Friday, November 11, 2016


"I gotta take a stand... I'm tired of being afraid." says the tall white son no.9 at the end of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Right before the red 1961 CALIFORNIA SPIDER flies out of his father's dark tinted REAR WINDOW in reverse, and he exclaims "WOE!!" ~ For the three woes in REV.11 that give President Trump the political will to drain Dirty Harry Reed's mormon swamp in REV.12 that is threatening to destroy the church lady with child. ~ And then the dark LAmanite type peoples of the evil prince in DANIEL 9 make war with the more white Israelitish saints. ~ Even the same winter time abomination of desolation prince in MARK 13 and DC 85. ~ When the Israelites become justified by God to commit righteous genocide, once again. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: Those 42" bats won it for the CUBS on the eve of Trump's 42 months victory over the new and improved fascism of Hillary er all. ~ Notice how the crazy blond Hillary lady charges after Mel Brooks at LAX just like she does at the end of HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Hence, those 7 people who just got stabbed PSYCHO style at the Turtle Creek Valley institute for the very very nervous at: ~ TARZAN NOTES: Those classic Tarzan movies that always ended with a prophetic Republican Party elephant stampede [in the center of the continent] at the end of the beast's 42 months reign; always featured lots of sweaty overweight middleaged white guys wearing cargo shorts and big boots; juxtaposed to the one mighty and strong standing on some jungle tree BRANCH; and being helped by his monkey sidekick from Africa; a.k.a Barack Obama. ~ Remember, this stuff was yuuge during Hollywood's Cafe Society era. ~ PS BOB: Stop being such a big 80 year-old spoiled brat baby; like the one that Mel plays at the end of HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Or the one that Jerry Lewis played in his 1961 prophecy masterpiece called, ~ That said, I do understand why you might want to focus on working behind the camera for the next ten years or so; hey none of us are getting any younger for right now. ~ God forbid, we both end up looking like a 99 year-old George H Bush jumping out of an airplane in Texas with some guy humping us in the butt all the way down. ~ WHAT'S UP NEXT: Mel Brooks' amazing paranoid 1983 Ronald Reagan era WWIII REV.19 war movie prophecy, entitled TO BE OR NOT TO BE, at: ~ Sometimes this stuff just writes itself. ~

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