Saturday, February 27, 2016


God how I would love to mow this babe's grass at: ~ ~ Ergo, that shooter at the BIG DOG, HUSTLER, riding lawnmower plant outside Wichita; right after Emma's interview with the grand master witch of American 19666s feminism. ~ ~ Daddy gets all excited and exorcised when his nasty little girls talk back to him. ~ ~ Think that the prophetic no .44 figure in the iconic TAXI DRIVER movie shot all of those future [Chloe Moretz] indie film hand-held-camera pimps in a jealous rage during some climactic political campaign season in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And ZOOLANDER NO.2 had come out barely a week ago. ~ ~ "I AM is a jealous God."  like at, [ 2CO 11: 2] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~FAKE JEWELRY NOTES: The fake jewels and gems allegory at is directly related to Glenn Beck's fake mormon conservativism. As opposed to THE JEWEL OF THE NILE's message about God recovering his precious jewels and gems in the last days. ~ ~ Ergo, that lost tribe gentile hero in the above movie is played by a Jewish actor. And Michael Douglas and his father are still considered to be Hollywood royalty; and rightfully so. ~ ~ UPCOMING NOTES:  Be patient, I'm going to get around to this one as soon as I can, at: ~ ~ I'm only human, first things first, yada yada... Heck, I'm still only half way through my recently updated better-than-ever review of KING OF CALIFORNIA; which I started into again over two months ago. ~ ~ HARD CHOICES: Do I watch SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE on the eve of the all white OSCARS tonight?  ~ ~ Just because I would love to get layed by Gwyneth Paltrow; and I would. ~ ~ Or do I watch Neil LaBute's almost all white movie about white people in Manhattan  agonizing over their dicisions to vote for Donald Trump, or not vote for Donald Trump, in the upcomind 16 election; entitled YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS? ~ ~ Look at it this way. Donald Trump is a tall white man with blond hair. ~ ~ And Chris Rock is a short ass little skinny nigger who looks like a homosexual pizza delivery man on the down low in DO THE RIGHT THING. ~

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