Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Shortly after I had received a special notice in the mail from SLC, Utah that God himself had casted me in some really sweet jewcy role in Federico Fellini's upcoming production of ROMA,  I handed over the keys to my very dented up white 57 CHEVY to Ken McLeod; and never looked back.  ~ ~ Then right after I got back from Rome, I saw SLEEPER in some old run down late-run retro theater in Greenwood. Where they recently shot those scenes of me flirty fucking Keira Knightly and Chloe Moretz at the same time on my 54' Bogart sailboat on Lake Union;  think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets Woody Allen's next untitled movie filmed in Newport, Rhode Island.  Bogie kept his boat tied up in Newport, California, and all that jazz. ~ ~ GSRxTWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Ken was already driving a purpleish 57 BELAIR CHEY V-8 at the time; hence his special look alike appearance with Ken Kemp in SLEEPER. ~ ~ Think DUMB AND DUMBER: III takes place somewhere in Colorado. The 57 CHEVY was famous for it's notorious REV.13.1 shark fin tail design, yada yada. ~ ~ Also, Donnatela Greco was born in 57, for a IT STARTED IN NAPLES thing. Since the first time that I ever got behind the wheel of an ALFA was in Naples, circa 1973. That was the exact same vague beige [unknown] ambiguios color of the 76 ALFETTA that I bought in Middle/vale, Utah on State Street and then picked up down on the mob-union controlled  import docks in Long Beach, California; for around $7600. Back when they were just giving them away. And I got the last laugh as I drove it up through southern Utah on I-15 doing  100 all the way. ~ ~ Later I learned that Donnatella was fucking some up and coming Naples mob underboss who was driving the same duel
overhead cam fuel injected car with duel torsion-bar stabilizers and rear-end transaxle. ~ ~  Fascist mob rule is a crazy Jewish mother thing for little boys who never grew up; which is why nigger hating Nazism never seems to go away; not to mention the fact that most white people hate queers.

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