Sunday, August 21, 2016


I woke up at 10:31 PM Halloween time last night to watch the rest of NOTES ON A SCANDAL. ~ Noticing that a spider had bit me two times on the inside of my left elbow. ~ In confirmation of the 2006 film's KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in Brazil message. ~ Then later on in the semi awake after hours, God let me know that my next big movie post sensation is October 17, 1986's THE COLOR OF MONEY prophecy; directed by Martin Scorsese. ~ Note the Scottish tartan on Tom Cruise in the movie poster at: ~ Scorsese was born on Nevember 17, and so on; yet another born again celebrity date that comes after Donald Trump is elected President in 16, and before he is inaugurated in 17. ~ GSR ~ PS DAVE AND CONAN: Here are the rotten fruits of the pop art culture and pop politics that both of you have been shamlessly promoting in the after hours of New York City for all of these years, at: ~ While pretending to be family men with traditional values and short haircuts. ~ Hence that rocket that just came down on a place in south Israel that rhymes with 'rot'.  ~ "Not everything that looks white is white." Lord Jesus, circa 1996. ~ PERSONAL BACKGROUND BIOGRAPHY NOTES: This 1963 picture is about me playing an American 007 agent in: AND: ~ Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted too; I'm pretty good, but not that good. ~ I AM is around the same age as the freakishly young looking Paul Newman is in THE COLOR OF MONEY for a reason. ~ Still pretty fuckable, just as long as I keep my shirt on and keep my weight down. ~

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