Thursday, October 2, 2014


Small private business owners and operators in [Craig] Ferguson are now demanding that Homeland Security step in and put a stop to all of those packs of niggers who are running wild and terrorizing everybody in their neighborhood streets after midnight. ~ ~ Therefore, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS's fantasy culture movie was confirmed by that I-35 wreck south of Turner Falls. Wherein Turner is brought up by that Brown University type pseudo intellectual Jewish bisexual just before we see Picasso's amazingly freaky girl-soft-ball-player in action portrait at: ~ ~ That was confirmed in the same movie by those two funny icomic overweight lesbians of the future, circa 1996. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I-35 NOTES: Not only is Owen Wilson from the I-35 Denton County, Texas area, but so is George Bush Jr. ~ ~ Hence the sudden appearance of that prophetic George Jr. look alike in the floor show climax in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. G.W. being half Jewish, and all that jazz. ~ ~ AHEAD OF THE CURVE BALL NOTES: You will never hear about this in the officially sanctioned liberal state media. But Clyde Lewis has been warning us now for quite some time about the fact that an environmentally cleansing neutron bomb kills all living organisms inside of it's typical TMZ range blast area circle; which would of course include the Ebola virus. And leaves everything that is physically inert completely unaffected and in pure mint condition. ~ ~ Talk about sanitizing the news, etc. ~ ~ SHORT JEW NOTES: The 5'5" tall Woody Allen is more red-head Levite than blond hair blue eyed Jew. ~ ~ Think Adolf Hitler meets Tom Cruise meets Dustin Hoffman meets Martin Scors meets Spike Lee in WAG THE DOG: II. Not to mention Robert Redford and Robert De Niro; much less Mickey Rooney. ~ ~ TALL TALE NOTES: Both The King of Hollywood [Clarke Gable] and John Wayne were tall in the saddle riding Jewish dudes; and so was Ronald Reagan. Get the picture?

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