Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hey, whatever floats your ferry boat, or not. ~ ~ The new Batman is going to be Ben Aflect in confirmation of the July 20th beginning of Colorado's day 1290 no.9 screen scenario. ~ ~ In other words; you love to fuck Gisele Bundchen, I love to fuck Jennifer Garner and her too at the same time. ~ ~ Just remember that my little rented white house on Taylors Ferry Road in Gus van Sant's Portland was a hard core prophecy about me taking the Long Island ferry over to Taylor's shag pad on Watch Hill, Road Island. ~ ~ Think everybody is watching me fuck her in Woody's BANANAS prophecy finale about today's third world monkey man in the illegally occupied Casablanca. ~ ~ What? You don't believe in free love? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK STORY LINKS: ~ ~ SUN, SEX, AND PASTA NOTES: Michael Savage's twin 51ish foot VOLVO yacht is my next temporary home. Where all those dime millionaire baby boomers live on their boats in San Marino County, California. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? ~ ~ Think Evangeline Lilly and I go fishing on an old wooden rowboat up in B.C. Where the 9" smoked trout taste just like white smoked cheese on a cracker with a 35 dollar fume blanc.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Basically, SMOKIN' ACES is a Lake Tahoe Godfather prophecy about when the FBI would betray America; by not arresting Barack Obama. ~ ~ Who everybody knows is not even a US citizen. ~ ~ You dance with the cursed dark skin devils in the Book of Mormon, you get what you deserve, in spades. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: For my October 29 birthday, Jesus gave me a really nice lucid dream about Kate Holmes sucking on my cock. While I noticed that Steven Fresh was watching us in the background. Who was the one who first introduced me to the joys of driving a 1972 VELOCE in 3rd gear. ~ ~ 1290 DAYS NOTES: My trusty sidekick Barack Obama is right of course. The mormon icon Mitt Romney is not that much different from him. And there are a lot of return RLDS missionaries who now work for the FBI; because of their bisexual bilingual skills. Plus they have that certain short haircut.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It's October 29, 2013, and still Jerry Seignfeld has not had the time to go over to one of his airplane hangers full of hundreds of classic [VELOCE] cars and find one for me that he can live without. Talk about your typical tight ass Jew who shows up regulary at all those phony high society charity events in the Hamptons. ~ ~ So now I gotta call in the juice man; who soon will be featured in CABLE GUY: II. ~ ~ Believe me, it's gonna hurt you more than it hurts me. ~ ~ And that's no small boast. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROD OF JESSE NOTES: Here's the hot rod link I'm talking about at:,_Where's_My_Car%3F ~ ~ TCB NOTES: Please have someone put a really strong and thick silicone-based wax job on my race-car green 1972 ALFA with brown leather seats. Because I expect to be driving it around everywhere, on a daily basis, like some regular affordable KIA piece of shit transportation vehicle. Even just driving it up to Vancouver, BC during the winter months would expose it to a lot of sand and gravel type wear and tear. ~ ~ ALFA NOTES: Probably the best ALFA dealership in America was/is based in Tacoma, Washington, aside from that one in New Jersey. Not to mention Midvale, Utah, oddly enough. ~ ~ There are a lot of high elevation Como Lake style Swiss immigrants in the Tacoma area, who nobody ever talks about really. ~ ~ Talk about the lost tribes of Israel. ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTES: There needs to be at least a complete 5-year freeze on any type of immigration whatsoever until things get under control. Without law, there is no freedom. ~ ~ 1980s NOTES: Big wow, Ms Montana loves to suck cock, like at:

Monday, October 28, 2013


If you don't quite get it yet, and I can't blame you if you don't because nobody at BYU ever taught you, at least just fast forward to the scenes in SMOKIN' ACES where the GSR/TWN karate kid is now living with his old 'granny'. ~ ~ For God's sake, lighten up, knock back a couple BUDS, and have some fun with it. ~ ~ What? Youmdon't believe in the word of wisdom's recipe for mild ales in D&C 89?. ~ ~ Don't fall for that Protestant teetotaler death trap that was set up for you in the Modern Era by Teddy Roosevelt meets Jimmy Carter. ~ ~ Liberalism is for Jews, queers, and niggers, not white men. Not to mention the religious extremist Muslim third Sayers mentioned in REV.16. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HALF NOTES: A half hour in heaven is actually two months less than 21 years. ~ ~ LIFE AQUATIC NOTES: Here is Gisele's new jaguar shark statement at: ~ ~ PER: ~ ~ ALSO: A man was electrocuted two times in the [east Texas] Shady Side, Maryland location where they shot the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy at the SHADY REST home. ~ ~ VV NOTES: Right after my posting about my reluctant old friend Vince Vaughn rolled out, scientists in Michigan confirmed that the giant alien asian carp invasion has begun, like at: ~ ~ Then for the required Biblical second witness, MM's new video with Rihanna came out from Detroit, Michigan. ~ ~ THE LIFE AQUATIC REMAKE REALITY: Gisele Bundchen just let me know that she wants to have a jaguar shark bun in the oven who was sired by the King of England in the Barry Lyndon loser prophecy, as portrayed at: ~ ~ See this prophetic image about me having my way with Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan at the same time in the future, at: ~ ~ NEW FRESH NOTES: My 1970s [BFF/BYU] coed friend in Provo, Utah was so obsessed with the above Kubrick movie that he kept going back and seeing BARRY LYNDON, over and over. And so I went and saw it with him a second time too. Not realizing that it was about me getting to fuck his ex-wife, and he gets to fuck my ex-wife too; in some kind of a fare trade off. Think Jennifer Aniston meets Jennifer Garner.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Mr German Brown trout got busted in late October because the short hair nigger was fucking with me, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Because the news broke right after I finally got around to watching SMOKIN' ACES meets ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE. And I play both of the lead roles in the two inspired movies; fuck you very much. ~ ~ Ergo, that marred film critic from Chicago, who had had his throat cut out, wrote that he was confused by the 2006 movie's cluster fuck finale. ~ ~ No shit Sherlock. ~ ~ I wonder why? Per: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HE'S A DREAM NOTES: I keep having these dreams wherein I want to be friends with Vince Vaughn, and maybe hang out on my 24' fishing boat on Lake Michigan. But he just gives me this same too-cool-for-school look, like at; ~ ~ SMOKIN' SPADES NOTES: I turn in all my niggers at the end of SMOKIN' ACES II; because they had it coming one way or the other. And that includes all of those phony jive ass half white niggers at the FBI who are trying to protect the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ You try to make me your third world style 666 slave, I make you my new world sex slave, plus benefits, and you like it. ~ ~ SMOKIN' ACES 2006 NOTES: Don't even call me and try to bitch until you have read and understand the Book of Mormon screenplay principle about how, " is by the wicked that the wicked are punished." BFD, you see some tits in the movie.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


1958's TOUCH OF EVIL prophecy was made just for me. Therefore, we will shoot the new born again sequel-remake just across the border in Bellingham, Washington; not San Diego, California. ~ ~ Where the young underaged hippie chicks are as hot as hell, and their mothers are too, at: . ~ ~ Played by the double Oscar Award winning actress Hilary Swank, etc. ~ ~ Note the above movie poster's physical transfiguration depiction of yours truly; who plays both the lead roles in the future indie film. ~ ~ Per the above prophetic wiki leaks link, where we see a younger version of the now older looking Kate Hudson. In order to close the blood-cleansing gap between my 39ish image in the 1958 movie. ~ ~ [Welles was 43 in 58.]~ ~ Back in the day, Hollywood had no problem with handsome middle-aged men fucking two women at a time in their early 20s and 30s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SCRIPT NOTES: I see the TOUCH OF EVIL remake-sequel coming to a climax at the Point [Julia] Roberts, Washington cutoff penis landmark. Where basically there is no border line anymore to speak of. And the fresh caught crab meat salad bowl 2-4-1 specials are everywhere, including the bland watered down drinks.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Bob's new SAILOR DOG sailboat movie is using physical transfiguration elements in it's opening day NYT ads for his new THE WEIGHT OF WATER movie about me fucking Elizabeth Hurley. Works for me. And I'm quite sure that it works for her. Because I'd still take the aging looker out anytime on my 91' Greek Islands yacht with a couple of my hot teenager wives; just for the shucks and fucks. ~ ~ Think Courtney Cox meets Courtney Love meets Jennifer Anistion; and all four of us have a really great time. Because all those topless underaged teenagers running around up on the deck above our cabins make us all feel so young again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1290 NOTES: There is a Providential reason why the female head of Obamacare sounds like Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ KILLER CONFIRMATION: This report is why my anti-hero in NATURAL BORN KILLERS killed that rattle snake loving Indian in the movie, who had that iPAD framed LBJ letter hanging on his dirty mud hut log cabin wall, at; ~ You hated and you murdered and you raped the innocent women and children of the white Nephites in the BOOK OF MORMON like a bunch of savage animals; now you know your fate. Same thing goes for all those white mormon jackass nigger lovers who graduated from Harvard in SLC, UT. ~ ~ In the 2002 BUBBA HO-TEP East Texas prophecy, that born again resurrected shady alien mummy from old Sodom and Egypt needs the support of today's old dying FDR asshole BAG OF BONES types in order to stay alive politically. ~ ~ That 24ish cut throat 666 math teacher who was murdered by an Obama man child figure looked a lot like one of those big ass nigger fucking Car Dash Board sisters, at: ~ ~ MONEY PROBLEMS: The economic policy problem with the underachieving governments of Paris, London, and Rome, is that the money is not right. ~ ~ JB NOTES: The reason why J&B is Elizabeth Hurley's favorite glass of bland and watered-down Flirty Fucking Scotch, is because both her and her are about to break up with their dumb and dumber two lady friends. ~ ~ Delusional bipolar schitzo notes. The mellow yellow taxi cab driver in TAXI DRIVER: II is the Green River killer himself; duh... I would never do the picture if Martin Scorsese was not directing, even if the money was right.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Mallory watches her REV.17 mother get burned alive in the NATURAL BORN KILLERS prophecy, because she never said anything about how much her daddy loved to fuck her in the mouth. Just for starters. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ Hey, the part was played by a funny Jew named Rod Dangerfield. What? Are you completely nuts? ~ ~ You don't say anything at all about that haff nigger in the White House who is not even a US citizen, and I'm the crazy sitcom tv character? ~ ~ [Tribal African music plays during the movie's upcoming race riots.] ~ ~ No wonder the film's liberal media figure with a crazy mother fucker Aussie accent gets it in the end. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KEY LIME PIE NOTES: The UU's English lit chair is named after the late Gordon B Hinckley. ~ ~ YOU NEVER SAID SHIT NOTES: Not only were you a weak closed-mouth Dr [Kenny] Kemp type coward, as portrayed in THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy, but you never even secretly sent me that $10,000,000 check that Jim Carrey carried around in his thin wallet for all those ten plus years. ~ ~ REMAKE NOTES: Keira Knightley might be a more believable flat chested version of Mallory in my two week remake of NATURAL BORN KILLERS. Since she could probably play a more believable older wife to my 50ish Elvis Press-ly slayer in the hot three-way XXX sequel. Wherein we could always have a smiley face Miley in the picture anyway, who gets picked up and fucked and sucked in that Barack Obama LOG CABIN LODGE motel room. That ends up in a prison riot at the 666 Stateville prison in Illinois. Whatever, I personally guarantee that the money will be more than right for everyone involved in the picture. ~ ~ One of the things that I really like about my loyal haff Jew sidekick nigger in the Oval Office, is that he hates liberal Jews just as much as I do. And they don't have a clue why. ~ ~ The element of surprise always works in favor of the truth. ~ ~ SILENCE OF THE LAMBS NOTES: The corrupt third world's third wayers at the UN say nothing about Iran's love affair with the A-Bomb. Now comes DR STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB; circa 1964 meets 2013 meets 2014. For example, see the CASINO ROYALE meets SLEEPER dictator look alike Peter Sellers figure at; ~ ~ HALLOWEEN SEASON PARTY NOTES: Now is the right time to review that amazing TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 prophecy. ~ ~ And if the Venice Beach, California party goes on all night, put in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW too; nothing like fucking two at a time. ~ ~ DRUG ZONE NOTES: The Holy Bible's homosexual cure to the snakebite poison in NATURAL BORN KILLERS is the juice of Jesus. When he shoves his long hard Israeli made .50 EAGLE cock pistol so far down into your throat, that you love to shut the fuck up and just be happy with swallowing everything that I say. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Last night I dreamed that some dime-millionaire Seattle theater producer told me that he didn't have anything in mind for you this October. So now the girl gets it of course. ~ ~ I'm thinking SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE: II meets BIG LOVE, THE MOVIE; and Tom Hanks himself makes sure that the money is right for everybody involved. ~ ~ Possibly because his loving bored wife told him to do it, if he wants it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In my dream about licking my ex-wife's pussy to no avail, I finally came up for air and saw Ariana Grande sitting comfortably on a sofa chair in the room's background; giving me that come hither look. ~ ~ Who represented all those little dolls sitting around in the mother's bedroom in NATURAL BORN KILLERS: II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II. ~ ~ The director's cuts only of course. Not the 70 year-old Hollywood Jew producer cuts. ~ ~ Little divorced Disneyland dad girls with tight little butts, and even tighter little virgin vaginas, from Orange County, California, do it for me. [See Will Ferrell's new 1970s sequel.] ~ ~ Think NATURAL BORN KILLERS' prophetic sitcom tv scenes. ~ ~ Wherein daddy loves him some young pussy. ~ ~ Which makes his older aging ugly wives, like Julia Roberts, start to feel young again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEGALISTIC NOTES: Not one single bank out there is guilty of bad mortgage practices. The only guilty [2008] party is the 666 [1930s] government who has been oppressing America with the unconstitutional psychedelic 1964 Civil Rights Act for decades now. If you disagree with me, then you are a third way fascist anti-capitalist Marxist; like Bill and Hilary, or Jimmy Carter, or that short skinny bag of bones guy in cowboy boots, a.k.a. Robert Redford; take your pick. ~ ~ RLDS CHURCH NEWS NOTES: Last night I read Matthew [25] Brown's piece in support of the US Senate's day 1290 Rev. Black figure. Enough said. Here's the latest five foolish virgins confirmation report, at: ~ ~ PS ANNE RICE: You need to start believing in the sexy blood sucking Jesus with a rock hard penis. It's the only way that you will get to be young again. ~ ~ I'm fucking with you of course, just to gin up interest in your 33rd novel at:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


All the haff white Bubbas down in Texas are getting really angry about that mysterious Egyptian mummy butt fucker in the White House. So I decided to revisit the 2003 prophecy about the assassination of the indie film's half Negro JFK figure in Dallas, Texas last night. ~ ~ Then that Obamacare hospital hellicopter that was being remote-controlled by Dr Evil in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY crashed in the new world's born again Memphis, Egypt, USA. That was ferrying the same Negro nurse who gives me the medicine lotion hand jobs in the movie, as seen at: ~ ~ Talk about Mud Creek, Texas meets the Montana muddler buck hair fly in October. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REMAKE SCREENPLAY NOTES: My idea of a great two-for-the-price-of-one remake on home video is NATURAL BORN KILLERS:II meets BUBBA HO-TEP:II. Wherein yours truly looks like Leo Di Caprio; who is an Elvis impersonator serial killer who murders the mainstream liberal media maniacs. And also gets married to Miley Cyrus forever in that physical transfiguration blood cleansing ceremony. Because the Montana, USA name 'Miley' is a literation for smiley. Hence, that smiley face sticker on James Bond's 1981 LOTUS, and all those smiley faces on the bed sheets and wallpapers in my new take on Oliver Stone's movie about the murder of the mass media. But it turned out instead to be a movie about the murder of the mainstream liberal media. ~ ~ Not to mention the day 1290 death of Michael Bloomberg et al, like at: ~ ~ I figure that I can still get away with fucking that young babe who suddenly shows up in my bedroom in BUBBA HO-TEP meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS. If we play it for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ NUMBER TEN NOTES: You think a ten year-old remake of BUBBA HO-TEP is too soon? How about a 2004 LIFE AQUATIC REMAKE? Wherein Chloe Moretz is the new naive college newspaper "journalist" intern, and her Hailee Steinfeld sister coed is too, from Brown University, or maybe even BYU, Utah; whatever, six, one half dozen. ~ ~ Just as long as Sandra Bullock agrees to play the part of my wife who left me; and I get to fuck the girls.

Monday, October 21, 2013


There is a short window in October when many a millionaire flyfisherman knows that the buck hair muddler minow fly on a wet line is the way to go in Montana and Idaho, for huge bottom feeding brown trout. Personally, that's not really my cup of tea. Since anything over 9" is kind of a bland tasting soft meat turn off for me. ~ ~ However, late October coastal cutthroats kind of drive me crazy. ~ ~ From a no.8 royal coachman top fly point of view. ~ ~ Think B.C.'s Campbell River meets the upper Stilly in Washington. ~ ~ Or if that doesn't do it for you. Go to the extreme heights and try the upper outlet creeks of the two Jordan Lakes, and the two Fall Lakes, above Rt.20. Which feed into their astonishingly bright white sand and gravel beds. ~ ~ And their rarest of rare waters are as clear as gin. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: Kristen Stewart's official number is also 7. From now on, all of my wives get to pair up and share one number between them. Think twice as nice, double the fun, yada yada. ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Yes, Obamacare is illegal; but so is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The same year when Sandra Bullock was born. How boring. ~ ~ R.I.P. NOTES: You do what I say or you die, not kidding. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that my French ex-wife in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II let me lick her pussy for as long as I wanted to; even if it didn't turn her on that much.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


That armed rally at the Alamo happened while the star of MISS CONGENIALITY is topping the box office with GRAVITY for the third weekend in a row. Because in the first movie, she fell down to earth when she jumped on that armed man at the Alamo crowd in Texas. ~ ~ Where the white men, and many of their compadres too, don't take shit from jive ass niggers. ~ ~ For example, a crowd of white men just rioted at a parade for homosexuals in Monte Negro, according to this report at: ~ ~ Which happened on the eve of all those homosexual men believing that they are going to become married to each other until 'death do us part' in New Jersey. Yeah, right. When you die and go to hell in NJ maybe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IDOL NOTES: Those Republican Boy Scouts pushed over that stone idol in Utah for an omen to the Mormons who worship the new Pagan Book of Mormon 666 idol, seen at; ~ ~ Remember, Brigham Young warned the saints more than once that the LDS church would become no different than the other 1NEPHI 13 churches in the last days of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: The classic CITIZEN KANE prophecy was based on a true story that happened in Park City, Utah; for Colorado. ~ ~ MR BIG NOTES: The idea for a fresh reborn again take on THE BIG LEBOWSKI was just confirmed by that bowling alley riot in NJ, at: ~ ~ FAKER NOTES: Reportedly, Arizona's true grit Sheriff Joe is now going after the creaters of Obama's computer fake birth certificate; in order to get to the root of the problem; which is the liberal jive ass media run by the Jews of course, per: ~ ~ SUNDANCE TRADITIONS: Everybody loves to get pretty drunk and then go to that little two lane bowling alley in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Pray that your wintery frozen ALASKA flight does not happen during Mr Redford's high elevation Highland Drive film festival party for rich liberal born again fascists, who love to ski. And who love the petite young rack of lamb and amazing cream soups at ADOLF'S restaurant on the local golf course. [THE INVISIBLE MAN, yada yada...] ~ ~ PS JERRY SEIGNFELD: I just found an amazing hot deal for a mint black 1980s LOTUS twin-turbo right here in Bonney Lake, Washington. And the dude is only asking 20k for it, cash money, in small unmarked bills. You buy this one for me, I give you a free pass to see any movie you want. I'm not joking now. Wake the fuck up. The retired guy used to be one of the lead engineers for the most famous names in drag racing. ~ ~ LOTUS POSITION SEX NOTES: After learning Saturday afternoon that either Jerry buys me my 1981 James Bond 007 LOTUS, or the girl gets it, I decided to watch 1981's FOR YOUR EYES ONLY prophecy. [Lotus position sex requires that you remain very quiet and relaxed and control your breathing. That way it can last for at least a half hour.] Wherein I get to fuck that hot blond teenager just out of the shower in my deluxe Cortina, Italia room number 300. Represented now by this Divinely inspired prophetic image at this 300th fake image at: ~ ~ Cortina, Italy is my kind of alliterative highland mountains film festival for babes who love to snow ski as much as Emma Watson loves to ski.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


That powerful underground 6.8 earthquake at 11:54:56 my time today happened near the Holy Ghost Island in the Gulf of California, Mexico. Because Mel Gibson is still too simple minded to let go of that great and abominable church which was a sovereign 666 state for exactly 1260 years. And then was born again thanks to Ben Mussolini. ~ ~ According to Joseph Smith's new fuck you translation of the Roman 7 hills Bible in REV.12. ~ ~ Kind of like Chris Matthews still believes that Obama is an American citizen. Even though absolutely every single computer graphics expert out there has confirmed that those forged documents that let those two killer niggers of Judah and Ephraim go free in Florida is a double whammy confirmation of the usurper's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ Sooner or later, the lost tribes of Israel are going to half to admit that, 'When niggers lie, white people die.' ~ ~ I mean, come on people, is there still anybody out there who seriously does not know that Obama is lying about his involvement in the murder of his homosexual lover Don Young, et al? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RIP OFF ARTIST NOTES: The seductive beauty of the new 666 social media predator beast is that all you need to undermine and destroy any one of today's arrogant-artist high-society film festivals is a 35" flat screen tv, with BOSE stereo, and a fancy hotel/resort suite. The age of Redford, Hoffman, Woodward, and Barbara Streisand, is dead. Thank you Jesus. ~ ~ HE'S A DREAM NOTES: Last night at 5:44 am, I dreamed that both Miley Cyrus and Paul Garrison really liked me, not to mention Tom Cruise. ~ ~ RAIN MAN MOVIE NOTES: Last night I watched my old 1990s VHS copy of 1988's RAIN MAN prophecy. Which was about my crazy repetitive K MART character in the movie who finally wears down Tom Cruise. To the point that 'Tom' finally has to admit that there is nothing that he can do to stop me. Since I AM is the future lead character in Jim Carrey's mindless YES MAN prophecy who meets his new DUMB & DUMBER TO prophecy sequel-remake-prequel. ~ ~ Think the under-educated Ken McLeod dummy finally meets the over-educated Kenny Kemp dummy. Where they both get a hard knocks schooling in the mountain wilderness in Woody Allen's early 1970s mellow yellow era SLEEPER dictator prophecy. [Today's mellow Barack Obama dictator was illegally nominated in Colorado.] Since back then, The Wood Man was a high screw-all school drop out, for all intents and purposes; just like me actually. ~ ~ And then in the Ronald McDonald red head clown 1980s, I dropped out of BYU with a solid five years of non-graduate credits under my belt. ~ ~ MY STOCK IS RISING NOTES: In a dream last night, I explained to Miley Cyrus how my stock is going to skyrocket during the three and one half days prophecy in REV.11; and she liked it. ~ ~ Think AP:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS II, filmed in West Yellowstone, Montana meets Sun Valley, Idaho. During some private jet conference there for billionaire fly fishermen who know in their heart-of-hearts that they are the rich white men of the lost ten tribes of Israel who are destined to rule the world. ~ ~ What? You don't believe in the Bible? Much less the Book of Mormon? Which was recorded and written down by white men.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Unofficial underground feature film screenings have been going on in people's own private suites at SUNDANCE for some years now. Thanks to the sudden advent of social media flash screenings on the Internet, etc. ~ ~ Which is continuing to undermine the Big Lie agenda of the likes of Robert Redford and Bob Woodward, not to mention Dustin Hoffman. ~ ~ Like I said, just because you love the Big Lie... It does not mean that you get a free pass. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO NOTES: LL just let me know via social media that it would be OK to cast her in my first indie film fuck movie. If the money is right. ~ ~ Because at first, she thought that the only reason why I ever wanted her to be in the picture is because I can't wait to fuck her in my underground movie set location trailer.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


After posting that the US government is going to have to cut spending by 7%, just to stay afloat a little longer, Jesus informed me a few hours later that the number is actually 8%. ~ ~ Hence, that powerful 6.8 earthquake under the Solomon Sea on the 1290 days anniversary of the Bill Clinton Branch Davidian, Texas chronology of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ One can see the satanic 10:31 Holloween time line at this link, which includes a look at the mountainous Iran style terrain under the REV.13:1 landmark that represents Iran. Whose name is a prophetic word play on 'I ran'. [Think Boston marathon, etc.] ~ ~ Egro, the day 1290 Switzerland highlands timeline for the Iran A-bomb talks with Obama's minions, at: ~ ~ When you are forced by Barack Obama to see the MLK JR dog shit in MARK 13:14, the pet detective shit will hit the fan. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HUSTLER NOTES: Looks like Larry was a Larry Sinclair whistleblower forerunner here at: ~ ~ MORE HALF JEW NIGGER NOTES: Enough said, just look at the pictures, like at: ~ ~ The above golden FDR wheelchair [Democrat Party] mother fucker, who now looks like a bag of bones, is what I AM is talking about. ~ ~ Too bad that most of today's mainstream polite society Republican Party Christians like Paul Garrison and Ken Kemp are still too weak to see it. ~ ~ Maybe next year. ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: Bob better pay for my suite at DEER VALLEY, Utah this winter; including air fare, limo service, room service, and a free pass to see any movie I want; or the girl gets it. ~ ~ By that, I mean that she gets it in the pussy, or in the mouth, or in the ass; however which three-way she wants it. And I pay for it all in that little snow bound cabin located just up the street about three blocks north of the EGYPTIAN THEATER. And I have to pay for our own bacon and eggs and hash browns and toast Denver omelet every morning; out of my own pocket. ~ ~ Just the image of me strolling down Main Street with Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson in my arms will be enough to destroy everything that you ever believed in, times half.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


For example. The BLOOD SIMPLE wiki page does not even mention the fact that BLOOD SIMPLE won it all at Redford's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in 1985, at: ~ ~ Where yours truly suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sat down right next to them at their special awards diner table reserved for them in the back of the room in Park City, Utah. And I handed them both my latest flaky whatever business card, saying, "Call me if you ever need any script ideas in the future, you never know." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGHTMARE NOTES: I woke up from a lucid dream last night at 6:17 am. Wherein a giant NBA negro from Africa was standing in front of the basketball hoop. Whose head was even higher than the basket's rim. And therefore he was able to effortlessly swat away any basketballs that came near it. [The score on the arena's jumbo screen said 26 to zero.] ~ ~ Remember, October 16 is the [1996] anniversary of the day 1290 abomination of desolation set up; per the double whammy chronology of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ 1290 NOTES: Democracy by Democrats is for suckers. ~ ~ For example. See what I mean in this latest THE LIFE AQUATIC look alike report at: ~ ~ No wonder that Bill Murray's wife finally got so fed up with all of his indulgent lying-sack-of-shit Hollywood movie star games that she left him; and got half of everything that he owned, plus the kids.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I suddenly spotted Frank Sinatra's 1955 film entitled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM Tuesday afternoon in my stack of old used DVDs. That includes his classic 1954 SUDDENLY prophecy about the attempted assassination of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ The 1951ish Italian missionary man called "old blue eyes" was a Las Vegas, Nevada forerunner to me of course. Who else? ~ ~ Adjusting for inflation, every single one of his 1950s hipster movies could have been made on today's highest quality video for around $2,000,000 each, tops. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHY NOT NOTES: Justin Theroux and I get to fuck whoever we want because Jennifer Anniston is such a selfish bitch hottie. And that's the way we like it, for now anyway.


Enough is enough. It's time for the real fathers of America to kidnap the kids, and hog tie the mothers; and their mother fucker boyfriends too. ~ ~ In other words, it's time to hold America hostage, and force her to come clean; per the prophetic elements outlined in Mel Gibson's RANSOM prophecy meets 2013. ~ ~ Imagine NATURAL BORN KILLERS: TWO meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS: TWO. And such a formerly crazy idea has now become a completely realistic idea because they both could be shot on the cheap in video. ~ ~ Which means that you can now make a ridiculous movie musical like NINE for just $4,000,000, instead of $80,000,000; just because the screenplay might have a few interesting ideas in it worth perusing. And it doesn't matter if it makes a cash profit anyway. Since the underground film message was way more important in the first place than increasing your already existing billion dollar portfolio. ~ ~ Plus, the most important thing right now is what's in it for me, not you. Not speaking sarcastically. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BULLSHIT CORRECTIONS: There is no pending default on US government securities whatsoever, period. ~ ~ Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, end of story. ~ ~ The Mormon church is not still receiving revelation from God. [That kind of thing now happens at etc.] ~ ~ Elvis is not not dead. ~ ~ LIGHTS OUT NOTES: See this second witness type power failure omen at a major sports event, at:

Monday, October 14, 2013


The double-hull boat that capsized down in Miami was ferrying people to a wild ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE party at Nixon Beach. Because Nixon was the original Senator John McCain style third-way Republican. Who was so spiritually drunk that he would not even give a shit in the future when a non US citizen fascist, who is a half Jewish, half Negro homosexual, had illegally taken over the Greek Islands White House in 2013. ~ ~ Don't forget, Nixon was the one who made affirmative action a nightmare come true for most Americans. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BALD FACED NOTE: Here is the SEATTLE TIMES report I saw when I took a snack break during my first ever screening of Mel Gibson's amazing 1260 days made RANSOM prophecy, at: ~ ~ DEADLINE NOTES: The deadline for paying the interest on US government securities is October 31 [Halloween] not October 17; which is the Jewish 1290 days anniversary of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Furthermore, the US government is required by law to honor this financial deadline. Which means that they are going to have to cut about 7% spending on other things by the end of this month. No biggie if you ask me. ~ ~ Plus, that cheating and lying sack of shit Democrat Party Jew at the New York fed could easily make up the slight computer difference anyway. Hence that fall leaves tourist train wreck on Cheat Mountain in West Virginia.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Most of today's gays are a bunch of erotic-neurotic selfish minded petty bitches. No wonder Mr Trueman Capote was only attracted to married family men who looked like rock solid Republicans. ~ ~ What is so interesting about liberal men who are too weak and scared to stand up and take care of the family business anyway? ~ ~ What a cheap dime-a-dozen turn off. ~ ~ Which is why I watched 1996's RANSOM prophecy last night. In confirmation of the picture on the front page of Saturday's pussy-whipped SEATTLE TIMES. That featured the exact same bald kidnapper in the movie who is the computer expert innovator. Even the same one behind the movie's extortionists who grabbed the Republican's son at a new 666 science event for young inventors and innovators, like at: ~ ~ Because the Jews, queers, and niggers who have taken over America, are the real ones who are stealing our children's future. Not the ones who Ron Howard and Mel Gibson have been betting on for all these years; from both sides of the aisle. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIFE AQUATIC NOTES: Esteban was eaten by a huge shark on October 12 in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy. Hence that strong and long lasting 6.4 earthquake at 4:12 pm on 10.12 in the same seas where they shot the 2004 movie. ~ ~ FREQUENT FLIER NOTES: That is Sienna Miller herself at 42:25 on my DVD copy of RANSOM. She must have been around 15 at the time. ~ ~ FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES NOTES: That typical vagina tunnel shot of Sienna Miller in the above movie is an underground London thingy. ~ ~ Walking out of TARGET Sunday, I heard the checkout lady say, "...326..." ~ ~ BALD EAGLE NOTES: "You gotta be bald!.." if you want to pose like 'Professor X' in the RANSOM prophecy, starting at 8:24. ~ ~ RANSOM NOTES: Naomi Watts' boys are now being held hostage by her sleazy looking lying sack of shit Jewish actor lover. And no, he is not lying about sleeping around with some silly younger actress behind her back, or maybe fudging the "family" checkbook a little, for whatever reason. Rather, he is lying to her about the bigger Jesus Christ picture.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


GROUND ZERO's Clyde Lewis is the reason why people better start paying more attention to politics. Because if you hate politics like he does, because you think that you are so smart and above it all; then you're gonna end up sounding just as crazy as he sounds. ~ ~ Who can sound like he is talking for 15 minutes at some LDS broadcast conference, and not say shit. ~ ~ Talk about there being " there, there." in the low budget made CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama and Clyde the CAMEL JOE toe icon are basically the same two horses of a different color for a prophetic WIZARD OF OZ reference to Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Oregon. Which is illegally owned and operated by the federal government. Thank you Teddy Roosevelt, America's first idiotic anti capitalist populist progressive. ~ ~ Who was the gong ho Republican Party forerunner to Senator John McCain, et al. ~ ~ [Think Bruce Willis meets Obama and they both fall in love with the same things.] ~ ~ Kind of like Michael Savage and Mel Gibson are actually the same two persons; stranded on the same remote South Seas island; searching for the 666 fountain of youth. ~ ~ Ergo they say that they are now shooting DUMB AND DUMBER TO, somewhere down around MLK's Atlantis, Georgia Bible Belt landmark on your atlas road map featured in NATURAL BORN KILLERS: TWO. ~ ~ Speaking of the near future physical transfiguration, here is a great still shot of me and three of my wives, ranging from 16 to 56, at: ~ ~ AND: See this prophetic transfiguration image of my surprise hero, the original Mr. Ace Boner congressman from Ohio, complete with a light touch of makeup, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INVISIBLE ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Saturday's monster cyclone in India is about the beautiful flower extract from India that makes me THE INVISIBLE MAN. Symbolized in the classic 1933 born again FDR era movie by the beautiful REV.17 woman in the movie named Flora. ~ ~ NOW NOTES: It's finally time for me to screen Mel Gibson's Providentially produced RANSOM prophecy. Wherein Mel discovers that Roger Moore and him have been acting too much like Barack Obama's 666 black mailer niggers who are holding America hostage. ~ ~ Even though they are not actually that bad. ~ ~ Plus, I need Mel to send me a CHEMICAL BANK cashiers check for putting up with him, and Jerry Seinfeld too, and his half Jew 999 Hollywood mother fuckers too. ~ ~ You either pay me what you owe me, or I send in the juice man in CABLE GUY meets TAXI DRIVER.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Don't be deceived. Some 24ish high society prep school math numbers teacher named Donovan just jumped off the desecrated George Washington Bridge on Friday; in confirmation of this prophetic [LOLITA] Donovan pedophile video at: ~ ~ Note THE LIFE AQUATIC theme banner in the link. ~ ~ Talk about the old 19666s HASTY TASTY era Donovan dying off and becoming replaced by the born again ONE in the form of yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NAME THAT NOTE: If you don't think that Donovan's swinging Baby Boomer parents named him after one of their favorite 1960s icons, you need to move over to the five foolish virgins column. See: ~ ~ Obviously, again, hate repeating myself so much; But my first and only choice for director of my own private LOLITA remake with Chloe Moretz absolutely has to be Gus van Sant. Otherwise, I wont do the picture. Because he has such an inspired light touch when it comes to making hard R movies that are really sexy and dirty. ~ ~ Gus' strict father was a top executive at Portland's JENSEN swimwear company, featured in the original LOLITA movie about Ms Moretz sucking on my cock, while wearing sunglasses, and all that. [Who was originally from Obama's Denver, if I remember right. Not sure, haven't been to either towns in years. Not to mention Salt Lake City; or even San Francisco.] ~ ~ "YOU'RE THE DIRECTOR" NOTES: A great director has a good ear. So I'm just saying. My own idea would be to shoot the LOLITA remake on a big double engine VOLVO cabin cruiser yacht that is tied up somewhere in San Marino; that looks exactly like Michael Savage's talk show radio boat. Of course you would have the usual cut away shots of us cruising around outside the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE; 1960s Donovan free-love orgy style. Hell, why not tie in my inspired biopic ideas about Janis Joplin in the picture and kill two birds with one [Oliver] stone? ~ ~ Fuck it man. Just do it for the money. I know that you have been thinking about that big 'FOR SALE' sailboat tied up in the Lake Union, Seattle brokerage listings anyway. [In my upper middle class mind fantasy, a 51' yacht is as big as anyone could ever want.] You let me get my freaky Friday Harbor sailor dog freak on, I let you get your sniffy butt freak on. ~ ~ Just keep your asking price for the two low budget indie fuck films under two million, each. Money doesn't grow on trees you know. ~ ~ MIND TRIP NOTES: My freakish mind reading lyrics in FLASH DANCE 1983 are at: ~ ~ TURN OFF NOTES: I don't listen to that much talk radio anymore because they are not telling us the full truth about Barack Obama; who is not even a citizen of the United States, and they know it. ~ ~ Therefore, I AM has now become the king of all media, left and right; I lead, you follow, or else.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hopefully my NATURAL BORN KILLERS remake-sequel to THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets FAR WEST TAXI DRIVER will be directed by Guy Richie. God knows that I will only have enough time to come out of my Jewish gypsy travelers caravan to take a few shots at it every day; and then get back to business. ~ ~ Thank you Jesus for universal Internet access 666ism from anywhere, for now anyway. ~ ~ The original NATURAL BORN KILLERS was just made to be re-made in the near future on home video. Of course, one would have to sex it up a little, big deal. ~ ~ Think about how the first movie directed by Olive Stone had a Divinely inspired reference to the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart; who got her brains fucked out by some fundamentalist Mormon prophet of God weirdo. ~ ~ Works for me. ~ ~ Obviously, Chloe Moretz was born to play the above sexed up version of the virtuous innocent underaged Ms Smart sucking on my cock with a gun to her head, like at: ~ ~ Remember, JFK was shot on 11.22 in the back of the head, DEATH TRAP style. Just like Abraham Lincoln at the Harrison Ford forerunner theater in DC. ~ ~ Break a leg. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG BROWN TURD NOTES: There will never again be a Negro homosexual president of the United States; not in a thousand years. And not just because he is not a citizen of the United States. No matter how many of today's simple minded talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin try to ignore and stonewall the obvious Bible scripture differences between the lost Israelites and the dark skinned Gentiles.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Because I am a direct descendant of Jesus Christ, who is the Crown Prince of England, I am endowed with the ability to gracefully accept and deal with the hot bitches and outright whores of Israel. Many of whom are going to end up being married to me, forever and ever; and they are going to like it or not, during this temporary life time. ~ ~ The next life is another matter. When the punishment for adultery and homosexuality is not death by a deep cut to the throat. Just a temporary tour of hell, where the torment is never ending. And the food tastes like shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LYRICS: One can read the prophetic rightwing words to this posting at: ~ ~ KRISTIN STEWART NOTES: Donovan looked like Kristin in the 1960s, like at; AND: AND: AND: AND: ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: I love to fuck girls who look like boys. For example, see: ~ ~ If sometimes my postings seem a bit too esoteric, try reading some of my comments at; ~ ~ Just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ NATURAL BORN KILLERS II is going to co-star Miley Cyrus and me. Video taped on the down low on a two weeks budget, somewhere in southern Idaho meets West Yellowstone, Montana.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


FLASHDANCE's number about all those old movies that are blowing away my wives on their old TV sets features the classic INVISIBLE MAN prophecy that begins in a winter storm; "...pray that your flight not be in winter..." etc. ~ ~ Ergo, there was a surprise historic funeral march in Jerusalem on Monday that represented what is now at the doors there. ~ ~ When today's Israel suddenly dies, and then becomes born again; Jesus loves you style. ~ ~ In other words, when Sally Fields received her kiss-of-death Oscar Award, she cried out, "YOU LOVE ME! YOU REALLY DO LOVE ME! ~ ~ Which is why Dawn [Speilberg] Steel made that steel town movie sensation called FLASHDANCE, and then she made that CARNIVAL OF SOULS movie in Lehi, Utah, called FOOTLOOSE; and then she ended up forming a production company called ATLAS. ~ ~ And then she died during the two witnesses' 1996ish apex era from a Jewish feminist induced brain tumor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REMAKE NOTES: Last night at 19 minutes after the hour, not sure which hour, God gave me a flash dance vision that suggested that I should also make a sequel to TAXI DRIVER. ~ ~ Even the most visionary dreams are very symbolic and metaphorical of course. ~ ~ NEW DAWN NOTES: Probably every steel-fist 211 fascist movement in modern history has been about some kind of a new dawn. For a satanic counterfeit [birth certificate] version of the new dawn of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after three and a half days. Therefore, the first 666 Nazis gassed 6,666,666 Jews, just for starters. ~ ~ Just because you love the Big Lie, it does not mean that the Big Lie will love you back. Hence, that Jon Lovitz figure in FLASHDANCE finally calls the sexy man hunter girl back. ~ ~ BIG LIAR NOTES: At 26:56 on my FLASHDANCE DVD, the Barack Obama brake dancer falls down, and can't get back up, no matter how hard he tries. So he kisses us all goodbye. And then we cut to the trumpet sounds that started his prophetic BIG BROWN race horse prophecy at George Clooney's KENTUCKY DERBY. And you-all know how that ended. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: In FLASHDANCE's flash visions number about the invisible man, we see me walk by in a flash at 54:33. ~ ~ FIRE ESCAPE NOTES: The inspired 1983 FLASHDANCE prophecy ends with a "FIRE ESCAPE" explanation. That was about the [Keira] McDonald, Washington County fire at that highlands lumber yard; near Cherry Valley's atlas map lines on your RAND McNALLY map book of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ BURGER KING NOTES: Have it your way, is the 1970-80s background idea when I'm seen stalking Emma Watson in my 911 in FLASHDANCE, 1983. Shorty after my divorce from the movie's proverbial bitch wife. Who fooled me once, but not twice. ~ ~ Back then, I wasn't into three-ways; especially if they involved two men and one wife.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Ernest Hemingway would never have shoved a duck hunter's extra-long 12G shotgun into his mouth in Hailey, Idaho back in 1961. If someone like an underaged Hailee Steinfeld had been in the picture. ~ ~ Why kill yourself when you get to die and go to heaven anyway while hanging on and fucking someone in the mouth like her? Per: ~ ~ Who would not want to be around and still be alive in order to experience that kind of an ending? ~ ~ Oh hell. How about I let Harrison Ford make the Paris walk-up remake to LAST TANGO IN PARIS at his log cabin fuck shack in Wyoming anyway, while I go off somewhere on location with Chloe Moretz? ~ ~ The iconic desecrated-lost-temple safari adventure dude kind of looks like Jon Lovitz looks these days anyway. ~ ~ Six-one-half-dozen-the-other. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY NOTES: I never said that I want my underaged wife Hailee Steinfeld to give up her virginity to my spiritually struggling half Jew brother pilot, Ford. [Think Paul Garrison.] I just would appreciate it if she could possibly do anything at all that could help him. In order for him to finally realize that Jesus loves him. Since they are both often times staying in the same late night four-star hotels during their ongoing world tour promotion of whatever, anyway... By the Hand of God. ~ ~ And if his devoted wife is still there with him, that would even be better. ~ ~ Due south of Demi Moore's Hailey, Idaho is a little place located off Rt.20 called Magic City; due west of Carey. ~ ~ KINGDOM OF GOD NOTES: According to things at, in the Kingdom of God there are no rules; only the never-ending principles that govern everything that you ever wanted to do. ~ ~ For example; you and your family are having a really fun backyard fish fry. And perhaps you are standing next to some really hot and smoldering alder wood ambers, with maybe your hand stuck down deep inside Kristen Stewart's back pocket. If you know what I mean. And you happen to look across the yard and see that your lesser brother is flirting with one or two of your most hottest wives. But you give him the wink and the nod that it's ok anyway. Just as long as everybody involved knows who everybody involved belongs to in the long run. No need to be a self-righteous jerk about it, and cause a scene. ~ ~ FLASH VISION NOTES: In the 1983 prophecy called FLASHDANCE, my virgin ex-wife is a welder. Because in the Kingdom of God, everybody is welded together and firmly sealed; forever and forever, with a 007 type James Bond that cannot be broken. Per that same prophetic 007 movie that came out in 1983. [The director of FLASHDANCE was a British man who could have brilliantly directed anyone of the 007 movies at the time.]

Sunday, October 6, 2013


JJ's new SNL video links are not working on my original July 20th, 2010 iPAD system. But all it takes anyway is just one of those stills from above to know that their new and improved naked Jon Lovitz stand-in means that SNL is back in a big way. Just for the orgasmic shits and giggles. ~ ~ Safely assuming that Miley's SNL sex-video skit was about me making a fuck movie with her, and her sister too. While my embarrassing overweight half brother loser is down in his own private cabin on my 91' yacht trying to imitate my budding career as the future King of England in some way. ~ ~ Hey, if the sleazy Jews-For-Jesus name-dropping works, go for it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


NOTE: I found ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS at the end of the 42 months period of the abomination of desolation and watched it that same night, October 1. Seeing the line at about 24:50 minutes that goes, "I think this joke has run it's course..." Ace standing next to the fungi covered genealogy tree of Israel. Then we hear the mating call of a silverback gorilla. A couple minutes later, we see a hilarious shot of two native lost tribes men who look like Jewish negros; at about 26:59. ~ ~ NOTE: After my ACE II country club Republican screening, I saw an AP report about all the transplanted European trees being removed from the Royal Harare Golf Club in Zimbabwe. ~ ~ NOTE: The prophetic running funny line in ACE II is, "Spank you very much!" ~ ~ NOTE: At 32:... minutes on my ACE II DVD, Ace tells the future Negro tribe president figure, "Chicago! You're out of there!" in baseball lingo. Then a tall giraffe runs off into the sunset. ~ ~ NOTE: Reportedly, 2.8 million people visited the day 1290 obamacare site on the first day. In confirmation of Ace's '28' T-shirt in ACE I when he realizes that the little horn homosexual in "DAN." [Marino] is Ms Ein/horn, the transsexual kicker. ~ ~ NOTE: When Ace puts on Obama's African mask in ACE II, in order to sneak around undetected, he becomes today's half white African inside the film's desecrated temple full of albino bat shit. When they catch him, he confesses to being a gay princess native of Africa. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I'm cutting to the chase now. ~ ~ FLASHDANCE 1983 starts it up with my underaged teenager fuck buddy wife doing a number on stage in Limbaugh's Pittsburg, Penn, circa 1983, that features the two blue night-time light bulbs of Judah and Ephraim and my royal throne of England. ~ ~ Which was released in 1983 on Emma Watson's future birth date of 4.15. ~ ~ Hence her official number 7 is heard right before the famous double cleansing shower stripper number. Which begins with her wearing a Mormon missionary FFer zoot suit from Chicago. ~ ~ Then we cut to the HASTY TASTY grill cook in back wearing a blue heron shirt covered with my future iPAD icons. ~ ~ The prophetic finale begins with Alex asking, "Can I start again?" in response to the PEPSI motif throughout, for those who think young. ~ ~ Like when she practices at home in front of a large mirror that says "R E L.." [F] in code. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, October 4, 2013


That crazy car dental assistant named after Jim Car/rey was meant to symbolize that female Russian dentist from Orange County, California; who everyone in the crazy DC beltway has been saying is crazy for about four years now. You lie, you die, plain and simple. ~ ~ For example; some old bag of bones from Hwy.64's Mocksville, NC burns to death in the latest apostate Negro Baptist Church bus crash. ~ ~ Ergo, you mock the word of God in the Book of Mormon, you are a goner. Just like the leaders of today's Mormon church. Who are also mocking the Word of God in the 66 book Bible. ~ ~ Birds of a feather flock together. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RLDS CONFERENCE WEEKEND SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: It has been exactly 23 years since my first born again vision on the October conference weekend in 1990. Wherein I saw Gisele Bundchen and her son rising up from the grave in EZE.37; at the intersection of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE's 52nd N.E. and 17th boulevard. Therefore; Miley did that rap video in a '23' sports jersey; those old bag of bones FDR church people died at the 423 mile marker in Miley's civil war state of the Tenn/essee Virgins prophecy in the Bible Belt, and so forth. ~ ~ CHURCH LADY GOSSIP NOTES: Checking the NYT ads Thursday at the 211th STARBUCKS, I'm almost certain that I overhead that Paul Garrison is going to be flying into SLC, UT on Saturday for the first time ever. As some kind of a Providential reference to that retired German pilot who is now one of the three 666 substitute home teacher leaders of the Mormon Bible church. ~ ~ ALASKA's Captain Garrison is a tall 6'3" northern Germanic Norwegian lost tribes of Israel figure; whose native face is featured on the tail fins of every one of their aircraft; based in Chief Seattle's Sea-Tac, Washington. Talk about when nature calls. ~ ~ HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO NOTES: If you prefer to get fucked really softly and slowly and quietly, while your kids are sleeping right next to you in the same room, see what I mean at; ~ ~ Virtue has it's own rewards. Just don't wake up the kids.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


CABLE GUY is the best crazy Jim Carrey movie ever. That was ultimately about Barack Obama becoming the same thing, circa 2013/2014. ~ ~ Wherein me and my sidekick stick it to the film's naive white boy Jewish neo-cons who swallow the OJ every morning with their scrambled eggs and toast. ~ ~ You Jew me, I Jew you. ~ ~ Think Jon Lovitz has had the stand-in double-faced career that I always wanted to have. And then I got it in spades, years later. And he still gets to come along with me for the ride just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ You be my friend, I be your friend. ~ ~ Plus, the tax-free off-shore cash money is just unbelievable. ~ ~ Think a bus load of white Christian apostate bag of bones types from Hwy.21 [years] in Statesville, NC suffer a fiery death in Jefferson County, Tenn. Because Jefferson's US Constitution says that a non US citizen can not be president. ~ ~ But you don't really give a shit about that do you? So I could care less how you foolish old virgins die somewhere near Douglas Lake, Tenn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE JEWISH PROBLEM NOTES: The problem with people who don't care about the proven fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen, is rooted in the problem that they don't care if he is a Negro. And furthermore, they believe that the Negro should have the right to hold the higher priesthood in the sacred desecrated day 1290 temple in ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS. [The common expression, 'when nature calls' means that you have to immediately go to the bathroom, of course.]

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This photographic reference to the late 22 year-old Paris Walkup means that Miley Cyrus would be perfect casting in my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake. Where a few years later we meet again in Idaho. But this time I fuck her in the mouth, not in the butt. Per: ~ ~ And she likes it. And I like it too. ~ ~ Which is the providential reason why I ever fell in love with a Holy Grail French girl in the first place. Plus, Miley kind of looks like a native Indian descendent of the lost tribes of Israel. [Imagine that hot little pregnant Indian babe sucking off Lewis and Clarke, and you're half way there already.] ~ ~ Which is what the LAST TANGO IN PARIS sequel-remake would have to be about anyway. If it was to be any good anyway as some kind of an Ernest Hemingway book adaptation thing. ~ ~ Who died in 61 in Sun Valley when he was about my same age, and looked a lot like my bio-pic character in THE LIFE AQUATIC meets a 29ish Orson Welles in IT'S ALL TRUE in Rio, Brazil. ~ ~ Think Jim Carrey is just kidding arround when he puts a pretend index finger gun in his mouth and shoots himself in ACE II. ~ ~ "I'm not the sociopath that you think I AM." [DEATHTRAP] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MULTI-PICTURE DEAL NOTES: I get to make any three movies that I want to in my first 5/5/5 million dollar deal contract. Each project payable in cash money up front. No questions asked. No contract really, Bill Murray Chicago style. And you get to pay double for the young women involved. Who I get to double fuck all I want, when I want; within reason of course. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: My ex-wife was fucking a Steven Hughes look alike behind my back in her low-rent Paris walk-up hotel in the 1971ish LAST TANGO IN PARIS prophecy. Who was some strange obsessed dude who was always clipping out newspaper articles, circa 1993. Therefore the 21 years half hour of silence in heaven in REV.8 is the special 1260 days set-up period from 1993 to 2014. ~ ~ SNEAK PEEK NOTE: I do have a movie in mind that co-stars my all time favorite stand-in half Jew mother fucker liar figure, Jon Lovitz. Just as long as he would agree to appear buck naked in the picture as my half brother who I always have to drag along with me in my next Greek Islands fuck boat picture. ~ ~ Because the tax-free money is just that good. And he gets to co-write the sleazy hard R-17 screenplay anyway. That will make him look good too. Hey, spread the love, keep it in the family, yada yada. Along with the film's all female charter boat crew from Bari, Italia, like at:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


One of the main country club Republican badies in ACE VENTURE: WHEN NATURE CALLS is actually called McCain. Who is defeated in the end by my conservative grass roots Republican who leads the African elephant stampeed. Because McCain is a law breaker poacher who comes from the state where the lawmen have found out that Barack Obama's papers are a complete forgery. Yet Mr McCain is still siding with high society's mob culture of the Omerta cult that is symbolized in the movie by a flying white rat with fangs named 'Chicago'. Hence, that ghost train that rammed into the GHOST movie train at the Harlem Avenue station in Forest Park, Chicago. 42 months after the abomination of desolation signed the day 1290 abomination set-up into law; and he is only a citizen ghost of the U.S.A. who is using a ghost's Social Security number. ~ ~ ACE II opens with shots of Obama's Colorado where that rockslide killed the five foolish virgins on the precise day of the 42 months finale. [Think Aurora, Colorado, 7.20, which means 'the beginning'.] ~ ~ Wherein we see the medical helicopter that evacuated that REV.13 year-old girl from below the Mt Princeton landmark of the [DAN.] prince in the first Dan Marino movie. ~ ~ In ACE II, the desecrated temple of the African descendants of Cain is exposed at the end of the 42 months reign of the new 666 beast in 1NEPHI 13, etc. ~ ~ When the simple minded dumb elephant finally breaks through the wall that has been protecting the likes of Senator McCain and Senator Reid. Both of who should be arrested and brought to trial for treason. ~ ~ Since no one in authority at the end of the 1995 prophecy is willing to arrest anybody, or enforce the laws of the land. ~ ~ Which is lawless fascism, plain and simple. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CITIZENSHIP NOTES: Even Jim Car/rey had to go through the proper legal constitutional channels to become a U.S. citizen; and he's only an actor from Canada, not an actor from Africa and Indonesia. ~ ~ MASKED MAN NOTES: Jim Carrey puts on the same prophetic African mask in ACE II that he wears later in his MASK movies. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: In the White Christian Bible, it says that after 42 months, we will see the end to the patience of the righteous saints. When all those arrogant mulatto zebra nigger bitches who led all us good pure white folks into captivity, like Charlize Theron, will now go down into captivity themselves. [The rather tall bag of bones looking Bill Clinton is based up in a tall building up in Jew York, Harlem, etc.]