Friday, August 5, 2016


The boss puts down a big bet on some blue state 'Blue Note' horse in THE STING for a test run; and comes up way ahead with a nice preliminary 15 points polling payoff in the 1290 days era election Khan job prophecy. ~ Then he comes back later with a symbolic civil war 500k numbers bet on Lucky Dan. ~ You betcha. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: Chances are you can lock in some pretty good USA election 2016 odds with the London bookies right now. So you better pick one with deep pockets and a sterling reputation for paying off big time. ~ Ironically, in London the Jewish bookies tend to be more honest and reliable. ~ PS KIT WINN: Hooker hangs out at a late night HASTY TASTY joint in Chicago because Tino's father was from Chicago. ~ Ergo, you worked for SEARS; just as your mother worked for BOEING; now located in that tall look alike Donald Trump SEARS tower in Chicago in the FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF prophecy, at:  ~ PS BRAD PITT: I found BY THE SEA the other day at WALMART. ~ Hopefully, it will turn out to be some kind of an Orson Welles indie film project with prophetic CASABLANCA meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III overtones. ~ I'm thinking that my jealous boyfriend Paul Allen pays for the whole shebang; just to stick it to Dr.Evil. ~PS TRUMP: You are going to win the election on November 8 because the white man wants to stick it to the black man. ~ PS HILLARY: You are not going to be it in 2016. ~ God has other plans for you. ~

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