Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The five virgin SPICE GIRLS return from Milano, Italia on a British [VIRGIN] midnight flight no.1919 in confirmation of that midnight hour jet crash in Columbia. ~ Which represented all of those hot Italian soccer star dancers in their compromise gay ass video number musical. ~ Ergo, the video director is always wearing a heavy orange winter coat in the movie that was made in summer time; and released on Boxing Day, 1997 in London. ~ And when their long-suffering manager/polygamist husband figure gets the word from the 007 Chief at 9:00, we see the BOOK OF MORMON continent of South America in the near background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRITNEY: The way it's looking right now, I'm probably going to be delving into the amazing signs and wonders surrounding SPICE WORLD all the way up to and through your birthday. ~ Hopefully, I'll find a way in the meantime to come up for air and have a quick look at '10'. ~ Which I have been meaning to get around to for the longest time. ~ PS REESE WITHERSPOON: The Jewish businessman, who looked like Mel Brooks, and created the double BIG MAC burger of Judah and Ephraim for his 47 [HASTY TASTY] restaurants during his hay days, just died at 98 in the same union town area where they made WAYNES WORLD, per: ~ SPICY NOTES: Here is a great look at my manager husband in SPICE WORLD; who has a really hard time ree!ing in his five foolish wives, at: ~ In my world, everyone gets to catch the big fish. ~


"Because now is the dangerous time... when the speeding mellon hits the wall, it's Christmas for the crows." ~ says the Chief in SPICE WORLD, circa 2016. ~ When the REV.17 parents of the spicy five virgin girls suddenly disappear during HAROLDS' yuuge annual January 2017 close-out sale in London. ~ And that Jewish woman who heads the Green Party's election recount scam is your typical girl power Marxist who is green on the outside and red on the inside. ~ Then the white James Bond villian mentions the girls' negro drummer in an orange cap who looks like that negro Muslim terrorizer in Columbus, Ohio. ~ In confirmation of the COLUMBIA picture being confirmed by that British made [jet to Spain] crashing in the Spanish speaking mountains of Columbia just after midnight on Tuesday. ~ Which was carrying a full load of brown LAmanites flying up to some Mitt Romney type OLYMPICS sports event. ~ Ergo, Donald Trump's DAILY EVENT fake news media plans laid out in the above 1260 days period first act. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: Romney would make a great Secretary of State. ~ Because then the apostate Christians would start to understand that the idea of a white man billionaire Masonite internationalist banker taking over the world is probably a good thing after all. ~ Don't laugh. ~ I'm not the only person out there who believes in this stuff, like at: ~ Yeah yeah we all know, Charlie Sheen is also a believer. ~ But sadly, he doesn't count for that much anymore. ~ Too much pill popping and having sex with strangers. ~ Think MOON WALKERS:II meets SEAN OF THE DEAD:II. ~ And everyone involved gets a yuuge amount of money for agreeing to do it again without even reading the script, like at: ~ Minus my usual 10% of course, of course. ~

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Last night in the wee hours, I dreamed that Ken Kemp and I signed a symbolic production memo deal with Mel Brooks' metaphorical lawyer in the surreal time-warp after hours at HASTY TASTY. ~ While some speed freak at the next table kept trying to distract us with his running rap that made no sense. ~ And then later I read that a British jet from Ken's LDS mission country crashed up in the hills of Spanish speaking Columbia where the ROMANCING THE STONE prophecy takes place. ~ Which was about the time he encountered a Mormon football player who was making a meager living selling fruits and vegetables from a street cart because the church said he couldn't play sports on Sunday. ~ Meanwhile in the near future, former BYU football stars like Young and Wilson were raking in millions playing for the NFL on the Lord's day at ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Like my older guy tells my younger guy at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS; "I have the talent and the distribution, you have the money... The future is in video." ~ SWEET ASS NOTES: Last night God told me that the sun will be shining very bright in the Bay Area on a Thursday in April. ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Donald Trump, less Hillary Clinton. ~ More apostate Book of Mormon masonry, less apostate christian Bibleism. ~ You're 15 minutes of luke warm middle of the road fame is now over. ~ Meanwhile, I have so many underaged wives that I have to fuck two of them at a time, every fucking day, just in order to get around to the rest of them before they begin to get so horny and unsatisfied that they start seeking after strange flesh. ~

Monday, November 28, 2016


That brown muslim refugee from Africa terrorized Watts Hall at Ohio State because of the insane girl power feminism that Emma Watson got brainwashed with at Brown. ~ Therefore, in the British SPICE GIRLS prophecy, the racist, xenophobic, and misogynist Donald Trump starts foaming at the mouth as he engineers his scheme to breakup the girl posse clown party of Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus, er all. ~ And then it's checkmate time for the girls on their no.19 bus. ~ Which later takes them to some WWIII boot camp at one of Trump's luxury country clubs. ~ Where the spicy girls have nightmares about being terrorised. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CYNOPHOBIA NOTES: Cynophobia means fear of wild-at-heart dogs; same difference of course, of course. ~ "The Jews are dogs!!" Leslie Winning, circa 1968. ~ Of course, all of his best friends were Jewish; what few friends he had left at the end. ~


SPICE WORLD is a 1260 days 1990s prophecy about Mr.McMaxford sitting up in his luxurious TRUMP TOWER offices scheming about how he is going to take down the Girl Power Democrat Party with the fake news headlines about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number on December 15, 2016. ~ Which plays out as his hired SS Nazi reporter/henchman stalks the 5 foolish virgin girls. ~ Who actually believe at the end of the movie that they finally destroyed the Donald with a photo of him in the NYT having three way sex with two of his BIG LOVE wives in a LEISURE WORLD, Buckley, Washington hot tub, circa 1993; if wishes were horses of course, of course.. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORMON UNDERWARE NOTES: Here is Orlando [Florida] Bloom wearing his abrieviated LDS temple garments as he gets on a jet plane to Spain, at: ~ In other words, Old Testament Mormon polygamy is the exact opposite of New Testament Catholic celibacy. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: At this point in time, I don't really care if you want to fuck me or not. ~ But if you allow my adopted son to be fucked by other men, then we do have have a very very serious problem. ~ "I will go through the depths of hell, if that is what it takes to save my family." Joseph Smith. ~ ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Those insider clique Jewish kids on the list at WASHPO, DC thought that they could expose me as being some kind of a FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE secret double agent; just because I took three years of Russian language classes at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. ~ Guess they forgot that I was the de facto king of the serior student body class back in 1969. ~ When nobody was ever allowed to look me in the eye; except for Ken McLeod, Kit Winn, and Paul Herrick.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Thank you Jesus!! Don't thank me. ~ Says my crazy rich Mr.Wonderful GG CADDY servant of God figure in the two witnesses Hoover Dam, Nevada, DOMINO prophecy. ~ Since Both Obama and Castro were the hard to swallow castor oil cure for what still [Roger] ailes both Glenn Beck and Michael Medved, like at: ~ As in the 666 beast in REV.17 is the Providential thorn in the side of today's gay ass apostate Christian apostle Paul wanna bes in REV.17. ~ Hey, you don't agree with the head rabbi of Jerusalem saying that today's 1290 days homosexuals in DANIEL should be killed? ~ Well, guess somebody else from the outside is going to have to do something about it. ~ Think BLAZING SADDLES meets HIGH ANXIETY. ~Any who, I got SPICE WORLD this morning at WALMART because Miley Cyrus is the obvious fake birth certificate birthday girl of today's MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ Jesus Christ already!! ~ Everytime I try to get around to some serious film like THERE WILL BE BLOOD, all of this other pop culture crap suddenly pops up and gets in the way of everything. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TOMMY: My sidekick monkey boy from Africa gave you that fake tin medal of freedom because in the year 17 you are going to finally understand that Republican Party conservativism is for grownup white men, and Democrat Party liberalism is for little Jewish girls. ~ JEWISH CULTURE NOTES: Obviously, most of today's emotional Jews were very impressed at an early age by Castro's extremely emotive [Hitleresque] public speaking skills. ~ Which is what TO BE OR NOT TO BE is all about when you boil it all down. ~ "Chicks dig guys who have skills!!!" NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Miley's new gold cushion birthstones ring matches the last golden cushion chair full of precious jewels in THE TWELVE CHAIRS of Israel's lost 12-tribes movie that came out on Julia [jewel] Roberts' birthday in 1970, at: ~ Which ended up financing the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION's new temple veil drapes at the end of the prophetic 017 Communist revolution movie. ~ For when Gonzo climbs down the display shelves full of sports trophies at TIFFANY to return the diamond necklace [in taxes] that he stole. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL NEWS NOTES: My idea of fake news is the NYT putting Obama's fake birth certificate on their front page. ~ And then Sheriff Arpaio holds a real news conference about it on December 15, 2016. ~ PS ARTY: Never. Ever. Try to bullshit a bullshitter. ~ PS SANDY: Apparently both Jennifer Aniston and Katy Holmes now want to get into your 4-1 odds limited partnership payoff motion picture deal offering. ~ Heck, why not? ~ The more the better is less risky is what I always say. ~ Besides, how can you lose money in the deal if both Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese agree to direct me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II ? ~ And then the race begins for who wants to be the first one who discovered the long lost 'Where is Greg?' figure in the iconic Tom Hanks movie. ~

Friday, November 25, 2016


If you don't believe that Donald Trump uses hairspray everyday, after his daily shampoo job, then you do not have the spirit of prophecy within you. ~ That is the testimony of Jesus Christ in REV.19; which is the official number of my future wife Jodie Foster in the FOXES prophecy. ~ Think Washington's all natural FOSTER FARMS chickens meet Arkansas' all natural TYSON brand chickens. ~ It all tastes like really yummy chicken to me. ~ And that's a good thing; more or less. ~ Depending on how you cook it naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: Very few people in my life know that I am just a normal guy, who appears to be adnormal, because of my highly adnormal calling in life. ~ PS TRUMP: Those Reformed Jewish Nazi feminist Dutchman haters called Mother Teresa a white supremacy Neonazi on the same day that the news came out about India's nationalist Prime Minister being one of your biggest fans; like in THE DARJEELING LIMITED meets DELIVERANCE. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: After over 40 years of people saying that you look like a cute little monkey playing the piano; don't you think that there must be something to it?. ~ PS MS MONTANA: Your bejewelled birthday ring was my much anticipated cue to finally watch Mel Brook's THE TWELVE CHAIRS prophecy about the lost ten tribes of Israel, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


That black African school bus driver with primitive looking dreadlocks, named Johnnie Walker, was speeding down the 1290 days Talley Road when his no.366 rig full of virgin negro kids got sideways and smashed into the unmoveable genealogy tree of the House of Israel in Hamilton County, Tenn. ~ In confirmation of the Chattanooga choo choo on track 29 that takes the Jewish Dr.Frankenstein to his 7 hills castle in the physical Transylvania 6-5000 Mel Brooks movie. ~ Where the Donald Trump pitchfork rebellion happens in zero 16. ~ Hence, Rush Limbaugh's no.5 Tenn virgins childrens book comes out today. ~ Which is the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Glenn Beck's adopted home town of Dallas, Texas. ~ Where the two bullets that took out the Catholic liberal with political mob connects was fired from an elementary school book depository. ~ And I will never forget all of my elementary school teachers at University Heights [highlands] openly weaping and wailing in the hallways as I walked up the old wooden stairs between classes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHATANOOGA CHOO CHOO NOTES: According to the song's lyrics, they serve ham and eggs on the track 29 train by the time it gets down to Carolina. ~ Hence, the food and fare of Babylon creates the little bipolar monsters featured in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's 1976 prophecy about the physically transfigured blond leader taking over at the surprise ending. ~ Where even George W. Bush Jr. and Alex Baldwin Sr. have to stand up and give me a hand of applause. ~ PS SIENNA: Last night I dreamed that we were both staying at the same time-travel time-share 1980s era condo complex resort somewhere up on Vancouver Island, BC. ~ When we accidently bumped into each other while coming out of the resort's shared co-ed college style showers buck naked. ~ So I kissed you on the lips; saying so what, we are practically like brother and sister by now. ~ And then we both wanted to fuck; but there was this other younger guy with you who was messing up the picture. ~

Monday, November 21, 2016


Don't count on today's backstabbing neocon pukes to help the Rich family find out who shot their son two times in the back, at: ~ Since most of them believed that Trump would lose the election big time because of their persistent traditionalism belief in Barack Obama's mystical virgin mother birth happening in Hawaii. ~ Per that Republican Party higharchy train wreck in Puk.. [Indiana] at: ~ Mostly because there was the usual birth announcement in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER that was automatically generated by Obama's legal birth certificate filing; signed off by his grandmother; proudly and legitamately stating that he was born in Kenya while his mother was over there on vacation with her husband. ~ So why continue to harp on the subject? ~ Well, this is the main reason why Donald Trump got 306 electral college [Hamilton] votes, and Hillary Clinton got butt kiss. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Long before that skinny spaced-out rocket man speed-freak Jeff Bezos came to my home town and turned everything sideways, it was known as the Jet City. ~ Where everyone at HASTY TASTY was high on Bennies [speed] all night long. ~ Ergo, my vivid Sunday afternoon dream about everyone drinking cheap red wine and playing Elton John's 1974 hit song BENNIE AND THE JETS, at: ~ And the local giant negros basketball team was called the SEATTLE SUPER SONICS. ~ Later depicted in one of my all time favorite private life movies entitled BEING THERE, at: ~ Which came out on the very same day that my exwife called me from France and sent me packing. ~ And then a secret Masonite society Mormon Republican was elected President in North Carolina, where they shot the film, who valued my personal advice and input on matters of economic policy and religion. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: That P-31 crashed and burned to a crisp in Elko, Nevada for a reason. ~ Looks like somebody needs a change of heart. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ It happens to the best of us sometimes. ~ BTW, do you still play the piano? ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Loved those dairy farmer overalls on you at the symbolic LAX airport. ~ It's so nice to know that some of my wives still actually listen to me and take my financial advice seriously. ~ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP NOTES: My dream about Sandra Bullock giving me 3 big ones a year, just to get started, was a combined 3-way limited partnership indie film financing co-op concept. ~ What woman wants to look like she is in her early 50s, when she can look like she is in her late 20s? ~ Big fucking deal, you have to spend money to make money. ~


Your typical Jewish atheist Dr.Frankenfurter figure in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN creates a 7'6" tall white negro NBA player made from a lynched negro sketch by his humpback sidekick I Gore; who loves music. ~ And who has the same kind of "balance and coordination" that the [eastern European] Jew later produces in the movie's staged HAMILTON musical Broadway scenes. ~ Wherein the newly created 666 beast attacks the audience where the Vice President Elect Penis figure is sitting. ~ Hamilton being the historic figure who favored power-oriented centralized government control; i.e. THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, and the younger Bush Jr.'s unconstitutional centralized education fiats. ~ Ergo, the evil old lady in the above 1974 film sets the dangerous negro giant free in the third act. ~ Who later climbs the castle's stonewalls next to the primitive 4 ape men carving. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PORK SAUSAGE LINKS: This link has some nice shots of the prophetic trumpeter/tweeter perched on top of the desecrated 1290 days temple in DANIEL 12. ~ That now allows the sons of Ham to enter into it; ever since that deep throat cancer shorty Spencer Kimball received his black rites priesthood revelation from Satan somewhere around 1974-76, at: ~ Note the Barack Obama opera house LINCOLN CENTER context. ~ Not to mention the bigger Hudson River picture, yada yada, at: ~ AND: ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: Modern revelation tells us that the negro does not have to spend hours and hours, day after day, sitting in the SLC,UT temple, getting bored out of their minds, just in order to enter into the Kingdom of God and perhaps maybe get a tiny little slice of the pie. ~ Thank you Jesus!! ~ Think I'll have another one. ~ And make it a quick tall one while you're at it. ~ My flight to the British Virgin Islands, via Miami, leaves in 15 minutes. ~ Catch me if you can. ~ NOT! ~ See: ~ PS ELIZABETH: I finally got my new and improved US PASSPORT; since Steven Hughes had legally adopted my two blond sons; and therefore all of my past bullshit child support liability issues were deleted from the computers. ~ Oh well. ~ Maybe my Russian friends did it. ~ And now that I think about it; having an official Russian diplomat passport during the Donald Trump era does feel more James Bond; sexy sports car included of course. ~

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Alec Bald/win will do Trump one more time on SNL tonight. ~ In confirmation of that Paul Garrison ALASKA AIRLINES Captain who recently got lost in the snow around Bald Mountain, Alaska at: ~ AND: ~ Because I had just realized that Mel Brook's YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN 1974 was a future physical transfiguration prophecy about Trump's high tower castle in Jew York; where he is now putting together the body parts of his young administration, at: ~ And why not? ~ Who are you going to believe these days? ~ Some low-information 25 year-old Jewish wizz kid at the NYT, or yours truly? ~ Who has a proven 21-years track record. ~ Heck, even CNN is now relying on the unconfirmed [birth certificate] reports from those three Jewish guys from Brooklyn, NY at the ADL/SPLC about Donald Trump's supporters stealing Jewish babies and eating them alive like the Scotish "Fat Bastard" figure does in AP:II&III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1974 NOTES: I got married to my Germanic French wife from outside Nancy, Loraine on June 20, 1974. ~ Then after 5 short years of complete devotion and tolerance of her neverending thankless Nichole Kidman type femminist [backstabbing real man] hating bullshit, she actually had the nerve to tell me that I looked like Adolf Hitler. ~ Right before she kidnapped my two cotton top sons and took a UNITED flight back to Franch at the very hight of Thanksgiving season, November 19-20, 1979. ~ Of course, the first thing that Hitler did after the socialist worker [Michael Moore] unions put him into power, was invade and take over the eastern German border of France. ~ Ergo, "I'm starting to get into late season fall harvest German rieslings..." says my prep-school teacher figure from San Diego, CA, using so many words in SIDEWAYS. ~ Only because he was trying to fuck both Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron at the same time; after they had enough wine, at: ~

Friday, November 18, 2016


The above Glenn Beck look alike quotation from LEPRECHAUN:3, 1995, is pretty much where we are at right now, like at: ~ Followed up by the enclosed scene's Elvis impersonator line that goes something like; you're so good, " should be getting payed for it..." ~ In other words, you are going to pay for it, if you don't start paying for it." ~ Faith without money is dead, etc. MEL BROOK'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART 1, the Spanish Inquisition part. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Britney Spears' birthday is two weeks from today. ~ Hey, I like to party just as much as the next guy. ~ I pay for it. I own it. ~

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The day after I watched TO BE OR NOT TO BE a better kind of Nazi, a father and his son named Byers both fell off a cliff at Shaver Lake, California, per: ~ Who you will notice had the same fake beard as the shaved unamerican Jewish professor traitor in acedemia during the patriotic Ronald Reagan era movie. ~ Hence the famous rainbow trout fishing lake is located near a small road stop on Rt.168 named Academy; due west of Trimmer and Black Rock. ~ Nearby Squaw Valley representing my Indian bride in FERRI BUELLER'S DAY OFF 1986 prophecy. ~ See: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOOK NOTES: God caused that little 144 page book entitled THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON to be written for when the time would come that he would make Donald Trump the President of America. ~ And I say this as the very one who is described in REVELATION 10. ~ See the light at: ~ Another timely book that I can recommend is THE LITTLE PRINCE, at: PS SIENNA MILLER: All of the above signs and wonders are about the landmarks of KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK. ~ May I suggest the buyers club at for a great place to outfit yourself with a pair of hiking boots and a backpack? ~ Check out their fly-fishing gear section while you are at it. ~ They only carry the best stuff. ~ PS BOB: I'll pay you back with interest if you buy that spring fead private trout pond property on the Provo River's south fork where President Monson spent his summers as a virgin Boy Scout. ~ Don't be a sucker; I told Vince Vaughn to bet big on Trump 4-1 way before those Jewish orthodox London bookies started to get very very nervous; and then they started to shit their pants and reduced it to 2-1. ~ Meanwhile, VV was left holding his bag full of dog shit. ~ Since he still does not have enough free money faith in being saved by Jesus Christ. ~ Talk about being the sausage king of Chicago, yet nobody believes you. ~


They say that salvation in Christ is basically free money. ~ But whenever I see a christian who is backing Hillary Clinton's satantic vision of equal salvation for all by 666 government fiat; I get very very nervous. ~ And I start to ask for my money up front, just in case. ~ As just confirmed by that yuuge AMEREN ILLINOIS gas explosion at the old Lincoln opera theater in Canton, Illinois, at: ~ Near Fiatt, and that Woody Norris A-bomb landmark reference to his look alike figure in the DR.STRANGELOVE prophecy. ~ Big fucking deal, I like'em young and I like'em hot, like at: ~ So would you if you were me. ~ Well, some of you anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NATALIE MERCHANT: Michael recently told me that I get to fuck you when your become 29 years-old again. ~ Works for me. ~ How can I argue with that? ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The prophetic Reaganite high tower [SEARS] victory parade for Donald Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, 1986, is about the "shake it up baby" lyrics to TWIST & SHOUT. ~ As today's Internationalist Jewish establishment continues to twist in the wind and cry and shout about the sudden breakup of decadent democratic party fascism. ~ Which is exactly why my sidekick from Africa started off his last and final global tour in Greece. ~ In order to warn the world that Trump is in fact the white Greek house President figure seen in President George Albert Smith's WWIII vision inside of St.George, Utah's white HOUSE OF THE LORD temple in Washington County. ~ Or like that Trump supporter wearing Scotish tartan says in [no.42] TAXI DRIVER, 1976; someday a "real rain" is going to come along and wash down the filthy dirty mean streets of New York City: akk. Sodom and Egypt. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ALMOST FAMOUS NOTES: Scottish tartan flannel shirts and long sleeve thermal [Mormon] temple underwear garments were all the rage during the underground Seattle grundge rock era in SINGLES meets ROCK STAR. ~ Think ROCK STAR was/is/will be about me fucking Jennifer Aniston in the ass in THE WAY WE WERE meets CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at: ~ AND: ~

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The LDS temple sounds of Donald Trump's prophetic trumpets back up the Broadway, New York musical number that opens with TO BE OR NOT TO BE like "...sweet Georgie Brown". ~ Which eventually ends with the half Jewish Hitler shortie sitting in the very same FORD THEATER box seat where he was shot after the first civil war in the back of the head with a black powder .50 lead ball the size of a 50 cent candy machine jawbreaker; symbolically speaking. ~ And then we see the NYT newspaper headlines that call Trump a tyrant and a monster, etc. etc. ~ You don't actually believe that some small business man who voted for Trump is literally going to install a 19' commercial convayer-belt dishwasher in the house where I grew up in Seattle on Britney Spears' upcoming all night long birthday party, do you? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KING: I AM is forced to put a lot of this offensive stuff on my BB because so many of my new readers don't understand that your above quote was about when some big black dog named Bullet broke so many of your bones in EZE.37. ~ And then you had to pay the price for all of the exwife type shit that you and Kenny Kemp have been saying about me for the past 21 years of the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS in REV.8:1. ~ PS MISS HANNA MONTANA: In my heart and mind, you will always be that hot babe righty with a really sweet-ass tan who sits right beside me in the back of that black LINCOLN limo in the opening scenario of THE KING OF NEW YORK meets THE KING OF COMEDY. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: According to my most recent visionary dream updates; there are only three CAFE SOCIETY/HAIL CAESAR/ME ORSON WELLES era Hollywood broads out there right now who are strong enough financially and career wise, and have enough fuck-you money to deal with me making my underaged FFING film fantasies come true. ~ Starting with Gwyneth Paltrow, whose net worth is now threatening the $1 billion level. ~ Then comes Sandra Bullock, the Texas real estate magnet. ~ Followed up in a blink of an eye by Charlize Theron. ~ You get what you pay for at the beginning up fronts is what I always say. ~ Look at it as the orange juice that primes the pump in my home town of Seattle, Washington. ~ Where I now get 10% of evey tax free off shore dollar that flows in and out of the Emerald City; kkk. the Jet City. ~ Because every single movie that Elvis Presley ever made was a Donald Trump shampoo hair job prophecy. ~ PS MICHAEL: One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there right now is about the Jewish media trying to hide the fact that the Jewish Donald Trump actually does sound pretty amazing on your typical kareokee lyrics music machine HI-FI stereo system. ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY: Climate change is a function of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Therefore, you owe me at least 10% of your greedy and selfish $15,000,000 savings account horde at THE BANK OF CANADA. ~ You should be so lucky that this is all that I want from you for now; you silly little lucky girl... ~


Because of the talk radio two witnesses prophecy in REV.11, President Trump will eventually get to do every single thing that he said during his shock jock radio campaign; plus more. ~ Because in Mel Brook's 1983 prophecy about the Jews becoming the new Ronald McDonald klown Nazi comedians in the latter-days, it says, "THE MARK [13] STOPS HERE" on Hitler's theater prop desk. ~ In confirmation of the Jewish Abe Lincoln from Illinois getting what he deserved at that theater in DC, circa zero 17. ~ Hence the movie's 'break a leg' political theater civil war actor jokes; yada, yada. ~ You cap me in the back of the head, I cap you in the back of the head. ~ You pay me a favor, I pay you a favor. ~ All is fair in love and war. ~ As in Mel role playing the disloyal Jewish unamerican Harvard professor with a fake beard in the above Reagan era movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STONE COLD NOTES: Check out this new TAXI DRIVER advertisement campaign by Ferris Bueller's father, a.kkk, the polish sausage king of the cowboys in MULHOLLAND DR. etc. at: ~ Note the newly designed Mormon underwater stylings of the upcoming [vampiric] physical transfiguration blood cleansing process at ~ WHAT HAPPENS NEXT NOTES: Last night at 11:23 pm, Michael said, "It's all over!" Whatever that means. ~ Maybe he was suggesting that the NYT is going to fire several of their key senior editors. ~ In order to "shift! shift! shift!" the fault of their front page election news [birth certificate] scandal onto their inferiors, per: TO BE OR NOT TO BE's professional theater actors who would never never compromise their art for a big fat Hollywood paycheck in CAFE SOCIETY meets ANNIE HALL. ~ BFD. ~ President Trump was born on June 14, 46. ~ You don't believe that it means anything. ~ I don't believe that it means anything either; relatively speaking; the joke is on you; "OK, that's enough..." Liz Hurley, AUSTIN POWERS: I-II-III. ~

Monday, November 14, 2016


During this morning's PST Rush hour, the Germanic anticommunist Limbaugh said that everyone has been so afraid to criticise America's great race leader for the past 42 months because of their legitimate fear of today's politically correct neo marxist Jews; who now are in control of everything in the G7 nations. ~ Many of whom are barely over 5' tall. ~ Even the same ones who parade around in Nazi uniforms in TO BE OR NOT TO BE. ~ Ergo, all of those black&white WWII documentaries that depict hordes of Jewish war refugees fleeing Poland on foot; during the future cold hearted zero 17 winter season in MARK 13. ~ What goes around comes around, times two. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TARANTINO: I still have not seen your INGLORIOUS BASTARDS' movie about today's Jews becoming the new and improved Nazis. ~ All of whom die in that Hollywood movie theater bombing. ~ "I couldn't understand the 300 page screenplay, but I agreed to do it anyway because it was a Quinton Taratino movie." Brad Pitt. ~ Ergo, he still can not understand why the ice queen Angelina Jolie is divorcing him; and Trump won the election by 306 to 230 or something. ~

Sunday, November 13, 2016


"Surprise surprise!!" shouts the BIG BROWN delivery man from Scotland at the three-way ending to AUSTIN POWERS:II, The Spy Who Shagged Me. ~ When he breaks down the 1960s hipsters' door and pulls out his .44; like some Jewish magician pulling a white rabbit out of his black hat. ~ Or like I recently told Woody Allen; you give me Barack Obama, I give you Donald Trump. ~ [Talk about getting 2-1 odds from those one-eyed Jews in London.] ~ Who is one of the biggest wheeler-dealers in all of America. ~ I know, I know, "It's not even fair!!" says my character in THE WEDDING CRASHERS; role played to perfection by Will Ferrell, at: ~ Wherefore: the NYT's inhouse Polish Jew figure Dr.Nicholas Kristof was at some spiritually and mentally insane philosophy convention for fruits and nuts in 1776 Philadelphia, when some little shit sneaked into his very very high priced hotel room on the Sabbath and grabbed his sleeping wife's REV.17 whore purse, at: ~ Located next to that same Liberty Bell seen at the top of the high tower VERTIGO finale in HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Seriously now; the enclosed Steven Hugh's look alike grew up on a cherry farm in the Portland State College area; according to the latest time&date stamp on his wiki page at 10:28, 18:42 Julia Roberts time. ~ Because everyone in CAFE SOCIETY is living in a parallel 35 line universe; circa zero 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE BREAKUP NOTES: That 7.8 in the ten virgins islands of New Zeal/land was about the Chicago earthquake in REV.16. ~ When 10% of the city will be destroyed, and 7000 people will die; metaphorically speaking. ~ PS WOODY: Last night I dreamed that your typical small business man [Donald Trump voter] contractor agreed to install some new 19' long super-duper dishwasher at my childhood home on 5717, 16th Ave N.E. in Seattle; three weeks from now. ~ PS LL: If your daddy on Long Island, NY voted for Trump, then both of you get the prize. ~ Otherwise, it's back to the end of the line for you two. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: According to the lost ten tribes prophets in DC 133, there will be no revival in the doomed city of San Francisco. ~ However, Marin County is a whole different ballgame; you win some, you lose some. ~


TO BE OR NOT TO BE is about today's Jews coming up short in zero 16; after trying to do everything in their girl-power to save the born again 666 beast in REV.13. ~ For instance, Mel Brooks looks like a half Jewish Adolf Hitler shortie in his 1983 movie's opening stage SNL comedy skit that pokes fun at Kim Kardashian's big fat nigger Oprah Winfrey butt. ~ When the Polish sausage klowns arrive in their klown kar at the KLOTSKI KLOWN HOTEL at around 1:29... minutes into it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KKK NOTES: According to media reports, for every 1000 niggers out there protesting Donald Trump, there are at least two white guys trying to take advantage of the situation to promote white power Nazism. ~ Kind of like those same 8 white guys who showed up every year in Spokane, Washington during the 80s. ~ Trying in vain to shout down the hundreds of smiling hostile media reporters gathered around them with their megaphones. ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ CRY ME A RIVER NOTES: As usual, there is a significantly symbolic rock band that Providentially represents every phase of the 1260-1290 days prophecy. ~ For the latest miraculously healed and born again Ronald Reagan era headache example, see: ~ PS JIM CARREY: The only thing that can save you now is the new and improved Republican Party. ~ Hang in there buddy. ~ If not for you, I probably would not be where I AM is today. ~ Meanwhile, how about I hook you up with two of my favorite flirty fishing wives; Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton; and we take care of your herpes no.1 and no.2 problems a little later. ~ Around the same time that we find a cure for Charlie Sheen's AIDS problems? ~ PS CHLOE MORETZ: I can't wait to dive into TAXI DRIVER's zero 16 election prophecy because the iconic Martin Scoresese film is about me and you fucking our brains out inside my production trailer in zero 17. ~ And nobody can stop us; not even Austin Powers. ~

Saturday, November 12, 2016


TO BE OR NOT TO BE [it] is basically a future cinematic metaphor about Woody Allen er all being forced to move out of their fancy high end MANHATTAN brownstone digs in 1983. ~ In order to make room for the new and improved 1939is beast to move in and take over; which he and his ilk had caused to happen anyway in the ZERO EFFECT Portland, Oregon, 016 private helicopter hat prophecy. ~ What goes around and around comes around. ~ The Jews hate the white people, so the white people hate the Jews. ~ Who cares if the rotten egg came before the chichen or the old stinky chicken came before the egg? ~ That's like debating the theory of the evolutionary birth of Mormonism and Catholicism. ~ Seriously, around 75% of the imature adult Jew boys voted for the long lost love of their mother Mary figure Hillary Clinton; and around 75% of the more emotionally adjusted and mature grown up white men in Arizona State voted for Donald Trump. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Friday, November 11, 2016


"I gotta take a stand... I'm tired of being afraid." says the tall white son no.9 at the end of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Right before the red 1961 CALIFORNIA SPIDER flies out of his father's dark tinted REAR WINDOW in reverse, and he exclaims "WOE!!" ~ For the three woes in REV.11 that give President Trump the political will to drain Dirty Harry Reed's mormon swamp in REV.12 that is threatening to destroy the church lady with child. ~ And then the dark LAmanite type peoples of the evil prince in DANIEL 9 make war with the more white Israelitish saints. ~ Even the same winter time abomination of desolation prince in MARK 13 and DC 85. ~ When the Israelites become justified by God to commit righteous genocide, once again. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: Those 42" bats won it for the CUBS on the eve of Trump's 42 months victory over the new and improved fascism of Hillary er all. ~ Notice how the crazy blond Hillary lady charges after Mel Brooks at LAX just like she does at the end of HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Hence, those 7 people who just got stabbed PSYCHO style at the Turtle Creek Valley institute for the very very nervous at: ~ TARZAN NOTES: Those classic Tarzan movies that always ended with a prophetic Republican Party elephant stampede [in the center of the continent] at the end of the beast's 42 months reign; always featured lots of sweaty overweight middleaged white guys wearing cargo shorts and big boots; juxtaposed to the one mighty and strong standing on some jungle tree BRANCH; and being helped by his monkey sidekick from Africa; a.k.a Barack Obama. ~ Remember, this stuff was yuuge during Hollywood's Cafe Society era. ~ PS BOB: Stop being such a big 80 year-old spoiled brat baby; like the one that Mel plays at the end of HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Or the one that Jerry Lewis played in his 1961 prophecy masterpiece called, ~ That said, I do understand why you might want to focus on working behind the camera for the next ten years or so; hey none of us are getting any younger for right now. ~ God forbid, we both end up looking like a 99 year-old George H Bush jumping out of an airplane in Texas with some guy humping us in the butt all the way down. ~ WHAT'S UP NEXT: Mel Brooks' amazing paranoid 1983 Ronald Reagan era WWIII REV.19 war movie prophecy, entitled TO BE OR NOT TO BE, at: ~ Sometimes this stuff just writes itself. ~


I finished watching CAFE SOCIETY's dark portrait of the Jewish [Larry King] type afterlife down in Miami, Florida on the same day that the jew/news broke about Leonard Cohen dying at age 8.2 out in LA; and not NYC, much less Montreal, Canada; on the Jewish type eve of the zero effect 16 election. ~ Oh how the dreams of the Jewish marxist 1960s hippies are now dying off, left and right, almost on a daily basis; like at ~ As just confirmed by Robert Redford's and Stephen King's completely symultaneous retirement announcements that doubled confirmed the end of Hillary's own political stage acting career. ~ Ergo, the NYT's art section piece printed out on late Thursday about Dylan's newly remastered 1960s era music. ~ I know, OUCH KABIBLE!!!, like at, ~ Jesus fucking Christ Miley Sire Us; more feel good born again new age christianity, less feeling like a bitch trapped in hell forever satanism. ~ Jesus loves you, and he wants to party with you. ~ So stop trying to sabotage me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA: You got your Internet college degree from that fat brown lesbian lady who is the president of Brown University for around $100,000 because the dark color brown is on the dark side of the rainbow. ~ In other words, "Be nice to your [white] parents, because they were nice to you." When Mel Brooks sings HIGH ANXIETY WINS, and that lady in the dark background is sipping on a burning bloody Mary cocktail. ~

Thursday, November 10, 2016


PANIC AT THE DISCO was your typical last days one-hit-wonder band-of-brothers sign from God about Burt Reynolds being the only adult in the room at the ending of such amazing latter-day movies about Donald Trump becoming President in the very near future; at:!_at_the_Disco ~ AND: ~ Note the enclosed STARBUCKS/CAFE SOCIETY 5-point star motif of the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25 and ISAIAH 4:1. ~ Wrote back in the time when most girls were expected to be virgins and get married to their older husbands by at least age 17, 18, maybe 19, at the most; if the money was right. ~ "I lost my virginity at age 19 in Virginia. ~ But it wasn't that big of a deal. ~ We just got up and went back to the stands and watched the rest of the football game." paraphrasing Sandra Bulluck on the Howard Stern show, circa 1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWA NOTES: "What a dramanic landing!!" Says the crazy in-the-head Jewish Harvard professor after he lands at LAX in HIGH ANXIENTY, 1977. ~ ROSEMARY'S BABY MOVIE NOTES: Modern evil 666 democracy is the Jewish synagogue of Satan media alternative in REVELATIONS:3. ~ PS GISELE BUNDGEN: More manly poligamy, less pussy-whipped monogamy. ~ For example, WILD ORCHID was about a real man estate mogal from 1776 Philadelphia who had to escape from the new and improved 666 beast in zero 16, at: . ~ Think THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN meets GOLDMEMBER meets THE NOVEMBER MAN; starring Pierce Brosnan in MATADOR.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Why all the hate? ~ That moderate middle of the road Jewish Republican Donald Trump, who employs thousands of colored people at his businesses located all over the world, only wants to keep America safe from the international Jewish atheist bankers' conspiracy to make America more [Harpo] Marxist. ~ Ergo, now it is time to change the 1290 days temple veil drapes and dirty carpets at the Greek White House in DC. ~ BFD; the tall man in the saddle from Nixon's Orange County, CA has a plain spoken attitude. ~ Most real men do. ~ Especially after being married and divorced several times to the likes of Madonna, Cher, and Lady Gaga. ~ Not to mention my own exwife from France, Laurence Pierson; now known as Mrs.Hughes. ~ Hello plural marriage, where the girls are younger and prettier, and the men tend to be heterosexual. ~ Well, most of them anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAM GIRL NOTES: Last night I dreamed about Jennifer Garner for the first time in years. ~ WOW! How long has it been since the ALIAS series star started on TV when she was about 29 years-old in 2001? ~ WASHINGTON WEREWOLF NOTES: ~ I picked up DeNiro's TAXI DRIVER prophecy about the zero 16 election of Donald Trump after reading about the biggest and most crazy full moon of the century happening on 11.14. ~ Unfortunately, this means that I will half to postpone yet again my own private screening of THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ Because after seeing all of those high school election girls with tears in their eyes at the Hillary headquarters in NYC, I might decide to sneak in a quick look at: ~ Right now anything can happen. ~ Heck yes!!! I may even watch AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE again, if I feel like it. ~ MOONSTRUCK NOTES: Reportedly, Cher walked into the NYC election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, took a quick look at the electoral scoreboard, and immediately turned around and walked out. ~ So many really interesting films to watch, so little time. ~ PS ORNELLA FRESH, TERI RUTHERFORD, LAURENCE PIERSON, and ANGELINE LILLY: This year's 2017 SUNDANCE film festival in Park City, Utah will be all about my sensational debut as a director, screenwriter, and actor in the CITIZEN KANE prophecy about Donald Trump. ~ HIGH ELEVATION NOTES: In the 1977 movie HIGH ANXIETY, we see the satanic shadow of the 5-point STARBUCKS star of the illuminati devil conspiracy when Mel Brooks' 747 election campaign plain lands at LAX. ~

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


That lesbian misfit Janet Reno died on the half moon eve of the ten virgins election in zero 16 because she had kidnapped that little innocent Cuban boy and sent him back to Barack Obama's future popular gay destination vacation location in Havanna. ~ And then Castro er all brainwashed the little virgin child and made him the new poster boy for reformed Jewish international world government 666 Marxism; i.e. confiscatory 50/50 rate progressive income taxation, and equal citizenship rights for non citizens, yada yada. ~ "We must stop the anarchists!!" Paraphrasing the future paranoid Vice President figure Joe Biden in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON, circa 1973-2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NON MEXICAN AMERICAN NOTES: De Niro likes that crazy blond older lady at LAX, who symbolises Hillary Clinton in the opening scenes of HIGH ANXIETY; because he is a nut job with unresolved REV.17 "MOTHER OF WHORES" issues too; along the same likes of Warren Beatty and Sean Penn. ~ INSPIRING MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER NOTES AT YOUR LOCAL HYATT AIRPORT HOTEL: The NYT started to compare Comey to the supposedly transsexual J.Ed. Hoover even before I saw that homo G-man in HIGH ANXIETY. ~ LAX NOTES: After Donald Trump's 757 jet sets down in California, Mel exclaims to the camera, "...what a... very dramatic..." landing.

Monday, November 7, 2016


In the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25, about half of my first eternal wives will only get it after their extremely painfull born again ressurection; post WWIII. ~ Ergo, Mel Brooks says that the bloody Mary Danite vodka cocktails that they serve on TWN are "too burning" in the scenario that depicts the old Jewish people in Miami who have [Larried] birth defect hips; due to their Russian Jew parents love for the food and fare of Babylon at ~ Per all of those mentally detective patients at his California institution for the completely insane-in-the-membrain supporters of Hillary Clinton, er all. ~ As opposed to my new VITA MIX 3600 juice health clinic retreat at the former PLAYBOY brand mansion located off of Sunset Blvd. ~ "No pain, no gain..." Arnold Schwarzennegger, circa 1986. ~ The original Germanic accent high-shift tall Hewbrew sausage king of Milwauki, Wisconsin, via Austria. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DE NIRO: More tall white northern Italy, less short dark southern Italy. ~ PS KEIRA McDONALD KNIGHTLEY: Last night at 3:26 am, God pointed his finger at Port Sudan, Africa on the Red Sea. ~ You tell me; what the heck does that have to do with anything? ~

Sunday, November 6, 2016


A certain Scotish Mr.McGuffin called in and changed Dr.Dick Head's 2nd floor room to a top floor REV.17th suite at the very very high TRUMP HYATT in HIGH ANXIETY's zero REV.16 election prophecy. ~ Where at the end the Harvard PhD sings, "High anxiety... You win!" ~ As just confirmed by that 5.0 breakup earthquake sign on the Lord's Day in Payne County, Oklahoma; due north of Obama's 1-44 landmarks in [Jewish] Abe Lincoln County. ~ Which continues the prophetic ten virgins thread in Payne's movie about little Miss Hillary's SIDEWAYS campaign for high school president in ELECTION. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HWY.77 NOTES: The Scottish Rite Masonic Center is located along Hwy.77's extremely active earthquake area in Oklahoma. ~ Hence, all of those right wing extremists who rightfully believe that Trump is the head of a secret [parallel I-35] Illuminati plot to overthrow the crown of England. ~ NEW READER NOTES: Mel Brooks was the person who launched the filmmaking career of David Lynch. ~ Who still is probably the most artistic and sophisticated figure in the entire history of satellite-cable television and independent college town cinema. ~ God broke the clay potter mold after he made David Lynch. ~ The original Eagle Boy Scout with 23 arrows from Missoula, Montana. ~ ELECTION NOTES: November 8, 2016 means nothing to me anymore. ~ I believe in early Roman republicanism, not late Roman fascism. ~ As portrayed in such inspired films as HAIL CAESAR! and ME&ORSON WELLES. ~ Think SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets HANNIBAL; both of which are about today's negro lesbian bitch FBI problem over at the DOJ and the Greek White House. ~ PS ANTHONY HOPKINS: Your highly unlikely, and completely amazing acting career in Hollywood was a totally unbelievable Providential prelude preparation for my own brilliant acting debut in some kind of a Hannibal Lecturer Big Lebowski rip off. ~ [Loved the young at heart chewing gum and all.] ~ I always did know that some day I would own a very nice museum like place in Fiorenza, Italia, Toscana. ~ After I had to flee from my own country for 10 or 5 years per my own private movie entitled THE FRESHMAN, circa November, 1990, Provo, Utah. ~


The wicked witch of the new 7 hills beast in REV.13 finally falls to her death at the end of HIGH ANXIETY's 1977 portrait of California's fruits and nuts. ~ Even that same old lying bitch who almost falls down every time that she tries to climb a few steps without the assistance of her S.S. bodyguards. ~ After the 5'5" centrist Mel Brooks gins up the courage to support his tall blond centrist brother up on the top of the trademark movie's highlands tower of the north countries of the lost 10 tribes of Israel. ~ As just confirmed by the panic attack that the secret service had in high elevation Reno, Nevada. ~ Where apparently some misfit from Black Springs, Washhoe County got too excited and tried to rush the podium. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FBI NOTES: The gay under cover G-man who confronts Mel at LAX and leads him into the men's room is wearing a fake turtleneck dicky. ~ PS DE NIRO: In your guts, you know she's nuts. ~ No seriously. ~ She was a yuuge supporter of Senator Barry [Obama] Goldwater, originally from Senator John McCain's Arizona, during her [pre Yale] high school election campaign years in the Chicago area. ~ Like it says in the Bible; if you teach a child about the ways of God, he or she will eventually return to those ways. ~ That is after they start to look old and unattractive in their later years. ~ BIG BONER NOTES: That yuuge cock honeymoon hotel sign at the end of HIGH ANXIETY is about the super moon of the century happening on this November 14. ~ Per the movie's werewolf psycho psychiatrist who is 6'3" tall. ~ Hence, most of today's Freudian analysts are Jewish guys who are obsessed with having sex with virgin 15 year-old girls. ~ PS ETHAN&JOEL: I do plan on updating the more inspired and finer points in your 1290 days FARGO prophecy this winter. ~ Around the same time that Donald Trump is inaugurated as the American President of the better half of America. ~ Let the casting begin. ~ PS TARANTINO: If the Jews in Hollywood suddenly have a panic attack and can't seem to find their checkbooks; you know where to go to get the money. ~ And the best part is, I'm not even interested in seeing your latest over written 300 page screenplay. ~ That is if the girls are young and pretty enough to get me interested. ~

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hillary's desparate last days campaign to save her beloved 7 Beverly Hills status quo started to go sideways during the WORLD SERIES' 7 games championship. ~ Where at the very last second of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, he uses his CHICAGO CUBS foul ball to turn off his sleeping 5 virgins sound effects in MATT 25. ~ Ergo, the historic no.108 event ended 3 1/2 days before the Lord's Day of the resurrection at ~ Hey, why not? "...everyone is doing it." HIGH ANXIETY, circa 1977. ~ Including at least half of the FBI agents who have been hired by the stomach vomit inducing illegal [ALIEN] administration for the past 42 months. ~ And that's probably a good thing. ~ That is if you see the alternative look alike ending to THE BREAKUP in the right way; and not the wrong way. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: My idea of a really great THE BIG LEWBOWSKI sequel, costarring Brad Pitt fucking Chloe Moretz and Miley Cyrus on my restored 51' sailboat, has now evolved into some kind of a 007 ROD STEEL rip off; with you playing the more interesting and juicy antagonist Antichrist role. ~ And the best part is, if we never hear from you, then I get to play the part myself. ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets DOUBLE WHAMMY; least I repeat myself. ~ PS JIMMY: More certain manliness, less uncertain weak whateverness... PS EMMA WATTSON. Stop bothering me with your stupid little girly it girl bullshit. ~ I AM is not that impressed. ~ More underaged virgin sex with your high school cheerleader teacher gym coach husband; less strange sex with other older men in public bathrooms at airports, subways, and public parks. ~ PS LL: Everything that you are doing right now is the will of Jesus. ~ Therefore, you get to be in all of my San Francisco Bay TRUMP TOWER Hitchcock HYATT HOTEL remake movies. ~ And don't worry about having any completion insurance. ~ Like I could give a fuck if you even show up on time for rehearsals. ~ "I would cast Lindsay Lohan in any movie." Taratino, circa 2016. ~ Just remember this much. ~ After I deposit $4,000,000 in tax free off shore cash money for every baby that you give me; that is all you get, for now anyway. ~ Think about it. ~ Brad Pitt has six kids; times $4,000,000 per kid; which equals $24,000,000. ~

Friday, November 4, 2016


The world's most crooked Internationalist Jew money exchanger named Soros has now gone after the more straight shooting white man [righteous dude] in Arizona named Sheriff Joe, at: ~ In confirmation of the modern day 1290 days two witnesses prophecy about Judas betraying Jesus in MARK 13:14. ~ And we all know how that turned out after 3 1/2 days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LARRY KING: Yesterday at 7:59 pm, Michael spoke to me and said your name 'Larry'. ~ THE BREAKUP NOTES: The more realistic look alike alternative ending to this Chicago all-beef hot dog weiner-sausage movie happens in Grant Park. ~ And that is not necessarily a bad thing. ~ PS EMMA WATTSON: Enough with the bad girl feminist in GREASE I&II who likes the bad boys in black leather jackets in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ PS KEN KEISLER: More money making full on fuck films on my vintage 1951 phyisically transfigured sailboat in San Francisco Bay. ~ Less petty cash money worries about your Russian import art frame metals business. ~ Think HIGH ANXIETY meets YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, at: ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: We can always make MOONWALKERS:II at your psychedelic vagina [Ms Miley Cyrus] country estate if that is what you want me to do. ~ Because the money is enough to satisfy everyone involved in the project of course. ~ Contrary to popular opinion; I AM is not the least interested in fucking anyone who doesn't like me. ~

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Even Ferris Bueller admits that he is going to have to caught up a lung if he wants that 10th day off, before graduation, in the ten virgins high school election celebration wedding prophecy entitled FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF in Chicago. ~ See Bill Murray celebrating the CUBS' delayed [50/50 10th inning] victory score results in his screw driver vodka orange juice cocktail cherry top shirt, just for the shits and giggles of course, at: ~ Hence, the 3-3, 6-6, NYT...404, situation in the 9th, for all of the no.9 signs in the above zero 16 election celebration parade movie. ~ Ergo, the final 8-7 birthday girl confirmation of the tall white French German star of the new SNOW WHITE AND THE 7 [Jewish] DWARFS movies. ~ Think Billy Crystal meets Dustin Hoffman, and you get the picture. ~ Not to mention Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Sonny Bono, Michael Fox; and the short list of the usual suspects just goes on and on... GSR/TWN ~ HOMECOMING NOTES: November is when the Greeks go into their traditional college football home coming celebrations. ~ Which usually involves lots of beer drinking and dancing in the streets on 17th Ave N.E. in Seattle. ~ Let this be a warning. ~ PS BEN STILLER: Don't give up on yourself just yet. ~ My own private all time personal favorite ZERO EFFECT biopic movie is now ripe for a really special sausage sequel. ~ STEVEN FRESHMAN NOTES: You will be healed from your REV.13 born again wounded head injuries after you go back to school at and participate in the blood cleansing retreated regenerated flesh rights in HORROR OF DRACULA, etc. ~ Per that innocent kid from New England in THE FRESHMAN. ~ When the time would come that the high society Mormon Republicans in Park City, Utah would get busted by the feds for their reptile apitites for dark skinned dragon lizards from Indonesia; a.k.a Barry Sortoro. ~ Later known as Barry Obama, the foreign aid student who barely graduated from Harvard University, Mass. ~ Talk about GOODWILL HUNTING meets DELIVERANCE. ~ "I like Donald Trump." Burt Reynolds, like at: ~ Guess what, Sally Field also likes Donald Trump. ~ Hey, desperate girls do desperate things. ~ Admittedly, I AM still does prefer them to be young and sexy and good looking; like for example at: ~ PS PAUL: I'm doing everything that I can possibly do to get around to your prophetic movie about Donald Trump becoming elected the President of California in zero 16; entitled THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ Jesus Christ already; I believe in limited fascism government; minimalist income 10% taxation rates; and old testament Bible type polygamy sex with two underaged teenager wives at the same time. ~ Please let me know if you have a problem with that. ~ Otherwise, shut the fuck up. ~ DEALING WITH IT NOTES: Martin Scorsese's CASINO movie is about Donald Trump becoming the President of America in REV.16. ~ In confirmation of my overaged wife Sandra Bullock shooting her latest scenes for OCEANS 8 with Cate Blanchet in NYC this week. ~ Meanwhile, I AM is making my choice of Brad Pitt sailboat fuck films with my hot underaged movie star wives out in San Francisco Bay. ~ Which could never have happened in a thousand years if his evil femminist/lesbian wife Angelina Jolie was not stabbing him in the back and trying to rob him of his dignity as a man and a father. ~

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


So far anyway, the SCREAM:5 meets ELECTION:II event that everyone has been dreading was the very scarey report on Halloween about the FBI getting a search warrent to go through all of those [deleted] 31k emails that little Miss Hillary and the NYT though that she got rid of months ago. ~ Talk about what goes around comes around and bites you in the ass, James Comedy style. ~ Isn't the modern day invention of the 666 Internet a beautifull thing? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS RZ: Last night at 4:25 am PST, I dreamed that after you had topped off your English actress girlfriend, you wanted to top me off too; WOW!! what a huge surprise!! I was completely OK with that. ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: More liberal republicanism, less liberal democracy. ~ The niggers and the homosexual Jewish lesbians are never going to like you that much anyway; so why worry about it? ~ Think about it. ~ You are now getting too old and too boring on TBS/TNT for a reason; more younger looking Jimmy Kimmy out in LA, less older looking Jimmy Fallon back in MANHATTAN meets MANHATTAN NIGHT, at: ~ PS MISS SIRE US: More Montana, less Australia; that is yours truly sitting right next to my Indian bride in seat no.104 in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, a.k.a THE INVISIBLE MAN in winter time, 2016/17. ~ THE FRESHMAN NOTES: Jesus Christ himself has been preparing me to make my big 1980s West LA movie [suprise FBI investigation ending] debut BYU college student return at: meets: ~ PS EMMA WATSON: More manly intellectualism, less female emotionalism. ~ "Speaking as a lesbian, woman are too sexually and politically passive..." Camille Paglia, circa 1993. ~

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Mr.Ed's executive secretary likes to sniff her mini bottles of white-out glue in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Because in the last days, Ephraim, Utah will become as high as a kite, but not with wine. ~ Ergo, Ed has to go back to school himself, while sitting next to that little green elephant Republican girl on the no.720 school bus, at: ~ In confirmation of the ballpark left field foul ball in the above zero 16 election prophecy that came out in 86. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CAMPAIGN AD NOTES: Bueller's father was talking about another yuuge physical transfiguration TV campaign "For those who think young." and like to drink PEPSI by the keg. ~ Talk about product placement in Hollywood motion pictures when it comes to promoting the TRUMP brand. ~ PS KENNY KEMP: I will never forget our years spent together back in the Ronald McDonald Reaganite 1980s. ~ When both of us were in complete agreement that a 44 oz. DIET PEPSI at ARCO was vastly superior in taste and texture to a DIET COKE 44 oz. BIG GULP at 7-11. ~ PS TARANTINO: See what happens when you vote for new age love guru fascism and not old school square pants republicanism? ~ Hey, shit happens.