Monday, February 29, 2016


Every time one of my skinny crack ho nigger bitches holds up his/her hands and shouts "BLACK LIVES MATTER!!" Donald Trump gets another free campaign advertisement worth about a gazillion $$$$$$. ~ ~ "And the best part is, even Austin Powers can't stop me." AP:III. ~ ~ Because there are no federal laws on the books that say that you can not have your cake and eat it too; no, really. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS LOUIS FARAKAN: What in the hell are you doing man? ~ ~ Donald Trump is the pure racist 'I' am 'IT' man God from outerspace that all of you wise virgin negro racists have been praying for throughout the past 50 years. ~ ~ Calm down, relax, listen to a little midnight GROUND ZERO RADIO in the meantime if you can't sleep. ~ ~ You would be amazed and surprised if you knew how many white people actually agree with you, in general. ~ ~ Watch THE KING OF NEW YORK, and any other kind of Spike Lee movies like it,; if it helps you get through the night. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ ~ SUPLIMENTAL MOVIE NOTES: If you are into low budget film making miracles from God, you might also want to watch THAT SINKING FEELING; MYSTIC PIZZA; TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN; CARNIVAL OF SOULS; PLANTET 9 FROM OUTER SPACE; all [Stage 9] seasons of SEINFELD, and so on. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ PS ADAM SANDLER: There is a Providential plan involved aboutt why you and Sacha Baron Cohen are starting to look so much like each other. ~ ~ Since you have about a hundred times more money in the bank than he has. How about you hire him to write the original screenplay for your next comedy that co-stars the both of you as white supremistists indie filmmakers based in Preston, Idaho; who will do anything to get their first feature film project screened on the [INVISIBLE MAN] side lines at next year's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, Utah. ~ ~
While believing if NAPOLEON DYNAMITE  could make it big, they too could have a shot at it. ~ ~

Sunday, February 28, 2016


You talking to me Hillary? ~ ~ No. Actually, I'm talking to you. ~ ~ From now on, you do what I tell you to do. ~ ~ You say what I tell you to say. ~ ~ You believe what I tell you to believe. ~ ~ Otherwise, you get butt kiss. ~ ~ And I get all of the hot young girls to boot. ~ ~ For example, Jude Law decided to take an insulant tone towards me and support the ongoing invasion of lost Israel in EZE.38 etc. ~ ~ So I had my niggers pounce on his posse from behind the camera and rob them of all of their smartie pants cell [phonies] just as soon as their cameras were turned off at: ~ ~ You fuck with me, I fuck with you, times two. ~ ~ As far as I'm concerned, there is not a dime's worth of diference between you and Donald Trump. ~ ~ Except for the fact that women should not have the civil right to vote.  Because when they do, then all the niggers just vote for their mother figures who protected them, and not the white men. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~PS SALMA: That white kid in the DELIVERANCE prophecy shot your 9 year-old guard dog because the era of the LAmanite darkies oppressing the more righteous white Nephites has now come to a long and painfully slow ending. ~ ~ In other words, he gave up his German Nazi shephard [rescue dog] life in order to rescue you.  ~ ~ Which is what it says that Jesus Christ did for you in 3 NEPHI. Where it talks about the 'marred servant' who will come to rescue you and your sisters in the last days. ~  ~ Yes! Your big dog did not deserve to die that way. That is exactly the point. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Last night I had a flash vision about the new DVDs rack at WALMART. Where I discovered some retro AUSTIN POWERS indie film rip off based on Clyde Lewis' anticommunist international Jewish bankers midnight [GROND ZERO RADIO] conspiracy theories about the fake moon landing in 1969,  at: ~ ~ Fuck the OSCARS; I know what I will be watching tonight. ~ ~ Any time that you give me a fresh new 007 spoof, set in London, that co-stars some kind of a surreal Will Ferrell look alike, you get moved up to the front of the line; no questions asked. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED:  Donald Trump will become elected the next President of America because his support is based on sheer emotional terrorism. ~ ~ Learn it. Love it. Live with it.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


It says 'ANGELINA' on the life savers of THE SAILOR DOG's sailboat in the first act of THE JEWEL OF THE NILE prophecy. ~ ~ For Angie and Brad's FANTASY ISLAND type wine vineyard estate in the south of France. Near where Keira Knightley married her rockn' roll boyfriend; straight out of SINGLES meets LAGGIES. ~ ~ Then it explodes after the introduction of the story's future 2016 Donald Trump casino time line is established. ~ ~ Per Ben Affleck's new [Pheonix Rising] back side tattoo that was inspired by the 1985 movie's depicition of the new 666 beast rising up from the flames and ashes of WW II, at:
~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~


God how I would love to mow this babe's grass at: ~ ~ Ergo, that shooter at the BIG DOG, HUSTLER, riding lawnmower plant outside Wichita; right after Emma's interview with the grand master witch of American 19666s feminism. ~ ~ Daddy gets all excited and exorcised when his nasty little girls talk back to him. ~ ~ Think that the prophetic no .44 figure in the iconic TAXI DRIVER movie shot all of those future [Chloe Moretz] indie film hand-held-camera pimps in a jealous rage during some climactic political campaign season in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And ZOOLANDER NO.2 had come out barely a week ago. ~ ~ "I AM is a jealous God."  like at, [ 2CO 11: 2] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~FAKE JEWELRY NOTES: The fake jewels and gems allegory at is directly related to Glenn Beck's fake mormon conservativism. As opposed to THE JEWEL OF THE NILE's message about God recovering his precious jewels and gems in the last days. ~ ~ Ergo, that lost tribe gentile hero in the above movie is played by a Jewish actor. And Michael Douglas and his father are still considered to be Hollywood royalty; and rightfully so. ~ ~ UPCOMING NOTES:  Be patient, I'm going to get around to this one as soon as I can, at: ~ ~ I'm only human, first things first, yada yada... Heck, I'm still only half way through my recently updated better-than-ever review of KING OF CALIFORNIA; which I started into again over two months ago. ~ ~ HARD CHOICES: Do I watch SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE on the eve of the all white OSCARS tonight?  ~ ~ Just because I would love to get layed by Gwyneth Paltrow; and I would. ~ ~ Or do I watch Neil LaBute's almost all white movie about white people in Manhattan  agonizing over their dicisions to vote for Donald Trump, or not vote for Donald Trump, in the upcomind 16 election; entitled YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS? ~ ~ Look at it this way. Donald Trump is a tall white man with blond hair. ~ ~ And Chris Rock is a short ass little skinny nigger who looks like a homosexual pizza delivery man on the down low in DO THE RIGHT THING. ~

Friday, February 26, 2016


Dear Christ Rock; I AM is counting on you to make me look good this Sunday. ~ ~ Remember, me Tarzan, you my skinny crack ho nigger bitch. Who gets anything that she wants, if she treats me right. ~ ~ Otherwise, you have no promise. ~ ~ For example, little Miss Nasty suddenly died at 57 in the day 1290 twin cities area on the same day of the GRAMMYS the other day. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NILE NOTES: The 5.6 joke happens in THE JEWEL OF THE NILE at about 39:... minutes.  Following up the Sodom and Egypt camel humping ride scene at about 27:... minutes. ~ ~ Of course, the simpatico Omar usurper revolutionary in the 1985 prophecy is a handsome and charismatic 'Obama' figure; circa 16.  ~ ~ Per my dream last night about profusley  thanking Hillary Clinton from the bottom of my heart for the birthday present that she will give me in 2016. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: What the fuck ever happened to your sense of humor?  ~ ~ You are starting to sound these days like your typical polite society columnist who writes for USA TODAY. ~ ~ "I think we can do better than that." [ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 1976.] ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Medicare and Medicaid are nothing but born again retro 1930s era reformed third-way fascism. ~ ~ And so until we start to see people actually dying on the sidewalks because they cannot get free medical care, there will be no restoration of the original US Constitution. And therefore everything will continue to be just like it always was; under Clinton:2  Bush:2, Reagan:2... You get the picture. ~ ~ "She had fun fun fun until daddy took the T-Bird away..." THE BEACH BOYS, circa 1967-69. ~ ~ In other words, people who are too afraid to live free or die don't really believe in a real God anymore; not to mention capital punishment. ~ ~

Thursday, February 25, 2016


THE JEWEL OF THE NILE ends with the US Constitution hanging by a thread over that  deeply poisoned well in Flint, Michigan. Per the movie's earlier "5,6" dialogue reference to the 5.6 WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ ~ When there would be a half negro  mulatto firgure in the white peoples' destroyed White House plantation of America; who represents the day 1260/1290 fulfillment of the sodom and Egypt prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Who is not even a fact-checked US Citizen. ~ ~ And when the white men get angry about it, Glenn Beck et all try to smear them as racist brown shirts. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOONIE NOTES: There will be a 3/4 full moon in the sky on the same night of the Republican debate in Houston. For a very precise and to the point time-line Gregorian calendar confirmation of that bright 3/4 moon in the night in 85's THE JEWEL OF THE NILE prophecy. ~ ~ SUPER 16MM NOTES: Back around 91, I was standing outside the EGYPTIAN after just having screened the long lost film outtakes for F FOR FAKE; costarring Orson Welles and John Huston. When the super 16mm camera man on the project suddenly walked right up to me; almost forcing me to politely introduced himself. ~ ~I was so caught off base by the situation, that the only thing that I could think of to say in the way of polite conversation was, "Call me if you need any money to complete the project." ~ ~ Then I walked away down the sidewalk thinking, "Jesus!.. I'm such a vain idiot!" ~ ~ Little did I know at the time. ~ ~ NOTES FOR MY NIGGERS: The skinny Obama Chris Rock figure will be hosting the 16 OSCARS for a big gem rock jewel thing.  ~ ~ This being THE BLUES BROTHERS sequel that ended down river from there in Louisiana. ~ ~ Where the cotton grows high, and Sandra Bullock's all grown up negro baby slaves in The Kingdom of God get to become literally nigger rich. ~ ~

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Killing time yesterday while waiting for my PADDYWGN1 taxi to arrive at FREDDYS in Sumner,  I found THE JEW/EL OF THE NILE for $5.59. ~ ~ It looked like a good way to rap up Black History Month, so I grabbed it.  ~ ~ Then I went outside in front of the main entrance to wait for it. ~ ~ And god damn me Jesus, there was my long lost BYU film school brother, Nyle Smith himself, sitting in one of those electronic chair scooters; with an oxygen tube pushed up his nose; exactly like in the ending scenes of VERY BAD THINGS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WW:II NOTES: Before getting into my new movie about the ancient history of the sons of Ham, who founded masonite Egypt, I felt impressed to watch AP:1. Wherein the Americans saved England in WW:II from a second 'W' presidential relationship with Mr.Cameron et all. ~ ~ Hence, that power plant explosion outside London on the premiere day of THE BROTHERS GRIMSY. ~ ~Note the rather large boner icon in the various news reports, like at: ~ ~ Talk about taking that final "whore's bath" in the luxurious bridal suite before getting married for all time and eternity in the cleansed Las Vegas Temple during the era of Donald Trump at: ~ ~ PS JULIA ROBERTS: True or false. Those tabloid reports about you buying a second sprawling [HOTEL CALIFORNIA] motel size house across the street from you in Malibu are based upon pure logical existential inspiration from God. ~ ~ Wherein all of YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS in that prophetic Neil Labute mormon movie can come together and forgive one another; prior to their physical transfiguration blood cleansing vampire happening red wine sacrament rites at your local Mel Gibson temple mount endowment House of the Lord. ~ ~ Per Paul Newman's HARPER prophecy about Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston and I getting  married to each other; even if both of you don't want to do it right now. ~ ~ Where I come from, they call this "method acting".  ~ ~ Yeah, whatever, ha ha, just as long as the check doesn't bounce. ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: Don't even think about trying to not think about me every single god damn day of your life. ~ ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~ ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My underaged wife Ken was snapped with some great tight ass shots at that iconic BURGER KING in London Monday night, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Notice the above luxury TRUMP hotel bathrobe and slippers. ~ ~ Typically, low rent Jews who manage to come up with enough credit card money to spend a night or two at any TRUMP type establishment, tend to steal anything in the room this is not nailed down in writing. ~ ~ Of course, The Donald knows this. So he just factors it all into the price for his mini suite size rooms. ~ ~ It's pretty hard to Jew a Jew, and all that. ~ ~ Ergo, a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to prosecute Hillary Clinton; not to mention Barack Obama. ~ ~ Sadly, the man has a cut and dry case.  ~ ~ Based alone on Barry's foreign student aid records at HARVARD. ~ ~ Yet Trump is not even that much of a conservative. ~ ~ Too bad that the real conservatives out there in talk radio land failed to get it, and thereby get the jump on him. ~ ~ So now they too are going to have/half to go into the same kind of REV.13 captivity situation and share a cell with their slimy Jewish homosexual negro friends. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Monday, February 22, 2016


SMOKIN' ACES takes place on the 16th floor penthouse suite for the year 16; not the year 15; and not the year 17.  ~ ~ Because when the bounty hunter dude came to my little love shack door out in the woods, he still could not even speak up about the day 1290 abomination of desolation that is right there in front of his face in his own apostate christian Bible. ~ ~ Ergo 'Marco' Rubrik's name is a timely refernce to MARCO 13:14 in your Latino edition King James Bibles. ~ ~ Like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASINO ROYALE NOTES: This iconic 1960s French connection movie was a multi-composited character avant guard project that was directed by at least 4 half Jewish directors, at: q ~ ~ Which is the Providential reason why Orson Welles died of a PC MICROSOFT computer generated software heart attack in Las Vegas. ~ ~ PS DICK DYKE: "How about no." AP:1-2-3. ~ ~ Especially the first one; that happened in confirmation of the KING RALPH Las Vegas prophecy; costarring Peter O Tool and my physically transfigured wife Elizabeth Hurley.


The tapped out well waters turned black in Crystal Springs, Texas during Black History Month for a reason. ~ ~ Ergo, the white people are done with the black people fucking them in the ass in REV.9 meets DAN.9. ~ ~ This being the basic idea behind David Lynch's fat black Oprah church lady singer  in WILD AT HEART. ~ ~ "Elvis has left the building." and all of that 1960s VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS crap. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAPPED OUT NOTES: The reason why Harper Lee did not like being interviewed by the New York area's mainstream media Jews is because she knew that they were using her and her pure-at-heart novel for their own atheist Marxist anti white christian southerner reasons. ~ ~ Sure, by now everybody knows that the inferior race negros from Africa should be treated fairly; duhh... that's a given. ~ ~ But does that mean that we all have to become politically correct neo con establishment reformed churchy Stalinists now? ~ ~ Hell no! ~ ~ Let the games begin. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Veganism is classic wild at heart witchcraft. Which is the reason that every once in awhile God says that we are supposed to eat the tender young meat of our beloved young pet veals in a creamy thick [Swedish fondue] white garlic tomato sauce. Just to keep it real, if you will, like at: ~ ~ People who do not like to eat the flesh of animals, and are against capital punishment, tend to be a bit too sympathetical with their animalistic side. ~ ~ Per those two HANNIBAL LECTURER movies that were ultimately about Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 16.  ~ ~ Personally, my favorite one is the more age appropriate one that takes place in Florence, Italy, Tuscany. ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: This is the career making screen shot that you have been waiting for all of your YES MAN life at: ~ ~

Sunday, February 21, 2016


After I saw that Jeb Bush came in 4th place on Saturday, I decided to review SEMI-PRO again. Wherein the FLINT TROPICS battle for a 4th place finish on a Saturday. Who were sponsored by BUSH BAVARIAN beer, and Bush comes from tropical Florida, etc. ~ ~ Basically, the prophetic 2007 sports movie spoof is about the "last game" contest in American politics that doesn't matter to some people; before the Union is dissolved into three parts in REV.16. ~ ~ That is after the team scores those 126 points needed in the final 'mega dittos' bowl of Iowa corn flakes, and everyone in the audience gets free Iowa corn dogs, yada yada. ~ ~ Not to mention the attack of that Danite Russian bear symbol, or the 'Black Lives Matter' cop car riots at the end. ~ ~ Of course, non of this shit could have ever happened if Jeb Bush et al had not poisoned the waters in the first place in Flint, Michigan with their complicit lead foot silence in the matter of Obama's fact-checked birth certificate forgery, or his fack-checked use of a deceased person's Social Security number; garbage in, garbage out... ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~MERGER NOTES: The merger of the negro Republican Party basketball league with the negro Democrat Party league started to happen way back in the Gerald Ford, Michigan 1970s era. Which is why both Harper Lee and Judge Scalia were buried on the same Saturday that Bush 1/2/3 dropped out of the race in the CHARIOTS OF FIRE prophecy. And Glenn Beck started his fasting and prayers for Senator Cruz to become the next unconstitutional non-natural-born-clown look alike citizen of LAmanite America to become the next President of Texas. ~ ~ Dude, call me. I'm all in on this one. ~ ~ You want my future Tex-Mex wife Eva Longoria to suck on your cock so hard that it starts to bleed, you got it. ~ ~ HA HA HA HA HA HA... [Satan]  ~ ~ Oh by the way. These days, things always seem to come in twos.  ~ ~ Never forget that the prophetic 2008 DUPLICITY movie made in Roma, co-starring Julia Roberts and I, was about me and her and Donatella Greco getting married some day. ~ ~ And absolutely everyone involved in the motion picture production just loved it; and can't wait to participate in the sequel; if the money is right of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ My wife Miley Cyrus would be more than willing to suck off Woody Allen's cock during his next project; that is if it is OK with his sexy bored-to-death Mrs.Rev. Moon face Korean wife. ~ ~ PS MILEY: If you really want to make Woody Allen's [TWIN PEAKS] wanna be tv series that much more special; surprise him with a simple bow job fantasy that suddenly turns into a full on eternal never-ending face-to-face sexual intercourse reality television experience that he will never forget. ~ ~ Just make sure that you are thinking about me when you do it. ~ ~ Only Jesus knows what is truly in the heart of a person who has been saved by his infinite grace.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


At the end of the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy, that takes place on Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Donald Trump finally realizes that one can not make a [deal-with-the-devil] deal with the new and improved and modernized 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Notwithstanding their flaky corn serial promises to reform themselves [read compromise] themselves if you are willing to do the same thing. ~ ~ For example, Sacha Baron is pretending to do the same thing at: . ~ ~ Only difference is, he knows what he is doing. ~ ~ Since most Jews tend to be a bit more racially aware of things than your average white dude; like a Glenn Beck or a Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM NOTES:  God gave us Larry David in order that today's really successful half Jews, like Donald Trump and Bill Gates, might remember to keep it real. ~ ~ PS MARTHA STEWART: Last night Michael said that you could hook up with Donald Trump and pretend to be his plural marriage wife, for publicity purposes. ~ ~ Hey, whatever it takes to get the horny Jew vote. And thereby raise the stakes in such President Elvis prophesies as VIVA LAS VEGAS meets BLUE HAWAII meets AUSTIN POWERS:3; not to mention IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, at: ~ ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: The above movie made in 1964 Seattle was the [Ginger Blake] inspiration behind Hugh Grant making two babies with that underaged 19ish Asian restaurant waitress. ~ ~ CULT CINEMA NOTES: This 1970 thing was about me getting my official Italian LDS missionary calling papers during the Christmas hollidays season in 1970, at: ~ ~

Friday, February 19, 2016


SMOKIN' ACES is about Donald Trump trying to cut a deal with the powers that be from atop his resort casino penthouse at Lake Tahoe, at:  ~ ~ And we all know how well that worked out. ~ ~ Trying to be all things to all people is what killed the Republican Party in the first place, not to mention the RLDS church in Utah, or the Glenn Beck radio show out of Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ In other words, you can not be an apostate mormon and an apostate christian at the same time.  ~ ~ Sooner or later, one has to decide what side one is on; better sooner than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
PS DONALD TRUMP: Is there anything more creepy in this world than the sound of the new pope's voice?  Obviously, the church lady figure from Evitaville is possessed by some evil [Hillary Clinton] spirit of a woman. ~ ~ See Fellini's film about politicians who cheat on their political party partners at: ~ ~
"So then because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." REV.3:16. ~ ~ PS TED CRUZ: Why worry about becoming the next leader of all of those hopelessly lawless niggers, queers, and Jews in Wash. DC? When you can become the next President of the Republic of Texas. ~ ~ Why throw good money after bad money? ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: "I want my money, and I want it now." LEP 3.  ~ ~

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The long lost precious diamonds of Israel are kept in a number 596 safety box in MARATHON MAN.  As confirmed by this no.596 fake of Keira Knightly wearing nothing but jogging shoes. Note the naked lady golf ball tee from CADDY SHACK, at: ~ ~ Sorry boys. Donald Trump and I are going to lick the competition in 16, and you all get butt kiss. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
PS DON RICKLES: The entire never ending story of your Jewish Reagan Democrat life as a genius insult comic is a Providential prelude to Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 16. ~ ~ See the magic at: ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: The upcoming primary-prelude electoral vote in Las Vegas will be all about your look alike loan shark character who gets a thorough licking in LEPRECHAUN:3.
 ~ ~ There is a reason why Tony Scalia looked like Lou Castello in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, circa 1948. Even the same year when the reformed democratic socialist State of Israel was founded by a host of neo Stalinist Jews from Brooklyn, NY and Berlin [Vermont]  Germany, at:  . ~ ~ This being the one where my American Wolfman in London figure rips apart the sofa throne of England in the beginning. And in the end we see the Invisible Man sitting on the bow of Ken McLeod's little trout fishing row boat on King Lake, Snohomish County, circa 1968; fly fishing with no.10 buck hair yellow professors for 6" eastern Jewish brook trout.


Judge Scalia died with a pillow over his head at a hunting ranch along the non existant EZE.38 borders of lost Israel for the rather strange and prophetic orange juice murder plot of that apostate polite society judge in IRRATIONAL MAN. ~ ~ The holiday weekend timing was for the world coming to an end at a HOLIDAY INN on Valentine's Day 2016 in GHOSTBUSTERS:II ~ ~ All of this being about the spoken word revelation recorded at about the political/religious leadership of the D&C 86 churches getting hunted down one-by-one for what they done. ~ ~ And all of it was just confirmed by the pope of the devil in ROSEMARY'S BABY visiting the very same region in the days after. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MARATHON NOTES:  We understand that the shadowy 1976 MARATHON MAN prophecy takes place today; because of the movie's opening shots of Barack Obama winning the political runners race in 08; while looking over his shoulder and hoping that none of the white guys catch him. ~ ~ The above Donald Trump figure stabs the amoral Republican Party operative from DC at the orange stairs fountain.  ~ ~ Primarily because he was your typical shortish Jew who likes to knife white people in the back. ~ ~ Ergo, his anti hero middle name is "Christian". [Winn]  ~ ~ The Donald is a Christian of course;  just like Glenn Beck, and that GROUND ZERO midnight radio conspiracy theory guy out of Portland, Oregon. ~ ~ Didn't they make some movie back in the1981 year of Donald Reagan about a devout Christian Presbyterian Church Scottish marathon man runner during WWI who eventually won the race during WWIII?.. Like at: ~ ~ ? ~ ~ The kids call Dustin Hoffman's little short brown eyed Jew fucker in MARATHON MAN Mr."Creepy" for a reason. Note the boner in his pants at 1:54:22 minutes on the DVD. ~ ~ "It's so big!" Paul Nestor, circa 1981. ~ ~

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


No! In fact it is not safe. And the women know it; especially the white women. ~ ~ Therefore, Taylor Swift's support for the one mighty and strong in a B&M gold plates number from D&C 85, at: ~ ~ Which is why the director of the prophetic Donald Trump allegory entitled MIDNIGHT COWBOY was also the director of MARATHON MAN. ~ ~ Wherein the latter 1976 movie, the look alike German Jew hater is harassed by the look alike Brooklyn Jew self-hater in the opening sequence. ~ ~
Then in the closing sequence, the look alike Jew from the jewelry shop starts harassing the look alike German Jew outside SIMPSONS diamonds pawn shop. So he gets his throat cut and his head dumped into a garbage can [bomb] for being so stupid. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Those two witnesses guys get killed in MARATHON MAN, but quickly come back and reappear from out of nowhere.  ~ ~ As if their two deaths were some kind of a planned fake-out type set up. ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: The way I see it. Probably about 40% of the anti capitalist pro worker party Nazis were Jews.  ~ ~ Don't have a cow now. ~ ~ I would concede to you that most of the reformed marxist third-way minority party leadership was at least half Jew. And the other half were a bunch of full on naive white square pants majority party Josephites.  ~ ~ JOSEPH MACARTHY NOTES: The same Jews from Brooklyn, NY who are still lying to us about Obama's fake birth certificate are the same ones who are still lying to us about that heavy anti communist AM talk radio days Scotch whisky drinker Senator McCarthy; going back to the [CRY BABY] 1950s. ~ ~"Any questions?" Professor Abe Lucas, IRRATIONAL MAN. ~ ~PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON:  We two have at least eleven years to produce and release any kind of a BACK TO THE FUTURE meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie that you want me and you to star in.  ~ ~

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


That tall blond Hebrewish anti-hero in MARATHON MAN represents today's new hero of the little white worker guys. ~ ~ Work will set you free, and all that jazz. ~ ~ No. Really. ~ ~ The which came out decades before there could be any new special edition encore DVD that includes extra alternative endings, etc. etc. ~ ~ Hopefully with one that doesn't have that half pint Jew Dustin Hoffman letting all those precious diamonds of Israel go down the drain in Central Park. ~ ~ As if they were a worthless thing of naught. ~ ~ OK, so the supposed 69ish antagonist in the movie was a bit rough and uncut around the edges. ~ ~ At least he wasn't some Democrat Party liberal homosexual negro from Africa. ~ ~ Ergo, Kanye West meets the man from Kenya East, who has bankrupted America to the tune of $20 trillion. ~ ~ Plus another $20 trillion minimum in unfunded short term federal pension retirement liabilities. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: One can not steal much from the rich when the rich no longer have that much money. ~ ~ DIRECTOR'S CUT NOTES: Don't waste your time watching LAST TANGO IN PARIS if you do not have the non Jewish director's cut. ~ ~ PS W: Both you and I know that God inspired you to invade Iraq, according to various spoken word revelations from the lost tribes prophets. ~ ~ Most of whom work at brake shops or drive delivery vans. ~ ~ Because Saddam had in his possession dozens of electromagnetic blasting cap systems stored in a small 12x12 basement room that are required to implode enriched uranium.  Which still exist to this day in the ISIS occupied regions of Syria. ~  ~ Talk about finding a [REV.9] needle in a haystack. ~ ~ The very inspired Donald is just trying to appeal to his half Jewish base. Just like you and your father were always trying to appeal to the niggers with your unconstitutional apostate politics support for the 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT.  And of course your more recent stonewalling of the truth reguarding Barack Obama's forged background documents. ~ ~ Don't worry about Trump. He is still a work in progress. ~ ~ Right now, you better worry more about your brother. ~ ~ CRY BABY NOTES: Be still my heart! ..Taylor Swift wore a drapes outfit at the golden GRAMMYS that featured the color scheme of my resorted mint 1950s coup in the 1990 movie, seen at: ~ ~ VISIONARY MAN NOTES: This www link contains a still of my anti-hero in MARATHON MAN, positioned in front of a symbolic future TRUMP TOWER at: ~ ~
PS SANDY: Yesterday I dreamed that you though that my red Mormon underwear in ZERO EFFECT was kind of sexy.

Monday, February 15, 2016


When I become the new kind of King of England in 2BC:91 things will change for the better. ~ ~ As they say, "Money changes everything." ~ ~ Per that TIFFANY&CO owned relief gold mine in the background of the 8th golden MORONI trumpet statue posted on here yesterday. ~ ~ Sadly, people like Bernie still believe that this means government confiscated  tax money; and not your own money. ~  ~ Dude. It's 2016, not 1941. ~ ~ And even if racism is still kind of cool. Being an old fart who hates everybody who doesn't agree with his old tired world view of politics, left or right, is not cool.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORONI NOTES: The tallest Moroni stands atop the Jordan River, Utah temple at 20'. In confirmation of the revelation at that says 'Judah stands above all men...'  No.18 in the pictorial shows Moroni with a negro black face that was burned onto him by a bolt of [Harry Potter forehead] lightening. ~ ~ For a warning from God that the Egyptian sons of Ham in BUBBA HO-TEP etc. are not supposed to hold the higher Priesthood in the temple. And Spencer W. Kim/ball was a very short man. And all of the tall Donald Trump Moroni statues on top of the latter days 1290 day temples have him standing on top of a basketball. And see all of that muted trumpet player jazz in such movies as MULHOLLAND DR. and ALL THAT JAZZ, like at: ~ ~ This being the reason why the redheaded templre rites tribe of Levi has such amazingly pure white skin; like Nicole Kidman or Emma Stone.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Most apostate Evangelical Republican Party Christians down in Texas like to dismiss the PLAIN TRUTH magazine prophesies in the Bible, about the restoration of the lost tribes of Israel, as "Replacement Theology" nonsense. ~ ~ Which is probably why that Catholic Judge Scalia suddenly died down along the Mexican border; and now has to be replaced by someone with a stronger white idenity. Bofore Trump is going to be able to shut down the rising EZE:38 invasion of borderless Israel, and not today's fortress of Judah, a.k.a. Israel. ~ ~ Bottom line, Ephraim is never going to get rid of it's Jew problem, until, and unless, he comes up with a better replacement to fascism. ~ ~ You can round up all the Jewish parents in Brooklyn, NY and take them out in the woods and shoot them; but their children will still grow up to embrace and propagandise the satanic replacement doctrines of reformed democratic socialism; better known as fascism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: You and your niggers are not fooling anybody. ~ ~ The white people in Christian America know that you are an amoral aithiest Jew fuck. Just like they know that Obama is not a christian, much less even a US Citizen. ~ ~ You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. ~ ~ PS MRS TRUMP: God has chosen your husband to become the next leader of America. According to the Angel Moroni who is blowing the trump of warning on top of all of the day 1290 desecrated temples of the RLDS church in Utah. ~ ~ Ergo, that little borderline place down in Big Bend, Texas called Redford. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ For whatever it's worth, I did not get Saturday's Big Tuna, Texas [FUCK YOU] connection in Taylor Swift's own private WILD AT HEART prophecy until half a day after I had eaten two thin grilled tuna sandwiches on DAVE'S KILLER BREAD; based out of the Portland, Oregon area. ~ ~ PS TAMMY: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. ~ ~

Saturday, February 13, 2016


That rumble between the squares and the southern Dixie-crats in CRY BABY was confirmed by the strong earthquake rumblings in Christchurch, New Zealand and OklahomO, USA. ~ ~ Where Taylor Swift just made her OUT OF THE WOODS music video tribute to Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with my heart on this one. ~ ~ The young lady being from an evergreen Christ/mas tree farm in Pennsylvania; then the shit hits the highway there along I-78 in Lebanon County; then Justice Scalia dies at some LBJ David Letterman dude ranch down in Texas on the same day of the Bible Belt debate. ~ ~ Let me know if I AM is missing something here. ~ ~ Did Scalia ever even once utter a peep in public about American having a fack-checked illegal alien Commander in Chief in the White House? ~ ~ All I know for sure is that some of the secret underground Internet images of him in priestly black robes make him look like a typical mainstream church of the devil leader who is in his crazy 80s. ~ ~ Hard to say. When all you get at goggle are pictures that make him look like a clown; obviously put up there by Jewish media homosexuals and their communists sympathisers of Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: Most of the neo fascist Jewish international banker's propaganda pix out there of Tony Scalia make him out to be some horror movie poster boy clown on an ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE WOLFMAN movie poster; like at: AND: ~ ~ However, now that we have the world wide web internet created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen et all in Seattle; crass censorship and suble political harrassment tactics no longer work that good; not to mention name calling. ~ ~ PS TAMMY: That guy on crutches at the classical music recital in IRRATIONAL MAN represents the Prince Charles look alike assassin in the original DAY OF THE JACKAL movie about my French wife in the swinging Fellini 70s. ~ ~ Even that same 39ish dude who drove an ALPHA ROMEO in the same thematic back-to-the-future physical transfiguration [sexual] healing movie. ~ ~ Think George Clooney starred in THE AMERICAN and CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN. ~ ~ Simply because he could never get me out of his mind and stop thinking about me every god damn day of the year. And the big time tax free cash money for it was pretty good too; not to mention the sex. ~ ~ Ergo, the assassin in the above cinematic prophecy looks about the same age as Princes Charles looks today. ~ ~


CRY BABY opens with Hatchet Face getting stung in the ass by some joker in order that we understand the scenario's REV.9 set up. ~ ~ Which is now being confirmed by the blood-sucking mosquito sting plague that is spreading across the New World's New Jerusalem of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ This being the same back-side scorpion sting opening to DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ ~ Ergo, that thin negro who is in REV.13 karma captivity towards the end of CRY BABY is a "SKINNY" bunkbed mate named Barack Obama. ~ ~ Which was just tragetically confirmed again on Friday in Boston, Mass. Where that liberal Jennifer Aniston look alike arts teacher was killed by the same manhole cover that Cry Baby crawls in and out of while trying to escape your typical southern Bible Belt prison in Alabama, at: ~ ~ "A lot of [negro] people are crying right now." Clint Eastwood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IN LIKE FLINT NOTES: The poisoned well situation in Flint, Michigan has to be some kind of a SEMI-PRO omen. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ It will be interesting to see who comes in 4th place tonight in the south. ~ ~ PS WILL FERRELL: Nobody knows how to tell the devil to go to hell like you do in your many completed comedies. ~ ~ Right now, the big thing is Larry David role playing Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ My only problem with that is it's too spot on. So it becomes old and tiresome a bit too soon. ~ ~ Better to have someone like you do it. Which would be more surreal, and therefore more interesting and more intriguing. ~ ~ And I say this as someone who thinks that you are a complete naive idiot square pants savent. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: Don't worry about going to jail just yet. Remember, America's current AG is a negro woman; and her president is a negro homosexual on the down low; and the mainstream media is run by the Jews; not to mention Wall Street, much less Hollywood and Harvard University. ~ ~

Friday, February 12, 2016


I shit you not. There is a very significant and influential size element in today's Christian Evangelical Bible Belt church who sincerely believe that most mainstream Mormons are possessed by the Devil; like in such movies as ROSEMARY'S BABY and LOST HIGHWAY. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ Joseph Smith had many underaged wives. And how many wives does President Monson have? ~ ~ I rest my case. ~ ~ You bore me to death. I bore you to death. ~ ~ Think LDS Conference WEEKEND AT BERNIES meets WEEKEND AT BERNIES:2, six months later; never-ending year after never-ending year. ~ ~ "At least I come up for air every now and then." Uncle Launie, Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1970, deputy sheriff jailer; 6'4" 290 lbs. ~ ~ Secret underground member in good standing with the KKK until the day he died. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: You live in Pepper Ridge, Sandy, Utah for a Providential [Rhode Island] sign from God that today's bland and tasteless Republican Party leaders of the boring RLDS mormon church are going to be replaced by those five disgustingly good looking normal guys in JACOB 5 meets VERY BAD THINGS. Who are more spicey, and more flavorful, and more interesting like is Donald Trump. ~ ~ And the big money is nice too; let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ I like a smokey boutique chard to go with my alderwood smoked sockeye just as much as the next guy. ~ ~ I AM is a direct flesh and blood descendent of Jesus Christ after all; sadly, so is that high society moron Prince Charles; not to mention Bill Gates.


The 1990 CRY BABY prophecy opens with all the school kids crying about their necessarily painful medicinal Africanized beehive stings in REV.9. Per the movie's rather prideful and suggestive homosexual anal sex parade [Souther Cross flag] celebration scenes; where the king sings about how his queen is going to feel his sting. ~ ~ Hence, all those Confederate supporters of Donald Trump who are about to send Bernie and Hillary's negro music in crowd into captivity. ~ ~ Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin; in such polite society places as Salt Lake City, Utah, located in the Beehive State; and Dallas, Texas; located in the Lone Star State. ~ ~ "Today's political and cultural rot is mostly located in places where Obama is still popular and respected." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TURKEY POINT NOTES: The prophetic timeline for CRY BABY's Turkey Point location is the future point in time when the shit will hit the fan via Turkey, Syria, and Israel, yada yada. ~ ~ 111 NOTES: The Jessop building location in the beginning of IRRATIONAL MAN is for the genealogical [Branch Larry Davidian] rod/stem of Jesse prophecy in ISAIAH 11:1 etc. etc. ~ ~ Note the additional footnotes to the D&C revelations given to Joseph Smith in your Mormon King James edition. ~ ~ Wherein it explains that yours truly is a direct descentant of Jesus Christ; who had more than one wife, and lots of kids. ~ ~ CRY BABY NOTES: Cry Baby Walker's father was the [David Letterman] Alphabet Bomber who got the electric [Harry Potter scar] chair in the GUILTY AS CHARGERED prophecy, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Therefore, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, Gregory Peck, Lawrence Olivier, and Rod Steiger et all came before me for a reason. ~ ~ Not to mention Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole. ~ ~ Don't laugh, the brown wood shack that I AM is living in right now is just a larger and more luxurious version of the one they found my wanna be forerunner living in up there near David Letterman's dude ranch in Montana. ~ ~ Even the same dude who used to send out all of his GSR/TWN bombshells every week at the local post office in a plain 12x18 envelope.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Exactly on time like a clockwork orange thing, Donald Trump's emotionally excruciating, and extremely effective, campaign ads for President began to role out of Iran right before the PRESIDENTS DAY month that follows the 42 months prophecy in REV.11. ~ ~ Wherein the star of CRY BABY comes out with his Donald Trump publicity piece on the millennial Internet at the same time. ~ ~ Try your best to remember now. This was the 1990 John Waters movie about me fucking underaged teenagers and so called older "married" women at the same time in Baltimore, Maryland. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: I know that your Jewish atheist antiwhite man lying heart is in the right place; on a certain naive and confused little boy level. ~ ~ And I sincerely mean it. ~ ~ However, I like my primo Preston, Idaho prime rib cow steaks medium rare; never medium. ~ ~ And god forbid, never, ever, medium well. ~ ~ Otherwise, I send it back to the kitchen. ~ ~ In a perfect world, you would become Donald Trump's running mate. ~ ~ And nobody would care about how old both of you are getting. ~ ~ "Age is just a number." The Heff; Larry King; Larry David; yada yada. ~ ~ Not so much The Woodman. ~ ~ ROSEMARY'S BABY NOTES: The first thing that my new readers should learn about this 19666 prophecy is that we see today's Israel leader BiBi waiting outside the phone booth as Rosemary calls the day 1290 baby doctor in REV.12. Per that physically transfigured David Lynch look alike Catholic at the Republican Party yacht club in S.A.G. harbor, Long Island. ~ ~ Think DEATH TRAP meets STARDUST MEMORIES meets PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO meets RADIO DAYS; and you start to get the big time picture. ~ ~ PS THE DONALD: Mel Gibson's recent Internet movie about that private real estate run 666 prison down in Mexico, called GET THE GRINGO, was a prophecy about the time when the queer-as-orange white American country club establishment would start to go after you, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ YEAR 16 NOTES: The first month after the 42 months prophecy starts to end on Valentine's Day, and Abraham's [Lincoln] Jewish Presidents Day in the year 2016. Go figure. ~ ~ February is Black History Month; when everyday is Negro Day in John Water's HAIRSPRAY movie prophecy. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: You know that you can trust me because I AM is one of the only few insider guys out there who knows and understands that THE CABLE GUY was your ultimate career masterpiece. That and YES MAN of course; which goes without saying, at:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"This is it." says the tall negro woman to yours truly in IRRATIONAL MAN; who is supposed to represent the president of Rhode Island's elite political class yatch club in crowd at BROWN UNIVERSITY. ~ ~ The way I figure it. It is going to take at least five more years for Emma Watson to get over the African mask brain drumming that she got there by all of those voodoo lesbians, Jews, and niggers who have now over run the place. ~ ~ Ergo, that new '19 years later' HARRY POTTER book that is coming out. ~ ~ And please, don't read the god damn thing on the internet. Get off your lazy Bernie Sanders millennial ass and go down to your local Jewish owned book shop and by a real copy of it. ~ ~ Don't worry, the world is not running out of paper made out of trees. ~ ~ That is like Al Gore saying that the world is running out of oil, circa 1996. ~ ~ GSR/YWN ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: I know. I just let out the above title of my special project screenplay that I have in mind for you. Hey, why not? Considering the craptastic shit that your agents, managers, tax consultants, and so-called friends are sending your way these days. ~ ~ PS PALTROW: It has already cost you about $500,000 in protracted legal fees to work out what should be your typical concubine separation situation. Jesus Christ, just Jew it and get it done with. ~ ~ Don't make the same costly mistakes that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore made back in the day. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: It is going to cost you about $500,000 too; in order to work out your current complicated separation from your surreal actor husband. ~ ~ And the beat goes on... ~ ~ TARZAN NOTES: My newer less initiated readers might want to watch some of those prophetic Tarzan movies that came out during the period of the first 666 beast in REV.11-13. Wherein the wild herd of trumpeting elephants lead by Donald Trump always represented the end of the sweaty white safari hunters from London, England. ~ ~ JEW READER NOTES: The two atomic bombs that put a sudden end to the first beast are the same two things that will put an end to the new beast. Even the same one who was miraculously reborn again by FDR and his Jewish White House henchmen. ~ ~ BIG TUNA TEXAS NOTES: In my special screenplay that was written for Jim Carrey, he plays both of the roles that were played by Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, at: ~ ~ Like I always say, never throw good money after bad money.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


It was Dick Nixon who lowered America's voting age standards down to 18. When in fact he should have raised the bar up to at least age 23. ~ ~ Case in point. ~ ~ Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat Party nomination for president that happened at the Chicago convention back in the 19666s. ~ ~ Which is where that foreign student at Harvard named Barack Obama comes from, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JOHN WATERS: I can not believe that you have not been in attendance at that LA court case of the irrational man look alike stalker who has been haunting one of Hollywood Hills most preeminent has been movie stars. ~ ~ If it helps at all, here is a younger more age appropriate image of him at: ~ ~ ALSO: ~ ~ Oh yeah, America still has a Jew problem, big time. ~ ~ NEW BERLIN NOTES: That train wreck in the Bavarian chocolate [Black Forest Ham] woods on Tuesday represented the end of democratic Jewish fascism, at: ~ ~ Remember, today's modern [post high-shift Swiss] German language is approximately 40% phonetic Hebrew. ~ ~ HARD TO FOLLOW NOTES: If it helps at all. Watch the INGLORIOUS BASTARDS' movie about how it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished in the BM. ~ ~ HARD TO SWALLOW NOTES: There is no other actor out there right now who is as mean as I AM. ~ ~ Though I wish that this was not the case, the only obvious choice to play the lead in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II is me. ~ ~ Costarring Chloe Moretz as my underaged fuck interest, and Sienna Miller as my dead exwife who drove me crazy. ~ ~ Complete with flash back scenes about her still being alive today.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Gwyneth Paltrow was in that LA street number 111 court room with some GSR/TWN wanna be madman on the same day the casino bus crashed in Madison, Conn. on I-95. ~ ~ Think DOUBLE WHAMMY meets TWO IF BY SEA. ~ ~ In confirmation of his look alike philosophy professor in Woody Allen's physically transfigured 1996ish IRRATION MAN movie about me, like at: ~ ~ . ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Note the above film's scenes that feature those SEES chocolates cut in half in juxaposition to the TIFFANY lamp in the background. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Woody's Ornella Fresh motifs in IRRATIONAL MAN were inspired by her irrational exhusband who drove all of us down to Newport, Rhode Island once upon a time during the crazy MTV 1980s, like at: [April role plays Jennifer Anniston's spacious house full of expensive art pieces hanging on the walls in IRRATIONAL MAN.] ~ ~ PS SIENNA: No rush, but the next time that you and your sister have a few free days, go down to the Siena, Italia country side area and pick out a nice place for all of us to spend the holidays with our kids for the next 50 years. ~ ~ Preferably something with a little private vineyard acrage, and a nice size spring fed trout pond. ~ ~ PS DONALD: Jesus does not what you to move forward gay rights fascism. In fact he wants you to back off from it, and move it backwards, per: ~ ~ ~ Otherwise, you have no promise. ~ ~ According to the Bible, when a nation embraces Sodom and Egypt, God destroys it. ~ ~ And then it no longer exists. ~ ~ Don't listen to people like Beyounce or Lady Gaga. ~ ~ Let me take care of them. ~ ~ You take care of America. ~ ~


If you don't have it by now, it is probably because you don't want it. ~ ~ For example, you don't know that America's Commander in Chief is not really a US citizen because you don't really want to even think about it; much less openly talk about it, on your anticommunist midnight AM radio show for retrograde white skin knuckle balls with crew cuts who live down in Texas and Oklahoma. ~ ~ And if you still don't believe it. ~ ~ Just tune into your local country music radio station and listen to all of those fagots singing their heart out about how the woman in their life is the only thing that matters to them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: If you are finally ready to let go of your Buddhist neo christian feminist teetotallerism sufferings; plus your heterosexual style homogaysexual same-sex attraction tendencies; and embrace the light of Christ that is in me; boy do I have a screenplay for you. ~ ~

Sunday, February 7, 2016


TOWER HEIST makes Donald Trump look like a rich red capitalist billionaire Chinaman who doesn't care about the little people. ~ ~ When in fact Hitler rose to power in the 1930s because he was a genuine starving artist socialist hero of the worker. Who hated the same rich banker [Wall Street] Jews of the day who are now bankrolling such recast third-wayers as Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. ~ ~ And if they ever saw Trump walking down the sidewalk towards them, they would cross the street, and step on a crack and break their mothers' back. ~ ~ If that's what it takes to keep their own shit private. ~ ~ Better red than dead. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 007 NOTES: That red FERRARI in the above Donald Trump hit piece looks a lot like James Bond's car in the first AUSTIN POWERS meets the original GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ As opposed to my 1974 ALFA GTV that your average hard worker could save up for and buy if he lived frugally, and didn't let his ego get the best of him, like at: ~ ~ Seriously, it is OK to have a little fun once in awhile, but not too much, circa VERY BAD THINGS meets CITIZEN KANE:2. ~ ~ True enough, my first exwife from France in THE FRENCH CONNECTION prophecy was as mad as a cunt. ~ ~ But I would not be the sophisticated international man of mystery that I AM today if not for her. ~ ~ Ergo, LAST TANGO IN PARIS would mean nothing to me. Nor would my own private LDS missionary man documentary about me and Giselle Bundchen in D&C 58 called ROMA mean anything. ~ ~

Saturday, February 6, 2016


That earthquake in Nationalist China was a YEAR OF THE MONKEY meat prophecy about the two witnesses earthquake in Chinatown, Chicago, USA. ~ ~ Oh yeah, all of you white Nephite Republicans who are supporting those two Lamanite redskin Republicans candidates are dead cold red meat. ~ ~ Better dead than red. ~ ~ Live free or die. ~ ~ What a fucking joke. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SERIAL MOM NOTES: All of my predictions about THE BREAKUP earthquake prophecy, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, are based upon the spoken word revelation that the Warren Jeff [FLDS] look alike detective in the above John Waters movie received a few years ago. ~ ~ In case you forgot, he was the apostate Mormon church leader who is now rotting in some Texas state prison for fucking 16 year-old virgins. ~ ~ Which is one of the primary reasons why I don't support Ted Cruz for President. Even though his political philosophical politics are a cut above Donald Trump's right-wing socialist populism. ~ ~ PS JOHNNY DEPP: If not for Jesus Christ and his servant love slave John Waters, you would be some middle aged loser who is still slinging hash potatoes and fried eggs at some HASTY TASTY dinner, or donut shop, in Aurora, Illinois. ~ ~ Of course, you know this by now. ~ ~ I AM is just posting it on here today for the sake of all those LDS missionary greenies out there in Roma, Italy. ~ ~ PS NICKY AND SANDY: Since you two did not listen to your husband and buy up that secret south side pirates cove [EZE.47] property on Lopez Island, I AM is now released from any [fair warning] responsibilities that I ever had for you two. ~ ~ Think PRACTICAL MAGIC meets the original CHAINSAW MASSACRE indie film movie sensation made down in Dallas, Texas for peanuts. ~ ~ You don't marry me, I don't marry you; ladies first. ~ ~

Friday, February 5, 2016


That corrupt construction crane in the number '16' song in VERY BAD THINGS [1998] collapsed this morning off Church Ave in New York because all of those Republican church goers like Glenn Beck are maddly marshalling their anti TRUMP TOWER forces behind the Republican establishment. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ Glenn Beck's recent declaration against the mainstream LDS church Republican Party in SLC, Utah was nothing but a big bowl of Iowa CORN FLAKES with white milk and white sugar from the start. ~ ~ Hence that devastating tornado in Sapp, Alabama right after the flaky saps in Iowa voted for anyone else except Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS HOWARD STERN: Now is the time to get it in 3rd gear; i.e. this year, not next year. ~ ~ The 42 months period of Sandra Bullock pretending to ignore me in REV.11 is all but over. Same thing goes for Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis et all; not to mention the hot headed Ken Kemp and the warm and fuzzy Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ Time is money. ~ ~ Especially when one is out of time. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Don't be so upset. ~ ~ Have I AM ever let you down with it the past? ~ ~ Please let me know this year if you need anything more in terms of money and inspiring born-again youthful sex with beautiful underaged young virgin girls; who will make you feel like living a few years longer. ~ ~ Which is why I AM is here for you now, not later, not last year. ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: Thoroughly loving your orange tan job homage to Donald Trump at: ~ ~ I AM is going to vote for him too in 16. ~ ~ The way I see it. ~ ~ If the powers that be today want to force all of us to become socialists; why not be a right-wing socialist, instead of a left-wing socialist?

Thursday, February 4, 2016


It's the year of the monkey in Chinatown, USA. Per the prophetic "16" motif in the VERY BAD THINGS score when the vintage white SEDAN DE VILLE car mechanic smashed the glass coffee table, at: ~ ~ "Just because you love the niggers, it does not mean that the niggers will always love you back." Leslie Winn, 1968. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VISIONARY MAN NOTES: Most of my visionary dreams about the three woes in the two witnesses' era involve basketballs exploding up in the air like atomic bombs, etc. ~ ~ Whatever, it's all about today's mindless sports authority/idolatry culture. ~ ~ Obviously, it is not my place to know how the 1290 days Mississippi River whore in REV.18 is suddenly going to die. ~ ~ I AM is pretty damn good, but not that good. ~ ~ "We're not worthy!!" PER: ~ ~ Quickly note the enclosed Kit Winn look alike time stamp theme, before some A-hole decides to change it. ~ ~ So now what? ~ Do I watch THE [STEVEN] FRESHMAN prophecy about today's millenials who support Bernie? Or do I watch the ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy about Hillary hooking up with Bernie? ~ ~ On balance, I prefer to see movies these days that have an older dude in them who looks more like I look, at: ~ ~

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


What is so terrible about Donald Trump having his figure on the button? ~ ~ What? ~ ~ God forbid, we don't have to hear anything more from that 29ish looking Asian fat boy in North Korea, who eats dog meat, and who likes'em two at a time. ~ ~ Why not just put it out of it's misery? ~ ~ I mean, who would miss it? ~ ~ Any who, the three way caucus results in the CORN FLAKES state were confirmation of America breaking up into three parts after the two witnesses earthquake in REV.11, and REV.16; not to mention 2NEPHI 8. ~ ~ Per the 'Z' energy company fracking themes in 1985's A VIEW TO A KILL that were meant to cause all of those earthquakes in the future in places like Oklahoma and Texas. ~ ~ Way before fracking was a big thing. ~ ~ "Huston, we have a problem." THE WATCH. ~ ~ "Huston, we have a problem." David Bowe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHY OKLAHOMA? NOTES: Because the latter day saints state of the lost tribes of Israel is shaped like an Asian meat cleaver with blood dripping from it's sharpened blade. Which hangs over Glenn Beck's new Dallas, Texas home base, as IT runs along the Red River. ~ ~ M.A.S.H. NOTES: This iconic generational movie that featured Mr.Adam Sanders on the football field, long before he was a big movie star, would definitely make it into my top 20 list. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: The only reason why I decided to watch VERY BAD THINGS again was because I had a flash vision of it sitting on my padded bedroom chair. For those golden padded wedding chairs that Cameron Diaz is so obsessed with in the above 1998 movie. ~ ~ PS RUSH: Cruz' unconstitutional candidency problems are not a "...Canada thing." ~ ~ Which is the main reason why white people are so sick and tired of rich apostate Christians giving them the middle finger on conservative talk radio.


By now the better half of the Jews know that ROSEMARY'S BABY was a New York City prophecy about Bernie Sanders getting married to the age appropriate Hillary Clinton and having a saragate sex baby by way of some young beautiful blond Christian Catholic church mother. ~ ~ Whatever, don't be too shocked when you see Mia Farrow's very white and clean looking virginal son interviewing America's hottest new it couple, for some new never-heard-of political blog, at the top of the Democrat Party ticket in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Let the new 2016 SNL skits begin. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OFFICIAL RELEASE FORM NOTES: I hereby release the writers, directors, actors, and producers at NBC's weekly program known as 'SNL' from any legal liabilities, or responsibilities, either direct or indirect; by the Infinite Grace of Jesus. ~ ~ From either intentionally or unintentionally using any scripted material herein that is the same, or similar, to the above concepts, ideas, or precepts; whether in whole or in part. ~ ~ [As if I needed the money anyway.] ~ ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: Some black dude who plays for Barack Obama's queer-as-orange jersey DENVER BRONCOS just got busted for entertaining that same hot $500 Asian whore in the VERY BAD THINGS prophecy about Donald Trump becomig the President of America in REV.2016 meets REV.2017. ~ ~ "Once you go Asian, you never go back." [CHARLIE'S ANGELS: meets KILL BILL:3] ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Don't expect me and the boys to put up any big time 6-figure money for CHARLIE'S ANGELS:3&4 if Charlie Sheen does not get to play the part that Bill Murray played in the first two. ~ ~

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


"He'll bleed out..." says the real estate guy with total confidence, as the five white party dudes keep the black man trapped inside of the blood splattered bathroom in VERY BAD THINGS. ~ ~ Knowing full well that Trump's devastating advertising campaign for President of American will run live and non stop for days; without anyone else's commercial political [ambition] distractions, on all of America's primetime network news programs. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with my guts on this one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BING CHERRY NOTES: The corn fed white people's caucus results in the CORN FLAKES state were a classic depiction of how apostate Christians love to cherrypick their favorite lines and verses in the Bible and the US Constitution; while ignoring the Old Testament era BOOK OF MORMON etc. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: You probably lost a few points with the conservatives in Iowa when you hinted at the very last minute that you still believe in national socialist socialized medicine; just like Bernie and Hillary. ~ ~ Sorry, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too; been there, done that. ~ ~ You probably still would have lost the surprise CORN FLAKES serial box prize in pinko Iowa anyway. But it would have been a much closer affair from a philosophical point of view. ~ ~ In my own private biopic movie titled ZERO EFFECT, I tell my billionaire client in Portland, Oregon that "Passion is the enemy of precision." Who still has some unresolved political issues from his special Democrat Reagan [Howard Stern meets Kit Winn meets Glenn Beck] period to sort out.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Five suburban [San Bernardino] white guys on their way to the ten virgins wedding prophecy in MATTHEW 25 decide to party caucus in a deluxe hotel room at some TRUMP resort casino and vote on what to do with the dead whore and the nice dead black man in VERY BAD THINGS, 1998. ~ ~ Which I decided to watch last night because the film's simple title sounded exactly like something that Donald Trump would say. ~ ~ However, never in my wildest dreams did I suppose that the late 1990s gas station [7/11] prices would match up with the extreme radical low prices for gas in the BACK TO THE FURTURE election year of 2016. ~ ~ Wherein Donald Trump makes a surprise visit to a Scottish Prespeterian Church in CORN FLAKES Iowa last Sunday and hears an unpremeditated sermon about how all of the body parts of Christ should be put into their proper burial place. ~ ~ Think DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ And then at the end, Cameron Diaz goes out of her mind and marries that crazy sexy DUMB & DUMER:2 dude from down under in the GOOD CHARLETT rock'n roll band, at: ~ ~ Go figure. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DAVID: You will probably suddenly die, and then become born again, in the blink of an eye. ~ ~ That is at the end of the upcoming era of the physical transfiguration process in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES meets ROD STEEL 0014. ~ ~ No shit. ~ ~ This is that same space rocket time machine that Dr.Evil is now working on at the top of his SPACE NEEDLE fantasy HASTY TASTY restaurant lair front in Seattle. ~ ~ Think IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR meets BLUE HAWAII meets THE FRONT meets THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: Don't even think about making some kind of a retro on demand BEING THERE TV internet series to CASINO ROYALE meets A TOUCH OF EVIL if I don't get to be in it. ~ ~ I give you a million free dollars, you give me a million free dollars. ~ ~ What goes around comes around, yada yada. ~ ~ Call it 'even Steven' whatever. ~ ~ It makes no difference to me. ~ ~ Right now, the only thing that I want in life is a 12 year-old Islay Scott and those two teenage hottie's who live up the street from David Lynch in the Hollywood Hills. ~ ~ DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS NOTES: Just now, Michael has let me know that there is some really annoying Jewish boy in Beverly Hills who is going to direct one of my debut video movies. ~ ~ I would not be surprised if it was that Paul Nestor look alike guy with a camera in THE WOMAN IN RED, at: