Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Just after I realized that the NYT no. 56,666 falls on Hillary Clinton's October 26 birthday, I saw those new pix of Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz attending some fundraiser for the crazy bitch in Brentwood, LA; formerly known as Area Code 310. ~ ~ Meaning the "29ish" time warp of the upcoming physical transfiguration blood cleansings could easily look around 27-31; but more like 41ish if you are already in your 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHAT ABOUT BOB? NOTES: My crazy uncle Bob was a retarded kids high school teacher in Utah; who told me more than once that most men don't really grow up and mature until they are around 40, according to research. I.e. Rush exploded on the national scene around age 40, and I started to listen to him on a regular basis around age 40. And then the Jerry Seignfeld sitcom show about immature Jew boys came out of nowhere, and caught everybody in Hollywood with their WORLDWIDE PANTS down. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN:  Please stop arguing with me; your are not my wife.

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