Sunday, February 7, 2016


TOWER HEIST makes Donald Trump look like a rich red capitalist billionaire Chinaman who doesn't care about the little people. ~ ~ When in fact Hitler rose to power in the 1930s because he was a genuine starving artist socialist hero of the worker. Who hated the same rich banker [Wall Street] Jews of the day who are now bankrolling such recast third-wayers as Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio. ~ ~ And if they ever saw Trump walking down the sidewalk towards them, they would cross the street, and step on a crack and break their mothers' back. ~ ~ If that's what it takes to keep their own shit private. ~ ~ Better red than dead. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 007 NOTES: That red FERRARI in the above Donald Trump hit piece looks a lot like James Bond's car in the first AUSTIN POWERS meets the original GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ As opposed to my 1974 ALFA GTV that your average hard worker could save up for and buy if he lived frugally, and didn't let his ego get the best of him, like at: ~ ~ Seriously, it is OK to have a little fun once in awhile, but not too much, circa VERY BAD THINGS meets CITIZEN KANE:2. ~ ~ True enough, my first exwife from France in THE FRENCH CONNECTION prophecy was as mad as a cunt. ~ ~ But I would not be the sophisticated international man of mystery that I AM today if not for her. ~ ~ Ergo, LAST TANGO IN PARIS would mean nothing to me. Nor would my own private LDS missionary man documentary about me and Giselle Bundchen in D&C 58 called ROMA mean anything. ~ ~

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