Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Human Rights Campaign [for Obama], based in Rhode Island, is sending their transsexual religion director, Harry Knox, down to Knoxville to investigate the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW shooting. He has been with the HRC since 2005. His official HRC page is at:

Check out this church HRC at:

I'll see if I can find a copy of HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS this week.

The government homogaysexual relationship between Massachusetts and California grows stronger by the day. That CAR 5.4 earthquake in Chino-Diamond Bar, CA hit on the same day that the Mass House voted 118 to 35 to honor out of state marriages of transsexuals. Mass is called the 'Bay State' in confirmation of California's famous 'Bay Area' debauchery.

In the Bonney Lake area Tuesday, it was dark and rainy all afternoon, confirming the "so dark" and rainy opening to the Olsen twins' prophecy about the dark marshmallow dick head munch'n monster. Where the "fiddle head ferns" ... "sprout right up" after every snow job speech from the [Rocky] mountain top.

One of the virgin Olsen girls prophesies "I need this like I need a hole in the head!" i.e. a blow-hole in a bathroom head's stall. As in that giant concrete toilet stall sculpture across the street from Bonney Lake's firehouse.

The CAR 54 quake hit near the Olsen's Diamond Bar mine at 11:42 am, for the Big Foot monster 'treading under foot' the righteous for 42 months in REV.11:2. Then it's fuck you long time asshole.

There were twin quakes in the remote mystery volcano Solomon Islands Tuesday; a 5.9 and 6.0 about 3 minutes apart. Is one of the Olsen twins a tad shorter than the other?

The town of Chino is an 'O' word play on China. When the jet crashes upon take-off at the beginning of the FORCES OF NATURE prophecy, a big 'O' orgazm icon letter falls off an [Olsens] airport sign. Which stands for Obama, Oprah, Ohio, etc.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That church shooter in knock knock Knoxville was from Powell, Tenn, next to Clinton. The alien Rev Sun Moon Unitarians for unification with Obama were watching some singing children perform ANNIE, with it's famous homogaysexual number "It's The Hard-Knock Life". The killing also comes during the floor show in THE ROCKY [Mtns.] HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

Bonney Lake's fire chief, Dan Packer, died in California's [Black] Panther Mountain fire Saturday; south of Happy Camp, along Rt.96's famous "Big Foot Hwy". The two witnesses' 1260/1290/1335 day counts ended their message in 96.

'Fudge packer' is slang for anal sex. For some background see:

Speaking of media snow jobs and blackouts. The Bush tax cut lowered the deficit year after year, by increasing revenues. Until the 666 beast, who's head was wounded, recovered miraculously, and America's liberal oligarchy generated enough underground heat and pressure to blow away the frightened and foolish compromising Republican miners on Jelly Jungle Island. [Filmed in Obama's Hawaii for Bush's Gulf of Mexico.]

After the Democrats voted for $50 billion in African AIDS funding, almost double what Bush wrongfully requested, they started singing along with the gay media choir about the evil overspending Bush.

WWII black soldier Sam Snow [job] died in Seattle the day after the US Army restored his discharge status for rioting, murder, etc. Because the soldiers were not given enough lawyers and time in the old case. The story's snow job spin by the media confirmed the minority actor who plays the snow volcano monster in the Olsen twins' Obama mystery prophecy. Snow died Sunday at 12:43 am. When I started tonight's new set of snow job blog notes, the first auto-save time-stamp flashed on at "12:34 am".

On the back cover of Howard Stern's 1995 transsexual prophecy MISS AMERICA, there is a photo of Stern and OJ Simpson, above the future Donald Young message "GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER".

Sunday, July 27, 2008


When I first saw the $1 used Olsen twins' video entitled THE CASE OF THE VOLCANO MYSTERY, I thought it was a movie. Turned out the 1997 tape was the last in a series of eleven 30min. adventure detective stories they produced. [I have never seen an episode of their TV show.]

The two 10 year-old virgins look like dolls. In their detective story about a volcano eruption on an island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico; located exactly from where Obama's Cat.-2 hurricane Dolly developed into a 100 mph beast.

I watched the story Saturday morning. That starts with Mary-Kate and Ashley talking to their prophetic yellow raincoat Sailor Dog beagle. Then they ride off on their medicine-wheel bicycles across the Colorado mountains. Traveling down to their sticky and sweet "Jelly Jungle" Island assignment. Where three naive and foolish Christian southern marshmallow miners, named Doc, Duke, and Duck, are being threatened by a mystery monster. Who is creating a massive snow job [ash fall] in order to take over their land.

Turns out the frightening REV.17 mystery monster is shockingly real. When the girls discover that a flaming homgaysexual volcanoist, named Matt, [For MATT.25] has been hiding inside his silver heat-resistant California wildfire suit; that looks like a giant body condom.

The 'knock-knock' joking girls expose the Obama pervert's true 666 nature even further. When he starts talking about lava pressure building up and producing an explosive release into cracks and holes in the earthly. And everyone starts singing "Don't you stand there and gawk..." because this is "one nasty rock" ... "You better run..."

"We'll solve any crime by eruption time!" is their motto finale.

Here's another Dolly figure posing before Obama's Latin America revolutionary poster at:

The Big Brown leech scars on her left arm-of-flesh, above her barbed-wire camp tattoo, are confirmation of the predatory nature of the new and improved 666 Marxist blood-sucking beast.

In third world countries, like Obama's crime infested Chicago, USA gangland, prophesied about in Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE, the collusive press don't talk about what's really going on underground. If they wont tell the people about John Edwards' corruption, what are they not telling them about Barack Obama? No wonder the NYT's former front page editor recently died of AIDS.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: You can buy a copy of the Olsen twins' Obama prophecy at:
NOTE: The Rev.Wright's Wright Rd joins Rt.11's entrance to Obama's Hawaii volcano landmark prophecy. Check out REV.11's two witnesses double '808' Pii themes, and day 1261 reference, etc. at the Hawaii volcano golf club site:

Friday, July 25, 2008


No one was in the hotel room watching them fuck and taking pictures of it. So the same NYT that reported on their front page that McCain was fucking his assitant, decided not to report that John Edwards was fucking his Howard Stern mistress at the BEVERLY HILTON. It's really no different than their stonewalling of the documented Larry Sinclair story, about Barack Obama's well known closet homosexuality and recent drug use.

John Mayer ran a big full page fuck-you ad in Thursday's USAT for BLACKBERRY. Which the editors placed next to Sandra Brown's hilarious dirty martini book ad entitled PLAYING DIRTY. So there were two separate train derailments in South Carolina Thursday. One happened in Conway. The other happened near Clinton and Bonds Crossing, in Joanna; north of Newberry.

They were putting a steeple on Rev. Hancock's transsexual South Point Church in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy Thursday, in Oklahomo City, when their hangman crane collapsed and killed Winfred Staff/ord, 79. The day's Berlin speech timing turned the D&C 86 church steeple into a giant symbolic dick idol. Just like that victory penis monument did for the Obama Brownshirts rally. The church is on Youngs Blvd for the murder of church choir director Donald Young. Who was one of Obama's former gay lovers.

Dale Leo Bishop was executed by the state of Mississippi Wednesday evening. He endorsed Barack Obama right before dying.

McCain will be meeting with Tibet's Love Guru in As/pen, Colorado Friday. The Chinese oppression over there is a case of the REV.17 beast going after the new age REV.17 religion whore.

On the eve of Obama's Victory Column speech in Berlin, a fuel barge wreck in Brad Pitt's New Orleans, shut down the Misssissippi River all the way to Triumph, LA, by Colorado Lane.

I watched the first Bond movie Tuesday morning, 1962's DR NO. The next day in Pitt's southern France, 100 people were contaminated by EDF radiation, like at Dr No's nuke plant on Crab Island. See:

Hey Ted, I've heard rumors that Smith plays for both teams. Any truth to it?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Heavy rain and REV.12 flooding is forecast for Dr Howard Dean's Washington County, Vermont landmark today. Which includes his hometown capital location named Berlin; especially around the state's famous penis stump icon down in Windham County. That divides the transsexual Sherman Res. in Franklin County, Mass.

These are the 100 mph cat-2 winds, that the big-tits-dumb-blonde hurricane named Dolly, brought to Obama's Big Brown horse BORDERLINE prophecy in Brownsville, Texas. His windy speech in Berlin will be just in time for Madonna to work it into rehearsals for her worldwide STICKY AND SWEET Brownshirts tour.

Obama's Hoosac Range is at the missing southern tip of Vermont's big DNC dick sign. For the senator asking Larry to lick his sack and dick like it was 1999 in McCain's Flagstaff, Arizona. Mowing the grass and weeds Wednesday, I noticed that Uma's walnut tree is really full of scrotum fruit this year.

There was a powerful Rt.111 brown Chocolate Mtns earthquake in Japan Thursday. It was about the first beast's rising-sun symbol that Obama's Rev Sun Moon unity people have painted on the rear shark fin of his new LOVE GURU jet.

That's why that post WWII era B-52 crashed over there after the Obama cult let it be revealed. Will the transsexual John Travolta be their head pilot?

I see Berlin's Black Cemetery is located at the proverbial end of the road, completely surrounded by a stonewall. See the hangman sign at:

Reportedly, Obama got heckled by some Larry Sinclair blog readers when he showed up to pray at the Jewish stonewall icon in Jerusalem.

Due north of Berlin on Rt 12 is the Rev Wright's Wrightsville road sign, near Horn of the Moon Rd, south of BUBBA HO-TEP's Shady Rill reference.

Several years ago, Sandra's sister gave up Hollywood and opened a sweets shop in the Berlin area. Her specialty was those sticky and sweet coconut haystacks. The popular brown chocolate ones look like you-know-what at:

Obama's former VP running mate, John Edwards, ran into a basement toilet stall when the NATIONAL ENQUIRER's Mr Butterfinger caught him visiting his transsexual Howard Stern look alike mistress, Rielle Hunter, at the BEVERLY HILTON Monday night Tuesday morning. According to:

The enclosed look alike photo reveals the ex-senator's inspired relationship with his southern Christian homogaysexual "Breck Girl" character in 30 ROCK.

Last Tuesday morning at 3:10, I finally got around to watching the prophetic 56 year-old James Bond in A VIEW TO A KILL. Which would have been within a minute or two of my Everlyn Tremble style synchroneity with Edward's bathroom rescue by hotel security.

The San Francisco movie ends with May Day's black transsexual riding atop a UFO shaped bomb; trying to escape Israel's abandoned silver mine. That was supposed to cause a huge Japanese sunrise earthquake 'change' in the landscape of America.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, July 21, 2008


16 people were injured in the Rev Sun Myung Moon chopper crash Saturday/Friday-USA. His age is 88 for the $1 crazy '88's lottery scratch card I suddenly felt impressed to purchase Friday at Bonney Lake's Korean owned convenience store off Locust; before ever hearing about the Rev's Pope 16 '500' civil war omen. Basically, the Korean civil war is still not over.

When I left the parking lot with my losing [no.034] scratch card, a steel X-TERRA 4x4 drove by with '920 PAY' plates at the former 18801 dance studio. For that trinity-of-dead news anchor chopper crash in Price, Utah; near Deadman Creek Rd and Cardinal Wash Rd.

Speaking of LOST HIGHWAY's Pete Dayton no-parking prophecy. One of the 3 dead persons in Price was 30 year-old Andy from Sundance's Park City, Utah. Not coincidentally, the Dayton, Ohio air show was suddenly interrupted Sunday, when a 757 with 188 people on board, headed for Detroit, had to make an emergency landing in Dayton due to computer problems.

3 people were also killed Saturday in a plane crash in Kemp, Texas. In an effort to help my unification church pilot buddy Ken Kemp get his head on straight.

Moon's Unification Church is the D&C 86 Catholic church version on many levels; i.e. the word Catholic means 'universal'. And Pope 16 called for all people of faith in the world to unite into a "new age", while down in Australia. Much like Obama is always yacking about new age Unity. One of Mussolini and Hitler's main cult themes in the 30s.

Here's a link about Obama's planned speech below Hitler's victory pillars in Berlin. Confirming that hilarious German victory speech by Lynch's new age Love Guru in the youtube video. See:,1518,566920,00.html

Not that it will matter, but you will probably never hear about this Obama news from those three helicopter-cap news anchors, at:

The Price, Utah helicopter crash was also near Jack Rabbit Flat road.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Rev. Sun Myung Moon's chopper crashed Saturday on South Korea's severed penis peninsula icon. Reportedly, they carried 14 injured people off in gurnees. On the same USA-time day that Larry Sinclair posted Donald Young's death certificate at:

Besides the obviuos 'Unity' church rising-sun reference, there was a full moon out, for a great WAREWOLF OF WASHINGTON connection to the funeral of Tony Snow, Bush's former press handler.

A HUGHES 500 chopper crashed in Price, Utah in the same 24hr news period, killing 3 people. For the 3 foolish news anchors following Obama's day 1290 obamanation of desolation. Price is located below Indian Head Peak, for Larry giving the Crazy Horse blow-hole stonewall candidate head in Gurnee, Ill.

The David Lynch crane crash confirmation in I-10's 5/5' Houston, Texas ten virgins landmark killed several birds with one stone. The giant symbolic hangman icon is operated by DEEP SOUTH CRANE & RIGGING. Establishing the perfectly timed meaning of Dr Howard Dean's DNC tour of the south.

John Henry, 33, of Dayton, TX was killed in the oil refinery omen, as timely story background to Sienna Miller's 33 year-old oil man lover, Mr Getty. Who played Peter Dayton in Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY. Turns out Sienna has been faithfully FFing the ARNIE'S FIRESTONE character since last June, when all those wildfires erupted in Sodom, California.

Here's Getty copping a feel for the camers in Positano, Italy at:

It's basically the same parking move the Pete Dayton makes with Shela's topless look alike tits. Basically around the same time Andy Dick got arrested for doing it in the parking lot of BUFFALO WILD WINGS. Since 26 year-old Sienna's prophetic composite character Alice does some serious Saddleback Butte St Park FFing with Andy in room 26.

Is that a shark tattoo on Getty's right arm? Or is it the crawfish monster in TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE? At:

Famous fishing boat captain, Greg Norman, 'The Shark' was leading the British Open, last I heard. So I'll keep an eye on that. No doubt, Getty and Sienna went around the grassy 18 holes course more than once.

The day after the US Senate approved 50 billion for African AIDS, a major government AIDS vaccine test was dropped, due to years of failed lab results.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Thursday's news about the network anchors following Barack Obama around Europe and the Middle East, during The Joker's opening week, looks like a political AIDS sting operation from on high. Based on the 16 dead stingrays omen in Obama's Chicago area that confirmed the stingray death of The Crocodile Hunter off [baseball] Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia.

St Peter's homogaycelibate Pope 16 is down in Australia right now talking like a typical Obama supporter. Therefore, George Bush flew directly to the Trinity Mtns wildfire Thursday, via I-5's Redding, CA, from Tony Snow's funeral at Wash, DC's Catholic Basilica of the Madonna. 16 dead stingrays, out of 32 stingrays, is a 50/50 five foolish virgins thing.

When the Chicago stingray report started rolling out, about Obama contracting political AIDS from Larry Sinclair, a big semi rammed 5 vehicles in the ass in Town and Country [club] Missouri on Hwy.40, outside St Louis, MO, at:

Nearby is Man/chester and Westwood, for Westwood, CA's transsexual horror movie player Hen/ry Waxman. Who's still going after the evil Dick Cheney like those Internet Obama agents are going after Sinclair at:

I see the area's Baptist College is located off Conway Road. Could that be where Gov Huckabee got his Baptist preacher degree?

There is a prophet out there, among the D&C 133 lost tribes of Israel, who claims that God gave him a vision about the 2008 election. Wherein Obama dropped out due to "shame", and McCain dropped out due to his health.

November ended up being a 50/50 ten virgins tie vote between Hillay Clinton and Mike Huckabee. That was eventually settled by the 1950s-60s Waxman movie monsters in Congress, at:

Speaking of transsexual looking old church men. Have a look of this shot featuring Senators Hatch and Kennedy, placed in a great church cathedral setting with REV.17 mystery lady 'X' values at:

Their similar D&C 86 religious and political world views are as close as their two stuffed red leather chairs.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, July 17, 2008


16 of 32 stingrays died in a 16k pool in Obama's Chicago area Monday. The news went national on NAACP Wednesday. When the financially bankrupt US Senate voted to spend 48 billion dollars more on the Africa AIDS stinger prophecy in REV.9. The plague has hit black females especially hard in recent years; many from having sex with black males. Who in turn have been having unprotected gay sex on the down low. See:

In the 2BC, the Lord instructs Israelites to keep their main assets in gold, and debt free real estate/land, to survive the latter-day financial turmoil. Eventually, gold will be worth about $100 an ounce, wages will be around $1 an hour, paid in Mr Forbes style hard currency. Stocks will be mostly for dividend earnings, not just speculation.

It came out on NAACP Wednesday, that famous 42 year-old transsexual Andy Dick was arrested Tuesday at BUFFALO WILD WINGS in Murrieta, CA. For copping a feel of some 17 year-old chick's tits in the parking lot. No word if they were as big as the two Obama campaign video chicks, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson.

Ashley [Olsen] Park is located in the Arkansas town where this 1260 days conversion 'Lost&Found' sign occurred, near Hurricane Lake. It's another Rt.26 Hollywood, Ark diamond find sign at:

I had a dream about one of the two Olsen twins Tuesday morning, the 15th, who were born on June 13, 1986. I don't know which one. She was set to do a black&white photo shoot at some remote cabin on a wilderness lake, like Crooked Lake. There was a small black pimple on her face, near her lower lip, that she wanted to cover with makeup. I said don't worry about it, nobody will see us out there. Just be natural and "go all the way" with the camera.

Then this morning, doing an Olsens image search, I found a blog page dated July 15, 2004, at 3:57, that reported the twins turned 18. 18 being the symbolic Jewish number of eternal life, etc. The first response by 'mr. rj' was posted at 11:19; for a flash vision I had on July 15th at 11:19 am. Wherein I saw a black widow spider crawling up her web beside a chair. See what I mean at:

I really like this black&white shot at:

Google maps shows Hollywood, Ark on Rt.182 and 53. The state's Crater of Diamonds State Park is on South Washington Ave, that becomes Rt.301.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The day after McCain was heckled by La Raza radicals in San Diego, 8 Latinos drowned in a California canal. When a garbage truck rammed a 4x4 west of Modesto. Down the Hwy.33 church road from there is Crows Landing Jet Facility confirmation of Sheryl Crow singing America's aliens anthem at NY's All Stars game on the same day. To the east is [Evelyn] Keyes landmark on Hwy.99.

Because Homer McCain is scheduled to speak at Ham's 99th black NAACP convention for Obama's down low cock suckers today in Cincinnati, OH; located in Hamilton County.

Confirming Dick Cheney's Crowheart Butte, Wyoming heart medication wheels prophecy stuff, Madonna's A Rod chatted up Ms Crow during Tuesday's batting practice. Some old FDR era player was tossing the balls for that historic All Stars' Homer Simpson homer-derby record of 28 homers.

Here's HELLBOY's firestarter girl in a great Crowheart outfit with the late Mrs Betty Wright's Betty Boop hairdo omen at:

The photo's inspired latin word 'DIOS' means God.

EZE.10's four wheels La Raza garbage truck crash happened on Needham Rd. For that huge fuel tanker explosion in Needham, Mass Saturday; north of Dedham Country Club. Right before Massachusetts revived their national gay marriage campaign against the righteous. The gas rig driver was Kevin Power, 59 of Watertown, at:

Notice the prophetic TIFFANY clock reads 56 after in Evelyn Keyes' 1947 movie poster for the plural marriage film noir JOHNNY O'CLOCK at:

YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG's Nina Foch was also in the picture. Her preordained Kate Hudson look was confirmed by her April 20 birth date connection to Kate' April 19 date. She is flashing the threesome sign at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, July 14, 2008


Black actor Brolin Wright, and the guy who is playing W, in Stone's new Bush movie, were arrested over the weekend in a bar fight. For yet another violent Rev. Wright Obama omen. Is Wright an Obama supporter? I don't know for sure. The likelihood is only about 99.9%. The Democratic Party film was rushed into production in time for the 2008 election.

Larry Sinclair has a new site at:

Don't throw out your old Hillary Clinton yard signs. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that Larry is telling the truth.

Tony [frozen] Snow passed away Saturday. Did he ever once demand that Obama et al respond to the charges by Mr Sinclair? It has come to the point were one almost gets the giggles listening to media heads talk and write about Obama with a straight face. That goes for talk radio as well. Which is sounding a bit boring lately, in the context of all the historic excitement at

Same goes for the onetime more cutting edge

Speaking of gay conservatives, here's Bruno's 30 ROCK meets look without the mohawk at:

Some long time YANKEES icon just passed away in confirmation of Dr Evil's retractable baseball stadium roof volcano. Some of the players were crying. Same for that sudden unexpected volcano eruption near melting Unalaska, Alaska last week. Think about that the next time you see a photo of Spike Lee wearing his NY baseball cap.

Check out the boner&nuts carpet on THE NEW YORKER's new 7.21 Obama cover at:

Saturday, July 12, 2008


1955's film noir star of THE BIG COMBO passed away on the Fourth of July; Evelyn Keyes was 91. The delayed timing of Friday's announcement confirmed the keys of my 2BC 91 figure Evelyn Tremble in CASINO ROYALE. Who gets a ride in Jen Garner's official car, the AUDI TT that Sienna drives, over to her spy character Vesper's posh pad. [Pronounced like a Vespa ride.] That has "the look of love" song playing with a fish tank full of rainbow trout and Dr Goldfish wives.

The news came out right after Jessica Simpson's birthday, because Ms Garner's Vesper is wearing two of those round clear LOGAN'S RUN size crystals on her ears. Which indicate that her body has been renewed well beyond the prime age of 30.

Before offering my many film role aliases an "F 2" situation, to go with her two bombs offer for Paris' two witnesses radio Eiffel Tower erection, we walk past the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim. Passing through her golden Mr Sunshine doors after she gets rid of that dead body in her kitchen.

These are the keys lying on Adriana Lima's tummy in her famous black&white butterfly bikini robot pose atop a VESPA photo at:

Walking by the South Prairie bus stop last week, exactly where I found that pregnant Indian mother dollar coin on the same day the news broke that Jen Garner was pregnant, I found a TARGET bag lying on the ground. Inside were two VICTORIA SECRET style thongs, a box of ribbed condoms, and a BUTTERFINGER candy bar. It was the very same spot where I found my Sterling silver TIFFANY wedding band ring a few years back.

Initially, Vespa was just using Evelyn, as a "5,000,000 pounds" tax man extortion payment for my recent $5,000,000 film offer, take it or leave it. Since Mel Gibson donated it all to his Malibu state church of the Madonna, the London exchange rate has gone up to $10,000,000, in weakened US dollars.

The Democratic Party's mixed race monkey in a caucasian wig, at the end of CASINO ROYALE, was immediately confirmed Wednesday. When the Bronx Zoo's 'Skyfari' tourist gondola got stuck up in the air at 100' for about 5 hours. Trapping 37 people, including a pregnant lady, in similar units that run on cable etc throughout Dr Evil's baseball stadium volcano in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. During all the monkey riots and pandemnium, Woody Allen comes out counting '51', then cutting to '37' by his next shot.

Walking by 76's WHITE GLOVE car wash Friday evening, the one featured in CASINO ROYALE, I saw a pretty good younger Bruce Willis look alike chatting with some guy at the pumps. Then he got into his California car with '6E21753' plates and drove up to the BIG FOOT espresso hut order window.

At the other side's window, a GSR guy pulled up in his topless convertible with two ladies inside. I remembered that Vesper was wearing white gloves when she first met Evelyn, standing by Ben Affleck's lucky 666 casino slots. Then I saw the other side of "Bruce's" face, from the driver's side, which looked completely different. The guy looked just like Daniel Craig; the new James Bond star of the renewed CASINO ROYALE.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: The 666 zoo report is at:

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The inflatable rear emergency chute deployed in-flight on Obama's MD-80 Monday. It must have looked like a giant turd dangling out of the plane's Butte County, CA end. They were forced to land Hillary's former campaign jet in the day 1290 Mississippi River city of St Louis, delaying his stop in REV.17 C/harlot/te, NC. It was about the Rev. Wright crash prophecy on I-80 in Clinton County, PA. Two other AMERICAN MD-80 omens occurred at:

The same day Kern County announced from baking Bakersfield, CA that they will not ban transsexual weddings, the ongoing wildfire in Butte County exploded into the state's primary threat. Causing evacuations of Obama's island Paradise town landmark, north of Sacramento. Nearby Lake Oroville looks like a monster with claws on my R/M map book.

Here's some new Bong Girl shots at:

Gwyneth Paltrow's Obama button in the latest "Hot" issue of BAZAAR, page 101, actually says "I've got a crush on Obama", confirming Rev.Wright's crushed car in 1996's CRASH prophecy. Liz Hurley is on page 123 wearing all brown.

Scarlett Johansson is in the new COSMO, sporting a rising-sun cult tattoo on page 38.

FACEBOOK's young Obama booster, Chris Hughes, looks like Bruno at:

I'm sure I have seen that guy somewhere in VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS. Whatever. He really looks like a typical defacto Christian homoexual; 30 ROCK style.

Selma Blair was on the Irishman's talk show Tuesday. Promoting her "Firestarter" character in HELLBOY II. The same day there was a big lumber fire in Irish Murray, Utah at:

Earlier in the day, a fine Irish setter passed me in a car on Buckley Hwy at Fennell [Herbie] Creek. Like this one with CASINO ROYALE hair at:

CASINO ROYALE's Rush Limbaugh shot features two seats with 'T' icons in the foreground, that stand for the hidden tribes' two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


By the hand of God, the 007 movie YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE came out in the same year as CASINO ROYALE's physical transfiguration James Bond prophecy. I saw the title's matching concept at FREDDY'S Monday and grabbed it. But didn't notice that they both came out in 1967 until I got back.

No wonder that volcano in Obama's Hawaii suddenly started pumping out the lava in recent weeks. Like when Dr Evil pushes the self-destruct button to his volcano rocket lair at the end of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.

Without reading the DVD case, I didn't even remember that the picture takes place in this week's Japanese G8 summit location. No wonder there was no D&C 133 ice left on the island's numerous volcano peaks.

Rainbow Falls and Mountain View are located on Rt.11 by Hawaii's volcanos. For the coming fall of Jesse Jackson's Rocky Mtns style Rainbow fascism on Mini Me's FANTASY ISLAND. Japan's G7+ rising-sun summit stands for the seven mountains of the new beast, who's head was wounded in REV.13, but recovered miraculously fast.

In YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, James Bond goes under a Japanese version of the physical transfiguration. That includes a temple sealing ceremony to his new wife. In order to change his appearance and blend in with the marred servant's diabolical scheme for his island natives. Who's 'mighty and strong' body guard tosses the whore of REV.17 into his evergreen pool full of Brazilian sun fish; a.k.a. piranha.

To put everything into today's look alike era of the two witnesses. Woody Allen's evil mastermind in CASINO ROYALE creates look alikes of all the world's "...greatest figures in culture, politics, and the arts." His best one being the perfect 1967 Rush Limbaugh look alike, sitting in his famous "Attila the Hun" chair, next to Chairman Mao and Castro.

When the original retired James Bond returns to M headquarters, he is shocked that the beautiful Moneypenny still looks like she did when he was working there years ago. At the psychedelic 60s ending, the GSR/TWN laughing gas is turned on full throttle, and we see a halfbreed Obama monkey figure wearing a caucasian wig piece; right before an amazing Democratic Party donkey shot. While Crazy Horse's invading Indians are on the medicine wheel war path.

Speaking of inspired prophetic art. I remember reading about Sacha Baron Cohen's transsexual she man character "Bruno" [brown] long before the Big Brown signs and wonders appeared in Clooney's Kentucky. I understand that co-hen's story is based in Schwarzenegger's Austria homeland. In confirmation of his current battle against all those wildfires that erupted right after the transsexuals started getting married.

This is the gay theme to my July dream picnic with Gwyneth Paltrow at Seattle's Green Lake. Wherein everyone was dripping with sweat. When I saw this pic of her standing on a fur rug at Bonney Lake' s library Tuesday, a boy across the room shouted "HOT!" Then a lady by the sliding doors said "I'll be right back." at:

The round light in the background represents today's scorching California sun. I see Paltrow is wearing an 'I Like Obama' button in her latest magazine pictorial. Here is Cohen's she-man Bruno wearing an Indian mohawk at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, July 5, 2008


California's smokey barbecue Fourth of July began in the transsexual Bay Area with a deadly chopper crash along side Larry's Sinclair Freeway, in Fremont, CA. Gov Schwarzenegger's symbolic 'Schweizer 269' unit hit a power line, and came down on Sherdian Road. In confirmation of Gail Sheehy's confirmation of Mr Sheley's head bashing in Galesburg, Ill.

A witness said the 50s era helicopter flying-creature caused electric Harry Potter forehead bolts that started a ten acres [virgins] fire. That looks like the ending to Obama's TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE voters movie at:

For a counter point to today's modern Sodom and Egypt, Jesse Helmes, 86, died on the same July 4th date as Thomas Jefferson. Jesse was one of the last heterosexual conservatives left in American politics. The rest are mostly transsexual she-men, like Gov Huckabee and Senator Craig.

The transsexual Sheehy, Sheley, Sherdian word themes connect with Arnold's crazy feminist wife Ms Kennedy. In that it's the castrating women who have helped destroy the principled manhood of American men. Jay Leno's wife would be another example.

The latter-day plural marriage prophecy in ISAIAH 4:10 is about the restoration of male character and leadership in the House of Israel. While granting modern women more independence, personally and financially. Those apostate Christian men who oppose such last days prophecy are acting like defacto homgaysexuals of the REV.17 lady who rides the submissive beast.

Helmes passed away at 86, because his conservative D&C 86 church does not offer a realistic enough alternative to defeat the Democrats reformed fascism; in terms of quality housing, and genuine health care, etc. for the wage workers at LARRY'S BRAKES, and ARNIE'S FIRESTONE "19.99" shop in Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy.

Bozo the Clown died on the 1260 days anniversary of the two witnesses, at age 83. Sending a message from God to all those foolish and silly good hearted Christians out there. The girly men, and their church ladies, who are in great need of more faith and understanding about the latter-day restoration of the House of Judah and Ephraim.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The transsexually named excon, Nick T. Sheley, ended his explosive rampage along the flooded 1290 Mississippi etc. in Madison County's Granite City, Illinois on 7.1, for the Granite State of New Hampshire. Everywhere the [Brit] Sterling, Ill man killed was a massive landmark prophecy. Like The Old Man of the Mountain's Rock Falls, Ill, across the river from where his 93 year-old victim lived; west of Spike's Lee County Lincoln memorial.

Most of the 8 victims were bashed in the head. Because everyone has been bashing excon Larry Sinclair for admitting that he gave a coked-out Barack Obama head two times in 1999. Now all the 666 talking heads are about to get bashed themselves. By Larry's successful fundraiser on 7.1 to raise 5k for his Delaware court date on day 1260's anniversary. For your information, the first poster on that thread logged in at 4:11 pm Tuesday, at:

Sheley killed in Festus, MO, north of a place called Olympian Village. He also killed in Galeburg, Ill, south of Henderson's Big Foot sign. The 7.1 Canada Day context connected directly with New Hampshire's vertical state line, that runs along the 71st latitude, crossing the line around Effingham, near Freedom and King Pine Ski Area.

To the east is Hancock Lake's opening theme to Will Smith's HANCOCK superhero movie. Given that the straight state line there replicates the cutting line that decapitates the upside down dog head image formed by Maine. Right at the dog's mouth is Beau Lake's 69 line, where Obama's Black River flows into the St John River revelation at Dickey.

Tuesday at 8:38 am, I woke up from a dream about some crazy lady who crashed her car into a bulldozer at the Evergreen-192nd T outside. Exiting STARBUCKS later in the day, a large blonde yellow bulldozer trailered by out on Hwy.410. Wednesday's Palestinian bulldozer attack in Jerusalem was for that stonewalling Jewish chick who called Michael Savage Tuesday. Saying it's not fair to question Barack Hussein Obama's patriotism.

Speaking of crazy Sheley church men in ROCKY HORROR's Madison County. I see the Christian homogaysexualite Dan Quail has great respect for Obama. Here's a wonderful patriotic shot of two flag loving guys tossing a dude's grenades in Quail's Flagstaff, USA at:

Mowing the grass Tuesday evening by the Evergreen Drive T, for an extra ten bucks, my halfbreed Indian friend walked by with her two big halfbreed pitt bulls. She asked me if I had seen a chewed up ten/nis ball. That one of her dogs dropped when she chased after her guy's England red 1958 mint CORVETTE. I said I'd keep an eye out for her. Later, I got paid with two virgin $5 bills.

Yours, GSR/TWN