Saturday, February 13, 2016


CRY BABY opens with Hatchet Face getting stung in the ass by some joker in order that we understand the scenario's REV.9 set up. ~ ~ Which is now being confirmed by the blood-sucking mosquito sting plague that is spreading across the New World's New Jerusalem of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ This being the same back-side scorpion sting opening to DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ ~ Ergo, that thin negro who is in REV.13 karma captivity towards the end of CRY BABY is a "SKINNY" bunkbed mate named Barack Obama. ~ ~ Which was just tragetically confirmed again on Friday in Boston, Mass. Where that liberal Jennifer Aniston look alike arts teacher was killed by the same manhole cover that Cry Baby crawls in and out of while trying to escape your typical southern Bible Belt prison in Alabama, at: ~ ~ "A lot of [negro] people are crying right now." Clint Eastwood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IN LIKE FLINT NOTES: The poisoned well situation in Flint, Michigan has to be some kind of a SEMI-PRO omen. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ It will be interesting to see who comes in 4th place tonight in the south. ~ ~ PS WILL FERRELL: Nobody knows how to tell the devil to go to hell like you do in your many completed comedies. ~ ~ Right now, the big thing is Larry David role playing Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ My only problem with that is it's too spot on. So it becomes old and tiresome a bit too soon. ~ ~ Better to have someone like you do it. Which would be more surreal, and therefore more interesting and more intriguing. ~ ~ And I say this as someone who thinks that you are a complete naive idiot square pants savent. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: Don't worry about going to jail just yet. Remember, America's current AG is a negro woman; and her president is a negro homosexual on the down low; and the mainstream media is run by the Jews; not to mention Wall Street, much less Hollywood and Harvard University. ~ ~

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