Sunday, October 12, 2014


That famous hot sex match-up hotel room scene in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT is what I'm talking about when I make not-so-suggestive references to Elizabeth Hurley in THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE. The latter featuring a huge black and white portrait of yours truly hanging on the wall above her cheap hotel room beds. ~ ~ Am I the only person out there right now who has noticed that Lauren Bacall's lips move exactly like Chloe Moretz' lips when she reads her sexy blow job lines? ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: You accused me of being asleep on the job last night in a dream about Boggie's fishing boat side-kick. Looks like it is time for you to either fish or cut bait. Whatever, have it your way. ~ ~ MILF NOTES: I fully realize that Jennifer Anniston is not a mother yet. But that doesn't make her any less alluring in my mind. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already, I'm now almost 63 and the physical transfiguration is still a few years away from kicking in; meanwhile I AM is having more erotic dreams about fucking hot 17-19ish teenagers than ever.  ~ ~ STINGING NOTES: The gay piano player in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT looks just like a physically transfigured 29ish  Gus Van Sant.

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