Monday, February 15, 2016


When I become the new kind of King of England in 2BC:91 things will change for the better. ~ ~ As they say, "Money changes everything." ~ ~ Per that TIFFANY&CO owned relief gold mine in the background of the 8th golden MORONI trumpet statue posted on here yesterday. ~ ~ Sadly, people like Bernie still believe that this means government confiscated  tax money; and not your own money. ~  ~ Dude. It's 2016, not 1941. ~ ~ And even if racism is still kind of cool. Being an old fart who hates everybody who doesn't agree with his old tired world view of politics, left or right, is not cool.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORONI NOTES: The tallest Moroni stands atop the Jordan River, Utah temple at 20'. In confirmation of the revelation at that says 'Judah stands above all men...'  No.18 in the pictorial shows Moroni with a negro black face that was burned onto him by a bolt of [Harry Potter forehead] lightening. ~ ~ For a warning from God that the Egyptian sons of Ham in BUBBA HO-TEP etc. are not supposed to hold the higher Priesthood in the temple. And Spencer W. Kim/ball was a very short man. And all of the tall Donald Trump Moroni statues on top of the latter days 1290 day temples have him standing on top of a basketball. And see all of that muted trumpet player jazz in such movies as MULHOLLAND DR. and ALL THAT JAZZ, like at: ~ ~ This being the reason why the redheaded templre rites tribe of Levi has such amazingly pure white skin; like Nicole Kidman or Emma Stone.

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