Monday, October 6, 2014


"Monday Monday, can't trust that day..." goes the prophetic 60s era song. ~ ~ Wherein the Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt just left their lower courts' decision on gay marriage and Obama's fake birth certificate stand. ~ ~ Now comes the big ugly brown stick on the back of America. Like in when the upstairs temple in Jew York gets cleansed by Jesus's whip in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ In confirmation of my latest stand up stonewall picture no. 59 posting of Emma Watson. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TIMELINE NOTES: 1974-75's midnight movie prophecy about the strange nighttime GSR/TWN poster takes place in "late November". On the very same date when the blond haired sexy abs look alike Miley Cyrus was born again on 11.23 in 1992. ~ ~ Therefore, one should not forget to mark the movie's seven-days-later date on their 2014 calendar. Which just happens to be Woody Allen's birth date; by the hand of God. ~ ~ FAMILY HISTORY NOTES: Back in the late 30s, when Hitler was really starting to feel his oats, Grandma Sandler would usually drop off my [GRANDMA'S BOY] forerunner father at the CLOUD 9 theater on North Roosevelt in Seattle. Where the double feature movies, the cartoons, and the news reels would take up around five hours minimum. So you can just guess what kind of afternoon delight she was having in the meantime. ~ ~ No wonder that she was always that special old lady in my heart of hearts; as we sat on her sofa together in the mid 1980s while dying laughing at the Johnny Carson show's appearances of Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~

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