Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Internet spot campaign rolled out for SULLY's 9.9 opening on the same day that 11 kayackers were rammed in their stern back side by a ferry on the dirty waters of the Hudson River, at: AND: ~ And for a second witness, Woody Allen rolled out a surprise election season spoiler with the sounds of Donald Trump's trumpets; backed up by the wild African beat of that negro pounding on his empty plastic food container drumbs along the sidewalk in TAXI DRIVER, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~
PS KEN MCLEOD: Let me know if you need a little seed money to set up your new fly fishing guide service. ~ Don't forget to include enough in the budget to construct a private jet airstrip and FORTUNE 500 helicopter port. ~ With what is happening with the crazy weather these days, you're going to need to offer fishing trips to various alternative far flung locations at a moment's notice. ~ For example, if the Yellowstone is too low and sickly right now, you can always offer your rich guests a fabulous top fly fishing experience for rainbow trout grayling on the upper north fork of the North River in Alaska. ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: I'm ready whenever you are ready. ~

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The ingenious brain dead star of Mel Brooks' BLAZZING SADDLES sheriff Obama prophecy died on the same day that that historic Prespeterian stonewall church burned down in the Overbrook area of 1776 Philadelphia; just up the street from [Dick] Morris Park. ~ For his inspired words on after hours tabloid radio about how; "Millions of people are going to vote for Trump who don't even know it yet." ~ Hence, the Scottish church's hosting of 5 other foolish virgin churches under the same roof; including a homosexual church and a negro Haitian congregation. ~ See what Jesus would do if he was me, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOTCHA NOTES: My own private 1985 BYU [Idaho] film school project entitled GOTCHA ends was Paris Hilton getting a REV.9 stinger in the butt. ~ In the same spirit as CHARADE comes to a surprising end at the American embassy in Paris at room no.217. ~ IRISHMAN NOTES: All of those newer reports about Martin Scorsese getting the green light for his newer and more improved Irish mob movie were about that wilder REV.17 bitch at the EU. ~ Who now wants to extort $15 billion in back child support taxes from APPLE, et all. ~ This being about the third act in GOTCHA wherein I give the newer 666 beast the middle finger and shout, "FUCK YOU!!" ~ On a personal side note; I want to thank Jesus for letting me know that I get to have an English passport, and a UK drivers license to boot. ~ Because I AM is the future mother fucker [King David] ruler from hell of all of Englandl; not to mention France and Italy, circa 2027. ~ "Are you talking to me?" TAXI DRIVER, election season 2016. ~

Monday, August 29, 2016


"We will sell no wine before it's time." was the predominate spoken word revelation from g-d through me to you in the swinging 1960s after hours HASTY TASTY Leslie Winn look alike  era of Orson Welles; circa CASINO ROYALE meets TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. ~ Therefore, my financial advice to all of you Jewish pests at the NEW YORK TIMES is sell out to West Seattle's Paul Allan while you' all are still ahead of the game. ~ Reportedly, that is what Barbara Streisand and Jennifer Anniston are planning to do with their holdings. ~ And you certainly could do a lot worse otherwise, relatively speaking, notwithstading... "OK, that's enough..." Elizabeth Hurley, AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ "Why beat a dead horse?" Yada yada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIMELINE NOTES: According to the Old Testament, there is a time to make peace and look the other way. ~ And then there is a time to start dropping atomic bombs on Iran and ISIS er all. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: Now that you are about to retire, how about we plan on you scheduling all of my future coastal stream ROYAL COACHMAN fishing trips? ~ I'm thinking $500 a day, plus tips plus expenses. ~ Encluding a big enough up front retaining fee from me, just because I feel like [IT] remembering you living in a log cabin on 5 acres somewhere off of HWY.101 on the Olympic Pennsylvania peninsula in Washington. ~ Seriously, I AM  is not as crazy as you think. ~ Wherefore, the Quinalt River is now low enough to fish for resident hotel rainbows and cutthroats with a small no.12 ROYAL COACHMAN top fly. ~ PS BABS: Why move to Australia after Donald Trump becomes elected the President of America on November 8, 2016? ~ When you could have someone as marvelous looking as I AM move into your relaxing love shack tennis court guest house in SHAMPOO? ~ Darling. Sweetheart. How many times a week do I need to fuck you like I do in the DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERY HILLS prophecy just to keep you satisfied? ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: Your biggest problem right now is that I AM is not that sexually attracted to you. ~ And I say this as a little half Jewish boy growing up in Seattle's U-District in 1964. ~ God help us all. ~

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Finally after all these years. ~ I found GOTCHA! at WALMART Sunday morning, right after I had checked out the no.57,338 NYT, at:!_(1985_film) ~ This being the wacky 1985 Canadian comedy movie made in LA, where I kill two birds with one stone and get to fuck a 29 year-old looking Never Campbell to boot at the end. ~ Good things come to those who wait. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TOP 9 MOVIE QUOTE PROPHECIES: 1.) THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; "She got hers, now he gets his." ~ 2.) THE WIZARD OF OZ; "I'm melting!! Says Hillary Clinton, circa 2016. ~ 3.) WILD AT HEART; "Fuck me now Jesse!!" ~ 4.) ERASERHEAD; "... you filthy dirty  fornicater..." ~ 5.) LOST HIGHWAY; All 200 pages of dialogue in his double 1260-1335 days era movie release. ~ 6.) MULHOLLAND DR. "Are you sure that you want to do this?... Once you hand over that money to me, it's a done deal." ~ 7.) EATING RAOUL; "I like to party, if you know what I mean..." ~ 8.) SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT; "Don't make me hurt you." ~ 9.) MOONSTRUCK; "You're a wolf!!" Says Ornella Fresh to Greg Relf, before I fuck her blind, and her sister too in MAMMA MIA meets MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. ~ As in, here we go again, when our young 29 year-old hormones kick back in during the physical transfiguration. ~ And having hot young out-of-body UFO alien sex becomes a new and exciting experience again. ~

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Exactly 5 years after VIRGIN's $5 billion love guru named Rich lost his hill top fuck nest on Necker Island to a raging fire on August 25, 2011 in the British Virgin Islands, he literally hit a speed bump while going downhill fast on is [Steve Hughes] 10-speed medicine wheel bicycle; injuring his stiff neck of Israel at: ~ Note THE COLOR OF MONEY pool table in the background. ~ Dude, shit happens for a reason. ~ As in you pay me my 10%, I let you live for another 150 years. ~ Suck on it for awhile and get back to me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY: SPEED:II takes place in the multi national Virgin Islands region for a reason. ~ CADDY SHACK:II: Jackie Mason plays the future Donald Trump figure in the BUSHWOOD CLUB sequel that was in theaters when Bush Sr. was running for President. ~ In confirmation of Trump beating Jeb Bush in the primaries, and then beating that old ugly Catholic lesbian nun look alike Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016. ~ PS NYT 57,340: This upcoming Tuesday is Cameron Diaz' birthday. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ Note that Hispanic dude wearing Scotich tartan in the opening high rise card player scenes in CADDYSHACK: II. ~ I only mention this because I know how much you love to hit the links. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: God made you a world class switch-hitter golfer for reason. ~ Therefore, I suspect that you are also a pretty damn good 9-ball pool player to boot. ~ PS MEL: Your 1995 1260 days era movie was a prophecy about the [Gov.Wallace] time when a white Scottish golf club man would lead the white sons of Israel to victory starting in 16, at: ~ "Cowards!!... Off with their heads!!" Says the white man in the beginning of THE COLOR OF MONEY, 86. ~ FUCK WHO CARES NOTES: The male white voter is going to get Trump elected in the fall of 16. ~ Just think about it. ~ Probably around 90% percent of the millions of legally owned guns in America are in the hands of white people. ~ Sure, today's niggers with their illegal unregistered voter guns can make their stand-offs in the inner cities of white America for a few months, or even a few years. ~ Then it will come time to clean house, French style, 2027. ~  And send them all back to where they originally came from; Israel, Africa, Mexico, no questions asked; women and children included. ~

Friday, August 26, 2016


Here I AM dutifully watching my used copy of CADDYSHACK:II on Liberation Day, when I would much rather be taking a fresh look at THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, at:
~ Then completely out of the blue, the 1988's crazy KKK phsyco killer does a test shot on a lynched negro watermelon similitude with his exploding golf ball bullets. ~ And then he tries to set up the assassination of that underground varmit with a crossbow; which backfires into his butt REV.9 stinger style. ~ Wherein the crazy Canadian actor's carreer gets a huge reboot by those three people who were just murdered with a [DEATH TRAP] crossbow in Toronto. ~ Jesus Christ Jim Carrey!! ~ That was a close one. ~ I almost was not even going to watch the above previsiously enjoyed comedy that symbolized all of those failed comedies that costarred my Greek wife Jennifer Aniston. ~ But fortunately for her, yours truly is full of grace and forgiveness and patience when it comes to Hollywood movie making. ~ You win some, you lose some; it's not the end of the world afyerall. ~ In her case, my little Chinatown fortune cookie pussy girl does win a lot more times than she loses. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JEN: More fuckable Gisele Bundchen, less fuckable Barbara Streisand, since you are looking more like her now at: ~
Note the enclosed Richard Pryor look alike, who did a rich limousine liberal prophet of g-d appearance in CAR WASH, at: ~ PS DAN: Your bald-headed illegal alien skin-head cone-heads on SNL looked like today's members of the KKK in those anti-white man Hillary Clinton campaign ads for a Divinely inspired reason. ~ You may recall; during the 1980s and 1990s, the same 12 skin-head Nazis and their various rotating blond [balding eagle] girlfriends would show up every year at a white surpremist rally in Spokane, Washington; surrounded by hundreds of Jewish homosexual communists from the east coast mainstream media who just wanted to make hay out it for today's big money ratings reality tv shows. ~ Talk about the Spirit of Prophecy in REV.19. ~

Thursday, August 25, 2016


"Your ways are not my ways, sayeth the Lord." ~ Which is one reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ Since so many of my wives are still supporting Hillary Clinton; who for decades now has been trashing and destroying all of her sisters who were raped by her husband. ~ Obviously, it is now as crystal clear as a plastic bottle of SMART WATER that modern feminism is nothing but a Jewish Marxist hustle for women of a certain age. ~ As confirmed by my "two brothers and a stranger" hustle in THE COLOR OF MONEY that is I and the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Ergo, that doomed green $$ STARBUCKS $$ in Howard County, Indiana, west of Green Town; located along Wild Cat Creek on HWY.35. ~ When that 6.2 happened in the after hours in Italy; for Kiki's loft address on Howard Street in the [small Italian mob village] in lower Manhattan. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: Darling. Sweetheart. Your first name combined with your Scotish surname means 'snow' in Italian. ~ Which stands for Donald Trump getting elected Il Presidente in November, 16; then getting inaugurated in January 17. ~ A.K.A. Il Duce. ~ PS NYT, 57,340: Either you two stiff fuckers who are now running the circus casino show at your [sidewalk doggie poop wrapper newspaper] lay off of Donald Trump; or I AM myself will be forced to make you eat shit and swallow another big round of layoffs. ~ No.Really. ~ Your full of shit paper's stock value has become so low that anybody out there can buy you out; just for the shits and giggles. ~ "I always wanted to run a newspaper..." Me writing, directing, and playing Orson Welles in CITIZEN COCAIN:II meets THE STRANGER:II, copyright 1993. ~ Since noboby else wanted to even touch it back then with a ten foot pole. ~ And I can understand it. ~ The idea of Paul Nestor directing me and Brad Pitt in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II&III on a restored 51' boat in San Francisco Bay and Union Bay is a pretty hard concept to grasp. ~ Even if the money is right. ~ Besides, everybody knows that anyone would do anything in order to get their next month's RENT money. ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


My crazy Greek wife Jennifer Aniston was just papped riding up to Justin's fundraiser for Hillary Clinton among the seven hills of LA in one of those CADDYSHACK:II golf carts; in confirmation of me finding the same previously enjoyed DVD on the same gosh darn day at GOODWILL. ~ Which came out at the very end of the crazy1988s Reaganite era as a way long overdue followup sequel to the first one at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan 1980s, at: ~ Note the enclosed 00:16 timing for THE BREAKUP prophecy confirmation of the 6.2 earthquake in Martin Scorsese' Roman Catholic world view in THE COLOR OF MONEY. ~ Where yours truly has an amasing break shot, and that sleazy fornicator mother fucking fascist jerk Kennedy is the good guy; and the straight shooter guys like Goldwater, and the Scotish Joe McCarthy are the bad guys. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 9-BALL NOTES: The number '9' is symbolic of everything that has come to an end. ~ Hence the 1986 film's girl from Brazil theme song music inserts. ~ PS JENNY: When Justin leaves you because you are starting to look and act too much like my aging lover does in THE WAY WE WERE, don't panic. ~ My sister wives and I got your back, like at: ~ AND: ~ Always remember; you don't make me look good right now, I don't make you look good again later. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS MARTIN & MEL: More Book of Mormonism, less Biblical Catholicism. ~ Same thing goes for you too Arnold Schwarzenegger and Glenn Beck. ~ PS BILL GATES: Paul Nestor stole that antique stove in your quaint waterfront neighborhood on Lake Washington in 1983 for a prophecy about the time when I will take the money from you and run with it in that Steve Miller song. ~

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


At around 53:00 minutes into 1986's THE COLOR OF MONEY prophecy, I suddenly reveal the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 to the doomed negro gentleman in the pool house. ~ Pointing out that the thicker one at the base is Ephraim, and the thinner one with the sexy tip off point represents Judah. ~ Who get screwed together in the middle before the score starts to play my own private Idaho half Jew theme song entitled AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, at:
~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DREW: That gayish GREASE:II guy who was so insistant about double dating you, and possibly getting to double fucking you too, at least two times, reminded me so much of myself. ~ Much like him, I also have a tendency for liking people who are as crazy about BLUES BROTHERS:II as I AM... ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: Your new giant MR.SOFTEE white marshmallow man in the original Reaganite 80s GHOSTBUSTERS movie, that ended up getting roasted from the top of your street number 1290 TRUMP TOWER, is what I AM is talking about. ~ All is well that ends well, is what I always say when it comes to big blockbuster movie Hollywood screenwriting. ~ And that is really saying something these days. ~ Besides, we can always get around to rounding up all of the Jewish hustlers in the marxist communist after hours radio media, and their illegal alien storm trooper invaders too and put them into concentration slave labor camps later. ~ PS MARTIN SCORSESE: More early era Greco Roman republicanism, less late era red Roman plum tomatoes, California democracy. ~

Monday, August 22, 2016


THE COLOR OF MONEY opens with a long tracking shot of fake lable [birth certificate] origins 6 year-old OLD MCDONALD Scotch in a shot glass next to a stack of old wrinkled $20 that Eddie is hustling for about $35-50 less a case. ~ On the same day that a 12 year-old girl bombed that ten virgins wedding party dance in [WILD TURKEY whisky] Turkey. ~ And the next day, a coal train fell off of a broken bridge into the Denton River near I-35 Justin, Texas; for the new blond haired leader of the Denton, Ohio church in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ On the same day that the news rolled about Justin Timberlake taking over DiCaprio's fund raiser for Hillery in Beverly Hills. ~ Then some lady drove her car into an old folks Frank Sinatra concert in the Cleveland, Ohio Republican convention area near Seven Hills. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GREEN NOTES: Most pool tables are covered in green felt. ~ The Jewish media is hustling for Hillary because they are mostly greens. ~ The very rich Paul Newman was a famous Jewish Democrat who lived in Conn. yada, yada... AFTER HOURS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that a panicked Keira Knightley got arrested in Darfur for hustling $500,000 from some local tin pot investor who had given her the money if she would make the movie in his home country as some kind of a positive PR tourist industry promotion. ~ And she swore up and down that she had given all it to her native based co-producer who was his first cousin in law. ~ But obviously, the man had just pocketed the money and then spread it around amongst his friends and family; third world South Africa, USA style. ~ Therefore, most of the tuff-as-nails white people who have stubbornly decided to remain there and continue to do business with them are Orthodox Jewish. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ One could never expect to become a southern white man multi billionaire owner of multi millionaire negro slaves, as portrayed in THE BLUES BROTHERS:II prophecy, if he did not believe in The Kingdom of God as revealed at ~ SEE: ~ PS JT: Your white Germanic Jewish wife with those big 29ish honey tits already has one foot out the back door; because you are not tough enough to deal with it. ~ PS BRAD: AM I the only one out there who can see you looking like that dude in the above Austin, Texas music video? ~ Yeah. Well. Fuck it. ~ After I take charge of 90% of the surplus money in Seattle and run with it, you and I get to do whatever we want to do. ~ You say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ So here is the deal. ~ You say that you are going to vote for Donald Trump, after that atomic bomb explodes in Oakland, California; I cover your ass, and make it look like you had nothing to do with it. ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I woke up at 10:31 PM Halloween time last night to watch the rest of NOTES ON A SCANDAL. ~ Noticing that a spider had bit me two times on the inside of my left elbow. ~ In confirmation of the 2006 film's KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in Brazil message. ~ Then later on in the semi awake after hours, God let me know that my next big movie post sensation is October 17, 1986's THE COLOR OF MONEY prophecy; directed by Martin Scorsese. ~ Note the Scottish tartan on Tom Cruise in the movie poster at: ~ Scorsese was born on Nevember 17, and so on; yet another born again celebrity date that comes after Donald Trump is elected President in 16, and before he is inaugurated in 17. ~ GSR ~ PS DAVE AND CONAN: Here are the rotten fruits of the pop art culture and pop politics that both of you have been shamlessly promoting in the after hours of New York City for all of these years, at: ~ While pretending to be family men with traditional values and short haircuts. ~ Hence that rocket that just came down on a place in south Israel that rhymes with 'rot'.  ~ "Not everything that looks white is white." Lord Jesus, circa 1996. ~ PERSONAL BACKGROUND BIOGRAPHY NOTES: This 1963 picture is about me playing an American 007 agent in: AND: ~ Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted too; I'm pretty good, but not that good. ~ I AM is around the same age as the freakishly young looking Paul Newman is in THE COLOR OF MONEY for a reason. ~ Still pretty fuckable, just as long as I keep my shirt on and keep my weight down. ~

Saturday, August 20, 2016


That is a blond hair job transgender Donald Trump persona at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW musical that was, and still is, vastly popular with gay audiences. ~ Who suddenly becomes the new turn around [180 degrees] dark moon drenched planet leader of Sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ Chosen by g-d h-m self to gather up the lost 12 tribes of Israel and take them all back home to where they belong. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ I wasn't raised on some chichen farm in Texas. ~ Hence, Miley Cyrus' trucker cap pix that say, "MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN" ~ Gay, as in happy, or glad; not so much homosexual. ~ GSR/TWN ~DVD NOTES: I discovered their new stash of sliced hickery wood smoked Oregon cheese at THE CHECKOUT this morning; that are seal-packed like a stack of round DVDs. ~ So I went ahead and grabbed a "previously enjoyed" DVD copy of NOTES ON A SCANDLE for a discounted price of 2.99 up at the checkout counter. ~ One may remember, this was the 2006 movie where that old crazy bat Hillary Clinton [ivy league college] lady goes completely psycho when she discovers that a physically and spiritually revived Cate Blanchet is having a secret love affair with yours truly, at: ~


Friday night I finished watching my new pop art edition of PSYCHO, 1960. ~ That ended with the oddly politically preserved old dead mother figure in the form of Hillary Clinton. ~ Who practically has to be carrying up and down the stairs these days. And who finally takes over the life of her thin bad boy son in the end. ~ And then as usual I checked before posting about it, where I was surprised to see that Friday was Bad Boy Billy's birthday, at: ~ And over at DM, I saw those sexy babes who always caused the old lady to go crazy and do crazy things, at: ~ Like protecting her naughty little boy from any political career fallout that might come from raping women, or killing people who can't keep their mouth shut; not to mention bad boy Barry's fake birth certificate situation. ~ Thankfully all of those Iranian Persian rugs in the haunted [ADAMS FAMILY VALUES] house up on the hill are featured in the background when the SON OF SAM meets the MOTHER OF WHORES in no.17 happens. ~ And then we see those ominous Greek White House columns featured throughout in such prophetic movies as ANIMAL HOUSE and EATING RAOUL. ~  GSR/TWN ~ 1% NOTES: Trump will win in 2016 by at least 1% because yours truly will get 1% of my 1% friends in Seattle. ~ Hence, the cabin number '1' in PSYCHO. ~ Run the numbers yourself; 1% of 100 trillion in after-tithing money is... Therefore, as the future King of England, I think what I want to think; I say what I want to say; I do whoever and whatever I want to do. ~ I hang out with anyone or any person who interests me; for whatever reason. ~ And everyone else in the country who doesn't like me gets butt kiss; to put it mildly. ~ FULL MOON CRAZY WOLFMAN NOTES: That tall and thin Jewish genious who gets bagle cream cheese on him in MOONSTRUCK is Paul Nestor.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Due to those new pix of Jennifer Lawrence wearing her traditional Paul Simon hat while sharing cocktails on a highrise roof-top balcony with Penelope Cruz and her Spanish lover husband in Vancouver, BC; I did another quick lookie-loo at DON JUAN DEMARCO, costarring Johnny Jepp. ~ Which begins in the New York area and finishes in Barack Obama's fantasy paradise vacation islands of Hawaii. ~ Hey why not? ~ Penny and Jenny in bed together with some hot Spanish man who is married to the other woman? ~ Fuck me Jesus now!! ~ Pour me another double tall Scotch on the rocks before I die and go to heaven. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 50 STATES NOTES: That big multiple house fire in the BREITBART neighborhood area on the Republican held Staton Island represented the MR.SOFTEE street vender in AFTER HOURS; who mostly works over in that area with her soft vanilla icecream van. ~ See this blond shampoo job at: ~ Ergo,
it is high time that the sisters start standing up for each other, instead of ignoring their legitimate needs and wants. ~ PS AMBER HEARD: Johnny Depp does not owe you 7 big ones. ~ So if you take that much money from him by force of law and give it to charity, you are no better than Hillary Clinton and her running dog Marxist nigger loving Jews who are still running Hollywood, LA. ~

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Donny Trump went all in this afternoon for the MR.SOFTEE franchise prophecy in AFTER HOURS:II, circa 2016. ~ Because everyone performed naked in the original male only games in Athens. ~ Wherein the Greek Olympics [precision stopwatch timing] homo Milo Yiannopoulos is featured at the beginning of the movie getting tutored for his future leader-of-the-pack career in computer technology at MICROSOFT meets GOOGLE. ~ When enough of today's homogaysexuals do a half 180 and bail out the man with the Newport, Orange County tan and a full on no-excuses blond shampoo Beverly Hills salon job. ~ And Hillary Clinton gets licked in the upcoming fall season election; Milo being born on December 18, after Trump is elected; and before he is inaugurated. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EDDIE: There is a reason why you felt so inspired to put on makeup and dress up as a woman and ride up and down Sunset in the REV.9 leather back seats of a LINCOLN limo in the 1980s. ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: Your inspired groundbraking "50% OFF!!" miniblinds billboard signs in1980s Seatlle were for the time when I would hire you to direct SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE: II&III for half the price. ~ Guess you got the job. ~ Since that feminist director of Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz in Seattle never has returned any of my phone calls, metaphorically speaking. ~ PS MS MONTANA: "Excellent decision..." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ SNL AFTER HOURS NOTES: Still googling to see who is this fall's election season 2016 opening guest host; but not yet seeing it. ~ Talk about the proverbial 'October surpise'. ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: I only get what I want after you get what you need and want. ~ What man wants to spend all of his time trying to satisfy all of his unsatisfied bitches? ~


Donald Trump just hired one of the original SEINFELD series investors in confirmation of Woody Allen's WHATEVER WORKS prophecy about his new surprise TV series that rolls out of West Seattle in October, 2016. ~ Remember, Allen is not a Jew, he is a Levite; big difference. ~ And for that matter, Jerry Seinfeld himself is more of a left-handed brown-eyed Benjamin tribe guy; with extensive Jewish genealogy tree tendencies of course. ~ Kind of like the tall blond President Monson is 51% Ephraimite and 49% Judah. ~ Hey, fuck it, whatever works. ~ Check out the snozzle on this one, at: ~
GSR/TWN ~ AFTER HOURS NOTES: This Mr.Link link has a great shot of that iconic gay guy in the BEVERLY HILLS COP series who Donny Osmond is tutoring in the opening to Scorseses' AFTER HOURS, at: ~
PS TARANTINO: During last night's after hours, I dreamed that you sent me a stack of your more recent screenplay inspirations; some of them having 300+ pages. ~ So after I read over their titles, and randomly glanced at a couple of pages of dialogue here and there, my sense was; you pick the one that you feel the most inspired to do. ~ PS ALISON ROTH: When you receive Quentin Tarantino's above said screenplay, don't call me. ~ Just initial it with my secret approval code sign and send it on to my people in Seattle. ~

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Some circumcised 25ish Scottish guy named McKenzie just got arrested for stalking Kendall Jenner, daughter of Olympic champion transsexual Bruce Jenner. ~ And get this, his bail is set in stone at 180k. ~ In confirmation of Belushi stalking those sexy braless Greek sorority sister babes having a pillow fight in ANIMAL HOUSE, per:
~ Since so much of the iconic 1978 SNL/AFTER HOURS comedy sketches movie was shot in the McKenzie River area of Oregon. ~ Which is so famous for it's fabulous log jamming native rainbow trout fishing along the two witnesses' 1260 days landmarks of Rt.126. ~ Such as Twin Buttes, Paradise [Lost] and the Three Sisters Wilderness in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES; all of it located on the south side of the federally dedicated Washington Mount Wilderness. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MR LINK NOTES: See why this stuff always happens for a reason when it happens, at: ~ BIG TIME NOTES: Mel Gibson is about ten years younger than the original "Mr Relf" Lewbowski figure who was played by Malibu's native son Jeff Bridges ~ So we may want to cheat the senior look alike character in the two TEQUILA SUNRISE sequels by having him played by a younger looking Mel Gibson. ~ That is if we can come up with enough 6 figures money to persuade the Coen brothers to direct it. ~ Personally, I would prefer a more hungry-for-it starving artist genious like Paul Nestor behind the camera for half the money.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The federal high court trial case against the Greek Deltas starts on November 15 in ANIMAL HOUSE. ~ Which is a date that falls after the Greek President is elected in 2016, and happens before he is inaugurated in 2017. ~ Note that the Jewish attorney for the Deltas in the above scenario is wearing a traditional Scottish tartan jacket. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS MONTANA: I picked up the new pop art DVD edition of 1960's PSYCHO because they make the girl in the Hitchcock profile borderline movie look like you, at: ~ So I figured that there must be something to it; now that Woody Allen's big October surprise series is about to roll out on, West Seattle. ~ Plus the big 500 closed today at -12; for those 12 lonely Hwy.410 roadside motel rooms that the weird guy who lives with his old mother in the 1960 movie is renting out to strangers. ~ PS DONATELLA GRECO: Your November 30 birthday girl surname represents the time when a Greek house man would be elected in the same month as you were born. ~ PS MEL: The usual unreliable reports claim that your church in the hills is now worth 70 big ones. ~ Whatever. ~ Let me know when you get tired of fucking around with it and you want my guys to buy you out with full interest and a reasonable return on your [blood-sweat-and-tears] investment. ~ Hell, make them pay for your next 3 movies and they will probably go for it. ~


The latter-day white horse prophecy animal dies of a heart attack inside the dean's office in ANIMAL HOUSE for a reason. ~ When the polite bipartisan high society establishment in DC 86 etc. finally finds out that the niggers in Milwaukee are a fulfillment of the REV.17 scenario about the beast hating the full-of-shit whore who gave birth to him. ~ Like at: ~ What goes around comes around; when you do not have the REV.19 spirit of prophecy within you. ~ There is a Divine reason why Sandra Bullock named her first adopted negro boy 'Louie'. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: The shit will happen in Israel after you get elected President in November 2016. ~ And the anti-mormon abomination of desolation, who hates the white skinned Nephites, will know that he has nowhere else to go and nothing to lose. ~ Even though most of the International Jew bankers in NYC, London, and Paris did everything they could doo doo to stop you. ~ Thank you Jesus that most of today's real money has now been transfered into the hands of my billionaire boyfriends who live in Malibu Beach, and West Seattle. ~ Talk about having all of the fun money I want to splash around just for the shits and giggles. ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Your tall half Jewish  96ish father in the BOYS FROM BRAZIL prophecy, that came to a bloody ending in TRANSYLVANNIA 6-5000 2016 was half right. ~ The old men LDS Masons, based in SLC,UT are going to take over the world. ~ And I AM will be their not-so secret king. ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ And that is a good thing. ~ By the by; I googled the pix of your completed Endowment House of the Lord up in the 7 hills of Malibu and I liked what I saw. ~ My only question is, where is the parking? ~ Or does everyone park their cars below and walk up to the chaple that looks like the same one in Alfred Hitchcock's VIRTIGO church bells tower masterpiece, at: ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: Your world view has come to an end.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Those high society college Republicans nextdoor who try to revoke Donald Trump's official "double secret probation" two witnesses charter/candidacy for Greek President in ANIMAL HOUSE are the same ones who get it in the end. ~ "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity:" REV.13:10. ~ These being those WW:III war plane scetches in the 1963 classroom where the liberal Democrat Party teacher reluctantly introduces John Milton's PARADISE LOST poem. ~ Even the same kind who years later would think that my GSR/TWN jokes are not that funny. ~ GSR/TWN ~


The up-all-night [AFTER HOURS] niggers started burning and rioting in Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Berlin, Wisconsin area in confirmation of them getting so spooked by Trump's mostly white male voters in ANIMAL HOUSE. ~ That was shot in the Jasper [ghost] Oregon area along Rt.58, etc. ~ These being the dark skinned peoples of the [MUDDY WATERS] prince in DAN.9 and MARK 13 who will go to war against the saints in the flooded times of REV.12. ~ That is after the LSD church gets cleaned off with one quick swipe of the dirty plate; per ~ Since right now there is absolutely no reason why the worldly could possibly ever have a problem with mainstream Mormonism's totally noncontroversial conventionalism. ~ Obviously, now is not the time to give the negro even the lower priesthood of Aaron. ~ Hence, the Delta Greeks' theme song in the above 1978 priesthood revelation from Satan himself to Spencer W. [Jimmy] Kimball is LOUIE LOUIE, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD: Loving where you're at right now; great minds think alike, yada yada... ~ By the by; Kimball died in 85 in confirmation of DC 85 and Woody Allen's 1985 movie at, ~

Sunday, August 14, 2016


"In your guts you know he's nuts." was the college student slogan that helped bring down Hillary Clinton's Barry Goldwater candidate for President in 1964. ~ In confirmation of today's flooded Delta Greek brat house scene in ANIMAL HOUSE; where Belushi grabs that nutty folk singer's 12-string acoustic guitar and violently smashes it up against the wall; hey whatever works. ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: A-Rod hit an RBI double in his last game for the Jewish YANKEES. ~ As a final sign from g-d that we are now at the end of the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11 meets DAN.9 meets MARK 13. ~ UPDATES: Those six Jews who died in a 1969 plane crash near the Rapidan River in Virginia were all from the Indian medicine wheel landmark of Indianapolis, Indiana. ~ See the reason for it happening, at: ~ NEGRO NOTES: That fat and sweaty ugly [Oprha Winfrey] lady who sang the blues in David Lynch's 1989-1990 WILD AT HEART masterpiece died on the same day that the Big N.O. got 17" of rain in 6 hours, at: ~ AND: ~ "You look like a clown in that snake skin jacket." WILD AT HEART. ~ MOVIE NOTES: My latest vision was about the new pop art collection of DVDs that included 1963's CHARADE. ~ Really. I mean it. ~ I had already made a decision in my mind to pick it up at WALMART before I saw that Audrey Hepburn figure by RL in Sunday's STYLE section of the NYT. ~ Go figure, Tuesday's NYT is no.57,326. ~

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Your typical straight cut college white kid, whose parents are country club Republicans, keeps shouting "All is well!!" as he lays down on the sidewalk and gets tread apon for 42 months in front of the official federal government historic memorial to Sodom and Egypt in the little village. ~ While the inspired movie's JAWS limo wrecks havok on the mean streets of New York in TAXI DRIVER meets THE POPE OF GREENWHICH VILLAGE meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY. ~ In other words, Donald Trump is the poison pill that Bob DeNiro er all need to swallow in order to get better. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The last time that I saw you during the two witnesses' 1990s, you looked marvelous in your traditional Scotish tartan sports jacket. ~ For an inspired prophetic 29ish statement about the time when Donald Trump will be the President of America. ~ PS JEFF: You graduated from BYU with a four year degree in computer hacking in under 18 months; breaking all records. ~ Plus, you managed to obtain a C+ grade point average that was well above the line in 1978's prophetic ANIMAL HOUSE, Your secret admirer. ~ Let me know when you finally decide to humble yourself and become baptised again into the original Mormon church of Joseph Smith. ~ I mean think about it. ~ Your own all-payed-for 58th floor highrise 1200' luxury condo with private bathroom and weekly illegal alien maid service, if you get my drift. ~ PS KIT WINN: Whoever now owns your father's oil painting of a herring bait lying on a used SEATTLE TIMES newspaper, can retire in style. ~ Personally, I would give you ten big ones for it. ~ Keep it in the family, is what I always say. ~

Friday, August 12, 2016


At about 1:30... into the Greek President ANIMAL HOUSE prophecy, John Belushi asks the all white Delta Fucka Fucka boys, "Where's the guts!..." ~ Declaring, "We have to go all out..." now that our domestic and foreign college campus enemies have dropped the big one on us; circa 1941 meets 1984. ~ This happening right after the negros get really spooked when Donald Trump's white kids show up at the open all night negro club in a black LINCOLN Barack Obama pimp mobile. ~ Ergo, Scarlett Johansson turns 32 this upcoming November 22, 2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DARJEELING IT NOTES: That plane crashed and burned next to the negro gentleman AMTRAK rails because the first business of order after the three woes will be the elimination of the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of LBJ/JFK in 1964 Texas. ~ Then a commission will be held to get to the foggy bottom of the fakery and fraud surrounding the progressive 16th amendment. ~ As was used on the front page of the Jewish owned and operated NYT to push forward Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and his artificially flavored [31 FLAVORS of Babylon icecream] S.S. number that all of those conservative christian white guys on midnight after hours [anti Book of Mormon] anticommunist AM radio are still trying to sweep under the rug. ~ You scream, we scream, we all scream for icecream. ~ PASSPORT NOTES: I just found out that I am not going to need a US passport afterall, or even a 50 states drivers license; after the three woes in REV.11 kick in and take effect. ~ "...just hop on the bus Gus... no need to be coy Roy..." Paul Simon at: ~ AND: ~ Note the above Ken McLeod resemblance. ~
AND: ~


19 year-old Stephen Rogata is from Great Falls, Virginia; located at the crossroads of Georgetown Pike and Walker Road in the [Sandra Bullock] suburbs of Washington, DC; due north of the Difficult Run river. ~ For that BLUEJET from Boston to Sacramento that suddendly fell around 50+ storeys in the FARGO film area. ~ And then had to make an emergency [election 2016] landing in Rapid City, USA. ~ Shit happens like this for a reason, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ GREEK LETTERMAN NOTES: The prophetically inspired snarky-smartass-brats [David Letterman after hours show] forerunner movie called ANIMAL HOUSE, made in Oregon in 1977-78, opens with the future trumpeting sounds of Donald Trump. ~ For the film's final 1962 LOUIE LOUIE goodbye girl theme song to JFK and Hillary Clinton er all in the year 2016. ~ "Time to die." BLADE RUNNER, artistically speaking, like at: ~

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Ariana Huffington is retiring from her new age neocon 666 politics career this year because she looks too much like a too old blond shampoo Greek bust version of Hillary Clinton, at:  ~
Who will also be retiring from politics in 2016. ~ And then move on to her new career as a rejuvenating health spa PLAYBOY castle [BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN] spokesperson for her 1960s style swinger husband Bill Clinton. ~ WHATEVER WORKS. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ Women really should become more involved in education, business, childcare, the arts and medicine; and stay away from politics and law enforcement, generally speaking. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DEBRA MESSING: My prophetic love interest in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, with that huuuge HAIRSPRAY job, looks like you do for a reason. ~ Sadly, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, not every day will be Negro Day. ~ PS BILL MAHRE: There is a reason why this guy looks like a slimmed down version of you, at: ~ More Scotch whisky, less vanilla icecream. ~

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


They nabbed that guy who was using suction cups to climb the 58 stories TRUMP TOWER on the 21st [blackjack hand] floor. ~ In Providential confirmation of Mitt Romney's suction cup therapy themes at the 2016 Greek Olympics in Brazil. ~ Remember, it was a Greek man, not a woman, who gets elected President in President George Albert Smith's Washington County, Utah vision about WWIII; that happened in St.George just after the end of WWII. ~ Per Trump's ANIMAL HOUSE prophecy about the Greek Delta brats that was shot around Oregon's Fall Creek; off of Rt.58, yada yada. ~ The day 1290 Mississippi River delta in DAN.12 being a major MLK Atlanta airlines time line for the 1260 days era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES THAT SUCK: The cop killed in Hackett was for Mr.Softie's Paul Hackett Donny Osmand figure who loves soft vanilla icecream more than he loves getting hard on violent lawless criminals in AFTER HOURS. ~ Most of whom are dark skinned for a reason. ~ Obviously, now is not the right time to go soft on crime in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.. ~ Hackett is located right across the upcoming civil war Texas/Ark. borderline from Rt.112's Williams, Texas. ~ The Biblical name 'Caleb' means truth teller. ~ For that ten year-virgin who was decapitated on a waterslide tower in Kansas that means 'insane' in German, at: ~ "Liberalism is insanity." Michael Savage. ~ PS JEN: You are Greek. You are Jewish. Your legendary soap opera star father from Manhattan is a yuge soap opera star [alternative rock politics] Donald Trump supporter. Your father studied alternative degree medicine in Athens. You give great head. I love a great head job. ~ Great minds think alike. ~ Therefore, I AM is starting to think that there is nothing that you can do wrong; generally speaking. ~ This sexy back pic of Britney Spears rolled out on the same day I had my DVD art work vision at 3:22 pm, at: AND: ~
TOWER RECORDS: This 1980s [LA STORY period] CD/DVDs retail chain store phenomenon was about the future dark glass TRUMP TOWER of Babylon happening in 2016. ~ With age comes wisdom. ~ The girls grow up faster than the boys. ~ "There is a reason!!" Paul Nestor, JC PENNY, NORTHGATE MALL, Seattle, 1979; two weeks after my French omlette wife left me in Stanwood, Washington. ~ PS STEVEN: There is an even-steven wife-swapping reason why your wife left you. ~


The father of that queer killer who miraculously showed up standing behind Hillary Clinton at a 666 rally Monday night was Divine confirmation of my prophetic 1983 biopic entitled ZELIG, at: AND: AND: AND: ~ When the queers in AFTER HOURS finally decide to take care of business and vote for Donald Trump. ~ Per the ending to WHATEVER WORKS; where everyone gets together and celebrates the surprise November 8 election victory of the tall blond  [shampoo haircut] Jewish man; who has his own private tower of Babylon smack dab in the middle of Manhattan . ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The mark of the 666 beast in the hand is why Zelig is raising his hand behind the leader of the first 666 beast. ~ Whose head was severely wounded in WWII; but then he was miraculously healed and resurrected by the Jews themselves; like in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE meets THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ Ergo, 6666666 Jews were killed by the first beast because the Jews tried to kill the blond anticommunist Jesus figure in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets DRUGSTORE COWBOY.  ~ What goes around comes around. ~ You don't vote for me, I don't vote for you. ~

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Jesus Christ died for your ignorant dumb ass [low information] sins in DUMB AND DUMBERER:II in the Aspen, Colorado area where they shot SLEEPER. ~ Therefore, that poor white innocent Donald Trump supporter just got the Jimmy Kimmel pry bar treatment at a FRIENDLY's icecream joint in New Jersey. ~ Because the DNC is like ten times more fascisticly pure than the phoney baloney wanna be neo fascist homogaysexual GOP. ~ In confirmation of the visionary message in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, at: ~ And that latest NYT piece on Ivana Trump; positioning her as some blond eastern Europe babe who is going to put the negro women of America back in the monkey zoo cage where they belong. ~ "And that's a good thing." Martha Stewart. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLAME GAMES NOTE: The whole idea about blaming me for your fascistic tendencies is supposed to give you a protective cloke of invisibility in the last days of the newly resurrected 666 beast. ~

Monday, August 8, 2016


This week's NATIONAL ENQUIRER report about Donald Trump's revenge on Hillary Clinton's hypnotized vampire puppets is for the prophetic revenge message in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE [political] GRAVE. ~ When the Monsignor tells Paul from around 34:00 minutes that, "Not enough people say what they really mean these days... Not stopping to think if what they are saying is really true... Happens in the church too..." ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOX OFFICE REPORTS: Reportedly, SUICIDE SQUAD broke all box office opening records for the month of August. ~ As just confirmed by that Bald Mtn. Dr.Evil figure named Mr.Short who murdered his REV.17 mother and killed himself to boot, at: ~ Which is located in TRANSILVANIA 6-5000 to the south of the frog filled Blue Marsh Lake, and west of Lincoln Park's Reading, Pennsylvania region. ~ A little over along Hwy.222  from Allentown; for Woody Allen's new clip about his physical transfiguration haircut barber in SHAMPOO:II taking so long to read his short 200 [posting pages] novella. ~ In other words, it will probably take about ten years of cutthroat trout blood letting haircuts around the ears before one starts to look at least 29ish again. ~ OCTOBER SURPRISE NOTES: The bulk of Woody Allen's surprise 666 crisis video series is scheduled to roll out of sleepless Seattle in October. ~ Gonna half to go with ME MYSELF AND IRENE on this one, at:,_Myself_%26_Irene ~ Note the lazy left eye of Woody Allen in the above art work. ~ When the fed up lesbian Amazon lady albino [RIO OLYMPICS] cops in The Emerald City finally decide to man up and take over the Seatlle City Council in a bloody turkey season coup, circa 2016. ~ You fuck with my sexy uniformed bitches in Seattle, I have my angry white Scandinavian mob throw every single one of you nigger faggotts off of the Hwy.99 Aurora Bridge. ~ No trial, no jury, no judge. ~ All is fair in love and war. ~


The Williams sisters had won 15 straight matches at the OLYMPICS before they crashed and burned on [no.15] Charlie Theron's birthday. ~ Talk about being the favorite black philly who is up by 15 points in the polls done by the Jew you media. ~ As confirmed by that same day train collision with a black MALIBU that killed 4 near Rt.112 Williams, Oklahoma; north of the devil's Black Fork Mtn. ~ When I finished a nice pasta al forno with two big fennel sausages and then took a nap to sleep it off; and was awaken by a flash vision at 3:22 pm of the DVD art for DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, at: ~ Hence, the gory red sauce [meat the Cleaver's] landmark created by the dripping bloody Red River, at: ~ Wherein, those two white chicks from TRANSYLVANNIA 6-5000 kill the blood sucking Democrat Party vampire at the top of his 666 mountain castle; that looks a lot like Boulder, Colorado in THE SHINING. ~ Nearby Sugar Loaf Mounian, OK being about that sugar cane harvester monster with a machete who cut those two lesbian cops to the bone in front of their Tower of Babylon headquarters, seen at: ~  ~ Basically, the multi cultural languages story about the Tower of Babylon in the Bible is a warning about the pitfalls of diversity. ~ For example, the rich people who support Hillary Clinton cannot understand, and don't even speak the same language, of the middle-class people who will vote against her on November 8, 2016. ~ So how can any of them expect to conduct a blind political poll of them that makes any sense out of the situation? ~ GSR/TWN ~
STRANGE COLOR NOTES: That illegal aliens border fence fell down at the SNOOP DOG concert in confirmation of the orange SNOOPY in AFTER HOURS; "The niggers have no concept of day or night." Leslie Winn, 1968. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Be more like me, and not like them.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


When in Sam Hell are all of those polite society new age Rosearian Christians, with their born again Republican Party haircuts, going to step aside and let the real queers for Donald Trump take care of business? ~ Like at: ~ AND: ~ BFD. ~ You have never touched another man's penis in your entire life. ~ But you sure could have fooled me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DANNY BOY: I'm counting on you to make a difference in Seattle. ~ Otherwise, Paul Allen er all are not going to have the courage to step up to the plate. ~ You follow? ~ PS KENNY KEMP: When you repent of your sins and agree to start all over and become baptised again, you will finally find the straight and narrow path to eternal life at ~ Same thing goes for you too Woody Norris; a.k.a. Derek Flint. ~

Saturday, August 6, 2016


FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD was a prophecy about Donald Trump's legions of white homogaysexual haircut Republicans putting him over the top in SHAMPOO:II, 2016. ~ Like in this prophetic rainbow culture video from the Reaganite 1984s at: ~ Damn straight; fear and loathing is a powerful motivator when it comes to politics. ~ As just confirmed by those two lesbian cops who were attacked with a sugar cane harvest machete blade in Dr.Evil's chocolate Belgium. ~ For that fiery inferno at the CUBA LIBRE dike bar in Normandy, France. ~ Just as everyone in the Jew media was saying that Hillary is going to be the next top cop in the Casablanca. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JAMES CARVILLE: More Louisiana, less New York. ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: More Montana, less California. ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: This link explains why so many white christians, who believe in the 66 book Bible, are secretly hoping and praying that the devil himself is going to start a nuclear war, just to get it all over with, at: ~ You have to crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelette. ~
PS DAN SAVAGE: Your last dying words at THE STRANGER will be, "Vote for Trump!" metaphorically speaking. ~ Relax, have some fun with it. ~ Besides, when we shoot THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III with Brad Pitt in Seattle, you will probably be the best insider source for all of the hottest on set gossip reports; wink wink. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ And believe me you, I do have the money. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: If you are still having problems finding the perfect spring creek fly fishing situation for me and my fuck buddies, check out that country estate that MADONNA invested in with Guy Richie. ~ Just do it, and get it over with, for Jesus sakes. ~ So what, you are an old big fat homo. ~ What else is new? ~ Time to move on. ~

Friday, August 5, 2016


The boss puts down a big bet on some blue state 'Blue Note' horse in THE STING for a test run; and comes up way ahead with a nice preliminary 15 points polling payoff in the 1290 days era election Khan job prophecy. ~ Then he comes back later with a symbolic civil war 500k numbers bet on Lucky Dan. ~ You betcha. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: Chances are you can lock in some pretty good USA election 2016 odds with the London bookies right now. So you better pick one with deep pockets and a sterling reputation for paying off big time. ~ Ironically, in London the Jewish bookies tend to be more honest and reliable. ~ PS KIT WINN: Hooker hangs out at a late night HASTY TASTY joint in Chicago because Tino's father was from Chicago. ~ Ergo, you worked for SEARS; just as your mother worked for BOEING; now located in that tall look alike Donald Trump SEARS tower in Chicago in the FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF prophecy, at:  ~ PS BRAD PITT: I found BY THE SEA the other day at WALMART. ~ Hopefully, it will turn out to be some kind of an Orson Welles indie film project with prophetic CASABLANCA meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III overtones. ~ I'm thinking that my jealous boyfriend Paul Allen pays for the whole shebang; just to stick it to Dr.Evil. ~PS TRUMP: You are going to win the election on November 8 because the white man wants to stick it to the black man. ~ PS HILLARY: You are not going to be it in 2016. ~ God has other plans for you. ~


THE STING prophecy about those rich country club golf course backers of Clinton ends with the surprisingly bad bet for 'Lucky Dan' in Barack Obama's Chicago. ~ Where 7000 people are going to die in the REV.11 earthquake that destroys 10% of the city. ~ In Divine confirmation of the heavy [muddy track] rains in New Orleans on no.44's 55th birthday. ~ Seeing as how the town is a "River Side Park" landmark of the DAN.12 day 1290 river that starts up in 1290' Grand Rapids, Minnesota. ~ You think Seattle is a pretty white town? ~ Take a walk through the Twin Cities featured in wintery FARGO sometime. ~ You betcha. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE BREAKUP NOTES: This particular cinematic prophecy, co-starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, is a prime example of how hard it is to write a satisfying screenplay ending. ~ Ergo, they wrote and filmed two of them; just to cover their bases. ~ See the political campaign season timing of it all, at: ~
Note the pre 2008 financial breakup timing. ~ When the mostly Jewish Democrat Party high financiers in New York refused to consider President Bush's numerous requests to clean up their crap mortgage practices with the negros. ~ PS MITT ROMNEY: Obviously, you don't give a shit about Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHEY; much less President George Albert Smith's vision about a Greek frat [ANIMAL HOUSE] white man winning the WHITE HOUSE election in 2016. ~ You made your bed; now you are going to have to sleep in IT. ~ See: ~

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Now that all the big money men think that Hillary is a sure bet; it's the perfect time to up date the prophetic elements in THE STING, 1973, at: ~ Whereas that cluster fuck of orgasmic California earthquakes during last night's Jimmy Kimmel show happened around Honey Lake; which is shaped like two HUUUGE giant knockers on your Hwy.44 R/M road map; due east of LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONALIST PARK. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JIMMY LINKS: See how God's tool Donald Trump will be elected President on November 8, 016 at, ~ AFTER HOURS SCREENING NOTES: Paul Hack It barely slips through the closing gates of heaven at the beginning of this 50/50 deal ten virgins prophecy. ~ BIG CON NOTES: Duh, Mr.Khan's name is obviously a con job word play. ~ Therefore, the more the Jews, homosexuals, and multi millionaire sports negros in high society play around with it, and Obama's birth certificate con too, the more Donald Trump takes to the bank. ~ "The house always wins..." in CASINO meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS. ~

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Kiki's loft is located at no.28 on Howard Street in AFTER HOURS. ~ Where the Neve Campbell look alike is introduced with a reference to THE SCREAM oil painting. ~ Over ten years before THE PARTY OF FIVE star's SCREAM movies came out. ~ So I checked out her latest wiki page that had been time-stamped at 00:28 four days ago. ~ This being the Providental film that Scorsese made after THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST was interupted. ~ Oh yeah. ~ The tall blond Jewish Donald Trump is definitely a forerunner to Jesus Christ. ~ And when Howard Stern officially endorses Trump for President, New York will be all mine. ~ "Start spreading the news..." Frankie Blue Eyes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD: Hang in there buddy. ~ Me and the boys are almost finished with our final last minute touches on SCREAM 5. ~ Of course, we're going to do a few preliminary rough-cuts and  runthrough audience screening testings first; in order to make sure that everything goes to plan on the big day of the grand [AP:III] opening at the Chinese in Hollywood. ~ Ergo, that ten virgins bus from Mexico to Washington was cut right down the middle in California, killing five innocent hard working LAmanite people. ~ So we are probably looking at a close 50/50ish Richard Nixon type election win; per the SHAMPOO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM meets CASA BLANCA prophecies. ~ Like in the latest LA TIMES USC poll that still has you up by 1% among likely voters. ~ And that is not counting the millions of unlikely voters that Dick Morris says are going to vote for you in November. ~ PS JIM CARREY: God inspired you to relocate from LA to the village and play like the late Andy Warhol for a reason. ~ For one thing, he wanted you to lead the way and lay down the groundwork for the YES MAN meets AFTER HOURS prophecies. ~ So looking forward to your latest pre Donald Trump [anti-NATO] businessman candidate movie shot in Poland entitled TRUE CRIMES, at: ~


Ephraim is a drunkard, but not with wine says Isaiah. ~ Or as the drunk on beer and cheap whisky Ephraimites in Texas like to say, 'The LDS should be called the LSD.'. ~ Because they believe that Joseph Smith was hullicinating when the Angel Moroni lead him to the gold plates buried under a rock in upper New York's 5 Finger Lakes region. ~ Ergo, Mr.Ivor's ACRES OF CLAMS shooter showed up in court on Monday with a Glenn Beck look alike attorney by his side named Tim Leary, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: Here is Leary riding the white horse of REV.17 in the bio pic movie poster for TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD, at: ~ "Think for yourself and question authority." Timothy Leary. ~ "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." Timothy Leary. ~
"You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind." Timothy Leary. ~ "The niggers are fucking up everything." Denis Leary.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


It's hard to come up with a great ending for a feature film screenplay. ~ Wherefore, the original script title for AFTER HOURS was L.I.E.S. ~ And it took 31 years for it to play out and make complete sense in the form of New York's Hillary Clinton running for president of sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ When Paul Hack It would be role playing yours truly in the late night bar scenes that feature Kristen Stewart dancing with some stranger as the juxbox plays, "'re mine..." Complete with Harry Potter lightening bolt forehead scar markings and a JAWS movie graffiti on the bathroom wall. ~ As a lonely and desparate single Jennifer Aniston blond waitress imposes herself on me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NIXON NOTES: Tricky Dick was the first President to put some real teeth into the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964.~ Up until then, it was mostly just a bunch of hot air. ~ Hence that deadly 'smiley face' hot air balloon crash outside of I-35 Austin that represented the state fair hot air balloon at the REV.16 ending to THE WIZARD OF OZ. ~ They don't call Seattle the Emerald City for no reason. ~ THREE WOES WONDERS: The running 'three' note riffs in ALICE is about the three woes in REV.11. ~ For example, I was riding a red three-speed bisexual medicine wheel bicycle up to John Marshall Jr. High when the great 6.7 Seattle earthquake hit at 8:29 on 4:29 in 1965. ~ Just when Rich Nixon was getting into the groove with his law and order campaign featured in the SHAMPOO prophecy; co-starring Warren Beauty. ~


We understand when AFTER HOURS' warm&fuzzy Donny Oz Man movie happens at 2:24 into it. ~ Where we see the Barack Obama negro boy frame positioned next to a queer-as-orange SNOOPY dog. ~ As just confirmed by those new frames of a lonely at heart Miley Cyrus hugging her pet beagle; while running around the mean streets of downtown New York seeking after strange flesh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIMING NOTES: When ABC/CNN finished their latest poll making out Hillary as the favorite, the 35' BIG RED whale watching boat sank in Alaska's Favorite Channel, near Sarah Palin's Juneau. ~ For everyone in the DNC media saying the exact same thing back in early June. ~ SUICIDE SQUAD NOTES: Joe Biden married Mr.Mosteller to his boyfriend Monday, for the suicidal sleeping pill themes of Sodom and Egypt in AFTER HOURS meets THE FRONT, like at: ~ AND: ~  You Jew me, I Jew you. ~

Monday, August 1, 2016


It's getting late. ~ So I'll cut to the chase on this one. ~ Mormon nice guy and allaround computer wizz investor, Donny Ozmond, plays Paul Hack-It in 1985's award winning AFTER HOURS indie film. ~ Who gets chased all night by a gay rights right-wing vigilantism mob led by a lonely widow in her MR.SOFTIE icecream street-vender van. ~ After the neighborhood is saturated with his most wanted [FBI] man look alike robber baron posters that say, "STOP HIM!!" ~ Because the Mormons are not taking care of the widows and the orphens in the way that Gods says at ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.REALLY.NOTES: Donny is now making a very nice dollar playing the Indian casino dinner theater circuit; BROADWAY DANNY ROSE style. ~ HOWARD STERN NOTES: Columbia Pike [Hwy.29] runs through Howard County, Mary Land, USA; and comes to an end at the 'T' junction located right outside of Mt.Hebron. ~ For the Washington, DC radio market where he first got his feet wet. ~ PS CARY MULLIGAN: That's for you baby in the opening 'B528' computer code number. Per your own private look alike woman in THE SHINING prophecy about my son who now lives in Bend, Oregon, of all places. ~ Which takes place in Barack Obama's 7-11 mountains state of Colorado; after Donald Trump is elected, and before he is inaugurated. ~ Think SLEEPER meets BLAME IT ON RIO:II. ~ If the money is right, and the girls are pretty, like at: ~ PS NICKI AND SANDY: The Clinton ferry to Whidbey Island takes one over to Beverlyy Beach and Baby Island Hights and Honeymoon Bay and Chase Lake, along Holmes Harbor. ~ So how about this very expensive and exclusive real estate offering? ~ I strap both of you down on a table at my PLAYBOY castle and drain all of your blood out while I AM is fucking your guts out; just like I do in the ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN prophecy. ~ And then you two leave my rejuvenating spa clinic looking like you are 29 years-old all over again. ~ And don't forget to bring along a friend or a sister. ~ Plus, we have a full service in house preschool nursery and professional baby sitting staff included in the price. ~


Those Mormon kids got shot by a Russian computer hacker student at an Indian casino town because the Mormon FBI still refuses to pull Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted emails from that huuuge NSA storage facility located in Mormon Utah. ~ Not to mention Obama's stolen SS number, still stored in the IRS tax back-files of the 31 FLAVORS corporation. ~ [The teetotaler Mormons are well known for their love of icecream.] ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/YWN ~ AFTER HOURS BLOGGER NOTES: Last night at 3:10 am, I had a flash vision of a young sexy blond walking by the DVDs at THE CHECK OUT in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ So I rushed over there after it opened at 8:00 am and found AFTER HOURS by Martin Scorsese. ~ Which came out during Donald Trump's future [2016] Manhattan Project campaign. ~ The same year when I decided to go back to BYU in 1985 to study independent film making, at:  ~ Wherein I eventually came to understand why my French exwife would want to fuck some other guy who was just like I AM in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ Think I get to fuck a 29ish Ornella Fresh, while my old lonely friend, now living in Sandy, Utah's exclusive PEPPER RIDGE gated community, gets to fuck my 29ish wife Laurence Relf. ~