Monday, August 1, 2016


Those Mormon kids got shot by a Russian computer hacker student at an Indian casino town because the Mormon FBI still refuses to pull Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted emails from that huuuge NSA storage facility located in Mormon Utah. ~ Not to mention Obama's stolen SS number, still stored in the IRS tax back-files of the 31 FLAVORS corporation. ~ [The teetotaler Mormons are well known for their love of icecream.] ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/YWN ~ AFTER HOURS BLOGGER NOTES: Last night at 3:10 am, I had a flash vision of a young sexy blond walking by the DVDs at THE CHECK OUT in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ So I rushed over there after it opened at 8:00 am and found AFTER HOURS by Martin Scorsese. ~ Which came out during Donald Trump's future [2016] Manhattan Project campaign. ~ The same year when I decided to go back to BYU in 1985 to study independent film making, at:  ~ Wherein I eventually came to understand why my French exwife would want to fuck some other guy who was just like I AM in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ Think I get to fuck a 29ish Ornella Fresh, while my old lonely friend, now living in Sandy, Utah's exclusive PEPPER RIDGE gated community, gets to fuck my 29ish wife Laurence Relf. ~

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