Saturday, October 19, 2013


That powerful underground 6.8 earthquake at 11:54:56 my time today happened near the Holy Ghost Island in the Gulf of California, Mexico. Because Mel Gibson is still too simple minded to let go of that great and abominable church which was a sovereign 666 state for exactly 1260 years. And then was born again thanks to Ben Mussolini. ~ ~ According to Joseph Smith's new fuck you translation of the Roman 7 hills Bible in REV.12. ~ ~ Kind of like Chris Matthews still believes that Obama is an American citizen. Even though absolutely every single computer graphics expert out there has confirmed that those forged documents that let those two killer niggers of Judah and Ephraim go free in Florida is a double whammy confirmation of the usurper's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ Sooner or later, the lost tribes of Israel are going to half to admit that, 'When niggers lie, white people die.' ~ ~ I mean, come on people, is there still anybody out there who seriously does not know that Obama is lying about his involvement in the murder of his homosexual lover Don Young, et al? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RIP OFF ARTIST NOTES: The seductive beauty of the new 666 social media predator beast is that all you need to undermine and destroy any one of today's arrogant-artist high-society film festivals is a 35" flat screen tv, with BOSE stereo, and a fancy hotel/resort suite. The age of Redford, Hoffman, Woodward, and Barbara Streisand, is dead. Thank you Jesus. ~ ~ HE'S A DREAM NOTES: Last night at 5:44 am, I dreamed that both Miley Cyrus and Paul Garrison really liked me, not to mention Tom Cruise. ~ ~ RAIN MAN MOVIE NOTES: Last night I watched my old 1990s VHS copy of 1988's RAIN MAN prophecy. Which was about my crazy repetitive K MART character in the movie who finally wears down Tom Cruise. To the point that 'Tom' finally has to admit that there is nothing that he can do to stop me. Since I AM is the future lead character in Jim Carrey's mindless YES MAN prophecy who meets his new DUMB & DUMBER TO prophecy sequel-remake-prequel. ~ ~ Think the under-educated Ken McLeod dummy finally meets the over-educated Kenny Kemp dummy. Where they both get a hard knocks schooling in the mountain wilderness in Woody Allen's early 1970s mellow yellow era SLEEPER dictator prophecy. [Today's mellow Barack Obama dictator was illegally nominated in Colorado.] Since back then, The Wood Man was a high screw-all school drop out, for all intents and purposes; just like me actually. ~ ~ And then in the Ronald McDonald red head clown 1980s, I dropped out of BYU with a solid five years of non-graduate credits under my belt. ~ ~ MY STOCK IS RISING NOTES: In a dream last night, I explained to Miley Cyrus how my stock is going to skyrocket during the three and one half days prophecy in REV.11; and she liked it. ~ ~ Think AP:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS II, filmed in West Yellowstone, Montana meets Sun Valley, Idaho. During some private jet conference there for billionaire fly fishermen who know in their heart-of-hearts that they are the rich white men of the lost ten tribes of Israel who are destined to rule the world. ~ ~ What? You don't believe in the Bible? Much less the Book of Mormon? Which was recorded and written down by white men.

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