Friday, October 31, 2014


SHAUN OF THE DEAD's prophetic allegory about the gentile animal zombies from Africa invading white Israel in EZE.38 is now at the doors. ~ ~ Which is why Prince Hairy proposed to his future princess in a rustic mountainside logcabin in Kenya. ~ ~ Get the picture? ~ ~ "Every picture tells a story don't it...." [Rod Stewart] ~ ~ Meanwhile, finally, the truth is coming out about white people who still believe in some kind of a new and improved and more civilized post-racial version of slavery. As an alternative to the new and improved born again 666 beast; i.e. white slavery. ~ ~ Wherein America finally takes that final step to the right at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WAG THE HOT DOG NOTES: Keep an eye out for my invisible sidekick fucking all of those silly little immature girl scouts who voted for him; like Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts; just for starters. ~ ~ REFRESHER COURSE NOTES: Remember, I get half of your money, and you don't get to read the script. Why confuse things anyway? ~ ~ Besides, me and my half nigger jew sidekick have a strong belief in executive producer powers and privileges.  ~ ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes. Except of course when the exception proves the rule; like in Woody Allen's next SAILOR DOG movie. ~ ~ PS WOODY: My going rate is now around ten big ones per picture.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


The Jews love to play games. Which is where my sidekick and I come into the picture. ~ ~ Hey, you shit on the Word of God, I shit on you; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ Take Clyde Lewis' shitty low rent talk radio show for example; where he could be talking about the born again 666 beast that everyone rich or poor is being forced to bow down and worship. But instead, he just keeps yacking about ghosts and UFOs. ~ ~ Therefore, Jesus just sent him to the hospital for a metaphorical object lesson about the upcoming blood cleansing ordinances in the Utah Mormon temples. ~ ~ Which are going to lead to the  modern day vampire blood sucking physical transfiguration mentioned in 3 NEPHI. ~  ~ I.e.  now you see me, now you don't, now you see me, now you don't. ~ ~ Talk about playing hide-and-seek with the truth. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ALL TALK NOTES: Be slightly aware of any talk radio host who never talks about my sidekick's forged birth certificate and stolen Social Security number.  They don't refer to both of us from time to time as THE INVISIBLE MAN for nothing. ~ ~ PRINCESS DIE NOTES: Princes Di died a violent death in underground Paris because she was fucking a latter-day Sodom and Egypt figure. Ergo, that raththin book about her by Andrew Morton was a 'morto' thing; which means dead as a doornail in Italiano. ~ ~ AMNESTY NOTES: The reason why my invisible man sidekick is so inspired to to let all of those illegal alien gentiles invade white Israel is because you need to be schooled about the differences between the Jews and the darkies. You don't give a shit about me, I don't give a shit about you. ~ ~

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Reportedly, nobody in this fall's invisible election is even being reported on in the Jew media. Lest they be seen as standing at the bar next to my prophetic INSIVIIBLE MAN sidekick drinking buddy, which begins in the dead of winter during the first nazi 666 era at an English pub in a small town. ~ ~ Indeed, pray that your flight not be in winter; during the sea-run rainbow trout steelhead season.  ~ ~ Obviously, no one wants to mention Barack Obama's name right now because we have become such good friends in recent years. ~ ~ GSR/\TWN ~ ~ 35 LINE NOTES: At about 35 minutes into DANCING IN THE RAIN's amazing plural wives line-dancing number, we see one of my tennis ball wives holding two balls for a three-way baller thing. ~ ~ LINE LEADER NOTES: Generally saying,  my first youthful wives are going to become the line leader queens of all of my princesses in the Kingdom of God. Where everyone gets to advance to the next lofty and glorious position of authority and acclaim if they are just willing to patiently wait and pull out their ace cards when the time is right. ~ ~ TIMER NOTES: When you see me hanging out at some London pub with Berry Obama in MARK 13:14 you will know just how wrongO you have been. ~ ~ In other words, the idea that Jesus was never married is totally gay. ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: While cat napping at 4:54 pm on October 23, God suddenly informed me in a spoken word revelation that you have five years left to play your cards right; and put your money where your big mouth is. ~ ~ So here is the deal; you pay for everything, and I give you a cut of Orson Welles inspired born again sailboat movie called  THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. I AM is not joking now. That "sweet sixteen" reference to you getting your well aged cigar smoked  in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is for real. All you have to do is give the nice young lady on the phone at the yatch brokerage your credit card number. Leave the rest up to me, if you know what I mean.

Monday, October 27, 2014


The inspired MOTEL CALIFORNIA concept of flirty fucking for Jesus was introduced in Roma at the end of my Mormon mission. When we were still being banned from saying anything out loud about my hero Joseph Smith getting sucked and fucked by two virgin teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Mind you, this was years before those modernist third way anti communiist Jews started making silent movies in today's politically correct Hollywood. ~ ~ Where the reformed independent marxism of those two Jewish horn dog Marx brothers is now the law of the land. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASTING NOTES: I am probably the best ham actor in Hollywood right now; Ken Keisler being a possible late-bloomer exception. ~ ~ Good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ Hey, why not make an indie fuck film about two middleaged guys fucking four teenagers at the same time, instead of just one guy doing the same boring thing to two bored girls at a time? ~ ~ Which is why Michael Savage is going to provide us with the requisite classic 51' wood sailboat for the retro 1940s era picture. Wherein we do not actually see the erect penis entering the wet vagina. ~ ~ Less is more, and all that, when it comes to making artistic films that incorporate the power of suggestion.


Frederico Fellini was pretty hot stuff by 1957. Ergo, the 57 year-old director of the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy was born in 57; since 1957 was 57 years ago. ~ ~ Who is now about to take that final step to the right. ~ ~ Better late than never. ~ ~  Imagine me fucking Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie at the same time. Then throw Hillary Swank into the mix and you start to get the Divinely inspired picture. ~ ~ If you play your cards to the right, even you can end up in the celestial kingdom as a sex God who can fuck 100 pairs of wives at the same time. ~ ~ Hence all of those overweight Buddhist zen gods in Nepal who are depicted as having an infinite number of simultaneous hands and arms at the same time.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Sadly, I would have been all over Brad Pitt's inspired movie about some Nazi spending 7 years of his life trekking in the Northern Cascade Mountains of Washington State. After I returned from my mission to Rome,  I climbed the cliff along Bridal Veil Falls and fished for those extremely handsome and exotic black-spotted Montana cutthrout trout in the pure as gin white gravel creek that flows down from the two Jordan lakes. Which represent the very fertile Sea of Galoe and the Dead Sea in modern day Judea. But alas, for some reason I have never been able to get my hands on a copy of it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


My next Woody Allen fantasy indie film idea is starting to look like some kind of a Freddy Fellini movie remake; circa 1973. ~ ~ Wherein  Justin Beaver plays my Mormon missionary figure. And just in case you still don't get it, you see me in the background getting a nice hand job by Ms. Selena Gomez meets Penelope Cruz. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~


SINGING IN THE RAIN turned out to be a 1952 prophecy about the look alike voices of Mikey Cyrus behind  the curtain. ~  ~ Wherein all of the immature socialist anti-communist Jew boys in Hollywood finally decide to man up and start openly making talkies. ~ ~ Gene Kelly being one of those typical Broadway theature marxists who believed in protecting free speech.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOTTA FUCK NOTES: Ms Montana's Debbie Rey horny teen cowgirl  figure also had a crush on my middle aged king figure in the MR. IMPERIUM prophecy that actually predated IT STARTED IN NAPLES.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Apparently that blood bath in Marysville was an inside-the-family job confirmation of THE BIG EASY. That particular area of the state being a swampy river delta etc. where the Sky and the Snow Ho come together just upstream from Everett, Washington, if you get my drift. ~ ~ Otherwise, go play in the [I-5] freeway and leave me alone; said the mother to her unruly virgin kids. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE PRICE IS RIGHT NOTEE: Admittedly, I paid 99 bucks for my typical 59 buck off-brand tablet. [Long term never-ending APS purchase contract required.]  ~ ~ SINGING IN THE [Seattle] RAIN NOTES: I forked out 10.99 plus tax for this one today at TARGET. After realizing last night that it was ultimately about the time when people in Hollywood and Brentwood could start to talk openly about what is on their minds. After all those years of making politically correct hush hush silent pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2014


I tried my best last night to get through the last half of DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, but I just couldn't hack it anymore. ~  ~ Sadly, even the worse Jim Carey movies are superior to the best Steve Carell movies. ~ ~ Maybe DUMB AND DUMBER: III will even up the score a little; guess we will just half to wait and see. ~ ~ The polls usually do start to tighten up right before election day in any given November. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOTHER MARY NOTES: An R44 helicopter collided with Angelina Jolie's SR22 in Mary Land on the same day that Seinfeld's copter promo came out for his comedians at STARBUCKS series. Right there is Rt.70 and all that shit. ~ ~ I tried to go back for seconds and watch it another time, but it was a no go on my new $59 off-brand knock-off Android tablet.  Whatever, if this does not become some kind of a groovy underground indie film comedy, shot on the cheap in home video, I wash my hands of the whole thing. ~ ~ Believe it or not, my new 59 buck unit that looks like a cheap piece of shit, is also a video recorder; a voice-over recorder; a still lense camera,  with full editing capabilities; plus email and voice texting. ~ ~ Oh how the high and mighty are gonna fall, and fall hard.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I only got half way through the two hour long DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS last night, for the first time ever. Which obviously is some kind of a D&C 58 parody on yours truly. By a converted Baptist Jew director who still doesn't get what Sara Palin and the Tea Party are all about. ~ ~ Think that final step to the right at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.  ~ ~ Wherein decent society finally gets protected from today's Jews, niggers, and queers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEVIL NOTES: That double feature train wreck in Ark happened just east of Devil's Den State Park. Right there is the White Rock W.M.A. on my atlas map.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Just after I realized that the NYT no. 56,666 falls on Hillary Clinton's October 26 birthday, I saw those new pix of Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz attending some fundraiser for the crazy bitch in Brentwood, LA; formerly known as Area Code 310. ~ ~ Meaning the "29ish" time warp of the upcoming physical transfiguration blood cleansings could easily look around 27-31; but more like 41ish if you are already in your 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHAT ABOUT BOB? NOTES: My crazy uncle Bob was a retarded kids high school teacher in Utah; who told me more than once that most men don't really grow up and mature until they are around 40, according to research. I.e. Rush exploded on the national scene around age 40, and I started to listen to him on a regular basis around age 40. And then the Jerry Seignfeld sitcom show about immature Jew boys came out of nowhere, and caught everybody in Hollywood with their WORLDWIDE PANTS down. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN:  Please stop arguing with me; your are not my wife.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Obviously, a married middleaged Bill Clinton getting his cock smoked by a teenager is what eventually paved the way for me to become some kind of a time warped Jesus Christ super star stud. ~ ~ Think Clyde Lewis and Elton John are still blaming the devil for  anything and everything that Jesus the love guru is doing right now. Which means that I too get to do anything that I want to with my two teenager wives. ~ ~ In some kind of an indie film starring both Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz, filmed in Seattle.  If the money is right of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN  ~ ~ DARK LIGHT NOTES: We hear that..."Darkness has conquered Brad and Janet... " over the end credits to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 2014. When the half hour of silence in heaven is coming to an end. ~ ~ PS KEN: That London zombie movie called SHAUN OF THE DEAD was an obvious look alike take on you and your old couch crashing buddy. I'll try to see it again before October 29. Meanwhile, I'll put in a call to Elizabeth Hurley and see if she is interrested in some kind of a remake; costarring Ellen Fanning, of course: who else?

Monday, October 20, 2014


Frankenfurter's handy man didn't recognize me at first when I rang his doorbell in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; even though yours truly looked exactly like him back in 74. ~ ~ Flash forward to the physical transfiguration time warp of today and you get the picture. Wherein I get to fuck both Brad Pitt's wife and Justin Theroux's fiancee. ~ ~ Or as Jesus says at, " will be worth it."  ~ ~ In other words, when one of my brothers dies, I am supposed to take care of his wives until he returns in the first ressurrection.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SWEET GUITAR NOTES: I would only expect to be having a ball driving my mint condition evergreen  72 ALFA in 3rd gear for about five years, tops. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Stop your bitching and start helping mememe with my designs on having an English country estate with my own private top fly fishing spring creek.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Last night I watched Frankenfurter's sidekick creation getting chased around the woods of the Evergreen State by Sheriff  Joe's future birther posse in 1935's THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Then this morning, I read that the very same posse in Pennsylvania 6-5000 has now gone over to the Paradise area in search of the man with a mud race mask on his face who had shot those two troopers in the Lords Valley area, due west of Twin Lakes. ~ ~ Now I hear that the niggers were rioting again this weekend; but this time it was up in the White Mountains area of New Ham/shire. ~ ~ A born again nigger is a new nigger by any other color. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE MEETS DAVID LYNCH: You don't let me down this time, I don't let you down next time. You owe me, I owe you, yada yada, times two.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


My protagonist is wearing an evergreen STARBUCKS barista apron and pink rubber gloves when he declares that, "...paradise is to be mine!" in my own private  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy shot in 1974. For that cat.4 that just rolled into all those famous pink sand REV.13.1 beaches in the Bermuda Triangle paradise islands zone. ~ ~ Hence, the longest running movie in the history of Hollywood theaters features a necklace chain of smart 'I' phone pendents when Brad and Janet show up at that hunting lodge for rich half Jew weirdos; like Bill Gates; Paul Allen; Jeff [Relf] Bezos; yada yada.; asking to use their 666 telephone; which can hear and speak just like a real human being. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BRAD: The reason why you suck as a father is because you are not teaching your kids about the way to eternal life. ~ ~ MO BETTER NOTES: Last night I was starting to feel a bit down; until I saw that new handy man INSTIGRAM photo of Ariana Grande giving me the secret temple handshake job at ZIMBIO. For a homage to my famous hand job scene in THE BIG EASY. How nice to know that I will always have an ace in the hole. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: Now that the GIANTS and the ROYALS are in the world atlas series I'm gonna need that 51' sailboat I told you about back when. Don't worry, there will be something in it for you too, times two.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Those two train wrecks of Judah and Ephraim happened in Washington [DC]  County, Ark. Thursday at about 11:00 AM for today's two witnesses on AM talk radio. Who could have taken out the abomination of desolation in MARK years ago. But they did not do it because nobody ever taught them about D&C 57; not to mention the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Ergo, the mostly negro British Bermuda gets it today.  ~ ~ For example, for five years, the Republicans in congress followed the advise of the apostate mormon church leadership about not being contentious and argumentative. Because that is what their foolish virgin girl wives wanted. ~  ~ In other words, if you refuse to cave in and compromise you get no sucky fucky.  Whereas, if you have more than one wife, who is much younger to boot, you can always tell the first older one to go fuck off. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ MADISON LINE NOTES: Hillary Clinton's crazy lunatic Madison County, Ark is located right next to Washington County. Note the Brentwood omen right there on your R/M atlas of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ The reason why homosexual marriage is now the law of the land is because polygamy is still illegal in the minds of people like Ken Kemp and Elder Oaks.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


That cat.4 is slamming into Clyde Lewis' UFO triangles show atlas location in confirmation of Taylor Swift's new DR. NO pussy cats video for COCA COLA; now posted at J2, etc. ~ ~ Which is about that Egyptian triangle icon on my Jesus Christ super star figure in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.  ~ ~ Which is the very same UFO triad that Clyde saw one day in Portland when he stepped out of an evergreen storefront STARBUCKS. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~
OOPSY: Sorry about the enclosed 11:57 time-stamp; didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ KILLER NOTES: Elizabeth Hurley's KILL CRUISE prophecy that came out in 1989 was a Bermuda Triangle thing. ~ ~ MIDDLE AGED ECONOMIC CRISIS NOTES:
I may look like I'm almost 57, as I drive around town in my original condition 1972 evergreen ALFA VELOCE with a nice pair of like-new 2+2 brown leather seats,  but I still feel much younger than that. ~ ~ You would too if you knew what I knew. ~ ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Reportedly, around 20 love guru mountain guides were just killed in a freak post-season avalanche. Think Jim Car Rey in PET DETECTIVE: II, Africa.
 Not to mention Dr. 'Everest' Scott in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; who was a reference to the film's homosexual UFO expert narrator on criminal behavior. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Yeah I know. I'm never going to look like a typical Charles Atlas in this life time. More like my fit and trim skinny protagonist does in THE BIG EASY, 1987.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Shortly after I had received a special notice in the mail from SLC, Utah that God himself had casted me in some really sweet jewcy role in Federico Fellini's upcoming production of ROMA,  I handed over the keys to my very dented up white 57 CHEVY to Ken McLeod; and never looked back.  ~ ~ Then right after I got back from Rome, I saw SLEEPER in some old run down late-run retro theater in Greenwood. Where they recently shot those scenes of me flirty fucking Keira Knightly and Chloe Moretz at the same time on my 54' Bogart sailboat on Lake Union;  think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets Woody Allen's next untitled movie filmed in Newport, Rhode Island.  Bogie kept his boat tied up in Newport, California, and all that jazz. ~ ~ GSRxTWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Ken was already driving a purpleish 57 BELAIR CHEY V-8 at the time; hence his special look alike appearance with Ken Kemp in SLEEPER. ~ ~ Think DUMB AND DUMBER: III takes place somewhere in Colorado. The 57 CHEVY was famous for it's notorious REV.13.1 shark fin tail design, yada yada. ~ ~ Also, Donnatela Greco was born in 57, for a IT STARTED IN NAPLES thing. Since the first time that I ever got behind the wheel of an ALFA was in Naples, circa 1973. That was the exact same vague beige [unknown] ambiguios color of the 76 ALFETTA that I bought in Middle/vale, Utah on State Street and then picked up down on the mob-union controlled  import docks in Long Beach, California; for around $7600. Back when they were just giving them away. And I got the last laugh as I drove it up through southern Utah on I-15 doing  100 all the way. ~ ~ Later I learned that Donnatella was fucking some up and coming Naples mob underboss who was driving the same duel
overhead cam fuel injected car with duel torsion-bar stabilizers and rear-end transaxle. ~ ~  Fascist mob rule is a crazy Jewish mother thing for little boys who never grew up; which is why nigger hating Nazism never seems to go away; not to mention the fact that most white people hate queers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


SLEEPER is about the new and improved fascistic futurist  leader who was nominated in Colored-ado by Jewish liberals like Woody Allen. ~ ~ Who see themselves as Clyde Lewis type independents; just because they are not communists. ~ ~ Hence, Bogie starts to look a lot like Jerry Seignfeld in THE BIG SLEEP.  ~ ~ Wherein everyone is trying to figure out the confusing encoded plot line about the last days blackmailer in DC.  ~ ~ Therefore the short 5'7" actor died in 57 at age 57, per that line of Judah in D&C 57, in order to simplify things. ~ ~ In other words, the Jews in Hollywood are going to have to pay me off one way or the other. ~ ~ And no, you don't get to read the screenplay first. ~ ~ GSR?TWN  ~ ~
BRIDES OF DRACULA NOTES: The latest horror wedding confirmation happened near Upper Sandusky, Ohio for that PLAIN DEALER newspaper in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about modern apostate christian marriage. ~ ~ Here is Miranda Kerr flashing her missing wedding ring at: ~ ~ Remember,  Rush Limbaugh was married to his third crazy football fan wife by a negro priest. Who is still staying silent about Barack Obama's stolen iPAD Social Security number. ~ ~ The only real political independents out there right now are the so called Tea Party people. Everyone else on the AM radio dial is just fronting for ratings and advertiser dollars.  You talk about the real Obama, you get kicked off the air.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Right after I had installed my new 1990s era cutting-edge 35" SONY that I had bought at a garage sale on Evergreen Drive for ten bucks, I ran into Paul Garrison on my way out to STARBUCKS. Where he showed me his new slim finger that was missing his wedding ring. ~ ~ Because my new big picture TV had allowed me to see the bride's bouquet lying on someone's grave in the background of the opening to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about me, circa 1974-1979, when it was all over. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. ~ ~ GSR×TWN ~ ~
FORBIDDEN NOTES: The detestable "forbidden fruit" in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE HORROR is about the modern day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I was right all along, and Ken Kemp et al had their heads up their asses. ~ ~ NEGRO NOTES: The Gus van Sant figure in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT starts singing on the piano about the future [number 20] leader of the new nice-guy Nazi occupation of America at 1:20:09 on my DVD.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


That famous hot sex match-up hotel room scene in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT is what I'm talking about when I make not-so-suggestive references to Elizabeth Hurley in THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE. The latter featuring a huge black and white portrait of yours truly hanging on the wall above her cheap hotel room beds. ~ ~ Am I the only person out there right now who has noticed that Lauren Bacall's lips move exactly like Chloe Moretz' lips when she reads her sexy blow job lines? ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: You accused me of being asleep on the job last night in a dream about Boggie's fishing boat side-kick. Looks like it is time for you to either fish or cut bait. Whatever, have it your way. ~ ~ MILF NOTES: I fully realize that Jennifer Anniston is not a mother yet. But that doesn't make her any less alluring in my mind. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already, I'm now almost 63 and the physical transfiguration is still a few years away from kicking in; meanwhile I AM is having more erotic dreams about fucking hot 17-19ish teenagers than ever.  ~ ~ STINGING NOTES: The gay piano player in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT looks just like a physically transfigured 29ish  Gus Van Sant.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I'm talking about you Angelina Jolie-Pitt, and you too Jennifer Aniston-Pitt. Now is the time to lose the boyfriends and get a real man for a husband. ~ ~ This coming from a guy who considers both Brad Pitt and Justin Theraux to be my friends and blood brothers. ~ ~ Per that Spanish speaking actor in MULHOLLAND DR. who owns that cheap Hotel California. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT NOTES: My prophetic fisherman in this Devil's Island, USA [Puget Sound] movie ends up becoming a fisherman of men. ~ ~ Think CAPTAIN RON meets KEY LARGO in some kind of a reincarnation about me getting to fuck both Chloe Moretz and Elizabeth Hurley at the same time in Woody Allen's next movie, starring Emma Stone again. ~ ~ Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Friday, October 10, 2014


I never had heard of that French detective novelist who won the Nobel when I got TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT on Wednesday at WAL*MART. Now I see that many of his books take place during the Nazi occupation of France in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. ~ ~ Think some strange illegal alien invades and occupies Gwyneth Paltrow's home in LA and she loves it, just like in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. ~ ~ Which is why silly women and wild child negros don't get to vote in The Kingdom of God. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: See that famous Hollywood Nazi shorty-actor scene in the EATING RAOUL prophecy for a Dr. Scott style refresher course in UFO Scientology. ~ ~ FALSE PROPHET NOTES: The future false prophet cited in REV.16 is Islam. Which is why all of today's false prophets on the left who worship the same false 666 idol don't want you to say anything about Obama's false birth certificate and his stolen Social Security iPAD number.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


This 1944 CLOUD NINE movie is about me hooking up with my sexy wife from Brazil who is much younger than me. Back when the first beast in REV.13 was illegally occupying (1776) France. For the time when the born again apostate Christian beast would come back to mess with us on Clyde Lewis' GROUND ZERO EFFECT radio show. ~ ~ Ergo, the REV.9 stinger motif in the old long dead FDR era movie was just confirmed by that ATTACK OF THE KILLER BEES down in Sheriff Joe's Doughlas, Arizona. ~ ~ And the NOBEL going to that French Jewish Italian writer of detective novels. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ REV.9 NOTES: Obama is the negro who the gay piano player sings about, after living like an alien in Asian Hawaii for twenty years. ~ ~ BRUCE WILLIS NOTES: The star of DIE HARD:7 needs to start making more [earnest] Hemingway movies; set in Sun Valley, Idaho and Key West etc. Even if he has to pay for them out of his own pocket. ~ ~ What? You don't like getting your cock sucked anymore by a couple of virgin teenagers? I thought you were better than that.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I was awaken Tuesday morning by the very concerned and perfectly clear voice of Gwyneth Paltrow that simply said, "War". Note the lack of an exclamation point here. I.e. she was rather worried, but not panicked. ~ ~ Think IVORS' famous 1960-70s clam chowder restaurant slogan from the coolest city in the world, that goes, "Stay clam..." ~ ~ Believe me, I know what I AM is talking about. Who grew up and became a man at HASTY TASTY; where we only served SNOWS CLAM CHOWDER; doctored up with a lot of extra butter and fresh steamed potato pieces. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, October 6, 2014


"Monday Monday, can't trust that day..." goes the prophetic 60s era song. ~ ~ Wherein the Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt just left their lower courts' decision on gay marriage and Obama's fake birth certificate stand. ~ ~ Now comes the big ugly brown stick on the back of America. Like in when the upstairs temple in Jew York gets cleansed by Jesus's whip in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ In confirmation of my latest stand up stonewall picture no. 59 posting of Emma Watson. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TIMELINE NOTES: 1974-75's midnight movie prophecy about the strange nighttime GSR/TWN poster takes place in "late November". On the very same date when the blond haired sexy abs look alike Miley Cyrus was born again on 11.23 in 1992. ~ ~ Therefore, one should not forget to mark the movie's seven-days-later date on their 2014 calendar. Which just happens to be Woody Allen's birth date; by the hand of God. ~ ~ FAMILY HISTORY NOTES: Back in the late 30s, when Hitler was really starting to feel his oats, Grandma Sandler would usually drop off my [GRANDMA'S BOY] forerunner father at the CLOUD 9 theater on North Roosevelt in Seattle. Where the double feature movies, the cartoons, and the news reels would take up around five hours minimum. So you can just guess what kind of afternoon delight she was having in the meantime. ~ ~ No wonder that she was always that special old lady in my heart of hearts; as we sat on her sofa together in the mid 1980s while dying laughing at the Johnny Carson show's appearances of Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Towards the end of RLDS Conference on Saturday, circa 2:49 pm PST, I had a sudden FLASH GORDON vision wherein I flushed my downstairs toilet full of little brown squirt-shits and not a few giggles. ~ ~ Then later, I actually did have to run to the basement bathroom at 7:03 pm and make an emergency dump. And when I turned around and looked back inside the toilet bowl, I was shocked to see the exact image of a rather greenish looking limestone colored pile that formed the perfect sculpture of a hand giving me the extended middle finger. ~ ~ I shit you not. ~ ~ Then a few hours later, I saw that arrogant know-it-all Jewish jerk from New York wearing a limestone sweater and giving the crazy Republican christian church lady nurse figure the finger in MISERY; set in Barack Obama's Colorado. [Think Rocky Mtns. Utah] ~ ~ In other words, today's polite society honorary doctorate leadership of the mormon church still think that their own shit don't stink. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN VIRGIN NOTES: In the late night dark hours of 10.5, I dreamed that the naive Emma Watson had lost her virginity to some metaphorical Frankenfurter figure in Manhattan, NY meets Brown University, RI. Where theoretically Woody Allen's next sailor dog movie is supposed to take place, co-starring Emma Stone. ~ ~ Those foolish five 14-15ish virgin teens burned to death in Orange County after a night out at KNOTTS BERRY FARMS' Octoberfest style ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW style haunted house attraction. ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DIRECTOR WRITER STAR NOTES: So what now? Do I go with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler just because they all have my kind of fuck-you money? ~ ~ Or do I humble myself and accept the fact that I could live off of my filthy rich wives' money for the rest of my life and make any feature length indie film fuck movie on low cost home video that I want to? ~ ~ RATHER FRANK NOTES: Frank has an honorary '59' Second Class Boy Scout achievement patch on the arm of his trademark GSR/TWN black leather jacket in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Per this fake number 59 image of Emma Watson at: ~ ~ Who is now being pushed up against a gray stonewall by me and gets softly and slowly fucked by the hard Rock of Jesus cock; and she likes it. ~ ~ [Oh you dirty little girl.] ~ ~

Saturday, October 4, 2014


That medicine wheel helicopter just fell out of the sky in Wichita Falls, Texas for a second example of the Turner Falls, Oklahomo accident. The dusty town's Clay County border line being a borderline reference to Klayman's new action to remove the desolation of abomination from the Greek [president] White House in DC. ~ ~ Since this is the place on your R/M atlas of Judah and Ephraim where Obama's ominous I-44 freeway begins on the west side. ~ ~ Right there is the T.G.I.F. 2014 Jewish Day of Judgement Holliday, Texas location on Rt.82, downstream from Ken Kemp's Lake Kemp fantasy fun land, and all that jazz. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ T.G.I.F. NOTES: This time it was a Brit on Friday's decapitation video for THE ROCKY HORROR [VIDEO] SHOW that was made in Britain. Which features a decapitated Medusa sports idol at about 1:13:40 on my DVD. Per the movie show's seven days [G7] theme references to the 666 beast of the seven peaks above SLC, Utah in REV.13, 17, etc. ~ ~ Huge 1260 days fire omen at THE AVIATOR's flight 1993 confirmation on your atlas at: ~ ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: See this enlightening link for a rather telling glimpse of what is really going on in the background at 30 ROCK and the NYT, at: ~ ~ Not to mention the Rush Limbaugh show on RKO radio. ~ ~ WILCOX FARMS NOTES: Believe it or not, that clean living naive Christian nerd family man from Britain, who just got his head cut off like an egg laying chicken, was named Henning. ~ ~ Lake Arrowhead is located next to Scotland, Texas, for example. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ MODERN POLYGAMY NOTES: Here is my German Jewish wife from Brazil having loads of fun role playing my [Madison dance] line leader, at: ~ ~ Ergo, the reason why polygamy is still illegal in Utah is because today's pussy whipped Ken Kemp type Mormons are still worrying too much about what the world might think of them. ~ ~ Same thing goes for negros holding the priesthood of Adam; women being allowed to vote; and their strange obsession with reformed Protestant teetotalerism. Which was the birth of modernism's Marxist feminist movement featured in Woody Allen's inspired MIDNIGHT IN PARIS fantasy movie.

Friday, October 3, 2014


There is a Divinely inspired reason why Howard Stern keeps going on and on about MILFs. ~ ~ Take Scarlett Johansson for example, who descends down the airport escalator at the end of VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA as we hear the word "...Ebola..." in the Spanish score lyrics, circa 2008. And then we see Granny Grass walking away in the background. ~ ~ Shortly after we had seen that Robin [bird] Williams look alike in the white bird cage shot. ~ ~ Wherein Vicky gets a call from her real husband, and not that boring moronic man that she had just married. ~ ~ For a second example, see this inspired pap of the SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE actress who speaks fluent Spanish pretending to be secretly talking to someone else on her cell phone, at: ~ ~ And who usually spends a few months every year living in Spain. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: Justin Beaver would play that naive filmmaker fiancée to my Orson Welles era fuck interest in any LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake. If his French Canadian accent acting is not all that groovy, then we will just work that into the screenplay and make the most of it. ~ ~ KISSING COUSINS NOTES: On some level, Vicky's rich husband reminds me of the same boring man that my hot blond babe cousin married. [The second daughter of my uncle James Relf who is a dead ringer for the shortish Ben Stiller.] ~ ~ Meanwhile, she now spends all of her time traveling around the world without him and staying in 5-star HILTON HOTELs; just trying to keep herself amused and satisfied until something better comes along, like me. ~ ~ Think Paris Hilton hooks up with me when the time is right for both of us. ~ ~ And Sarah Silverman too, if she plays her cards right. ~ ~ Who knows, maybe I let Woody fuck my wife Sarah just because they both have the same birth dates, like Michael Douglas and Catherin Zeta Jones. If that is what it takes to get him up and going again, like at: ~ ~ PS WOODY: Jesus Christ already. Even I never thought about the idea of you making a really groovy and more interesting horror movie for neurotic pseudo intellectual thinkers, like at: ~ ~ I'm thinking some kind of a creepy transfigured Orson Welles Dracula wanna be in heavy makeup hooks up with an older and therefore more vulnerable ensemble cast that includes the still sexy Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Elizabeth Hurley; set in London. ~ ~ Who promises them the fountain of youth; yada yada. ~ ~ That is if they all agree to sign on the dotted line and then suck every drop from his cock until it runs dry; yada yada. ~ ~ And of course as usual, you get to write it and direct it. Not only because the tax free six-figure money will be right, but you also will get a nice piece of the action. ~ ~ "When you build up the Kingdom of God, you are building up your own kingdom." []

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Small private business owners and operators in [Craig] Ferguson are now demanding that Homeland Security step in and put a stop to all of those packs of niggers who are running wild and terrorizing everybody in their neighborhood streets after midnight. ~ ~ Therefore, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS's fantasy culture movie was confirmed by that I-35 wreck south of Turner Falls. Wherein Turner is brought up by that Brown University type pseudo intellectual Jewish bisexual just before we see Picasso's amazingly freaky girl-soft-ball-player in action portrait at: ~ ~ That was confirmed in the same movie by those two funny icomic overweight lesbians of the future, circa 1996. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I-35 NOTES: Not only is Owen Wilson from the I-35 Denton County, Texas area, but so is George Bush Jr. ~ ~ Hence the sudden appearance of that prophetic George Jr. look alike in the floor show climax in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. G.W. being half Jewish, and all that jazz. ~ ~ AHEAD OF THE CURVE BALL NOTES: You will never hear about this in the officially sanctioned liberal state media. But Clyde Lewis has been warning us now for quite some time about the fact that an environmentally cleansing neutron bomb kills all living organisms inside of it's typical TMZ range blast area circle; which would of course include the Ebola virus. And leaves everything that is physically inert completely unaffected and in pure mint condition. ~ ~ Talk about sanitizing the news, etc. ~ ~ SHORT JEW NOTES: The 5'5" tall Woody Allen is more red-head Levite than blond hair blue eyed Jew. ~ ~ Think Adolf Hitler meets Tom Cruise meets Dustin Hoffman meets Martin Scors meets Spike Lee in WAG THE DOG: II. Not to mention Robert Redford and Robert De Niro; much less Mickey Rooney. ~ ~ TALL TALE NOTES: Both The King of Hollywood [Clarke Gable] and John Wayne were tall in the saddle riding Jewish dudes; and so was Ronald Reagan. Get the picture?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Bar none, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA is the best plural marriage portrait that has ever been made to date. ~ ~ Wherein Scarlett Johansson has had her eternal happiness handed to her on a silver platter. But that wasn't enough; per Rush Limbaugh quoting the Internet comedian's line in his opening monologue on Wednesday that goes, "You know what makes women happy?.. Nothing." ~ ~ No wonder that there are so many sexually retarded immuture Jew boy homosexuals out there who still have such a hard time relating to and liking women. ~ ~ Ergo, Rachel McAdams is such a crazy marxist eco-bitch-feminist-radical that even the chickafied politically-correct Woody Allen doesn't want to see her on his set anymore. ~ ~ Plural marriage is great and all; but it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS NOTES: Owen Wilson's nose looks like a penis. Hence all of his inspired casting roles as the royal sire of England. ~ ~ A nose is a nose by any other name. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ ROCKY HORROR NOTES: Woody Allen's two above movies are the perfect double-feature midnight show match. Per the two witnesses' double feature opening to 1974's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Wherein the prophetic blond Miley Cyrus look alike protagonist has your typical Dutch haircut and great abs. ~ ~ PARIS NOTES: Scarlett Johansson now lives in Paris, go figure. Think LAST TANGO IN PARIS, the remake. ~ ~ WEDDING CRASHER NOTES: The real reason why Brad did not attend George Clooney's wedding in Venice is because his new bride is a bit too much of a lunatic Jew hater even for his tastes.