Saturday, February 28, 2009


ANIMAL FARM, New Mexico's Kaitlin Whipple finally shit her Megan Fox engagement ring into the toilet. On the same day that Gisele Bundchen got married to Tom Brady at that little Area Code 310 ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW church in Santa Monica, CA.

For days, she had been squishing the pink poo through her 666 fingers, looking for his Queen of Hearts diamond engagement ring from the diarrhea like "milk shake" she had swallowed days earlier in Farmington. The very same day the news was breaking about Megan's engagement ring breakup.

It happened last week off Shiprock's Hwy.666 on my 1994 R/M mapbook of Judah and Ephraim; below Beautiful Mtn. on Megan's native Navajo Res. See the Divine St John [Juan] the Revelator County message at:

For a flooding REV.12 two witnesses era thing, a female octopus flooded the Santa Monica marina. On the very day that Gisele trapped Tom, with her leggy suction cups, into a spiritually deadly apostate Christian marriage snare with her long OCTOPUSSY legs.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I read the breaking nuptial news during a break from watching 2002's BLUE CRUSH surfer movie for the first time. Stopping the old tape for a snack, right at the point where the dashing NFL quarterback asks her up to his fancy hotel room. Tempting her to forget about my $104,000,000 "pipe" event that would take her to eternal life upon the sands of Israel.

Megan Fox's prophetic transformation TATTOO CONNECTION to all this came into sharp focus on Saturday. When I stopped into the dollar store and found a $104,000,00 tube of 'RISE' brand BABY FACE transfiguration shaving cream, "Trusted since the 50s" beach party scene in Malibu.

It says "FOR SENSITIVE SKIN" on the tube. Like those two transfigured babies have after eating the zebra rose in THE FAT SPY prophecy. Or for Michelle's shaved pussy beach party shot at:

I could hardly believe my eyes Saturday. When I spotted a $1 DVD of 1977's Barack Obama "Heinz 57 mut" look alike Chinatown movie TATTOO CONNECTION; about a politically suicidal assassin spy who goes after the 666 beast's REV.17 lady in Hong Kong. Who had stolen the most precious Queen of Diamonds from Israel's promised land of Ephraim; i.e. The United States of America.

The prophetic black Manchurain candidate movie is also called BLACK BELT JONES: 2 at:

Representing the transsexual Bay Area's famous suicide cult prophecy about the Obama cult forerunner Jim Jones. Who was the leader of DANIEL's day 1290 temple sacrifice abomination of desolation in 'The People's Temple'.

"Everybody... is going to have to sacrifice." says the flattering usurper Obama, about America's daily sacrifice in the DANIEL 11: 31 temple.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Here's the fatal hasty legislation STINGRAY concept behind what I saw at HASTY TASTY:

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ash Wednesday's 2.25 update saw a Divine reference to 27 year-old Sienna's AUD/I 225 TT themes in the REV.16 threeway breakup of flight 1951 at INTERVIEW's Amsterdam airport. This is the inspired shot where she flies through the air and safely crash lands on my sofa bed. The prophetic 16th Ave connection was established by Seattle's BOEING 737 breaking into three parts.

1951 was 57 years ago on MARK 13:14's election day 2008. For the odd 'I' mark on my forehead. Where the Catholic priests always mark you with a line of ash on the annual Christian day of repentance.

The gory HEINZ 57 timing was confirmed by the crash of Al Gore's 666 mark-of-the-beast global warming satellite into Antartica on Fat Tuesday's Mardi Gras. It was ORBITAL SCIENCES' 57th launch in ten years. This one from pad #576 at America's Dutch named Vandenberg AF base in California. For any more details you can call them at 661 27/7 1110. The base's 104' hometown is located in Santa Barbara County near Point Conception.

Speaking of breakups. Florida's Megan Fox just broke up with her BOUNTY HUNTER SQUAD host from 90210 in DOMINO. Creating various breaking news reports that fell on Fat Tuesday. Divinely confirming that prophetic physical transfiguration transformation tattoo on her right arm. That looks more like THE FAT SPY's Jane Mansfield fiance in Florida, than Marilyn Manroe, at:

Another one of her TRANSFORMER tattoos reads: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" as seen at:

Fat Tuesday was also confirmed this week by all those blog pix of Kate Moss wearing a HEINZ 57 penis pickel pendant around her neck, like at:

Kate's accessory inspiration was confirmation of Ash Wednesday's broken Virgin Mary pendant sign about the devout Adriana Lima breaking her virginity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Valetines Day. Did they get married in the area's Chapel of the Transfiguration? It does look like a great bit of Lincoln log gossip at:

I watched Mel Gibson in 1999's PAYBACK prophecy on President's Day. It's a pre-Obama prophecy about the famous Chicago mob "Outfit" politics of no.44; run by a Mr [Jimmy] Carter godfather figure.

The classic film noir features a very nice blonde HOSEA1 Sienna Miller call girl-wife in apt 404. Who once worked for STAR SERVICE, in a prophetic reference to Sienna's inspired soft-shoulder three stars tattoo. And that 1950s fedor hat that she's been spotted wearing around town lately.

Mel tells her at the HASTY TASTY catsup joint, "I'm sorry I got you involved in this." But he does come forward in the end to protect her from the beast's Perez Hilton style thugs. Promising her that he will bury them all, before they can bury her. Confirmed by my recent flash vision of a black STINGRAY parked outside HASTY TASTY on 14th's University Avenue, north of 52nd.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Speaking of THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURG, Shittsburg's gory HEINZ 57 CENTER office complex is located downtown at 357 6th Ave.

NOTE: Here's a shot of that Chinatown fire in DOMINO's back alley scene at:

For a down low ball game over omen, they are changing Negrohead [Rocky] Mountain above Malibu to Ball/ard Mtn at:

Check out this hilarious BUBBA HO-TEP omen from down south at:

According to this report, there is an abomination of desolation famine of the truth in Washington, DC right now. Where the 666 media is starving all the pretty horses at:

The 58' Icy Mist fishing ship ran aground near Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Ash Wednesday, at:

NOTE: I checked something at Megan Fox's wiki page tonight, last updated on 2.25 at 19:51.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wednesday before the OSCARS, I rode up to FREDDYS in Granny Grass' 1990 EL DORADO. That she parked next to a dumped out ash pile of fag butts, as they say in the UK. It was right outside my car door. So I noticed a broken Virgin Mary pendant lying in the heap when I stepped out, and picked it up.

The Providential Ash Wednesday message turned out to be about Nancy Pelosi's modern day Sodom celebration at Sunday's OSCARS. With the tight butt Best Actor idol going to MILK's Sean Penn, for political reasons, instead of the obviously obvious artistic winner Mickey Rourke.

After the OSCARS, I got around to watching 1962's THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE prophecy, for the first time in years. Taking notes of the liberal journalist guy getting murdered in a REV.17 woman's fur coat. And the liberal ACLU Senator getting shot through a MILK carton placed over his left REV.17 female breast. Before the film's Kate Winslet blonde wife got gunned down in confirmation of Penn's ' Commie homo loving sons of guns...' remark.

In REV.17, the beast hates the whore. Who showed up during the OSCARS at:

Recently, I have been seeing vivid dreams about marching rioters amid clouds of tear gas. Taking place on Seattle's 16th Ave N.E. for the prophesies about America breaking up into three parts in REV.16. In my visions, the highly motivated charging conservatives come running up from a south direction. And the fierce wild-eyed lefties come, in somewhat larger numbers, and much more enraged, from the north parts. Representing the northern liberals versus the southern Christian conservatives, based in Texas, etc. [Israel's red horse allies in Joseph Smith's White Horse prophecy.]

Things start to get dangerous in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, when a gory [Al Gore] bottle of catsup reveals that the secret Marxist [Communist] fascist will appear in a carnal minded HEINZ 57 steak saucy America during my Seattle 5700 block period.

"The ball game is over" says Ben in TMC, then the phone rings. The same phone ring that has awaken so many of you in the middle of the night.

"There's something phony going on..." said Ben earlier.

Like when today's Manchurian candidate signs off on trillions in pork spending and fake tax cuts. Then immediately starts talking in an almost hypnotic trance about cutting government spending and debt. And the brainwashed liberal media reports it all with a completely straight face.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NEW READES: There is no such thing as communism. Never has been. Never will be. There is only red/left and black/right fascism, or freedom. Socialism is reformed Communism. Fascism is reformed streamlined socialism. Obama's Orwellian liberalism is just reformed democratic fascism. For example, about half of the 1960s civil rights laws are red/black fascist. Virtually all of America's Social Security and Medicare 666ism is an unconstitutional fasciation of society. Obama's widely known and accepted illegal alien status is Providentially symbolic of today's latter-day Sodom and Egypt. The same high courts have aproved both abominations.

NOTE: Obviously, the vicious 666 ape attack on the REV.17 woman in Connecticut on President's Day, was confirmation of Chris [Big] Brown's vicious attack on Rihanna. That left her looking like Hellboy's sidekick, i.e. Hellgirl.

NOTE: Check out that funny Bruce Willis look alike, behind the blonde Sienna, when today's 23 year-old Domino gets her 2--3 award for best bounty hunter. Also note the complete prophetic [abomination of] desolation setting in the '99' sunrise/sunset scene.

NOTE TO HANKS: The two liberal newspapers in 1776 Philadelphia filed for bankruptcy on the eve of the gay OSCARS. Makes me want to see your inspired work in the AIDS prophecy movie PHILADELPHIA. I have it on tape somewhere.

NOTE: A large Spanish fishing boat sank off New Foundland, Canada on the same day Penelope Cruz won her Oscar for VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. Confirming Kate Winslet's role in the blockbuster TITANIC prophecy. Both ships were in the same waters. There goes the status quo...

NOTE: The news broke Monday that Obama may choose Chinatown's Gary Locke for Commerce Sec. Confirming the vault locks on Obama's birth certificate, the hidden code lock on DOMINO's money freezer, etc.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Barack Obama's Chinatown underground was put on notice Saturday. By the deadly black coal mine collapse in China that confirmed THE HUNTER's chase scenes throughout Chicago's underground subway tunnels. While Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. The Dragon Lady, was over there trying to borrow more Chinese dominoes money for Obama's economic abomination of desolation con.

The underground murder cover-up of Obama's former gay lover, Donald Young, was also starting to yield falling domino signs. A cave-in is coming, according to the breaking Rock Creek Park [Rockies] news about the Democrat Gary Con/dit's former lover.

Who was killed on socialism's official red May Day holiday in 2001. Apparently murdered by a metaphorical 27 year-old alien hit man from El Salvador. Few people actually believe that Barry pulled the trigger himself in the execution style killing of his fuck buddy Mr Young.

Lucy Liu is the prophetic Chinatown, Chicago connection in DOMINO. As her transsexual character grinds that sunrise yellow No.2 pencil inside the ass of a hand held sharpener. Confirmed later by DOMINO's Howard Stern figure telling the sex addicts in his own $99 seminar, "We must not abuse of our dogs with the lure of a peanut butter [recall] snatch."

And Ed tells the bounty hunters at the chicken ranch, "Watch your ass on this one..."

When a filmmaker creates an LA scene in pre-Obama 2004-2005, that juxtaposes the crucial 1999 party number of '99' next to a "Bounty Hunters" wanted poster in the swinging homogaysexual LA WEEKLY, while we see Obama's sunrise campaign logo in the background, which is actually a sunset omen, it's called a cinematic prophecy.

Like the number '99' on the film's GSR/TWN code plate to the freezer vault. While THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE prophecy is playing on television.

Playing dominoes in Chinatown is an age old tradition.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I experienced a flash vision Wednesday at 7:33 pm. Wherein I saw a hand holding up a fancy black "BLAGOJEVICH" playing card. That you know was Obama's red transsexual queen of African diamonds on the other side. Based on the Greek Ariana Huffington's Jay Leno appearance Wednesday, and her 'Greek' homosexual president's office look alike cues at:

1962's latter-day Barack Obama prophecy was written and produced by George Axelrod. So I searched the predestined usurper's senior presidential adviser Axelrod, and discovered that the player was born on Drew Barrymoore's 2.22 birth date for this year's 81st OSCAR awards; i.e. George Washington's birthday.

DOMINO's bounty hunter context was confirmed by the passing of Mickey Rourke's beloved pooch on President's Day, at 5:00 am sunrise. The same day I had a flash vision at 9:07 pm of the bounty hunter chase scenes in Chicago at the end of Steve McQueen's last movie THE HUNTER. [ McQueen's first real role was playing the bounty hunter in 1958's WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE.]

You know that THE HUNTER is an inspired cinematic prophecy when [King] Ralph picks up the film's skinny black transsexual Obama figure in a bright sunrise yellow suit. And then he wants to go after the wayward Branch [Davidian] brothers in his 51 convertible.

In the famous two witnesses corn-holer chase scene, McQueen creates the image of a giant domino. Straight out of Mel Gibson's crop signs movie called SIGNS. That was released in 2002 on the first day 1290 abomination of desolation date, at:

The 1980 Branch brothers [Gov Huntsman] prophecy was confirmed on the same day I updated it. When I saw those two LDS leaders on the cover of CHURCH NEWS Wednesday; attending the abomination of desolation inauguration.

They looked just like a couple smiling homogaycelibate Catholic priests in street clothes; yacking about the great event's "sense of hope" for the restored 666 beast. Who's head was wounded during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. But recovered miraculously, just like the first 666 beast, who healed very quickly and became Germany's democratic fascist partner in the seven mountains' G7 mode.

After McQueen's King Ralph figure nabs the Luke&Matthew [gospels] Branch brothers in the REV.11 corn fields of Sodom and Egypt. He returns his leadership [car-rental] key to a Ke/ira Knightley Queen of England look alike at the agency. Who is quite shocked to see their destroyed black FIREBIRD.

THE HUNTER's inspired Kingdom of God REV.12 baby birth ending, was set up by the Greek Tina Fey mother's La Maze classes; taught by Linday Lohan's girlfriend Sam. Right after Barack Obama's federal public school is blown up by a crack smoking Indian medicine wheel figure. Who looks somewhat like a trimmed down Larry Sinclair in the classroom door window shots.

Check out Sinclair's new [aged] Ariana Huffington look alike post picture, of her huffing amd puffing about getting the Chicago whistle-blower "dead or alive" at:

In 2009's update of THE HUNTER ending, the fugitive guy looks like a younger Gov Blago, named Bernardo; being chased all over town.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Naomi Watts was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday to promote her new corrupt bank movie THE INTERNATIONAL. As the news was breaking about the latest bank con by a guy named Stanford; for the Stamford, Conn 666 ape signs and wonders. The politically bisexual Stanford gave the maximum allowed campaign donation to Obama. Turns out the Stamford ape also chewed off the lady's face. Who probably had the 666 mark of the beast in her forehead shot of her drivers license. See the prophetic ape, who hates the REV.17 whore, on Travis' shoulder patch, in this sunrise yellow taxi shot at:

"Building to a [Colo.] peak now..." says Sam during her heavy breathing La Maze birth class.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SLEEPER's future Great Leader plans on signing his trillion dollar con job on Paris' 28th birthday Tuesday, somewhere around the prophetic film's flying saucer house above I-70. Where that homogaysexual glory hole bathroom stall painting features a preexistant Olson twin. Which was the creative inspiration behind their iconic banana sharing-split portrait at:

So a big ape, named after TAXI DRIVER's 44 cal. Travis, chewed off some 5/5 year-old foolish virgin's hands Monday in Con/necticut. That had the 666 mark of the beast on them; just like on the hands of Conn's female Republican Senator who voted for the dangerous usurper, at:

Before the police shot him, the beast was often seen riding around Stamford in a tow truck operated by DESIRE ME MOTORS; for Brando's beast figure in A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE.

Speaking of bounty hunters with guns, Utah's Gov Huntsman came out in favor of America's latter-day Sodom last week. The same day there was a breaking report about finding African killer bees in southern Utah. Which confirmed the REV.9 AIDS stingers prophecy that Utah's D&C 86 church has been completely ignoring during this Egyptian era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim.

The LA LAKERS' Kobe fucked that prophetic [Paris] hotel chick in the ass, bending her over a sitting chair, for a 2--8 DNC Denver, Colorado [colored] prophecy. Monday's gone ape shit attack happened on Rock Rimmon Road. In confirmation of Obama's return to the REV.17 beast's seven mountains location in the Rockies.

"The seven heads are seven mountains, on which [chair] the woman sitteth." REV.17:10

The 50 states plane crash on Lincoln's Bicentennial was confirmation of the 'dead air pocket' flat-drop crash reference towards the end of LAST TANGO IN PARIS. When we see Maria flying around inside the French Africa era apartment. The same French African pink panther invasion that is now clawing Paris to death from within.

This season's tango DANCING WITH THE STARS will include Denise Richards' prophetic look alike figure in BRIDES OF DRACULA.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: This is an update on DIE HARD's vault documents explosion prophecy at:

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Butt the day of the Lord Obama will come as a thief in the night..."

2PETER 3:10

Obama's chicken thieves passed their trillion dollar abomination of desolation at night on Friday the 13th, without even reading it, or letting anyone else read it. The last [days] vote was cast by O/hio Senator Sherrod Brown, who's beloved REV.17 mother is dying.

Here is one of the better butt peanutbutter peter shots from the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy; that you get with a goo-jelly-dot-cum search for 'she rod'. Note the inspired BLAME IT ON RIO Oprah 'O' reference, at:

Ted couldn't make the vote because he is dying. So is the 50 state union, based on that frozen DASH8 plane crash that killed 50 people up in Yankee New York on Lincoln's Bicentenial.

Judhas' Senator Spector stabbed his party, his voters, and his sacred country in the back, in order to put everything into a latter-day Biblical context.

Due to the abomination of desolation scenario in MARK 13:14, in the millenial era, a chastised Judah will no longer vex Ephraim with such horse shit.

Obama plans to sign the Democrats' trillion dollar plus mystery out in Colorado on Tuesday.


Riding on the range,
I've got my hat - on,
I've got my boots - dusty.
I've got my saddle On my horse.
He's called....T-t-t-t-t-trigger
Of course.

I wanna be a cowboy
and you can be my cowgirl
I wanna be a cowboy
and you can be my cowgirl
I wanna be a cowboy

(woman's voice)

Riding on the chuck... wagon,
Following my man.
His name is Ted,
Can you believe that?
Camping on the prairie Plays havoc with my hair.
Makes me feel quite dirty,
Though we all do sometimes

I wanna be a Lohan cowboy
and you can be my Lohan cowgirl
I wanna be a Lohan cowboy
and you can be my Lohan cowgirl
I wanna be a Lohan cowboy

Looking like a hero,
Six-gun at my side,
Chewing my tobacco.
Out on the horizon, I see a puff of [A-bomb] smoke.
Indians on the warpath, (Indian voice)
Half white man speak-em with forked tongue. Or not.

I wanna be a Colorado cowboy
and you can be my Colorado cowgirl
I wanna be a Colorado cowboy

My name is Ted, And one day I'll be dead yo yo

I rented my prophetic French X wife biography, LAST TANGO IN PARIS, for Valentines Day. It's been years, so I had forgotten about the twin fingers shit scene. Where my transfigured figure prophetically tells Ashley and Mary Kate Olson, after some black pop music, that,

"I'm gonna have the pig [Obama] fuck you..."
"I want the pig to die while you're fucking him..."

During the female butt/er butt fucking era, when "Freedom is assassinated..." And Pelosi's holy Catholic family values are a noble thing in today's Sodom and Egypt for homogaysexuals.

When Maria fingers herself on my mattress, the volcano shaped pillow foretells the eruption of Catholic Mt Saint Helen. Represented by me crying into my own volcano shaped lamp shade. That occurred on the first day I saw my spiritually dead French wife; killing 57 people.

In the final scene of LAST TANGO IN PARIS, I tell the young lady,

"It's the title shot baby... We're going all the way!"

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Mandy Moore's timely engagement to a Mr Adams is an ADAMS PEANUTBUTTER [By SMUCKERS] confirmation. Like at:

Actually, I enjoy ADAMS all natural stuff. But fresh made peanut butter from PLANTERS Spanish peanuts in our VITA MIX is even better.

NOTE: Here's the twins' famous banana split shot at:

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A big eared, hairy, peanutbutter hound dog named Stump, won Westminster's 133rd dog show in NYC Tuesday. The same day a tornado killed 9 people in [Jimmy] Carter County, Okalahomo. Confirming the 9 people who have been killed so far by Barack Obama's shitty peanutbutter recall prophecy.

Here's a look at the oldest dog to ever win it. Representing the old FDR thinking in Obama's dog shit bill at:

To put it all into two witnesses context, there was a black riot prophecy that same Tuesday at some shitty Wash DC high school, at:

It was the same day that Obama was stumping in the prophetic stump state of Florida for his stimulating BERNIE MADOFF INC. con job; full of fake tax breaks and more mountains of debt. Where the state's famous swampy penis stump in Baker County points directly towards Lake Sampson.

In Oklahomo, the twister shit storm hit west of Dickson on Rt.199. Another bad one hit north of [Demi] Moore, near Lake Hefner. All those more and more Moore jokes, back in the 1999s, turned out to be today's prophetic trillions.

Chicago's excommunicated Gov Blago is a huge Elvis fan and reality TV show impersonator. So look for him to start singing the JAILHOUSE ROCK blues on Obama et al. The 1957 movie's co-star, Judy Tylor, died from a car crash on the Fourth of July, shortly after wrapping production, near Wyoming's Como Bluff Dinosaur Graveyard, south of Medicine Bow. That's all slaughtered Shepard sheep country.

Compare the two BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy players at:

One can clearly see the miraculous hand of God in Gov Blago's amazing lost Israelite mission. Which is no less amazing than the Providential MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE mission of Barack Obama.

Acting like the official USA propaganda branch for CHINA CENTRAL news, ABC radio has put out various Orwellian reports that "both sides" including "moderate Republicans" have now worked out their differences on Obama's trillion dollar mind fuck.

America's most partisan one party bill in recent history, is now being depicted as an example of the kind of free thinking and democratic give-and-take that goes on inside China's one party government.

I shit you not.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: The G_d of Abraham keeps asking me, rhetorically; Why are they not discussing the war in Israel?

The true answer is in this fake photo of Elizabeth Hurley at:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Chinese investigators are blaming Obama's CHINATOWN television for Peking's towering 44 floor inferno, on the same day of the illegal 44th administration's first primetime press conference. It was caused by CCTV's lunatic Luna Year fireworks celebration.

The usurper Barack Obama is not a legal US citizen. He was not even born in the USA. He is involved in the murder of his former homosexual lover Donald Young. And virtually everyone in the mainstream media knows this. Not to mention our corrupt and cowardly political leaders of the 111th Congress.

VP Biden tried to use Delaware's legal system to shut down the perfectly legit press conference of whistle blower Larry Sinclair. And virtually everyone in the abominable mainstream media knows this.

Next to the 44 story inferno is Peking's famous Z shaped building confirmation of the alien zebra-head figure in the Whitehouse. Even the Chinese Manchurian candidate prophesied of in 1962's MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. That was probably produced in 1961, the year Obama was born.

America's alien CHINATOWN media invasion is the reason that so few people understand the red capitalist roots of the bank crisis. Today's liberal Chinatown culture is why a trillion dollars in fake tax cuts and genuine pork spending is called a stimulus program.

Obviously, it's time to update everyone on 1974's TOWERING INFERNO prophecy. Since the Steve McQueen, Paul Newman picture takes place in the latter-day Sodom of Pelosi's Catholic San Francisco, at:

Just like in the classic disaster movie, CHINATOWN's inferno burned during the night. For a prelude to Bruce Willis' DIE HARD tower prophecy, about blasting the lid off of Obama's vault copy birth certificate all over the internet.

Peking's Olympics Z building complex was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. Confirming the "shit storm" BBQ fire starter that Sienna uses throughout her Dutch movie remake about shitty journalists, called INTERVIEW.

Yours, GSR/TWN


When Jenny gets off the plane and greets her father in BLAME IT ON RIO, we see Maria's character from LAST TANGO IN PARIS walk by with a prophetic Arab airliner terrorist.

In the following hotel/apartment scene, Demi Moore is refered to as a future Branch Davidian wife.

The Democtatic Party's donkey mascot walks by when we are introduced to Oprah at Obama's REV.13:1 beach party wedding celebration.

Note the bloody face Valentine message in the sugary KISS ME DEADLY sequence.

There are British limes in the "queer couple" scene that features Liz Hurley's famous love for watercress. I believe that Lindsay's lover Sam is British.

NOTE: That giant slab of melting ice broke away near Turtle Creek Bay, Ohio, at Crane Creek St Park, for a hangman crane omen. Some of the freezing fishermen were sent to Port Clinton.

NOTE: Liz Hurley starred in 1999's media movie MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, from the red planet.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


My Elizabeth Hurley MAKER'S MARK dream was immediately confirmed by DOMINO's marked up costar coming out of her favorite Paris hotel, and commenting on some "nice tits". Note the Paris Hilton hotel pink poo peanutbutter scarf at:

Compare the above flash vision to this 1950-60s movie portrait of Liz at:

Speaking of shitty chocolate peanut butter cups. Just in time for the 51st GRAMMYS, jam packed with black rappers and middleaged rockers this year. They caught a 51 year-old dude having a threesome with two blow-up transfiguration dolls in Cape Coral, Florida. See the royal "king size" Reese Witherspoon confirmations on the dashboard of his LINCOLN at:

Remember when I found a steel LOVE'N SPOONFULL spoon lying under my toilet on the same day her divorce news broke?

The famous Obama icon portrait painter, Shepard Fairey, was just arrested in Boston; for putting graffiti shit on walls. Yet another Matthew Shepard style Obama omen from Dick Cheney's Wyoming. Shepard was crucified on 10.11, by a guy named Russ Henderson, and his buddy. They tied him to an Abraham Lincoln style split-log fence; east of Sinclair, Wy.

"There's a shit storm brewing in Washington..." [INTERVIEW]

DOMINO's Chinatown bus driver was apparently blinded by the light at:

Some lady on her cell phone said "You can make it a layer cake..." when this BLAME IT ON RIO photo came up at the library Saturday, at:

Here's Gisele making a turtle hat out of Jenny's delivery boy bag, for her new Italian ELLE pictorial at:

BLAME IT ON RIO makes a prophetic "queer couple" joke, right before we see Lindsay's girlfriend Sam with her 57 year-old lover, at the produce market. Where we see a US AIRWAYS A320 number '320' sign hanging above the red tomatoes and split open eco-watermellons. That are green on the outside, and red on the inside.

See if you can spot the 1984 movie's mountain top sunrise shot from KISS ME DEADLY.

Matthew describes the prophetic REV.13 beach wedding celebration of Obama as "reckless, implosive, unthinking..." Right before it cuts to a noisy monkey. And we see Oprah declaring that it was by the power of her prayers that we are now having this big pagan ten virgins Obama wedding beach party. There are nice tits everywhere.

In the movie, Matthew [25] was the first man to ever kiss Emma Watson's virgin ass. At the opening, his post [card] notes say;

"I found a virgin... It's paradise..."

Then we see a line of wives flying high on the wings of Tom Cruise's vintage WWII plane.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Larry Sinclair's poochie, Maxine, spotted some stem of Jesse's Branch Davidian turtles outside his RV window Wednesday. He posted some photos of the happy threesome at:

Yesterday at 10:26 pm, I experienced a very rare and vivid dream about Elizabeth Hurley. Wherein she was sitting on the edge of my sofa bed mattress, wearing an open white men's shirt and sipping on a straight shot of Kentucky MAKER'S MARK; probably from that SUNRISE liquor shop in DOMINO. Suddenly she was hugging me, while my hands stroked every inch of her gorgeous naked 29ish body. She must have watched INTERVIEW, or something, before reading about THE FAT SPY's fountain of youth prophecies. Or she will be doing so in the future. Divine dreams can be current depictions, or prophetic depictions.

Maybe because Tom and Kate have been in Brazil this week. It feels like the right time to reveal that the hot "Jenny" teen, who gets involved with Michael Caine in BLAME IT ON RIO, is an Emma Watson look alike in the movie's wedding scenes. In other scenes, she transfigures into a prophetic Lindsay Lohan. Who's current look alike girlfriend, Sam, is sleeping with the film's Brazilian 57 year-old restaurant owner.

"You only live once. But it does help if you get to be young twice..." [Michael at the end of BIOR]

America's Manchurian candidate signaled that he is getting ready to assassinate the day 1290 abomination of desolation Wednesday. By signing the CHIP children medical system expansion for THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, on the same day the DOW flashed a hidden 7,956.66 code number.


God raised up the alien agent Barack Obama in MARK 13:14, and miraculously put him into office, for the express purpose of killing off the oppressive new beast created by America's alien MLK letter men, like FDR, JFK, and LBJ. Remember, MLK was killed by a mysterious bounty hunter's standard deer hunting rifle. While MLK was in America's Egyptian named town to support a garbage men strike. This is why Obama's new black AG will try to usurp the right to bare arms.

A fire wrecked a Catholic church in Obama's Chicago Wednesday. The same day-date Gov Blago was broadcast on Letterman. An LDS church burned only hours after Letterman in Las Vegas, confirming the two churches' mutual D&C 86 status quo at:

It's a little embarrassing, but you can see my $104,000,000 pipe in Picasso's Nevada wild horses coin confirmation at:

The above breaking Nazi art story was a part of God's publicity campaign behind Cruise's VALKYRIE tour in Rio.

Lately, God has been trying to wake up Ashton Kutcher with a 211 HAMMER FILMS message about eternal life, etc. The dude turns 31 Saturday, making for a pretty nice physical transfiguration image statement at:

Camilla Belle, the Brazilian American actress in PUSH, was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night. For some prophetic background on the 22 year-old actress, watch 1981's Greek Bond film FOR YOUR EYES ONLY at:

Here is Reese Witherspoon coming out of the HIDDEN TREASURES thrift shop. The greatest treasure of all is eternal life, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Steve Martin appeared on Letterman Monday in a shitty brown peanutbutter suit and green socks; to promote THE PINK PANTHER 2 from Paris. The same day France's president Sarkozy welcomed the PA president Abbas at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

For a second witness, TMZ played time-stamp video Monday of Paris going into some public restroom in Tampa, FL to make a poo. I love her new blonde Bob. Which is exactly how she has appeared in so many of my strange dreams, in recent months, about rubbing the back of her neck.

Now I realize that they were prophetic turtleneck references to the turtle dance in THE FAT SPY. Since she comes out with a new fountain of youth fragrance about every six months. And was just shot in a sexy turtle neck number, while wearing the fat spy's blackrim 60s glasses, at:

Paris has been in Neve's snowy London lately shooting some reality TV show. So the latest confirmation of THE FAT SPY was the discovery of Britain's sunken HMS VICTORY ship full of gold; by Greg Stemm's treasure hunting firm based in Tampa, at:

The treasure ship in THE FAT SPY ends up at the fountain of youth for young dancing dolphins.

Here's a great pink turtle pose by treasure pirate Keira Knightley at:

One may recall that Elvis' girlfriend gets jealous, while making sandwiches in her pirate ship galley at Lake Mead, in VIVA LAS VEGAS. But don't worry, the winning score was 27 year-old Sienna, over 23 year-old Keira, Sunday afternoon in the super BUCCANEERS' bowl.

That CHINATOWN tour bus crashed on the John McCain side of Arizona's border, seen driving by in DOMINO's opening Hoover Dam shots. It's become quite obvious by now, that the Divine 1962 inspiration behind the making of those MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE scenes in DOMINO, relates directly to the mysterious advent of the deceitful Barack Obama. Who spent a secret and unknown part of his formative years as a legal citizen of an alien nation of Islam.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, February 1, 2009


They took the Chinatown bus that crashed like the RV in DOMINO, near the film's Hoover Dam landmark, to Kingman, Arizona. Because it crashed on the same day the Republicans chose their new liberal Dr King leader. In DOMINO, the RV was on a bogus mission for their black boss. Who was stealing CHICKEN RANCH money from the Vegas mob.

This is the coming crash of the illegal alien usurper Barack Obama. When the CHINATOWN media can no longer keep a lid on his involvement in the murder of his former fuck buddy Donald Young, etc. The bus crash happened at the north end of the Black Mountains; thus, 7 dead initially, for the 7 Chocolate Mtns beast from Colorado.

[New Readers: See the new beast figure, Mini Me, eating sloppy anal chocolate from Belgium, in the opening Hollywood agency scenes of AUSTIN POWERS III: Goldmember. He was the prophetic pre-Obama agent partner for all of Hollywood's future Obama backers, like DiCaprio. The first AP took place in 2020' O.J. Vegas. AP:III's gold meteor was a junk science joke.]

This LOVIN SPOONFULL site feature's Obama's rising sun crap in the background at:

Nevada's 2006 rising sun quarter, with REV.17 mountains, and REV.17 wild horses, has something like 'EAT PLURI/BUS UNUM' on it. The coin was designed before anyone ever heard of Obama. It marks the first 42 months wave, starting in 2006, at:,_reverse_side,_2006.jpg

Neve's Nevada is where the current LDS leader of the Senate comes from, Harry Reid, and his LDS ENSIGN magazine partner named John Ensign. They both represent the current D&C 86 status quo of the LDS church.

We have heard not a peep out of either of them about the latter-day abomination of desolation. Ergo, Henderson, NV stands for Harry's relationship to the 42 months Big Foot message in HARRY AND THE HEN/DERSONS.

It's time for America's patriots to shit or get off the toilet:

This HWY.52 plane crash near Kenova, WV, and the bounty hunters Huntington landmark, is a Ken Kemp pilot thing at:

God has told his prophets, among the lost tribes, that the daughters of Israel can not come forward until the men come forward first, for their protection from the beast.

Yours, GSR/TWN