Friday, August 19, 2016


Due to those new pix of Jennifer Lawrence wearing her traditional Paul Simon hat while sharing cocktails on a highrise roof-top balcony with Penelope Cruz and her Spanish lover husband in Vancouver, BC; I did another quick lookie-loo at DON JUAN DEMARCO, costarring Johnny Jepp. ~ Which begins in the New York area and finishes in Barack Obama's fantasy paradise vacation islands of Hawaii. ~ Hey why not? ~ Penny and Jenny in bed together with some hot Spanish man who is married to the other woman? ~ Fuck me Jesus now!! ~ Pour me another double tall Scotch on the rocks before I die and go to heaven. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 50 STATES NOTES: That big multiple house fire in the BREITBART neighborhood area on the Republican held Staton Island represented the MR.SOFTEE street vender in AFTER HOURS; who mostly works over in that area with her soft vanilla icecream van. ~ See this blond shampoo job at: ~ Ergo,
it is high time that the sisters start standing up for each other, instead of ignoring their legitimate needs and wants. ~ PS AMBER HEARD: Johnny Depp does not owe you 7 big ones. ~ So if you take that much money from him by force of law and give it to charity, you are no better than Hillary Clinton and her running dog Marxist nigger loving Jews who are still running Hollywood, LA. ~

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