, like at:


When Bullock's Jewish feminist gets hit really hard on her GSR/TWN forehead by a yellow tennis ball from that white Republican redhead in TWN; she momentarily blacks out. ~ And then she comes out of it and prophetically recites the upcoming 5 Supreme Court Justices who will be appointed by President Trump. ~ Which will lead to the court taking a wrecking ball to ROE VS. WADE. ~ Then George W. gives her a ride home in his 'BENTLEY'; that is being closely followed up by Barack Obama's BIG BROWN UPS delivery van, circa 2008. ~ In confirmation of buying up the WASHINGTON POST; while investing billions into some new rocket to the moon scheme, based down in Alabama. ~ Don't forget, Bezos grew up on a beef cattle ranch in south Texas. ~ And now Sandra is involved in some kind of an abortion rights movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Don't sweat it; your typical average milage 2002 911 costs only around 20k; maybe a little bit more if it is in excellent condition, per: ~ Remember, this is the only German made PORSHE 911 that I AM is interested in right now; because it came out well before the German car company sold out to some mysterious and faceless multi national and started fucking around with the steering; making it more soft and warm and fuzzy for their rich old men stock investors cliental. ~ PS CAMERON DIAZ: Yeah I know, you already have daddy's own private vintage 911 parked inside of your garage. ~ But let's hold off for now and wait to see if we can use it as bait to catch her in the act. ~