Sunday, August 14, 2016


"In your guts you know he's nuts." was the college student slogan that helped bring down Hillary Clinton's Barry Goldwater candidate for President in 1964. ~ In confirmation of today's flooded Delta Greek brat house scene in ANIMAL HOUSE; where Belushi grabs that nutty folk singer's 12-string acoustic guitar and violently smashes it up against the wall; hey whatever works. ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: A-Rod hit an RBI double in his last game for the Jewish YANKEES. ~ As a final sign from g-d that we are now at the end of the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11 meets DAN.9 meets MARK 13. ~ UPDATES: Those six Jews who died in a 1969 plane crash near the Rapidan River in Virginia were all from the Indian medicine wheel landmark of Indianapolis, Indiana. ~ See the reason for it happening, at: ~ NEGRO NOTES: That fat and sweaty ugly [Oprha Winfrey] lady who sang the blues in David Lynch's 1989-1990 WILD AT HEART masterpiece died on the same day that the Big N.O. got 17" of rain in 6 hours, at: ~ AND: ~ "You look like a clown in that snake skin jacket." WILD AT HEART. ~ MOVIE NOTES: My latest vision was about the new pop art collection of DVDs that included 1963's CHARADE. ~ Really. I mean it. ~ I had already made a decision in my mind to pick it up at WALMART before I saw that Audrey Hepburn figure by RL in Sunday's STYLE section of the NYT. ~ Go figure, Tuesday's NYT is no.57,326. ~

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