Sunday, November 6, 2016


The wicked witch of the new 7 hills beast in REV.13 finally falls to her death at the end of HIGH ANXIETY's 1977 portrait of California's fruits and nuts. ~ Even that same old lying bitch who almost falls down every time that she tries to climb a few steps without the assistance of her S.S. bodyguards. ~ After the 5'5" centrist Mel Brooks gins up the courage to support his tall blond centrist brother up on the top of the trademark movie's highlands tower of the north countries of the lost 10 tribes of Israel. ~ As just confirmed by the panic attack that the secret service had in high elevation Reno, Nevada. ~ Where apparently some misfit from Black Springs, Washhoe County got too excited and tried to rush the podium. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FBI NOTES: The gay under cover G-man who confronts Mel at LAX and leads him into the men's room is wearing a fake turtleneck dicky. ~ PS DE NIRO: In your guts, you know she's nuts. ~ No seriously. ~ She was a yuuge supporter of Senator Barry [Obama] Goldwater, originally from Senator John McCain's Arizona, during her [pre Yale] high school election campaign years in the Chicago area. ~ Like it says in the Bible; if you teach a child about the ways of God, he or she will eventually return to those ways. ~ That is after they start to look old and unattractive in their later years. ~ BIG BONER NOTES: That yuuge cock honeymoon hotel sign at the end of HIGH ANXIETY is about the super moon of the century happening on this November 14. ~ Per the movie's werewolf psycho psychiatrist who is 6'3" tall. ~ Hence, most of today's Freudian analysts are Jewish guys who are obsessed with having sex with virgin 15 year-old girls. ~ PS ETHAN&JOEL: I do plan on updating the more inspired and finer points in your 1290 days FARGO prophecy this winter. ~ Around the same time that Donald Trump is inaugurated as the American President of the better half of America. ~ Let the casting begin. ~ PS TARANTINO: If the Jews in Hollywood suddenly have a panic attack and can't seem to find their checkbooks; you know where to go to get the money. ~ And the best part is, I'm not even interested in seeing your latest over written 300 page screenplay. ~ That is if the girls are young and pretty enough to get me interested. ~

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