Monday, August 8, 2016


This week's NATIONAL ENQUIRER report about Donald Trump's revenge on Hillary Clinton's hypnotized vampire puppets is for the prophetic revenge message in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE [political] GRAVE. ~ When the Monsignor tells Paul from around 34:00 minutes that, "Not enough people say what they really mean these days... Not stopping to think if what they are saying is really true... Happens in the church too..." ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOX OFFICE REPORTS: Reportedly, SUICIDE SQUAD broke all box office opening records for the month of August. ~ As just confirmed by that Bald Mtn. Dr.Evil figure named Mr.Short who murdered his REV.17 mother and killed himself to boot, at: ~ Which is located in TRANSILVANIA 6-5000 to the south of the frog filled Blue Marsh Lake, and west of Lincoln Park's Reading, Pennsylvania region. ~ A little over along Hwy.222  from Allentown; for Woody Allen's new clip about his physical transfiguration haircut barber in SHAMPOO:II taking so long to read his short 200 [posting pages] novella. ~ In other words, it will probably take about ten years of cutthroat trout blood letting haircuts around the ears before one starts to look at least 29ish again. ~ OCTOBER SURPRISE NOTES: The bulk of Woody Allen's surprise 666 crisis video series is scheduled to roll out of sleepless Seattle in October. ~ Gonna half to go with ME MYSELF AND IRENE on this one, at:,_Myself_%26_Irene ~ Note the lazy left eye of Woody Allen in the above art work. ~ When the fed up lesbian Amazon lady albino [RIO OLYMPICS] cops in The Emerald City finally decide to man up and take over the Seatlle City Council in a bloody turkey season coup, circa 2016. ~ You fuck with my sexy uniformed bitches in Seattle, I have my angry white Scandinavian mob throw every single one of you nigger faggotts off of the Hwy.99 Aurora Bridge. ~ No trial, no jury, no judge. ~ All is fair in love and war. ~

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