Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Why all the hate? ~ That moderate middle of the road Jewish Republican Donald Trump, who employs thousands of colored people at his businesses located all over the world, only wants to keep America safe from the international Jewish atheist bankers' conspiracy to make America more [Harpo] Marxist. ~ Ergo, now it is time to change the 1290 days temple veil drapes and dirty carpets at the Greek White House in DC. ~ BFD; the tall man in the saddle from Nixon's Orange County, CA has a plain spoken attitude. ~ Most real men do. ~ Especially after being married and divorced several times to the likes of Madonna, Cher, and Lady Gaga. ~ Not to mention my own exwife from France, Laurence Pierson; now known as Mrs.Hughes. ~ Hello plural marriage, where the girls are younger and prettier, and the men tend to be heterosexual. ~ Well, most of them anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAM GIRL NOTES: Last night I dreamed about Jennifer Garner for the first time in years. ~ WOW! How long has it been since the ALIAS series star started on TV when she was about 29 years-old in 2001? ~ WASHINGTON WEREWOLF NOTES: ~ I picked up DeNiro's TAXI DRIVER prophecy about the zero 16 election of Donald Trump after reading about the biggest and most crazy full moon of the century happening on 11.14. ~ Unfortunately, this means that I will half to postpone yet again my own private screening of THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ Because after seeing all of those high school election girls with tears in their eyes at the Hillary headquarters in NYC, I might decide to sneak in a quick look at: ~ Right now anything can happen. ~ Heck yes!!! I may even watch AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE again, if I feel like it. ~ MOONSTRUCK NOTES: Reportedly, Cher walked into the NYC election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, took a quick look at the electoral scoreboard, and immediately turned around and walked out. ~ So many really interesting films to watch, so little time. ~ PS ORNELLA FRESH, TERI RUTHERFORD, LAURENCE PIERSON, and ANGELINE LILLY: This year's 2017 SUNDANCE film festival in Park City, Utah will be all about my sensational debut as a director, screenwriter, and actor in the CITIZEN KANE prophecy about Donald Trump. ~ HIGH ELEVATION NOTES: In the 1977 movie HIGH ANXIETY, we see the satanic shadow of the 5-point STARBUCKS star of the illuminati devil conspiracy when Mel Brooks' 747 election campaign plain lands at LAX. ~

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