Tuesday, November 8, 2016


That lesbian misfit Janet Reno died on the half moon eve of the ten virgins election in zero 16 because she had kidnapped that little innocent Cuban boy and sent him back to Barack Obama's future popular gay destination vacation location in Havanna. ~ And then Castro er all brainwashed the little virgin child and made him the new poster boy for reformed Jewish international world government 666 Marxism; i.e. confiscatory 50/50 rate progressive income taxation, and equal citizenship rights for non citizens, yada yada. ~ "We must stop the anarchists!!" Paraphrasing the future paranoid Vice President figure Joe Biden in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON, circa 1973-2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NON MEXICAN AMERICAN NOTES: De Niro likes that crazy blond older lady at LAX, who symbolises Hillary Clinton in the opening scenes of HIGH ANXIETY; because he is a nut job with unresolved REV.17 "MOTHER OF WHORES" issues too; along the same likes of Warren Beatty and Sean Penn. ~ INSPIRING MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER NOTES AT YOUR LOCAL HYATT AIRPORT HOTEL: The NYT started to compare Comey to the supposedly transsexual J.Ed. Hoover even before I saw that homo G-man in HIGH ANXIETY. ~ LAX NOTES: After Donald Trump's 757 jet sets down in California, Mel exclaims to the camera, "...what a... very dramatic..." landing.

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